10 Years (2011) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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The night of their high school reunion, a group of friends realize they still haven't quite grown up in some ways.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Jamie Linden
Stars: Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 11 out of 50 found boring (22%)

One-line Reviews (36)

Ultimately, despite being a little tired and predictable, Ten Year feels like a high-school reunion for the cast of a John Hughes movie.

I will buy this movie and I highly recommend it.

Granted, the film was great portraying how reunions generally flow, but anyone who's been to a reunion knows that they can be dull and never-ending if the ice isn't broken or the timeline of events doesn't flow well.

It was worth watching .

The film goes from boring bad to uncomfortably stupid.

At times, I was very invested in these characters because it appears Linden gave sensitive thought and development to these characters and how they've gone through life in their own unique ways, while at other times, I was restless and hoping for something more compelling and perhaps immersing.

The film doesn't offer much and for a film with many talented actors, the film is surprisingly dull, not too funny and very predictable.

His story and the chemistry between him and Mara was pretty intense.

Even if the characters are a little bland.

I was SO bored that I turned it off in the first half hour.

10 Years was a lovely and entertaining film.

It fluctuates between dull and uninteresting to beautifully entertaining.

The events that happen are dull and uninteresting, and I just don't care about what they do with rolls of toilet paper or how bad they sing in karaoke.

Most of this film was watching a group of plain uneventful people looking back on their past.

I was even taken aback a little that I enjoyed it.

Not exactly reinventing the wheel, but worth watching.

There is drama, but the drama in the movie is so cliché and way too common in movies.

Inside it there is a compelling story and Jamie Linden as director just put the ending in the right place.

This might mean it won't seem too dated eventually, but it also makes it bland.

The film is largely predictable, and the characters all feel like they fit nicely into role's that have been hashed out in films of the past.

The only thing more boring than going to your class reunion is watching someone else's boring class reunion.

It was boring.

The conversations were real life boring.

Waste of time and $1 from Redbox .

Like real life reunions, there's a lot of intoxication, true confessions and mundane conversation.

Summary: Bad script - way too over used things in the script Boring and unfunnyOverall i wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone.

This movie was fun but parts where very predictable.

I don't mind that it's a "little film", but I do mind that the talents of people such as Channing Tatum, Justin Long, Anthony Mackie, and Max Minghella are so wasted in what is a relatively boring film.

In short, I found "10 Years" very dull and uninteresting.

The credits at the end are worth watching as they show the video shot over the course of the reunion.

Enjoyable flick, nothing new to the story .

Very dull and uninteresting .

We have a cross section of mostly white, fit, largely pretentious crowd get together.

Predictable and disappointing .

The film really worked thanks to some great performances from the cast and an emotionally gripping script.

It'll be somewhat of a mellow one throughout but it will be enjoyable and it would certainly be able to bring back those high school memories.