12 Strong (2018) - Action, Drama, History

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12 Strong tells the story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11; under the leadership of a new captain, the team must work with an Afghan warlord to take down the Taliban.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Nicolai Fuglsig
Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 66 out of 328 found boring (20.12%)

One-line Reviews (213)

an entertaining and compelling story of real-life heroism .

As a movie it's definitely watchable, albeit a tad too long with somewhat under-developed characters and a predictable plot with a classic happy-ending.

It's laughable how much this pile of crap has been cranked up by the US propaganda department!

This formulaic stuff does not a great film make.

I was on the edge of my seat for the entire last half of the movie.

Watch it, if you bored!!!

Such an omission turned a true story of the brave men that fought in defense for this country into mere war propaganda.

It's long , totally boring and has no substance.

Well-paced action set pieces a paraded through the movie, climaxing in the exciting, rousing charge of the "21st century cavalry" to demolish a powerful rocket launcher behind enemy line.

Don't waste your time wirh that!

To this film some slack, the action is serviceable which makes it worth watching - an element that elevates this mediocre film to something just north of that.

propaganda .

Enjoyed it.

I started falling asleep and pretty much had enough and decided to leave the cinema about 50 mins to 1hr in.

Instead 12 Strong becomes a fairly enjoyable action movie that has grounded and believable action.

Too boring.

Really interesting story with exciting actions scenesCons Lacks character developmentFilm relied to heavily on Hemsworth and that took away from the scope of the battles Uninteresting first act Film does nothing to separate from other war films, pushes no bounders

American War Propaganda .

Traditionally, January is the graveyard of most new movie releases, so it's a pleasant surprise when we see an entertaining, well-made and historically interesting film, and it's still mid-January!

I enjoyed it a reminder of why we still fight!

Great display of fear and emotion in one of the most intense environments to be in.

An Action Packed Adventure .

"12 Strong" is thrilling, entertaining, heart-felt and serves as a great reminder of the courage and determination of the men and women who defend the homeland by fighting overseas.

Good and intense action set pieces and extremely beautiful cinematography.

Some other reviews here are saying that they are disappointed that it is predictable story.

Still black hawk down, and hacksaw ridge is way better if you want to watch an exciting soldier true story.

It's always entertaining.

Anyways, if you wish to make a good propaganda movie learn from the WW2 propaganda movies cause they were way better (evil NAZIS helped in that to be fair).

The film does lack in character development in the script and the direction was repetitive with the plot.

In parts 12 Strong is slow and cumbersome.

The action scenes were very intense, although they were a little confusing to watch at times because I couldn't always tell who were the good guys and who were the bad guys.

I found it really boring .

12 Strong ultimately comes across as formulaic and uninspiring, which is a shame because no Americans come closer to being real life heroes than these soldiers.

This is the worst movie I have seen in 2018.

Even when his men trust him with their lives, warlord Dotsum's initial reaction to this temporary partner is all but predictable.

And of course, there is plenty of action to keep things intense and exciting, laden with all the war time theatrics that portray the American Hero we all love to see.

This glass was half empty .

Its so boring, in fact, that I could've sworn I was stuck watching this snail for over three hours.

It's an exciting, special effects spectacle complete with cultural prowess and band of brotherhood moments that you like to see in these movies.

Nothing happens till 55 mins man.

Based on a little known true story and no doubt exaggerated for the Hollywood machine, 12 Strong is an effective war film and a solid debut feature from director Nicolai Fuglsig who delivers an experience that is engaging without becoming anything overly memorable as Thor himself heads into the battlegrounds of Afghanistan to take it to Al-Qaida in the wake of the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Camerawork was enjoyable.

)However, if you keep in mind the political context ("war" against terrorism, need to justify 2300+ deaths of american soldiers, 20k+ wounded soldiers, 2.1 trillions USD spent on this war, racism that is increasing in the US, the need to "make America great again", the need to recruit soldiers, and difficulties to do it) you must admit that the way this movie narrates this part of history is pure propaganda.

)Simply story line, good acting, good casting, + dramatic licensing + witty dialogues, makes it enjoyable.

Chris as always very enjoyable and likable character, story is intense.

First is the engaging, plot-and-character based, realistic, gritty type, e.

If you came here looking to find some gripping, well thought out war story, you came to the wrong place.

Action was engaging and tense, nothing bad to say about that.

The action is pretty boring.

Positives: + Good solid cast + Slow if you like that sort of thingHacksaw Ridge was so much better, go watch that!

Yup, contains some usual America saves the world propaganda.

Unfortunately, the plot is too predictable and the tone too lackluster to make anything special.

The attempts at engagement are so badly done - the trite family life scenes, the clumsy attempts to create some sense of camaraderie - that you already know the director isn't much good and this isn't going to go well.

Also, the plot was repetitive with the team discovering the Taliban and calling an airstrike.

This sums to a film where instead of being immersed in the action, we are frequently reminded we a re watching a film when dumb characters say dumb lines.

The whole 2hours is way too long with nothing actually really happening....

I feel like the script was lacking in character depth and the plot was repetitive with the teams mission in Afghanistan.

The cinematography and overall photography was stunning.

US propaganda at it's slimiest.

One sequence in particular where the soldiers charge the Taliban with missiles flying over their heads is a thrilling set piece.

Found it really boring tbh.

Albeit great movie and great character development, the story seemed slow at times.

War films can be described by a wide aray of words, but "boring" should not be one of them.

) that tells us a few facts and it does seem that the film-makers have done their best to tell the actual story, rather than just throwing out some US propaganda.

Worth watching!

Every cliché you can think about in an American war movie is in there.

For the rest: Boring; A very predictable movie.

Both films give us heroes to cheer for and plenty of intense action, while mining the backgrounds of the men involved - and their complex interpersonal relationships - for considerable emotional impact.

enjoyed it a lot

The battle scenes are intense as well as captivating.

Perhaps this movie is more personal if you're from the USA, but I found the story empty and unmoving.

If you leave aside politics, this movie is quite decent, entertaining and deserves the rating it currently has (6.6 out of 10.

Typical american propaganda movie .

When you're into more realistic movies, with depth-characters, this movie is a waste of time.

There are some "Hollywood" moments, but it's a boring movie based on warmongering and US attacking people.

Nevertheless, enjoyable and entertaining.

The photography and cinematography is great, with some stunning aerial shots.

Mel Gibson made big choices of how Hacksaw Ridge would have to play out in two halves and the second is full out absorbing horrific war.

Although it may have some elements of truth, the American propaganda machine made sure to destroy the realism to promote their message of America being the powerhouse I say pass unless being spoon fed stories is your thing.

If you have a sensitive constitution for American military propaganda, you'll get nauseous over this one.

The History Channel only broadcast shows about the Taliban every week, back when it was basically Pentagon propaganda and not a reality TV/bad history drama station.

Meanwhile, the negative reviews here are by folks who really have no idea what they're talking about, especially when they call it "propaganda".

" But this non-conventional war that later turned into a hopeless quagmire bore no resemblance to a space launch.

One of the more fascinating aspects of the story and welcome approaches of the film is back-and-forth between Captain Nelson and General Dostum.

It's kind of awe inspiring.

Unwatchable .

However, the movie was really long and was quite predictable.

Considering this is a relatively big budget movie with a (on paper) strong cast, the outcome was disappointing in every area except for that it was kind of enjoyable.

It definitely had me on the edge of my seat when I was watching it.

So to me, watching this movie was a waste of my time (and money).

Contrived action .

Slow most of the time.

I wish they'd used the original title "Horse Soldiers", it's more intriguing.

No script, no acting, not a single adequate action scene...

Good entertaining movie .

It's an entertaining war-drama which has keen intentions happily carried through its core performances - sadly the action, though stunning, especially with an explosion taking up half the screen, it isn't anything we haven't already seen before.

Overall an enjoyable watch Saturday night you have nothing better in mind as long as you're into action war movies.

Two things you'll LIKE about "12 Strong": 1) Although the action scenes are short, they are awesomely intense and loud.

It's predictable and unrealistic.

The characters are paper-thin, the screenplay repetitive and predictable, and all the other technical aspects (except maybe the many bombings) are disappointing to say the least.

Cliché, uninteresting and racist.

Intersting story, dull film .

It's not exact, of course, there are aspects of modern life here and there, but it's pretty stunning none the less.

It's graphic, it's intense, it's brutal, it's in your face.

It can get really slow, at times.

It's chilling commentary on a war that has dragged on much too long ...

Unfortunately, Director Nicolai Fuglsig (in what is, in essence, his big screen debut as a Director) and Writers Ted Tally and Peter Craig squander this opportunity and present a fairly bland, fairly generic action/adventure flick reminiscent of the Chuck Norris Vietnam flicks of the 1980's (like MISSING IN ACTION or THE DELTA FORCE).

When I first saw this movie, I thought there would be an ordinary, cliched and boring movie.

Same propaganda (American heroes vs some villains) .

While the intense battle scenes took us in the middle of the gunfire and explosions, there was point when the action actually became repetitive as we would see the same strategy of attack (get coordinates of the camp, launch airstrike to decimate the enemy, engage the remained on the ground) for all the Taliban encampments, with just a little dramatic variation here and there for the sake of distinction.


Director Nicolai Fuglsig has given us a thrilling war movie.

Bake in a genre the masses love - action propaganda recommended.

Def worth the watch and was overwhelmed with a sense of is it already over wanting more!!!

The supporting cast includes Michael Pena and his snappy punchlines, Trevante Rhodes (MOONLIGHT), William Fichtner with a shaved head, Elsa Pataky - Hemsworth's real life wife as his screen wife, Taylor Sheridan, Geoff Stults and Jack Kesy.

Decent entertaining movie, but propaganda .

Focussed around Chris Hemsworth's Captain Mitch Nelson and his 11 man squad that includes Michael Shannon's Hal Spencer and Michael Pena's Sam Diller heading into the war torn Afghani landscape mere days after the attacks on American soil and tasked with completing a highly important mission of support to a local militant whose looking to wipe out the terrorist threat in the country, 12 Strong gives Fuglsig and his cast ample chances to get involved in some explosive and intense battles as their horse filled entourage take it to the "big bads" and try clear a path towards liberation.

12 Strong was quite a compelling military drama concerning events happening soon after 9/11 .

I'm not familiar with the war that followed, which the film is about, so naturally I can't comment on the authenticity, but from an entertainment perspective this was tense and exciting.

Made me wonder if I was watching a different film- enjoyed it all the way through, amazing that it is based on true story and great to see the photos of the actual soldiers at the end.

There is little character placement, little story and the general message seems confusing.

Based on a true story of what happened in Afghanistan as American military men were deployed there, I admit to not always knowing what was going on but when the bad guys got it, well, it was quite thrilling to watch, that's for sure!

Together, they must earn the trust of an unpredictable Afghan warlord, General Abdul Rashid Dostum (Navid Negahban), and help him defeat his Taliban rivals around the city of Mazar-i-Sharif using U.

Another propaganda movie about how Americans save countries and civilians from the terrorism , as a movie is pointless from the start to the finish , great way to waste 2 hours of your life .

As much as people wanna say that it is a good guy/bad guy movie and that it is a classic american propaganda movie, they should also realize that despite all these cons they did craft a more than a 'boring' or a 'dull' film.

I found it to be pretty dull and uninvolving.

Boring .

There are annoyingly useless and repetitive clips, such as the needless cuts to the Jafar-esque villain of the film giving menacing stares at our heroes, which add nothing to the plot or characters and just act as padding in an already paper-thin story for an extremely bloated movie.

Also, the stars are charismatic and engaging and the story is unique; it's worth a view.

It was so intense that I felt like I could ride a horse into gunfire.

enjoyable .

Outside of those two things, the film was decent enough, full of good ole American bravado which may have been over-dramatized but whatever, it's entertaining and educational enough.

The performances are pretty dull and uninspired too, and it's definitely a talented cast.

Plain USA propaganda.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sound of the whole movie was boring.

12 Strong might have little substance, but it pays respect to those who have served after the 9/11 attacks and has some exciting character moments.

Quite weak, formulaic and lacking in substance.

The lack of character development, the pretty straightforward interactions and dialogues and a vague, boring reactions to development that rarely take place make the film look like a full on dump.

Still, that said, 12 Strong boasts stunning cinematography, a big name producer and a hefty cast all with brilliant performances there's even a surprise dramatic turn by Rob Riggle.

The action is dull and the scenes are messy and confusing.

Don't waste your money .

My son did his tour in the nastiest, dangerous, and most unpredictable area of Afghanistan.

Yet another boring movie with no sense of danger.

Too Predictable?

I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it enough that I would buy it on Blu-Ray.

It also is very predictable.

This was A big waste of time!!!!

However all that's left is a propaganda like movie that has no interest for non-USAers, and for USAers I'd suspect anyone with some intelligence would see through.

Then, the climax does deliver it all with lots of explosions, intense shoot outs, and an army on horse back riding out into battle.

Very boring movie about 12 soldiers that are supposed to be "in country " to call in air strikes on the Taliban so what is it that they dont do much of?

This is a propaganda film through and through.

It's perfectly reasoable to give low ratings to any movie based on reasoned criticism, but when people call Casablanca or Lawrence of Arabia, "The worst movie of all time", they lose all credibility.

While the battle scenes are intense, it isn't as unsparing and conflicted as SPR.

The movie offers intense action sequences.

Very predictable 'good guy bad guy' movie .

Expect a technically brilliant action adventure war movie that will take you on a dark, intense, brooding and breathtaking ride to hell and back

A more than predictable story and plot development makes the film a tad uninteresting throughout.

Each is intense and dramatic and well-staged, though there are some moments where we shake our head in disbelief.

Bullets fly around for far too long, and it becomes really boring.

It may have its problems with a lack of characterization in the script and a repetitive concept with the action.

The action is done well for the most part and is enjoyable to see something a bit different (being they fight on horseback in the desert).

A typical -bad- propaganda film like the ones they used to make during all the great wars.

However, despite slow start with the background to make you like most of the teams and letting you see the growth, they do get to the gung ho action.

Now, true story aside, the movie itself was very enjoyable, the actors made believable SF soldiers, the locations, the equipment, everything looked good.

One character says he's hungry despite there being no word of this and nothing to hint to anyone in the crew being famished at this point, and he ends up buying a sheep off a local for $300, just to execute a punchline that this guy should be working for military commission, and instead of getting a scene with the crew eating a sheep and allowing for character interaction we skip to more boring military discussion followed by one of the longest action sequences I've ever seen in a movie.

The movie looks like a fun war action flick, and I like the premise to it, but for me the film is just way too boring.

Bravery, strength and exciting.

Instead our "hero's" go about their heroic business in formulaic style.

The dialogue is non-stop "action movie" cliché banter that never rises above adolescent humor.

Now if you call this American propaganda, then maybe you just don't like the truth.

Laughable propaganda.

military's most stunning achievements.

Equally predictable is the gradual development of mutual respect of these two men.

Battle scenes are pretty intense also.

If you're looking for an escape from the January cold, you could do worse, an enjoyable - enough - 2 hours in the theater.

And despite some minor gripes, the film is enjoyable for the most part.

If American propaganda is your thing then this is for you.. .

Complete waste of time, and even if I were paid to watch it again, I feel like I would be overcharged.

Read the book and don't waste your time.

If you want to watch a predictable action film with barely developed characters, over the top explosions, weapons that never run out of ammunition and feel great about the war in Afghanistan, this is for you.

To sum it up, its boring Hollywood propaganda.

Nice propaganda movie about Afghanistan.

In its handling of the dramatic material, the film owes a great debt to the "Why We Fight" propaganda films of Frank Capra during World War II, especially in one of the film's captions that claims with no small sense of hyperbole that "this was one of the U.

I was on the edge of my seat for the whole movie.

It was certainly unique, exciting and exhilarating to watch, worth the whole price of admission in itself.

Politics produce propaganda.

such a waste of time and money...

Surprisingly Boring .

The slick, undetermined action, but pretty predictable one at that makes it a good thing that stands out from a pile of bad thorns.

Truly Laughable Cliché-fest .

Utterly boring.

Cliche-ridden .

As things progress the battles become more and more intense from planes dropping bombs then scary gun battles to tanks vs horses to a grand finale that is a true Western style horses and guns blazing all out battle.

Again, it's not a brilliant war film, but it is a well-done, engaging movie with rousing action scenes and heroes you can root for.

Too predictable 'good guy, bad guy' movie .

Unfortunately, epic battle scenes and a compelling real-life story aren't enough to rescue this film from its lackluster execution and direction.

"12 Strong" is certainly exciting, contains a whole series of action-packed scenes and shows in a clear way how chaotic the political situation in that country is.

And it turns out its the same guy who also did the cinematography for The Dark Tower, a movie I reviewed last week and where I also pointed out the stunning cinematography.

Just a boring movie!

'It is definitely worth watching.

Even if you hate some critically acclaimed movie, it's ridiculous hyperbole to call it the worst movie.

Still, it was entertaining, and what more can you ask for?

As they say, "You can't make this stuff up" but Hollywood dopes seem to think they have to try and spice up stories that don't need it because they are so dang arrogant and pretentious.

It reached the climax too early and after that it got boring and boring especially the final battle scene is really long and you might just want to leave the theater.

So he can make propaganda out of them?

For me the film is just way too boring.

Maybe most of it are true, but soldiers going down to a massive number of terrorists while yawning?

I always appreciate when a movie delivers crazy amounts of action, while also finding the time to slow down and give each character their moments to shine.

Sure, the direction also lacked in building the suspense and putting you on the edge of your seat to caring for these characters.


Biased, too long, western propaganda.