1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982) - Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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In a post-apocalyptic New York City, a policeman infiltrates the Bronx, which has become a battleground for several murderous street gangs.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Enzo G. Castellari
Stars: Mark Gregory, Fred Williamson
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 8 out of 45 found boring (17.77%)

One-line Reviews (38)

This is an enjoyable action movie that does not try to hide what movies it is ripping off of (although a lot of Italian rip offs did this).

Hugely enjoyable to watch as a simple tale with ridiculous backdrop.

Entertaining "Warriors" and "Escape from NY" rip off .

Otherwise, the non-stop barrage of bloody violence, brutality, impalements and murder is filmed in a truly entertaining way by those good old exploitation-loving Italians!

The Italians really have their own style, and here they put their energies to an extremely entertaining use.

So yeah the story is fine about a girl who chose to hide out in the bronx & became involved with Trash & the government that want her back & send in an assassin to kill everyone & get her back,the Hammer played really well & intense by Vic Marrow & alot of colourful gangs & fights, so yeah a good fun ride that i could watch again.

And a plot that longs to be "Escape from New York", but ends up being tedious, predictably and boring.

The pace is sufficiently fast to overcome both the dull moments and the hokey dialogue.

The music by Walter Rizzati is another very enjoyable asset, and helps to drive the movie forward.

For what it is, we have an interesting story shoved into a boring movie.

The fiery climax to the film is pretty unusual and unexpected for a movie of this variety, even if the main thrust of the movie – gang heroes having to go through rival territory to fulfil their purpose – is stolen straight out of THE WARRIORS.

The action set-pieces themselves, however, are entertaining and thrilling..lots of bodies being stabbed with plenty of hand to hand combat.

Good late night trashy entertainment & lots of crazy action packed fun

It's really cool action flick and is worth watching if you are a fan of movies like Mad Max, Escape from New York or 2019: After the Fall of New York.

There are holes, acting that is on-par with a high school play, and stretches of sheer yawn-inducing dialog that the whole thing makes you scratch your head and wonder- could these people really be serious here?

(This is not an exaggeration the motorcycle gang literally battles a Broadway review) Fred Williamson (who confusingly is called Trash while Vic Morrow's character is called the Hammer), Betty Dessy as Hammers girl Witch (In her only film) and Joshua Sinclair as Ice actually give entertaining performances.

With famed director Castellari controlling the shots, the fight scenes are invariably exciting and very well-staged on what is apparently a very low budget.

Forget "Terminator 2", forget "Jaws" or "The Matrix" or any of those groundbreaking yet utterly predictable movies.

Very fun, but kinda of boring.

Engaging escapism.

Nowhere near as entertaining as I expected, but still quite enjoyable.

The whole thing is so dull that whatever story potential it may have had is ruined by its mediocre acting, uninteresting characters (except for the aforementioned Ogre and Hammer), bland action sequences (I mean come on, half the deaths in this movie were caused by slapping their opponents), and lack of resolution.

It's underwhelming and more boring than it needs to be, and not as fun as it could've been.

It's one of those "switch your brain off" type entertaining testosterone flicks you smile and kick your feet up to.

The costumes, the overacting, the slow fight scenes, the soundtrack of an overly distorted guitar blaring over a 1980s drum machine, the too easy to follow story lines and predictable endings, the cheap faded face paint, the heavy metal haircuts and the main characters name being "Trash"...

Castellari (who also has a supporting role here), they know to expect an entertaining diversion.

Don't set your expectations too high, and you might have an entertaining time, if only due to Williamson and several bloody fights.

Anyway, this is quite enjoyable low budget idiocy with some rather laughable looking gangs and enough fight scenes and explosions to satisfy most people.

I love Italian exploitation and the story was action packed at times and entertaining...

Entertaining, yeah… kind of.

There's lots of SHOTS (I put capitals for a reason) as we see intense close-ups like of Trash crying (done ever so eloquently by the great Mark Gregory...

I can't say I was knocked out by it, but it's worth watching, especially if you are a fan of Fred Williamson who steals the movie.

I won't go so far saying that this movie is better than Escape from New York, but Bronx Warriors is more entertaining movie.

However it's the fun atmosphere, non-stop violence and hysterical dialogue that makes BRONX WARRIORS such an entertaining movie.

I guess this could be a good movie if you're looking for some unintentional comedy or if you just want to pass the time on a boring afternoon.

If you want to see a boring two hours then I recommend it, otherwise just skip it.

inferior copy of The Warriors (1979), but still somewhat entertaining .

If that all sounds confusing, don't worry, as 1990 is a year that can't come too soon!