21 Bridges (2019) - Action, Crime, Drama

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An embattled NYPD detective is thrust into a citywide manhunt for a pair of cop killers after uncovering a massive and unexpected conspiracy.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Brian Kirk
Stars: Chadwick Boseman, Sienna Miller
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 55 out of 330 found boring (16.66%)

One-line Reviews (239)

), trite action, my daddy was a (fill in the blank...

The action sequences are intense and, well, thrilling, and the movie is tense with its time limit placed upon the characters.

Suspensful and intense .

Predictable cop thriller with all the usual cliche's.

Unlike a recent movie, Knives Out, which has a fairly predictable plot too, this movie fails to excell in aspects such as its cinematography or even the action sequences.

Don't waste your money actually seeing this.

This movie wasn't spectacular, but it did serve the purpose of being fairly entertaining.

It was an entertaining movie, something cool to catch at a matinee while everyone else was crowding in to watch Frozen 2.

Formulaic corrupt-police thriller that has decent action done at a good pace...

It is fast paced, with no boring or lengthy dialogues.

Throughout the whole film nothing was happening around any of the bridges, characters were super predictable and some things seemed to be just placed there to make things easy.

You'll forget this movie after a week, yet worth watching.

For me, the plot of the movie was the main problem; it just lacked the thrill and the intriguing aspects.

Act 1 - 5.0Act 2 - 4.5Act 3 - 3.2 Great cast but boring and unconvincing performancesNo impressive camera work outside the casket scene with the white glovesStory is basic and tends to play generic and dumbEverything in the movies makes sense and I think the movies thinks it's smarter than it isMovie doesn't earn any emotion as the only developed character is Andre the detectiveEnd of the film just gets laughable and stupid

The ac ting is wooden, direction plodding, photography average, and the story is wacked.

It is a pretty standard thing, a robbery gone wrong with two crooks on the run and the cops chasing them, the shoot-out and chase sequences are really engaging, unfortunately the corrupt cops stuff is a little confusing and slow things down, overall though this is a reasonable crime action thriller.

It is action packed with never a dull moment.

It is very entertaining and thrilling.

Enjoyable cop action movie .

I enjoyed it more than I thought.

To make it more exciting (and not so obvious) the directors needed to hide certain aspects of several scenes so that it kept a number of us guessing a little longer.

I loved the fact that the film had some unexpected twist and turns and was not predictable in the end.

The lead has quite an engaging presence and the action is well paced, throughout the film.

A most enjoyable thriller with a good mix of action, suspense and intrigue.

Predictable Yet Engrossing .

A predictable but entertaining way to spend one's time if you have nothing better to do .

And then an extremely dragged out final act that was just to long and bland and horrible.

the story was very predictable but still enjoyable.

It's a taut, (an economical ninety-nine minutes), exciting little picture, beautifully shot by Paul Cameron, almost entirely at night, and well cast and played.

Cutting a better deal with their haul, now worth unexpected millions, they are given a fixer's details; Gotham's Alexander Siddig's Adi.

It was entertaining.

It is an exciting story.

Everything happens fast and action packed which won't make you bored.

For lovers of cliché plots .

Action Packed Thriller!

" That's where it gets intense.

Plot slowly evolves amid practically non-stop action and intense police work.

It's very predictable and by the first 25 minutes you know how the movie is going to end.

Worth watching...

But yeah, it's fast paced, good action scenes, good acting and has a few good twists and turns in there.

This movie is very intense and a has some great action scenes.

Hence, making this movie a highly predictable movie.

The movie was well written and suspenseful.

Overall, the experience is highly entertaining.

Solid yet predictable cop movie .

In a cop movie, these connections need to be made to the audience before the action, not after, otherwise it's just confusing to follow.

It's definitely worth watching...

I have to agree with most posts saying very predictable.

Non stop action from start to finish, quite predictable though from quite early on the way it was going to end.

Return fire is just as intense.

A bit too predictable if you dont immediately catch on to who is the baddies then there is something wrong with you.

This was a boring movie.

Boring from the start .

Engaging till the very end.

Unfortunately, 21 Bridges is not worth going to the theater to view because of the predictable nature and unoriginal plot.

Waste of time!

Enjoyable .

However the film had very slow pacing and bad execution of its humour.

Love the acting, angle camera, actor, everything really entertaining

Chadwick Boseman brought a certain stage presence to the film that was entertaining to watch.

The twist was very unexpected I didn't see it coming at all.

If you take Serpico and a bit from The Gauntlet and some of the sounds from Batman--the TV series--Biff, Bang, Boom then you have the predictable 21 Bridges.

A fast-paced predictable "B" routine action movie .

Predictable .

I thought it was pretty thrilling and suspenseful police drama, that went fast enough not to bore me.

Remains interesting and thrilling

Fast paced cop thriller with gripping chases and suspense moments.

Very predictable movie.

Still worth watching.

Enjoyable and worth the time to watch.

Neither do the predictable twists and turns.

I just got out of 21 BridgesIt's predictable (The twists are obvious) the dialogue is also routine and predictable (my son was saying some of the lines before the actors) but overall, I enjoyed it.

easily forgettable, if you're bored sort of film...

Please, in the name of Zeus Himself, stop this pointless dirge!

There are legitimate moments of tension that had me on the edge of my seat.

It had a great leading man, intense action, and a compelling story.

Most of the back-stories entailing the side characters (and lead) are trite.

Very intense from start to finish .

A run of the mill police thriller which doesn't really do anything new, but is still good and entertaining to watch.

I wouldn't waste your money on seeing this in the cinema though, it's just not 'big enough' to justify the expense.

Unfortunately, like "Black and Blue", it has its flaws; still, it made for an enjoyable, adrenaline-filled evening for a popcorn rush.

The movie is a total cliche.

It was so contrived, and her performance was so bland that I was hoping she'd be killed at some point.

Nothing new, but still enjoyable .

The cast, too, are an integral part of the flick's overall success, admirably working with their archetypes to create an assortment of engaging secondary characters.

the ending was breathtaking...

Entertaining, pretty good even though unrealistic.

If you know the type of movies this one in nothing new, to me all was clear from the begining, still it's entertaining action movie with the Black Panther kick ass of bad guys as he does in Avengers.

The good cop, bad cop has been done so many times that when I watch one of those I get bored if it's not extremely well done, and in this case it just wasn't.

full action intense till the end about all department police corrupt except him..

First Hit: A solid, yet predictable, thriller about corrupt cops.

I fell asleep often and still woke up often to very dark scenes, shootings galore, people being killed, and badly written dialogues.

The end of the story is somehow predictable.

Fast paced with lots of action.

Action packed, suspense!

And yet it made for an entertaining way to pass the evening; I was never bored, Taylor Kitsch was fantastic, the music was enjoyable to listen to, the action was brutal and entertaining to watch, and the dialogue was so lovably slick.

It's a story that's been done a million times before only it's slow as mollasses, badly acted (as I said) poorly written and cloyingly directed.

The corruption and the reasons for it but the movie decides to stay on the light action/suspense side and it becomes quite predictable.

Definitely worth the watch in my opinion.

Definitely worth the watch.

I would definitely check this film out, it's worth the watch!

Great acting, predictable story .

After an interesting opening 21 Bridges quickly descends into cliches and trite chase scenes.

Twists aside, this is fun and action packed, what more can one ask for?

Aside from being very predictable, Chadwick Boseman was "too much" in his character and very melodramatic, as was the score during highlighted scenes.

Still an awesome film, recommended, only worth watching once.

Predictable, not exciting.

Cliche ridden garbage.

I found the movie very predictable and boring.

However how we get there was a lot of a fun and exciting.

I think this is a very good film, with excellent performances all around; and an unexpected turn of events and ending.

It also helps that his character is the most intriguing of the lot, mainly down to his fairly nuanced representation and fish-out-of-water feel.

This movie was also too predictable.

Finding it a very Proper, Solid, good Paced Entertaining Action Movie.

Fighting to bring justice and being very aware of local geography (not sure if it is entirely plausible what happens, but it helps further the tension and keep you on the edge of your seat).

It could of been a really suspenseful event had they actually used it.

The visuals are stunning.

Like the title says, predictable.

Another issue is that the movie is kinda boring and bland until the final 30 minutes when things really start to get interesting.

Great acting in a fun story that while slightly predictable I really wanted to see how it ended.

Well worth watching.

This Chadwick Bose man film is gripping thriller and there is no time you will feel bored watching it.

fast paced thriller .

Lot of fun thrilling brutal action scenes throughout.

It was entertaining enough, some nice views of Manhattan and some good set pieces.

I thought it was a good fast paced action/thriller that entertained me.

If you looking for something different,something to keep you on the edge of your seat then this is it.

Chadwick Boseman has so much on screen charisma in this movie he could quite soon be one of the biggest names in Hollywood, his performance was utterly compelling.

Full of adrenaline and if ya want a buzz watch this.

Starring Chadwick Boseman in the lead role, it is a predictable but entertaining way to spend one's time if you have nothing better to do.

So this is an entertaining popcorn film and when you watch it again on HBO it will play like a new film as you just won't leave the theater with a lot of memorable moments.

21 BridgesI really enjoyed this movie, this really has been a golden year for cop movies as we were all ready treated to Dragged Across Concrete, and I think this genre of movie is much undervalued.

Really enjoyable movie with good action and direction, but the story very predictable , the actor who play Andre was really good and has some charismatic like Idris Elba , Jon Bernthal and others which is I liked

The trailers looked intriguing and I'm a huge fan of Chadwick Boseman and with the Russo's producing I though we could be onto something.

It's unfortunate because the movie is dang good and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.

21 Bridges is an action packed thriller that leaves you on the edge until the end.

The movie was highly enjoyable, but the story was somewhat predictable.

I'm not very interested in action films, I'm a huge fan of the horror ones, but 21 Bridges is an entertaining film, cool action scenes, some gore and thrilling moments.

The shootouts are well filmed and thrilling.

Entertaining by the numbers action crime drama...

If you missed classic, action packed movie, this is for you!

Entertaining enough .

intense with some solid, hard-hitting action scenes.

The story line, while fairly predictable, was believable and built good suspense at times.

So overall only a good thriller because it's lack of originality and predictable script and twists.

Apart from that, the plot is extremely predictable and became obvious within the first 10 minutes.

Action packed and absolutely best movie 2019 .

Clear from pretty much the start where it's going, still enjoyable and if you like cop thrillers this won't disappoint, don't be looking for anything new though.

Once the action starts though it get intense.

Predictable but enjoyable .

Powerful acting great storyline I enjoyed it alot.

It needed a new script,better characters and a more exciting plot.

The plot is somewhat predictable but the execution was thrilling.

I giving this a solid 8/10 for a gripping story well told.

Luckily the action made up for it so it was still entertaining though.

Big Cliche .

The action is intense and well done.

Absolutely suspenseful and action packed the movie was absolutely amazingly well put together!

Mindless action with predictable outcome, a bit boring.

Great and intense action with the shoot out scenes.

Story is so predictable.

The decision is made to shut down all 21 city bridges around Manhattan so the killers can't escape, but there's a twist, it appears that the entire police department, except our hero are corrupt, unfortunately the conspiracy is far too predictable.

Very predictable and well...

Police arrives unexpected and get into the building; the thugs kill seven cops in the getaway.

Overall: This was a solid film, even though it was highly predictable.

21 Bridges is a great crime thriller that's tense and thrilling and also manages to (surprisingly) explore some morally grey aspects, despite it's generic plot.

I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.

The scenario is certainly predictable, yet the movie is still enjoyable.

And its plot twists were terrible,predictable and not fleshed out enough.

While the storyline was a bit simplistic and predictable, the execution was top notch.

And when small time thieves Taylor Kitsch and Stephan James take on a job to steal 30 kilos of coke on ice, the stakes are raised when there is an unexpected 300 kilos of pure, uncut drugs in the freezer.

What did the casting director find so intriguing about her to cast her in the role?

The action was very sudden and fast paced so left you shocked and entertained for those small periods of time.

The film is filled with a conspiracy twist which may be predictable when the suspects played by Taylor Kitsch and Stephan James come across a set up with their plan on stealing cocaine.

Starring Black Panther himself Chadwick Boseman, produced by Avengers masterminds Anthony and Joe Russo under their new production banner AGBO Films and directed by well-regarded TV show director Brian Kirk, 21 Bridges has some pedigree behind its existence, making its ho-hum end product all the most disappointing.


Not to mention, that it's a bit too predictable, too well-polished and quite generic in terms of the story.

Its basic nature is only elevated by a few decent, if under-explored, semi-themes and several enjoyable action set-pieces.

Superb performances & action packed.

Decent but Predictable .

But they teased him having second thoughts during the robbery but they went nowhere with it which was frustrating.

Wow despite the films good action sequences it was boring and slow.

Predictable .

For me, totally entertaining and the only con is that it was a bit too short.

This was a solid and enjoyable action film, nothing really unpredictable.

Good Movie, Enjoyed It .

This movie gets a handful of popcorn solely for the intense shootouts.

LIKES:Moves Quickly Detective Story Not Politically Infused Good Acting, on most accounts Realistic Action Scenes Are Pretty DecentDISLIKES:Predictable Same Plot as A Recent Movie The Writing At Times Some Characters Are Wasted More Action ScenesThe VERDICT:When it comes to crime drama, 21 Bridges is an old tale with a fresh coat of paint.

Yet, 21 Bridges can be something to watch on an Amazon Prime/Netflix, if you're bored one day.

This movie has sort of an old school vibe, proving that cinema can be very entertaining withoud big fight scenes and cgi.

Twist was a tiny bit predictable, still was a good twist.

I was just looking for an entertaining matinee on a chilly afternoon and this fit the bill perfectly.

There is not a moment in doubt for the viewer, which is quite amazing for an intense movie that lacks any type of suspense.

Don't waste your time or your hard-earned dollars!?

21 Bridges - Plot with far too predictable twist .

A bit sloppy but great twists and adrenaline filled ride!

Boseman works hard, and pretty much carries this predictable action thriller by himself.

Has great shoot outs and chases and intense scenes.

The final scenes with McKenna and Burns present a predictable conclusion.

On a positive side it's still a mildly entertaining cop thriller.

The film starts great, first 15 min or so is amazing and after that the quality of the film drops significantly but around 40th min the story picks up and from there the film is worth watching.

It's too predictable and I could guess the girl assigned as his partner and the chief were corrupt.

The two criminals who blundered into this unexpected disaster are Ray (Taylor Kitsch) and Michael (Stephan James), both war veterans.

The story though was a bit generic and predictable but still very enjoyable.

All the actors do a great job and there are a ton of fun and exciting action moments and lines

Unapologetically Predictable and thoroughly enjoyable .

This was one of the most action packed, exciting and entertaining films of the decade...! Blew my expectations away.

Not a bad film, some good action scenes & good acting but very predictable, nothing really that I haven't seen before, felt also like the script was stretched out so much as to be honest, the film could of easily just been an hour.

The characters are trope and the plot predictable but still it was enjoyable.

21 Bridges is an entertaining action crime drama that's reminiscent of a lot of flicks from the late 70's through to 1990's.

The first 10 minutes were kind of slow.

Worth watching!

I know it was introducing us Chadwick Boseman character but I found it a bit slow.

Thrilling and action packed.

Formulaic and Immediately Forgettable.

The two shooters, Kitsch and James, and the detective, Boseman, make this for riveting and oft times suspense-ful dramaGlad to see a gritty cop flick again

Although it offers little to the genre that hasn't been seen before, 21 Bridges still provides enough of an enjoyable experience to viewers thanks to its skillful editing and tense atmosphere.

The story is very very predictable and you can tell who is the "real" bad guy as soon as this person enters the screen.

Got bored of marvel movies, stupid effects.

Although not a bad watch, it is so predictable and the blatant disregard for public safety was laughable.

Solid entertaining action thriller .

Good movie, good acting, nice shooting scenes, suspenseful and interesting.

This is predictable corruption mystery drama movie.

Very predictable and stupid movie.

The action scenes are basic yet modern which is good but there are only 3 or 4 action scenes everything else is just boring in a way.

The storyline is overly predictable and save for some action scenes, this would've been an absolute snooze fest.

Definitely entertaining.

Chadwick Boseman does a great job as the lead with a few predictable outcomes.

Chadwick Bosman is so awesome as the good cop, the bulk of the film is intense and it has you continuously wanting to know what happens next.

Action Packed .

In this crime drama, an NYPD detective begins a citywide manhunt for a pair of cop killers after uncovering an unexpected conspiracy.

Looked good on paper with top cast and some big name producersbut its been done beforewell acted, good cinematography but let down by a formulaic script with some cringy dialogue

The film is good enough to get through the 20min of boring part in the beginning.

Chadwick is awesome, thrilling storyline.

A fine cop movie, however the twist that {spoilers} most of the cops are dirty was predictable and I called it from the second I saw the cops at the (as I like to call it) cocaine cafe.

This might sound harsh but this movie is beyond predictable and unoriginal, it is soul-less.

The movie stays fast paced for the most part.

There really was no action and the story is very dry and has been seen many times before, it also gets very boring at some times.

Violent, fast paced action thriller.