2 Days in Paris (2007) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Marion and Jack try to rekindle their relationship with a visit to Paris, home of Marion's parents -- and several of her ex-boyfriends.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Julie Delpy
Stars: Julie Delpy, Adam Goldberg
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 104 found boring (20.19%)

One-line Reviews (71)

Because of that, it has lead to claims that the film is just a "talkie" and is "boring" which are certainly not the case.

It arrived unexpected in the post (Amazon films) - I had forgotten that I'd put it on the list, and for the life of me couldn't remember why.

Completely Pointless .

Let's be honest: even I experienced more exiting things during the last two days, and I am a very boring person, according to some of my friends.

What had the potential of being a great film with lots of opportunity of being another "The Out of Towners" with Jack Lemon and Sandy Dennis turned out to be a drawn out and tedious film of self indulgence by the director and author, Julie Delpy.

With his intense stare and constantly put-upon manner, the actor comes across as more irritating than clever even though Delpy generously gives him the lion's share of the laughs.

Awful; Unfunny and Boring .

Boring, shallow, godless liberals.

Plus, the bargain-basement stereotypes of what is "American" and, even more surprisingly, of what is "French," for me at least, were exasperating and tiresome.

I fell asleep .

The only fail I found on this movie is that some scenes are a little bit pretentious.

More annoying were the people around me who seemed to be rolling in the aisles laughing at laborious and predictable humour.

Even though this film touches on the darker side of romance, it somehow still manages to be extremely entertaining in a French-Woody Allen kind of way.

Waste of time.

The comedy is as it should be, very entertaining.

A pointless film with poor dialogues and unrealistic situations that purport to be realistic.

On the whole an amateurish and overacted film (too many French comedies still think cinema is theatre), thoughtless, childish, etc., don't waste your time with this.

Quite enjoyable .

A very enjoyable movie - particularly on a date.

The film portrays the slow unraveling of Jack and Marion's relationship which, as Marion reveals through her sometime narration, has started to show a few cracks before the events that unfurl in Paris.

one of the most boring non eventful films ever made, i think that critics live in a little small world of their own, why this got decent reviews is beyond me, a film so full of banal talk that is incessant, and events so boring if these people came near me i would run very fast in the opposite direction, delpy thinks she is woody allen and diane keaton, she maybe at their very worst, this was billed as a comedy, if this is fun then just pass the shotgun, a total waste of time, money and effort, there have been very few films i have seen that i wish would be buried forever this is most certainly on the top of the list, take this as a warning, stay away from this self important, pretentious, noisy, irritating drivel

boring boring boring .

pretentious, repetitive, plenty of obvious remarks .

but surely there are so many other stories to be told out there that actually are interesting and entertaining that it makes one wonder - who the f..k put the money up for this ???

It is hard, though, for a non-French person to judge just how much of all this is meant to portray the character of "the French" (if anything like that exists) and how much is mere parody exploiting and playing with the cliché that French people always think about love and sex.

I think it would help to relieve the boredom if people could knit spaghetti while watching.

Everyday boring events as a movie topic do not necessarily lead to boring movies, at least not when the director manages to present these events in an interesting way.

2 DAYS IN Paris isn't going to be the kind of film to win any Oscars; its subject-matter is a familiar one (the American floundering in a foreign culture), and the conclusion equally predictable.

What follows is a series of hugely entertaining misunderstandings involving cross cultural differences, hilarious conversations in broken French with family members and a series of unplanned rendezvous with former lovers all of which combine to drive him high up the paranoia ladder.

So we have a bright entertaining comedy about people we'd rather not know.

This was one long, tedious and drawn out film that had little to offer the viewer in terms of comedy and not much to redeem itself in its ending.

Self indulgent and tedious .

Her insistence of a "strange" Paris, with its former hippies, leaky buildings, exotic foods and talkative taxi drivers, is one of the most uninteresting things I've ever seen.

However, the makers carefully avoided even this and created such a mediocre and bland story, portraying the uninteresting lives of boring characters played by boring actors in such a mediocre fashion that one cannot but wonder whether these people really intended to make a film or were just shooting up some left-over reels because they were desperate to spend all their government subsidies before the Ministry of Culture would reclaim the money.

Taken as a series of off-kilter episodes, the movie is entertaining, especially a rabbit dinner scene that firmly establishes Jack as the family outsider.

The film takes some predictable potshots at Americans abroad; their monolingualism, their expectations that everyone should think like them, irrespective of cultural differences; and their obsession with private as opposed to public issues.

I really could not believe Delpy could write and Also direct this Merde of a film.. for u Americans..that is S..t. Yes.. it is pathetic to think that she would waste peoples time on this horrible film.. my mother, a fellow artist, fell asleep half way thru.

Plot turns are either trivial or contrived, the characters almost reduced to stereotypes,and although Paris is an exciting city architecturally, the makers systematically selected the blandest of settings.

Awful, boring, not funny at all .

The film piles cultural cliché and stereotype upon cultural cliché and stereotype, then presents this to the viewer as a "comic" slice of life.

The funniest, most unexpected scene is in the Metro when they try avoiding a death-stare stranger who has no hesitation circling them like a buzzard.

To begin with, the plot is rather flimsy: boyfriend, American, and girlfriend, golden-haired Frenchwoman, are together for two years, start to get bored of their relationship, and thus decide to travel to Italy and visit the girl's parents in Paris.

The movie seems to me quite banal, even though parents characters & performances seem to be the most accomplished, and somehow lively, peculiar and funny.

Possibly the worst movie I have paid good money to see.

All in all that's one more good movie by Julie Delpy (which not only has the writing and directing credits but also plays the MARION character): funny, frontal, honest and entertaining

It is a great voyeuristic look into a relationship meltdown and a fantastic exploration of culture clashing as Jack sometimes panders to the American in Paris cliché and deals with Marion's 'European' approach to sex, claiming that she puts many of her odd character traits down to being 'French'.

This film is very entertaining and hilarious.

Delpy has written a really funny movie about love and relationships and family that was enjoyable to the end.

I rather enjoyed it because it was different and seemed quite natural most of the time.

The film's conclusion is predictable enough, with the lovers vowing to separate yet unable to do so, but it has been an enjoyable trip along the way.

Delpy, who wrote, directed, produced and acted in the movie, has made a master work that is complex, evocative, real and quite beautiful.

One suspects that the crude moments in the film are there only to lift the pointless plot out of the doldrums.

I really enjoyed it - insightful as well as amusing.

Once you have gotten over the swing-cam moving left to right - as if the cameraman had been trained to film tennis tournaments - then you can settle down to watch two boring characters self implode amid some of the weakest location settings ever.

Empty characters and useless stereotypes.

In 2 days in Paris, however, Julie Delpy (girlfriend), Adam Goldberg (boyfriend) and most of the other actors are prone to overacting and hide their lack of skill or enthusiasm behind a lot of cheap yelling and blustering and gesticulating and contrived facial expressions.

The subjects discussed were sometimes so POINTLESS that they weren't even funny.

They are dull, self centered, annoying.

Boring: it has no interesting story to tell, besides the classical story of a malfunctioning relationship.

It is not even shocking or surprising, it is boring.

I think that when my mom started to doze off I realized that "too much" is going to be the problem of this movie.

Moreover, the continuous sexual innuendos and concentration on sex became really boring and you wanted more from their relationship.

How do boring people live.

The script is incredible moving right along, fast paced with a laugh a minute, really.

Not unlike her Before Sunrise and Sunset films with Ethan Hawke though, spending two days with this couple feels as intimate and realistic as any entertaining American date movie has achieved in the past few years.

However, if she truly loved this man, she should have undergone a couple years of intensive therapy before even thinking of beginning a relationship.

I certainly wouldn't waste my money buying it.

cliché after cliché .

The US guy is a cliché of a moron, unable to communicate other than English, it's not a problem with language, it's the inability to express oneself without words, the couple fails, the story fails, and so the movie.

Surprisingly enjoyable comedy .

Annoying: 95% of the movie plot consists of two people having an argument, not getting along, or being bored.