100 Girls (2000) - Comedy, Romance

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Matt spends the night with a girl in an elevator during power outage in a girls' college dorm. He never sees her. Waking up in the morning, panties are all that's left of her. How does he find her in a building with 100 girls?

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Michael Davis
Stars: Jonathan Tucker, Emmanuelle Chriqui
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 20 out of 125 found boring (16%)

One-line Reviews (57)

Don't waste your time.

Entertaining look at both sexes .

Very uninteresting.

However, a scene requiring a lot of movement in which Matthew and one of the girls he befriends is chased up a long flight of stairs by the girl's controlling ex-boyfriend, Crick (Johnny Green), is inappropriately dark and ponderous; starkly contrasting the rest of the film's light feel.

I wouldn't have cared if a bomb had exploded on the dorm building killing them all (that actually seems like a rather enjoyable ending).

)But this banality is probably the point of the movie, and it works as a whole.

Just ran across it on cable, and within 5 minutes I was positive it was done by the same people that did the enjoyable 8 Days A Week.

I've heard 100 Girls referred to as a bland teen comedy that's over talkative.

I guess I'm being a bit too picky, but those things kind of detracted from an overall entertaining film.

When you leave the theater, you think about them for days.

Throw in a ludicrous script with brain dead characters and don't bother to make anything in the movie funny, suspenseful or interesting in any way.

This movie was just so trite.

If you want a total feminist perspective on life then watch this movie, otherwise don't waste your time.

The lack of a compelling storyline allows some pretty astute observations about the eternal battle of the sexes, using a sometimes annoying voice-over narration, several flashbacks and other cinematic devices to endear the viewer to Matt, our hero.

This is a move to cure insomnia and nothing else.

I highly recommend it.

Matthew talks a lot and gets tiresome.

) The girls are neurotic and predictable.

With a braindead lead character, a terrible mix of gross female worshipping yet also cheap sexual exploitation, ultra slow pacing and only one funny scene with nipple twisting which doesn't hold up in 2018, this isn't a good movie to see now and barely was 18 years ago.

Not exactly a gem, but enjoyable.

The main character Matt is bearable, but his voice overs quickly become tiresome and his overall behavior is kind of annoying.

So sadly, what promised to be hilariously trashy wound up being much like a lecture from an opinionated bore stopping you on your way to work with a clipboard and a Save the Native Pygmy Rats of Micronesia t-shirt.

silly, non-engaging, superficial "comedy" .

For reasons unexplained, the coed manages to exit the elevator before Mr. Tucker emerges; apparently, he fell asleep.

Like I said before, it was very uninteresting and I didn't care for it at all.

It isnt as unpredictable as you might think in the begining :) Recommend this to your friends

Most of the dialogue was very predictable, and for a 25+ viewer in the category "been there-done-that".

Unsophisticated but fun, creative though cliche, "100 Girls" aptly dignifies women without deifying them during the self-narrated dissertation on the difference between the sexes.

Surprisingly entertaining.

It is billed as a comedy, and it was funny, but I enjoyed it for the subject matter.

Just to top if off, its finished by the most horrendously boring and seemingly endless list of nauseating clichés masking as a romantic speech by aforementioned dweeby guy.

After checking the score on IMDb i was expecting something out of the ordinary for a movie like this but no, i found the story uninspiring and the characters retarded and dull.

This movie is literate, well done, and consistently entertaining.

OVERALL: 100 Girls was an entertaining teen flick.

Mediocre, though still entertaining.

Pointless, tries to act like men and women should join hands and sing "we are the world".

His never-ending drivel about men and women is only rarely semi-amusing but it is mostly stupid, and as the movie goes on (and regresses in quality) Tucker's dull musings get decreasingly un-PC and eventually quite PC.

The movie is completely contrived and predictable.

This film was quite entertaining and enlightening.

[And while I'm completely off-topic, let me take this time to reflect on Katherine Heigl's stunning beauty and voluptuous figure.

When you leave the theater, you are happy because it is nice to think that life could be like that, and that things could work out.

Then there are other movies that are just enjoyable and make you feel good.

Both films share the same basic idea: Gorgeous women will swoon for a boring, 98-pound weakling.

I found this movie to be that uninteresting I decided to watch a majority of the movie on fast forward.

Even if you don't really care whether Matthew ever finds his lost mystery-love or not, it's still entertaining to watch his quest for love, and to hear the sometimes utterly blunt facts of life and genderhood that are spelled along the way.

An interesting story which proves to be quite addictive and provides an unexpected ending (at least for me).

All in all, the movie is visually and auditorilly bland like butter-less toast.

) It's like this guy took every single man-women cliche he had ever come across from sitcoms and stand-up comedy acts going back to the days of vaudeville and decided to build an entire movie around them.

I was watching cable when this movie came on and it was so compelling I had to watch the rest.

I found both movies enjoyable though.

"seemsso true" results in a very enjoyable and insightful view on thethinking's of the opposite sex.

I give it a 4 for a few laughs and the scenery, but otherwise this is a waste of your time and your tolerance for psychobabble.

)So, in summary: A round of applause for banality and simple stories, as long as they're delivered with warm humor and jokes about the human anatomy!

However it is quite an achievement that they managed to fit in every cliche in the history of mankind into 95 minutes.

Guys might be attracted by the sexy outer shell and plot line but be surprised at how thoughtful and engaging it turns out to be.

Every girl in the building claims that she's the mystery woman, that she'll go out with Matt, etc. Like I said - contrived, predictable, and unrealistic.

You know where they are going but they have just enough of the unexpected to make the journey interesting.