10,000 BC (2008) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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In the prehistoric past, D'Leh is a mammoth hunter who bonds with the beautiful Evolet. When warriors on horseback capture Evolet and the tribesmen, D'Leh must embark on an odyssey to save his true love.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Roland Emmerich
Stars: Camilla Belle, Steven Strait
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 184 out of 581 found boring (31.66%)

One-line Reviews (535)

Bad acting and a pointless story-line, full of clichés could still provide entertainment...

It will be more eye opening and more exciting than this piece of junk.

In one sentence should say one of the most boring movies you can see if you already have watched Apocalypto and liked it.

Anyway, after a very boring first hour, the move FINALLY kicks into gear as we are transformed to Egypt, and my word, the sets, the scenes, the gargantuan grandiose of it all...

10 000 BC has one of the most absorbing and entertaining plots I've seen in last few years.

Instead of a ludicrously enjoyable ride with some tongue-in-cheek moments and campy self-awareness, 10,000 B.

We saw this in the theater when it came out, and I only remember it almost ten years later because it was the worst movie I've ever seen in a theater.

It was very boring, and not really realistic.

There is some brilliant and breathtaking camera work here, with some very gorgeous wide angle shots of the lands the characters travel through.

This is a great title for Blu Ray the scenery and action scenes are mind blowing, with footage from South Africa, Namibia, Thailand and the beautiful New Zealand.

An entertaining fable (as a matter of perspective) .


Too Predictable, and that kind of things you always see in other films or animation.

It IS what it is.. The movie was actually pretty boring.

The girl reminded me of Carmen Electra, the hero was Mr. Bland, while the rest were your basic cardboard cut-outs.

Which cliché or ripped off piece of source material do we begin with.

It’s predictable pap without much of a heart, instilling no compassion or feeling from its audience.

Don't waste your time and money on this movie.

Dull characters.

Yes, the fight scenes were alright - but other than that the movie was pointless.

Until popping this piece of crap into my DVD player I thought Pathfinder was the worst movie I'd ever have to see.

Give it a shot, it's not good, but it'll try to feed off your boredom.

So, fascinating detail.

The bad acting, the hair do's, the mammoths, even the sabre tooth, predictable.

This film is full of two dimensional characters (you won't care what happens to them even if you're able to tell most of them apart), mildly entertaining CGI mammoths, anachronistic and misplaced Terror Birds which would have been extinct on an entirely different continent roughly a million years before the homogeneous savages in the movie were born, and one Smilodon who was apparently the ancestor of Androcles'grateful lion buddy.

I also had a problem with the cliché storyline and how this movie combined some of the most common archetypes to create a story, ei: the wise mentor, the prophet, the damsel in distress, a love triangle, a prophecy, and an ordinary person rising to become everyone's savior.

Was a complete and utter waste of time.

It's amusing because they throw money at projects like this and allow this material to hit the big screens so that wide eyed movie goers can eat popcorn before they fall asleep.

The plot twists (in this film only called that because of tradition) were predictable, and can become a game almost as amusing to audience members as the unbelievable setting changes.

Roland Emmerich isn't a very good director, I'll readily admit, but he's made a few entertaining movies.

It was a poorly written piece and on top of that the movie dragged on.

" actually starts off promisingly, with a fairly exciting chase scene involving a bunch of underdressed homo sapiens pursuing a herd of overdressed woolly mammoths.

Predictable and somewhat amusing.

The movie simply bored me when I watched it, and looking back afterwards, it still means basically nothing to me.

Ah yes, it's a coming of age and one of them has to kill a woolly Mammak?

Come to think of it, i remember being more entertained watching paint dry!

I have seen a lot of stupid, brainless films, unfortunately, but in case of this one you got all flaws imaginable: literally EVERYTHING is desperately cliché/predictable or/and desperately stupid/pathetic.

Even his widely derided Godzilla redux delivers more grand-scale action and primeval excitement than you can shake an archaic spear at, and makes the plodding 10,000 B.

And that looks crappy here in good ol’ 2008.10,000 BC isn’t meant to be a historical epic - the year 10,000 BC is used here merely to connote a Long Time Ago - which is fine in and of itself, but really isn’t anything compelling about it other than its setting.

Spectacular, but empty .

waste of time and money .

It was all I could do to stay awake.

This has to be the WORST movie of the year.

Exciting and well done .

It's hard to even sit through at these times, and it's one of the few movies I've seen at a theater where I seriously contemplated falling asleep.

The movie was entertaining and a perfect film for the a boring weekend .


Your first clue that this won’t be much more than a silly bore is the simple fact that our noble hunters speak perfect, inflectionless English.

The dialogue is very good, the characters and their acting is fantastic, the whole storyline is thoroughly enjoyable, emphasising the importance of values such as friendship and trust.

This is by far one of the worst movies, the acting is non-existent, the historical inaccuracies are just painful to watch, the over bearing special effects add an extra layer of boring, upon a dull movie.

Utter rubbish - boring, predictable re-hash.

It takes elements from all other fantasy/scifi/epics and is so cliché'd its an absolute train wreck.

I have a feeling a smaller and more compelling story centering on the real perils and plights of a caveman would have been a much better film.

This film is a complete waste of time .

Enter 10,000 BC a spectacular waste of time, money and "talent".

There's too much running through trees, ridiculous names, fake acting, cheesy effects and sound for this film to be even a little bit entertaining.

His movies are at least entertaining.

" is to say the least, wildly entertaining.

The world of cgi is exciting.

PROS Amazing CGI Acting Great pacing Action packedCONS A little boring at some parts (Near the end) InaccuraciesOverall rating: 6 out of 10this movie is a decent rent in my book.

I was bored with the ABSOLUTE HORRIBLE acting and couldn't understand why I was watching interracial cavemen with dreadlocks that spoke English.

save your money or go see something else.

Acting is also bearable, the film goes very slow in middle with a very abrupt ending.

My friend and I had went to a real decadent theater near his house, we were bored and thought "O.

The Day After Tomorrow was just a giant lecture in my eyes, sure the effects looked nice and there is nothing more thrilling than a giant wave about toe crush New York, but it was just so tedious and self obsessed.

Ridiculous but entertaining .

The most exciting parts of the movie where the prehistoric beasts.

I was gripping my seat a lot.


It's just so boring, the film is over long and could do with having an hour or possibly 90 minutes shaved off.

But anyway, as an action-movie it is rather entertaining although it is clear that the story is thin.

Cliché after cliché after cliché.

Unfortunately this ended up being one of the worst movies I ever saw at the cinema (a la Dungeons & Dragons).

The only thing I really have to complain about is that the movie was not the fun, action packed blockbuster I thought it would be.

The film mish mashes pyramids, villages, ships, mammoths, saber-tooth tigers and bandits all into a confusing film that doesn't seem to know where time period they are in.

Some movies are so unbelievably epic and great with gritty story lines, fantastic acting performances and mind blowing special effects that they stay in your mind long after you see them.

They should have treated it as a fun, entertaining movie in order to succeed.

" has a better variety of locations and breathtaking landscapes.

For a film that could have been a good afternoon spent of brainless fun, it's mostly just a bone-headed epic-wannabe with some long plodding scenes that slow down the movie and prevents it from become exciting.

The unrealistic aspect falls into this too, because I wanted to believe that this stuff happened, but then ended up bored because I knew it never happened.

Before the White Man came, and ruined everything, there was mind boggling cultural diversity on this planet!

The movie throws a saber tooth tiger encounter to fool us into thinking something's gonna happen, but the tiger winds up being just as boring as the human characters inhabiting the movie, and is just millions in special effects budget wasted on something that didn't need to be there in the first place, other than to move the shaky plot along.

Stirring and evocative musical score by Harald Kloser(also producer and writer) .

Some flat out amazing effects and no story that made any sense at all.

The movie starts out really slow.

Okay where do I start, the actors do well, Steven Strait and Camilla Belle put in there in best effort, if only the story didn't drag itself into the ground, and it fails to get to a point in a certain amount of time, and it got completely boring.

I think if you keep that firmly in mind, you'll find that it's a very enjoyable movie.

My Take: Despite some enjoyable special effects, this is a rather unspectacular adventure that takes itself too seriously.

The problem for me personally was that A it was just to predictable, and B it seemed to me like even though Evolet was kidnapped as well as other tribe members they never really seemed in any danger.

The special effects were great, and the set pieces were decently exciting.

An epic as enjoyable like a 50 spectaular .

Boring as hell...

They're much more interesting and exciting, and the action and CGI are vastly superior.

i hate it when a movie should take 1.4 hours but takes me 3 because of sheer boredom.

It was kind of boring also, at least to other people.

Something for Everyone - I really enjoyed it.

10,000 BC was a very entertaining movie with good special effects.

Shimeck scale: waste of time

It's just so dull, how they managed to take a premise which some promise and turn it into this mess of a project is beyond me.

so please watch something inspiring like "the bank job" really entertaining.

It was not extremely accurate, since particularly in the last scenes the dressing was very modern, but no matter I personally enjoyed it just because it enlightened a very boring day.

The friends I was with were so bored with the film they thought it ran longer than the 109- minute duration.

They have a tough but enjoyable existence, hunting fish, bears, and of course Wooly Mummies.

Thankfully the action scenes do manage to work very well, the dodo chase is thrilling if absurd, the mammoth charge near the end is thrilling, and there are a few notable set pieces that will raise your pulse ever so slightly.

To summarise, don't waste your money, either watch appocalypto again or just give a donation to charity instead, you'll feel far better!!!

This movie is:1) entertaining.

10,000 BC - Entertaining, Emotional and Top-Shelf Visuals .

This American & South African co-production was co-written, produced & directed by Roland Emmerich & is a prehistoric adventure that isn't particularly interested in historic accuracy as much as visual spectacle, while I liked 10,000 BC enough as a big budget special effects extravaganza I found the plot & just about everything else empty & lacking.

) More than anything else 10'000 BC is a stunning, jaw dropping spectacle from the hunting of the Mammoths to the incredible pyramid building and battles.

Totally stupid and badly directed, but enjoyable if you switch your brain off before viewing.

There is no story at all and even the special effects seem dated.

It will never be regarded as a cinema classic, but it is an enjoyable adventure story of the sort that has been popular ever since the stories of King Arthur and his knights were first written, and probably for a lot longer even than that.

Just everything in the joke flattens out quickly, even the dull CGIs or the lame costumes.

It was filmed in Africa and New Zealand, and even the Eisentstein theory of shifting locations was confusing.

Instead, Emmerich delivers a visually stunning film, with powerful action scenes and a interesting blend of civilizations on a single territory.

I got kind of bored at times.

All in all, don't waste your money on this one.

Its a enjoyable film if u don't think too much about how historical inaccurate it is.

Many flaws -- but nonetheless, a very fun and entertaining movie .

But expecting an occasionally entertaining no-brainer, it's a quite a letdown.

Altogether, the storytelling is bland to the point of being generic and the stunts are as tame as the violence is bloodless.

Yes, tales of The One cliché get plastered at every possible instance that you'll roll your eyes when the plot tries to throw some red herrings along the way in meek attempts to spice things up.

Very thrilling adventure .

This was hugely camp and hugely entertaining.

Who would of thought the prehistoric era can be thrilling and exciting (also films about it).

It is deadly boring and not even slightly amusing in its incompetent performances and stupid "plot".

No script, lot of CGI.

Yes it has allot of historical mistakes, but if we take this movie like a fantasy movie, it can be pretty much entertaining.

Waste of time .

The dialogue is so corny and predictable that you'll laugh out loud in the cinema.

Despite bashing from the critics, I thought the movie was very enjoyable.

Terrible, unwatchable, completely stupid .

Also it was really predictable.

save your money.

This is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

The way it is, "10,000 BC" lifts off a bit into space which is a pity for a movie that begins quite fascinating with the mammoth hunt, struggle for survival, discovery of the first farmers and so on.

I fast forwarded most of the film 5 minutes after the mammoths scene because I just couldn't bare the boredom and I wanted the movie to end as soon as possible otherwise I would've ended up in 10,000 AD by the slow pace.

Utterly Pointless....

This movie sags at times and becomes somewhat boring.

I believe the story line should of been more about stopping and conquering the people who kidnapped the Yagahi people, in which they kinda made it more of a love story and personally I thought that made it boring and kinda cliché.

I've never seen such a realistic tiger, not even at the zoo, and there were lots of exciting moments.

The entertaining story is a combination of "Apocalypto", "Quest for Fire" and "Stargate" with a romantic situation, supported by magnificent CGI and action scenes.

Writing was predictable and incredibly dry.

Before this they wandered through an extremely long and tedious desert, and then they did nothing at their destination!

This film was an original screenplay and it was dull at best.

This exciting picture is full of action, emotion, feats, thrills, a love story and is pretty amusing .

" could have been one of the great epic adventure stories of the the last decade, but being saddled with poorly emoting actors, an unbelievable soap opera romance, historical inaccuracies you could fly a jumbo jet through, and a pace so slow and tedious it would put a snail to sleep, the film instead becomes one of the biggest and most costly of viewing disappointments, perhaps of all time ("Waterworld" has nothing on this film, believe me)!

The storyline is incredibly ridiculous and uneventful.

10,000 BC was a waste of my time and not worth the watch.

I expected at least reasonable entertainment from this movie based on the excellent looking posters and the intriguing trailer.

Instead of watching this film,I totally recommend you renting Apocalypto,an excellent film with a likable main character,brilliant action sequences,and which is enormously entertaining.

D'leh and two other warriors waste no time in setting off in hot pursuit of demon raiders.

I just watched District 9- completely predictable and even annoying.

An adventure tale is supposed to be exciting, not boring.

I enjoyed it and come on it was clearly fantasy people who didn't get that and just say its crap and it has historical inaccuracy are just sad.

They all SHOULD be entertaining, even in the guilty pleasure sense and really, honestly, that is why I watch movies.

A tad bit inaccurate, but entertaining.

A very interesting story that is purely entertaining.

This movie made everything so pointless.

May not be the greatest film ever, but definitely enjoyable to watch!

It was enjoyable for the time that it lasted.

However, for the most part, I found it entertaining.

The first twenty minutes of the movie sees next to nothing happening, the first mammoth chase looks so fake that its not exciting just distracting.

Huge mistake – one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

After a slow start the movie slowly picks up momentum and one finds himself whisked away and caring for the characters in the movie.

Save your money to buy the DVD in the discount bin in a few months.

The plot was slow, there were too many inaccuracies to count, and there were far too few action sequences.

This is absolutely one of the worst movies that I have ever halfway seen.

Plus, the heroes and the villains of the story are just plain boring!

Of course, the biggest problem I personally had with the film was the extremely slow and plodding pace, as the characters spend lots of time just walking around.

All in all, a rather entertaining movie that isn't worse than many others.

Predictable, and oh so frustrating.

The reason why i gave it a six because i loved them stupid ostriches fingz which were actually doing sum hunting, and when they gt like 600 people spears together the movie gt exciting, before that was boring.

I don't intend to give my kids a history lesson over it, but it was entertaining all the same.

Put it this way, I fell asleep for about 20 minutes half-way through, woke up and could still follow the plot exactly.

The dialogue was appalling, the story cliché, and the characters completely unbelievable, hollow, and ridiculous.

All in all, it was a little corny, yes, but enjoyable enough.

The plot takes too long to develop and lead to the few exciting scenes which are all to short.

Despite some similarities in places to 300 (one very obvious one) its still a very enjoyable film.

It was entertaining, however brutally boring it seemed you want to see what happens in the end.

The most exciting scenes depict ersatz larger-than-life animals.

Yes, I agree that the "love" between D'Leh and the Blue-Eyed chick was incredibly bland and the fact that she "stayed pure" for her man was highly unlikely, you want realism circa 10,000 BC, rent "Clan of the Cave Bear" FYI- be prepared for a rape scene about every 6 minutes.

I was expecting this film to be mostly silent, or at least having mostly a never heard before language, this is meant to be the same kind of time period as Stargate, the special effects may have been okay, but the plot (if any) is very slow, the acting is terrible, and I just found most of it rather boring, a disappointing prehistoric adventure.

It is mildly entertaining complete rubbish .

**/**** Stars10,000 BC (2008): Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action

All in all,it was very silly, but fairly entertaining.

Old Mother lives a very boring existence by being able to predict the future and get nosebleed just by daydreaming.

There's little action, and what there is comes off as dull, in choreography and execution.

I knew I was in trouble as soon as the movie started.. with a boring narrator, a horrible script, and terrible acting.

It's an oddly dull film, the acting barely adequate (not that the actors had an awful lot to work with), and while I accept that a fantasy can be as historically inaccurate as the writer/producer/director cares to make it, the mix of accuracy (the aforementioned phorusrhacidae and the multi-coloured corn kernels) and errors (mammoths hauling stone slabs under a subtropical sun?

The Plot was empty and all the prophecy in this movie was annoying.

Don't Waste your time or money on this film .

Who cares, the film bored me half to death anyway with its all too simple plot.

The story was so predictable and its pacing was inconsistent (at some parts, I felt sleepy), in fact this may be the weakest Roland E.

Overall, this was a film I tried to like, but it was dull and had too many problems for me to even enjoy it.

This is easily the worst movie i've ever seen.

Bland and dreary with a seedless climax .

The special effects are stunning and all of the actors played their roles very well, I can say.

I decided to watch this movie based on the trailer because it looked so action packed.

Please, if you have children and think that a cliché, CGI-driven film will be a good family activity, I beg you not to bring your children's IQs lower by allowing them to watch this ridiculously corny mishmashed slop.

There are still many quirks that I have in this film like how Nakudu could understand all of the different tribes' languages, or how most of the actors look very much alike that it can be somewhat confusing.

Waste of time .

I found myself cursing the supposedly humanistic character of D'Leh for just being plan stupid, or incredibly predictable.

a horrible waste of time .

i really enjoyed this movie, it is as a movie of this nature should be, fun ,exciting, interesting and happy,sad.

Definitely in the top 10 worst movies of ALL time.

The story have ridiculous amounts of loop holes and is very very predictable.

The movie was predictable and downright boring in parts.

Stop slagging off what is an amazing and compelling movie and a lot more accurate that most prehistoric crap.

Due to the thorough research and authenticity invested in this film, it is history in the making, as we actually watch the invention of: Amway Pyramid Schemes, the Slow Clap, "Dressing up Like a Lady" (invented by the head barbarian, later called Transvestitism or Elton John), the constellation Orion, bondage and discipline, the English Language, the Implausibly Ludicrous Romantic Happy Ending.

I could go on but why waste anymore of your time on this one.

flaws here and there, but still enjoyable, nonetheless).

The action here is dull and far between, with Emmerich's ordinarily faultless eye for effects-laden extravagance seemingly preoccupied with the wholesale lifting of major plot elements from superior films.

This movie is a waste of time and money.

- the slowest moving boats ever seen, and nobody thought to follow them!

The plot is so predictable that DVD back cover couldn't be able to create no feeling of twist.

This movie will easily make it to the list of worst movies of the year.

Don't waste your time and energy on it.

is a lumbering, cavepaint-by-numbers bore, as primitive and outdated as the rudimentary tools of its Paleolithic protagonists.

While the movie is by no means 'amazing' it is somewhat endearing, exciting, and entertaining.

First, huge woolly mammoths go on the rampage twice with suspenseful results.

The only part of the film that moved it up from a "one" to a "two" at any point was the near-ending, in which Evolet (played by the unfortunately bland Camilla Belle, which is a shame because I actually like her as an actress normally) is killed.

but i was left to face was probably one of the worst movies i have seen in a long time...

-Don't waste your money on the movie.

It was long, drawn out, and dragged on.

Even the most prominent talent of Roland Emmerich is missing: creating memorable and visually stunning scenes.

Worth watching .

I actually enjoyed it.

and left the theater unsatisfied.

The saber-tooth tiger, the stunning Mammoths, the pyramids, the main villain or god at the Pyramids was as disturbing as ever.

Don't Waste Your Time .

But even without dialog or eye-candy effects, it is vastly more engaging, imaginative, and clever than 10,000 B.

10,000 BC = Boring & Clichéd .

I certainly remember the encounter with the carnivorous terror-birds (Phorusracos), one of the few exciting parts of the movie.

You will waste $8.50 on tickets, $5 on popcorn, $4.50 on a soda, 2 hours of time to find out this movie sucks.

But an action packed film with great acting, and not a dull moment, horrible ratings.

Bad acting, predictable story, most cliché-est character set, bad cinematography, poor editing and directing probably don't make a great epic movie.

But,the worst mistake from this movie is that it's BORING and that mistake is a sin.

The movie was sappy, predictable, and disappointing.

So save your money.

The plot is disjointed; nothing fits, and even less of it makes any sense.

Even the narrator sounded bored....

The move made good use of computer animation to create a very realistic backdrop to an enjoyable story.

Not unbearably awful, but I did find it rather dull .

Very entertaining, worth seeing.

don't waste your money on this one.

Now apply those imaginings to this movie -- and decide whether you want to waste your money on it.

), but as an enjoyable piece of fluff with ridiculously large effects and a reasonably coherent story.

The plot was hard to follow, all the young men looked the same, the narrator sounded like he was an old man from a Disney film, and everything seemed just a little too advanced for it to be 10,000 BC.

However, to the contrary ,the movie did exploit some common old themes but with the special effects it was entirely entertaining.

Too predictable...

The CGI is pretty crummy and the action sequences offer little to ease the pounding boredom.

Don't waste your time.

What it leaves is a movie that is wonderful to look at, but sadly a little empty on the emotional side.

Overall it was a very enjoyable film recommended for a dreary weekend.

I don't really understand why this movie has been trashed when by comparison to say, Jumper, it was more entertaining and far less irritating.

Plain and simple, it was silly and cliché.

This movie was a waste of time.

completely compelling at this point, and an interesting take on what might have happened and how a wonder of the world could have been created.

Sure, the visual effects are great, but the action scenes are disappointing and boring.

10,000 BC is not the worst movie of all time, its just an incredibly stupid and annoyingly dull movie.

I mean i hate Hollywood as well as most of you IMDb users.. we hate that kind of films because they are predictable, no matters the plot, director, producer actor.. it's always the same...

Don't waste your money, or your time on seeing it at the theaters, or buying it on DVD.

While not original, a love story might add a little interest to a series of exciting events.

It's a movie and it is meant for entertaining purposes.

This is where the film is undoubtedly at its best, epic scenes that seamlessly mix CGI prehistoric creatures and ancient civilizations with fast paced spear-wielding combat.

- END -Scriptwriter : sorry guys Red Bull is empty i am totally out of ideas after 24 hours of work i think the script is good.

Admittedly, Emmerich can still spin some enjoyable guilty pleasure along the way, including the aforementioned "terror birds" sequence which, despite being a bit goofy, is actually rather enjoyable.

And the obvious, "I can do better than 300 by hitting the god king with the spear" ending was so predictable as to make the last of the movie not even worth watching .

From Tusk Till Yawn .

There are many movies out there such as Indiana Jones that have parts that are not historically accurate or parts that are ridiculously not real (aka when Indy doesn't die because he closes his eyes), but it gets good ratings because people think it is an entertaining movie/movies.

In fact, it fit so squarely into the "I'll go to the end of the world to save you" format, that I could've used a checklist to mark off each little cliché scene or character.

Although I was expecting more mammoth and saber-tooth scenes, I enjoyed it immensely.

This made for a completely boring movie experience.

All in all, it was a fairly good movie that was both thrilling and enjoyable.

This film skips bad and settles instead for boring -- I found myself having to struggle mighty hard to keep my attention from wandering in the film's last hour or so.

A waste of time .

Bottom line: it's BORING.

Not an Historical movie, but can be entertaining .

Sad to say, but this has got to be one of the worst movies I have had to sit through, and I barely made it 10 minutes before I decided that I was not wasting another second on this drivel.

Ho hum .

Writer/director Roland Emmerich doesn't exactly have a talent for writing convincing characters or directing good actors, but he redeems himself by making some ludicrously enjoyable set pieces and excitement, which sadly what his 2008 caveman epic lacks.

" Predictable for all of its generic 109 minutes, this derivative PG-13 epic qualifies as little more than slickly-made hokum for teens that haven't seen better movies.

The visuals were, at times, stunning, and the lack of any real Hollywood stars was refreshing.

However, to be fair, to mention the last 1/4 or so of the tedious film, I had no problem with them depicting the pyramids being built 6,000 earlier than typically, archaeologists claim (i.

10,000 BC is a formulaic Epic movie, but also is very entertaining.

Worth at least a 6 or 6.5. The English language suffers from a highly stunted dialogue amongst the characters and an annoying profesorial narration but a fairly exciting and heroic tale compensates.

Emmerich and Harald Kloser (Alien vrs Predator) have no idea what people thousands of years ago would have had to talk about, so the dialog is as bland as communion wafers.

The direction of an endless number of previous fast-food-Hollywood movies with no surprises, no tension, no depth, no story.....

Very predictable storyline and to top it shades of 300 can be seen.

The fact that they appear to fast, one after another can be pretty boring for those that watch this as an historical movie.

The plot was lame, the person who said Jurassic Park had better CGI was right (and that was about 15 years ago), and the whole movie was confusing in geography and anachronisms....

It had a mix of a little bit of everything; coming of age, love story, action, and a reluctant hero.

worst movie of the year .

It's just all over the place, the script is terrible, the acting is wooden, the characters are boring.

Emmerich in "looks great but quite empty substance-wise" film shock.

A Very Enjoyable Fantasy Film.

But while Apocalypto was purposefully violent, grim, and authentic-looking, 10,000 BC is the exact opposite; it's bloodless PG-13 fare, with colorful scenery and formulaic heroes and villains.

The cover on some editions says that "10,000 BC rocks; it is an adrenaline rush from start to finish.

Colorful cinematography reflecting splendidly the breathtaking outdoors by Ueli Steiger (Godzilla, Day after tomorrow) , Emmerich's usual.

This is how the plot moves: Boring tribesmen are mumbling.

Unfortunately 10,000 BC is probably the worst movie I've seen in some time.

I was mostly disappointed in this movie because of how slow it seemed.

Apart from the first 15 minutes or so (which I found too slow and not so exciting), the rest of the film was very entertaining, very interesting to watch, keeping you eager to think "what's next, what's next?!

But when the action did finally roll around, I was left completely underwhelmed because all the pointless dialog and all those tribesmen wondering around put me off.

Even the villains are bland.

I was bored, stupendously bored.. Now maybe the film could've said itself with some good acting?

actually most movies are boring in comparison.

On the other hand it flowed smoothly, uncomplicated, very imaginative and most of all entertaining.

Yes, I got a fictional Hollywood story with a bit of action and some entertaining special effects.

Well, I finally shelled out the money, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not only as exciting as the trailers promised, it did have a plot and was enjoyable.

Ridiculously Stupid But Entertaining None The Less .

Overall: boring and BAD .

I enjoyed it for what it was and hope you do too

The characters felt bland and as though as there was no heart.

The story is so dull, there's no plot, just loose clichés tied together.

But I wanted to leave the theater after 15 minutes.

Just plain boring between the all too few action sequences .

Saw this on its opening day here in Oz, and overall reactions is "ho hum".

It's hard to believe that this is the same mind that brought us the shallow, but very entertaining, Stargate.

10,000 BC boasts a quasi-biblical narrator (Omar Sharif) and characters who speak in formed, albeit uninteresting, sentences--including a New Age–y "I understand your pain.

Very enjoyable adventure cave man flick.

Those who have seen some of Emmerich's films before will not be shocked by this because essentially the film is an exciting video game with dull cut scenes – you know, the kind that most of us skip in the game.

Total waste of money.

Incredibly boring and factually incorrect.

10,000 Bored Critics .

It was just so boring at times.

This interpretation of ancient tribal humanity was fascinating, triggering empathy for the struggling first people.

It's just an old Hollywood cliché' and it is this films collection of them that will cost it a higher rating on this site, on this review and by other critics alike.

There is a lot of cosmic mumbo-jumbo and the narration is pretentious and often hilarious.

When a travelling group of marauders steal the girl (I believe her name was also Tuk Tuk leading to some confusion), Tik, Tak, Trev and the gang set out on a deadly quest, encounters tigers, freaks, and other assorted terrors.

But I still enjoyed it, the trick is to go on a matinée, set brain on stun and just watch.

i saw this film when i saw the special effects i wanted to get out it was so boring u false and story and everything is terrible and how could it be 10,000 b.

Enjoyed it very much.

There are several CGI set-pieces including a really great Mammoth hunt at the start which is dramatic & exciting even if I did feel a little sorry for the Mammoth.

The ending of this movie is also a obvious cliché'.

In my opinion she was way too boring for anyone to risk their lives trying to rescue.

ITs the appalling acting, the cringe dialogue, and the fact it is very boring that annoyed me.

We saw the film tonight at a theater in Silver Spring, MD - enjoyed the visuals and found the elucidation of the ancient world quite fascinating.

It is worth the watch if you want to watch it.

Please don't waste you money going to the movies.

" Both movies were horrible, completely unwatchable, mindless, and totally boring.

Perhaps they did in the absolute final scene, I don't know for certain because I literally walked out of this movie before it had completely ended.

With popcorn at hand, the opening had me anticipating a fun, exciting romp filled with prehistoric beasts and lots of action.

Two words describe this film: Dull and painful!

Ho Hum.

A movie with a hackneyed plot and lousy acting needs lots of exciting action and thrills, but this film is utterly boring and the few prehistoric beasts seen, with the exception of the mammoths (desert mammoths!

Story-wise, the movie is a cliché brought down to triteness: a simple young man who suddenly turns out to be a hero saving his tribe (and the tribes nearby as well!

I suppose the movie will appeal to very easily pleased kids aged about 12, but anyone older, or anyone with an IQ larger than the size of a gnat will get quickly bored.

LOLI wanted to leave around 20 to 30 minutes into the movie.

I wouldn't waste my money seeing it, wait for it to come out on DVD and rent it, then all you have to spend is $4.00. Almost forgot for you fans of Speed Racer out there I saw the preview for the movie and I've got some bad news.

When I went into the film, I expected a fictional Hollywood story with a bit of action and some entertaining special effects.

's overly polished but boring tall-tale.

It was, ultimately, very entertaining, almost in a fairytale way.

the movie 10,000 BC is one of the most predictable movies that I have ever seen and the animation in my opinion was a bad imitation of 300.

the ending of this movie really ended slow and this was one of the moments that that you new what was going to happen.

Independence Day may have been inconsistent, but at least it was entertaining and the talent held our attention, unlike this bad joke of a movie.

A ridiculous but pleasantly entertaining prehistoric epic by the director of "Independence Day".

He has a bad script and he manages to make his lines even more boring.

Within that framework, the film does exactly what one would expect, using basic and well worn cliché characters to tell a corny story we've all heard before.

bottom linethis is a DVD rental for you to watch when all other options have run out, so wait till Christmas and watch it for free after your big meal and when you fall asleep believe me you wont be saying what did i miss.

A thrilling and exciting prehistoric film .

Save your money and do not go see this movie go see 'Vantage Point' instead (its great!

When i examined the comments on this film i thought its some sort of horrible experience and I'm going to watch an unwatchable film .

Amazing, Entertaining, and Powerful Hero's Journey.

Bottom line: if you can enjoy a Hollywood movie done by the numbers, without great CGI, portraying mediocre acting, an uninspiring plot, drawing inspiration from a variety of movies which set standards, this might as well be a one off entertainment.

There were some parts where they could have done better, but all in all it was interesting and entertaining.

Which is pretty much the most clichéd, contrived, Deus Ex Machina, cop-out bullshit ever.

I mean the commercials made it seem as if the mammoths and the tiger was actually going to play a big role in this movie but they played only in on act and was completely pointless and made no sense what so ever in the movie!!

This boring movie could have been saved by a good score.

This movie starts off, slow, and frankly, rather dumb.

The story is very linear and very boring .

I had just watched Roeper say it was "The worst movie of the year so far".

It was BORING and even the action scenes seemed empty.

cliché is a complement here.

It's also an enjoyable love story.

We really enjoyed it, and rate is as a B+ for Friday/Saturday night viewing.

Probably the worst movie I have seen in the last 10 years.

The story is cliché romance bull.

If you still have the guts to go the movie, you can go and waste your money and peace of mind.

The spectacle of the slow Egyptian river barges swinging their giant oxblood sails against the backdrop of the desert alone made it worth my while.

It is entertaining at least.

Confusing, boring, disappointing.

My family and I found this movie to be a let down, and a waste of money.

Emmerich, Germany's master disasterist extraordinaire, has heretofore proved himself an anarchic architect of cinematic soufflé, having built a career on vacuous and empty-headed exercises in big screen ka-boom, all dizzying pyrotechnics and the most special of effects.

The lack of historical accuracy people are moaning about doesn't bother me, the film was made to entertain not educate, and I found it entertaining!

This film was boring, poorly, stupid and a complete waste of time.

There is no story at all and even the special effects seem dated.

Boring and empty .

I went to see this movie with very low expectations and walked out a satisfied movie goer.

Even if you ignore the vast historical and geographic inaccuracies, it still is one of the worst movies you can imagine.

Nice mammoths, no plot, inaccurate in so many ways .

It was just generally an enjoyable movie.

Otherwise, it feels like a waste of money.

A lot of the cinematography is haunting and evocative, creating an atmosphere, which is what fantasy does.

Way more enjoyable.

The action is thrilling,the CGI mammoth and sabre-toothed tigers are cool,and the overall mix is considerably more entertaining than last year's somewhat similar "300",whichwas TOO stylish,and even less substantial than this one.

" other than a lavish display of pixelated versions of prehistoric fauna, held up by some predictable exposition and some anachronistic mess.

A few special effects on the movie are really good(accept for the sabretooth)but they fill the screen only for a few minutes and again, there is no script to fill the very long rest of the movie.

Reaally, that's was painfully boring and cliché.

Poorly Paced and Very Bland .

I enjoyed it .

All i have to say is that 10,000 AC is a very entertaining action film.

Whoever made the trailer did an amazing job because 10.000 BC looks action packed.

I thought his was very enjoyable if you just want to watch a movie.

Quite worth the watch.

The ending of this movie is so obviously stolen from 300 and is nowhere near as exciting or fun to watch.

The landscapes are breathtaking: The mountainous scenes were filmed in New Zealand, the jungle scenes in South Africa and the desert segment in Namibia.

"No you cannot let you taken by the plot and watch it with the eyes of the innocent, not it is not being too much picky to say 10.000BC is one of the worst movie of the year, and yet so pretentious.

aww c'mon get real), and the weakest most predictable story (recycled from vastly superior Apocalypto, Mel should get a cut or an apology).

From story to cast to special effects, it is completely bland.

Among that handful is a man, D'leh (played by Steven Strait), whose lover, Evolet (played by Camilla Belle) was among the many dragged off as slaves.

I enjoyed it.

So i gave this movie a try and most of the time i was yawning or laughing at the terrible acting sequence.

Compared to what's out there, trust me, it's definitely worth watching if you can appreciate a great story, with lot's of adventure...

It is pelted with comments and reviews about how it is poorly written, edited and played out, though I am here to counter those three accusations, because I, like a few numbers of people, thought it was enjoyable.

It turned out to be a great uplifting, romantic, and at the same time engaging piece of movie I've ever seen.

Most films have at least one redeeming moment so, as an optimist, I've never actually got up and walked out of a movie.

Bottom line, if you want an empty plot that brings together parts of the above mentioned films from which it was seemingly derived, without being half as good as any of them(which is saying a lot in the case of apocalypto) then watch this film, but at least save your money until it is on video.

And you can tell by their facial expressions they're very bored and just want their money.

Princess Rescue From the Pharoah's Doom", but because the title seemed convoluted and disjointed so they made a new title threw in some random prehistoric mammals and "10,000 B.

Thre is a articular scene, were D'leh and other boring guy are tide to a net trying to catch the mammoth.

The innovative idea that the ancients used Mammoths to move the cyclopean blocks was intriguing.

Hell if she was that boring I'd have forgotten her no sooner had she gone.

The special effects are really great and the costuming is truly entertaining.

I was ready to leave about 30 seconds into it.

Okay it was an awful movie, but did they attempted to at least wrap things up with a suitably compelling ending?

And yes, some of the cgi is a bit sub par, but still-- this movie is very fun and entertaining to watch.

Also, there are so many historical inaccuracies and casting problems that cause distractions from the actual exciting and grand nature of the movie.

Also, the blue eyed child reeks of Arian (nazi) propaganda!

Save your money and time and wait for a rental.

The powerful speeches and gripping action, lovable heroes and grotesque foes that make a film into an epic are all here, along with plenty of tender "awww" moments that make it pretty decent for a date.

(No Doug McClure) It would have been more pleasing to mine eye had they filmed it in the 2nd century when there were plenty of dinosaurs, imagine the exciting scenes of running away from a Ginormous Rex, swinging through trees to avoid flyingsaurs, and all the thunder lizards stomping around the pyramids near the end of the movie.

So, if you like great effects go see this film, if you like acting and a movie where you actually feel intense and into it...

) It just goes from boring scene, boring scene, action scene with no tension, and then another boring scene.

The ending sequence after the ho-hum climatic fight didn't seem all that worthwhile.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen.

It made for an exciting movie to watch and I felt anxious during climatic moments.

becomes an intriguing diversion, and a more realistic entertainment alternative than reality television.

overall it's entertaining, especially if you don't know anything about history.

This movie remember for a total waste of producer's money.

I fell asleep during this movie...

This was a little confusing, crossed time-periods?

It is a nauseatingly simple and contrived plot, in which unlikable characters do the same stuff we've seen a million times in far better films.

Howeve, for those of us looking for a great story, impressive acting, great CG, and fast paced action, it really doesn't get much better than this...

Quest For Fire Meets Apocolypto meets Stargate meets the Lost World Cliché ridden blender created tale of an ancient hunter tribe being over run by a more advanced society and dragged off to make "the pyramids".

Rather than taking the trouble to imagine what early civilization might have been like—its culture, its language, its warfare, its family life—the movie simply transposes a banal Hollywood epic into Paleolithic times.

Roland Emmerich demonstrates once again his ability to turn pulpy, b-movie schlock into a fairly high-quality and very engrossing movie experience.

It might be the most simple plot outline I've seen recently, making it bland.

Even my husband, who loves mindless blockbusters, was ready to leave 30 minutes into it.

Another exciting pre-history movie.

If you don't think about it, which I did for a while, it's a fairly entertaining pulp B-movie.

When the main character had a spear and was deciding on whether to accept the Egyptian gods offer or to take it was the most predictable scene in the world.

but there were too many extras that the filmmakers added into it to make it more exciting.


Underrated and totally worth watching .

However, if you're just looking for a goof that you can watch with your kids (assuming you're into Interactive Parenting, and caution them that what they'll see is not really 100% accurate, and that REALLY GOOD "FILMS" CAN SOMETIMES BE BORING...

The "magic" at the end of the film was rather predictable, and apparently kissing was invented before 10,000 BC.

But not even enjoyable because it was so god damn boring.

It would've been better if they hadn't spoke English in the movie because it was just unbearable to hear them speak English.

Sure, it is plenty exciting.

, I has high hopes for a compelling prehistoric adventure.

And through his quest, a hero within D'leh will arise in a sort of coming of age tale of a prophetic savior who will lead everybody to salvation and to the promised land.

It's a waste of perfectly good money.

It was entertaining.

Its very unfair to pinpoint the acting though, because the screenplay is so all over the place you could stop watching the screen because of boredom for 5 minutes and they've past from the cold tundra to the jungle to the desert faster than a jet plane.

With hero's father's BFF (he was just probably bored with village life), and the village's 'toughest hunter, hero begins his quest.

It did move a bit slow at first, and the plot did take just a wee bit long to unfold.

This is how to ruin a great idea, how to make one of the worst movies ever while it had the potential to be one of the best..10,000 B.

a bored thirteen-year-old girl, don't waste your time.

The slow pace and ridiculous story elements make for a 109 minute torture session that I can't believe ever made it to the top of the box office, let alone two weeks in a row!

They were flat, boring, and cliché, and did not remotely support the story.

Worth watching .

this would have made the movie more intense and realistic and it also would have drawn the audience in more.

No doubt, this movie is plenty exciting, and has a somewhat engaging hero's journey to boot.

Only thing being that a) it's all fairly tedious and boring, b) it's vastly improbable (even if you accept the anachronisms), and c) none of the stuff which needs explaining gets explained.

However, the story is disjointed and meanders a lot, and when the film tries to be thrilling the pacing got increasingly sluggish.

There is no character development, no story line, no real theme, and no real sense.

Well, aside from the historical inaccuracies that everyone has pointed out, this movie had horrid acting, insipid dialog, and a cliché plot line that any moderately skilled elementary school kid could have written.

Film by definition is fantasy, and on that level 10,000 BC is enjoyable.

It was funny, smart, not original, but god damn it was entertaining!

The narrative is pretty simplistic and the acting is basic at best but the overall prehistoric environment that the producers have created is certainly engaging which provides both good action sequences and science fiction/fantasy moments.

Don't waste your time.

" is a loud, goofy, boring, inaccurate portrayal of one of times most interesting periods.

I had a lot of people tell me that this movie was a disappointment, but i watched it with a clear mind, and God knows i gave it its chance, and as cliché and weird the storyline is, the most annoying thing about it is the complete and utter disregard to the accual history.

Once again, Emmerich has let himself become distracted by the razzle-dazzle of over-elaborate CGI effects, leaving the rest of his movie a complete bore.

But the story is absolutely pointless.

Just a linear, predictable-ness that has me wondering why I'm watching this to the end.

Think a little, he gave us 2 of the worst movies ever "Independence (BS) Day" and the "Day After Tomorrow", so what can you expect, that guy had one moment of genius when he wrote and directed "Stargate" and then he is gone.

The movie is actually quite boring in places, and some parts of the movie just didn't gel.

Second viewing took a minute and it told me that there was a whole lot of fascinating detail in this feature.

The slow parts are ultra slow and dull so I ended up skipping around to the action scenes.

Enjoyable and fun; why so serious.

Then we're dragged from the snowy mountains through a jungle populated by giant, angry ostrich-looking birds, then out into the desert to be brought as slaves to work on the Pharoah's construction projects.

The woolly mammoth stampede scenes and much of the fill-in work for the scenery is breathtaking.

Aside from a few exciting scenes with rampaging mammoths, giant Raptors gone wild, and one lone, altruistic Saber-Tooth Tiger, the film just plods along through a willing-suspension-of-disbelief series of disconnected geographic landscapes and jumbled-up anthropology.

This was a very enjoyable comic book story, with great action, and good effects.

Honestly I thought since it was so over-hyped it would have some decent fight scenes or cool animals such as the Bengal-saber tooth tiger that is in the movie for all of 35 seconds but this movie is so bland and historically incorrect it is comical.

The plot is predictable - basically it is essentially a collage of outtakes from similar movies to date.

So, in the 'down time' I'm trying to concentrate on what's going on because it's more interesting watching a pot of water boil, and so it requires more concentration but that's OK because the costumes are interesting as is the ludicrous scripting and I'm wondering if this might be the first picture where I fall asleep.

Despite the horrid acting, bizarre fantasy setting (don't think this is even trying to depict how 10,000 BC was like), dullness, an inconsequential plot and stupidly corny dialogue the film manages to be somewhat entertaining due to some action scenes.

several times on TV, but not because I thought it was a great brainless yet enjoyable adventure, but because I usually fell asleep during the midsection and wanted to catch up on what I missed, and for a movie that gambles with a premise that might not work (a "caveman epic" doesn't really spell big bucks in the B.

*MANY SPOILERS* I actually give it 5.5 out of 10 stars because I still found it entertaining up until the climax.

My husband, who has not had any of these classes, left after 6 minutes.

What it does have in it is that it can still be a worthy film to watch even with the tiresome "save the girl" story.

Doesn't Emmerich understand that, in America, if it even appears to be fact-based (mammoths were real, the Egyptians were real, the pyramids are still real) it IS fact-based, because too many of us are too tired, lazy or bored to pick up a reference book?

A watchable nostalgic adventure, but it gets boring at the end .

What it did not have that a lot of Hollywood people think all movies should; big name actors, idiotic plot twists, pointless romance (usually involving homosexuals these days), blood, guts and goreAfter I saw this movie in the theater I knew without a doubt critics would hate it because it wasn't the typical idiotic Oscar movie garbage that 'everyone' yaps about.

But the script is so horribly flawed and the acting so bland, that there is nothing to emotionally connect the audience to the characters or the story.

Action filled, boring at times.

In a perpetual pursuit of the kidnapped love interest, after various contrived incidents, including an attack by savage CGI chickens that Colonel Sanders would have been proud of, we wind up in some pseudo-Egyptian, pyramid-building country with some vaguely extra-terrestrial leader who really isn't.

This shallow, occasionally amusing, formulaic Mesolithic melodrama chronicles a teenaged warrior's efforts to rescue his sweetheart from a marauding band of savage horsemen.

These scenes are regularly accompanied by an earnest narration (voiced by Omar Sharif, the only recognisable name in a cast of unknowns) presumably in a bid to add weight to the pretentious spirituality and far-fetched dialogue that blight the script.

A Boring Movie With Some Little Action.

" Why did I waste my time and spend money on this farce.

Stay away from this trash, it's just a waste of time, sadly, how many good movies could have been made with the budget they probably put onto this film?

(There's no real plot.

The entire mammoth hunt segment is incredible filmmaking and truly thrilling.

This movie is sooooo bad that I left after 20 minutes.

Although I often frowned at inconsistencies concerning time-frame, historical events, altered voices etc, I did find the movie entertaining.

Perhaps he thought that it was an opportunity to show off some impressive CGI (it does actually look pretty cool with some eye catching scenes with giant mammouth and pyramids) or he was just bored and decided to direct a retarded film.

Although well shot in front of gorgeous vistas, on location in New Zealand, Namibia, and South Africa, 10,000 BC is just another loud, dumb, and eminently pointless CGI adventure from the tactless, talentless, hacky direction of Roland Emmerich.

I will say that I enjoyed it, and so did the folks I went to see the movie with.

On the way there are plenty of unexpected confrontations with fake giant birds, a phony tiger and a wannabe African tribe.

don't waste you're time on this prehistoric crap.

I'm actually half into this movie and i'm already bored .

I wondered why I would felt this way, and the biggest feeling I get from this film is the predictable storyline.

I really enjoyed it and it is now in fact one of my favourite movies.

The second third of the movie is horrendous as nothing happens at all!

Michael Bay would go on to direct bigger and better things, and a few members of the cast joined ER and Desperate Housewives (I think I saw Trevor in The Bill once, running away from Reg) but this is above all an entertaining, popcorn, coke, and sticky floor kind of film.

The story isn't very good, its the type of storyline that has been used in a lot of movies so a lot of it was predictable.

It is not, however, anywhere near enough to reverse the detriments in the script, acting and researching of the film to make the story even remotely enjoyable.

Unfortunately, the movie is also really boring.

Dude, you've given us stupidly entertaining blockbusters like TDAT and ID4, even Stargate.

---Warning, Spoilers---1) Predict the plot-line (only exact guesses count) 2) Guess the origin of the accents 3) All of the hunters jumping on the mammoth net and then getting catapulted into the sides of the canyon 4) The whole saber-tooth-in-the-pit sequence, including one of the best lines of the movie 5) Realizing that the drawing of the D'Leh and the saber tooth was meant to be taken seriously 6) Coming up with horrible ways for the old lady to die because she was so incredibly annoying 7) Making fun of the King Kong moment between the lead bull mammoth and the girl at the end 8) The anxious anticipation while waiting to see which cliché the movie would end on 9) The parallels between this and every other recent movie.