16 Blocks (2006) - Action, Crime, Drama

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An aging alcoholic cop is assigned the task of escorting a witness from police custody to a courthouse 16 blocks away. There are, however, chaotic forces at work that prevent them from making it in one piece.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Richard Donner
Stars: Bruce Willis, Yasiin Bey
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 51 out of 313 found boring (16.29%)

One-line Reviews (270)

As far as action movies go, Casino Royale was pretty dull compared to this one.

16 Blocks is a bit formulaic and it doesn't really stretch itself.

The camera pans round Jack once, and his gun is clearly empty as the slide is ratcheted back the way clip fed and/or semi automatic weapons do when they're empty.

Entertaining, though, if more than a little predictable.

Once again, I fell victim to a misleading movie trailer, promising action, a compelling plot, and mos def speaking in a seemingly well-versed manner.

A Bruce Willis' movie is intense, over charged and action oriented.

It's a special buddy movie between a dreary , boozy cop magnificently played by Bruce Willis and a fast-talking prisoner well acted by Mos Def , detaching an agreeable chemistry .

Overall, this movie was excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great fast paced thriller.

" There are riveting touches throughout, as graceful and gripping as the briefest flash of empathy that forces the viewer to think, to interpret, brought offhandedly in the person of a Transit cop.

Exciting chase by dishonest police.

I want to tell anyone that this movie is great even if it was debunked a lot , and I have to say I enjoyed it .

I thought Mos Def was really engaging as Eddie Bunker, although I did find his accent a little hard to follow at times.

My wife and I watched, transfixed, throughout this intense drama.

After a long list of predictable, boring movies, I hired 16 Blocks.

Quite enjoyable.

One of the big things with 16 Blocks is the interesting (and yes perhaps slightly predictable) story that keeps things flowing quickly.

boring .

While this movie was exciting enough to keep you watching, overall, it was a disappointing mess of clichés.

Terrible (Yawn) .

All in all this movie is action-packed, fun, and exciting.

An entertaining 90 minutes .

I think this is criminally underrated and especially well made due to the way Donner follows the leads throughout the city with the dirty cops in intense pursuit.

The simple transport job gets more complicated when it turns out that people want the witness dead before he can testify--and those people are cops, led by Mosely's former partner, Frank Nugent (David Morse, who--as he always does--turns in a riveting performance that's marvelously restrained).

Hope others enjoyed it as much as I did.

16 Blocks is intense, suspenseful, and even funny .

In between the running and escaping there are these strange and very dull scenes where they hide for a while.

I love Bruce Willis movies and he rarely lets me down, and Richard Donner is awesome too, but hes been making more boring movies than exciting ones in the last while.

It should have been up there with Die Hard and Lethal weapon, but it turns out to be entertaining, but very slow in places.

The alternate endings on the DVD are worth watching, too.

The perfectly timed plot turns, the emotional range of the dialogue make the movie compelling.

In this exciting Donner vehicle, Morse is dynamite, and is almost as memorable as he was in "The Getaway" remake where he played the unforgettable Jim Deer.

As it stands, it is just dull and uninspired.

It's sure this film of the director Richard Donner ,will not as famous as Superman ,or Lethal Weapon series,but still enjoyable.

Outside of that (and that's a big "outside of that:") this is very entertaining.

Apart from the problems in the film crew Bruno himself used his well-known bored and annoyed face throughout the film, and didn't really put any effort towards making the film into something special.

Other than the characters it's not much of a movie, a predictable little crime movie.

David Morse, David Zayas, Robert Racki, Jenna Stern, and Sasha Roiz co-star in this action packed thriller.

Bruce Willis does his best Sylvester Stallone "Copland" impersonation as an alcoholic, out-of-shape, burnt-out New York City police detective who's tired of living in Richard Donner's entertaining thriller, "16 Blocks.

This is well worth watching as it shows the director and writer's originally planned conclusion as well as a THIRD character's selfless shot at redemption.

His best line can also be applied to what he and Willis wrought on their characters throughout this entertaining ride: When Nugent thinks he has the drop on Mosley, "You can't get lucky all the time!

I would say this is a good film if you want raw fast paced action.

The action in 16 blocks is fast paced and the story is intriguing enough with a couple of twists to keep you entertained.

This trite, formulaic, derivative movie is worth watching ONCE because Richard Donner is a pretty good director (even if some may have doubted he still had the chops after the atrocious "Timeline"), and Bruce Willis, in my eyes, is watchable in just about anything.

At one stage they are in a Chinese laundry and you find yourself thinking about the drunken cameraman and not the story, to the point where it gets confusing as to what is really happening.

A lot of gunfire and big budget bus crashes couldn't save this movie because the characters were dull and I could care less about any of them.

Many good screen shots, kudos to cinematography, and the dialogue okay as well, you know, since Pulp Fiction all criminals and cops are always having these long drawn out discussions.

Even though we have seen some of these plot twists in other movies, the snappy editing and music help build up tension encased in a temporal and geographical countdown.

Fast paced thrilling cop film .

Engaging Thriller Anchored By Tight Performances .

"16 Blocks" is rated PG-13 for violence, intense sequences of action, and some strong language.

Stunning action scenes and great acting on the parts of Def and Willis.

I did not have high expectations when I went into the theater, but was thoroughly please when I walked out.

"16 Blocks" is not some sort of revelation, but it is a solid, involving, even emotionally engaging action drama with an emphasis on characters.

I thought that the characters were really engaging.

This movie is just non-stop action packed awesomeness from beginning to end.

This is truly a stunning, thrilling, and touching film, that should be required viewing for those interested in a career in Criminal Justice.

Bruce Willis is miscast as an aging, drunken, couldn't care less, police detective who's philosophy is that "Life is too long".

The visuals are slow, and joyless.

Willis is most engaging.

The plot sounded exciting enough: a cop tries to escort a witness to a courthouse 16 blocks away to testify at a trial that's set to begin in a couple of hours all the while they are being chased by armed men trying to kill them.

Mediocre and little entertaining...

Just when I thought that the movie was going to have me accepting the epiphany as a typical Hollywood cliché, it offers an explanation that is quite believable.

It takes some unexpected turns and has a great ending.

One day at work, Mosely gets another routine and uneventful assignment - bring a witness, some petty crook named Eddie, to court by 10am.

A good action packed film, that makes you feel all foofy inside.

His performance alone is worth watching this movie.

Although someone could consider this movie simple-minded, action- packed entertainment to watch when bored another viewer could consider this movie to be a well-crafted drama with suspense, tension and great acting.

Yes, I did enjoy the fact that the film did not need to rely on blowing everything up or shooting everyone in sight, but it just felt very dull for all of the actions on screen.

Overall, 16 Blocks is a highly entertaining action movie if one can forgive the action movie clichés and the annoying voice of Mos Def.

It was an entertaining film.

16 Blocks ho hum.

While "16 Blocks" might not seem enough distance for hold one's interest, escorted by Willis and Def, one's adventure is anything but uneventful.

Donner's most boring film perhaps.

It has action and some thrills, Willis is at his acting best, and overall this film is well worth watching.

It is a smart thriller and an entertaining film.

I found this movie to be suspenseful, thrilling, endearing, action packed and at times fun.

The movie is slow from start to finish.

Bruce Willis is a has-been cop who gets a tedious assignment escorting Mos Def (amusing here) from county lock-up to the courthouse.

The whole plot is neither quite surprising nor new, just usual but solid thriller style as often seen in the seventies in which the cliché of the desperate, phlegmatic cop has been strained one more time.

This was one of the worst movies I've seen.

It's as fascinating as watching some guy rotate your tires.

And if Willis and Def lack buddy-bonding chemistry, they also discard the cliché of comic friction.

This would explain the continually repetitive coverage of every scene.

Absurdly it looked weak after the precise scene of killing the first assassinate in the street, since that the pace ranged between slack and intensive.

I definitely recommend anyone who likes Bruce Willis to watch this as it is a very entertaining movie.

The way he lulls you in.

an entertaining film .

In this fun, tense, exciting, well-acted thriller, policeman Bruce Willis is tasked with escorting prisoner Mos Def, set to testify in an important court case, from the station to the courthouse.

Jack Mosley (Bruce) is a stunning character that is willing to go all the way to do the right thing.

Once again, Mos Def's performance is incredibly impressive, and his subtle but intense energy lights up the screen.

I found him to be very intriguing with his virtually silent mood and his many problems.

Today a film like 16 BLOCKS is a waste of time and effort, making it and seeing it.

If you can take the film as little more than a fast paced popcorn film, you're golden.

Despite lukewarm reviews, I decided to go and try this film and found it reasonably enjoyable despite a host of problems and things that could have been done better.

16 Blocks (what Willis must travel from precinct to courthouse) has lots of action and lots of bullets plus just when you think you have the plot figured out, then the picture changes up on you - it's definitely worth the watch!!

All of Bruce Willis other movies are worth watching even Hudson Hawk.

The audience is then immersed in a fantastic realm of novel themes in film, such as corruption and morality, as Willis and Def hijack buses, engage in pseudo-philosophical discussions of character, and drink.

Good and entertaining cop thriller .

Maybe it was the suspenseful chases between Bruce Willis and the corrupt cops, maybe it was the annoyingly screechy voice of Mos Def.

Some might find this emphasis off putting, but I for one thoroughly enjoyed it.

Save your money on this one and just pass it by.

So, if your looking for a film with some interesting twists and action, but very little plot, then this is the movie for you.

The Lethal Weapon series is a mere shadow of what it once was, and his subsequent films are running on empty.

Boring movie - watch Die Hard again and don't bother with this.

The movie becomes pretty boring at a certain point.

The beginning of the movie may start slow, because it is.

a basic idea made entertaining by its actors .

Only Willis and Mos Def made me give 3/10 points for that, even if they were not really good, nevertheless the editing and the boring script ruined most.

16 blocks is entertaining.

What ensues is some pretty intense action sequences and the classic good guy versus bad guy battles.

16 Blocks is the ultimate cat and mouse movie with some terrific chase scenes, some intense driving scenes, and the final shots inside a crashed bus put you on the edge of your seat.

What saves this movie from being an absolute waste of time is the immense talent of Mos Def.

A lot of predictable scenes and then a lot that were not.

There's great Action scenes & some great humour & nice chemistry that all help make an excellent exciting action packed cop thriller.

Then that cold anticlimax, like the filmmakers wanted it uninteresting and too light to feel the relationship along with the transformation of the characters through real friendship, or anything else that frozen scene with that frozen photo !

Eastwood's film was really not much more than a "B-movie', but it was well made, and Eastwood used the film as one of his earliest efforts to work through the problem of a character development - how it is that people stuck in a rut somehow manage to redefine themselves in response to unexpected crisis.

Smart, funny, intense and nicely played out this movie is really suggested to anyone who misses the 80s cop movies.

The movie displays suspense , action ,thriller and is very entertaining .

Regrettably predictable with an incredibly annoying witness Willis is supposed to escort to testify (the name "Mos Def" made me think he's some kind of rapper, which the producers probably figured would bring in a bigger pre-established fan-base), it's hard to not want corrupt cops to just shoot the bugger in the face and put him out of our misery.

My verdict - A very enjoyably, fast paced film, exploring the world of what a cop would do when faced with protecting a criminal who is due to testify against his colleagues.

He rattles on and on about anything that comes to mind, some of it funny, some of it trite.

Originally published on March 1, 2006:Bruce Willis does his best Sylvester Stallone "Copland" impersonation as an alcoholic, out-of- shape, burnt-out New York City police detective who's tired of living in Richard Donner's entertaining thriller, "16 Blocks.

The basic plot set up a potentially tense race against time and I had hoped that it would manage to be consistently fast-paced and thrilling.

But if you've seen "The Gauntlet" you might be a little bored.

The ending is somewhat touching and unexpected, but it's best watched alone, as then it's a much more engrossing film than if viewed with company who could easily be unimpressed after 45 minutes and divert your attention elsewhere.

I got into the film halfway through and still enjoyed it.

There was virtually no redeeming value in the entire film, paper thin character (characature) development, slow pace (negligible action in this "action" movie), and lifeless storyline.

I loved Cellular, so I only liked the slower 16 Blocks.

This film is too slow to be a real action fest,too jarring to be a pure drama,it is a hybrid of genres and a worthy one at that.

An old-fashioned but nonetheless entertaining action ride .

It was one dinosaur cliché from grubby cop films after another.

An Action Packed Trip .

"16 Blocks" deals with this issue that has concerned psychologists, social scientists, philosophers and theologians-- a riveting police drama which despite the usual plot thrusts of the genre is beautifully crafted by scripter Richard Wenk and directed with an unerring sense of timing by Richard Donner ("Lethal Weapon," "Kojak," "The Fugitive").

It's entertaining enough for me.

If you like suspenseful action flicks this one is for you.

In that sense i mean you go "oh hes about to get caught" when the unexpected comes up.

I just thought this dull grimy drivel was dull grimy drivel.

From that point on it is predictable that a cake will appear somewhere towards the end of the story.

Aside from that, the movie itself was very well done, entertaining, intense, fast paced, and had some great characters.

O, and the ending was predictable.

The pacing was wrong, the structure and plot lines were so lame and predictable.....

The whole film is just one big over-used and stomped on cliché.

The following minutes are slow and tedious, the perfect representation of Jacks life.

Sounds exciting doesn't it?

Compared to his flashy action roles in previous Richard Donner directed films, Willis's alcoholic, paunchy, gimpy cop is similar to Clint Eastwood in "In the Line of Fire", particularly when you can see him thinking on his feet, such as in a very engaging hostage sequence with its ironic reference to "Speed".

Gripping and more twists than a pretzel .

Predictable Storyline .

There are a lot of twists and turns in the movie, which will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire movie.

The story is simple and straightforward, nothing too fancy, but good enough to keep you going on the edge of your seat for roughly 2 hours.

This movie was fast paced and interesting.

Mega yawn.

Adrenaline can only go so far, never mind the fact that the guy barely talks and has the interest level of watching paint dry.

But with 16 Blocks, he turns in a passable excuse for an action movie that hits all the cliché notes for a film of it's type.

The premise, characters, action and editing are all too bland, and that is Donner's downfall.

I found this a very thought provoking whist at the same time a very entertaining film.

Not a moment was wasted, the suspense and thrills were kept up throughout, and the action scenes were exciting.

Moreover, the schmaltzy, humanity-of-man ending, with its theme of mutually achieved salvation and redemption, comes across as a contrived piece of sentimental uplift that never rings true or convincing.

Bruce is beyond bored with this role and seems to only be going through the motions for this flick.

For the first time in my life, I fell asleep in a movie theater.

We follow the duo in an exciting chase sequence through Chinatown, and then a short lookalike of "Speed".

The special effects are exciting and believable.

Even with its derivative and predictable plot, I was mesmerized for the first 45 minutes (riveted to the screen, unable to even get up for ice cream).

The story is alright, but the rest is dull and uninspired .

Those expecting another Die Hard will most definitely be disappointed, but the majority of action fans will find 16 Blocks a reasonably entertaining way to pass the time.

Nevertheless, there are some flaws and the movie tends to be a bit cliché from time to time.

The bad news is that while Def tries to bring new dimension to the character, the fact of the matter remains is that the character is one dimensional and boring at that.

The chase was so long it was starting to get a bit boring.

Ho Hum Crime Drama, good acting .

A very enjoyably, fast paced film, exploring the world of what a cop would do when faced with protecting a criminal who is due to testify against his colleagues.

Enjoyable, Well-Made Action-Thriller -- .

Thanks to hindsight bias, I can safely state how I "knew" this movie was going to be a disaster right from the start, as my eyes burned watching one of my most highly-regarded action heroes engage in one of the worst displays of boredom and senility ever to tarnish the silver screen.

Willis provides some interesting twists to the usual cliché "burned out cop".

Thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable.

Totally predictable storyline, dialog, and script are only saved by good action and good acting.

In short, worth watching for its audience, with a decent story and good performances.

It's hard to tell if it will be entertaining to the mass audience cause viewers today expect so much more out of their films.

Pretty good and entertaining for what it is.

It is certainly a change from the noisy confusion of the relentless chase.

Thankfully both stay in character, so that the unexpected ending fits into the movie without jarring the mood of the piece.

Richard Donner and Bruce Willis joined forces for this exciting chase action cop drama about a boozing detective's (Willis) protection of a witness to police corruption (Mos Def, sensational), sought after by one of the corrupt cops (David Morse) and his plainclothes team all over 16 blocks of New York City.

Over all, as I've already said, I found the film both thought provoking and entertaining and as such I can also recommend it.

The fundamentals of the plot are sound - what should be the mundane task of escorting a witness to court becomes a fight-and-flight battle for survival.

However after a certain event the film really gets going and is very tense and exciting as Mosley tries to get Eddie to court within the ever decreasing deadline.

The realism of the first 20 minutes just contrasts how contrived and formulaic the movie becomes.

This movie just dragged on blowing up a bus, cars etc. Evidently those going to the movies now a day would rather see action than a good story line.

You don't have the time to look at your feet , to be bored , you're glued to the screen and amazed by some scenes that are really what action should be !

I highly recommend it.

While that didn't happen, 16 Blocks is a rarity in the 2000s: an action thriller that is exactly suspenseful and actually well directed.

The beginning started off fast and the ending came on slow.

Bruce Willis (who is getting very old, mind you) plays a burnt out cop who is hooked on drinking and has a pointless, boring life.

Instead this chase is interrupted by what appears to be a final crash in media res, and after a longish pause for some gloomy negotiations, the bus takes off again at slow speed, knocking off a dozen external A/C boxes in an alley, crash boom bah, before stopping with its open front door lodged precisely against the open door of what happens to be a building that Willis' sister, who drives an ambulance for the NYFD, shows up at, and -- well, let's say there are some things man was never meant to know nor, apparently, is the viewer.

But I was soon on the edge of my seat watching two incredible performance.

I highly recommend it.

The story is gripping and at times heartwarming.

Compare Al Pacino in "Insomnia.

16 Blocks is very disappointing and predictable.

Solid and entertaining even if on a basic genre level – could have been more exciting though and has a strange bit of voice-work from the usually reliable Def .

That said, it's perfectly watchable and sufficiently entertaining to prevent one reaching for the "stop" button......

It's an entertaining flick.

Bruce Willis plays Jack Mosley, a New York cop who is on the edge of death, it seems.

He plays a drunk, bored with life detective here and does it well.

Putting that to one side this is an entertaining take on the plot and they reinforce the parallels in a reasonably subtle way; in 'Yuma' Van Heflin was a rancher (or some other ordinary occupation that meant he was unfamiliar with guns and/or violence and Glenn Ford's convict had a gang of professionals trying to spring him.

If it does garner cult status I bet it will be as a movie geek's drinking game like take 2 shots every time there is a cop flick cliché and take three drinks every time Willis shoots or takes a drink.

Throughout the movie there is a slightly boring tone.

The film felt like watching a game of tag and might sort of get dull after a while and seemed to drag.

It was also unrealistic and predictable, so it just comes down to being a very average film.

But it was a joke, a test to see if you could really use every cop cliché known to man.

His demeanour is expressed through creases on his forehead, the dull glaze in his eyes, and even his moustache seems to communicate his feelings.

Very unpredictable and went along a good pace.

It was non-stop action from beginning to end and there are several moments that put you on the edge of your seat.

The cat and mouse game is very compelling.


This is a brilliant non-conventional police thriller with a non-cliché twist every ten minutes.

It is enough of a twist on the usual cop chase films to make it fresh, exciting, intelligent and touching.

Bruce Willis has starred in several suspenseful action thrillers including the 2005 release "Hostage" and the earlier "Die Hard" trilogy (the 1988 original being my personal favorite).

One can stand only so much noise and confusion.

Mos Def is the only saving grace of this poorly scripted Movie that seems to be drawing on influences from Speed (long drawn out joy ride)and Assault on Precinct 13 (dirty cops vs good cops battle it out in close quarters for witness).

It's a mundane enough task until other cops start trying to kill the witness - and soon his badge-bearing escort - because the testimony stands to hurt the police department.

Both Willis and Def give superb performances and the film is well worth watching to just see these fine actors in parts that give them room to demonstrate their considerable skills.

Poor, Predictable & Formulaic .

Every cliché was accounted for in full including the hidden recorder and the misrepresentation and consequences of someone reaching into their pocket for what is not a gun.

Def, a hip-hop artist off screen, can be annoying but is enjoyable enough as he races down streets, through hallways and on a bullet-riddled bus with Willis.

Impressive photography, and a great music score enhance this thoroughly enjoyable movie, and I highly recommend it to Willis fans, or fans of action movies, in general.

A couple of events, which transpire on the courthouse trip, are somewhat unrealistic, but most are suspenseful and a few create some edge-of-your-seat type excitement.

So don't let your appeal for attractive teen actors cloud your vision of 16 Blocks: because for the price of seeing Def, Moore, and more importantly Willis at their best, is enough to make you move one extra block in your ticket selection, and spend 105 minutes enjoying what is a highly entertaining film.

Though the story may seem like déjà vu, the action is fast paced making this an exciting film to watch.

And the ending was a bit confusing.

Ultimately, this boils down to good old school entertainment from an old school hack, with a good sense of tension through-out, a few good action scenes like they had in the old days before The Matrix went and wire-feud everything as well as an unexpected sweet, sensitive ending that leaves you on a high note.

team flash bang or gunshot, but the conversations, stemming from the garbage device, corruption in bureaucracy, lulled me into a peaceful slumber unparalleled in relief.

But at the end, predictability sets in and it just feels stale and dull.

If you are a big fan of Bruce Willis its worth watching though.

The plot is so predictable, that it becomes boring after 15 minutes of the watching process.

But as the thrilling action film it tries to be, it really does not please the audience the way it should.

16 Blocks is an intense thrill ride with multiple twists.

One of the reasons for this is the quite predictable storyline, which holds only a few surprises.

But then, so too is the movie's rationale: though 'The Gauntlet' remains one of the best Worst Movies ever made, Eastwood's performance was at least fuelled by a palpable adrenaline.

Obviously this movie wanted nothing but being THE B MOVIE, THE PURE THRILLER, THE PASTIME SHOW, however not as big, loud, intense, as its likes by (Willis) or else.

The film has an old-fashioned look and feel to it through-out, which may cause further distancing to the younger audience who may be more used to the flashy, kinetic Matrix movies, but to those who can see past this, we have an enjoyable and at times surprising little movie on our hands here.

16 Blocks begins off on an intriguing note.

Really, who cares if Bruce Willis is channeling Willy Loman from DEATH OF A SALESMAN (or Gil, the loser salesman from The Simpsons) in some really contrived idea in Copland.

This movie was slow because of poor writing.

Predictable and clichéd, but mildly entertaining .

In my opinion, this intense police drama qualifies to become a member of that acclaimed group.

the plot is simple but made very entertaining by those three actors and some of the smaller characters.

Simply a good and entertaining movie to watch.

The story is intriguing and the best part of the film is the extreme twist in the end.

Adrenaline just keeps on pumping .

The directing was rather boring and nothing stands out.

The film is action packed with a marvelous bus hostage situation which quickly resolves itself.

It's a story of a policeman Jack Mosely (Bruce Willis) who is nearing his service tenure and probably bored by his life and job.

To be fair, this movie was mildly enjoyable, but very predictable.

this movie is quite entertaining in itself.

The film starts off pretty slow then immediately gets better and is more engaging.

Bruce Willis as the over-the-hill cop, David Morse as the menacing, corrupt cop & Mos Def as the whiny prisoner in transit to give testimony in a grand jury trial all shine in this exciting action flik.

on a sweltering Manhattan day–the two are immersed in an adrenaline-pumping drama, the convict now realizing that the only man between him and a 32 caliber shell is the detective escorting him to the courthouse.

Surprisingly drama-oriented, but action packed nonetheless.

In yet another unflattering role, Willis is (unsurprisingly) at the heart of this film, and the interplay between his borderline-corrupt drunken cop and his slicker former partner, Morse (superb, as ever – an actor who is finally getting the roles and credit he deserves) is genuinely engaging.

Although the witness was at times illegible, I found the movie highly entertaining.

My only qualm is the slower scenes were too slow, especially the whole bus scene.

Certainly a decent cop - thriller; it's quite entertaining despite some actions sequences that are really unlikely (they could also be called brainless).

"The Gauntlet" meets "Dog Day Afternoon" by way of "48 HRS" could've been the pitch for this middling yet entertaining crime drama with Willis giving a standout performance as a burnt out veteran cop escorting a chatty witness (Def, who's decision to use a cartoony voice borders obnoxious) from custody to the courthouse to deliver damning testimony against some corrupt cops including Willis' old partner (Morse continuing a cottage industry of being a heavy) who is out to stop him by any means necessary.


It was really boring.

The screenplay is terribly predictable .

Nevertheless "16 Blocks" became a pretty big success, for the simple reason that this is a fine and entertaining movie.

the unexpected starts to happen and Mosely must snap out of his delirium because this witness is wanted dead.

There is a decent basis, but it ends up doing itself injustice with fairly boring action sequences and a weak final third.

Only worth watching on a Rainy Sunday afternoon when you are hung over from the night before and don't want to do any thinking.

The director of the original 'Gilligan's Island' has added another entertaining big screen action drama to his proud resume.

There's a semi-obvious plot, but there are also many twists that are still really entertaining.