365 Days (2020) - Drama, Romance

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Massimo is a member of the Sicilian Mafia family and Laura is a sales director. She does not expect that on a trip to Sicily trying to save her relationship, Massimo will kidnap her and give her 365 days to fall in love with him.

IMDB: 3.4
Director: Barbara Bialowas
Stars: undefined, Michele Morrone
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 171 out of 821 found boring (20.82%)

One-line Reviews (281)

Very boring

I'd describe more of the movie but honestly, it's confusing and just garbled together in a melodramatic piece of cinematic trash.

Probably the worst movie i have ever seen!

There's no storyline, maybe just maybe this movie could have been better if there was.

It's just two hours of a bland, female lead who's a stand in for the woman watching the movie, and living the fantastic, outlandish fantasy that I suppose many girls and women out there enjoy thinking about: being seduced and dominated by an otherwordly alpha male who then vigorously sates their sexual desires.

And finally, PRETTY WOMAN, in the repeated scenes in which Massimo takes Laura to designer stores to buy luxury clothes, while he is bored and continues to work in front of strangers.

Also Michele Monroe is something else, stunning and sings most of the soundtrack.

The worst part is that the main actress is displayed as some kind of voluntary victim throughout the biggest portion of this waste of time.

Then you can read reviews online which is very enjoyable.

Total waste of time .

As an idea, it was good but the script was confusing, many languages combined, many scenes that were unconnected, meaningless demonstration of wealth and excessive erotic details that made it more video on a known website than a movie.

The worst movie for 2020 .

Those with high expectations, who want a perfect movie, perfect plot, perfect spoken language, etc. you won't find it here, so don't waste your time.


This movie gotta win the award of the worst movie.


Totally waste of time .

the worst movie that I have ever seen .

Red, bloodbath"The sex scenes are a major part of the movie, definitely mind blowing, mental release.

Don't waste your time!!!.

worst movie ever .

Pure waste of time.

Worst movie ever .

No plot to speak of, nothing is explained, acting is pretty bad, sex scenes good I guess.

This is one of the worst movies ever made.

Worth watching.

2 hours of pure waste of time .

Pretentious Explicit sexual scenes, in fact it is the only resource that the film uses, that and eroticism.


Worst movie I've ever seen.

No plot , no atmosphere, bad writing , boring acting nahh

They made the movie enjoyable even with its blatant mindless Stockholm syndrome plot.

From the writing, to the direction and acting, this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

A big waste of time : I could have gone to bed earlier last night.

The worst movie ever .

Oh my goodness, it is the most cringiest movie I have ever watched in my life, I literally walked out of the room, it does not flow at all.

Such a waste of time .

Absolute waste of time .

But really, poor acting game, boring scenario, no intrigue.

Stupid plot, cliche and overused scenes, bad acting, bad English, imaginary scinarios..etc. This took bad movies into a whole new level, I think that the writers of this movie, read Twilight and Fifty shades and thought to themselves...

Waste of time .

the worst movie i ever encountered in my life.

So boring.

A waste of time .

It is THE worst movie I have ever seen, I don't think you could make anything worse, even if you tried.


Don't waste you time on this, it's about nothing and end about being nothing no story at all no acting at all

This movie is legit the third worst movie I've ever seen.

This movie is a waste of time and it stunns me how it can be so very bad.

Waste of time .

From the first to the last scene I was disgusted by the amount of obscene scenes that made the movie unbearable to watch.

Definitely HOT and well worth watching .

But the story is just not there, it's repetitive and with no consequences.

Entertaining enough .

Meaningless, cringy, awkward, cliche, horrible, these are the words I was thinking about while watching this movie.

Theres alot of bad reviews on this film and I enjoyed it.

The plot is very much boring.

A waste of my time this movie.

Sex scenes either shots of the top of woman's head giving bj then wiping their mouths or a drawn out flash to different places around the boat of them having sex.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

No story until the last minute, terrible acting, "erotic" scenes that made me laugh, weak dialog and in general hands down an awful show.


the plot is just boring and at times doesnt make any sense, sex scenes are boring and just not exciting in any kind of way.

The great film critic from Rio Grande do Sul, Tuio Becker, once wrote a review about the movie LIPSTICK (with the Heminghway sisters) which was called "Boring, Bad and Moralist".

Probably the worst movie I've ever watched .

One of the worst movies you can ever watch!

Very intense and erotic movie.

But I have to give this one a 1/10 because this is legitimately the worst movie I have ever seen.

Waste of your time.

I guess I'm a sucker for cliche movies!

Worst movie I've seen in a while .

Jesus Christ, what a waste of time.

Main character is super hot though makes it worth the watch

Don't waste your time !

The only enjoyable thing is the first sex scene (it was the only scene that looked realistic enough).

Its a cheap version of "fifty shades" with no story, not even a good dialogue, i cant belive they waste money doing this kind of film!

The worst movie I've ever seen in my life.

I gave it a chance after reading the negative reviews and I found it quite enjoyable.

It has no story, only an idea of it.

Only watch if you want to waste two hours of your life .

Waste of time, even if you're bored.

Worst Movie Ever .

No plot really, just lots of sex scenes...

Terrible waste of time.

Very confusing.

There is no plot.

Waste of time .

Now first of all how the hell did she end up in empty dark streets after her fight with her boyfriend.

The very worst movie I've ever seen .

Worst movie I have ever seen, worst lines and scenarios.

Hunky rich tattooed (yawn) gangster boss kidnaps beautiful woman.

I loved this movie I enjoyed it and at the end I felt I wanted more, I can't wait for the sequel to come out.

Don't waste your time .

Waste of time!.

This is actually the worst movie I have ever seen.

There is no story structure and I was lost 10 min into the film.

This is one of the WORST movies I have ever had the displeasure of watching.

Don't waste your time..

Otherwise don't waste your time.

It's really cringeworthy and a waste of time.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Movie has no story, nothing special in technical aspect etc. Movie is just erotic, which has lot of draw back.

Attractive lead characters, great storyline, kept me on the edge of my seat and wanted to know what happen next the entire film.

what a boring no pointless movie.

Probably enjoyed it?

Worst Movie Forever .

This is probably the worst movie I have ever watched.

Waste of Time .

Present impressive faces, great interior and stunning view.

Boring, generic and bland characters.

There is no plot to speak of, the dialogue is disjointed, the storyline is disjointed, and the ending is a joke...

Don't waste your time on moive full of sex scenes.

Stupid Don't waste your time watching .

Waste of time .

One of the worst, meaningless movie I have ever watched .


Waste of Time.

Don't waste your time watching this.

The plot was pointless and boring.

I enjoyed it for what it was - light entertainment and two beautiful people easy on the eyes!

Worst movie ever .

I liked the unexpected ending that popped the bubble.

it's dry empty...

This is film is a joke don't waste your time watch it!

I enjoyed it to some extent .

Some of the storyline was confusing and some stuff didnt make sense and the way he said "babygirl" was just really cringy when you get past that i really liked it.

The way they portrayed it was actually confusing and didn't provide sadness in me.

And so unpredictable...

This is by far the worst movie I have ever watched.

It's entertaining .

It's the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life.

I'm sorry for anyone who will watch it in cinema, what a waste of money...

Such a waste of time.

I found this movie very entertaining and the scenes in Italy beautifully shot.

But definatelly, was the worst movie of 2020.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen, and I've seen (and enjoyed) some frankly awful movies.

Listen, I've watched it so you dont have to, please, don't waste your time.

Leads speaking in English makes it so awkward for the viewers and it makes their acting bland.

The plot (if you can call it that) is mostly absurd and the events are cliche and totally predictable (try to remember what somebody did or said in all the bad movies that you ever saw: yes, it's exactly what's going to happen), the events don't make a lot of sense, the dialogue is cringe, the characters are very cartoonish and unbelievable.

the end is beyond bad, please dont waste your time, you will be dissapointed.

This whole movie just feels kinda yuck and has no plot.

The worst movie which I saw in my 46 years life!!!

It's just in general confusing but also tedious and filled with cliches.

No plot, no drama, no movie...

The cop slouch ed to the floor, slapped his hand on his face, and said all drawn out like, 'booooooy, noooo onnne wiiinsssss.

We both enjoyed it.

No plot, zero acting a movie without a director.....

Probably one of the worst movies of the century so far

it is one of the worst movies i have ever seen ( if i would call that a movie ) it was more like a porno movietotally wont recommend it...

Arguably the worst movie ever made.

God it's so dull.

The worst movie I've ever watched.

Waste of time .

It was exciting for me to see if she fell in love and what happened next.. I was disappointed with the ending, I feel it was cut short.

I stopped halfway since it was unwatchable.

Waste of time!!

Badly acted, no storyline, an amateurish attempt at a Polish version of 50 shades of Grey.

I think I have another 30 years in me, but I can say with confidence that I have seen the worst movie of my life!!!

The worst movie I've ever watched .

It was exciting, funny and extremely hot!

This movie had no plot or anything!!!!!

This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

There was no storyline or conversation between lead actors.

It's just all over the place and confusing.

don't waste your time.....

Waste of time .

No plot.

Anna Maria Sieklucka is stunning; she reminded me a lot of Turkish renowned female actress Beren Saat from Ask-i Memnu (Forbidden Love).

I personally enjoyed it, and would watch it again.

Guys, don't even consider watching this movie, it's a complete waste of time!

One of the worst movie I 've ever watched .

I wouldn't waste 2 hours of your life on this film!

This is a cheap and nasty Fifty Shades knock-off, with no plot, no originality and atrocious acting!

Great way to waste 2 hours of your life .

Erotica that is enjoyable, don't believe the ratings or bad reviews .

Waste of my time .

Ok I have to admit that I like this movie because of the good-looking cast, all the pleasant and erotic scenes, the sex looks real and intense, some push and pull scenes that interesting to watch, beautiful clothes and locations.

Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen.

Waste of Time.

I think it was the worst movie I've ever seen.

A cringe fest - a man quite forcefully makes a girl swap her boring life then watch him get serviced from paid workers with lots of fancy clubs and then a bit of a 27 dresses narrative we feel like asking for a full refund.

It's a total waste of time.

Soothing and exciting to watch, really enjoyed the female lead.

But this film 365 days is just breathtaking!

This movie was SO intense, passionate, and full of fantasies.

Worst Movie I have ever seen.. events are cliche.. bad acting.. silly dialog

Boring plot.

Dont waste your time .

Terrible acting, no plot, lame sex scenes, and lots of concerning behavior.


Complete waste of time.

Boring, stupid, no sense...

I was shocked at the beginning of this movie, thinking it was going to be another predictable "kink" movie.

They collected every cliche from the book of cringe and romance and shoved them in a movie.

Just Awful, but enjoyable in some way.

Honestly, it's just another boring "Cinderella meets lorno" story.

I loved this movie, enjoyable, soft porn category, main actor definitely better looking and has better passion, chemistry, love scenes than in 50 shades, plus its like a 3 50 shades movies in one, not sure about the ending, hope they make a 2nd movie.

A total waste of time!

Worst movie i have ever seen there is no plot or progression.

This has to be the worst movie that was released this decade.

😛 whoo intense!

It was cringeworthy and boring.

This movie was way better than Fifty Shades of Grey It's so intense so loving so sexy the actors had chemistry Fifty Shades of Grey had no chemistry it was just that people read the book and just follows along with the movie that was it This movie was spontaneous

It's was visually stunning in every sense- bodies, scenery, luxury homes, clothes, more bodies and of course, Italy.

The worst movie ever.

Again don't waste your time as I did.

It was overall a very enjoyable movie and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in mafia romance or has read any Wattpad stories about it.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Waste of your time.


The plot is not the best, but it is enjoyable and it is shown from her point of view, so she doesn't know too much or doesn't see everything that's going on, or doesn't understand all that's happening, so you will be in the same position as her.

The sex scenes outshined the rest of the movie, but it was still enjoyable to watch from start to end.

Pure relax and entertaining.

A very bad movie with no story, the movie is a sex movie, rape and sucking a penis

Worst movie 2020 .

but "please, don't waste your time".

It is co cliché that you don't even need the sound on, you can guess what they are telling each other without hearing.

Don't waste your time!!!!!

Honestly the worst movie I've seen.

Bad script and bland plot .

The "story" is boring and lackluster and the sex is overdramatic.

Waste of time .

Worst movie I've seen .

One day, when he arrived at an airport in Sicily, in his private jet (where he had a quick and violent sex with the stewardess), whom he meets: Laura, a Polish executive bored and distant from her boyfriend who constantly cheats on her.

Worst movie I've ever seen.

I enjoyed it very much.

but intense chemistry between Massimo and Laura kept me distracted lol #SequalPlease

Dont waste your time, Dont waste it.

Don't waste your time.


The people who made this movie should be ashamed of themselves, it has to be ranked in the top 10 worst movies of all time, it certainly can claim the crown of the cringiest movie ever made.

Its fairly easy watching and although a few scenes are graphic, it is overall a very enjoyable film.

This is the worst movie i have ever seen.

This movie gets the title "the worst movie of 2020"

Cliché, cliché, cliché and omg kill me!!.

Story is far fetched but entertaining .

This was probably the worst movie I've ever seen.

Surprisingly Entertaining .

Waste of Time .

Probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The movie is very boring, I gave up after almost an hour watching.

Perfect is boring.

Really really bad, nonsense, pointless.

The worst movie for 2020!!

Strange story line with some cringy scenes but overall I enjoyed it.

I would recommend it only if you dont have a better movie to watch and if you are definitely bored.

Entertaining, Relaxing .

They really needed to explain his obsession/love for her with more detail otherwise it's rather confusing.

Enjoyed it .

All the movie was a bad copy of the 50 shades plus the ending was so stupid with out telling us what really happen or how so waste of time the most stupid ending even about what happen the way it's end with out even an explanation seriously ?????

This is the worst movie I have seen.

Please don't waste your time like I did.

Predictable crap .

The only good thing they do in the movie is the sex scenes, there is no plot, no story, no emotions, the scenes are so irrelevant.

Waste of time and money.

One of the worst movies , Ive seen so far ...

Don't waste your time on this .

This may be the worst movie this year.

Apparently Netflix picked the month of June to do their own "Really Unwatchable Film Festival" (see "Last Days of American Crime" for another cringeworthy entry).

Corny but I enjoyed it!

Horrible, horrible cliche one after the other.

This is waste of money and time.

All in all, this movie has no plot and was clearly made for the sex scenes which are also hard to watch 😬 none of this movie is about love it's totally about lust and nothing substantial.

Worst Movie .

a complete waste of time.

From the 20 min I watch I forward to the fast and even boring and rubbish!

They all put bad reviews but thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is so stupid, at the end you are wandering what have you watched, there is no story at all, just pure funny and stupid teenage imagination...

Don't waste your time.

Incredibly bad: weak story, dull and wafer-thin plot.

BUT everyone of us needs to question - and this is what I think the role of this movie is - why we find it so intriguing and why most reviews are so bad?

Please don't waste your time.

There is really no story, just a premise and a series of plot contrivances to manufacture drama.

Definitely worth watching.

Don't waste your time.

Worst movie .

One of the worst movies I have watched in my life.

The actresses, the script, the songs and the end was so unexpected .. LOVE IT !!

It was just a bit confusing.

No plot whatsoever, horrible dialogues and very offensive scenes.

It got in my best of the worst movies list.