A Cinderella Story (2004) - Comedy, Family, Romance

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Routinely exploited by her wicked stepmother, the downtrodden Sam Montgomery is excited about the prospect of meeting her Internet beau at the school's Halloween dance.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Mark Rosman
Stars: Hilary Duff, Chad Michael Murray
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 36 out of 243 found boring (14.81%)

One-line Reviews (101)

A decent yet predictable effort .

Hillary Duff and Chad Murray are boring.

Duff and Murray may look like a cute couple, but for it was Coolidge as the real bitch stepmother that added at least a little humour and zing to an otherwise slightly drab teen romantic comedy.

It's entertaining and the perfect movie to watch when you don't want to think.

I especially enjoyed watching the happiness between Sam and her father before Fiona, the little girl was absolutely adorable, but probably the most entertaining character was Sam's best friend Dan Byrd his 'many' costumes were highly amusing.

There are actually more snobby rich-bitch characters in this film compared to the others, but other than that you can expect every character and even "cliche moments by characters in a teen flick" to be found.

This movie was funny and entertaining throughout the movie!

Good but Predictable .

So for me it was boring.

The best part though was when the character showed women's strength (even Germaine Greer would have liked this one) and that she could instead be bigger than the sphere of her emotional anguish and despair filled hole, and believe in herself for one, but more importantly, in turn, 'rescue' the male lead with a gripping truth be told face to face reality speech in the (ironically) male testosterone charged hellhole of a locker room (as compared to her shy/demure character) was a gem of a move script-wise for first time writer Leigh (forgot her surname).

Other then that this movie was a total bore, with 3 percent laughs.

Despite these flaws, the film was still mildly enjoyable and it was pretty harmless as well.

But I moderately enjoyed it.

Hilary duff is awesome; she was perfectly suited for her character (Sam), both being boring and lifeless.

it's just a waste of time to watch.

There are a lot of over-familiar elements in the script, and the plot falls into the oft-danger of being predictable.

1 A simple and predictable story.

Totally predictable .

"A Cinderella Story" is good, funny and a perfect romantic comedy, but simultaneously it's predictable, all the story you know very well.

after I saw that movie, and heard that line, i changed my lifestyle of leaving everything, calm , boring, and not the way i wanted it.

If your bored one day go to the video store and check this movie out.

I felt it was WAY too predictable.

This was way too boring and cliché (no creativity as mentioned above).

SO unbelievably, disgustingly predictable.

) is because, I guess for Hilary Duff's fans, and some little girls under 10, it is an enjoyable movie.

Then there's Coolidge, who goes from playing the most desirable mom in America to the most loathsome in an unexpectedly devious and enjoyable performance as one of the most dastardly mothers in recent memory.

That is how predictable it is.

I hate pretentious people who think they have superior taste in movies and intelligence.

A movie with a lot of potential, but ultimately, it comes up empty.

But, seen with an open mind, this can be an enjoyable film for the whole family.

My mom and I thoroughly enjoyed it more than we thought we would.

No, I was DRAGGED to see it.

The only thing I found remotely entertaining was the fact that I watched a bootlegged version and the people in the theater kept getting up to get popcorn through the entire film.

A completely cheesy, unrealistic plot mixed with too-supposed-to-be real life characters, plus some factory burnt romanticism and dull jokes, make this film a huge loss.

But we really enjoyed it.

Disney clichés, predictable plot tales, cutesy stylistics surrounding prince charmings and closet babe sweetie pies aside, this movie works because it does do something meaningful for teens the world over.

Contrived, forgettable, boring .

Sure, its mildly entertaining, but overall its boring and dumb.

My friends dragged me to see this movie and it was not good !

I really was surprised by how enjoyable this movie was.

Cinderella's Story Just Got Boring.

It seems predictable, shallow, and not very funny.

Unlike Ever After the modern day elements are replaced by dreary teen clichés and foolish fantasy references.

OK if you ever siting at home being bored have nothing to do.

This movie is predictable and has the same tone that my brother sometimes adopts when bored.

enjoyable .

The only part of this film I found enjoyable was JD Pardo, who played Ryan, one of Austin's friends.

It is a standard cliché in all high school comedies that every American high school is dominated by a clique of upper-class girls (invariably cheerleaders) and their athletic boyfriends (invariably football players; it would seem that prowess in other sports such as basketball, soccer or track-and-field does not confer the same social prestige).

Predictable and Boring .


But if you ask me, it was a cheap, boring, tween movie, that made me laugh SO much (though not intentionally) with all the worn-out stereotypes.

Overall, just a boring waste of time.

it gets dragged out and boring.

If you're not a Duff fan, 12, and a girl, do yourself a favor and turn your back to this movie and pick up something worth watching.

Unfortunately, it also gets really boring and sort of silly at times.

I really enjoyed it!!

hilary duff is stunning - it must have been impossible trying to dress her down!

But it was rather enjoyable.

It's fairly entertaining and short.

Apart from that, "A Cinderella Story" is so faithful to the original fairy-tale plot -- even when it flies in the face of what we now accept as logical and psychological -- that the film becomes mind-numbingly boring and as bland as the diner Sam's father founded (the interior is as pink as Pepto Bismol).

If you consider yourself a realist you will find it annoying and predictable.

lol i hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did!

Could it BE more cliché.

There may be a few original lines here or there but the film is pretty bland.

My friend dragged me into the theater...

Then the story gets quite predictable, hidden nice girl becomes beauty hero of the local ball, school handsome prince falls in love with her with the unavoidable happy-end.

The abused stepdaughter (Hilary Duff) is surrounded by empty-headed people.

This was the most predictable, formulated movie I've ever seen in my life.

A bubbly, enjoyable film .

Mark Rosman does a terrible job at directing the film, keeping it simple yet very dull.

I liked the unpredictable moments - the Zoro fight at the ball is a whole lotta fun.

And the evil stepmother is the most engaging character of all...

Positive, But Boring .

I am a guy and enjoyed it.

The story points are all contrived and unoriginal.

Overall, one may dismiss this film as a silly piece of predictable fluff.

Normal, cute, predictable, plot with a normal, cute, predictable ending, I guess.

The movie isn't something to hold up as one of the greatest movies ever made, but it's sweet, enjoyable and fun.

It's a chick flick and I'm up for that stuff, but this movie..makes me think "Why did I waste my time watching this this?

there's no plot or anything resembling a story.

just horrible, horrible and cliché.

He is far too bland to be Prince Charming.

Apart from that, i think that A Cinderella Story is a movie that you could fall asleep through and wake up at the end and still know what's going on.

it was an enjoyable movie.

Yet, every part was still predictable.

The end of the drought could have been a really cute plot device, but the set-up was pathetic and it just ended up as another contrived cliché, or an attempt to bring in male viewers with a soaked Hillary Duff.

still thought it was brain rot junk, but likable and entertaining enough.

Seen with an open mind, this can be an enjoyable film for the whole family.

If you're looking for serious acting, then i wouldn't recommend this, but if you're a fan of Hilary Duff or Chad Michael Murray, and/or want an entertaining, fun, safe film, then i'd definitely recommend A Cinderella Story.

An enjoyable movie for adults as well as children.

This movie may not be "Casablanca," but it's very heartwarming and highly entertaining.

As predictable and clichéd as the ending is, I dare you not to smile.

Okay, let's get the bad stuff out of the way (of which there is sadly quite a lot): the story is formulaic and predictable (which is I guess, unavoidable, seeing as it's a modern day version of a well-known fairy tale) the secondary characters are unfunny stereotypes and clichés - like the eccentric best friend who is trying to a more interesting version of Gordo from Lizzie McGuire, and failing, or the airhead egotistical cheerleaders (if you want a good movie about "the popular girls are evil", go see the excellent Mean Girls.

Saw this with my three children last week and we all really enjoyed it.

She's normal, cute, and predictable.

The film is worth watching because all does end happily ever after.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen .

Very cheesy and predictable.

It is definitely worth watching.

-Spoilers-From hearing it's title, you know this movie will be predictable, as far as the plot goes.

Fun, Enjoyable Movie .