6 Days (2017) - Action, Drama, History

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Based on the Iranian Embassy siege of 1980, this action-thriller dramatizes a six-day standoff between armed Iranian Arabs and SAS soldiers ready for a counterattack.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Toa Fraser
Stars: Jamie Bell, Mark Strong
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 5 out of 61 found boring (8.19%)

One-line Reviews (30)

Very enjoyable film!

However, the film is worth watching, particularly for the performances of Mark Strong as a negotiating police chief and Ben Turner who plays Salim representing the hostage takers.

There was also confusing and conflicting information over the exact cinema release date given over the internet (First the 4th of August, then the 18th, then the 4th again!

It is so boring there is no tension whatsoever and there is no emotion in the British there is only true emotion in the hostage takers.

CGI, Mind blowing!

The film was slow, though a decent film.

Poor , tedious , long drawn out boring remake of an old movie once again.

As others mention the Kate Adie character seems pointless other than filling out time.

But having watched "6 Days" I see it more in the light of the very good "Eye In The Sky", showing just how much thinking and planning goes on behind the scenes of real life military action and crisis response, including the unexpected details that can derail even meticulous planning.

Visually stunning!

Thrilling, atmospheric, minimallistic and awesome.

If this was a Hollywood movie they would add fiction to the movie to make it more exciting.

Hollywood has got us used to huge, sky-high budget blockbusters with awesome stars, explosions, stunning stunts (pun intended), fine CGI, gruesome villains and ultimate triumph of the Good over any foreseeable Evil.

So boring.

Intense .

An always excellent Mark Strong is hostage Negotiator, Max Vernon, a man acutely aware that lives are literally in his hands, and the emotional impact this has on him is one of the stronger aspects of the film and Strongs scenes are all appropriately gripping.

I found it to be an interesting history lesson, and somewhat thrilling at times.

Enjoyable enough.. .

Using original TV footage and the actual building this is an absolutely gripping true story.

A suspenseful movie worth watching and cathartic for anyone who has ever felt terrorists have taken away the peace of mind we expect in a civilized world.

The film is relatively low key and not all-out exciting, but the final scenes are as suspenseful as they come and it keeps you watching overall.

The ending is very intense.

The world watched the intense drama on TV, for six days, while BBC reporter Kate Adie (Cornish) boldly covered it.

And luckily, he's done it justice, creating a suitably enthralling and dynamic tale that still has you on the edge of your seat, despite knowing how it's going to end.

Overall well worth watching.

The film is not bad, it has some tension but we know in advance everything that will happen so we can not talk about suspense, everything is predictable.

People looking for an action packed thriller with a high body count won't find that here.

Seeing what went on behind the scene, of the frustration of both negotiating team and the soldiers being stood down then back to the front again after the retraining for different scenarios, I found fascinating.

Overall a quite entertaining but very thinly drawn sketch of the situation, which feels like a missed opportunity to show some compelling human drama.

Waste of reel time.