50 First Dates (2004) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Henry Roth is a man afraid of commitment up until he meets the beautiful Lucy. They hit it off and Henry think he's finally found the girl of his dreams, until he discovers she has short-term memory loss and forgets him the next day.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Peter Segal
Stars: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 42 out of 478 found boring (8.78%)

One-line Reviews (202)

That stuff should have been left on the cutting room floor, because they detracted for an otherwise enjoyable story.

Not a great Adam Sandler movie, but still watchable and entertaining .

The repetitive wooing of Lucy is fueled only by Sandler's true love.

The on-screen chemistry between him and Drew Barrymore is compelling and very romantic.

It is pretty exciting to see Henry try to win Lucy's heart over and over again even though she forgets him the next day, and it is exciting to see all the lengths he goes through to win her heart despite her short-term memory loss.

he's very entertaining.

the movie's ending is really unpredictable and touching and you are going to love the way it happens.

There are more laughs in this than in another, perhaps more pretentious picture, "Punch Drunk Love".

Overall it is definitely enjoyable and worth watching :)

The practical jokes are very much entertaining.

I love this movie, if you are in the mood for something funny, entertaining and sweet, this is for you.

You want an entertaining sit down with a fun flick, this is it...

It turns out that the day after they have a very enjoyable conversation, Lucy doesn't remember Henry at all.

The film is very entertaining from beginning to end.

Adam Sandler has a track record of several clunkers followed by a dandy nice, entertaining flick...

I don't know, by that time I was ready to pass out from the boredom.

July 2017 update: I watched it again after all these years and most of it was fresh and entertaining.

Anyway, the story is engaging enough - it even makes you think a little: what would it really be like to wake up each day and not remember the recent past?

Sandler & Barrymore are OK but the storyboard is so so much predictable.........

Enjoyable despite a tough to believe plot .

It is play based on the idea that even in pointless and meaningless existence there is hope.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Well maybe I could fall asleep and she wouldn't notice.

This is a enjoyable and entertaining movie.

We took a chance the other night when it was shown on cable, and frankly, we found the movie entertaining.

I saw this movie about two weeks after it came out and being a Sandler fan I was naturally excited, but when I left the theater I was stunned.

)in Hawaii who enjoys "entertaining" the "mainlanders.

The parts of the movie that work off of this genius idea are brilliant and entertaining as hell.

Yet light goofy movies can seem like a waste of time.

Then there is the tragedy that is Sean Astin: from starring roles in three of the most renowned films in moviedom (Peter Jackson's stunning LORD OF THE RINGS series), here he slips backwards, downwards, almost too comfortably into the filth from whence he came - his Z-character niche - as Lucy's lisping, ambiguously-masculine brother, Doug.

Expecting to be bored and grossed out and maybe laugh a little bit if I was lucky, I couldn't have been more wrong.

All stars/co-stars were excellent, funny, enjoyable, contriburtive.

Overall, true romantics will find this predictable premise delightful while others will be wishing they had short-term memory loss.


And so it is here with a film that relies on crude characters, cute kids and animals to get laughs and seems totally at sea when asked to deliver anything other than the most simplistic and formulaic of emotions.

Yeah, it's true, Adam Sandler is releasing his new comedy out on Valentine's Day in an effort to save all adolescent males from being dragged to another Kate Hudson/Julia Roberts/Reese Witherspoon lackluster romantic comedy .

And though the film comes in at a not-too-bad one hour and thirty-six minutes, the repetitive story elements makes it feel at least thirty minutes longer then it actually is.

When I watch an action movie, I want to be on the edge of my seat all the way through.

50 First Dates is a synergy of many elements coming together: plot, themes, characters, humour, pathos, music, acting, etcetera, to create something that is entertaining, fresh, beautiful and real.

I really enjoyed it.

Regarding the concept of the story, it is definitely an intriguing one.

They are able take the standard dialogue written for this movie and make it somewhat enjoyable because of the interaction of the two actors works.

Stunning is not too strong a word - I don't think anyone was expecting the final scene, in which the story - and Drew - provides a very satisfying, beautiful and thought-provoking moment that will (if you are a person of reasonable sensibility) stick in your mind for some time.

While not much in the way of character depth nor real substance, this lightweight but clever movie plays on Groundhog Day and other Momento devices that contribute to a rather fun and enjoyable movie.

A slight feeling of repetition in the middle is the film's only real flaw, but any weakpoints are forgiven by the time we reach the stunning ending.

There are more laughs in this than in another, perhaps more pretentious picture, "Punch Drunk Love".

Considering I deal with a lot of writing depth, often mature material and research, and watch lots of serious and engrossing plots ...

His wacky over-the-top slap-stick is just a way to get you to laugh before he sticks you in the heart with something completely unexpected and you suddenly end up with tears in your eyes.

Worst movie I've ever seen.

The movie gets off to a slow start, with Barrymore's father and brother trying to tell her it's the same day all over again day after day.

Ignorant and boring movie....

She was stunning in this movie and a joy to watch.

' `50 First Dates' is not a great movie, but with its surprising blend of a decent sincere love story and comedy, the film succeeds in entertaining us.

Like usual Drew Barrymore makes a wonderful performance in this highly entertaining romance which is (In my opinion ) her best movie since "Ever After".

I Enjoyed it.

I must also mention that Lusia Strus who plays Alexa is quite funny in her role even though the jokes centered around her is quite predictable.

The difference is this is when he still cared, with a main story and central characters that are cute, engaging, and bursting with humor.

Fortunately, Rob Schneider (who is usually weak) is quite hilarious in his sidekick role, to keep the film from being a total waste of time.

Overall I thought that the film was tremendously entertaining and had enough little plots twists in it to keep me interested.

Yes, this movie did have some cool funny moments and was enjoyable to watch.

Great Beginning and Ending, Boring Middle .

We took a chance the other night when it was shown on cable, and frankly, we found the movie entertaining.

Pretty enjoyable .

The montages and editing is done in a clear and concise way with little confusion between jumps.

This movie was both entertaining and fulfilling, the best of both worlds.

While I didn't expect it to be a hysterical masterpiece, a la Happy Gilmore, it was an enjoyable romcom, a perfect early year release.

I highly recommend it if your up for a laugh and a cry.

Cons Predictable storyline,slow, typical Sandler, it wouldn't kill him to stray away from comedy

It was sweet, full of laughs and just plain entertaining.

Enjoyable comedy.

Boring waste of time and money...

Predictable story line but enjoyable, not to be taken to seriously.

its obvious what happens in the end of the film but i really enjoyed it, Barrymore and Sander have amazing chemistry on screen and should do more movies together!

Seeing loss of memory as a classic theme in the movies, this is a very original adaptation of a well known them that could easily fail when treated as a cliché.

Had that happened, it would have worked much better due to the intriguing "memory-loss" concept.

Nice film with stunning ending .

This movie is the theatrical equivalent of Chinese water torture - slow, tedious, annoying, painful.

It's too muddled, too divided to be enjoyable.

I watch this movie every time I see it on because it is just enjoyable.

To imagine this scene being repeated every day is fairly breathtaking.

It was surprisingly romantic, funny and entertaining, as usual for Sandler movies a very good cast and an easy script with a brilliant message.

I like a film to be unpredictable and this one was in spades.

And her problem, one of a permanent short term memory loss rendering her incapable of recalling her yesterdays, is pretty fascinating.

A Different, Enjoyable Movie .

Assuming that such a medical condition actually exists in which the memory of each day's events is regularly blotted out on falling asleep, it is still hard to swallow that Lucy has gone on for so long with her daily routine, oblivious of the passing of time, until a cop gives her a ticket for an expired road tax licence.

I dragged my mum 2c this film & it was great.

Worth watching!

The main problem with 50FD is that how does one overcome the repetitive, proverbial "One Trick Pony" joke that surrounds Barrymore's character?

This movie was so entertaining to me, that I wound up buying it.

Every cliché in the books passes us and Adam Sandler is simply horrible.

If you're looking for an enjoyable, heart-warming comedy/love story, you should check it out.

I liked it, which I was surprised at, not the sort of film I'd normally watch, but enjoyable.

The idea of falling in love again each day has some potential, unfortunately the script goes all the time the easy way, combining bad taste and bore.

Far from the best, but very enjoyable for me.

The central premise of the film - that Henry (Sandler) has to woo Lucy (Barrymore) anew every day due to her short-term memory loss - is an intriguing one, and handled extremely well by the two leads.

At the beginning I found it funny and enjoyed it a lot.

On one hand, he's the guy who made such obnoxious comedies as LITTLE NICKY but on the other, he can make some enjoyable comedies (WATERBOY) and probably his best film was another romance starring Drew Barrymore, THE WEDDING SINGER.

But it is the chemistry of Sandler and Barrymore that shines through despite the flaws that mar it from being more than enjoyable.

While I would concede that I am generally not a fan of Adam Sandler movies, I nevertheless found `50 First Dates' to be a thoroughly enjoyable and heartwarming movie with an intriguing plot and excellent acting on the part of the main characters and quite a significant number of the supporting cast.

If you are neither a fan of boring romantic comedies or Adam Sandler (...

Likewise, Astin and the rest of the supporting cast are good also, but there's a running joke about body building concerning Doug that continues on way too long and wasn't really necessary at all.

and it gets tiresome.

Yet light goofy movies can seem like a waste of time.

There are times when you almost want to turn off, because it can get really boring and dumb, and other times, when you almost feel like crying because of the emotion that the film carries.

So the result is that the movie is little confusing mixing basic Adam Sandler humor to the dramatic things.

It's easy going enough, and has two engaging stars at the centre of it.

It's lighthearted, and entertaining, and for anyone looking for something to make them laugh and smile, it is highly recommended.

Even though I got bored towards the end I did love the ending.

The plot, even if somewhat contrived, is clever and in the context of the film believable: there is a good beginning, middle and surprisingly satisfying end.

Don't waste your time and money, do something more exciting like sort your loose change in to piles ordered by the date they were minted.

Also, the music was slow and romantic.

This movie was a little boring.

It's either dead boring, laugh out loud funny, or over the top romantic.

From the opening scene where Henry is seen to be a opportunistic wide boy and congenital liar who has abundant and casual sex with any tourist stupid enough to fall for his drooling halfwit persona: 'Uh, I'm a ..ya know..uh..secret agent, so I cant see you again', I assumed he would get his come-uppance and learn the error of his ways in a predictable retribution/redemption scenario.

However, it tends to make the pic drag here and there, and sometimes this gets more than slightly tedious.

I enjoyed it very much.

What looks like an interesting take on a romantic comedy genre just runs out of gas and gets rather dull.

It's worth watching just for the interesting plot, and it doesn't go on for too long, like a lot of romantic comedies can.

I like his movies and I think they're funny, and he's enjoyable on SNL, and even in his more dramatic work () he still was funny.

She was fresh, wonderful, funny, beautiful and carried this repetitive idea of a short-term memory girl and her relived days, every day through to the end.

One thing that makes this movie so enjoyable is the amazing soundtrack.

What does it say about Henry that he also must re-acclimatize himself with her confusion every morning?

Docked a point for frequent, excessive and pointless vulgarity from Schneider and some elderly Hawaiian gentleman.

The strange friend (here, a hermaphrodite) with eerie suggestions and confusing sexual innuendos; old characters who say the damnedest things; and so forth.

She looks stunning and this is one very very funny movie for Adam Sandler fans.

He actually seems to show a real love for Barrymore- and the two have undeniable chemistry on screen (even if the scenes with kissing in the rain are a little cliché).

However, I found this film to be surprisingly enjoyable.

Not that great, but still entertaining .

I nearly fell asleep.

FINAL VERDICT: I found this movie to just be entertaining and sweet.

Overall, every scene is utterly predictable.

Adam Sandler does his best to make this an entertaining movie.

But it was different just enough and was highly enjoyable.

The story and characters are a formulaic arrangement of previous Sandler comedies.

)in Hawaii who enjoys "entertaining" the "mainlanders.

The moment we walked out of the theater after seeing this, my wife referenced it to a bowl of oatmeal.

Sounds intriguing, huh.

Leaving aside the fact that you will be so bored that you'll want to shoot yourself 30 minutes in, I don't believe any responsible parent would want their kid to see this film.

Overall, a funny and enjoyable film .

You will leave the theater feeling good with a huge smile on your face.

He is unselfish in that way, and it makes his movies more enjoyable.

All in all, another Spectacular Waste Of Time.

This is only the second movie I have ever walked out of the theatre before it was over.

Slow start, wonderful ending .

A very entertaining film .

Sandler is always boring in movies where he isn't playing a character other than the character of Adam Sandler with a new name.

Unexpectedly enjoyable .

This movie was both entertaining and fulfilling, the best of both worlds.

Predictable, though very charming and very romantic.

I only buy about 5 or 6 videos a year, so you can see that I really must have enjoyed it.

This film has some great interaction between the two characters in their first few scenes, but eventually it disintegrates into predictable slop.

It's too bad the film makers lacked confidence in their love story because it really could have been great and as is, it's just OK, with the good chemistry and compelling love plot raising it to just above average.

This movie is funny and sad (I cried) and very entertaining.

This is a Absolute delightful movie, and worth the watch.

He should just do what he is good at mindless, pointless COMEDY.

50 First Dates is a very entertaining movie.

Dan Aykroyd is painfully dull as the physician who's treating Barrymore's character, which doesn't help the film one iota.

At first i was led to believe that this was going to be a predictable romance film.

If you are neither a fan of romantic comedies or Adam Sandler, save yourself the sixteen bucks (along with an additional fifteen for snacks) and take your girl to a play or a musical or something more entertaining then this.

This leads to a situation that creates many entertaining moments and leads to a potential of sadness that it takes a magnificent writer to end in a satisfying conclusion.

This is an entertaining piece of material!

This movie is crammed full of pointless and annoying cheap gags.

There's something about these two that clicks and I found that this most recent paring was just as enjoyable and enchanting as their first; perhaps even better.

Adam Sandler plays Henry Roth: an ocean-cuddling bachelor who manages to enchant single women on their vacations in Hawaii, whose character also manages to use typical movie bachelor cliché.

very, very, VERY funny and well done, well thought about, if perhaps a bit cliché at times.

Well I guess I can because in the end, he probably could have reviewed the film and taken some of the pointless and unfunny characters out.

50 FIRST DATES is a very enjoyable film--especially as a date movie.

Drew Barrymore is delightfully fun as Lucy, believably delivering all kinds of unexpected character details like "feelski" and the way she asks questions about all her old friends.

Thoroughly enjoyable, without resorting to everything working out perfectly in the end.

The DVD contains an entertaining and interesting commentary track with Segal and Barrymore, three featurettes(two of which I will review on their individual pages here on the site), five deleted scenes with the option of hearing the director's thoughts about them as they play, a teaser for Adam's next album, three music videos, a blooper reel and a few trailers.

An unexpected gem of a movie.

Sandler is less goofy than normal, Barrymore is a character to have sympathy for, and there are some moments of slapstick and many one-liners, but I think this is slightly more dramatic in terms of the love story involved, but certainly entertaining.

But sometimes, predictable (aka staying safe) can work and it does most of the time in funny ways.

It is not all Sandler's fault, the script is not edgy enough, although it wants to subvert the rom-com genre, it gets too repetitive leaving this viewer slightly bored.

Not an outstanding movie, but it's entertaining and fun to watch.

I was shocked really that I did watch a rom com but I am glad I did as I kind of enjoyed it taking into consideration the genre isn't my preferable.

Overall, this was a funny and enjoyable film, that I could see again and again.

VERY unexpected ending.

It was entertaining enough to be stand out.

`50 First Dates' is not a great movie, but with its surprising blend of a decent sincere love story and comedy, the film succeeds in entertaining us.

My wife really enjoyed it so I recommend it as a date movie.

Although romantic comedies tend to consist of more romance than comedy or more comedy than romance, I think this movie did a pretty good job of combining both elements to create an extremely engaging plot.

It is a fun film, and worth a great deal as what it is, just an enjoyable rom com with some tremendous vignettes.

Also a fantastic plot with a more unpredictable and inspirational ending.

However, movies with similar theme have been quite intriguing.

This is quite simply a very enjoyable film.

Definitely enjoyable and definitely one to see!

As always Drew Barrymore's acting is sublime and the movie is worth watching just for her.

This film is okay..It has a few good jokes and a story which is at the one side funny, at the other side unbelievable..In my opinion after a few sequences the film gets a bit "boring" for me...

The awkwardness of dating the same woman in different ways got repetitive, I don't know, the film didn't work for me.

Deeds,' 'Eight Crazy Nights,' and 'Anger Management,' three of the most mundane comedies I've ever seen.

In true Adam Sandler style, he is entertaining and endearing, and his character spends his time trying to convince Lucy's family and friends that he has her best interests at heart!

Good stuff, I enjoyed it.

This gives the film a pretty entertaining plot and storyline.

And the repetitive days were similiar to those of Groundhog Day.

If you can ignore the obligatory toilet humor, this is a bit of highly enjoyable, pure romantic fluff.

After a rather lame beginning that reflects the old Adam Sandler's more obnoxious character that he was well noted for, the movie eventually settles down to a rather innovative, creative, entertaining movie that captures the lovely and seasoned acting of Drew Barrymore and a maturing comedian Adam Sandler.

Both a mixture of romance and comedy combined with a slight sad element makes an enjoyable comedy.

Sandler, on screen, often projects a goofy character immersed in slapstick.

At the end of the film, we have the weird situation where every morning Lucy has to be briefed by video and scrap book diary on her life since the accident that caused her odd complaint, and particularly now that she has a husband and children, whom she has quite forgotten since she fell asleep the previous night.

And the script does have its ups and downs, and is predictable.

I'm sure Adam Sandler & Rob Schiender will continue to "hook up" for future ventures which will be just as enjoyable.