A Boy and His Dog (1975) - Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi

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A young man and his telepathic dog wander a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: L.Q. Jones
Stars: Don Johnson, Jason Robards
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 15 out of 131 found boring (11.45%)

One-line Reviews (74)

Ultimetly he makes the unpredictable choice, the sort of choice only available in his environment, a lawless savage wasteland.

Lack of any action, no effects to speak of, bad acting, confusing plot, on and on.

It was a little unexpected twist that made you go...

Blood provides hilarious commentary to all Vic's endeavors, his comments while Vic and a girl he finds have sex are particularly entertaining.

This all makes for a riveting scenario that's part "Stepford Wives", part "Hee-Haw", and more than a pinch of "The Twilight Zone".

But, in the end, everything works out and you can see quite an original, unpredictable story unfolding.

While Don Johnson, as the "boy," is sort of enjoyable in the lead role, literally nothing else comes together.

Boring stuff...

Unlike most of them this one is actually entertaining.

This movie is practically unwatchable.

It's well worth watching.

Don Johnson (AKA the "boy," though he was 26 at the time playing a tender 18) gives a dreary performance, foreshadowing the lifeless screeching that passed as acting on "Miami Vice" a decade later.

The clearly political incorrect message ("Eat your girl rather than your dog when you're hungry") is a most amusing counterweight to today's boring pc-culture.

When compared to the loveless, boring dystopia of Down Under, his choice is easy to make.

Brilliantly Entertaining not-quite Science Fiction Tale.

Although the finale, which involves an escape from a weird underground society with painted faces, is involving and there's a final surprise twist which comes as VERY unexpected, unfortunately before this there's just too much talk and not enough plot going on to make the film interesting, and the fact that the characters are largely unlikable also makes the film a difficult one to enjoy.

second act begins to slow and starts reiterating the same things it's been saying in the first act.

To be honest, it dragged a bit in spots.

Because of the disjointed story the movie isn't always compelling enough to follow.

Also Jason Robards plays a nice and enjoyable role in this movie.

The beginning scene is a gratuitous rape scene, derogatory towards women, and completely pointless.

The WORST movie ever to waste celluloid.

A Boy and His Dog is not a great film, but it's worth watching repeatedly and showing our friends.

The theatrical presence of mutant dogs and desert landscapes has a compelling and comical effect on their relationship.

It's juvenile rebellion and it is intellectually empty.

and that leads to some unexpected consequences.

Yes it is And A BOY AND HIS DOG also cheats in more ways than one and is ultimately a confusing film .

You 'll get bored for 15 minute stretches then see something pretty cool.

I thought it was really good for the genre and was entertaining.

very sarcastic and enjoyable .

I caught the movie at a midnight showing and, while it IS flawed, it's still an entertaining film.

The plot is made out of nothing, the excitement is very occasional, all in all it is a most boring pain to sit through this film.

I liked the relationship between the boy and his dog, it was pretty entertaining actually, and the scene with the Screamers was cool too, I imagine some people might have found that a bit frightening.

Jones, the actor who always played the local lawman in B-pictures such as Lone Wolf McQuade and The Beast Within, throws in enough weird touches to keep the goings-on from getting too repetitive.

I even found Jason Robards entertaining.

The good parts are excellent and the bad parts are sufferable, so "A Boy and His Dog" is worth watching.

surprisingly boring.

I have to say and strange as it is, I find the relationship between the boy and the dog quite compelling.

Strange and enjoyable.

The ending of the book is identical to the short story, shocking and pointless.

It comes as no surprise that both films were made about the same time, and make similar statements about the American dream, and how shallow and empty the concept can be.

Even so, it is still worth watching, especially if you want to see what the decade had to offer other than 'Star Wars'.

Unfortunately with the somewhat bland & grainy video quality of the existing print, we don't get the full eye-boggling power of this film the way one could imagine it.

An enjoyable oddity .

The best examples come with Jason Robards's character, who seems so absolutely bored with his existence that the sound of gunfire doesn't even make him pause his conversation.

Worst movie ever which may be why it's a classic.

The rather unexpected ending was very shocking for it's time and even today will cause some to be a bit taken aback .

I highly recommend it.

He also wrote what many consider the greatest episode of the original Star Trek, The City on the Edge of Forever.

It's a very repetitive subgenre of sci-fi.

a witty, touching, and unexpected jaunt into post-apocalyptic, "1984"-style sexual frustration.

It begins well, than the movie becomes kind of slow and dull in the middle and than things start to life up again when the movie reaches its oddest point.

The sets and location go for realistic appeal rather than flashy, and while this works, it also makes the film very dull-looking and uninteresting.

The plot is at times hard to follow.

To be clear, the characterizations and dialogue are what make this movie entertaining.

Somewhere I read that this movie was an absorbing example of the sci-fi genre.

And it had compelling style.

Is this the most plot-less idiotic movie ever made?

Slightly Confusing .

Anyway, as a movie, this one is very entertaining.

Having said that, it's quite an intriguing story and it is well acted by those in front of the camera.

Unrealistic but fun, and entertaining for folks who are not really looking for a movie they have to think about.

The first act is intriguing and the setting is a lot to take in...

And certainly, Farmer Gray on Steroids was entertaining as well.

"A Boy and His Dog" is quite enjoyable, especially as it leads up to a dark turn of events that allows for the film to end on a delicious note as Blood cracks a bad joke.

Sure, the premise sounds intriguing: a young man and his dog, who can communicate with each other, roam the barren landscape, in search of food and, well, women in a post-WWIV world.

This disorderly pre-Mad Max spree is one of the most entertaining post-apocalyptic future movies ever made.

The plot is slight, but entertaining and escapist enough.

A boring pain with little qualities .

" The film's fairly simplistic plot actually transforms into a big happy of ball of ironic, sardonic, and cynical, and the results are as peculiar as they are intriguing.

I highly recommend this movie, even if it is a little boring and dark (as in really dark, it's hard to see some scenes because they're pitched in blackness).

Some were bored or complained of the film's presentation.

Oh, and it also boasts one of the best and most unexpected endings I've ever seen: safe to say it was a suitably hilarious ending to a film that never really takes itself seriously anyway.

Finally watched this snooze fest.