29 Palms (2002) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

Hohum Score



This is the story of a bag of money and the people who come into contact with it.

IMDB: 4.8
Director: Leonardo Ricagni
Stars: Jeremy Davies, Chris O'Donnell
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 9 out of 31 found boring (29.03%)

One-line Reviews (19)

The plot is thin, and hard to follow.

You could do worse on a slow weekday night than to rent this one.

Promising (and entertaining) for at least the first half-hour.

It becomes a boring mess.

I could hardly recommend this film, as it became tiresome and irritating, though it certainly had it's moments to give it an average score.

then i fell asleep.

It all becomes tired and tedious and seems drawn out and long.

All the actors are suitably kinda kinky performers, except for the lead, who delivers a wooden, mumbling, uninteresting character that is consumed by anyone or anything that is on screen at the same time.

I liked the unexpected pairing.

worst movie ever.

This movie is worth watching it you want something different.

Decent moments, but overall uninteresting.

'29 Palms' would have got a far better score if it was more entertaining and less reliant on coincidences as plot-devices which has been done before.

A very uninteresting mess.

The story itself ends up being kinda dull.

way too contrived...

29 Palms is not hyper original, but it guarantees a entertaining, joyful evening in cinema.

29 Yawns .

Here we have a fair try but it is confusing and redundant (and not in any good way).