21 (2008) - Crime, Drama, History

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"21" is the fact-based story about six MIT students who were trained to become experts in card counting and subsequently took Vegas casinos for millions in winnings.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Robert Luketic
Stars: Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 77 out of 301 found boring (25.58%)

One-line Reviews (340)

So all in all, if you don't mind B-grade acting, a cliché storyline and overlooking painfully obvious plot holes just to get a few cheap Vegas thrills, be my guest.

Entertaining, a bit slick, some good performances, overall though, it's just not very good.

Engaging .

It's a thoroughly enjoyable movie...

The whole entire movie was very intense.

So, even though Ebert rated this movie low, I enjoyed it for what it was.

The accent of Sturgess was fake and contrived.

The ending is sort of "forced", but my wife and I enjoyed it.

boring and forced .

I watched this film on a relaxed Sunday evening expecting it to be a light heated flick and an enjoyable game of blackjack, similar to Oceans Eleven or Focus.

The middle third or so of the movie feels empty nonetheless as edits show too many boring Vegas parties and lavishings devoid of meaning or fire.

An entertaining no-brainer .

I thought 21 was truly amazing and really enjoyed it.

Slow paced, predictable movie we've seen before .

Still, 21 made for an enjoyable heist/gambling type of movie, sans those comedic ones which HK used to put out continuously at one point in time.

It was mildly entertaining.

Are we allowed to write reviews of films which became so mind-numbingly dull and predictable that we didn't even watch until the end?

g the somewhat fanciful love scene between Ben and Jill; the contrived "sting" planned by Cole Williams to nail his longtime nemesis Mickey Rosa; etc.) It's nice to see a clutch of personable new stars coming through in a film like this, even if the script doesn't place huge demands on their acting ability.

If the director had chosen to tell with painstaking detail all the shifts from one casino to another, from one gesture to another, then instead of plot-hole hunters we would have the other kind of people who always complain about films being confusing.

To conclude 21 , was a highly entertaining flick which gave us a brief insight into how to the game of cards and also told a highly entertaining story , defiantly worth checking out.

It's an enjoyable casino flick, and Lawrence Fishburne steals the show as usual.

This shot is so cliché that even spoofs of it have become cliché.

However, 21 turns out to be quite drawn out and the trailer for the film seemed more exciting.

Enjoyable movie, that attempts to span several different genres with varying success .

"21" is an unusually slow paced drama loosely based on a card counting scheme pulled off (at least for a while) by some very smart MIT students.

All the other "characters" are empty.

18) Tobey wannabe claims to do it for the money, but it's obvious that he's really doing it to be close to the bland blonde.

I guess that would make for a very boring story, maybe, then again maybe not.

This was an element of the movie, to be sure, but it seemed very underdeveloped and I was surprised how much more entertaining it was on the printed page than the big screen.

Even if they don't stay completely true to the book and/or the real story, it should still be pretty entertaining.

Now, having studied card counting, I know what the theory is, and I found the movie dull and boring, so how will anyone who has no knowledge of the technique fare?

While it is entertaining, it is much too simplified to interest the serious gambler.

Poor acting, 1000 cliché scenes, predictable ending and horrible story, this movie cannot get more than 3 of 10.

The film is about the relationships between the group and I cannot say how much of it is true, but it's a fairly entertaining couple of hours.

While the artistic and deep films are enjoyable and further the art of cinema and the fluff makes some (like me) want to burn my DVD collection and call the industry catatonic, these are the movies that lie in between that make the movies fun again.

Unreal but entertaining.

Contains all the required and predictable elements, including boy meets girl, good boy turned bad boy turned good boy.

It was a predictable formula movie replete with worn-out plot devices, superficial development and unimaginative dialog.

His ability to control his menace throughout before unleashing his true, nasty personality in two or three quietly gripping scenes was a particular highlight.

Save your money and buy a decent DVD instead.

In the end it just a good entertaining movie, don't bet on anything more.

It's a little too long and I didn't really buy the fact that everything works out so well in the end, but overall it's just an enjoyable little film that demonstrates the strong talent of a great young actor.

However, the flashy MTV style cinematography and editing ably capture the engrossing spectacle of Vegas, and once the film gets going, it would be difficult to deny the sheer enjoyment of being swept up in the heady rush of quick wealth and all of its hedonistic trappings.

Film editing coincides with plot pacing, and ranges from slow to super fast.

I would highly recommend it to anybody when it eventually comes out in April!!

Alas, a few predictable twists and turns sends our protagonist down a journey of reflection, however the pace and frantic energy within the narrative consistently makes this flick enjoyable.

This movie was entertaining, mildly educational and as i said- decent.


A catchy, fast paced film.

The book is much more realistic and exciting whereas the movie feels like a kiddie movie about gambling climaxing to a fairy tale ending.

Yet these important elements are ignored, or handled off screen in the most bland way.

The story starts out fairly nice, Massachusetts and the university locations are nice to look at and the basic setup of using your special brain skills to make you rich is intriguing.

An insistence to portray Ben as some sort of nerdy hero causes the film to indulge in trite clichés, most annoyingly, Ben's initial encounter with the card counting students, a shameful example of the 'outsider that's learnt to be accepted by the cooler kids' storyline.

Its too long, it has no plot, acting is above average, it contains many holes in the story and its SO predictable!!

There is also a romantic interest between Sturgess and Bosworth, that adds little to the story and is more a distraction from the action and fast paced scenes of tense gambling schemes and high dollar excitement.

A breezy, fast-moving romp that trades well on its appeal as a glitzy caper movie about high-end scam artists without losing sight of its simmering greed-is-not-so-good theme.

After the so-called "twists", it just isn't enjoyable anymore because it becomes predictable and there are plot holes that keep popping up and leaving you in a state of What-The-Eff!

There were anomalies in the plot and sometimes it seemed a bit too Ocean's Eleven a la Blackjack as the actors were shoe-horned into a formulaic over-plot that threatens on occasions to blow the charm factor out of the water - or ocean!

How to make Las Vegas boring.

Lawrence Fishbourne in a guest-starring role gives the movie a bit of depth and validity while the finale scene(s) are foregone conclusions and predictable as are a lot of the happenings the simple drive of the story works and is entertaining.

None of the three were ones I particularly wanted to see, but I was bored and in hindsight I am thrilled I saw 21.

The script's dialogue is snappy and hip, and contains minimal tech jargon.

Predictable Mess .

Worth watching .

A highly charged , entertaining flick.

This is truly the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

Considering the risky pleasure generally associated with gambling and the seductive thrill of watching a heist or scam unfold, it should come as no surprise that 21, a film which combines the two aforementioned premises should excel at being enjoyable.

"21" is entertaining, that's it.

21 counts cards through a frenetic albeit predictable crime caper.

I'll sum up how boring the movie makes LV: several scenes in strip clubs with no one naked.

Interesting and engaging film from the get go.

I thought it was fantastic, the whole story was so entertaining and gripping, i was left wondering what was going to happen next.

Seeing the same montages over and over again becomes tedious, and watching these characters move to their eventual ending is almost painful.

Nevertheless, it's still a compelling and interesting movie.

The cast has done a good job to make the movie both engaging and entertaining.

Pretty Good Story, but with bland support and poor middle .

Some plot complications seem contrived.

It got a little boring near the middle.

Like every other role he has, Spacey is a joy to watch and makes the film even more enjoyable.

Kate Bosworth is lovely but in all honestly I found her downright boring in this film.

If you have even played just a few hands you will know this movie is cliché-ridden and completely unrealistic.

The film 21 was built up in the media and only television to be a great, exciting piece of cinema and sadly it did not live up to that hype.

It'll be shorter more interesting and more entertaining.

So: those discussions are pointless.

So I'll just mention a few bad things about the movie that have nothing to do with it being based on a book: 1) At 2 hours long, the movie seems very drawn out given its rather shallow treatment of the subject matter.

I found the book compelling.

Yet regrettably, the search for straightening the story is just getting boring and boring until the end starts to occur, while leaving mentioned questions unanswered.

Boring, tedious, pandering .

Fun, entertaining...

Too predictable .

And yet it is fascinating because it demonstrates some people are ready to do absolutely anything to satisfy their desires, to reach their goals, to succeed, no matter what it may be.

It was refreshing to see a film that could have so easily turned out to be a superficial, Hollywood "throw-away" actually be made as an intelligent, suspenseful, and engaging film that in no way wastes the talents of those involved.

Entertaining but very cliché.

To say this film is formulaic is an understatement; it feels like it was written by a robot.

Mildly entertaining movie weak on characterization .

The fascinating story of this film is about a bunch of students robbing the casinos by beating the black jack game.

However as a movie it is way far off from being interesting, one dimensional characters, not so good acting from the actors(even not from spacey whom i worship), music filled 'romantic' moments, and the 'surprise' ending was so obvious that it was boring to wait for it to happen.

21's main strength is also its biggest weakness on many occasions, it tries very hard to span several different genres; smart thriller, Apatow style geek comedy, teen coming of age drama, sweet romance and profound morality tale.

In the beginning the story is moving too slow and ONLY after 40 minutes or more you can see some real action!

The movie was predictable and should have been forgettable if it weren't for a math problem.

19) Notice that Spacey and the bland blonde have been in three films together (21, Beyond The Sea, and Superman Returns)?

The ending was unexpected, but it worked and made up for earlier plot points that were predictable.

Lame, predictable, uninspired .

Its 30 minutes too long, and even at that its one of the dullest outing of 2008.

An Entertaining look at the World of Blackjack players .

It didn't end with the thrilling finish you would expect after all that high stakes, adrenaline rush risks our characters take in the earlier part of the story.

As I said,the movie is entertaining but it gets a little bit boring on some moments which could have easily been edited,because they do not add anything to the story.

21 gives a fresh feeling with its gripping script, focused narration and great star cast.

The movie 21 has a compelling story, which is well acted, and directed.

However, the film is well acted, pacey after an inevitably slow scene setting start, and lavish on the eye with some glamorous Las Vegas sets, and some hedonistic living.

21 was such an exciting movie to just sit down and watch.

And the flow of the plot is painfully cliché, up until the end where things are admittedly pretty unpredictable.

the exciting, high-rolling lifestyle, the glamor, the fun.

But what really annoyed me were the really badly animated chip stacks that had no plot value whatsoever.

It even manages to make gambling boring.

The big guy Laurence Fishburne playing the spoiler in the otherwise a foolproof plan makes his character quite enjoyable.

But, on the whole, "21" is entertaining stuff….

The film's snappy visuals and strong casting are mostly enough to make up for a largely uninspired and frequently weak script.


There's no question 21 is a paint by numbers affair, yet despite being formulaic and predictable, it somehow manages to be entertaining enough to not walk out of.

You can relate feeling of fear, love, betrayal, anger, affection, confusion and etc with each character.

Especially the last 10 minutes of this, it really keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Fine actors whose talents are wasted in this predictable, boring, canned Hollywood movie.

Forgive me for saying it but Hollywood has taken a very good and exciting tale and made it into a cliché.

21 is predictable and has clouded motivations on what we are hearing this story.

And I exactly knew why it didn't jive with me:-Kevin Space is an astounding actor, yet the way he tried to make a Ivy League professor charismatic superstar was just too trite.

However, Jim Sturgess as Ben keeps "21" engaging.

It was just BORING.

Despite the slick dialogue and promising story, it became too predictable and drawn out.

There was still a lot of suspense and unexpected developments.

I really feel director Robert Luketic's previous experiences (his resume is filled with bland, vanilla romantic comedies that require a railroading script) put him as a disadvantage because 21 falls flat on its face.

This is just overall a good, interesting and entertaining factual-based story.

Nothing new, but it's worth the watch .

Full of intense action and a great storyline, this is a must watch film.

Fine setup becomes predictable with questionable attitude towards the consequences or just merely the payoff.

Many movies that have strayed from their literary inspirations have been entertaining and worthy in their own right.

This movie was full of cliché moments and expected story arcs.

The lack of depth hurts the film when it comes to repeat viewings, but if you intend to watch it once only it's a reasonably entertaining flick.

His biggest folly was not questioning as he went through the motions of making a silly, contrived, hyper-slick-music-video-shot-in-Jiminy-Jilikers-High-def if there was anything to change up on an audience who knows such motions through and through.

Sturgess and Bosworth are fine as the white-bread romantic leads, but the supporting cast is far more fascinating, including Gad and Golzari as Ben's nerdy pals, Yoo and Lapira as two of his colorful teammates, and Fishburne as the menacing casino cop.

The script is messy and predictable.

He stays kind of bland and just...

With this element stuttering the film really could have done with stronger characters to make for a good tale but, as it is, Campbell is a fairly dull subject whose changes are obvious and not that interesting.

FINAL VERDICT: Not really that exciting, but a good story worth watching.

I'm not sure of the timescale exactly, but the first 'section' seemed very slow-moving and frankly rather dull.

It contains no plot and story is so stretched out.

) The plot was extremely suspenseful and delivered a powerful climax.

I thought it made the card playing parts actually riveting even though i am not a card player myself.

Only for the terminably bored .

Despite the basic approach, it's an enjoyable crime drama.

This group would go to Vegas in the weekends, make a killing at the blackjack tables by employing pre-arranged signals, code words and card counts, and go back to school on Monday as if nothing happened.

Highly entertaining despite historical Inaccuracies .

So as a whole this is smart and enjoyable as well, except for ONE factor !!!

The preview and box make it look like an exciting, Vegas action film, but it plays like at best a drama, at worst, a boring documentary with some good camera work.

What's with the Tobey McGuire (yawn also) wanna-be?

And what follows is just one tired old cliché after another.

Despite these criticism it's a quite enjoyable, thrilling and interesting movie.

The cinematography of MIT is stunning and real, except there is little pedestrian traffic on Memorial Drive (where Jim Sturgess encounters other characters).

Still, somehow, the story managed to be very predictable until maybe the very end.

It is very laborious effort with an all too predictable tale.

The transformation of the lead character was predictable.

Enjoyable, slick and intelligent.

Watching him beat the crap out of people really is entertaining.

Hard to believe this movie was based on a factual story, given the improbabilities in the narrative, but this was still an enjoyable caper film, colourfully set in Las Vegas, centring on a youthful team of blackjack players out to clean up in Sun City, under Tge tutelage of their college master, ex-player Kevin Spacey.

Decent movie; entertaining enough and attention--getting and keeping.

Taking risk is like living on the edge.

Boring, mediocre and cliché .

The supporting crew including Jim's friends and four students as partners in crime is worth watching.

Why explain boring old math when you can have montages of our ethnically diverse group of spoiled geniuses bar hopping and shopping at Louis Vuitton?

This movie is abit confusing, has more elements than necessary to tell an effective story.

one tired old cliché after another in a movie that had me looking at my watch every ten minutes for the entirety of the second and third acts .

Predictable, underwhelming, and unsatisfying.

If there were ever an award for a film so committed at making gambling seem so unbearably dull then it would go to 21.

Well acted by the incredible cast (Sturgess is fascinating; Spacey efficient as usual), and directed with a fast good rhythm by Robert Luketic "21" is a must see film for those who enjoy stories with a difficult mission to achieve.

The plot for 21 is a rather predictable one that might make viewers fall asleep if they have no control over their central nervous system.

And because it is so predictable, the movie becomes boring quickly.

And the fine performances and polished visuals enhance the overall look and feel, to create a film that is both engaging and entertaining.

The running time is 124 very long,very boring minutes,thus my ** (unsatisfactory) rating.

Having been to Las Vegas and also loving table games I found the film entertaining and mildly nostalgic even though my trip was only a couple of years ago.

Although this was based on a true story, I thought the ending was also horribly predictable as I could see the "twist" coming a mile off which sullied it slightly, and despite its obvious merits I didn't feel the film sucked me in at all.

The minimum of profanity, the sharpness of the script, and the lavish production values made this an unusually enjoyable tale.

A slow start gives the necessary exposition as to how a thoroughly ethical young MIT student (Sturgess)'s desperate need for money to attend Harvard medical school leads him to join a team of mathematical geniuses trained in blackjack card counting who routinely rip off Las Vegas casinos during weekends between class.

Cliché .

Its not bad, far from it, its very entertaining, its just not real.

And yes, the movie is entertaining, too.

Based on a true story, it could be that the actual story might have been more authentically and emotionally compelling and satisfying.

So far, you might be thinking the movie sounds a lot more exciting than the book and I'd have to agree.

I will even go so far as to say that it has all of the qualities that made 1973's "The Sting" a classic---characters you care about, high stakes, an intriguing plot, smart direction, solid performances, and an ending that pays off.

The performances are bland and I kept looking at my watch to see how much longer I would have to suffer though this sleeper.

Enormously entertaining.

An enjoyable tale even though it may have delivered too much set up and exposition.

It's pretty trite regardless.

The movie does a good job of switching between the rather boring academic lifestyle at MIT and the swinging glitz of Vegas.

Take off in a dull, grey winter, and land in an everlasting subtropic summer .

This movie is boring, I can't believe great actors such as Laurence Fishburne and Kevin Spacey, signed up for this junk.

However, this opening proves overlong, overly predictable, and largely unnecessary, dragging far too much before plunging into the film's real fun as Sturgess and his team are engulfed by the seductive glamour of Vegas and the thrill of the huge monetary takes.

It's a shame, as if the film didn't labour its points so badly, it could still have been entertaining.


The lead character is interesting and because it's told like it's a true account of an amazing experience - it's pretty suspenseful.

But for what it is—it is a smart and entertaining time at the movies.

What I believed would be a typical Hollywood juvenile piece of celluloid tripe was actually a watchable, engaging motion picture with a good story, good acting, a credible script and ...

Entertaining & Wonderful Concept .

In this respect it was very successful and able to keep you on the edge of your seat wanting to know how they devised their systems and if they would get a away with it.

The repetition soon makes the game table routine and hand signals somewhat tedious.

Believable and entertaining.

Stretched out, bad acting, no plot...

21 is an entertaining and interesting movie with many positive elements,like the cast.

The ending was also a bit cliché' as the main guy took down the main bad guy, I'm guessing he was murdered by the casino thugs although they just kind of swept that part under the rug.

It's all quite glib, quite superficial, quite glossy and yes, quite enjoyable.

mathematics Professor Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey) and boy genius Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) discuss an intriguing mathematical paradox surrounding the game show "Let's Make A Deal".

While this movie is entertaining and keeps up the interest, partly depending on the pounding musical track, it still loses in disguises and believability in several places.

The stunning remix of the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want" is almost worth the price of admission.

The kind that you'll see for free on HBO or the like if you're bored enough, the kind that are so bad they're actually funny and worth the occasional viewing, and then the kind that you never want to see again.

The twists at the end are all a bit contrived and aimed towards producing an ending that ties everything up neatly; too neatly for me, it was totally unsatisfying.

What I realize now is that this movie is a theft of a cool true story and turned into a bland b-movie meant to stroke white mainstream movie-goers.

Cliché drivel .

The plus side of the movie is that it's somewhat entertaining and has a good, cinematically appealing subject matter.

Just as predictable yet enjoyable as the game depicted .

If you are inclined to prefer safe, boring, predictable films with the usual content, the usual characters, the usual 'dilemmas', the usual dialogue, the usual clichés, the usual plots and the usual plot devices, this is for you.

G ,falling in slow mo to cam.

Here's the irony: They embellished the story significantly and still managed to produce a tedious, predictable movie that didn't do justice to the characters, setting or tone of the book.

This is just as much enjoyable schmaltz as anything else Luketic has made; only this time it's lit in neon - Vegas style.

Predictable, Average Bet on 21 .

His gradual transformation from "the Anakin Skywalker of MIT" to "the Darth Vader of black-jack" was so predictable, to describe the rest of the film as "less-than-riveting" would be putting it charitably.

Okay, well the thing that didn't do well is the relationship between the main characters, their chemistry felt very forced and synthetic and it was very boring.

I enjoyed it more than films such as Confidence and the Oceans 11 type films.

The appeal here is in telling the story in a light mood, interesting a young audience, and entertaining it.

21 feels more like a dramedy, than pure drama, but what a fast paced and exciting film with a solid cast and writing.

Good, suspenseful movie.

If there is one compelling relationship, it should be Ben and the professor.


The movie moved entirely way too slow.


The movie is slow to build up while it drones on with boring useless detail and dialog filled with one cliché after another.

The story itself, as mentioned, is melodramatic, and also predictable - "twists" you have seen so often that they cease being twists.

Overall, it's a movie to see if you're up for a few laughs (as in there's comedy); a fun enjoyable trip learning about the students on their journey to pay for ridiculous college prices nowadays.

But there's also something just not there clicking, something when she puts on the 'concerned' face that just screams so bland that you can't even take it.

But, past the ninety-minute mark, I began to get bored.

Of course it's tricky to make blackjack gripping on the big screen and despite some clever time-lapse photography, with the threat from the security team lacking menace and too many loose strands in Jim!

The seduction of one Ben Campbell(Sturgess,who hopefully will get stronger material in the future)is a fairly plain one: he is,besides being an already gifted student excelling at MIT(of all places),he is a numbers whiz,whose prowess is noticed by a sharp,charismatic professor(Spacey,who's as crisp and interesting in the first half of the film as he is dull and one-dimensional in the second half),who draws him into his team of fellow math whizzes/grifters who routinely go to Sin City and work the Blackjack tables.

In fact, the only redeeming quality of the film was the end, which came only after an excruciatingly slow two hours.

The reason the above scenario has become such a cliché is because it is used quite a lot, and the reason it is used quite a lot is because can be a really popular and entertaining cliché in the right hands.

The start of "21" is too slow, and I think they could have cut out a lot of scenes to make the pace quicker.

Apart from being the more exciting film, the documentary told so much more about what happened, what they did, how it worked, where the money went, what different strategies had been applied before, the whole history behind it.

The acting is brutal and boring.


Crisp narration by the director, well thought of script and excellent cinematography is enough to keep you engaging.

Quite entertaining too.

A waste of time.

What I found really confusing was the time frame.

It's predictable.

Worth watching!

But neither overstep their parts like some big stars do in supporting roles; they let Sturgess make the film the entertaining up-and-down story that it is.

And in playing an old-school casino enforcer type Laurence Fishburne is little more than a cliché.

The documentary was pretty exciting.

It was very repetitive and it dragged on and on with all the thinking of numbers this kid cycled through.

Whenever Kevin Spacey or Lawrence Fishburne are on the screen, the story becomes more intense.

That being said I bonded with the characters extensively and thought it was a thoroughly enjoyable watch.

I didn't find anything surprising about this movie, it was just cliché on top of cliché.

The story concept was interesting but soon fell into tired and formulaic beats with plenty on montages.

Both the plot and the main character was way too predictable and there wasn't any stimulating character growth.

If you are expecting an intelligent, action packed, white knuckle, edge of your seat Vegas flick like any of the Oceans trilogy, then save your money.

) But it was action-packed, smart, fun, well-acted, well-directed, and just plain enjoyable.

All the movie is bad, please don't watch it at all, its just waste of time.

The whole thing is smooth, slick and enjoyable on an undemanding level.

Trite in every sense of the word, I hope Spacey got paid well as this thing certainly didn't propel his career anywhere.

Shallow characters and slow paced .

Excursionary story lines that, while enjoyable, don't often add much to the overall plot bring about an excessive use of montage to hurry the story along, which can become tiresome and result in a loss of tension in the casino scenes (as opposed to the tense and gripping games in Casino Royale).

A boring plot, no interesting characters, and "paint-by-numbers" direction.

Fascinating real life story based on the book by Ben Mezrich gets slick, polished Hollywood treatment from well known fluff director Robert Luketic ("Legally Blonde", "Mother-In-Law").

But for these faults, however, there is a gripping thriller/drama that is well worth checking out.

The views were breathtaking, and the casino scenes were amazing.

Here's how bad this movie was: "Jumper" was more entertaining.

Waste of time.

Instead of a fast paced story about greed (which is what this film should have been about), we get a meandering drama that fails to convince at any level.

Afterwards there is a chase scene where Kevin Spacey is conveniently lead to a limousine which has one of the casino bosses in it but seriously the odds of him even going that way was very low anyways the whole movie gets really very silly and confusing at the ending.

It's a thoroughly enjoyable movie...

Entertaining though it may be, we're familiar with the rise and fall of a kid given the opportunity of a lifetime and squandering it.

More Exciting Than I Thought.

Well, documentaries are the same and I've seen some documentaries that were flat-out boring as well.

Once the film entered full flow when the counting started, as a bit of cards fan, I found the system and gambling scenes quite intriguing, and surprisingly 21 also provided quite a few good laughs.

Worst of all is Bosworth who may be a better actress than this role provides, but is utterly uninteresting and unbelievable as MIT brainiac, and playing the love-interest blandly.

The disappointingly slow plot (even the Ocean's franchise is more interesting, and certainly more glamorous) plods rather than crackles—I found MIT's Will Hunting (Matt Damon) story more engaging, and he didn't even go to Vegas.

Despite a few performances the acting is dull and wooden.

Although I hear the movie drifts from the book "Bringing Down the House," I think the screenplay is fantastic and the plot was modified just the right way to keep the audience interested and on the edge.


On another tangent, let me ask you this: if not one hockey player in the NHL has the arrogance (or ignorance) to don the number 99, what possesses Luketic to think he has the right to regurgitate this tired cliché of a shot?

I enjoyed the movie because it was entertaining all the way.

Robert Luketic directs a stacked tight cast (Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Spacey and Aaron Yoo) in this grand, really entertaining, suspenseful film experience.


Otherwise save your money, whether this is showing at you nearest fleapit or 'on offer' at your local supermarket.

Overall, I found this very interesting and a movie worth watching.

Interesting the first time, boring the second.

Josh Gad is another young actor I want to see less of, he's always playing the fat cliché geek friend in these movies and just does a horrible job.

How the actors managed to give solid performances when handed such a dull-average-boring and horribly written script is a tribute to their talents.

Trying to pull in every known stereotype attached to the game and genre, way too long in duration and he may better end up being known as the director who brought the worst in Spacey.

The characters are entertaining.

Every time I felt excitement start to creep into me, it was gone and I was back to being bored.

"21" is also one of those movies that assumes that just because it's based on a true story that it's automatically going to be gripping.

In the lead Sturgess does OK because his performance feels natural enough and I assumed that with a better script and clearer direction he could have engaged the audience more; as it was his was a case of nice but bland.

cliché, predictable, 30 minutes too long .

It is also confusing for the non-initiated and is unbalanced in its presentation of the duel between the good and bad guys.

Massively entertaining.

How incredibly boring!

Getting this adrenaline is one hell of an experience.

Eventually he got bored of it.

Dull, Dumb, Disappointing .

21 is great entertainment and incredibly entertaining.

It was riveting, and was actually a breath of fresh air from the extremely lame videos that have been coming out lately.

overall, this movie was a complete waste of time.

Not, to be sure, a ten-Oscar contender but one hell of a lot better to pass the afternoon with than Inception or some of the other pretentious pseudo-intellectual rubbish that is shoved at us nowadays.

The famous cliché about naughtiness staying in Vegas could apply to this tepid tease of a drama: Leave it in Las Vegas.

Equally beautiful woman undergraduates have graced the MIT halls however unexpected.

It was a typical rise and fall story with cliché'd characters.

So there is a patchiness in the way the story moves – with jerks of interest and boredom.

This is an absolute waste of money for anybody who isn't committed to sit through two hours of absolute nothing.

Our lead man, Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe) puts up with a dry uninteresting script and tries to make something out of it.

It got a little drawn out and wasn't adding much to the overall story plot.

(face cards -1, 2-6 +1) Trying to combine 'Oceans 11' and a lame "perfect-kid getting into college" film into one has produced a bland nothing, you can also see how they changed the main character from a Asian kid to try to make it more appealing, in fact they totally changed the main character in order to make it a a stock rise-and-fall movie.

this movie was thoroughly engaging.

The movie tells an interesting story and director Robert Luketic found the correct tone for making the movie entertaining most of the time.

However I still enjoyed it.

By the time we've reached the predictable twist at the end, a lot if the dramatic tension has been dissipated with each succeeding development as it affects Jim.

But the film drags its heels for every minute of its just over two hour run time, and rather than try and attempt to make the film interesting, everything thrown in just makes it more dull and repetitive.

Aside from being totally boring, there was one particular error that really bothered me.

21 is an occasionally slick and cool film based on a true story but it puts all its chips on the stylish and swish Vegas delivery and forgets to spread its bets by working on character, narrative and engaging the audience in more solid ways.

How to ruin a fascinating true story.

This movie was very entertaining , the acting was great (I was impressed with all the characters especially Ben portrayed by Jim Sturgess), yet the movie can seem slow at times.

Dull, dumb, and unique in being the worst Vegas movie ever.

team, however, since the newest team member is recruited to replace one who left to work for Google which wasn't even a glimmer in anyone's eye in the '70s, then it's just as confusing because they're talking about facial recognition software just coming into use when those types of programs have been around since the late 1980s.

Sturgess does well with the key role of Ben, creating a compelling and sympathetic character.

They won't go to jail because counting cards isn't illegal (and shouldn't be), but the movies ties everything up with so much obviously fabricated nonsense that it's nearly impossible to walk out of the theater without feeling cheated.

Still not intuitive to me, this is amazingly intriguing.

An enjoyable romp and ride with a likable cast.

Not only does this proposition play on Ben's need for money, but it also gives him an excuse to get away from the dweeby friends and drab school life.

The film is fairly gripping with some nice background music, and the Vegas shots are kind of okay.

I'm pretty easily entertained and I thought this was perhaps the worst movie I've ever seen in the theater.

Don't waste your time.

Hollywood fodder makes for a quasi entertaining experience .

At a first glance, this film may seem uninteresting.