7500 (2019) - Drama, Thriller

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A pilot's aircraft is hijacked by terrorists.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Patrick Vollrath
Stars: Passar Hariky, Omid Memar
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 53 out of 243 found boring (21.81%)

One-line Reviews (186)

This Movie is a snooze fest.

At just over an hour and a half, debut feature length director Patrick Vollrath has a very constrained timeframe in which to create a genuinely unsettling, claustrophobic atmosphere, with engaging characters you can feel for, and it's no small feat that he's managed to do this on top of forging such a realistic scenario.

Intense and well worth watching .

The pacing of the film is horrible and is by far predictable and expected.

Boring and annoying.

The story are similar to any other movies, but why don't we just try to give this a chance and sit back , enjoy the thrilling rides.

Waste of time,no story,no background story,no cause&effect,no explanation...

Intense, realistic and claustrophobic experience .

Completely dull

Watching this part of the screenplay play out is the most exciting component of the movie, which is elevated by the fact that all occurs inside the claustrophobic cockpit.

but other than that .. it's pretty much a waste of time.

Entire film full of boring conversation!

Worst movie ever watched 😡😡

Different, exciting, no unnecessary frills and definitely worth a watch.

However in my opinion the acting and direction of this movie make it one of the best in its genre and well worth watching.

Overall I would recommend to anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers, and congratulate Joseph Gordon-Levitt for another great performance in a very compelling and unique take on the classic aircraft hijacking scenario, based entirely from within the cockpit.

Totally absorbing.

Oh i enjoyed it SO much, down to the last moment Stockholm syndrome.

This is one of those action thrillers that is well worth watching.

Terrible, bland film .

But over all a movie worth watching just for the sake of easy entertainment.

Despite being best known for teen dramas, lead star Gordon-Levitt delivers a revelatory performance here, displaying a remarkably human reaction to getting caught up in such an unpleasant, unexpected situation, complimented by much lesser co star Memar, who manages to make the young hijacker strangely sympathetic as the two have to see it out to the end.

7500 Review For the first half I was sitting on the edge of my seat; a great thriller.

You'll find yourself yelling at the screen from all of the stupid things Levitt does, then you'll skip forward to see if it was worth watching.

Do not expect this high octaine action film, expect a slower intense character study that will grip you.

A story boring not even realistic.

Very boarding, the is no story or idea.

Don't waste your time.

Dude, this movie is intense!

A few scenes were compelling, with some understated and atypical scenarios giving it a sense of realism.

The beginning of the film was fairly slow and until the twist of the Hijacking can be considered fairly boring, it was a lot of sitting around and just talking, which for me effected the consistency of the pacing and the narrative leading into the inciting incident.

Unexpectedly intense .

Such a horribly gripping film that pictures what a minority have potentially been through.

Pointless Film .

[9.3] Gripping depiction of humanity inside a plane .

The claustrophobic, suspenseful, tense atmosphere of the cockpit allows for some genuinely nail-biting scenes, but its lack of character depth diminishes the otherwise emotionally compelling moral dilemmas the protagonist has to deal with.

this is getting too Cliche and it has got to stop somewhere.

Most thrilling movie ever .

I spent much of the movie standing up in front of the TV screen because it was too intense for me to sit down.

Intense hell yeh.

Totally gripping and so well done.

I was falling asleep watching this movie, the plot is bad and you literally don't give any interest about the movie after the first 30 minutes because they essentially kill off the only character you are rooting for.

first half is interesting the last half was A boring sequence of a terrorist second guessing himself (probably meant to be emotional) WAAAAYYYY TOO LONG

It is such an intense thriller!

Boring 👎👎 .

A boring thriller that focuses on Joseph Gordon Levitts character being a pilot and a few terrorists are trying to hijack the plane.

'7500' is a movie that gathers all necessary elements that are vital to the scenario, adds breathtaking performances by all the cast, especially Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, confines viewers' imagination to the claustrophobic space of the cockpit, dreadful emotions choking passengers and pilots alike while their guts are being turned upside down under the heavy stress of the situation.

Every cliche for a hostage on a plane movie played out.

Within the limited space and time, they really pulled off thrilling scenes.

This has to be one of the worst movies I have seen in many years, and there are a lot of horrible ones out there.

Better than predictable norm .

Gripping and different.

Very boring and unrealistic movie.

While back then, 7500 might be used as a thrilling description of how many feet a plane might be up in the air, today's more down to Earth (not the most fitting description, I know) audience get to know it's the emergency code for a hijack situation.

So intense that I had to watch portions of it with the sound OFF (left subtitles on).

7500 keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Kept me on the edge of my seat.

But unless the average viewer speaks 4 languages, then it is unwatchable!

If the atmosphere is suspenseful and tense enough, it can elevate the film in unimaginable ways.

Don't waste your time , what a disappointment!!

A unique intense thriller.

Intense .

The director not showing outside view of the plane, make the film unwatchable!

Else, told you it was a horrible waste of time.

A very bad, boring and a cheap documentary.

this is, what makes this movie so special and stunning.

Dull thriller that crashes fast.

I got bored watching it.

The pace is slow .

Intense .

JGL isn't enough to save this Slow, kinda boring film .

My God, that was INTENSE.

A very slow movie and abrupt ending.

Overall this is a quick, enjoyable watch.

Great cinematography and acting, but even for the decent 92 min runtime, with the slow pacing it felt like a 3 hour long film.

A Great Intense Film .

Gordon-Levitt acts out panic well and he summons that adrenaline-fueled bravery that is needed in this situation.

Waste of time .

In my opinion, the ending could be improved and become more exciting.

The best part of this film is the understated, yet intense acting by one of our best, Joseph Gordon Levitt.

7500 is a very thrilling singular location film .

Really enjoyed it.

The worst movie I have ever seen!

So, so cliche, one actor and that's all, nothing, just nothing is good about the movie.

Simple Plot, But Still Gripping .

Waste of time to watch this, the "incel" terrorist was the worst.

A gritty movie that is thrilling and suspensful without the glitz and shine, the need to embelish real life and have super happy endings.

7500 is obviously not a mainstream thriller so those who are wanting their action served up with cliche's, don't waste your time, and ours with misleading ratings.

It's got no storyline nor even any music to go along with the film.

Boring, no story, .

This movie is very slow, straight forward and predictable.

A suspenseful psychological thriller about an average guy facing incredible stress.

It takes it's time and puts you in the shoes of Levitt and makes it a character piece in a really intense film.

The story is predictable of course.

This is more of a slow burn, mindless movie with bad guys banging on the flight deck door for more than an hour.

The use of sound was also great, the consistent banging on the door and use of shouting in the other rooms on the plane did a really good job at making you on edge, not knowing what was going on outside the cockpit or if the Hijackers will get through the door was cleverly done and always made you on edge, the film itself because of this managed to achieve a really good uncomfortable tone, and as the stakes were raised and the noise got louder the slow building of tension was executed very well.

If you are looking for an intense slighlty slower thriller then 7500 is a must watch.

A movie with good characters and great plot are very entertaining.

Cabin fever and intense .

This started off good but halfway in got really boring, just lost the plot and dragged on with a predictable ending.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time .

One of the most suspenseful films I've seen for a long time, part of it being because it's all too possible.

Slow .

It's a compelling edge of your seat thriller which is, in parts, scarily accurate.

Predictable all the way through .

Everything is drawn out at the start like its a dramatization of a real event, mundane boring, and then its hijack and then there's not much more because the main character is stupid for the sake of the plot.

Everything is hyper realistic and the VFX outside is stunning!

I highly recommend it!

It started slow but it got intense...

Slow, simple, boring and pretty much predictable.

Don't waste your time .

Boring Terrorists in the Sky .

Waste of good time.

However the descent to flight level 150 took way too long, almost 30 minutes!

This is a little gem of a film and definitely worth 90 minutes of your life if you like these small gritty intense sorts of films.

Unexpected but gritty and compelling.

I'm a horror buff and this movie showed, instead, the banal cruelty of humans over humanity.

I didn't know what to expect coming into this movie, so I was shocked to find a gripping thriller shot.

Boring hijack movie with a thin plot .

Lacking punch in its character interactions and a huge amount of momentum in the second half, the strong performances from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and some nerve-racking tension early on help propel this single location film to entertaining enough heights.

7500 is a great example of a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat in a claustrophobic thrilling drama.

On the edge of your seat until the very end .

You're going nowhere if you kill the only pilot left.

placed it on my watchlist because of joseph levitt, but we shut it down after 20minutes, it just wasnt worth watching.

Despite the excellent technical effort, the narrative still falls into a predictable path, possessing the conventional plot points, which reduce the level of interest.

Nothing to learn, no story, and everything so predictable.

Well worth watching.

Slow burn .

After the first 15min of the usual 'get to know the characters' bit, just an intense rollercoaster ride....

It really does keep you on the edge of your seat, at least for the first hour.

" So yeah, he was slow on that.

special and stunning .

Starts slow, continues slow, gets exciting, get slow then exciting, then slow and then over.

Don¨t waste your time.

It was a boring movie.

I'm not good in english, and usually lazy to writes anything down, but I want to help people who loves to read review first before watching anything (like me).. Recently, I find nothing goods to watch anymore, I have seen thousand of hijacking movies, series,..and agreed that this one belongs to one of them.. This is just a small B movie with few actors involved, a good pace and thrilling moments, Joseph Gordon Levitt alone which I admired could easily handle this standalone movie.

Excellent, exciting.

Gripping .

Movie is boring and unrealistic that passengers and pilot would behave this was.

When the kidnapping of the plane begins, the film is still immersive, but when the characters start to became stupid and some characterizations who are supposed to be something, like the wife of the main character, all end on basically nothing, then the movie become boring and empty.

At times, immensely intense and frighteningly claustrophobic...

Budget is low but worst is toooooo boring.

Boring hell no!

This is really bad, there is no story, nothing.

So slow, boring, and pointless.

Too long and boring.

This movie is slower and intriguing, but if you put yourself in the captain's shoes, you yearn for the slow moments; Anticipating the next adrenaline rush.

Another waste of my time.

It's a simple plot, but a gripping film.

The movie was very boring.

This is no classic, it's just contrived and predictable.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivers a stunning performance.

Such A Cliche .

There's a lot of shouting, head banging and crying which, after a while, becomes very tiresome.

I have adrenaline in the circle.

A really enjoyable, intense watch if you get through the first incredibly slow first 12 minutes.

Now you fill the 90 minutes with every cliche regarding these 3 words and you have your movie!

That dynamism makes for a very entertaining and deep character.

Joseph Gordon Levitt gives a reasonably good performance as the co-pilot, however the pace of the film is slow and at times boring.

It is slower in pace and grittier in appearance and direction than what many expect from a Hollywood movie of this type and could be seen as more of a fictional "documentary" which I expect is the reason for the shockingly low reviews seen.

Tight and gripping.

The story is pretty intense and engaging, especially given the fact that it is a single location film.

Getting a little bit into spoiler territory, I will say my only gripe was that once the plane landed in Hannover and the rest played out like a hostage negotiation, it dragged a little bit from that point.

Intense and engaging .

Style This is one of the reasons I feel like this film has been criticised, it is methodical and a slower pace.


I thought it was unentertaining and predictable.

Gripping story line greatly executed(pardon the pun) and certainly had me fixated from take off till landing

Intense, fast paced, and emotional.

This makes movie boring.

In a cliche horror movie, it's okay to make the main characters as stupid and absent minded as possible.

Worth watching every minute of it.

Script The script is great, there is so much fantastic drama and intense scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

I felt like I was in the cockpit with the pilots; the film does a great job of making you feel immersed.

Bored to freaking death.

By far the worst movie by Joseph Gordon-Levitt All the cast, the weird terrorists.

Movie is bad depressing and boring don't watch it!!!!!!

The realism of sounds, lack of music and intense scenes made this a surprise diamond in the rough.

Unique and engaging .

Very Boring.

I hate the main character for his poor choices failing to appreciate their clear and predictable ramifications.

Slow and predictable.

other than , that it's still lousy boring movie that is not worth your time.

Throughout the film, Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives a stunning performance and illustrates the character of airline pilot Tobias Ellis exceptionally well.

This is a tense engrossing film (I didn't have the urge to check my phone once while watching this - always a good sign lol) Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the rest of the cast are very good and capture the emotional and mental anguish perfectly.

Story The story is really thrilling for me, the fact that the film takes place in just a cockpit of a plane adds to the intrigue as it makes you feel very clostraphobic and like you are stuck in with Levitt.