A Fish Called Wanda (1988) - Comedy, Crime

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In London, four very different people team up to commit armed robbery, then try to doublecross each other for the loot.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Charles Crichton
Stars: John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 14 out of 205 found boring (6.82%)

One-line Reviews (58)

It takes a bit for you to adjust to the humor, but once you get beyond the fact that they're not just being weird to be weird, there's a bit more too it, this film goes from being just okay to really enjoyable.

This 1988-flick comes to its viewers with a lot of exciting, well acted and hilarious play.

A lot of comedies act as if the audience has a short attention span and so they try to cram as many jokes as possible in the first hour and then leave the audience yawning through the final act.

The story is wonderfully constructed with seldom a dull moment, while the acting is superb.

John Cleese is a constant entertaining Laugh!!!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable Motion Picture, and even when I wasn't laughing, I had a smile on my face.

He obviously tried to replicate this in 'Wanda', but succeeded only in making the whole thing needlessly confusing and even rather boring.

The intense cultural divisions between the Brits and the Yanks are played out superbly.

She immersed herself into the character and portrays her role very convincingly.

Little bits are over-written and overplayed, Palin is right in his diary when he asserts that Kline's return outside the plane window is wrong, plus the awful 1980's soundtrack and fashions date it a little but this is still an entertaining romp peopled by familiar faces having fun with a crazy knockabout plot at which Cary himself wouldn't turned up his nose.

This movie is worth watching.

Some parts are really very good but the film also has boring patches for example woman and her dog track.

It also helps that Curtis and Cleese's characters, while often seeming like the 'straight' characters in the film, are also extremely gifted at doing their forms of comedy, and Cleese ends up pulling some unexpected comedic bits the likes of which match up to those of his Python days.

He is talented, but somewhat repetitive.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

These characters made "Wanda" an enjoyable movie.

See how far I get before I get bored and search for something else.

He would be nominated against Alec Guiness (already won), Martin Landau for "Tucker: A Man and His Dreams" (Landau would later win for his superb portrayal of Bela Lugosi in "Ed Wood"), Dean Stockwell for "Married to the Mob" (Stockwell would later be immortalized in "Quantum Leap") and River Phoenix, nominated for "Running On Empty" (I guess if Phoenix had won, it would have made a good swan song).

His married, bored and reclusive Archie is something that usually doesn't show up in a caper comedy, and it works almost perfectly here.

Hilarious, clever, ribald, and very, very entertaining.

jamie lee was great as the stunning wanda.

Worth watching for the top-notch characters and great acting alone.

Kline dominates the film though with a wonderfully idiotic and brash American cliché.

While the production itself was suspenseful and witty, the relationships were relaxed and easy and played out just as if they were real.

Kevin Kline is particularly entertaining by being an irritating character; when he once again sniffed his armpit while hanging on for dear life outside the bedroom window I just about hit the floor.

This was THE most entertaining movie I have seen.

I love this movie and highly recommend it.

The movie is so witty and entertaining I thought it was better than any Monty Python flick I've ever seen, what with three of those players and Jamie Lee Curtis thrown into the mix.

Entertaining to its very core, the crime-light, pratfall-heavy comedy ingenuously spikes British humor in its comparatively foolhardy story of a manipulative woman's happy-ever-after scheme of misappropriating all the loots from a bank robbery in her own pocket and ditching her two lovers (the sinister-looking boss she framed and the dorky, jealous, violent American criminal she could not bear anymore) with the right man (a British lawyer) she has inadvertently encountered.

He works well with a great character that he does tend to steal his scenes and is very enjoyable.

It is funny, witty, very unpredictable featuring a first class cast who blend great together.

The girl gets wet when she hears foreign languages, one guy stutters, one guy is a typical British dude who is bored of his life and another one resorts to violence or shouting whenever possible… none of this was funny at all.

It begins the film in a way that is fluid, languid, aquatic and romantic and can just as seamlessly change to become energetic and dramatic, building up the pace so well at crucial moments.

All in all it was pretty boring and I kept waiting for the film to get interesting.

Must watch British comedy with few thrilling moments.

In steps the rather boring and ever-so proper Archie Leach (John Cleese) who will be Georges' barrister.

Worth watching only to see late 80s UK Very smudgey looking film

Let's add that it contains also unexpected reversals of situation.

Also,the screenplay was smartly written and engaging.

As for Palin's role, I find his notorious political namesake is usually more entertaining.

Very Funny and Entertaining .

The script is witty and fast-moving, the jokes hardly ever fall flat.

When you have gotten over the extreme odd pairing of these two, you get kind of bored seeing the courtship scenes between them, and you just wanna flash forward to Kevin Kline's next line.

This film was kind of strange, but I enjoyed it.

One must forgive, and can even afford to forget, the rather contrived plot (which involves a jewelery heist and the subsequent scramble to leave the country) as it carries little weight.

Don't waste your time and just watch Monty Python instead.

Had heard so many positive things but in the end found it trite, disappointing, and frankly a tad on the vulgar side.

However, despite some slow scenes, this is definitely one of the best comedies ever made.

Definitely worth watching!!

What followed was a wonderfully entertaining and nostalgic look at a movie I loved back then – when I still lived in the UK – and I love just as much now that I'm an exile in California.

) This film is highly enjoyable and should be seen by anyone who appreciates good humor.

The script is tight and moves well to produce very, very few slow moments that don't work – mostly it flows really well.

The plot is engaging and very nicely put together; detailed without being convoluted.

Everybody was just really annoying and i could barely stay awake during this movie.

Overall then an enjoyable British comedy.

The chemistry between the characters was fabulous and lent its hand to a truly enjoyable finished product.

The film has some interesting, diverse characters, funny dialog and has an inspired comic energy that is engaging all the way through.

His character at first seems fairly bland, an attorney defending a jewel thief (I forget the actor's name), who gets taken in romantically by a 'law student', Wanda, whom he doesn't want to get involved with as she is, of course, a witness for the defense in the case.