300 (2006) - Action, Drama, Fantasy

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King Leonidas of Sparta and a force of 300 men fight the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 B.C.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Zack Snyder
Stars: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 192 out of 1024 found boring (18.75%)

One-line Reviews (842)

The movie is thrilling with war scenes that were very good made.

Somebody pass a law against the more-than-clichéd slow clap!

It is the idea and essence of the real Spartans, made into an entertaining fantasy film.

Anyway, long review short, this movie is as awesome as it is intense.

The visuals are breathtaking and I found myself getting lost in the world that Zack Snyder brought to the screen.

There are few words to say how awe inspiring this film is.

As for myself, I do stand with my take on it as one of the most purely entertaining action films I've ever witnessed.

This is again a melding of the old and the new – Butler's used modern bodybuilding to bring together classical Greek sculpture (aesthetic proportions and every single muscle developed to perfection) and comic book aesthetic (muscle definition so intense it makes your eyes water).

300 is the most blatant brainwashing pro-war propaganda I have seen in many years.

The first third of the film is rather boring...

It's a poorly acted, amazingly boring movie.

300 was a head in the clouds boring over stylized waste of time.

Everything from the strong acting to the wondrous visuals to the war-shouts of the soldiers was just so stunning...

It gets one additional star for pushing Hollywood visuals in a new direction, but everything else about it is ridiculous, pathetic, immature, utterly pointless, and deserving of the lowest rating possible.

It looked excellent and was solidly entertaining.

It's entertaining, exciting, visually STUNNING, and just plain awesome!

Utter waste of anyone's time and money .

Still, I have say I watched it all the way through with only a minimum of boredom (in the non-fighting bits at least).

Much is being aid about "eeeing the film, but in listening to the film, you are told a tale - a historical tale - but instead of the "usual filming" that accompanies things of this nature, I was treated to a fascinating piece of art, ballet, music, strength.

Whether you love or hate the film, it is worth watching for the photography and visuals alone.

The pendulum has a long slow swing in Hollywood from bombastic style, histrionics and showy theatrics to hard-nosed realism, grit and verisimilitude.

Visually stunning and entertaining action film .

One of the most visually appealing and intriguing movies ever made.

Other wise enjoy a great, fun, exciting movie.

For me it was just crude propaganda : "Die for honor and glory!

The dialog too is simple and predictable.

To the film itself: After twenty minutes into the movie I got bored.

The directing is OK, but the detailed, beautifully choreographed fight scenes (which take up about half of the screen time) use the same mixture of greatly detailed slow motion cuts and fast-paced close-in chaos that has become a Hollywood war film cliché in recent times.

The cynical symbolism zooms off from there like some kind of Nazi propaganda film.

I'd like Hollywood to start going a little bit easier on other cultures and races--I am getting bored of the same us vs them theme.

All I wish is action directors would LISTEN to their FANS and stop using this clichéd, pointless method.

It is so bad and seemingly pretentious it's ridiculous.

The battle scenes were intense..the love scenes served their purpose, and well during the movie you got a brief laugh or two before it got back to the superb action that this movie delivers.

Engaging as the film is don't look for character depth or emotional connections as this is a watch and go picture.

300 is one of the most entertaining films ever with a great cast and story.

I found the movie to be unintentionally funny because of the way it exacerbates with the clichés of his genre, but it is truly one of the most entertaining unintentionally funny movies that I've seen in a long time.

Miller and Varley's original vision splashes to life on-screen in stunning display, with all the gore, monsters and mayhem that have become paramount to Frank Miller's stories.

But if you are willing to walk into the theatre with unclouded eyes, then by all means buy that ticket, sit really tight and enjoy the visually stunning film.

The makers try to impress us with truly breathtaking landscapes and spectacular fighting scenes.

Messy, ugly & ultimately pointless .

This is a very entertaining movie.

But, the film's action scenes are simply explosive and well worth watching on the big screen.

The emotional last stand of the 300 is rousing and beautiful scene.

a total waste of time to see this meaningless piece of crap.

300 is visually stunning yes and the action sequences should satisfy any adrenaline junkie or war enthusiast to watch it over and over again.

If you were looking for compelling drama or narrative, it wasn't to be found here.

It is exciting, well produced, includes great and believable acting, great story, enough blood and guts to satisfy anyone....

It is a collection of small scenes chopped together with really no story and sometimes no sense.

Changed from an R18+ to MA two weeks before its release i can see why such a rating as R would have been considered, 300 is many things, a shameless and fun blood bath, an emotional commentary on war, a commentary on currant world events, a piece of history turned into mythology and the ultimate entertainment for bored males, film geeks and fan boys.

Of course the script is utter nonsense (it's all fascist Gung-Ho, Fight-To-The-Death, Never-Retreat-Never-Surrender, Fight-Them-On-The-Beaches-For-God-And-Country portentousness), but the action is thrilling and the cinematography is just beautiful.

However, you must watch the whole thing without missing a second, otherwise the plot becomes quite difficult to follow & understand correctly as I found.

This film has some amazing graphics and the fighting is beautifully shot, the audience can see the destruction that a blade can cause, the slow down of blood spilling.

Invincible heroes are an utter bore.

The visuals are stunning and the entire package constitutes a new, unique aesthetic; unique as, say, The Matrix was.

) Cut to the boring sub-plot with Queen Gorgo, something to do with treachery.

But the film is filled with non-stop action that is largely repetitive and when people aren't being slaughtered, there are plenty of witty retorts to go around.

The battle scenes are superb..as i said in the title of my review it's like "The return of the King" combined with "The Matrix" simply stunning.

The visual department also deserve a great amount of credit for their contribution to making "300" an entertaining and very watchable movie.

Really enjoyed it.

These escapist touches are truly excellent and make for a gripping viewing experience.

Slow pacing and predictable battles are probably the major reason I found this film so boring.

If you know what it is going in, then it can be an enjoyable ride.

Like so many before it, 300 fails miserably in this regard, with thin, predictable, and even bizarre minor story threads.

Plus, they feel like propaganda.

Battle scenes (which make a good portion of the film) inspire awe and adrenaline.

Stop killing and making propaganda in Hollywood to kill and destroy others.

I don't know why this movie made money but I sure do want my 9 dollars back cuz I could've used it to buy a pack of smokes, instead I watched a movie that makes me yawn compared to other battle films like the Brilliantly made "Braveheart.

The style of the violence is slow-motion, until you are tired of them fighting in slow-motion but for the first time, you will stare in awe at how the director made the violence slow, slash.

I buzz with adrenaline thinking about how great this film is.

The battles are visually stunning, grandiose staged, well-choreographed and breath-taking.

Blatant Propaganda.

Well-choreographed fight scenes that slow down from time-to-time… and are not so cluttered that you cannot figure out what is going on and follow the action.

There are also well done special effects which create this ancient-dangerous world in a stunning fashion that is sure to please many.

Snyder's direction matches the effects and he wallows in every macho swing of the sword, doing really well to capture the action in a way that is engaging and clear.

Beautiful, stunning, mind boggling visuals.

STICK TO MUSIC VIDEO MAKING PLEASE, and save everybody the wasted time, wasted money, anger, and most of all, making me feel compelled to waste "my time" to write this comment.

I guess the weird creatures and the political scenes were necessary to provide relief from what could have been a monotonous three days of killing, but the former were silly and the latter were boring.

The only redeeming quality this movie had was the fact that the beginning story got intriguing.

As boring as it gets .

Conclusion: Over-rated, but visually stunning.

With its scope of a classic epic, thrilling battle sequences & impressive production, 300 is a visually stunning & wildly entertaining piece of historical fantasy about bravery & blood, and succeeds majorly because of the stylish depictions of both.

Starring Gerard Butler, Lena Heade, Dominic West, David Wenham, Vincent Regan, Tom Wisdom, Andrew Tiernan, Very visually stunning and intriguing film.

"Google" the story of the Spartan Persian War to learn what really happened- which is equally exciting.

One of the most visually satisfying and constantly entertaining films you are likely to see.

In all, notwithstanding the ridiculous plot and story elements, painfully flat characters and boring, pointless talky scenes, 300 is a totally unique, brilliantly creative and an arrestingly visual masterpiece: With the most creative and breathtakingly artistic use of CGI imagery in any movie, 300 may just pave the path to a new, entirely visually liberated style of film-making.

If none of this appeals to you, if you need your films to have some deep meaning, or you need all your films to run along some pretentious idea then don't watch it.

Somewhat entertaining folkloric celebration of the ongoing war against tyranny featuring animated Greek statues .

The movie contains some powerful acting, amazing visual effects and was all in all a very entertaining and enjoyable movie.

While its action scenes keep the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing, I must admit that during most of the scenes in which killing of some kind was not depicted, I found myself indifferent and bored.

Unlike other movies that only feature the good scenes or edit out scenes and scary moments leaving you bored to death with too much talk and not enough action, "300" gives you more than what you've bargained for.

To often I hear the complaint "The plot was boring" as being the biggest downfall of the movie to which I simply ask, "The main reason you went to see this movie is the plot?

There's also a very boring narrator throughout the entire film, who refuses to shut up about how great the Spartans were, how evil the Persians were, and more times than I can count you have him saying 'and then next the Persians sent in...

like i had said the movie was okay but if you're looking to learn some history this is not the movie for you, personally i think this movie was just another attempt of propaganda against Iran so a bit of politics would have been involved in it

There have been many historical epics over the last few years depicting true events from centuries gone by such as Braveheart, Apocalypto and Gladiator and all of them have at their core, a story which is either heart whelming or engaging to the audience; in 300, the things we engage with the most are the battle scenes and amazing visuals we are treated to.

The film feels like it was choreographed and directed by someone who played computer games for far too long and was level 100 on World of Warcraft.

And the story line was so basic and simple, and yet compelling, that I could over look the sheer ugliness of the book and the clunking dialog and paper thin characters and just lose myself in the mayhem and madness contained between the covers.

But watching it like it is, it's like watching a long and quickly boring, computer graphic demo.

The plot was predictable and dumb, all was the typical story of "the good guys and the bad guys" with lots of clichés and annoying stereotypes (Some of them very offensive) To summarize, "300" was boring, dumb and offensive.

I have to say outright that 300 is one of the most visually stunning movie I have ever seen.

It's an engrossing medieval war movie!

Cuz I saw doze other ships crash, an' dey can't have dat many ships, can dey?

I saw this movie already hearing that it had cool action scenes and also about there being no plot which the action didn't make up for.

What is interesting about the film is that it goes underneath the facts and creates a fascinating, atmospheric and claustrophobic narrative.

Comic book adventure with a tang of zionist propaganda...

The blood and guts got so repetitive and felt like a dumb action movie.

It was intended to be a dramatic, entertaining stylization of a historical occurrence - and although some 'facts' were probably more like fantasy, and much of the story inferred or even invented, I didn't let that stand in the way of this truly enjoyable movie experience.

The point is this movie is entertaining.

That's all there is to the story, which isn't interesting, which is mixed with uninteresting characters, so what's there to like about this movie?

This movie was meant to be an entertaining action movie revolved around a very important battle.

I wasn't expecting much historical value going into the theater,knowing that it was based more on the Lord of the Rings than History, but I thought it would at least be entertaining.

300 is a visually stunning film adaptation of writer-artist Frank Miller's graphic novel 300 which is essentially a retelling of an important historical event during the Greco-Persian War.

The Action grips throughout in this visually stunning tale with a kick a** soundtrack to die for.

The highly enjoyable film 300 has unfortunately been bashed by some for its historical inaccuracies.

" Overall this movie was a waste of time and a waste of brain cells as well.

Spawning a sequel that will come out in 2014, 300 is a fine historically soaked, action film that holds back nothing, and puts the viewer on the edge of their seat.

one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life!!.

Mind numbingly stupid at times, but entertaining enough to merit a pass.

Watching the movie felt a lot like watching propaganda to me.

A one of a kind, very entertaining film.

The fast-mo/slo-mo CGI encrusted battle scenes, where blood flies freely in all directions, are oddly uncompelling, even boring.

The battle scenes are very stylish and fun, but to call them intense or epic is a joke.

Not the worst film I have ever seen, but a pretty pointless one none the less.

If it were just that his Spartans talked in a mishmash of Objectivist drivel, movement-conservative cant and macho cliché -- which they do -- it would be bad enough.

Itsone of the finest and one of the most action packed movies I think I have ever seen.

please stop the madness by showing such a unfair propaganda against Iran.

The lighting and visual effects are stunning.

I felt like I sat through two hours of Greek propaganda.

entertaining .

I highly recommend it.

The cinematography is absolutely stunning, and the story amazing.

Horrifying, yet compelling.

For all that, it is incredibly well done and enjoyable as a spectacle, with some great battle scenes.

True to the original, entertaining and visually stunning .

-The battle scenes (which take up most of the film's second half) are great, as they're both stylish and entertaining to watch.

The use of low lighting adds an intense feel to the movie.

The texture of the film is not meant to create the reality of the historical event, but to make the bare essentials of the story explode on screen in an entertaining fashion.

Artistic license was taken in regards as to the historical elements of certain aspects, but this is a fantasy from the comic book so on that score i feel they did a very good job putting together a thoroughly enjoyable action movie.

This is a pointless movie.

Well, finally watched it, thoroughly enjoyed it.

The style was very Frank Miller and the tale was entertaining.

Exciting, intense...

It's a pretty decent slab of visually stunning untaxing entertainment which spreads the pathos a little too thickly.

Likewise, an overuse of slow-motion drains the carefully composed battle sequences of life, leaving the viewer emotionally detached from what should be thrilling cinema.

There are films such as "Braveheart" (1995) or "The Patriot" (2000) that embellish history to create an engaging film.

Its story is more than enough to move the film forward, and the result is an engaging, entertaining, brutal, surreal and bloody war film that never gets boring, and eventually wins you over with the way everything comes together.

Pure breathtaking adrenaline rush .

For a movie with no plot besides one gigantic battle, there is a suspiciously small amount of battling!

Now this is a fine piece of cinema, its making, timed to perfection given prevailing international climate characterised by anti-Persian propaganda.

Very action packed with a little bit of a love story mixed in.

I enjoyed it and as a holiday film to see with mates and friends its very good.


Ridiculous acting, stupid lines, no plot, far-right background.

Visually stunning and entertaining sword and sandal epic.

Firstly, this is the most morally dubious movie I've ever watched, and I've watched Nazi propaganda.

As mentioned, 300 is every bit as visually stunning as it's source material.

A bit overrated but still an entertaining film .

It very well may be the worst movie ever made.

it not a boring movie, it is little predicable at times but still really entertaining , the acting this movie outstanding from the whole cast.

This is a movie that gets your adrenaline going.

As many can tell from the previews, 300, is a stylish epic/action movie whose imagery is unique and breathtaking.

The story plays out in a slow mendacious fashion which creates a growing impatience as the minutes tick away sans plot.

Romping, empty-headed fun .

They're skillfully executed but ultimately dull, like an overlong Joe Satriani guitar solo.

There is little pausing between adrenaline-pumping sequences and if this is what you're looking for, then you've chosen your movie right.

There's no real plot twist nor inventiveness to it.

Still, you'll have to deal with the excessive gore, the excessively done and unnecessary sexual scenes, and the self-indulgent decadent flamboyance of this post-western-civilization celebration.

Well, yes, the movie was quite predictable, the part where Gorgo had to "please' Theron to win his support for the council.

The plot is simple but it's also one of the oldest and most compelling events in Western civilization, and yes, it did save the world for reason, logic and freedom of thought which sadly, are being abandoned today.

300 The legendary movie of the year, worth watching 300 times….


Slow motion should be used to show a complex move that the viewer would not be able to follow in real time or to show a slow down in time from the perspective of the focused character.

A Stunning Visual Feast.

To be honest, it bored me, despite its obvious popularity.

Boring Violence .

Frankly it reminds me of the old German propaganda movies like Hilterjungen Quex and Triumph des Willens.

The story, whatever there was of it, was boring and incoherent.

This is a entertaining film for sure and follows the'' graphic novel'' (comic book )very closely , that is there are liberal doses of creativity and dramatic license .

The writing is beyond cliché.

This movie proved very entertaining and actually a pretty well rounded movie.

Needless to say "300" is visually stunning.

well, there really is no plot.

Essentially, this movie is a long battle, intercut with pointless back story that is so facile that it provides absolutely no depth to the one-dimensional characters.

The battles in the first half of the film were visually stunning, with time speeding up and slowing down to achieve better effect.

The 300 is an entertaining CGI and live action bloodbath with a lot of good messages which are, unfortunately couched in an endless stream of clichés.

If I've to sum it up in a sentence, what actually makes this movie work against all odds is its near-perfect blend of stylish direction from Zack Snyder, engrossing tale of heroism, larger- than-life action, arresting cinematography, groundbreaking visual effects, catchy one-liners, intriguing characters, strong performances from its cast, meticulous sound, cut-throat editing & grandeur soundtrack.

Anyway, we must also remind that the story of the Battle of Thermopylae had been written in ancient times to be a glorification to Sparta and Greece, as a propaganda against new enemies and towards a unification of the geek cities.

), but still the visual aspect of the movie is breathtaking.

It is fascinating,epic,and a spectacular spectacle and certainly a film experience.

A stunning movie .

The action scenes are amazing, the visuals are stunning, and the moral stand of the righteousness of defending one's home at any cost against totalitarian regimes is also appealing.

What is more important, to portray a fictional setting for the sake of giving people a mind blowing visual experience or to amuse and amaze them with clever plot twists and intelligent dialogs?

300 (2006) is an extremely action packed film which probably has more CGI and make-up in it than most of the animated movies out.

This film is beyond this, it's a good and exciting entertainment.

- Never, ever, mix up epic with self-indulgence.

It is very entertaining.

That said, 300 is visually engaging and has enough effects to provide on-the-surface entertainment.

Political and social reasons aside, the movie was fairly predictable, with lots of manly yelling and glistening pectorals, "surprise" ambushes anyone in the audience can see a mile off, solemn intonations, and one very weird and uncomfortable blue-lit epic sex scene.

The softer moments are intriguing and well woven into the narrative, adding layers to what could have been a shallow swords and sandals movie.

Overall while I enjoyed it at an entertainment level, otherwise the movie didn't touch me.

I will keep this short and sweet I saw 300 tonight and i have to say it was amazing the visuals were stunning it is that good that it looks better than real life.

There are no internal conflicts to speak of, no plot twists worth mentioning, no character portrayal, no moral issues to challenge the audience, nothing!

Most of it is rather pointless though as it's more or less interludes between bloodshed.

I was SLIGHTly irritated with the underlying Americanism and Bush's war propaganda.

A particularly enjoyable part of the movie is having events narrated by David Wenhem.

The acting..well, Gerard Butler held his character perfectly and pulled off a stunning performance.

Incredibly simple with a bountiful of quotes to disguise the dreadful non-existent plot, fooling viewers into thinking this is a memorably excellent ordeal.

More over people were highly suspicious about the intentions behind making this film, especially when they consider it along everyday negative propaganda about Iran.

I watched this only because a friend told me it was stunning.

Unfortunately the second group is empty in the movie.

The fighting scenes of course are breathtaking with slow-mo cameras and really cool stunts.

The way this film is shot is fantastic, the story (based on truth) is fantastic, very entertaining.

Truly enjoyable.

The sexy, ruthless, unpredictable wife of the King is also a nice addition.

It's pretentious to the point of preposterousness, and preposterous to the point of pretentiousness.

Its fight sequences become tedious, and its story and characters are un-satisfyingly underdeveloped.

However, even that is clogged down with slow-mo effects, which quickly become repetitive.

"300" is a very entertaining movie.

Bottom line: if you want to see a cheaply disguised patriotic propaganda to support war, go see this movie; if you want quality cinema, say "pass".

I got bored watching it.

This movie is fascist propaganda.

(for example, Kill Bill,the film that says to everyone "Revenge is sweet and killing is funny and entertaining" Oh, how I hate that film!

In conclusion, "300" is a very enjoyable film, and a film I recommend.

And for all of those who have watched any TRUE STORY movies most of those movies are true but Hollywood has some extras to it to make it more exciting.

I had some great expectations and the director made it worth watching the movie at all.

"300" delivers an all out, adrenaline pumping, macho blood-fest of massive proportions that is rarely seen on film.

Don't waste your time on this!

What did bug me was how boring the whole bloated thing was.

Yes, yes I know that a lot of people here seem to disagree with me because it's cheesy, predictable, drama, blah, blah, blah!!!

The battle continues, but at this point the repetitive and unimaginative action choreography begins to expose itself, despite the presence of another long, uncut sequence.

" Again – as many other viewers have noted – this film has no plot – no character development and a montage of stupid and awful action sequences.

300 is stunning to watch.

Its only getting 3 out 10 as it was visually stunning.

Keanu Reeves School of Pine Board Acting would be impressed with this visually exciting, but otherwise pointless, boring movie.

Overall, the two words I would use to describe it (apart from "graphic novel") are "vivid" and "intense".

And for action films to be entertaining today, they must be accompanied by something more than a juvenile story line, mediocre screenplay and stilted acting.

Beneath the action packed battling, is a thick political plot which gives the film a purpose and adds to its drama, greatly.

It is action packed, satisfying to blood lust, and it's the kind of rah-rah film that the masses love.

Leni Riefenstahl's Reichstag propaganda movies had more subtlety.

Even the action sequences while being fast paced were glorified to the point of being cliché.

It's entire approach to bringing Frank Miller's comic book/novel to the screen is stunning from a visual point of view.

I found 300 cliché and clearly gratuitous.

Then it becomes boring, stupid and silly.


The picture is totally enjoyable, is a great experience for all who enjoy comic books.

As for the battle itself it is awesome and enjoyable like the rest of the film.

The visuals were spectacular and breathtaking especially in the magnitude of the battles.

Legend has it that the Persians numbered in the millions, though this is disputed by modern scholars who believe they were in the tens of thousands, still an overwhelming number against the 300 Spartans who held them off for three days of intense combat.

The battle against the giant ogre is also pretty stunning as well.

This film has fight scenes so groundbreaking and visually stunning, it may surpass the Matrix.

In my opinion, this movie succeeded in almost every possible way in doing what it means to do: it's stunning, exciting, tells a great tale of heroism and leaves you hungry for more.

The muddy browns, ancient bronze and stunning crimson are painstakingly replicated in the films colors, panels are recreated in full motion shot-for-shot.

"300", IMO is very loud, very violent, very empty, and very boring - despite plenty of fight scenes, slow motion decapitations, and 300 magnificent dudes roaring HA-OOH!

Snyder has really changed film-making with his effective use of breathtaking backdrops, unique color patterns, grotesquely choreographed action scenes, and fast and slow motion throughout "300".

Film's battle scenes are brutal and up close and personal as it must have been in many ancient battles over the centuries and impressive, if at times artificial as is the feeling you get throughout most of the film and the first half an hour or so is quite frankly dull.

"300" on the other hand is one of the most pretentious, god-awful pieces of claptrap that I've seen in many years.

This movie is visually, graphically stunning.

with boring dialogs.

The battle scenes are complimented with an equally compelling plot with some great acting by the cast.

Having said all that, this is still an entertaining and visually dazzling action film, with an eerie, otherworldly look that is oddly captivating.

brainwashing pro-war propaganda .

The cinematography is beautiful, and the costumes and sets are stunning.

The depiction of the Persian emperor, contrary to all historical depictions, as the 'freak' of 'freaks' was the clincher… As a film, I found '300' an utterly boring and predictable narrative, inferior to even the tragic 'Alexander'… As a piece of anti-Persian pro-Zionist propaganda, it is crude and transparent; much reminiscent of the anti Semitic propaganda churned out by the Nazis, to demonise the indigenous undesirables - pre mass deportations and expropriations.

If you watch "300" with historical context in mind (and are annoyed at all the inaccuracies) you'll see it as militaristic propaganda with disposable heroes.

It lasted a few minutes at most and broke for a lull.

The movie was entertaining down to the last moment.

You will notice that the sky was cloudy all the time, it was dull, the movie lacked some real colors.

A truly entertaining and fun to watch film.

The B story is boring and clichéd.

This movie was empty, it didn't provoke the mind or the heart.

It was just dull and unoriginal.

which is extremely refreshing and only further made the movie an enjoyable experience.

One of the worst movies that I ever saw .

We get so see random practically naked girls doing some weird dance supposedly to tell the future, a guy get pushed into a pit, and then a whole lot of random and pointless fighting.

Several themes were also cliché, such as the betrayal from within that was clear from the very beginning.

A stunning videoclip and .......

"Fascist propaganda" harks a critic.

Which is what I got, and I enjoyed it throughout the whole time.

The reality unfortunately has left me a little empty.

300 relies on one thing and one thing only, the brutal (and in some cases, entertaining) action sequences.

Boring .

It was a popcorn flick--but much more enjoyable than the bulk of what Hollywood hurls at us.

More engaging than Troy, the tepid and somewhat similar epic of ancient Greece, 300 is also comparable to Sin City in that the actors were shot on green screen, then added to digitally created backgrounds.

Visually stunning .

This movie is sure "Worth Watching in Hell!!

It is emotionally riveting.

Breathtaking spectacle full of action and a very special interpretation of the well-known Greek-Persian battle, which was taken directly from a graphic novel by Frank Miller, author of Sin City, which has the same amount of style, elegance and originality.

I first saw this movie – based on the Frank Miller comic book of the same name – upon its theatrical release, when I was still a lad, and I quite enjoyed it (as an early teen, who wouldn't?

It is really quite a shame that a pointless subplot that has nothing to do with the battle has been cut into the movie.

Bad from a historical perspective but also enjoyable as a action film .

creative additions that I found pointless or just plain dumb (that Goro-from-Mortal-Kombat-esquire Immortal, portraying the Immortals as weird mutants, that sword-armed executioner...

Visually stunning, painful to listen to .

The story is almost non-existing, but it's nevertheless enjoyable up to a certain point, caused by the fascinating visuals.

I don't know what people were expecting from the straightforward plot of "300" to which most everyone knows the outcome, but I found it to be tight and engaging from start to finish.

Now, in 2007, Hollywood would appear to have come full circle with "300," a rousing sword-and-sandal epic that has been filmed entirely in a studio, using only CGI effects to recreate its ancient Mediterranean setting.

It is not only a subjective tale; it is an instrumental, manipulated and manipulative propaganda tale basing on a real heroic deed.

Before I watch the film, I was thinking that if it turned out to be another brainless violent story, I wouldn't waste my time watching the whole thing.

"300" also outshines "Sin City", the other famous Frank Miller adaptation, because where Roberto Rodriguez only created intriguing visuals, this movie also has a rather intriguing story to offer.

SO for all the hype this movie received and for all the reviews I received from my friends, I cant say it was enjoyable.

" Its humor may be sophomoric, and even that's giving it the benefit of the doubt, but at least it is entertaining and provides some good belly laughs along the way.

Dilios (The Lord of the Rings' David Wenham) is the one warrior who delivers the news to awaiting Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey), even the (for me) unexpected ending.

Singularly Tedious .

Visceral, violent and visually stunning to the point where the lack of much else doesn't really matter .

This together with the heroic struggle of the Spartans, makes it an extremely entertaining movie to watch!

The color is filtered to give it an older, duller look.

Gory action, intense fights and awesome action is on full display, complemented by some fine acting from the great looking leads.

Overall I found it very entertaining and well worth spending two hours!

It is very entertaining as well.

This story isn't just about killing people, which while entertaining isn't enough to make a decent movie, its about what it takes to be a man.

In some other films where the visuals are breathtaking, the story usually falls flat or is just non-existent, case in point The Cell.

This movie has no story, boring characters, and is all around a mess

It's better than watching a boring history lesson on ancient colonies.

The speeches are just unbearable.

With its CG rendered backdrops, beautiful lighting and faultless cinematography, 300 is visually arresting— like classic Renaissance art brought to life—but when applied to virtually every frame of the movie, this level of aesthetic perfection also starts to become tiresome.

It's not remarkable nor should it be award-winning, but it certainly is entertaining and proof that there is more than one way to shoot an epic war movie.

And it was visually stunning of a feat to tell.

The story is older than dirt, and the way its told is fairly boring.

It offends me furthermore because it rings false and contrived, furthermore when one knows about history a bit.

Most thrilling visual cinematic experience of the year!.

That ugliness makes 300 disturbing and unpleasant, in addition to being boring and stupid.

the most enjoyable unintentionally funny movie I've seen in a long time .

The only redeeming features are its stunning visuals, which do manage to set it apart from its Hollywood contemporaries.

Every comment like trashy 3D/CG effects, poor directing, shitty script, racist propaganda, crappy fighting, well the list is long and you can find it all here about this movie.

Please do your research rather than believe this piece of propaganda.

I guarantee people rating it 1* still somewhat enjoyed it and just are disappointed the plot is a bit thin.

The colours are stunning, the reds and yellows really bring a different visual film.

If you like artful, choreographed violence, stunning photography and visual images, and movies that glorify the warrior culture – you're in for a real treat.

Those decrying it for its 'cheesy' dialog and 'lack of plot' absurdly miss the point.

There's even a moment at the end when the narrator starts talking to the audience, a technique straight from the World War II propaganda films.

The photography and gritty lighting of the film enhance the charm and feeling of nostalgia to the film, as does its adrenaline soaked action and dialogue, if you've not seen 300 then by all means make this a film on the top of your list.

"300" must be one of the worst movies ever made.

no plot, nothing.

But, no matter, there is no story beyond all that.

Where it lacks in believable dialog it more than makes up for in its stunning beauty and intense action sequences.

Like Robert Rodriguez's take on Frank Miller's Sin City, 300 remains true to the graphic novel and proves to be a thrilling watch.

The effects are stunning, jaw-dropping, eye-bulging, and so forth!

) this is still a pretty boring film.

in the end it was boring.

This movie is quite possibly the worst movie that I have ever seen in my life.

See it as you will: a touching and motivating movie or blatant Bush propaganda.

Then it becomes boring and stupid.

My advice- don't waste your money, or take Advil prior to taking your seat.

That is the first gratuitous nudity scene, obligatory in movies nowadays but usually better done than this pointless display.

exciting , bloody and with a great visual .

But then I guess it always has to follow that another generation comes along and finds all of that boring.

The film retains its two final stars for the choreography (mildly entertaining, though not as original as I think the filmmakers hoped it to be) and some of the imagery (mostly CGI, not as good as Sin City's), and the surprisingly strong character of the Spartan queen, Gorgo (which, oddly enough, is also the name of a very cheesy English monster picture from the sixties.

The battles are rough and gritty, with some interesting slowdowns and speedups, and they add a little bit more to the otherwise bland, stale and predictable characters.

being so bored by the end of the film, I was pointing out things I didn't not like, particularly Xerses being 8 feet tall and and bald.

What impressed me most were the stunning visuals.

David Wenham is a force of gravity as Dilios, who provides the rousing narration and kicks ass as Butler's second in command.

Shallow and predictable .

Not especially great, but very entertaining and quite beautiful.

Boring .

I found this film be boring, tedious and endless, with wooden performances and ugly visuals.

Choice of music at times was also too cliché, at times re-used, at times very appropriate.

In short, 300 is a visually stunning classic that is filled with brains and brawn.

There's glorious gore, exciting battles, great acting, and an amazing score.

The film is nothing short of a visual feast, it's stunning.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Dazzling blue-screen work, but utterly worthless and unwatchable .

There is nothing wrong with style, it may be fickle, but it is one of the most powerful and compelling weapons in a director's arsenal.

Visually thrilling adaption to Frank Millar's graphic novel .

It has no story, horrible characters, and just a bad feel to it in general.

Ridiculous propaganda .

It is a war movie with a surreal feel, it is a story that is steeped in mythos, and every chapter of this tale is lavishly brought to the screen in a movie that is as visually stunning as it is compelling.

A propaganda film.

The other two being for utterly pointless utilisations.

Visually breathtaking if glaringly flawed .

but would make for an incredibly dull film.

I loved the speed up - slow down camera effects in the action scenes, it was something a little different and very enjoyable, my eyes were peeled the whole time it was going on, I absolutely loved this film and cannot wait for the DVD release July 31st.

Combining greek mythology and real spartan culture with a hint of fantasy, brilliant performances and too many stunning shots and visuals to count, "300" is guaranteed to make you end up with you mouth wide open in disbelief.

Gerard Butler is awesome in this film with his extreme physiology and intense battle scenes that he leads throwing his spear at Persians and stabbing them with his sharp blade.

Visually 300 is stunning.

Complete crap and propaganda-material!

The film is fast-paced and exciting and a feast for all the senses.

Performances and bizarre soap subplots aside, Snyder delivers stunning action and memorable visuals to make the 2006 fan stealer a wort

If 300 was nothing but battle from opening to closing, I would have given it a higher score, but I can't because of the lame, boring attempt ad characterization.

Cant say more, there's not too much to say about this movie, could have been good as a commercial spot, it doesn't inspire you much talking about, boring like hell, good for console addicted kids (or even adults).

the fights scenes were some of the most brilliantly done and exciting that I have ever seen.

For a film shot entirely on a green screen, it's breathtaking.

boring and waste of time .

The problem with that is the characterization is always shallow and they end up characterizing a cliché that is flatter than if they hadn't take up all that time to characterize.

It really is quite boring between battles and VERY predictable.

Visually Stunning .

In the end, it leaves you bored and you STILL can care less about the characters.

I think the word "insidious" is probably the best way to describe it, and "propaganda" would not be inappropriate.

for those whom like action packed, kick ass stuff, your guaranteed to enjoy this again and again!!

I knew it would be entertaining, action packed, and full of great visuals much like Miller's stunning Sin City.

From there the film explodes into a highly stylized, intense battle-royale in which the Spartans (all sporting six packs you could bounce a brick off), with their flare for battle and their constant arrogance, take on the vast Persian army led by Xerxes.

Worth watching.

I probably enjoyed this movie because of what I did see in it, the obvious to me propaganda element, and their-fore being able to recognize the film being more than a entertainment tool.

The politician's slow clap, which made me want to kill myself.

It is an enjoyable film, perfect for men and women.

There is really nothing impressive about the ultra super imposed grainy look given to battle sequences, the MTV fast-slow quick camera movement that has become cliché in the last few years of bad movies, and the horrible use of music throughout the film.

It is a pure and intense experience of non-stop action.


Could be a successful propaganda .

Probably the worst movie I have seen in my life.

Despite its liberties with the historic events, the 300 film remains the most thrilling, most awe-inspiring, and most uncompromising account of the Battle of Thermopylae.

It bores to death.

anyways, the characters were fascinating, the action and violence were gratuitous, the cinematography was breath taking, the actors were committed to the telling of the story and portrayed them quite well, etc. as far as the whole "homo fest" comments, have any of you ever studied ancient Greek civilizations or men in war throughout history.

The one thing that will grab you from the start of "300" is that it is visually stunning in telling it's graphic tale.

Many of them even believe that the film is a piece of Hollywood, anti-Iranian propaganda.

The acting was good i really enjoyed it, the performances were great from all the spartan actors.

300 is a confusing movie.

I'm not familiar with the original book so I can't say exactly how much of the film's look comes from there but the results are, in a word, breathtaking.

He should look at something like Shichinin No Samurai, where the director reserves the use of slow-motion for one moment (Kyuzo's initial duel) and the effect is simply stunning.

"An exercise in self-indulgence" claims another.

I really enjoyed it.

The main features here are a splendid photography, light -and somehow intense- colour, action sequences carefully shot, some bizarre characters -such as Ephialtes or Xerxes himself- and a couple of mythological animals, all that clearly shows this is a comic book put into an epic film.

This was one of the worst movies i have seen in theaters.

Pretentious Claptrap .

The visuals were pretty to look at and the battle scenes done well and intense.

I watched this movie with high expectations and with the sole purpose of having a blast; I mean, an entertaining evening.

Totally pointless, adding nothing to the plot.

The simple fact of the matter is that this film is dull.

This action epic sets a prime example of how to adapt a graphic novel by Frank Millar into a entertaining thrill ride.

It is lacking in ANY features to speak of, the picture quality, even up-converted, looks so-so, and the sound is, well kind of bland.

300 is an adrenaline fueled fantasy classic!

300 is an entertaining film.

Whether this is nationalistic and fascist propaganda or the stuff that legends are made of is ultimately your call.

First off, I loved the movie - I thought it was a breath of fresh air - a visual adrenaline packed masterpiece.

It fails even at being a dumb action movie, because this is just too dragging and dull and sappy for that.

But there might be also rather artistic reasons for this kind of propaganda -it s a part of the psychology of extreme conflict and regression.

'300' is one of the most visually stunning and innovative motion pictures to come along in years.

Its for adrenaline, cinematography, and just being entertained and in the end isn't that all its about.

In fact it's quite a passionate and moving film about loyalty, honour, pride and bravery against the odds that captures the imagination with stunning camera effects and sound effects.

Abs, pecs and yawns .

Well made, some beautiful shots, but still propaganda with a stupid and dangerous agenda (hence my summary line).

Visually, it's a fine film, but there were several occasions during which it dragged in terms of the story.

I work with a normal group of 10 men, all of which saw this movie recently, and we unanimously agreed that this was probably the sickest, most ridiculous, and most boring film ever made.

This film is all about action and sadly, those people that love this sort of action most are going to be bored out of their mind for about the first minutes of the film.

Fight choreography, while amazing from a CG point of view, is rather boring like much contemporary film that has no sense of movement throughout a scene and instead relies on cutting and editing to suggest the flow of action.

It has its dull moments and lacks the human touch that Sin City, which is similar to this, did although it boasts a good performance from Gerard Butler in the lead role.

An enjoyable action film .

It was perhaps one of the most visually stunning films I have ever seen.

But the fact is that after seeing people chop each other up in slow-motion for ten minute it becomes rather tedious.

In short, "300" is a thoroughly enjoyable and unapologetically violent film that every guy will love.

But what the heck, I'm giving it an 6/10 anyway because it was entertaining.

An impressive but pointless collection of slow-motion battles .

It is waste of your time.

300 was a visually spectacular and overall stunning work of stylized cinema.

Whilst this is fun for, say, an hour at the most, it eventually becomes tedious in the extreme.

it was very entertaining and was a great story to watch.

But it is stunning to look at especially the graphic battle scenes, the goriest of recent times that's for sure.

His slow down techniques makes Neo look foolish and the consistency juxtaposed with the action and effects almost slaughter fan winning hit Watchmen.

But I've seen more compelling dialog in episodes of "Xena: Warrior Princess".

Overall, it is a thoroughly enjoyable testosterone fueled action flick.

The film is visually stunning, raising the bar in a way that will probably remain untouched until another Frank Millar adaption.

Close to a waste of time movie .

Why do so many people like this incredibly stupid and boring film?

If you're the kind of person who can switch off your mind during a movie, then maybe it's enjoyable.

Good visuals but no storyline .

Highly recommended and very enjoyable and the best film I have seen in quite a while.

The actors were absolutely stunning when it came to the battle scenes.

I am glad to see that some movie makers have decided to wake some of us up out of the doldrums of a ho-hum dreary existence into an angst of vigour that might translate into some constructive balance in the views expressed in the public forum.

300 is the worst movie ever made.

This film is a very enjoyable film, it is exciting from start to finish & quite often has you on the edge of your seat.

The modern confusion of reading the modern democratic ideal of freedom into ancient Greek and Medieval history (e.

I can't say the movie itself caught my attention long enough to sit through the whole ordeal at once (took me 4 sessions to finally see the unsatisfactory end of it), mostly because of a dull storyline, too much heroic slow-mo scenes and basically no interesting bits at all.

It's not a film for everyone, some may find its simple minded or overly exaggerated, but I found it entertaining.

The action is exciting and fairly non-stop once the battle has begun.

Take in to consideration that this movie was so full of graphics and a bunch of no name actors, the entire crew pulled it off and gave me an entertaining movie that I will see over and over again.

The video filter, and the beautiful backgrounds and surroundings gave me as a viewer goosebumps, and the story was well-paced, both with slow-scenes to explain certain plot-points, and fast-paced scenes to create action and adrenaline.

After so many boring action movies this side of the new millennium, this one really stands out, even though it is pretty typical.

This widespread propaganda against Iran is a political trick which is leading to a new war in middle east.

In order to enjoy all the special effects and needless screaming of the Spartans, one can go to any movie theater and watch the three-minute trailer saving them about 114 minutes of utter boredom.

I thought "WONDERFUL, this is just gonna be another violence-every-second, with no story line Hollywood film.

I gave it a second viewing and enjoyed it more.

The special effects were amazing, the acting was enjoyable, and the story was of course based on one of the most inspiring war stories in the history of the world.

(It's not that I dislike realistic violence, it was just that it was so repetitive and frequent it was boring).

The movie goes on in a monotone with adrenaline pumped high throughout.

The fascinating tale of the 300 underdogs taking on the mass army advancing too devour tiny Greece.. Gerard butler picks up the mantle of leonidas king of sparta & does so immaculately to this stylish take on the 300s last stand against the Persian hoard.

just : if u wanna waste your money seeing some lies and boring actions.

They might as well called it Slow Moving Pretty Colors and Tight Abs...

You will either love it for the awe inspiring imagery and effects, or you will hate it for the brutal violence and clumsy script borrowed from the graphic novel.

it meets its self-indulgent decadent goal .

The cast is great, Gerard Butler is awe inspiring as Leonidas, and the action scenes are excellent.

It is really unwatchable.

Yes, there were a couple of times I had to laugh because it was clear that some things were ridiculous, but it made it just a little more entertaining.

I was the only person who saw it at home in my house but if there had been other people with me they would have enjoyed it too.

As far as "movies" go, this film is a perfect balance of artistic excellence, intense action, solid acting, and to-the-point storytelling.

However, the acting is wooden beyond compare and is quite contrived.

I think I fell asleep this time during the CGI rhinoceros charging?

We watched this with my stoned brother in law and even he fell asleep!!!

Zack Snyder, who would later go on to direct superhero flicks such as Watchmen (2009) and Man of Steel (2013) bring the artistic style from the graphic novel and brings it to life with amazing visual effects and a compelling story.

Definitely a visual treat, particularly the slow-mo scene which terrifically isn't like anything on screen ever seen in a film, in spite of slow moving murder being a common screen spectacle.

That aside, this movie is bland.

And boring as well.

Butler aces even his extended dialog scenes with his entertaining and exciting screen presence and off-the-charts charisma.

While being visually stunning, the cinematography of this movie just wants to be noticed.

I can tell ya - there is no plot!

The film almost – but not quite – makes up for these glaring flaws with its incredible achievements in other fields, but I really feel that these problems drag it down and could have easily been fixed to create a truly compelling work.

Overall, 300 is a fantastic action yarn that is as enjoyable to watch for its artistic accomplishments as it is an entertaining take on classical war cinema.

dull, slow, and not very interesting in any way .

As far as the non-battle scenes are concerned, I would say the most enjoyable ones were Leonidis's first encounter/dialogue with Xerxes, and the moment when the former's wife stabs the Spartan traitor in the Council (that was totally unexpected).

The action scenes would have a bright lighting whilst the dreary scenes had dim and very faint sense of light.

An absolutely stunning acting job by him, one of the best performances I have ever seen.

The opening sequences are breathtaking.

Still, it's a very entertaining adaption of a real life battle of tens of thousands against 300 soldiers using superior tactics to upset the battlefield.

Boring BS .

Everything seem right about this picture when i watched the trailer, and to be honest I believe the best lines of the script were said in the trailer, I believe there were times in the film when the queen just couldn't believe to herself what she was saying and that lead to a poor performance, the king's dialog was at times empty, Metal kind of music just does not go with this movie, the best performance I believe belongs to Xerxes.

His motivations and villainous behavior is depressingly shortchanged for excessively brutal, uninteresting carnage.

Even the visual style, supposed to be the unique selling point of this, is rubbish - everything is in slow mo, everybody hair rustles in the wind, the CGI is obvious, the creature and costumes unbelievable.

But what somehow bored me to death was how characters would speak for what seemed hours and hours and hours.

Entertaining and visually stunning .

it is a dull overblown b-movie, which would be bad enough.

Truly worth watching .

i was really expecting to see a masterpiece of a movie, instead it was one of the most boring war movies of all time.

However Frank Miller and Zack Synder have said this movie never meant to be historically correct, it was essentially a propaganda story being told by a survivor from Thermopylae to rally the Greek army before going into battle.

Sex scenes are very exciting and beautiful, as well as the oracle's scene.

When I first time saw this film I thought this was truly boring pointless film expect the beautiful artistic visuals.

The story is also pretty compelling as it follows the main character as he leads an army of hundreds of soldiers against an army they are overwhelmingly outnumbered by, and the story carries on quite well.

The transformation of the comic onto film was superbly done: Same colors, same visually stunning angles.

Goliath" setup, but it basically amounts to a sequence of bland battles.

Visually Impressive But Tedious And Uninteresting Account Of Ancient Greek Tough Guys .

Gerard Butler as Leonidas is one of the most intense performances I've seen in a movie in some years, reminding me for some reason of the unbelievable level of intensity that Tom Cruise brought to Mission Impossible III.

)If all you're searching for is an engaging, mind numbing, gore filled two hours, this will surely do the trick.

Plus there are some compelling parts in the story, and the script has its moments.

The characters have zero guile, zero subtlety, 100% melodrama, bordering on the trite.

Formula, clichés, tired symbols; The one dimension talking/shouting head characters, the black and white choices, the obligatory lesbian kiss, the quasi-rape, the quasi-orgy, the whacko jewelry, piercings, straps and thongs, the torches, the staircases, the earth-mother in the field of grain with the rising sun and her young son running to her, the treacherous hunchback, the blatantly scheming and treacherous politician, the treacherous priests, the one eyed messenger, the miscast ethnicities, the blazing light between columns (several times), the soldiers doing super-human movements, the disjointed battle sequences, the illogical battle tactics, the endless symbolic gestures, the killing of the messenger with the threatening message, etc.Then we get to the outright nonsense.

SEE IT: If you want to see a movie with some adrenaline and that celebrates the unabashedly masculine in spirit.

It's a fast-paced, exciting, action-packed adrenaline rush that kept me glued to the screen the entire 110 minute runtime.

It was several hours of beautiful, well-done, empty distraction, which made me appreciate my home theater setup.

Propaganda&stupidity .

I found the slowdown to be stylistic and much of the dialogue, which is apparently cheesy and fascist to everyone else, to be at least somewhat inspiring, and certainly engaging.

It's really pointless to compare the two films because both are going for something else so labeling this a "remake" might be unfair.

Visually thrilling and viscerally satisfying.!!!.

A potent mix of testosterone and stunning visuals .

Before Leonidas leaves, he treats the audience to a sex scene so dull and lifeless that it amounts to little more than a CG dry humping with Gorgo.

Gladiator felt like boring political debate compared to 300s highly stylized action sequences.

Indeed breathtaking .

This visually arresting and very enjoyable adaptation of Miller's graphic novel about the Spartans' stand against the invading Persian armies is a lot of fun, even though plot and characterisation take third seat to visual spectacle and sound design (this is one of those films were a spear won't clatter to the ground when a speaker-blasting BOOM will do!

One of the worst movies of all time .

Where it does lack is in its liberal imagination in the story-telling , the real story was more than gripping enough to stand on its own .

All the colour levels have been significantly altered & while it looks stylish some of the time I found it looked a bit drab & boring at other's, there's plenty of nice visuals on show from flowing capes to exotic dances to huge armoured Elephants to a wall of human bodies to form a barricade to the Sun being blocked out by thousands of arrows shot into the air & it's a shame the colour scheme is unappealing.

Reguardless of some comments this is in fact an excellent film I first saw with my girlfriend who enjoyed it as much as I showing appeal to both genders.

Usually these movies (like Sin City (at least partly), SAW, Constantine, or just your regular low quality splatter movie, all of which i enjoy a lot) come with a healthy dose of irony that will show clearly how to take the content and make the extremes bearable and even enjoyable.

This film is visually stunning, the absolutely beautiful CGI is seamless.

Every detail, every background, every special effect set to the scenes are so mindblowingly stunning.

thesis,crumbs of propaganda, American vision about life and its values and, in same time, history as tool to discover present.

With a compelling and historically relevant story to boot!

So then we get a drawn out shot of the Spartans going to war.

The battle scenes are excellent, with breathtaking cinematography, and colors so rich, that it will blow you away.

yada yada yada"Characters are predictable and obvious - either plain good or bad.

The lighting effects and general direction is bang on and makes the film a non-stop adrenaline filled film.

'300' is the most thrilling visual cinematic experience of the year, do not miss this one.

300 is by far the most entertaining movie that I've seen in my life.

Not to mention, we're already watching choppy, repetitive action sequences equivalent to a lengthy, drawn-out video game cut scene so perhaps the atmosphere is fitting.

I found the slowdown to be stylistic and much of the dialogue, which is apparently cheesy and fascist to everyone else, to be at least somewhat inspiring, and certainly engaging.

Some good creative material, but too derivative, too repetitive, and too long .

I cannot decide if this film is blatant pro-war propaganda or simply illustrates the fact that history (such as is recorded by the victors) is doomed to repeat itself.

If you'd studied history, you know this film is like a total ripoff of Nazi Germany, Pol Pot or extreme rightwing American propaganda.

The story is predictable and otherwise nonexistent when most of the time is spent with the Spartans yelling war cries.

All we care is that it's entertaining, it's even suitable for lolis.

Between the combat scenes we have boring and self-righteous crap; two examples of treachery so mind-numbingly obvious that a retarded, blind, deaf, and desensitized person will be able to spot them a mile away; as well as the death of a character who was basically introduced to the movie wearing a huge sign saying "My function in this movie is to die" While it comes with a certain satisfaction to watch an elephant being pushed out over a tall cliff and fall to its death, it is not worth watching the movie for.

As a former military officer, I admire the bravery of the Greeks at Thermopylae, but this type of propaganda, styled as "cinema," makes me sick.

Personally, I dumped those thoughts out of my mind, as well as obvious similarities to Gladiator (partially because of certain scenes, partly because I think Butler totally looks like Russell Crowe) and found the movie overall very enjoyable.

In a nutshell, it was spoonbendingly dull, with the sort of acting you would expect from a muscular pornstar.

I love action movies, I am a fan of Comic books adaptations - many entertaining movies were successfully adapted from the comic books.

I am sorry that the studios waste their money on this, and their lack of thought, to make something that is such a joke.

After that the whole story was bland and predictable.

(The actors had to work out using some pretty intense, tortuous methods to get those six-pack abs.

Bloody Entertaining to the last.

The only other thing the movie has to offer are artistic action sequences, which, while entertaining the first time you see them, get boring by the end.

300 gave me the answer, how people could be fascinate by media for the war propaganda like Adolf Hitler, Goebbels, etc did before.

Emphasizing the contrast between the real warriors for liberty and the slave soldiers might appear to someone as western propaganda, because it emphasizes the favorite story of western people about their common cultural origins derived from the well known ancient nationalist racist misogynist and rather egalitarian Greek culture.

Predictable, boring and over-rated .

I understand a movie can and should take artistic license, but rewriting history to this extent is unbearable!

Zack Snyder shows the beauty of a dismembered bloody limb as it floats gracefully through the air to the sweet sounds of a classical sonnet; breathtaking.

A fun action film with equal parts raunchiness, adrenaline pumping action, over- dramatic camp and over-glorified sense of machismo, all of which encapsulated in Snyder's definite flashy style.

A very entertaining movie.

Not that that is necessary a problem, but some people (including myself) may find the movie to be bland if they want something more from a movie, instead of excessive violence nearly all the time, and in return get senseless scenes and poorly developed characters (one of the more prominent characters, played by Vincent Regan, is only called and credited as Captain, and his only character traits are that he has a son, and is a captain).

It's visually stunning, and it isn't as toned down as it could have been.

It seems most people leaving their opinion here would have preferred an Ibsenesque piece involving two characters emoting round a kitchen table while grappling with some contrived character arc and displaying 21st-century sensibilities.

Slow mos, fast forwarding, zooming, and rapid-fire cuts are all used to perfection.

But it drips with dishonest and manipulative war propaganda.


In historical reality, it was clear the Leonidas last stand was as much a tool of Greek national propaganda, in order to rouse the fragmented states to defy Xerxes' divide and conquer strategy.

The only dull moments were the scenes with the queen - other than that the movie has everything a good action movie needs.

This movie is an incredible stupid gay Nazi propaganda !

The fast and slow motion camera effects warp reality, adding an enjoyable twist to the film.

Enjoyable, not historical .

Most of the action too is pretty predictable.

Whether beating the living shite out of another warrior trainee or fighting a wolf, this film knows how to keep you on the edge.

Aside from Tyler Bates' generic soundtrack, the visuals and directing style alone is unique and breathtaking.

300's is neat little bundle of Adrenaline and testosterone weaved into a two hour package.

It's a fairly enjoyable movie, as long as you try and ignore the political subtext.

It may look similar in some ways to Sin City, but this is much more fascinating and colorful to look at.

300 is a visually stunning and graphically violent comic book style depiction of the ill-fated battle between the freedom-loving, politically enlightened Spartans and the evil-hearted, morally bankrupt Persian Empire.

This is a very engaging dreamlike account of a relatively small group of fighters who helped make a BIG difference in the history of Europe.

"300" isn't for everyone, and this graphic telling may have many cringe - but if you do watch, you cannot escape how visually stunning it is, how artful it has been done and how people will do what they need to do to save themselves, those they love - while others will do anything to be superior, take over everything and be more than what they think they are for fame, identification and power.

But, still, I enjoyed it.

Having grown up on the sword and sandal movies of the 1950s and 1960s I figured it could be an enjoyable 120 minutes or so of entertaining adventure.

Zack Snyder has directed an absolutely stunning action movie.

Everyone else was really dull and boring.

It seems that every time they show a human on the screen that isn't computer generated, they want to slow them down.

And what a spectacular job at entertaining.

It is an amazing movie with stunning visuals, advanced characters, outstanding directing, with decent acting.

While the script was more dramatic then a soap opera and the acting as subtle as an elephant farting in church; it was very entertaining.

) To actually take a story such as this, based on a comic-book - regardless of the historical aspect which is almost irrelevant here, used just as a backdrop - and find right-wing political propaganda in it is tantamount to taking one's own paranoia and elevating it to the level of godhood.

An enjoyable, exciting film with a lot of excellent filming .

I give it 8 out of ten, it's not Gladiator, but it's fabulously entertaining for what it is.

The final thing that I have to say about this movie is, King Leonidas' voice, it is far to Epic, he shouts the majority of his lines in a very cliché manner.

Please don't waste your time by watching this trash.

the historical inaccuracies are stunning here.

More specifically, since this came from Hollywood, many will characterize this as allegory for and propaganda in support of the US involvement in the middle east and Persia.

The visual effects are simply mind blowing, to me this Zack Snyder is ahead of his time, visually speaking.

Finally, the film is dark and boring in its scenery, which doesn't look real and doesn't look interesting.

Director used really cool colors, stunning visual effects and some slow motion which looks great and you have feeling like you are watching a cool music video in some moments.

Though I feel Violence as the most immature way of dealing with conflict in the present day, I wonder how Zack Snyder created wholesome testosterone cum adrenaline gush through the male audience.

You would think these are more then enough to make an entertaining epic action flick.

I have played computer games that are pointless, action-centered, lacking in plot and, simply put, BAD.

One of he worst movie I've ever seen.

This movie is a great action packed adventure that takes you to your dreams and lets you see what you always dreamed about.

And if one views the film as a fantasy piece as opposed to a historical epic, one realizes that it's all in fun and just an entertaining, wildly crazy ride.

In this regard it is visceral, violent and visually stunning.

Why do I have this feeling that Dr Gebbels, the minister of propaganda of the Third Reich, would be very proud of this movie?

Visual Masterpiece - Adrenaline charged - Inspiring.

So to summarize this movie was entertaining and inspirational.

Visually attractive but tedious and inconsistent.

It was about an entertaining story, as Miller described,"the best damn story I've ever gotten my hands on" and impressive, arresting visual style.

He is a big factor behind this movie's rousing success & is nicely supported by the rest of the cast.

Director Zack Snyder for the most part gives audiences what they expect after seeing the trailer to this despite some flaws with character development and a somewhat slow beginning before the action kicks into high gear.

Worst movie ever made in grand scale .

The secondary plot also is intriguing and provides a little break in the film from the huge amounts of action and violence in it.

The audiences are supposed to leave the theater with eyes full of tears.

Rittled with cliché lines and cheesy delivery, the characters dialog was very unrealistic.

Based on Frank Miller's best selling novel and surrounding the war in Greece in 480 BC 300 thrives on glorious graphics, hard fought action sequences and a political plot that takes a while to set off but once established becomes exciting and any fan would and should be pleased by the combination of war and action.

What a tremendous visual movie this is, just stunning in parts and interesting to look at from start-to-finish.

Some of those who have seen the sex scene between Leonidas and Gorgo may agree with me when I say that it dragged on for too long and could have been less explicit.

It is adapted from a graphic novel (so is The Walking Dead), but it is highly entertaining and worth the watch.

Some lines in the script and some story lines are just blatant war propaganda.

and its stunning!

So how come they succeeded in making such a decent idea so awfully tedious?

If there is an Oscar for someone stating the bloody obvious it should go to the character who was forced to speak over several key moments with completely banal comments.

As you might expect, the film is pretty violent, so if you're a parent, you might want to leave the kids at home.

The ninja-clad Immortals prove to be entertaining opponents and the movie benefits from plenty of grimness, like the wall of bodies built up by the heroes.

The story of the battle of Thermopylae sounds fascinating.

The cinematography is very good with stunning visual effects.

You might as well claim that Braveheart and Gladiator are also right-wing propaganda.

In short I highly recommend this film as entertaining , and maybe instructive, for most adults.

In the end, "300" is a violent and bloody bore.

This movie is filled with "epic" lines spouted by empty characters who try in vain to force the viewer into believing that it is emotionally worthy.

Hence all the stupid macho white characters are portrayed as heroes and simply spout out simple one liners - regarding freedom and democracy - (the type of propaganda crap that the American people have been fed constantly since 9/11.

Lots of decadence, self-indulgent exploitations and graphic gore.

This film does not set out to be a perfectly weighed, factual, historical documentary on an ancient battle, but does set out to provide a powerful, energetic, gripping story of valour and sacrifice....

I understood from the start that "300" was supposed to be pure, adrenaline pumping entertainment.

It remains his best and most exciting work and leaves hope that he might return to the glories of this triumph in his under comic book undertakings.

The film is a mythical take on the story and changes were made to make it a more exciting film to watch.

A terrific film and absolutely stunning visually!

Dreary tired storytelling, CGI love affair.

Those self-proclaimed intellectuals who berate this movie because it IS stupid and pointless just don't know how to have fun.

If you appreciate overly-dramatic, yet emotionally empty characterization, you will enjoy this film.

Visually it is stunning.

300 is ab-solutely ab-tastic yet ab-horrently boring.

It was a terrible film, a complete waste of time, without any single redeeming value.

but other than these minor problems, it was very entertaining.

It sometimes was like looking at some Bush-administration propaganda.

There's no story, only violence.

The worst movie I've even seen.

Good cinematography, maybe too much slow motion effects but nonetheless entertaining.

If you are just a fan of action / war / battle cinema, the combat is intense and riveting, and there's ton's of it.

This movie is total BS and what's worse it's utterly boring!


117 minutes of brainless, adrenaline filled fun and nothing more.

Spartans are gays (historical try) and it is historical thru, and movie is made agents Persians now Iranians in use of American propaganda .

SIN CITY had the same frighteningly empty, sterile charm.

Like an orgasm, the film takes you on a wild and unpredictably riveting romp, and one way or another, it's over far too quick.

Disc Two contains a lot of small extras, the most prominent being the mostly intriguing 24-minute "300 Spartans: Fact or Fiction?

I didn't dislike it at all (it's much better than GLADIATOR, for instance), and I found its style intriguing, I just can't say it was enough to get me too worked up.

Without these choices, Snyder would have a boring piece of unmolded clay on his hands.

300 is a very entertaining movie and very stylish.

This is one tedious movie.

This is an exciting visceral film and is definitely a guy film.

Visually entertaining; Lacks any plot .

The movie had a great potential to build a good story over the historical background of the Spartans, but ended up totally predictable and with basically no plot.

Bad, bad, bad, bad and boring.

Its enjoyable, but pretty empty, like a a ride on the best looking amusement park ride you've ever seen- only its a minute long ride after a three hour wait, or finding out your date for the evening has the IQ of a gnat and is incapable of any sort of intelligent speech .

The acting is mediocre and the story is straightforward and predictable.

It is a stunning piece of work visually, although perhaps over-reliant on slow motion (and, particularly, intermittent transitions between slow motion and normal speed).

And after a while despite or perhaps because of the highly stylized way the battle sequences are cranked out with slow-mo starts and stops and pauses for spurting blood, the color-drained images of the uniformly buff male bodies and Frazetta landscapes, which seem made of brush-strokes rather than dirt and stone, start to seen monotonous and repetitive.

And some extremely thrilling scenes, too - I sat at the tip of my seat from the moment the fight starts right up to the end.

Breathtaking visuals, non-stop action, blood, gore, and sexy abs .

This movie is a waste of time and money, it is in no way worth the hype, I love Spartan History, I even went on premiere night.

What really makes Miller's tale so enjoyable is the introduction of fantasy elements to the Battle of Thermopylae.

One thing that did get under my skin though was all the slow motion shots, which were very cool on most shots as it gave the scene or the moment a unique feel, but a lot of other times, I felt it was pointless and the movie was trying too hard.

Yes, that's fascist, and it also bored the pants off of me.

Leni Riefenstahl produced propaganda films for the Nazis.

The dialog doesn't have any depth, is predictable and does little to help the story.

If you're marginally politically aware, then you will probably note the faint overtone of propaganda.

Upsudes: Visuals, very exciting, great story, accurate enough to the main details of the real events, fantastic costumes and sets.

Porn can be "entertaining" also, educational even, and it makes good money too!

For the first twenty minutes, "300" is visually stunning with visceral and effective fight sequences.

And like a regular porn movie, this becomes tiresome incredibly fast.

Its a really enjoyable movie from the ground up, and you have to realize how much this movie influenced its genre.

Well, when I say it, I mean it.. 300 is literally one of the most breathtaking, magnificent and *best* films I've seen in my life.

In the follow-up, 300 - apart from undoubtedly being simply fascinating from a technical point of view- was also outstandingly enjoyable as a great cartoon adaptation.

The entire plot is predictable to a fault.

That said, although 300 fits the first couple of criteria, it's definitely a movie worth watching again and it's also not your typical action movie - it is "pure" action.

Let us decide, what makes a good movie out: 1) The Plot… [1/10] There is no plot in that movie.

Thus making an aspect of the film that had the greatest potential, fall short of mind blowing.

It is a visually stunning, stylised piece of cinema.

But the star of the film is whoever provided the movie with its fascinating 'look'.

cliché and gratuitous .

but everything else is so incredible stupid: the unbearable dialogue, the over-the-top-acting, the non-existent-script, the whole topic of the film: only men, who fight without thinking, are real men.

The short talky scenes in the middle are a little dull and you only ever want to see the fight scenes, and when they happen you are not disappointed.

The movie has other problems, but I fear mentioning them will have readers discount how boring the action is.

But alas, we still have to go through endless battles (albeit shot in style, almost choreographed), boring demagogue about bravery and patriotism, and too much melodrama (check the scene where some soldier hands Leonidas' wife some medallion, and she in turn hands it predictably to her son).

Very Entertaining Film.

Spartan Propaganda on Steroids .

Do grasp tightly for the tension is compelling.

Brilliant Piece of Propaganda .

It would seem that the history cannot be denied and it is history that has made this film worth watching all these times and will allow for the watching of this film again.

Stunning cinematography/art, dramatic and good pace.

This is a piece of mindless, aimless, and tedious trash and will go directly to my bottom 10 list of 2007.

propaganda supporting the eminent invasion of Iran...

brilliantly entertaining .

It was a boring, stupid film.

I'll admit, it was entertaining at times.

very crude propaganda .

Yet, I was bored.

The visuals are stunning, the acting coupled by a viscously memorable script is undeniably one of the all time greats in its genre.

So, the two things the movie has going for it are artistic visuals and battle sequences, which are both shown within the first half of the movie so the second half is completely boring because you've seen everything the movie has to offer.

Anyway, despite being hyped as an all-out action-fest so violent it would give Michael Bay epileptic seizures, 300 is so dull you'll be squirming in your seat.

Rather, expect a great, entertaining time at the movies: one that will stick with you as a fun action film.

Visually Stunning .

It is just one bland mess of white, grey & black, which makes me wonder why it is filmed in color at all, because it isn't being used.

But I also felt like I had just seen some subliminal propaganda at the same time.

The soundtrack by Tyler Bates was boundless intense.

Music and situations are at 100% adrenaline/drama all of the time, from first to last frame.

300 Has great fight scenes also but has zero emotional attachment, its like a video game as many have said, great to look at but you end feeling empty.

The movie has no storyline, no character building or anything else.

Presenting the enemy as one dimensional demons have been used many times in the past in propaganda war films.


300 was enjoyable to an extent.

It's an entertaining movie that keeps the audience stick to the seat from beginning to end.

The war scenes were the majority of the movie and obviously the most thrilling.

The film becomes so boring despite of trying to make it fascinating by a huge amount of bloody fighting.

BUT to make it such a boring experience took some doing.

The comic book "feel" is fairly well done but after two hours of numerous artistic and technical flaws, it's just tedious.

Last of all, there's no plot, the story goes like this; evil Persians attack Sparta and they have a fight.

I usually enjoy fight scenes like this, but the action was just so repetitious that I got bored in 10 minutes.

Yeah, that's right, there is no plot at all.

I hope he becomes a household name - God knows he's better-looking and more enjoyable to watch than Brad Pitt!!

While the colorists did an amazing job, the lack of story and over-reliance on slow-motion made this movie one of the most boring I've seen in a long time.

The logistics are as empty-headed as every other part of the film: soldiers travel endlessly without food or foot sores or bedding.

then i continued to watch the movie and at the finishing sentences , i gave up fighting and started to laugh :) it looked like a little bit propaganda.

Violent movie blends historic events, drama and breathtaking fights .

Xerxes was enjoyable as the villain and some of the other Greek soldiers were also a lot of fun.

Anyway, if you like heroic movies or have a friend with good sense of humor, take him/her to the cinema with you and you will find out that the movie is quite entertaining.

During the battle we can observe a lot of surprising and excellent unexpected twists in the plot.

With her witty remarks to her unpredictable actions...

2: Visually this is arguably one of the most consistent cgi movies ever made, beautiful scenery, brutal battle scenes, absolutely stunning.

Waste of time & money .

Perfectly rehearsed and choreographed violence, mixed with great acting to make it seem as if it's unexpected make the action scenes in this film some of the best ever!

The movie is stunning to look at.

This was a good film, yes, with inspiring visuals and breathtaking action sequences.

An occasionally intriguing fantasy undone by cliche after cliche .

The visuals in '300' are stunning, raw and brutal, and the actual reason why '300' doesn't end up as another ordinary action film.

300 probably won't win any awards for depth, but it's a very strong, entertaining film.

I would put this as one of the worst movies ever made.

No plot, no storyline, pure violence and selling this under the name of 'Justice"?

This movie brings excitement, on the edge of your seat action, suspense and a great story line to keep you interested throughout.

The movie is action packed, and the action is stellar, making it a great action film.

It looks good and after 2 minutes it becomes boring.

"300" is a movie that takes itself fairly seriously (it's about big themes like courage and freedom, you know) and is mainly concerned with making everything looks as "cool" as possible, but it's so silly and overdone that it become a cross between an enormous bore and something unintentionally funny.

300 of course deals with unfashionable ideals - heroism, duty, sacrifice - and in a selfish and cynical age these often jar, and while historical epics are often portentous (Kingdom of Heaven), a rambling mess (Alexander) or just dull (Troy), this movie at least never takes itself too seriously - unlike many who have watched.

I thought it was all put on very aesthetically and kinda thrilling at the same time.

The battle scenes are visually stunning.

But the moment is emotionally empty.

Great, for the first half – then gets a bit repetitive.

The genre is criminally underrated and many of those films are colorful, action packed and fun.

Rife with historical inaccuracies, one dimensional archetypal heroes, a limp and woefully cliché plot, and an arbitrary use of the word 'freedom', this is one cheese fest that can almost be completely experienced in its commercials alone.

It was not meant to be historically realistic, but more like a sailor's tale of sea monsters and whirlpools on the edge of the world.

) The film is visually stunning and is certainly worth viewing if you are a fan of great visuals.

It is during this standoff at Thermopylae that majority of the action take place delivering spectacular battle sequences, passionate speeches from Gerard Butler in the role of King Leonidas, and stunning-violent visuals.

But overall "300" is a shallow waste of time, the kind of movie best suited for viewing by horny teenagers.

But to have everything yelled, every line delivered as their entire fate depended on each syllable, makes the move very monotone.

I found the slowdown to be stylistic and much of the dialogue, which is apparently cheesy and fascist to everyone else, to be at least somewhat inspiring, and certainly engaging.


300 has no story with surprising twists, dramatic highlights or something like that.

Plodding, weak and overall a waste of time.

What a strange and at the same time fascinating movie...

This movie is one of the best , one of the finest and one of the most action packed movies I think I have ever seen.


Even then its tedious and too stylized to be any fun as a straight swords and sandals movie, more akin to Conan or Red Sonja than anything else.

The worst movie ever made!

I must have seen this movie, on my computer, more times than any other movie that I can remember, and always with the pleasure of immersion not on a different time and place, but on a gripping story well told, where 21st century technology meets old campfire story telling.

Quite literally breathtaking from the use of graphics and imagery to the adrenalin firing battle scenes, this is how you would imagine pure bred warriors to fight.

Personally I wish I could have seen some more character development of some of the Spartans and more on Leonidus' role as leader of Spartans before the battle but it was a film achievement worthy to be seen by all because I feel every person can identify with Leonidus and the Spartans and can find something in the film that is identifiable and enjoyable (I pledge that this movie wont leave you sad shriveled mess of a person wondering if their life really is bad enough that they are willing to pay 11 bucks to see it).

The film has a surprising and sometimes effective use of humour in some scenes, but while this is a welcome addition, it doesn't distract from the slow, uninvolving story, the bland script and poor dialogue (as witnessed above.

Unexciting action, terrible direction, and tedious pomposity, all wrapped up in a confused mess of mangled history, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings.

If it was made in the 30s it might be excused, today it just felt like damn propaganda.

The scene in the film's beginning when the King and her part ways is fascinating, with the Queen handling it with a real stoic strength and resilience, knowing to spend a moment on sorrow would be a tax on her energy which she cannot afford.

The movie is definitely watchable at least once because of the action scenes, but I wouldn't waste my time watching it again.

But even with the stunning visuals, what probably takes this film to a whole new level is Queen Gorgo.

This film (and the comic book from which its based), draws on the ideas of propaganda to tell its tale.

But the initial Rush is a Temporary fix for the Adrenaline Addicted and a Sexual Substitute for the Alternative Lifestyle crowd.

There is no real story or character development, and we are not even given a backstory about the Greeks & the Persians and why they are enemies or what they stand for, other than that Xerxes is a 'Tyrant', but that cliché is just lazy writing.

Visually Fascinating .

It just feels like a cheap (while still completely enjoyable) knockoff instead of a tribute or homage.

And so horribly pretentious, sigh.

Waste of time stupid movie .

The team behind 300 should be applauded for their brilliant work on this film, it is an enjoyable & worthwhile watch for audiences of any age.

The characters weren't developed as nicely as they could have been but all in all, this is a really enjoyable movie that I think is more than worth watching.

Save your money.

Entertaining if nor accurate .

I want to add the comment of "Golem78" I found in the internet, that hits the bull's-eye:The Internet is abuzz with the suggestion that 300 may be veiled war propaganda.

300 (2006) With its graphic visuals and intense, beautiful battle scenes, 300 is an assault to the eyes.

They either love it with passion calling it an epic movie of the 21th century, or hate it even more and throw it off like a piece of garbage consisting of mindless action and silly cliché phrases.

However, 300 is not very well paced, in fact for me it was quite slow and pedestrian in places, while there are one two many clichés and stereotypes, one or two them I agree bordered on offensive.

And with a cast led by Gerald Butler and Lena Headey that captivates the audience with their demanding screen presence, 300 certainly provides an engaging cinematic experience.

Absolutely stunning.

The WORST movie EVER .

The story is abysmal, and since I already knew the ending (this myth was taught to me as fact in High School), there are no plot twists or anything at all to keep me interested.

Leonidas on paper is a cliché spewing hero but Butler makes this character interesting and compelling when he really shouldn't be.

I guess it's only convenient that the relationship between men and women is so important to Spartans so that we can have a proper way to excuse this boring pornography.

Delivering you all the adrenaline induced violence you will ever need in a film and giving you a less than orthodox brief into the world of Sparta and all its glory.

", the warriors dining in hell are actually dining in an incredibly tedious film.

And there is so much about 300 that could and should be praised (the set design, the amazing costumes, and realistic make-up and effects), that it makes it even harder for me to report that I was hugely disappointed by this overblown and rather pretentious 'blockbuster'.

) and then another uninteresting battle commences.

(By the way, there's an intriguing historical error in the film that was made, I'm sure, to make sure all the "guys" in the audience didn't barf: A comment is made by one of the Spartan soldiers that makes clear that Spartan men don't have sex with other men like those people in the other City States.

if you've read it, then you realize that the visuals are some of the most unique and well done one could hope to see in the medium and the story is well written and engrossing.

Very intense, strong fighting scenes, Leonidas has a deep shouting voice that makes you really listen to what he says...

instead, this is a sexed up, big screen adaptation of something that happened a long time ago, minus all the typical boring slow parts we see in so many films.

Not to mention some blatant historical inaccuracies, above all, the movie was boring.

Snyder steals show again in visually stunning war "drama" .

One of the most visually stunning movies of the 2000's, Zack Snyder's adaptation of Frank Millers "300" graphic novel, is brilliant.

*** SPOILER ALERT ****Written by noted conservative Warren Miller, 300 serves as a brilliant piece of propaganda that fails in nearly every way when looking at historical evidence of the time.

I was expecting slightly more than what I got, but overall I really enjoyed it as a movie.

That's why the main thing that makes this movie worth watching is the heroism portrayed throughout the entire movie.

Even if the story was dull, which it's not, it would still be worth watching just to see the visuals.

Snyder's take on the council meetings are kind of confusing, since they weren't in the graphic novel.

Incredibly stunning, extremely beautiful and just plain *cool*.

300 is one of the most entertaining and exciting movies to watch, the battles are great, has a lot of blood, head, arms, legs cut off, and is well choreographed, the soundtrack is very good, and suits the film, which is well dark, Gerard Butler is so far his best performance, he speaks pretty catchphrase, as well as being a leader, with a great presence, the Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro makes a good villain, even I do not like much of its visual, more leaves to be a good villain with a very commanding voice, the direction is Zack Snyder who exaggerates in times of slow motion, which is to cool, the more your direction and competent, his best film so far, the Visual is excellent, more to note that it is green screen, and at times the CGI is evident, the costumes and a plus point, the visual of the Spartans is great, 300 is a great movie with great effects even sometimes be quite exaggerated, with good performances, besides being the first film of the great Michael Fassbender in acting, is a film worth being see.

It certainly was visually stunning, 10 out of 10 for that part.

Worst movie I've seen in my life .

All the characters get their interesting moments of deliberation and decision - except, perhaps, the kid - and they are all quite intriguing.

Lastly, IMHO this is a very obvious propaganda movie, especially the last few minutes.

i will give the PRODUCER(s) a "thank you" note for something VERY entertaining by adding 4 stars after i subtracted 9 for its "under"-stated objective)))enjoy for what its worth!

When a bunch of unknown actors can keep me on the edge of my seat for close to 2 hours,that is one whale of a movie.

If you consider the movie as a fantasy in ancient Greece based on real events and people it turns out as a an enjoyable and entertaining product no doubt.