21 & Over (2013) - Comedy

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The night before his big medical school interview, a promising student celebrates his 21st birthday with his two best friends.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Jon Lucas
Stars: Miles Teller, Justin Chon
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 22 out of 84 found boring (26.19%)

One-line Reviews (51)

It goes on for far too long where we see Miller and Casey carry him around town across to Sonoritys until they can find information to where he lives.

Obviously you don't expect a unique storyline with a devilish twist when you watch this, you expect a fairly predictable story that will keep you laughing and that is exactly what you get!

This is about the film and for what its worth it was tolerable, watchable and entertaining.

Often longer for some people, sometimes a lot quicker and at times unknowingly to others, the theme of growing up is the quintessential magic formula for coming of age romp-comedies.

it's a waste of time.

I saw this movie last weekend because I was bored.

it's a waste of time

Despite having been overdone during certain moments, this is an utterly enjoyable experience with a generous dose of riotousness.

it was a total waste of time.

This movie may have been one of the worst movies I've seen this year.

Sure, a couple of other moments are funny at the time, if only because at least one of the guys -- Casey -- doesn't seem like he deserved to be put through them, but they're kind of bland for the genre.

What makes the movie worth watching a single time is the chemistry between the three lead actors (and their characters) and some of the situations that they end up in.

But considering the other characters, the dialogues can be pretty obvious and cliché.

Just about everything about this movie is generic and cliché as it gets.

In so many coming of age stories, most notably Project X last year, the friendships that were tested were not tested on the basis of any change.

It is an enjoyable film and I would recommend it for those who enjoy dirty slapstick humor and just college craziness.

waste of time .

The thin, albeit enjoyable plot, involves two old, reconnecting buddies who want to take out their third friend out on both his 21st birthday and incidentally, the eve of his future-career interview.

All of the crazy scenes just seem so bland.

However, when the first few minutes had passed, I found it really entertaining scenes good laugh a highly enjoyable for all with a sense of humor and a little gloating;)I absolutely recommend him to go further I wish you a pleasant cinema.


Basically in a nutshell: horrible, not funny amateur actors, stupid cliché stereotypes that were even ripped off from other films (stole a scene from Harold and Kumar with the Asian joke) and just a bad script.

"21 and Over" does have its fair share of flaws and dull scenes which is the biggest let down because of the timing of them.

'21 and Over' is silly and stupid, but tons of fun and is chock full of laughs, nudity, alcohol and a lot of heart, even with its cliché scenes.

I suppose some explanation of the pointless plot is in order, so here goes: Viewers are first greeted with a shot of two naked guys and their red and beaten butts — and things go downhill from there.

"21 & Over" is entertaining enough for what it is, just bear in mind that it is far from innovative or groundbreaking.

I didn't find any of it funny, all of the humor was predictable, and penis shots in movies now are so predictable that I roll my eyes.

The film is unpredictable and funny to watch and weirdly I believe teaches a sort off lesson that maybe sticking to the normal go to high school, go to college, get job routine that every person seems to do isn't necessary correct enjoying your life is important to, I like this film.

Sure, you'll hear from many people that it mimics 'The Hangover', possibly to a tee, but in my opinion, I think this entertaining and hilarious movie stand on its own.

Obviously there is the cliché romance with the cute girl with the horrible boyfriend.

The movie is predictable.

Mature character and girl engage in a boring romance.

Watchable but unoriginal and predictable .

The whole teenagers at college thing becomes boring and its nothing that we haven't seen before in movies like American Pie.

But then again, I guess if you are 15 years old you will find this movie very entertaining, If you are a bit older with some experience with parties drinking, you will face palm.

Anyways, Jon Lucas & Scott Moore who both wrote and directed (it really took two people to develop this crap) "21 & Over" have developed an unoriginal, lame movie which has the same formulaic features as most of the teen partying movies in the past.

Seeing an 80s style teen sex/party flick with an 80s style B horror film was a great match up and while both were enjoyable (despite what the critics say) this was the better film of the two.

I think a lot of the credit has to go to the three lead actors as all of them fit their roles nicely and I think they're entertaining enough to where we can spend 90-minutes with them without getting bored.

This is worst movie i've seen in a while.

Were you bored reading that?

Also those racist jokes are so bad, especially with 2 Serbian thugs, classic propaganda about Serbians being terrorists mean and rude people.

It tries to be outrageous, but comes across as just dull.

In the end this film is still enjoyable because it's not like this film's audience watches these kinds of films for the dialogue nor accurate representation of cultural identities.

'21 and Over' is silly and stupid, but tons of fun and is chock full of laughs, nudity, alcohol and a lot of heart, even with its cliché scenes.

No plot, no story ....

The night takes an unexpected turn when Jeff Chang becomes unresponsive after overdrinking.

Don't waste your time .

total waste of time and energy.

With The Hangover I, II, III and so on we really need to limit this type of movie so that they become more enjoyable rather then, "Oh I have seen this before" reactions.

Otherwise, it's pretty predictable, and even the gross-out gags aren't all that "shocking.

Because I was bored writing that.