1917 (2019) - Drama, War

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April 6th, 1917. As a regiment assembles to wage war deep in enemy territory, two soldiers are assigned to race against time and deliver a message that will stop 1,600 men from walking straight into a deadly trap.

IMDB: 8.3
Director: Sam Mendes
Stars: Dean-Charles Chapman, George MacKay
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 116 out of 1000 found boring (11.6%)

One-line Reviews (463)

In short, 1917 is a technically spectacular work which delivers a cliche and generic portrayal of the war.

Starts off strong but fizzles due to a weak screenplay and uninspiring lead acting.

° The Sniper and Bridge Scene was So Intense!

At times, it even becomes difficult to differentiate between real and dreamy - the sets have been marvellously put together, the flare-lit shots look brilliant, and the fluidic feel of the cinematography keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

it was a very fascinating movie directed by Sam Mendes.

The fighting scenes are as breathtaking as they are atrocious, it almost gives you the urge to jump out of your seat to run through the battle field and help those poor soldiers.

It's intense and thrilling, overall satisfying and reliable action scenes.

Utterly predictable .

Tense and suspenseful throughout.

7/10 for stunning One Shot.

Technically Riveting .

Breathtaking and masterful.

I think there are at least two dozens of much better and entertaining war films, some of them from even eighty years ago.

The film is tantamount to a free-flowing yet labored and deeply affecting poem, one that caught me on the edge of my seat, fidgeting and unwilling to let any moment.

Nonetheless it was riveting, breathtaking at places.

Gorgeous backgrounds and the horrors of the trench warfare are brought home in stunning reality.

It make boring .

A couple hundred yards or so and he finds the troop he was looking for listening to some guy sing a boring song that we are forced to sit through as well...

This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire way through, never giving you a chance to catch your breath.

It captures the thrilling, intense, and awe-inspiring resplendent of war.

Plain dull and boring.

The cinematography in this movie is absolutely BREATHTAKING.

Each scene has a purpose which makes it engaging from the very start until the end.

The movie is to my understanding shot entirely in Scotland, and Mendes makes use of the stunning landscapes whilst also creating his own sets providing a dramatic and even shocking contrast between the two.

Very slow moving movie, I love war movies but this was actually quite boring.

It has stakes; it is intense, and it is psychologically raw enough to really hit at certain moments.

It's one of the most tense and exciting movies I ever seen

The acting, story line, visual effects, and cinematography all come together to create a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Boring and absolutely ubelievable.

It just keeps you watching and watching it is a 10/10 for me if you love war movies if you love movies that keep you on the edge of your seat this is the one for you.

Visually it's absolutely stunning, and the one take is well done (though certainly not perfect).

Boring .

Movies like "1917" , in all honesty, don't need special treatments and reviews as they speak for themselves, especially, if not recounted by real experiences of combat veterans, making their reviews even more intense and filled with truthful realism.

The cinematography is incredible , the acting is top notch, George Mackay was robbed for not being nominated for an Oscar , the story will have you engrossed and on the edge of your seat.

By using this type of cinematography it has meant that the viewer is kept on the edge of their seat throughout the entire film as they follow the two men from the moment the film begins.

The way the Germans were depicted reminded of old propaganda movies: they are cruel, murderous, and/or stupid.

It totally immersed us in the atmosphere of the First World War.

The film is gripping from start to finish; the cinematography makes you feel like you're there with the soldiers.

While the people might gush about the cinematic feast, in terms of storytelling, it's yawningly boring and unrealistic.

The story is compelling and lean so as to fit the movie's framework.

Having said that, it's an amazingly emotional war film, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

What follows is not only visually remarkable with the superb cinematography of Roger Deakins, but a compelling journey that the audience is able to follow closely, owing to the film's 'one shot' style.

Cliche, poor performance, worse screenplay, long boring...

The gimmick of one-shot worked perfectly for an intense journey of a soldier.

Still, the action is compelling.

While there are other compelling WWI movies, a war that has failed to ignite the same response and interest as WWII, especially in Hollywood, "1917" is a fine addition.

It reminded me much more of Dunkirk, sporadic action but even in the slow bits still maintained a sense of tension, not know what would happen next gave it a more real feeling.

The level of tension as scene after scene continued without a cut, the camera spinning or fixing in place at unpredictable intervals.

Don't waste your time .

Hollywood and their artsy fartsy gay means can go straight to hell!!!

It was impressive, but it wasn't believable, the story and pace seemed to slow down too much too often, the magic of movies was broken by it in too many times and places throughout the film.

Unbelievable obstacles along the way, pretty intense.

Camera work is just amazing and the idea to adopt the one-shot like technique immersed me even more in the story.

The long lulls in between action do get almost dull and when the action happens the payoff isn't enough for putting up with the rest of it.

Just want to start with saying the cinematography and visuals are amazing and the first 45 mins blew my mind.. but from there I found myself to become some what bored in the middle waiting for some action.

A boring movie, if there is less than one star I will give it 0 or even in minus !!!

Breathtaking war film.

Which means is technically astute, highly pretentious--especially for a war movie--with director/writer Sam Mendes wanting to attract attention by filming it in a seemingly singular shot and employing cinematographer legend Roger Deakins to give extra-polished sight to his vision.

Worth watching.

It is ridiculous and really dragged me out of the experience.

War movies are so easy to make exciting and this was just kinda flat the whole way through.

This movie is intense, heartbreaking, mesmerizing, and at times stressful.

It's thrilling, tense, gentle, satisfying, and deeply beautiful.

The real-time feeling had me constantly on the edge of my seat, never once thinking "how much longer" or "I need to go to the bathroom.

Watch Alexander starring Colin Farrell instead if you want to waste a few hours of your life.

Painfully Boring .

It strikes the perfect balance of being calm and soft in some instances, or extremely intense in others.

This was amazing , I enjoyed it and seeing WW1 from this one Camara motion was amazing , this opens up a new type of film where we don't randomly cut away to see another part of the story , it was continuous and an amazing ideaRecommended watching it if you haven't

For me the 25 minutes or so were quite thrilling.

Mind Blowing cinematography!!!

A lot of the scenes feel very long and drawn out.

Overall the visuals were stunning, the acting was excellent and the true story was mind-blowing.

Stunning upon first viewing.

Mind Boggling Technological Achievement .

A stunning visual movie with cliche content .

Every scene feels like a painting and it is absolutely stunning.

Incredibly boring from start to end.

A maudlin story and a trite rendition of WW1 trench warfare.

Its intense, real, clear and very important you fall in it right after it starts.

1917 is a brilliant, exhausting, thrilling, moving achievement to stand alongside Dunkirk to make a pair of modern war films that will stand as pillars of the genre.

A stunning work .

However, the contrived coincidence moments involving the milk and the truck transfer just appearance out of nowhere was kinda jarring.

But it was a long drawn out boring film.

Instead you have a dramatic thriller of a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat, rooting for the hero.

All the scenes are predictable.

The cinematography is breathtaking, so beautifully shot and sets the perfect tone for the film.

The colours and expansive landscapes are spellbinding and the trench scenes are particularly gripping and immersive.

Although the whole process marveled at the superb technology, but emotion, human design, theme, conflict are all empty, see the end only feel the technology and the play put the cart before the horse.

Boring as hell .

The one shot was clever contributed to how slow this movie was.

Good photography,good directing but too many cliche and nothing new .

While I thought that the one shot gimmick was quite pretentious in Birdman, it works well in the context of this film.

Neverrminding the screenplay and my rating of 6 stars, it certainly worth watching at least one time.

What a waste of time .

Visual stunning but such a bore.

An intense treat for the eyes .

The plot isn't character driven, the characters are pointless, do not develop and are basically scenery.

Consensus: 1917 is a visually stunning film, however, this is brought down by a story that never reaches its full potential, and an overall boring adventure.

Oh and two or three pretty pointless cameos to try and jazz the whole thing up couldn't really save a dreary and uninspiring plot and a rather unsatisfying experience.

A very well done movie that is visually stunning.

Slow and hard to understand .

Very realistic, especially fighting and characters, especially being sick in background or panicking really shows how traumatic it wasTimes I thought it was rushed and boring and there was some plot holes which were off.

Good but contrived .

It is exciting, tense, and keeps viewers fully engaged.

The 2 hours flew by, and was always on the edge of my seat.

It is also visually stunning.

There are only so many contrived coincidences and inexplicably missed shots you can take before suspending your disbelief becomes impossible and all you can do is laugh.

But well beyond the ingenuity of the one-take shot, the story keeps you on the edge of your seat.

It was So unexpected that the chatter in the Theatre was louder than the Movie for about 5 Seconds.

The plot is straightforward and predictable and the characters don't have much depth.

Straight up boring.

If more story and battle scenes were added it could've been so much more entertaining.

but at times, the plot just feels like black and white, good against evil war time propaganda.

It completely sucked me in and kept me on the edge of my seat.

But, I'd rate it a 5 or a 6; I easily could have spent my Valentine's date with the wife doing something more enjoyable.

It's intense and gripping.

With war movies like Ryan, Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now I left the theater jolted into an altered state; the savagery of war left left me with a gaping hole and it required time to heal.

Quite gripping to watch this film except that it could have been much better with the flow of missing important background sound.

Intense and gripping.

Much of the film works only because of the stunning camera work and cinematography, and great acting by Dean-Charles Chapman.

The film shows their journey and the thrilling finale.

The difference between this experience and root canal surgery is that this movie is visually stunning with a gorgeous soundtrack.

Before watching this movie I've heard plenty of people complaining that it was boring or that nothing actually happens.

This movie really puts you on the edge of your seat it really does.

Make the film unwatchable!

This is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

Just watching was intense, so i couldn't even imagine living in that fear for years.

1917 flawless, riveting, engaging, 10/10

The long takes, the authenticity, and practical sets add so much realism and intensity to the story that they make every frame immensely gripping.

Worth watching .

The film also quite slow and full of boring conversation!

The movie was slow and the actors had thick accents making them difficult to understand.

The story is compelling and real.

Boring and WAAAY over rated .

All in all, a breathtaking movie experience.

There are moments in this film that are simply breathtaking and jaw-dropping.

It's intense, it's sad, and it has great pacing.

The story is flat and slow, and lacks the connection and power that successful major war epics achieve.

Don't waste your time!.

It is stunning and moved me.

1917 delivers some stunning long shots that will take your breath away.

Prepared to be on the edge of your seat.

Boring .

Don't waste ur time watching it!!

The pace of the movie is very slow.

Worth watching .

Nothing happened...

Breathtaking cinematography.

All the events on the way to the destination are great and exciting to watch.

It still has a lot of wonderful moments and is well worth watching I would say just for the production values and sets.

Yet, this movie is a great movie, with a simple storyline but completely worth watching.

What a movie, story is of course sad but top notch acting and as said, the cinematograhy is stunning, one shot, almost unbelievable.

The youth of the soldiers, horror of trench warfare and the pure mental, emotional and physical exhaustion extracted by a state of perpetual combat combined for an evocative experience that was simply overwhelming.

Exciting .

Overall its a boring and unoriginal movie.

I have nothing further to add, other than the compelling need for eternal remembrance to those who sacrificed their lives in any way, we can not fathom.


The way the film illustrates the terrible waste of life, taking you right to the heart of the trenches and ultimately knowing that despite this short respite, nearly 10 million military personal died during WW1 really hits home.

Breathtaking .

Absolutely Stunning .

This movie while realistic has only a drab feeling of war war what is it good for.

From the single-shot approach, to the performances and commitment of the actors, to the score, to the realism and intense "ticking clock" device in use - this movie has it all.

More good: it's a fascinating and thrilling spectacle from start to finish.

I was looking forward to this after all the rave reviews, but aside from the technical achievements with the whole single shot thing, it's just a boring movie.

The viewer is immedialely anxious, and immersed in the story.

I'm not in love with the characters but I reckon that's like life, the characters are flawed but the world the story takes place in is stunning,The barn scene was horrible and real.

Remarkable, Moving & Intense.

A well made movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat

I cant describe in words how compelling this film is.

Roger Deakins' fascinating cinematography is a perfect treat for the eyes.

It is also a stunning movie that looks like it is done in one shot to exactly transcend your film viewing experience, taking you into the desolate world of war-torn France as we follow the soldiers passing through unimaginable lands.

The plot was paper-thin however - very linear, with only one semi-compelling character.

Hell, even a game has more action and exciting scenes.

Entertaining, not gripping.

"Everything about it seemed quite contrived.

drawn out dramatic sequences and highly improbable events that seem totally disconnected from the mission and motivation of the lead characters and unrealistic in the middle of a brutal trench war.

So every little detail we get to know about the characters feels compelling.

I'll try to keep it short so: Enviroment 10/10 Actors 9/10 Story 5/10 Emotional engagement 9/10 Feels like a real war(thrilling, scary, OMG scenes...

Entertaining and stunning.

It never bogs down, even in the slower parts, and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

The action, the score, the sound, the gritty realism of it all kept me on the edge of the seat.

It is gripping and moving all the way while paying tribute to those who made great sacrifices in World War I.

Everything else is bland.

I found it quite boring from the scene where the Lance Corporal encounters the sniper; the long scene with the girl and the baby; after he is ¿shot?

Based on intense angels, slow moving pictures that forces the audience to watch and watch and watch, and be in the middle of the war.

Slow and Boring .

the movie is also ONE SHOT , like there is no transition, which more stunning.

There are no artificial, invincible heroes - just men struggling to survive through constant vigilance, and it becomes more and more gripping as the action advances.

Instead just seeing them scout around was very intense as invisible enemies are always hinted to be nearby.

We are totally immersed in the 1917 trench warfare and its worst horrors.

In a way it feels like the buildup to a jumpscare in a horror movie however where jumpscares can be somewhat predictable in when they strike 1917 savours it's chances to shock the audience.

Although the protagonist has finished his task at last, unlike the traditional personal heroism movie, the way of shooting in the end enhances the audience's sense of experience and follows the sudden crisis around the hero, which is breathtaking.

This Was such an enjoyable event.

History is breathtaking, there is no time to breathe, you get involved in a way that has probably never been experienced.

The technical excellence blends into the gripping storyline seamlessly, and we feel for the soldiers as they embark on a near-impossible journey that ultimately, is for their reunion with their loved ones.

Amazing technical feat ruined by major, pointless historical revisionism.

One of the most boring movies I've seen this year.

I like the lighting art at the night time chasing scene , other than that, really boring !

In comparison, Saving Private Ryan and Fury were far more action packed, brutal and entertaining.

The most boring war movie ever .

i enjoyed it

The performances of the two young leads Dean-Charles Chapman and George MacKay are engaging, as facets of their otherwise ordinary personalities come through.

Boring .

The Cinematography And Editing Is Worth Watching .

I have seen much better movies about the war and sacrifice etc. That one was quite slow, even boring in places.

1917 Is A Masterpiece - Stunning Cinematic Experiece Through A Single Continous Shot.

I was captivated from the very beginning and, considering the subject matter, enjoyed it.

Overall entertaining.

I was dragged in to the year 1917 and so thrilling journey.

I watched it in 2 sessions as I was bored after 20 minutes.

The Cinematography and Screenplay by Robert Deakins is absolutely intense added with powerful visuals.

Stunning .

But, later on, you may have to forward it due to it's slow pace, if you are not a tolerable person on delay.

After some fireworks and some highly entertaining running through ruins while being shot at, another type of continental show up.

Stunning visual treat and haunting.

A very thrilling experience.

It's a boring movie.

Stunning brilliant and phenomenal .

Keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout its runtime.

Gripping and exhausting at the same time.

Action packed, stupid .

Roger Deakins is in charge, so expect stunning cinematography and environments feeling both beautiful and raw.

I didn't care much about any of the characters, they were uninteresting and monotone throughout.

It worth a loud clap for its performance, direction, storyline basically everything in this movie is excellent and enjoyable.

I should have walked out early like I did when Forest started running in that other academy award winning piece of garbage.

Maybe it was because I couldn't focus on the visual effects to get the feel of the scene, so the plot was dragged down.

Then some stupid and silly shooting scenes which I find funny instead of intense at all.

Aircraft flew slower than cars drive back then, so shouting could have worked to.

It was an intense ride that kept me on the edge of my seat for the full 2 hours.

Lack of story, character building and action becomes painfully obvious when the credits roll on, that was it!?

But it really has a breathtaking immersion.

Absolutely Mind blowing On what this movie sets for It,I was Speechless walking out of this movie,So If you don't have anything to do go See this Movie!

Great sound design, compelling story and characters-and the one shot cinematography is epic.

Midway was a big budget spectacle with no story and little dramatic elements and this one is too.

Enjoyed it even .

A War Story told with Stunning Visuals and Technical Excellence .

Him and Deakins produced a truly stunning shot as Schofield ran across the line, perhaps one of the most visual stunning and emotional shots I've seen.

But the weak story-line and weaker lead acting got me bored halfway into the film.

Having said that, there is enough excitement and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Sorry but it was so sad, slow moving, sound issues, and I am so disappointed overall considering all the rave reviews.

The story was gripping from start to the finish and very realistic.

Immersive cinematography and stunning directing .

If you still want know what is story of movie watch first and last 5 minutes of movie and you know everything, events in between are unrealistic or boring

Superbly engaging and affecting war drama, that doesn't let up even when it slows down.

The movie is also very boring after about 40 mins the bad story just stops and repeats the nonsense that happened earlier and completing the series of miracles that is truly unbelievable.

This was boring eventless movie.

This is surreal filmaking with stunning cinematography and excellent performances from both leads, one of finest war films ever made.

His performance was absolutely stunning.

The film does not try to be a documentary, but instead uses a blank canvass to weave a compelling story of intense personal interest.

They should've cut down on some of the many fantastic actors that had pointless 5 minute appearances (if that) and paid some more extras.

I mean, sure there's some interesting shots and some good scenes, but it's just so bland.

The movie looked very good and the scenes and shots were breathtaking.

Worth watching for photography.. .

While the trailer made it look enticing, I thought this would just be another lauded film that I ultimately found to be boring.

This film left me completely drained, absolutely stunning piece of cinema.

This film is made to look like it was shot in one-take and is used at its most effectively and brings you into the film even more creating one of the most intense films you'll see this year.

Worth the watch, not worth the hype.

Moreover Dean-Charles Chapman and George Mackay are wonderful; they are like real soldiers and immersed themself in their character and make us travel.

A super boring war film!

Uniquely photographed, gripping drama .

Even if afterwards you decide that actually you didn't like it as much as you expected, for the two hours you are watching it, you will be utterly immersed and you can't say that of too many movies.

Overall, I believe one would love this film only if he has watched it in the theatres, else he would end up getting a bit bored.

All told, 1917 is an intense, well produced and ultimately enjoyable war film.

However, the story is a bit dull, lacking story twist to attract my eye ball.

Also, his friend from the beginning that died 30 minutes in was pointless.

The story switches seamlessly from loud, intense, and anxiety inducing, to quiet, reflective, and almost tender at times.

Not only is the movie shot and made to look like one continuous long shot, but the entire film takes place in real time (with the exception of when a character is knocked unconscious for a few hours), and it's an on the edge of your seat roller coaster ride from the time the title screen comes on at the beginning to the time when the credits roll.

Cliche after cliche that had more connection to 'Blackadder' than a drama.

The most engrossing war movie I've ever seen.

The film loses a bit of steam in the final act but the journey to get there is enjoyable and technically brilliant.

This meticulous selection of montage style deepened the reality of the viewing experience, and made it easy for the viewer to identify with the story's heroes, their sense of time and its centrality, whether at the level of the drama or the level of narration that increases the dose of excitement and suspense awaiting the unexpected that can be expected.

And a handful of specially great and breathtaking visual sequences that has little to nothing to do with being "a one shot movie".

The level of tension as scene after scene continued without a cut, the camera spinning or fixing in place at unpredictable intervals.

boring .

Nice shots, beautiful cinematics, but nothing happens.

Even better what about a message airdrop from the slow and low flying British biplanes that are clearly cruising over the countryside?

As well, it was an enjoyable movie.

1917 is most certainly worth watching.

It's a waste of time !

Stunning, everything, Music, directions, cinematography , performance ......

The format makes the audience's vision into this world limited, albeit, that vision is still epic, and breathtaking nonetheless.

Because of its unique way it was filmed of one giant long take (well, a few obvious cuts big scenes), you either are going to get really bored or you are going to love how it feels non-stop and engaging.

Stunning .

Yes, because it's a thrilling action adventure, BRILLIANTLY photographed.

Its gripping story is filmed in a very interesting way that really elevates the viewing experience and the cinematography really deserved the Oscar it got.

If director Sam Mendes wanted to pull viewers into the trenches of the first Great War then he succeeded with flying colors: amazing cinematography, stunning visual effects, and masterful direction with the use of long takes make you feel like you're right in the heart of it, and the realism (and sheer horror) of the battle scenes are overwhelming.

Absolutely breathtaking movie!

Cinematographer - Roger deakins, was fantastic, absolutely, some stunning.

Absolutely Breathtaking Movie .

Stunning war epic .

Gripping moments where you are horrified you do not know what is going to happen.

Visually stunning.

"1917" isn't just an astounding technical achievement; it's also a haunting, soul shaking and earth-shattering motion picture that completely immersed me within its horrific and desolate world.

Some may find it boring because the main characters don't talk much and it's like following someone's morning routines without breaks.

Masterful, breathtaking.

I am surprised I liked it as much as I did since I always find WW1 movies kind of boring since its always about trench warfare.

A pathetic anglo-saxon propaganda schtick with giant plot holes on every possible occasion.

1917 is a powerful, riveting film about two soldiers undertaking a brutal mission to prevent a massacre.

Then there was the cliché dumb soldiers missing every shot on our main character making him look like a super hero.

Boring .

yawn, falling asleep.

That's way too predictable.

But then 10 seconds later they're walking like nothing happened?

Extremely impressive and absorbing .

It's captivating the whole time with unexpected twists and turns.

If you're not an intelligent adult, you might find this compelling.

I was expecting a war movie but got 2 guys walking around the country for 2 hours now dont get me wrong it started off very interesting but got boring very fast.

These two "superheroes" would've been toast once they encountered the enemy if it was a documentary, but alas it's an entertaining movie.

Cinematography very well done, and evocative of the Great War.

a bit TOO simple but visually stunning .

The hero simply rounds a corner and walks into a house with a girl and her baby, calmly spending a few hours chilling with her, as if nothing happened.

It just also felt kind of empty.

Some of the frames are visually breathtaking, and demand to be revisited to absorb everything they have to offer.

Secondly, the movie was way too predictable in multiple places.

The plot and the story of the movie is very intense, dramatic and suspenseful.

It is so intense that I had to hold my breath many times and got goose bumps everywhere.

It was intense at times and emotional when it needs to be.

Don't Waste Your Time .

Don't waste your time.

I've never before seen a movie shot like this, and it was a thrilling experience.

Performances of George Mackay and Dean-Charles Chapman are fantastic and the emotion they bring as soldiers in their situations is very realOf course, the one-shot take is stunning to see on screen, it completely immerses you into the story and for me, It worked a treatThe last 20 minutes of this...

As a result it was boring and distracting.

But no story...

I enjoyed it, It just gave such a sense of realism throughout, it left me so immersed in their/ his journey that I didn't want it to end.

The story, while relatively simple, is engaging enough to keep you invested in the objective of the main characters.

The story is slow narrated.

Intense Great war -war movie .

Wow, just wow, amazing, stunning, thrilling....

Painfully boring storyline and movie.

Nice predictable ending.

The way it was filmed is a way for the audience to be completely immersed in the story.

I wish I could have seen more of the backstories related to the characters, but overall I really enjoyed it!

The running scene is one of the most expertly crafted and intense moments in any film ever, even more than in most horror movies.

Entertaining .

That's how beautiful the story is, showing intense courage amid vast carnage.

I found myself immersed in this and felt like I was with the two mains on the battlefield.

Intense, dramatic and suspenseful .

One of the most engaging movies I have ever watched.

The narrative of the story was gripping.

One of the best movie i have seen off late,,, gud acting by all the charecters.. specially the one who will go till the end to carry the msg of stopping attacks,,, mind blowing performance of all the actors

The camera, angles, music and most importantly the lighting at night was so stunning.

Yea the camera work is cool but it's also boring man geez.

Very tense and keeps you biting your nails on the edge of your seat.

No story, character development, or awesome battle scenes.

Every second and scene in this movie is intense and valuable.

exciting, and provocative.

It's a stunning piece of film and remembers what so many suffered in wars.

Slowest War Movie Ever- Yawn .

Besides the great direction, landscape and cast i think that the plot is quite boring actually.

cinematography is stunning .

Visually it was a stunning film, the scene with George MacKays character running through the ruined town was breathtaking, a real triumph.

It's visceral, fast, exciting.

Felt like most of war movies are too slow or feels too long therefore boring.

It keeps you hooked and on the edge of your seat for its entire 2 hour duration.

A gripping war story based on the real life account of two World War I soldiers given orders to cross the battlefield into enemy territory to deliver a message to a commander unaware of the trap his 1600-man contingent is walking into.

It's so predictable it's almost painful.

So boring...

It truly is a riveting, exciting, tense, and heart stopping thrill ride.

It it beautiful, intense, and depressing all within two hours.

But well beyond the ingenuity of the one-take shot, the story keeps you on the edge of your seat.

intense and immediate .

This is as gripping as it gets.

Well worth the watch.

The journey is very absorbing and makes you feel the struggles and horrors of war.


Hollow and boring .

Predictable and bland!

I found myself bored since the first minute of the movie.

After 2 hours of this, the novelty had well and truly worn off and I was pretty bored with the whole thing.

Very engaging master piece.

This film kept me on the edge of my seat.

Disappointing propaganda movie about Brexit or milk.

Also, for being a Best Picture nominee, there were a ton of contrived / forced scenes that seemed almost silly.

That's it, I throw up my arms and leave the theater to wait for my girlfriend outside.

The performances of the two young leads Dean-Charles Chapman and George MacKay are engaging, as facets of their otherwise ordinary personalities come through.

It was hollow and boring.

The story is incredible, intense, moving, and of course a piece of reality.

Director Sam Mendes and cinematographer Roger Deakins have created a thrilling work with real-time intensity.

My wife really wanted to watch this movie, 2 hours of mind-numbing boredom, don't bother.

The sequence set within the burning town lit only by flares and flames is tremendous and the shot that's been prominent in the film's marketing of George MacKay's character sprinting through the charging soldiers is one of the most stunning and eye-widening images I've seen in a long time!

This movie was very thrilling and a whole lot of fun to see in the cinema.

Boring beginning .

Suspenseful, yes.

While it may be a technical triumph, the characters are boring, the acting from the two leads is poor, and the story is predictable.

You really get to see all the details such as the vast number of extras with historical well-made accurate costume & make up work trapped in a claustrophobia sandbag trench surround by muddled empty field of craters full of corpses, barb wire, and shell cases.

Boring emotional drama.

Quite a slow movie that is quite unbelievable, lots of very basic mistakes throughout movie.

BUT On a personal level, I did not feel as much involved as I hoped I would, all the plot twists were predictable so I was not able to empathize too much with the lead character.

It Felt like I was on a ride, It was So exciting.

Because after that 1917 really gets bad, I'm talking snooze fest bad!

Visually it was extremely good but it was just that the story was a bit boring .

The situations were very thrilling, highly practical and really true to life.

Exciting .

Unbearably cringe-worthy and trite dialogue is the mainstay of this film.

The title says it all, don't waste your time on this one.

Besides that, it's an exciting and surprising WWI story which is always important to be told.

It is important to mention the ending; this film absolutely has you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end, and while it should have been a satisfying ending, with the characters succeeding in their mission, it leaves you feeling slightly defeated.

It gave me magnificent cinematography, gripping storyline and aweing talent from every single actor/actress (taking to you French lady).

Fascinating endeavor, hollow in execution.

This movie is amazing and it is definitely worth watching right now.

Because, much of the movie has been made by using of "one single shot" (very linear plot) approach (like in the Birdman) for me, after an about one hour of its runtime "1917" became little bit too much and dull experience.

Unbelievably Predictable - Triumph of Impulsive - Emo Characters - More Like 2019 than 1917.

Not relatives, boring, don't waste your time on it.

Powerful Acting and Stunning War Visuals and Sound Design.

An undeniably entertaining, technical masterpiece.

Even in the "slower" portions the audience is left wondering what issue is going to arise next.

It manages to tell a fresh story with breathtaking bravura.

A breathtaking technical achievement.

But my god is there any American cliche sauce left?

So Intense .

A stunning work of art.

The youth of the soldiers, horror of trench warfare and the pure mental, emotional and physical exhaustion extracted by a state of perpetual combat combined for an evocative experience that was simply overwhelming.

Cinematography is breathtaking .

World War One involved a plethora of fascinating characters and events and was a truly paradigm-shifting moment in history......

Entire film full of boring conversation and overuse scene!

this movie is waste of time.

What is wrong with the movie is that it is a little slow, as if you feel that there is no struggle with time.

It's definitely worth the watch!

This movie is absolutely stunning.

But this follows every rule in the book and is so hideously predictable that it fails to excite and is often boring.

Totally worth watching and I'll probably watch it again to see what I may have missed the first time around.

This could be partly my fault though as I went in expecting, I guess, a more 'cliche' war film.

It's not your typical action-packed war flick, and that's actually refreshing, but it is indeed suspenseful!

Awesome movie from the beginning till the end , everything was great : 1) The music was intense and perfect with every scene 2) The acting was great 3) The movie was kinda emotional and it made me feel sad 4) Awesome and one of kind Story 5) The film shooting was The best and Gorgeous 6) This movie deserves all the nominees and winnings for the oscars 7) My rating for this Gorgeous and one of kind movie is : 9.0/10

This movie is absolutely breathtaking.

U know what go ahead and waste ur money cause u was Bored

The whole way through I was on the edge of my seat.

The masterful way in which this film is shot amplifies this tension astoundingly, the incredible cinematography from Roger Deakins makes you feel as if you are standing right there next to the characters experiencing everything firsthand whilst also managing to look absolutely stunning in its aesthetic.

Still, Deakins's cinematography is stunning and even when the story lags the images we see are quite striking.

This movie make me boring especially after half duration

boring vomit.

This movie was so incredibly boring for a war movie, it was almost as unbelievable as the events in this movie.

Overrated and boring .

The movie isnt just meh because of lack of action its meh because i just felt bored most of the time.

Breathtaking .

An astonishing cinematographic feat with lifelike production design and evocative score.

On top of being an engaging story, it is filmed in such a way that it makes it feel like one continuous take, for the most part, which ultimately begs the core actors to deliver their brilliant performances.

Apart from that some scenes feel kind of pointless, one scene in particular featuring a woman in hiding with a young girl that doesn't really add anything to the movie, it could have been cut out and nothing would have changed.

"1917" (2019) is a stunning war drama within the frontlines of World War I.

The film is very boring, slow and ridiculous at times where the german soldier can't hit the lad from 10 metres.

1917 is a cinematic triumph in terms of its technicalities, the single-take storytelling style (like in a third-person shooter video-game), and the compelling tale it tells about war, survival, brotherhood, and compassion.

Not a masterpiece, but still enjoyable .

1917 is an intense powerful film.

After a long time I saw a movie which is as compelling and spell bounding as the Spielberg's saving private Ryan.. The emotions involved in this movie are so damn real..

It was way too clean and cliche.

It is action packed with great acting , great special effects .

1917 is clearly a riveting film with a captivating timeline.

marvellous and stunning .

Sam Mendes and Roger Deakins create a visually stunning war atmosphere with some incredible set designs.


I've never before seen a movie shot like this, and it was a thrilling experience.

Very gripping and excellent all around.

Stunning from start to finish .

The night window scene features beautiful cinematography, breathtaking visuals, and an amazing score.

Breathtaking .

Given the gravity of the historical subject and the truly visceral and real experience that should accompany any review thereof, I am very saddened by the pathetic treatment of the narrative evinced by the blithe, uninspiring and predictable dialogue.

Intense,thrilling, unrelenting, heartbreaking.

I appreciated the "one take/scene" approach but the movie overall was SO BORING!

Below average and boring .

I really felt immersed and i wished there had been more to watch.

The dramatic score, acting and all the surrounding of the battlefields and reliving all the intense situations pulls you deep into the movie, where you feel all the awfulness and distress of a war.

Suited for families, because there is NONE real war horror to be seen, everything is presented as another exciting action game without disgusting violence, evertything constantly smoothed over by glorious sounding violins.

The plot was very weak losely following the 'saving private ryan' theme and there were some 'cheesy' moments with the woman with the baby etc. The beginning and end were very good but the middle just dragged and was a bit painful.