1917 (2019) - Drama, War

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Two young British soldiers during the First World War are given an impossible mission: deliver a message deep in enemy territory that will stop 1,600 men, and one of the soldiers' brothers, from walking straight into a deadly trap.

IMDB: 8.6
Director: Sam Mendes
Stars: Dean-Charles Chapman, George MacKay
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 145 out of 1000 found boring (14.5%)

One-line Reviews (619)

Brilliantly Intense .

Sam Mendes has put together a compelling immersive film experience by a seemingly continuous moving camera record of two soldiers assigned the job of saving a battalion of 1,600 soldiers from a German entrapment and potential bloodbath.

1917 is a truly riveting war movie about a messenger who has to brave through enemy lines to deliver a message.

While that is an engaging premise, the execution is...

This movie is dull and extraordinarily disappointing.

Here they are dull.

Boring and shallow .

It was brilliantly made, but intense enough that I can't recommend it to just any fan of war films.

The story , the cinematography and the craft of the hand held one shot were all compelling .

There are long stretches of complete boredom while watching the movie.

Worst movie of varun sir, I'm a huge fan of varun sir.

Visually breathtaking .

this movie has a great plot with a slow Mounting in events, an excellent drama and soundtrack, a legendary cinematography that blowing your mind, we shall raise the hat for Sam & photographers they did a great work,1917 has the all qualifications and abilities that the great war movie should has.

The movie was beautifully shot but it was soooooooo slow.

The story was as boring as it could be for an interesting premise.

If you like art style boring movies and want to feel like a critic this is for you.

" So we have similarity to the best parts of the latter film and the best bits of " War Horse" But for compelling viewing this has even more than both of these films.

Its an exciting and emotional ride .

A boring piece of art.

Expected better, It;s worth seeing but don't buy into all the hype that it's great, it's a little boring to sit through.

Acting was top notch, the movie totally immersed and captivated me.

San Mendes is overrated ever since the DULL best bond ever Spectre.

But if you'd like to see some truly beautiful cinematography and gripping emotion, it's incredible.

Ponderous and trite.

The soundtrack was subtle but amazing and picked up when needed too putting the audience on the edge of their seats.

A gift from the Gods for the movie enthusiast, but also a thrilling experience for even the strangers of cinema.

Overrated, predictable, boring.

I was literally on the edge of my seat throughout this film.

Saving Private Ryan in WWI but boring and tedious and unrealistic.

While the movie was enjoyable, it doesn't live up to the accolades it's receiving.

Save your money and wait for it to come out on Netflix or another streaming service.

It felt kinda empty and hollow.


You feel you are right there with the soldiers, getting completely immersed.

The film then wraps up with a pretty pointless informing the one brother his other brother is dead, where he is told "thanks.

They can get boring, and many of them tend to feel the same.

The acting, however, was unbearable at times.

For such a simple film, it's quite intense.

Reminiscent of Gallipoli in its plot, but much more intense.

The concept is great, but we missed out on the true ugliness of war, BECAUSE, it most likely is THAT boring.

Good movie if you suffer from insomnia.

Very nicely shot and stunning Soundtrack but.. So many scenes seem too contrived and coincidental .

For a proper war film, watch Gallipoli, easily more authentic than this expensive propaganda.

If the Academy will award this movie will be a big flaw, except that they do it for political reasons IE plain propaganda.

the acting it's very very good and realistic that makes you feel the loss and the difficulties of an actual war,but on the other hand the plot could be a little more unpredictable!

A total waste of time.

But one of the chief arguments against the film among the negative reviews is that somehow director Sam Mendes has sanitized the war-it's described as an "empty spectacle" or designed in effect as "eye candy" for "thrill seekers.

The more authentic the more gripping, the more personal, the deeper the emotional connection to the overall story and its characters.

Watched this with my husband last night fantastic film totally immersed in it from the start felt like you were there with them .

Midway through it becomes even a bit boring.

This movie was Saving Private Ryan, but boring and predictable.

Gripping ...

It was a breathtaking technical achievement those long take shots, thrilling background score and flawless editing makes it an absolute immersive experience.

This movie is such a thrilling cinematic achievement that truly captures what it would have been like to be in war.

You're so immersed in the action and you feel like you're on a mission with the boys.

1917 is stunning in both its visual impact as well as its acting.

Stunning marksmanship.

Intense at parts which gives you an idea of what war is really like.

Absolutely stunning .


Ok, the Cinematography is excellent but I think we've all seen the story before, it was highly predictable - I can honestly say I saw EVERYTHING coming - no twists in it at all.

Entertaining and made with care .

What a shame to waste it all of such a boring and irritating script.

A bit more than halfway through the movie there is an absolutely riveting centerpiece: a few British and German soldiers are trying to get through a ruined French town at night without being spotted and killed by the other side.

The main characters and the rest of the story are just as great so if you haven't seen this movie yet, it is 100% worth watching.

Shot like one continuous line so the parts in between the boring and less boring parts are just walking in silence.

On the edge of my seat the whole movie.

The only lull was he bit where he's talking to the French woman with the baby .

Very good sets but I was yawning half way through.

Suspenseful and touching .

The continuous shot really immersed me into the film and the whole thing is shot wonderfully.

It just sort of hovers overhead, enough to be in the trenches but far away fron the troops to cut off real intimacy Imagine doing a shot like in the classic WW1 movie Paths of Glory where the camera goes slowly down the trenches as all the soldiers look on and you just hear the sound of explosions as the music.

To many contrived moments, just to fit.

The fact that is was filmed in just "one shot" is emotionally engaging from the very beginning.

The cinematography is at times breathtaking, specifically the town being lit by flares as our protagonist runs from gunfire.

Great movie with a beautiful storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The quite breathtaking photography, the wonderful acting, the list is endless.


Very boring, slow start and doesn't improve .

In 1917 Sam Mendes manages to create a compelling movie with the stories of his grandfather Alfred Mendes.

The only suspenseful moment was which way Benedict Cumberbatch's character was going decide.

Painfully boring film, cold and emotionless, even with the cliched loud dramatic music.

Immersive, thrilling, and just pure cinema .

A simple plot with an impeccable storytelling and intense performances.

1917 is an engrossing film and well worth seeing on the big screen.

This movie is really a ride with sort of a dreamlike feel to it as the characters are taken from one unpredictable situation to another unable to know if they'll encounter friend or foe.

That being said the first half of the movie has an intense first person flow to it that's almost unbearable at times.

This movie is suspenseful.

The cinematography and music were gripping.

1917 is an incredibly immersive war movie that's intense, emotional and harrowing.

The musical score adds to the drama of the situation and I cannot stress how tense this film is and how it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The majestic yet dark tone of war is consistent, gripping, and enthralling.

Gripping, visceral, engrossing, and absolutely captivating are all words that I would use to describe this masterfully created work of art.

It does come with weaknesses, such as dialogue scenes that would have benefited from traditional editing, and are instead bland.

The scope of the camerawork captures so much depth that you do feel immersed in the film.

1..Cool story 2..Terrible actors 3..I was rooting for 007 4..Dragged on and on just like Dunkirk 5..Landscape/settings/effects were pretty good.

The film uses its one shot style to make set pieces feel real, gritty and intense and will leave you in shock and awe when these sequences stop.

From that moment, we follow them through a relatively short mission, but a very intense one.

A film full of suspense and had you on the edge of your seat.

worst and most boring film I've ever watched!

I left the cinema modestly entertained yet empty and disappointed.

The cinematography was breathtaking.

This is a mix of Dunkirk (no character development or backstory), Ad Astra (With the slow moving scene and loud music, and The Revenant (people trying to survive against the elements).

If you are not a war movie fan, it may get boring for you after awhile if you get over the great visual and sound effects quickly.

Terribly boring.

Terrible waste of money and a total snooze fest.

Real and gripping this film tells a story and envelops you in the gritty details.

The cinematography in this movie is just breathtaking!!

Stunning, emotional, conceptual ...

Watching this movie was exhausting, and I mean that in the best way possible because it was just gripping.

Because, after all, the one-shot style of this film is breathtaking all on its own.

I get easily bored with action movies, I'm looking at you John Wick and Fast And The Furious series, this film has none of that.

Very entertaining.

The storyline, on the other hand, is terribly empty coupled with some realism problems (i.

Gripping .

Which is cool and all but it does get a little slow when they walking a long way in a field or come to a complete pause.

It's exciting, tense, stunning and sad, its story more poignant than you'd think possible for such a technically focused affair.

Overall though it is a brilliant film & 100% worth watching & also do watch in 2D iMAX because the picture is way more filling that what it would be on a normal size cinema screen so it can give you the most effect while watching the film.

The movie dragged on for too long with too much of the same thing.

The entire film really does feel like a gripping rollercoaster with only very brief periods of coasting, or rest.

Boring and hard to watch.

It's not like feeling anger at the stupidity of war, or feeling grief at the deaths of thousands over a pointless dispute between royal cousins - any Germans certainly get a very rough ride from the script.

Everyone in the cinema was yawning every 10 min.

Predictable and horrendous.

Some of the scenes dragged as well, which caused the movie to lose momentum for me.

I walked into the theater believing the hype and walked out bored to tears.

While it is watchable and enjoyable enough for what it turned out to be, it was by no means a milestone in war story cinema.

Anxious moments with unknown outcomes make this film a gripping drama and covers the horrid experiences of the messengers in enemy territory.

1917's overlooked color, light, and set design lulls you into a subtle hypnotic trance that mesmerizes you throughout the entire film.

Sam Mendes's latest is an impressive feat, a breathtaking cinematic expierence, a war film with as much horror as heart.

The most compelling characters are the A-listers that sneak themselves in and command every scene away from our protagonist.

The acting is ok and the scenery convincing but the pace is often slow and some action scenes defy belief.

What really ties this film together is Thomas Newman's score that is beautiful yet intense mirroring exactly what the film is.

A fictional story that nonetheless doesn't shy away from the horrors and humanity of war, it is worth the watch, and is sure to win lots of awards.

Im slightly disappointed after watching this movie.. i loved the cinematography and the aound track but there is no story in 119mins!!!!!!!

I found it boring as the story line was just...

The continuous shot effect was quite a novelty and was probably a very huge technical feat and tedious to produce, especially to transitioning to various quality framing shots.

More recently "Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)" (2014) directed by Alejandro G.

It conveyed a very intermate expirience between the protagonists and the viewer coupled with some thrilling and nailbiting cinematics causing me to pull off some grimising facial expressions throughout.

I usually love these type of films, but this was dull, I sat waiting for something to happen the entire film, It's just a film crying out for awards, some of the acting was dire, the action seemed forced, really disappointed..

A simple story that plays like a theatre drama, the intimacy and subsequent pressure of one take keeps you holding your breathe on the edge of your seat the entire duration.

I watched this with my son and was so bored I couldn't get through it.

Painfully boring.

Even when the front-line commander got the message, his oh, ok reply made all that wait pointless.

Terribly boring, you don't care about the characters, acting is poor, dialogue is so boring and the actors seem fake, nothing about this movie seems real other than the dead horses.

This film is one hundred percent worth the watch.

A gripping thriller as two ment start out on an improbable mission.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

The story, imo,boring.

Slow movie, there are much better war movies.

I can't say much, but just picture the worst part of war and get yourself prepared, a few of which were a little too drawn out for my tastes.

This film covers that dramatic journey, taking the audience along for the slog into the unexpected.

Roger Deakins stunning work in this film truly makes it feel as if no one else could have pulled of the cinematography to this level of perfection.

Engrossing film .

Here, as we are, in the early part of the twenty first century, living in turbulent and unpredictable times, where no one can be certain what will happen or what's around the corner, many of us will carry on our lives, sparing nowhere near as much thought as we should for the terrible sacrifices and hardships that were suffered for us to have the life we have today.

Slow film .

This is a very dull movie.

Stunning visuals captivate your attention the whole way through.

What happened to the Sam Mendes, from works of substance like 'American Beauty' and 'Road to Perdition' to somewhat juvenile, empty of soul films like '1917', where deep characters and real emotions are subverted for theme rides.

This was boring, uneventful, non technical, lame lame lame.

It was a really engaging technique and I liked the way we never traveled backwards as an audience except for one key instance which you will need to go see the film to understand.

But then it shouldn't waste too much time either, it should be faster paced, there should always be something to look at that's actually interesting.

Don't waste your money in this so called "One Shot Epic Battle" movie.

I realized that I was holding my breath a couple of times when watching the movie and everybody in the audience was extremely mesmerized and quite, just absorbing every bit of this work of art!!!

The only praise for this movie is the truly impressive long shots, which could be considered a masterpiece, if only they were better integrated with rather poor CGI effects, and served a basic story, that is pure cliché, and nothing more than that.

What a bore-fest.

1917 is a masterpiece, from start to finish, gorgeous shot, beautifully acted, the music is stunning, every emotion conveyed is felt to its fullest, with such a dynamic score, from the rising tension in the bunkers, to the epic buildup during the trench run.

Very dull - great camera work though .

I thought movie was a boring slog.

At war, everything is beautiful At war, every man has a perfect jawline At war, everything is perfectly framed At war, every landscape is breathtaking At war, enemies always miss their sniper shots At war, enemies only kill by stabbing At war, you get shot at close range and survive At war, when you are on the storytelling side, you are benevolent to your enemies At war, flares are used to create an absolutely magical sense of artistry in shattered and ruined cities At war, flower petals sail on a calm river At war, a kind infantry boy sings in the woods to sooth your mind At war, music peacefully stops when your heart stops beating and you give last breath At war, luckily, you arrive right on time to deliver a retreat order At war, luckily, you save hundreds of lives in extremis Because, at war, your country cares about your life, and casualties are okay, I guess, only if Deakins frames them in order to get his Academy Award.

This movie is extremely slow and boring.

Intriguing Direction .

Beyond just being visually stunning, it's the way the visuals are presented that takes it to the next level - the entire thing is made to look like one continuous take.

Worth watching.

The weakness is the script which in the opening exchanges between the 2 main characters seemed rather dull.

From that moment on, every step is predictable to the end.

This movie was packed with a pure roller coaster of emotion and was so very intense.

The film in a lot of places didn't have any soundtrack, which worked perfectly as I felt on the edge of my seat throughout the whole film, and I also think fear of the unknown for the audience and for the characters on the screen also made the film very tense as well.

To relate it to another movie I felt it reminded me very much of The Revenant in story and style, but like that movie it felt rather empty to me.

All in all a good entertaining film which I suppose that's all you want from a trip to the cinema.

This is a movie that you really have to see in the theater to be fully immersed into the story and see the incredible details.

But it was boring and a lot of nonsense from story point.

Don't waste two hours of your life, most exciting bit was a van getting stuck in mud!

I highly recommend it.

It was such an extremely slow movie.

Episodic; empty landscapes; implausible behaviour and actions from all involved.

A breathtaking experience!

Most of all, I admired the entrancing cinematography that really pushed the adrenaline further as I kept watching.

This movie is actually quite historically accurate, most people don't realize this today, but most of the millions of casualties of WWI died from extreme boredom as there was actually no fighting or artillery shelling going on at all the whole time.

It's one of the most beautiful movies shot this year, the cinematography is breathtaking, the suspense is high and the tension heavy.

Super Engaging .

Speechless, thrilling and adrenaline rush.

Unfortunately, you start to feel the slowness of the flick.

A trip wire is tripped by a rat in a bunker in which the two soldiers are in, one is in scratched while the other is buried under rubble, He is dragged out of the rubble with not a scratch, only to have some dust in his eyes.

Very gripping film with amazing cinematography!

Another movie that seems like one take is Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).

Having one continuous take really gets you immersed in the film, and makes you feel like you are there with the characters truly leading to excellent experience whilst watching, as you connected with the characters more and it makes you feel like part of the movie.

Having said that, however, I would value its simple individualised insights above something like the empty temporal trickery of Dunkirk (2017).

The score, written by the - Equally - accomplished Thomas Newman, is simply RIVETING.. with its moments of Crashing, Boisterous & " Sheer, Thunderous " Magnanimity ( as when a full-on armed conflagration is either very, very imminent or actually in progress ) delightfully interspersed with those very " Special, Delicately Haunting melodies that reach into someplace deep within the SOUL ...

The story was very predictable & left little to the imagination.

The editing, which makes it feel as if you are watching a single shot from the first frame of the film to the last, is truly breathtaking.

If you expect to see a movie with war scenes, the don't waste your time nor money.

Gripping and Intense.

Story was exciting.

The film is also shot beautifully, and makes for by far the most engaging film to grace the screen this year.

It's greatest achievement wasn't the cinematography for me, but how well I was immersed throughout the entire thing.

The cinematography and visuals were engaging and real.

The story had some slow parts, but it was easy to follow and flowed nicely, which made the action scenes feel more intense.

The films compelling message is also greatly enhanced by it's Soundtrack.

The most boring war movie I've ever seen.

Stunning .

It's very very boring.

The first 30 mins or so alone deserves an academy award and it just gets better and more intense from there.

The level of immersion is intense, and this tension never lets up.

Visually stunning, emotionally wrenching, and overall groundbreaking technologically.

It's an empty movie, by the time he finds the brother for his friend you have forgotten all about his friend and know nothing about him so you really don't care.

Intense Movie, Amazing Cinematography .

Was expecting an amazing movie since this is an 8.6/10 rated movie but I found it very slow and lacked action considering that this is a war movie.

" I can only push back against these views as Mendes's "spectacle" is meant primarily to be entertaining.

The dedication of this movie is shown through watching experience, it almost amazes me how minimal yet amazing the shots were, simply mind blowing.

It is in the humble opinion of this movie goer that Dunkirk was a similair but more riveting experience.

On top of all that it was visually stunning.

An accomplished, seasoned (and still fairly young) director applies his talent and professionalism and has delivered one of the most surprising, absorbing and breath taking films of modern times, as well as a brilliant testament to the horrors suffered to give us our freedom.


Overhyped movie with insipid, drawn out story line .

Ponderous .

But the stories dialogue was mostly uninteresting.

From the moment the movie began it had you encapsulated in the sheer task that Lay ahead- the movie has everything- great story - gripping suspense - amazing cinematography- great acting - you became part of the journey- you felt the thrill the tension the emotion- simply terrific- if you loved hacksaw ridge this is a must

Boring film.

However, if you can remove your mind from the story-line, the technical skill which has gone into making this film is very enjoyable.

It's extremely well paced, consistently extremely engaging throughout.

In the first half, dialogue is pretty banal and the delivery is unnatural.

sweeping, intense & atmospheric vistas of a " Brutally " war scarred Europe - Barren, Desolate, Stark, Forlorn & "Unphotoshopped" as they may be - and lavishly beautiful noir style { orange, gold & crimson rich } night shots that appear Entirely in the middle of the picture ; that truly Prolific Veteran Cinematographer Roger Deakins ( ...

In conclusion the film 1917 is a well-done braiding between great directorial vision, intelligent cinematographic means, thrilling music score and prominent acting that portray the horrors the world has seen in the darkest hour.

What he's done is he's crafted a visually stunning world without sacrificing story.

It was all rather slow and forgettable.

This film is a very good watch but it is very intense so you need to be in the right mood and know what to expect.

There are indeed many suspenseful moments.

For nearly 2 hours, Sam Mendes' 1917 kept me on the edge of my seat with immense suspense and almost horror throughout the films runtime.

1917 masterfully captures the horror of war, the challenge of survival, and the emotion of loss, and Sam Mendes has delivered a breathtaking masterpiece that will make you want to live through it all over again.

The score brings emotions and the sounds and effects are intense.

I found 1917 to be very entertaining and inspiring to be persistence and have faith in your own abilities to get there; to obtain your goal at ALL cost.

The camera work, the music, the storyline of survival and loss are intense in both these movies.

However my only gripe with the film is that it does slow down a bit too much once or twice.

Visually breathtaking.

OK I did listen to the hype so was expecting the continuous shot footage to be engaging and special.


It was pretty frustrating and boring.

It's still a well made film, with many visually awesome shots, and some very slow moments as well.

The first 30 minutes are really boring and, even if it gets much better after that, you never really care about the characters.

The staging and journey of the film makes it gripping, engaging and almost relentless.

As such it is mostly mundane and boring.

I enjoyed it,a tad slow in places mind.

The story, though simple, is very engaging, and does an outstanding job of plopping you right in the middle of it.


The story is a cliche and the performance is awful, I wonder how people thought of comparing it to the Saving Private Ryan.

Total bore fest .

Impressive and raw with its sharp stunning direction.

The story was compelling.

This story was very bland and very slow/boring.

While talk about the movie seems centered on the device of a continuous take, the film actually seemed to me to be ticking off one war film cliche after another.

Worth watching not legendary .

Stunning and incredibly gripping at the same time .

Deakins was fantastic, absolutely, some stunning cinematography.

Very intense and touching story.

It was intense.

Cinematography makes for a good watch but the relatively predictable and cliché storyline makes the viewer feeling that the film could have been so much better.

On a saturated topic, Sam Mendes creates an experience, that for two hours takes to an immersive "single shot" adrenaline pumped journey of two soldiers during one of the harshest periods of modern historyInspired by the stories told by his grandfather, Mendes proves that great movies transcend genres and topics.

First, the cinematography was stunning.

What a piece of stunning work.

A Thrilling War Movie .

To say this was a huge Surprise would be an Understatement, I had seen 2 or 3 different trailers before seeing it last night, nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced, it's as close to a tense yet incredibly enjoyable 2 hr Roller Coaster ride as you could get, This was the greatest one continuous shot type Film I have ever seen, The Pacing of the Film is like no other I've seen, the amount of onscreen story telling you experience feels way more than just the 2 hrs run time, it's just the perfect economy in motion pacing, a pause for just a minute and off to the next main objective, you'll see what I mean, the pacing is just masterful, the tension building is also phenomenal, Best Film by Far this Year in January of all months, can't imagine any other topping this Masterpiece

Thanks for boring me .

But after the novelty wears off you find yourself frustrated with the slow pace of the action that is forced upon you by being stuck in real time.

It was going well up until Blake gets killed, the two soldiers going through no mans land, the German trenches and bunkers was compelling.

The cinematography, editing and sound was perfect and it was aesthetically pleasing, I was immersed the entire time!

but it's also tediously slow and dull.

Such a visually, stunning and beautiful masterpiece.

Regardless, 1917 as we see it, is an entertaining, stressful, and sometimes tender amalgamation of World War I anecdotes, a reminder that war is hell, and the push for another hundred yards of territory might be a complete disaster, a senseless loss of life and limbs.

On this film the characters were instantly forgetful and the poor actors will now be dragged around the world.

It's literally dragged out over two hours.

Was the story compelling?

Bland .

The soundtrack for this film is as awe inspiring as the cinematography is.

Sam Mendes's finest film since American Beauty, and an unexpected achievement.

they have no gloves & no-idea how to deal with barbed wire - (the cut hand is then placed on a decomposing body, gripped to pull a companion up & becomes even more inconsistent than the dire cliche riddled script).

Inspiring story combined with mind blowing cinematography = Go see it.

This is where we find 1917, in a gap that we weren't even aware of in our minds, before the new instalment of the mega-blockbuster James Bond and in the lull of Christmas is this powerhouse of a compelling drama based around two soldiers with a singular mission in mind.

but the story was poor and predictable.

A boring movie about two guys having discussions while walking through trenches and the camera is just in front of them.

Iñárritu's The Revenant (2015) a period survival, revenge piece the wilderness; Ron Howard's The Missing (2003) a rugged and stark Western rescue story; Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down (2001) a contemporary military rescue effort in war-torn Somalia; Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now (1979) a horrifying, intense Vietnam War story; John Ford's, Henry Hathaway's, George Marshall's How The West Was Won (1962), an epic Western classic; John Sturges's The Great Escape (1963) an escape attempt from a notorious World War II prison camp; and even Mel Gibson's Apocalypto (2006), a story of survival in the perilous jungles of the declining Mayan empire.

Pretty dull considering what it was about .

At the start of the movie I felt the reality of the trenches was captured pretty well and the Saving Private Ryan type storyline was initially gripping to watch.

Cinematography 10/10 - stunning Plot 6/10 - too much plot armourOverall 8/10

WWI was mostly pointless loss of life, that message would have been sent much better if the lead character did not fulfill his mission, then it would have really shown how it actually was for most of those boys that were killed for no good reason...

There were no long, rousing speeches, which I thought was appropriate and a little refreshing.

I knew about the long takes going in, but some of the shots are just mind blowing of how long they are and how many people are involved in the scene.

The combination of stunning grading, extremely long takes and unworkeoutable steadycam technique defies logic, description and understanding.

So bored we almost walked out many times .

Cut to twenty years later and Mendes is back with the on the mark yet sometimes tedious, 1917 (my latest review).

An emotionally charged, visually stunning journey .


This movie had me on the edge of my seat from about 10 mins in all the way until the end.

The entire film being "one shot" was a fun and unique gimmick that worked pretty well and allowed for a lot of intense sequences.

Raw, intense and utterly captivating .

Intense and gripping .

Two young British Infantry corporals receive orders from their Company Commander in director Sam Mendes' gripping, often surreal World War I movie "1917" (**** OUT OF ****) to deliver an urgent message to rescind a planned frontal attack on enemy positions on the Western Front.

Intense and emotional .

Fortunately, there are enough moments of peace and rebuttal between these intense sequences to let the audience catch their breath.

While artistic and realistic, I can't lie that the movie is rather dense, relying so much on visuals that it leads to a slower paced war tale.

is a bored movie...

One of the greatest visually breathtaking movies to hit our screens in years.

A truly stunning tale of bravery above and beyond....

But what it lacks in plot depth it makes up with its luscious screenplay and extremely fitting sets and settings.

Appalling film, slow, lacking script, storyline & totally unbelievable events.

A enjoyable WW1 story set in the trenches and no mans land.

Look up 'The Lost Battalion' if you want an action packed WW1 film with a great story and likeable characters.

Total Snoozer .

I was on the edge of my seat through the whole film.

While visually it is well made it is the most boring sleeper I've ever seen!

For those who thought it was boring or slow not sure what movie was being watched.

The movie was a bit disjointed.

The visuals are stunning.

If you like action/war entertaining movies this is not for you.

1917 was simply dull in comparison.

It helped the movie feel more engaging and interesting as it showcases everything that the soldiers go through in order to accomplish their goal.

It's a continuously riveting descent into treacherous territory.

Sam Mendez you had me immersed in your story for the first 10-12 minutes.

This was absolutely a pointless movie combined with one friend getting shot and the other doing a lame version, a ridiculous bullet dodging of John Wick combined with Lassie comes Home.

Pick your favourite movie,the most enjoyable movie you ever watched...

The scenery seemed great to me, and though there were visually stunning scenes, they didn't try to pile on explosion after explosion to cater to that crowd.

1917 ends with an exciting climax as Schofield reaches the beleaguered battalion right before they advance on German positions.

Absolutely stunning and gripping.

Fell asleep 15 mins into the movie , i duno whats good about this movie besides making me fell asleep so fast

It's gripping from start to finish with some great shots.

This film is very gripping to say the least.

I mean he has amazing scenes of the grey No Man's Land, he also somehow finds the most photogenic way to show foxhole gridlock, it is fascinating.

In reality, of course, there are a lot more than two shots (the longest single shot was just over 8 minutes), but the edits have been digitally 'hidden', much like Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014) or Utøya 22.

A compelling story and a wonderful, tour de force of Sam Mendes.

Exciting .

The music score beautifully written by Thomas Newman builds an incredible thrilling suspense that slowly grows with the ongoing mission and keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie creating a parallel to Nolan's Second World Word masterpiece, Dunkirk.

Boring as all hell.

1917 is extremely entertaining, you can't blink at all watching this film.

The camera work is astounding, the editing was incredible & the cinematography stunning...

His work in this film is truly stunning no matter what setting the film takes, he truly deserves his second Oscar for this film and cannot see the academy not giving it to him.

And if I haven't already mentioned, while gory this movies shots are breathtaking.

One other thing Thomas Newman's soundtrack is so gripping, so menacing that jeopardy is maintained for it's entirety, it's a significant achievement.

You can better understand Blake and his intense desire to just go without stopping.

Overall, 1917 is one of the most intense and emotional films I've ever seen.

Ok, I have issues, but over all, if someone asked me what I thought, I would have to tell them that this was probably one of the most visually exciting movies of the past ten years.

With stunning cinematography, a thrilling narrative, and so much more, 1917 more than feels worthy of being one of the best war films ever made.

Boring .

Honestly one of the most gripping films I've seen, absolutely loved it.

I can say with great confidence that only two moments in this film benefited from the single take approach (The start of the town scene with the sniper and the intense run to find the Colonel in the trenches).

Absolute bore .

Thomas Newman's sensitive scoring and some magnificent cinematography from Roger Deakins make this an enormously engaging telling of courage, determination and loyalty.

You really rooted for the two actors and felt their fear and exhaustion and adrenaline.

Again, nothing wrong with it, just kind of boring.

This is an immersive, exciting depiction of some of the fighting of World War I.

Everything else however, felt so staged and empty.

Breathtaking cinema experience.

Watch it for the amazing camera work, great sets etc. Apart from that it's that that great and quite boring.

Boring movie with interesting style .

Pantheon cinematographer Roger Deakins simply delivers one rousing image and bravura camera move after the next that plainly states why he is.

Stunning .

Well done for a gripping, edge of the seat movie that I can never forget!

More like slow, lot's of pointless dialogue, ...

I can only add what everyone else has said which is to say awesome breathtaking rollercoaster ride through hell.

The cliche waterfall.

Dull and Boring .

Riveting World War I spectacle proves purist critics wrong.


I highly recommend it to everyone who can get their tickets into a rated R movie.

This film was just incredible, this is arguably the finest cinema experience I've had, I felt fully invested in the story, on the edge of my seat as these two soldiers dodge bullets and artillery as they strafe across No Man's Land and through burnt-out towns.

That said, the movie was fantastic, and I highly recommend it.

This is NOT an all out war film like Saving Private Ryan, this is a slow burn with about 2 - 3 really epic moments that will give you chills and make your blood run.

Tedious slow burner .

Not a bad movie, but kind of boring.

This movie was gripping, terrifying and so real that I spent much of it in tears, hoping for the end to come.

Boring.. .

Sure, it was still enjoyable.

Very Beautifully Made Peace Of Drama, The Scenes Are Very Well Dressed And The Actors Depict A Very Well Told Story However Some Scenes Do Drag Out A Lot For No Apparent Reasoning To The Stories Being Told.


I fell asleep multiple times.

Boring .

In short, 1917 is a piece to behold leaving you on the edge of your seat while never failing to grasp the profound and heartbreaking impact of the Great War.


Very slow and talkie, very disappointed .

A stunning achievement that deserves every bit of praise.

Let me just start by saying that the movie is enjoyable and watchable, for sure.

Waste of time and money.

The movie was boring, not emotional at all and the actors are pretty bad.

Whether or not this war movie will join the ranks of Black Hawk Down or Kevin Costner's Dances with Wolves or Sam Mendes' own war movie Jar Head (2005), only time with time as the technology and cinematography continues to innovate to bring fresh and exciting visual and audio experiences to the audience.

It's something unexpected and keeps us glued to the screen.

A riveting journey from quiet beginning to cathartic and captivating end.

So cliche .

But Mendes and Deakins accomplished something truly different - I felt like I was in the trenches with the characters, and the journey was absolutely riveting.

The stapled corpses get boring at some point.

except this time, unlike more authentic war flicks of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's we all have to suffer the ongoing propaganda designed for generation snowflake.


So we get a Perils Of Pauline wander through the German lines with pretty much every cliche thrown in to a melting pot of pretentious pap.

1917 had me on the edge of my seat for 2 hours straight and left me feeling as if I had just endured the events firsthand.

I know that the director wanted to tell a more personal and slow, intimate story/journey of two average soldiers.

This film was suspenseful from start to finish.

The story is dull.

Poorly directed, totally predictable.

The way in which he must deliver the general's orders to the company commander, Mackenzie, is riveting and equally poignant when he ends up informing Blake's brother of the sad news of Blake's death.

Another boring take on WW1.

While the visual effects and the scenery was stunning I didn't feel that the emotional connection of World War 1 was strong enough.

Predictable drivel .

A new, intense, visceral way of depicting the gruelling experience of war.

Boring .

Last time you felt this immersed was 'Saving Private Ryan'.

It is a fair question, especially since this movie does not really bother with deeper philosophical examinations of war, and the story is a bit cliche at points.

While watching this movie I was on the edge of my seat, I had goosebumps, I was speechless about the hauntingly beautiful cinematography.

Intense, heart stopping, shocking, traumatising, raw, sad, heartwarming all rolled into one.

If you have patience to sit in a theater for a long, slow, meaningless dialogue movie, then this is your type.

It has to be said, British War movies are boring.

The story was gripping and at times appropriately tense.

And that missing thing is definitely on the plot which is too simple, and predictable for me.

The issue is that the tracking shot gives a very natural, engrossing feel to what's going on.

You can tell that they really put a lot of work into the film and it was simply breathtaking.

It was honestly the best film I've ever watched, thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm even more happy that this incredible man will get the recognition he deserves for his brave act

A Big Waste Of Time: Style For Styles Sake .

I found the film to be quite enjoyable.

A beautifully made film and most definitely will win awards for the cinematography alone, but as compelling as the story is, it was kind of lacklustre.

All in all: a big Hollywood production with every possible war cliche you can conjure up.

An incredible let down; don't waste your time.

Bland, bad, boring and stupid.

And prepare to be immersed in what has to be said the cinematic experience of the year.

This was as Boring with virtually no battle scenes as Dunkirk.

It's dramatical and so engaging with the viewers.

1917 continues this trend by giving us a unique, breathtaking and riveting experience.

Technically, directorially, cinematographically, 1917 is stunning; amazing.

The movie also had a lot of intense moments which worked better with the single shot technique.


This intimate perspective is aided by continuous shot film-making; while the movie is not, indeed, one shot, the majority of it certainly feels so, keeping us gripping on to the task at hand with merciless abandon as if the viewer is the one delivering the message.

It's worth watching in IMAX

This movie had all kinds of emotions, it had intensity, gripping, action, and very well thought of.

Well, to prevent a massace of around 1600 troops two young soldiers must make their way behind enemy lines and warn a particular colonel to call off a planned assault; it's as simple as that and to make this an 'exciting' picture all sorts of superbly filmed misfortunes befall them.

The heroes are in constant danger and the viewers are apparently projected into the very tense and totally gripping scenes.

She said it was boring and my brother called it a dud.

The movie itself is fairly boring and slow.

I adore the one shot film and the cinemageophy, but let down with too much walking about with nothing happening.

This is a very slow and boring movie, probably the worst war movie we ever seen, we just can't wait for it to end.

It takes you on a emotional and adrenaline filled journey, which leaves your heart and stomach in your mouth throughout, it embodies war and anguish creating what can simply be described as a complete cinematic experience, I could not take my eyes off the drama.

Compelling, brilliant action, intense .. gripping, heart felt .. A lot to be said for our young war hero's from WW1 that we take modern day for granted.

They both gave incredible and mesmerizing performances and their characters were really compelling even if one of them gets killed off pretty early.

To discuss this movie based on its cinematography alone, ignores how stunning the rest of the movie is, and the way every element works together.

Just saw this film, and I have to say that it was visually stunning.

1917 is a great movie with a compelling story, interesting characters, and above all a beautiful way of showing these to the audience.

" However, once the corporals get their lances in gear, their quest begins to take on the guise of a cross country event, complete with unexpected obstacles (such as broken bridges or army trucks mired in the mud) and life-threatening narrow escapes.

The characters are likable and engaging.

Definitely different than any war movie I've ever seen, and had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

You're there with the two young soldiers, whether it be cautiously crossing No Man's Land or running from enemy troops, up close and personal throughout, and it's just such a relentlessly thrilling film that left me breathless by the end.

Whilst the cinematography is beautiful the movie is slow and at times down right boring.

This is a truly stunning flick.

The camerawork in 1917 is utterly stunning, Roger Deakins proving once again just how much of a genius he really is.

Technique gets in the way of any otherwise engaging film .

What is fascinating is the parallel to the breathtaking, pulsating science fiction thriller of Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity (2013) a survival story in outer space.

7/10 - stunning cinematography elevates a rather ordinary war story

Save your money till it's free on Netflix.

Most boring film I've ever seen and I like slow movies .

This is Truly a waste of time movie.

clever use of camera etc,but just rather dull.

I just love this half-full vs half-empty undertone that the film sets from start to finish.

Enjoyed it .

Even that Goodfellas tracking shot through the club is fascinating from a technical level.

But overall, I enjoyed it.

There are many moments where I sat there bored because a scene would go on for too long.

The score was used so effectively and made the scenes so much more intense.

I have to be real, I love war films and I love slow films but this film is mostly dull with a few outstanding moments.

Saw the film in IMAX and that was intense, took the film to a whole other level.

In my opinion this movie more engaging than Saving Private Ryan.

An absolute masterpiece , stunning cinematography from start to finish .

" For me, it became unwatchable.

Stunning cinematography, with very very long shots beautifully crafted.

Weak and Pointless .

From the moment the film opened until its closing shot, 1917 had me on the edge of my seat.

Great immersion thanks to the sequence planes, a good tension management and an excellent setting, but the film does not allow you to connect with the characters at any time, which are simple and underdeveloped archetypes together with an artificial, predictable, forced script and with a simple and typical structure, putting the show before the background.

Kind of hard to produce entertainment when you are literally trying to produce the slowness of time and get to different locations and have different looks in your scene (the burning church scene was clearly done to turn the audience away from the same cloudy skies and muddy fields).

Totally gripping through the entire movie it blew my mind.

His photography is stunning and basically makes this movie what it is.

I highly recommend watching a behind the scenes video for this film, seeing the scale of the sets built is mind blowing.

but way more intense .

If it wasnt for the cinematography and the opening half hour I would have given it a 4, poor characters, plot holes and bland story.

Major subliminal messages that provokes the mind for those interested but also entertaining for those that aren't.

this movie was a snoozer!

A first person experience worth watching.

There were some illogical moments and second half of the movie really dragged.

Maybe bit more intense fight scene instead of just bum ouch he stabbed me do you kno de wei and ded.

An astonishing film-making achievement as much as a breathtaking experience .

That being said, this film is building and you can feel it and that climax is so emotionally breathtaking and intense.

This movie was boring.

And etc. etc. I wanted to like this movie but i was bored to death.

The tension they create throughout the entire move is intense.

The one shot style makes you feel even closer to the two soldiers with their intense and demanding mission.

He's fascinating and where the main character is only (and at best) 80% there, Lieutenant Leslie is 150% there.

The stunning package is just the pretty ribbon attached to the medal.

When a movie is stunning to watch and keeps me glued to the screen for two hours simultaneously...

The ability to pull something like this off, with brilliant peaceful bookends encapsulating intense action, makes 1917 a generation-defining movie that will likely remain as a landmark of cinema for years to come, regardless of the awards it does or does not win.

Midway was a much more entertaining and emotionally engaging war movie.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Collin Firth appear too briefly in the film to make any contribution to the plot, leaving only the wooden appearances of the other actors, in all either dull, or impossible situations.

All of you who say it was boring, I guess there were not enough scenes with people getting their heads blown off .

Hard to stay awake for this one.

The story is flimsy and empty.

Dean-Charles Chapman and George MacKay deliver engaging and thrilling performances.


Stunning and haunting .

It just seemed like a really lazy way of saying oh jeez this scene is intense.

Absolutely stunning!!!.

The acting from the main character George MacKay (William Schofield) was brilliant and the way this film was shot was fantastic, but overall I was bored and waiting for the end.

Thrilling, engaging and brilliant.

The midpoint of the film comes early, in another extremely suspenseful scene-a German airplane is shot down and crashes a few feet from Blake and Schofield who have been making their way through an abandoned farmhouse.

He did an amazing job of making the movie without any cuts it really helped you to experience the events of the movie and makes you feel the panic, tragedy and the adrenaline rush along with the characters.

What an experience this was, despite all the suffering and horrors of war depicted in this movie,it was so immersive and intense it made me want be there,that how good this movie is

Based on a story from Mendes' own grandfather, 1917 moves at a compelling pace and includes some surprises along the way.

The cinematography is beautiful and it's an understatement to say the last half an hour or so had me on the edge of my seat!

Boring and predictable .

A different and brilliant way of filming makes for a fantastically intense movie .

However, it lacks passion, good characters and a more compelling story.

1917 was very moving and intense.

Visuals in this movie are stunning.

See Paths of Glory, Come and See and Apocalypse Now instead of this cliched empty spectacle

The momentary glimpses of war-weary soldiers sleeping, smoking, snoozing and snacking are riveting.


The cinematography is beautiful, the emotions are high, the war is intense and the story is real.

The pacing works and the movie did feel shorter than it was, but I also spaced out frequently while watching it, and much of the scenery was repetitive, which I know given that the war was mainly trench warfare you're going to have a lot of that, it still felt like watching one of those old Hannah-Barbara cartoons where the characters run against the same recycled background that keeps looping every few seconds, trench, trench, no man's land, trench, field, city, trench.

And there's plenty of contrived happenstance; suspension of disbelief is sorely tested more than once.

Poor storyline, boring overall .

It's really like I played a very exciting video game and that's it.

at just those wonderfully timed moments of "intense, irrepressible feeling".

Breathtaking cinematography, relatively weak storyline.

BORING as hell.

The cinematography of 1917 grabs you and has you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Plus a plotline that dragged out Mel Gibson's one and only great performance - in Gallipoli - into a two-hour plod.

Where it had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what the next move was.

Compelling story, characters, and filmmaking; you know, just the real things take make a good movie.

Waste of my time and money.

i almost lost breathing in the first 25 minutes, so intense none stop action without cut (at least i feel it that way), it gives you some break and.....

Wow what a truly incredible movie that hit the mark on every level, visuals, acting and a compelling story lets talk more about this.

One of the most thrilling cinematic experiences.

This year we got to see a mediocre yet entertaining Midway and a gem like 1917.


Pretty dull.

It was intense and engaging the whole time, with moments of fast paced action sprinkled throughout which really got the heart racing.

There is limited emotion shown by the main characters, scenes that suspend reality and cliche, cliche, cliche.

One thing that surprises me somewhat is that among all the awards buzz this film is generating, none of it has been for lead actor George MacKay, who delivers a stunning and stunningly physical performance.

", yet even for mindless action, I never felt at the edge of my seat, and all of the meant-to-be tense and gripping scenes felt forced and contrived, and you could see the actors reacting to cues rather then immersed into Sam's world of make believe.

Utterly compelling heart of darkness masterpiece, playing out a million stories of vicious, brutal, random, pointless death with an unbearable poignant ending

The editing was really good too defenetly worth watching

The unpredictable nature of the story puts you on the edge of your seat and helps you understand how nightmarish and chaotic time this was in history.

But Hollywood & unreal Guns is a known cliche.

Great performances, brilliantly shot to show the horrors of war, and riveting from start to finish, this is a movie you definately should see.

The script is spare but gripping as not just MacKay and Chapman put in great performances; there are also great supporting turns by Mark Strong, Colin Firth , Nabhaan Rizwan and Benedict Cumberbatch.

The film is shot in one continous shot and it feels perfect for this film and allows you to get immersed in this WW1 setting and you feel like you are with the characters.

It's basically a get from A to B video game type story; as such it is very predictable.

This is the worst movie I've seen since that crappy comedy movie about North Korea.

This exciting experience wouldn't work without Deakins brilliant cinematography, which is the real Oscar-worthy part here in my opinion.

The significance of the mission is known to both the cast and audience, so crafting this film with a single shot in mind is brilliant because as the passage of time moves forward, we stay on the edge of our seats knowing that with the exclusion of obvious cuts, the film is forced to keep pushing onward.

Gripping and Enthralling .

This is only possible because of two stunning performances from its leads MacKay and Chapman.

Boring .


By the very nature of cinematic art, there is going to be some distancing and in the case of a film about World War I, what better way to convey (in some measure) the utter pointlessness of that particular conflict then by creating an exciting story of two "everyman" soldiers, racing against time to prevent catastrophe.

Personally, I believe this experiment is more of a success than not, despite the "best" efforts of any "boring" reviewers.

IN BRIEF: A stunning visual testament to WWI.

The hype of this movie is so over rated, I was keen to walk out of the cinema but thought surely something exciting must happen soon - it never did

War is 95% boredom and 5% terror - just like this movie .

This is a visually stunning masterpiece and definitely a must see

Propaganda from US and UK with christmas lighta...

Mesmerizing, Riveting, etc.....

Wouldn't recommend anyone unless they are war film aficionados , if it's raining don't waste your time 7.4 for us .

It was very slow and talkie.

Regarding the story, it's rather simplistic, two soldiers are ushered to the frontlines to deliver a message that will prevent the slaughter of 1,600 British soldiers, it sounds rather basic, but its the character development of George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman, who both deliver stunning performances, that sells the story.

But, the unbroken shot technique to show World War I action was so impressive that it made the movie thrilling to watch the whole time.

It is tedious and boring.

To sum it up: no masterpiece, but mildly entertaining.

Story The story is pretty engrossing, the journey that these two people go on is very tense and emotional, you support them all the way and you want to see them succeed.

It's an enjoyable movie, which will make its way to being another classic.

I found this unbelevable, silly and predictable.

This movie is truly breathtaking.

Boring .

a riveting war movie .

Offensively bland, predictable amusement park ride of a movie.

Believe me when I say, that this movie is gripping in its storytelling.

Before every major obstacle/storm, there is some room for calmness where these characters come across something evocative so they get to have a brief chat about them which for most parts is likeable or at least, puts the morale of a soldier before us.

Boring, over rated, slow, no action, no memorable lines, mediocre acting, predictable plot, the only good thing is the cinematography.

The characters are uninteresting.

Boring, Boring, Boring .

The intended effect is to make one feel immersed in the experience: when Blake and Schofield force their way towards a crossing point through no man's land, pushing through a flow of men going the opposite way, the trenches feel like a dizzying maze.

Boring Movie .

This movie is brilliant, it's shot in a compelling and amazing way.

Again, this keeps in time with the artistic nature, but there were some slower parts that had me battling to remain conscious.

The acting was not so good, the dialogues are very boring, the ending is the most boring ever.

Overall the one take makes for a very slow journey which at times is just boring.

This movie is so much thrilling and the camera work and performances are superb.

And that, in turn, makes for something worse than just a boring and non-immersive movie: a mockery of the unimaginable pain and sacrifice their grandfathers went through in order to keep Europe free.

From the colour gradient used which is generally a sort of dull colour to depict the gritty environment of the battlefield to a beautiful flame within what is a dull environment (Not too experienced when it comes to colour gradients so this is the best I can do to explain it, sorry).

I was on the edge of my seat one minute, feeling sad the next, and finished the film reflecting on what it must have been like for those who fought for us to have the freedom we have today.

The suspense rivals an intense Stephen King horror movie, except this is every bit the most realistic suspense you can experience on film.

Absolutely stunning.

The movie is shot perfectly to show the raw emotions and the confusion surrounding war.

Me and my brother said this movie was boring for us.

Mind Blowing !!!.

Long and drawn out .

Overall, it was enjoyable.

Yeah, I highly recommend it.

Every moment of this film was intense and nail biting, the world building details were insane and they made the setting feel all the more realistic.

As simple as the premise is, I was on the edge of my seat every step of the way.

Popcorn flick with some propaganda.

But no, this film has the same hype as Dunkirk, both films are boring frankly, I did not care about the characters at all, running around without any common sense to their actions.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat, just to occassionally push you back to the end of it.

Enjoyable movie if only for single shot vehicle.

A stunning beautiful (if you can call it that) film from start to finish.

Seriously, that scene might become the stuff of cinematic legend and used as a how-to guide on delivering unexpected shocks from an unlikely place.

I really was immersed and felt the emotions with all these dead/dying soldiers.

Relentlessly paced it gives the audience like our protagonists little time to pause or relax as Mendes infuses every moment with tension, every movement one of unpredictable suspenseful outcome.

The cinematography was amazing, good story, slow build up.