24 Hour Party People (2002) - Biography, Comedy, Drama

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In 1976, Tony Wilson sets up Factory Records and brings Manchester's music to the world.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Michael Winterbottom
Stars: Steve Coogan, Lennie James
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 22 out of 125 found boring (17.6%)

One-line Reviews (105)

But this performance is really excellent, rightly making Wilson seem absurd, pretentious, annoying, frivolous and lovable all at once.

Making frequent comic asides (docmentary style) to the camera, Coogan imbues Wilson with a sympathy and naive charm that anybody familiar with Wilsons' pretentious and pompous TV image would find hard to believe.

This is one of the most purely enjoyable films ever made.

One Word - Boredom.

Steve Coogan gives an entertaining performance throughout the film.

" For example, for me, Joy Division's original singer, Ian Curtis is portrayed in a brilliant and fascinating way.

Through Steve Coogan's excellent performance, Tony Wilson, our guide through this zoo, comes off as a pretty fascinating fellow.

But just when you think the film is bordering on poor taste, it then has its most affecting moment as Wilson, usually all pretentious bluff & bluster, says a final tender goodbye to his friend at the open coffin.

From the mid seventies to the early nineties, Factory launched a barrage of fresh and exciting talent on an unsuspecting world, ranging from punk (Joy Division, later to become New Order) to house (A Guy Called Gerald) and dance (Happy Mondays).

The allowance of improvisation and Winterbottom's natural handheld camera work give the film an almost documentary feel, but at the same time there is an important true (though probably massively contrived) story to be told.

The setting of this film is in the brief but fascinating Manchester music scene and this is the perfect back drop for a goofy, chaotic, and ultimately tragic tale that just never stops moving.

Really, is there any one quite so pretentious, quite so bombastic and quite so up himself as Anthony Wilson?

But a celebration of the grim predictable conformity of Northern dance and drug culture in the 80s and 90s is simply a party to which I was never invited, and which I find it utterly impossible to get excited about.

I go there and dance on a virtually empty floor with my eyes closed.

From the opening scene of Tony Wilson trying Hang Gliding to the demise of Factory Records and it's nightclub "The Hacienda", 24 Hour Party People is engrossing, often humorous, and always entertaining.

highly enjoyable .

It is quite comfortably the worst movie I have ever seen!

Winterbottom is an astonishingly versatile director, but this is - along with it's companion piece A Cock and Bull Story - is by far his most entertaining film.

As far as I'm concerned it's one of the most enjoyable films ever made, and one of the most consistently successful.

If you don't have an Arts degree, you may find Wilson to be a bit of a tosser, but as someone with an Arts degree myself, I did find him hugely entertaining and, dare I say it, quite perceptive in his overly analytical dialogues on all manner of subjects.

After the fairly mundane "Parole Officer" it's great to see Steve Coogan living up to his talents on the big screen.

This is probably The worst movie I ever saw in many years.

Scaborous but Entertaining Musical Opus .

All in all it's hugely entertaining but I can't help feeling that after a very elaborate first half, the second half (when the really exciting things are happening) is a bit rushed.

I digress 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE is a highly self indulgent mockumentary film centered on the creation of Manchester based Factory Records .

Even if you're not, it is worth watching to gain a better knowledge of musical history and the importance of what took place in Manchester in the 80s.

Even being no fan of it and having no clue about the bands, the music alone is worth seeing this movie All in all it's of course not a masterpiece or a work of genius, but it's highly enjoyable for anyone who will allow to be take with to a place where (supposedly) history was made.

Meaningless trash, coarse language, endless talks, blurred camera work, very hazy plot and very slow development.

From punk to rave in northern England - a pulsating, highly original, thoroughly entertaining mess of a film.

Either way though, this film was still very entertaining and enjoyable despite being a very freewheeling mess.

And I'll applaud the movie for some momentsbut I was bored to tears through out.

Though this is an entertaining movie and I would recommend it if you come across it on television.

a fascinating look at a seminal moment in rock history -- Manchester in the early '80s.

Wilson is a subtly different figure, more sure of himself in some ways, certainly able to crush dissent with a pretentious quote or reference at any time of the day or night.

Other than being a good looking film and having a good leading performance 24 Hour Party People is also a fascinating film and I liked the way the director and screenwriter told the story as a mockumentary and included some off the wall scenes in for fun.

The absence of humour was covered with excessive and pointless swearing, as if that by itself was funny, including the highest use of the 'C' word of any film I've seen.

Well done, wry and entertaining.

The script is also strong, with an adept balance of irreverent and genuinely funny comedy, gripping conflict and poignant drama.

Tedious Mess .

This is one of them, and it is utterly brilliant, evocative, exciting, interesting, hilarious and experimental.

I watched this movie twice in the cinema and enjoyed it very much.

An occasionally entertaining music history tale without enough history.

Shame there wasn't more info on the the other (non-Factory) Manchester bands which played a huge part in the scene as much as the Factory bands (The Stone Roses, The Smiths, etc) I think many people will find this film hugely entertaining, whether they were in to the scene or not.

I will give the lead actor props for a really compelling job.

Worth watching!

well, boring.

All I can say is that Coogan gives one of the most charismatic performances I've ever seen (some other charismatic performances I'm quite fond of include Orson Welles as Citizen Kane in the movie of that name, Robert de Niro for one scene in the otherwise dull Mean Streets and for a similar reason, Noah Taylor for one scene in "He died with a felafel in his hand").

well worth watching .

Wilson was a man who definitely deserved his achievements to be celebrated in a film which is this inspiring, entertaining and hilarious.

Sick Boredom .

Highly self indulgent in the way it brings to the narrative things that only the real life characters know or give a toss about .

Like any other movie about rock music, documentary or not, '24 Hour Party People' packs its fair share of inside material and self-indulgent frivolity.

Don't waste your time .

Inspired by both the Situationist International and the art of Andy Warhol, a bored TV journalist named Tony Wilson, created Factory Records after catching one of the first Sex Pistols concerts.

Yes, before we were swamped with the bland production line, the granny pleasing music of the boy bands and Pop Idol, music fans used to listen to real musicians!!!

A very smart docudrama about a very boring subject with an even more boring, trite, and conceited story, "24 Hour....

And the movie is infinitely better and more enjoyable than the similar 'Studio 54,' with Mike Myers as Steve Rubell.

This is the worst movie ive seen this year and one of the worst ive seen in a long time.

worst movie ever .

I, on the other hand, found it messy, illogical, all over the shop and too self-aware but found this part of the appeal and, along with the simplified history lesson it gave, found it surprisingly enjoyable and freewheeling.

That it gets away with this sort of approach is largely thanks to Coogan's irresistibly smug but captivating work: having reportedly based his famous character Alan Partridge on Tony Wilson, he has one hell of a time playing his inspirer, providing a distorted, fascinating point of view on the chaotic events we're shown.

Wilson is marvellously entertaining.

So the second act begins and Tony introduce to us the boys that will be the Happy Mondays, second act is about a new high point for Tony and company, this time more excesses, still very memorable and very entertaining.

Disappointing, amateurish and dull .

I spent my formative years, Junior High and High School listening to bands like the Happy Mondays and the Fall, New Order and Nirvana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Sex Pistols, and it somehow all fits that today I have become immersed in the rave culture and into electronic dance music, I can see a bit more clearly how my musical tastes then influenced what I listen to today.

For me "24 Hour Party People" is an enjoyable movie to listen to, mainly thanks to the music.

It dragged, had no real entertaining parts and was generally pretty boring.

Unfortunately, I got so bored in the theater I fell asleep.

It's very uneven but that is to its strength, and it's consistently engrossing from start to end.

Funny, witty and thoroughly enjoyable.

24 HR Party People is easily one of the most enjoyable music "documentaries" I have seen.

Frantic and enjoyable story of Manchester's own Tony Wilson .


There is a compelling and exciting story floating around in 24hhp.

As much biography as musical, 24 Hour Party People brings to light the scene of Manchester as a history lesson, but an entertaining one to boot.

I found it very entertaining, and believe me when I say my expectations were low.

Here, he is back in the German new wave mode, where there is no story at all.

On one level,this is all extremely entertaining,funny and inventive.

Found '24 Hour Party People', telling the story of Tony Wilson and the rise and fall of the Manchester Factory Records, an absorbing and very well done biographical comedy-drama.

Names and dates are glossed over, and while you get a sense of excitement you're frequently left wondering what is so exciting.

However, director Michael Winterbottom keeps the audience engaging and entertained through many innovative methods: breaking the fourth wall, humour, Wilson's narration and some interesting visual effects.

The mixture of humour and tragedy, plus some fine imitations of real bands, makes for an entertaining movie that is one of the best of the British movies to come out in recent times.

worst movie ive seen in a long time.

Despite the movies weak second act, it is still a very enjoyable look into the Manchester madness.

I nearly forced myself to watch it till the end, and yet, I skipped some moments due to one and relentless feature of this awful film - boredom.

24 Hour Boredom .

Not quite, but I still enjoyed it .

enjoyable .

This film lovingly re-creates the exciting, innovative early days of that experiment (Joy Division and Factory), and the ill-advised drug-fueled over-the-top waning days of it (Happy Mondays and the Hacienda) in a faux, broken-fourth-wall documentary style.

people also said that some of the scenes were pointless and unfunny, i.

A thoroughly entertaining trip down memory lane .

I'm not gonna lie to you, this movie will be a lot more enjoyable if you're in any way into the post punk and specially Manchester music of the 80's.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

I don't listen to punk, never attended a rave, etc. and was pretty much bored through-out the film.

I'm sure we can all rest easy in our beds knowing the truth and I look forward to the sequel PEOPLE TONY Wilson KNOWS AND THEIR HOME MOVIES Two things make the movie worth watching for me ...

His character starts out as a bored journalist, and remains a boring music promoter.

The movie is funny and entertaining and as authentic as they could make it within the parameters of the story.

The linear plot is helped along by a series of intriguing developments in the story of Factory Records and the line between fact and legend is made clear by Coogan's entertaining narration and occasional asides.

But these are small issues in a hugely enjoyable movie, it's a pity there were only half a dozen people in the cinema to see it, obviously they must have something better to do than re-live their childhood!

Plot-schmott, just enjoy yourself watching a maverick music guru getting dragged down by a nightclub that's become an anchor around his neck.

I fell asleep.

It's still a stunning comic performance, and excellent during the darker, more serious scenes in the film as well.

The story has a huge amount of evocative energy and is always absorbing.

I always genuinely believed that Coogan's legendary comedy character was based on Richard Madeley but watching the real Tony Wilson's pretentious egotistical and painfully insincere conversations on television I suppose there is a bit of Wilson in Partridge - Or is the fact that Coogan plays Wilson in this biographical movie something that prejudices my view ?

Initially I found "24 Hour Party People" quite boring.