A Ghost Story (2017) - Drama, Fantasy, Romance

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In this singular exploration of legacy, love, loss, and the enormity of existence, a recently deceased, white-sheeted ghost returns to his suburban home to try to reconnect with his bereft wife.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: David Lowery
Stars: Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 214 out of 437 found boring (48.97%)

One-line Reviews (508)

This movie is only suitable for the artsy fartsy people who gush at protracted camera views and consider themselves cultured while watching this overlong 90 minutes.

What a stunning movie.

Slow drifting cameras and locked off shots, there's a real subtlety and patience.

Actually, it was probably my fault because every film with Casey Affleck has been boring.

In our modern age of CGI and action this film will be a bit lost on most people and from all the "boring" comments it seems like it was.

You see this movie is duller than watching paint dry, did somebody actually put up the funds, boy they must be spitting nails.

Enjoyable, true, sad and happy all at once .

They literally watch paint dry in this stupid movie .

It bore me to death watching characters going through normal human situations without bringing anything new to the scene.

Every scene is stretched out, the camera fixed on a wall for 6-7 minutes where nothing happens.

So here's my confusion.

I'm terribly impatient but I still enjoyed it, so give it a go alright?

It is a film that explores the dreadfulness of loss and the loneliness of being left behind, the banality and hopelessness of time passing and not being able to do anything about it, all from the dead's perspective.

A pretentious example of a bad Bergman movie.

I found it to be extremely fascinating, and well made.

very pretentious .

As to the longevity of this part, other reviewers have articulated that well enough, personally once I'd progressed through various stages of anticipation and then boredom I ended up dwelling over her poor eating technique and the damage she may be doing to the non-stick lining of the tin, especially as it wasn't even hers to begin with.

No word of a lie, I literally fell asleep on accident, took a short nap, woke up and this girl was still eating pie.

This film has a very simple and yet very thought-provoking premise and it tells it's story it in a way that is easily seen as pretentious and boring.

Waste of everything, including my time to write these lines, but I do it as a warning for those who fall under the pretentious recommendations of "artsy" chronicles.

The scene is shot in painstaking detail and unbelievable SLOWNESS as she does this, across her ridiculously lonnnnng front yard (really, can a front lawn be that large or was it CGI?

slow burn that works.

The ghost's ability to "haunt," or impact the physical world when he becomes emotional, creates powerful, unexpected breaks in that continuity that make the story more interesting.

The slow and meditative flow of A Ghost Story is what I wanted when I was tired and bored.

A slow movie that's exciting .

The most pointless movie I have ever seen .

No action, no story, an extremely slow and boring film with no catchphrases or dialogues.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

Nothing happens.

I fell asleep.

The thing about these factors is that the film uses them to give the message about loss/dying to the audience, but the fascinating thing about these factors is that the film doesn't heavily rely on one specific factor to fully deliver the message to the audience, because the film fully delivers the message on its own using all of these factors without relying on just one specific factor.

How he dealt with showing time passing ever-so-painfully slow then jumping around.

This was a terrible film, so boring and pointless.


Unbelievable waste of time .

The first quarter of this film is excruciatingly slow and almost unwatchable.

But, I wouldnt say that the film was completely predictable.

But why should film audiences be bored also, some of them after paying money for the film tickets?

This was an incredibly boring movie...

A somewhat generic if intriguing title that is suggestive of a standard horror film/ghost story.

but for some reason the director decided to apply it to a movie with no plot, no interesting characters and painfully dragged out scenes...

Casey Afflect had more intrigue in Manchester By The Sea and that film was nearly as tranquilizing as this snoozer is.

I got the cliff notes with the fast forward button the movie is slow here and not worth watching beyond developing the cliff notes.

Ungodly dull.

" Rooney Mara plays the young widow (with a penchant for eating an entire pie), and Casey Affleck, fresh from his Oscar winning role in last year's "Manchester by the Sea", plays the ghost, and this minimalist short feature, with little dialogue and even less physical action, manages to move viewers in ways that are totally unexpected.

I still think the slowness of all scenes after the death are meant for us to reflect on our mortality and others too although there is no following the wife to understand her grief.

Scenes overly drawn out to make a point.

Affleck took some heat for some with his previous film MANCHESTER BY THE SEA where some found it to be pretentious as well.

The positive: If you want to fall asleep Ghost Story is a wonderfully assistive device.

Who on earth thinks this is entertaining.

I often find that I can be a bit nihilistic in life in general and I definitely see (at least in my interpretation anyway) there's a theme of nihilism throughout the movie which honestly is probably why I enjoyed it so much and why I found it so entertaining.

this movie should be lucky i rated it 1/10, i wish there was 0/10, seriously this is the worst movie i have seen this year.

This is an emotional journey that will leave some speechless, while some other might leave the theater.

'A Ghost Story (2017)' takes a while to digest but even after some reflection still feels like a pretty pointless affair, purporting to be profound when in reality it occasionally seems somewhat pretentious, and it was honestly one of the most boring cinematic experiences of the year for two-thirds of its run-time, with an excruciatingly slow pace that extends itself to two individual sequences that almost provoked pain due to their incessant length (the pie eating scene being the worst offender.

While watching this film one word kept floating through my brain: pretentious.

A now-infamous scene in this film involving a pie still has me questioning whether I appreciated it for its gravity and weight to its story, or whether I disliked it for feeling self-indulgent and pretentious.

it was slow, dull, tedious, and Rooney Mara noisily eating for 5 minutes isn't my idea of entertainment.

How its also a meditation about time and space and how we perceive our own existence would sound utterly pretentious.

Someone else used the word 'pretentious' when describing this film.

Self indulgent with no thought for the audience .

A lot there thematically, but can be inconsistent and VERY slow.

slow, incredibly slow .

The story is intriguing and the trailer leaves you wanting more.

It has been a while since I have seen something so boring and pointless.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happens for about the first 45 minutes so have something else to do until it picks up.

Watching paint dry is more exciting.

I'll start off by saying I have a pretty high tolerance for art-house, slow-moving films.

A 3 minute take of Mara and Affleck in bed was too slow for its own good.

But be warned, drink coffee first or you may fall asleep.

I think the writer and folks involved had some 'messages' to send the viewer but it's 'pretentious' , too vane of them to think i'd 'get' or 'understand' what they want to convey.

After an unexpected and tragic event, C (Casey Affleck) awakes at a hospital in a long white sheet with two holes for his eyes.

The themes they bring up and they're unique forms of storytelling can be highly intriguing.

Nothing interesting about this film, a total failure and waste of time

It's so pretentious and boring.

Nonsense - waste of time.

There's no way I can finish this movie, it is the worst movie I've ever seen.

This film is a waste of time .

Sometimes, Lowery crosses that line and the movie might become briefly boring for some people.

There were times though that I found Lowery slightly borderline pretentious.

This movie was a total waste of time.

Looks bored and useless to me in his big old sheet, barely portrays any pain or longing.

I liked the pie scene in particular, it's a slow burner where you can see Mara's characters emotions building up as she starts to eat more and more aggressively until she ends up being sick, all the while our poor ghostly character watches over her.

The movie needs no script.

Expect descriptions as disparate as: inexplicable, pretentious, boring, thought-provoking, and existential … whatever your reaction, you wouldn't be wrong.

Go and watch paint dry instead as a better use of your time.

So when I say that this movie was boring, I am not doing boring justice.

Expect a very slow burning film and be patient with it.

So, we have to endure all these long slow shots, to convey the message that they will later reveal anyways, then why put us through this drab, meaningless crap in the first place?

Rooney Mara is also breathtaking, further proving that she is one of the best (at least)quasi-mainstream actresses working in America today.

If you are going to see this at the cinema, bring a box of matches so you can keep your eyes pried open while you attempt to stay awake.

There's no storyline to unravel, no dialogue to quote and requote, no action, drama, car chases or raucous laughs, just a series of scenes and images that I couldn't get enough of.

Extremely fascinating, and well made.

Summed up, it's boring, then sad, then confusing, then it's over.

This is supposed to be profound but it was just pretentious.

It was at this point were a few people decided they'd had enough, and walked out.

unbelievably boring .

Emotionless Affleck with nice abs dies Emotionless Affleck ghost rises covered in morgue sheet with two holes Sniffling widow Mara cry masturbates with a pie Affleck throws plates and scares the Christmas out of some poor Latinos Rambling diarrhea hillbilly bores a party Mara sticks a note in a wall and it says...

Slow time .

TOOO long and pointless .

This is an empty and pretentious movie where nothing at all happens.

Mind numbingly slow.

Infuriatingly pretentious .

Missed feeling bored?

my surprise was big: a fine told and slowly unfolding story, in a really fascinating fim - for viewers who like to think about the told stories in different angles - highly recommended - watch it and allow you to think about it...

Why waste your time with this movie .

Just a bunch of pointless time travelling and loose ends in which the viewer is supposed to make up some kind of "meaning".

) a slow developing and thoughtful existential take on hauntings.

Nothing happens, period.

Don't waste your time.

In all honesty it took me 3 attempts to get to the end as I found it that dull I fell asleep, and by the time I had watched it, I quickly realised why I kept falling asleep.

Lowery captures the film's events with no more than a few dozen complete shots, favouring slow pan reveals and long takes which allow the actors the space to settle into their scenes, and their body language to flourish.

The director also did a good job of setting an appropriate melancholy atmosphere, with a few unexpected jolts tossed in for a change of pace.

Like watching paint dry .

A cure for insomnia .

In attempting to make "art" the film instead induces boredom.

However, there were a few overlong and pretentious sequences.

Boredom of the year .

Absolutely nothing happens of significance over the remaining 50 minutes or so.

Totaly a waste of time !

It was an OK story-line, but painfully slow and boring in many parts.

It is slow, boring, artsy and at times pretentious.

2017's A Ghost Story is a relatively short film at 90 minutes, but the pacing is slow - sometimes excruciatingly so.

This is a very slow film.

This movie was extremely slow, with long drawn out scenes where little to nothing is happening.

The film's pace is slow and languid, the story limited, the characters non-existent.

The movie moves at a weird pace, the beginning part to the death scene moving more rapidly and then the rest of the film kind of continuing on at a much slower pace.

Nothing happens, and I have to type five lines here to tell all to avoid this movie

Overall it's a pretentious, boring and confusing experience.

Through the sudden shoulder turns and slow waking brings the moving spirit alive.

Painfully slow .

Confusing and Slow .

At one point I fell asleep because it was just that bad.

What a total waste of time .

And bored.

Visually stunning .

Here is an example of what to expect in this pretentious art piece.

It was as exciting as watching paint dry.

Definitely not what I was expecting given the acting talent involved, it felt like the aim of the movie was to present a montage of abjectly tedious scenes, and then try and drag those scenes out to the point where you start to feel anger building.

Not everyone likes those types of films for, yet again, being too "pretentious.

It's 30% Deeply Moving and 70% Deeply Boring .

for 9/10ths of this drag out.

Altogether, a dull boring amateur movie.

Draped in a white sheet complete with cut-out eye holes, Affleck drifts through the film with slow steps, longing stares and brief fits of rage.

This is a zero sum game where NOTHING HAPPENS except for 1 or 2 instances that last for a couple of minutes max.

Ripping off a boring dull craptist like Andrei Barfofsky .

Crazy boring and brilliant at the same time, if that makes any sense.

Extremely boring!!.


The next scene, the house is empty again, except for C's ghost.

I have to call this movie what it is: boring and ineffective.

This is like a bad pretentious student movie that wants you to figure it out while it does nothing and wants you to imagine a plot.

I must say that I have a new "worst movie ever".

Sure, what is boring to one person may not be to another, but I think anyone would agree that watching people do mundane things like move boxes and eat for ten minutes at a time, no matter how you frame it, is still universally boring.

Just some pretentious non-horror drama.

It was beyond reasonable expectations for a movie to be both this pretentious and this annoying.

The movie is an unexpected gem because even though people have recommended this I did not expect it to be one of the most resonant movies of 2017 for me and one that would make feel so sad and thoughtful.

I appreciate how intellectually stimulating A Ghost Story is to think about after watching it, but it might be the most boring movie to actually watch.

So happy I was able to fast forward during the slow redundant theme....

Worst movie of the year .

There is a thin line between being deliberately slow and just plain boring ...

unlike this self-serving pretentious piece of ca-ca.

It dragged on and on.

I don't think the husband died in the crash, he was bored to death.

One of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

The film does a good job with the thin material, padding many scenes with slow camera shots, moody music, and one long nihilistic monologue from a drunk party-goer who hasn't a clue a ghost is listening to him.

I expected this movie to be quirky, and charming, but it was just dull and I couldn't wait to leave the cinema.

waste of time ...

There are scenes that try so hard to be all indie and "unique," but they end up coming off as bloated and pretentious.

"A Ghost Story" may be totally inaccessible, but it is still a film that focuses on themes of a universal nature, and does so in an elegant, artistic, emotional, and, most importantly, HUMANE manner that is philosophically troubling and evocative.

A waste of time.

many say "wasting time, boring scenes" and coupled with a scene where M ate on a floor that takes a while.

Around the mid-way point Mara mostly exits the picture, as we instead focus solely on Affleck's bedsheet clad ghost and the film takes turns into unexpected areas that don't always work.

A pretentious bore sorely in need of a good editor to make into a 20-minute short.

Made quickly and cheaply shortly after post-production for Pete's Dragon had been completed and reuniting Lowery with his Ain't Them Bodies Saints stars, the slow and deliberate pace of A Ghost Story will likely put many viewers off, especially those seeking out a traditional spook tale.

don't waste YOUR time!!

I would choose a good story, plot line and riveting acting any day over this sort of claptrap.

I find the first act kinda boring.

It's just incredibly awkward and pointless and dull, dull, dull.

I really enjoyed it the first time watching the movie, enjoying the quiet morose feel of it.

For the many who will watch it and think "what the hell was that dull, dreary nonsense all about?

Nothing happened.

The story is told with long simple shots that hang there observing the character go about their mundane lives.

It's attempt at art resulted only in scene after scene that was too long and boring.

While it may not have much rewatch value to it, if you have 90 minutes, it is worth watching once.

This movie is so boring.

so soooo slow, perhaps the slowest film I have ever watched, but I did watch it, because I was genuinely intrigued to know what was going to happen, the pie scene has been mentioned before, I cannot believe I sat watching someone eat a pie for all that time, also, what did she write?

a complete waste of time and money...

Very complex, emotional, and stunning.

Pathetically boring crap.


We have 4.3 screen, we have slow eternal scenes with very little action.

Awful, Tedious Waste of Time....

the boring life of ghosts .

far too slow in many scenes nearly sent me to sleep ...

It feels horribly narcissistic and pretentious to expect an audience to sit through this unceasing indulgence.

A good example of just such a scene is when Roony Mara tediously comes home and does some boring things such as sorting through mail and watering a plant and then proceeds to eat a pie for 7 minutes straight without anything else happening until she throws up.

Worst movie i watched in my entire life!.

save your money, if you think you have to see it, wait for a rental.

The other ghost next door also added a lot and that we see two ghosts together from Affleck's character was a bit predictable at times.

This was the worst movie I have ever seen, and I see movies almost every week.

it's slow.

It's filled with a lot of silence, staring and long drawn out scenes.

Painfully dull rubbish passed off as something great.

Just because the dop got insanely bored or it was to mean something?

What a waste of time and money...

This makes the movie unbearable in every sense of the word.

I fast forward this movie and nothing happened.

Slow as a snail?

So I understand for some people that it might make it a very boring viewing experience.

Did I mention this was boring?

More entertaining .

This is actually the most intriguing aspect of the film, that ghosts may be with us at any time.

To begin, let me state that I actually LIKE "pretentious" movies and films that speak to you on a different level.

There will be those that think it's experimental, pretentious nonsense.

At least I got a laugh out of this borefest at the end, for I know what was written on that piece of paper:'I am DEFINITELY not coming back to this place!

Is that all Lowery is really saying in this drawn out declaration of non-knowledge, that he has no idea what the reality is?


Despite a decent musical score and a wholly original template, A Ghost Story felt a little pretentious and a little too symbolic for my taste.

I don't mind movies without special effects or all that much happening, but there at least has to be an interesting story to carry things along, Casey Affleck lurking about in a sheet in a succession of utterly dull scenes just isn't very entertaining.

Very little dialogue, very little plot, and several scenes don't quite have the impact they should.

" Rule of thumb, any artsy film that tries to teach you or make you think is pretentious, at least that seems to be the mindset of the general movie going public anyway.

Total waste of time!!.

Is pretty rich in details and the slow timing is intencional.

Nevertheless, it's strangely compelling and oddly beautiful at times.

It is perilously close to tedious, and moves ever so slowly.

At the least it will solidify fantasies you may have had about observing from afar loved ones after your death; at its worst, it could be silly and boring.

90 minutes watching a ghost (literally a person with a sheet over his head) watch the mundane day to day life of the occupants of a particular area.

Honestly, what's most compelling about A Ghost Story is everything surrounding this little MacGuffin.


What I dislike more than some scenes being way too long (pie scene hehe) is the scene where this guy explains the whole philosophy and idea of the movie instead of having audiences take something personal away from it.

And then fast forward to him sitting on the floor in his empty house.

Cinematography is good, but the overall slowness of the camera movements make feel the about 80 minutes like three hours.

With most love stories, confusion, a sense of loss and memories of what have been are at the forefront and this is where I think this film excels.

So in summary this movie was painfully boring with nothing of significance happening in its 90 min run time.

The ghost cannot communicate verbally and yet somehow I felt their pain through the limp and slow movement which made the whole film melancholic.

Nothing happened, I felt nothing and got nothing from it.

Because it was worse than watching paint dry because in the end the paint no longer stinks...

It is so slow that I watched it at three times the speed and still thought it was far too slow.

This is a slow, dull, boring, pretentious and pointless movie with a very disappointing ending.

They have just topped my list of most boring actors ever.

Scenes lingered way too long it was like photographs on the screen, which is probably the effect the director wanted.

Pretentious, self indulgent, and unoriginal.

A pretentious mess, in other words.

A party bore offers up a vacuous speech on the fragility and indeterminacy of existence that a literature undergrad would blush at, never mind a middle-aged man.

everything felt drab, which was the movies intent.

Like when he's STILL in the house, STILL wearing the bed sheet, while a bull dozer is crashing into his house, long vacant and in major disrepair after he made the previous owners, a Spanish family leave after he did the usual freaky ghost stuff- hurling their dishes and cups towards them while they're eating their dinner.

It's wisely kept at minimum, and when it is used while parts are thought-provoking the more philosophical pieces of dialogue come over as a little self-indulgent.

Andrew Droz Palermo's cinematography is additionally very evocative, adding much grey shade and ghostly life to the film.

Three of us watched it, one of us left the movie after 30 minutes to watch some scary youtube videos in order to compensate for the obnoxiousness of the said film, the second person literally got a headache and nausea due to the movie being extremely slow and dark.

a stupid movie with no story at all .

Also, even, if as the fake and/or pretentious reviewers say, this is a movie for those who "appreciate art" and can immerse themselves in "feelings"; there is no way they all just happened to conglomerate here, for this movie in order to overbalance the real reviews which tell you quite clearly, this movie is terrible.

It was meditative in a way but also extremely slow moving for its short running time.

what a super waste of time, don't watch!!!!!!!!!!!!.

): Horrifyingly slow paced movie that in my opinion was quite good.

No plot.

Lacking any audible dialogue from the deceased, this is a slowly paced, thoughtful and rewarding film - and one of the best of the year (Klaus Ming November 2017).

It tells the audience to live life to the full, but it does so through great performances and masterful cinematic technique instead of expositional dialogue, taking its time to convey these messages, which could lead to some becoming bored.

If you are planning to watch this movie: Be prepared to sit through extremely long and boring 'empathy' moments.

This is a slow movie, and I mean s l o w.

Like I said, it's extremely slow, and doesn't have much of a plot or characters.

The pacing is slow for a reason.

Stay away from this snooze fest, unless you are suffering from insomnia.

While most scenes were slow, two were achingly slow: the scene in bed at the beginning and the pie-eating scene.

It is slow.

If one is to be unkind, then yes, it's kinda dull and boring with little dialogue.

The film's uses of long takes and pregnant silence create an unexpected degree of tension.

The most boring film in the world!

It's so slow, a lot will probably think at times it's too slow, but it sells for me because it adds up to a haunting atmosphere and later to a feeling of grief.

From the review:In the moment, the scene is likely unbearable to many viewers.

Boredom comes up a lot.

This film asks big questions about mortality, the afterlife, time, our legacy as human beings, and they were fascinating questions.

That kinds are the source of boredom.

Fast or slow, Lowery frames and edits every shot like it matters, creating stunning portraits and almost ethereal transitions.

The most godawful boring movie.

I just kept fast forwarding and missed nothing because nothing happens.

I can only guess what all the people who gave this movie 1's were expecting, maybe a marvel movie or a fast paced action thriller?

Guy with sheet standing in the room while watching some boring stuff, let's film that for about the entire movie.

I watched as hoping there would be something at the and, but nothing happened.

really worth watching, if you can change your taste for popcorn disposable movies.

Another thing they SHOULD have left out was the long, drawn out scenes.


We were bored out of our minds watching _nothing_ transpire between the two leads before Casey dies and turns into a ghost with that famously easy Halloween costume.

The movie was very pretentious, especially the party scene when the gentleman was talking about Beethoven's 9th symphony and the physics of expansion and the theory of contraction.

When you leave the theater you are not informed, moved, or entertained, just ground down.

Don't waste your time.

Boring awful movie .

What a complete waste of time.

The stuff with ghosty going forward in time, then backward in time was completely pointless and inexplicable.

In addition to heartbreak, this movie evokes many other feelings: warmth, humor, boredom.

Many might say that it had meaning and it wanted to show the audience the life after death from a different prospective but let's be honest with ourselves: Even if that was true the movie is so unbelievably blank and boring that you are going to lose every interest you had to pay attention to its secret messages.

The mundane crawl of time is so devastating that the ghost C meets through the window has forgotten who it is waiting for.

Unbearable .

Who in their right mind can honestly say they are happy to have paid to be bored to tears?

But what a pretentious bore this was.

There are a number of scenes like this which make it very slow moving.

The format and style of movie is excruciatingly slow - testing patience of audiences with long lingering scenes where nothing happens.

A complete snooze fest that borders on the insanity of the human mind.

The camera person focused on the wife and the so-called ghost for way too long.

Its slow, yes.

empty .

I thought the movie was great, but they either thought it was okay or just boring.

But ultimately your still left as empty as the first half, the lack of script and the lack of subtitles for everything Casey Affleck says.

A waste of time .

To be honest after a certain point I was so bored that I just stopped paying that much attention.

This is a god awful movie, there is no story in it, the order of the scenes is messed up, and it doesn't make any sense.

It's pretentious and overrated.

The pacing was a huge problem with both too much and too little to allow many in the audience to see and feel what the film-makers desired in what would have otherwise been a successfully engaging experience.

Steer as clear from this waste of time film.

(1) It would've been more believable that the tiny house in the middle of nowhere became an apartment complex instead of some big financial firm surrounded by a city; (2) the time jump backwards was a little weird as well and then towards the end there's two ghosts and the ending was a little weird and confusing

But making a movie boring for artistic sake is getting old.

It was a boring start.

Don't waste your time.

A Most Awful Ghost Bore .

There was another craptist called Alejandro Inarittu who tried to copy Barfosky with The Revenant and that was a slow, boring, technically pandering piece of crap too.

I have watched numerous "slow" movies and loved them to death.

This may be the point of the film, we're all just here temporarily, but surely there is a more entertaining way of conveying this idea.

It is beautifully filmed, exquisitely so, but it is scant compensation for the trite storytelling.

Don't waste your time with this nonsense.

The way this director held every single scene for so long , like watching her eating a whole pie is more than boring the viewer .

Waste of time at its finest .

Don't waste your time checking it out as you will be as disappointed as I am.

"A Ghost Story" could have the tagline "The Movie About Nothing", because throughout much of the movie, nothing happens.

The rest is just plain confusing.

I'll admit it was a slow start to establish the tone and themes.

A Ghost Bore-y.

I get the theme behind the movie, but found myself bored and looking for something else to do.

How would that affect you if you had completely immersed yourself in the previous people's lives.

He stays with her in the home they made together - a home, we will come to learn, that she wanted to leave, despite his wish to remain in the quiet, isolated area he felt so comfortable in.

All these suggestions are there that in the film's universe there are MULTIPLE ways even the most simple and uneventful life can influence the cosmos for eons, perhaps even into the next universe itself...

A Ghost Story is one of those movies where it takes the time to dwell on its theme/s while nothing happens.

There are 5-10 minute scenes of a "character" doing something totally pointless while a ghost stands in the background watching silently while not moving.

I cannot imagine a more painful and dull existence.

If you are ready for a slow build into the story of a ghost as it experiences 'life', great cinematography and music, this film is awesome.

It's stultifyingly boring and pretentious.

Being a Bitter Ghost is Sad and Boring .

About as boring as they come.

It is a life-story of a spirit that travels through time waiting for LOVEIt is a disappointment for hard-core horror movie fans and a boring movie for those who expect chills because of the title "A Ghost Story""A Ghost Story" is a totally different take on the genre of ghost movies.

Achingly slow .

It was tedious viewing that frustrated both of us with its lack of continuity, long pauses and incoherent story.

This film is extremely slow with very little dialogue.

}During the long, _long_ scenes where NOTHING happens, we began suggesting that Casey Affleck probably had a stand-in for this "art film" since he was covered in a sheet 95% of the time.

Protracted scenes where absolutely nothing happens, and if there was supposed to be some meaning to these ridiculously long scenes about nothing, then I guess I didn't get it.

The followup scenarios with the Spanish family as well as a pretentious 'philosophy of nothing matters guy' were a little disappointing.

One of the WORST movies I have ever seen.

Furthermore,certain scenes drag out for an incredibly long time.

Besides the meaning core of the movie, it is really in good formic states, shots are clean, music is fascinating and knows when it is enough to give you some silence to feel sympathy towards the character and etc. while It is not flawless, between movies I have seen recently this one is really raising bar.

Amazingly boring!

I was worried it was going to be pretentious goop.

It's worth watching .

My tastes in films are rather eclectic but I'm generally more satisfied with something more thought-provoking then the general banal fare.

Yea-- let's make an extremely BORING story and show Rooney here and there..and let's have another A-list actor- Casey Afflek-disappear like a Ghost and hide under a ridiculous bed sheet for the rest of the movie.

An Excellent waste of time.

A good movie if you have insomnia.

It was so bad we were giggling and cracking jokes during it (we were in an empty theatre that night—unaware of what audiences may have already known).

It's boring throughout and you literally watch paint dry.

Painfully slow - I get the metaphorical stuff.

trying to be weighty and deep, but it came across as forced and pretentious.

An absolutely fascinating premise.

Two great actors acting in this stupidity of a movie, waste of time!

Slow and deep.

It's best you approach the movie knowing as little as possible- it's simplistic approach to cinematography and composition creates and environment that is equally evocative and thought provoking.

A BORING video clip where the ghost wears a bedsheet .

But GOD, it's slow to start, almost every scene there's either no dialogue at all, or very little-there is very little action to keep your interest.

Most Boring Movie EVER!.

Repetative long slow ghost shots in an attempt to convey a message that the movie completely reveals anyways at a later time from random dude at a party.

An absolute dozer .

I watched this ponderous mess based on the 7.7 rating on IMDb.

A Ghost Story begins as mundane as any other film about a couple - the couple, Casey Affleck as C and Rooney Mara as M, lounge around the house going about their daily routines as two adults.

Also the tediousness and impotence of being stuck in a place without knowing really why yourself.

Slow, dull, and boring.

I recommend watching paint dry as it is more entertaining

There are numerous scenes where the camera will linger on a person or object for a minute or more while nothing happens.

I found myself stimulated, bored, confused, glum, and profoundly moved - that a movie can somehow conjure all these feelings during the course of one viewing is a true feat of experimental prowess.

And all action shots, yes I know it sounds ridiculous when I say action shots, are way too long.

The reason I don't like this movie is because of how slow it is, the pie scene for example, it was six long minutes of a women eating a pie.

If you want entertaining existentialism, just watch Groundhog Day, that film never gets old and it has romance, comedy, and drama.

For those who thought this movie was slow, try watching ''Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles"...

A movie so uninteresting and dumb I had to watch Swayze and Moore's 'Ghost' TWICE just to get the boring out of my eyeballs .

Eventually C's ghost makes his presence known, deeply aggravated by boredom and loneliness he flickers the lights and throws plates from the cupboard, frightening the family, they move out from the house.

An intriguing and fairly new take on the ghost story--I adored the quirky winding sheet.

However, in every production there is always some light, and here it comes in the haunting music by Daniel Hart, the captivating "evolution/destruction of man" monologue by houseguest (Will Oldham), and Lowery's ability (tedious as it was) to set the stage for mystery.

We watched the whole movie even though I wanted to turn it off within 5 minutes.

This is a bore-fest.

There is no plot, no dialogue, no characters driving the piece, it's just a straight up bore fest that only critics would love.

Most scenes are painfully slow and dull.

I found it confusing and was very disappointed in the end.

so many dragged out scenes.

I ended up bored to death and paying a fortune for the worst haircut I've ever had.

snooze fest .

Nothing fancy, not too long, a bit poetic, pretentious but not overly so, but also very empty.

Deeply thematic, but borderline pretentious.

This ghost is profoundly boring and pathetic, tragic melancholy is okay but this is unbearable.

Some scenes are boringly long, I believe the pie eating scene was 5 minutes or even longer...

This is boring Watching someone eat pie for ten minutes is terribly dull

Its really an intriguing exploration of attachment and I truly enjoyed the superficial story presented.

Don't rent, purchase or buy this, it is a complete waste of time.

Boring .

It is very much a Slow Burn, with good actors rhat is very well-acted.

I sincerely hope (like to think) the Prognosticator monologue is supposed to be played for the ridiculousness of how kids think they have it all figured out, too pretentious not to be on purpose, especially with this actor well in his 40-ies.

But strip away the distractions and emotion to just witness the physical existence, and time is a tedious thing.

We had to turn it off or fall asleep.


IN SUMMARY: an excruciatingly boring plot, which is stretched, so some scenes, which in any other film would only be a minute long, are seven times as long.

I think I could have written a much better ghost movie than this giant bore.

it's terribly slow, uneventful, confusing and disinteresting.

Nothing is worse when a film is trying to convey some philosophical notion and fails miserably, it makes it pretentious.

While the film is slowly paced and there is no doubt that mainstream audiences would likely be bored, those with the patience to watch and absorb the unique details and themes presented in this film will be greatly rewarded.

It is slow, too slow, from beginning to end.

Life of ghosts is probably boring, this is what I understood from this film.

Overall, A Ghost Story is a really heart-felt, compelling story, that seems to teach you about time, loss, love, and devastation in one.

The way Lowery expands on the relationship between man and his surroundings and man and woman is breathtaking and just left me totally overcome with emotion towards the end of the film.

Slow as molasses .

Visually Stunning .

Music was good, but the story was so dull, characters were dull, action was dull.

Started off slow, then the slow pace actually drives the movie.

Laughable, Complete Waste of Time .

For those who were annoyed at the 4 minute pie eating scene and others like it where you felt bored, the scene was simply playing out in real time.

Even more boring than that Scarlet Johanson movie where she's an alien and lures men underwater or whatever the f#*!

Don't waste your time .

They do get boring, and they do overstay their welcome.

Very early in this film you notice how stunning the cinematography is, a sure sign that the story is lacking in depth.

He stated before how he "wanted to make something small and tiny and handmade," (Filmmaker Magazine) and he well and beyond fulfills what he hinted at, as he creates such a cold environment inside the claustrophobic house the weary spirit refuses to leave.

abysmal adverse alarming angry annoy anxious apathy appalling atrocious awful B bad banal barbed belligerent bemoan beneath boring broken C callous can't clumsy coarse cold cold- hearted collapse confused contradictory contrary corrosive corrupt crazy creepy criminal cruel cry cutting D dead decaying damage damaging dastardly deplorable depressed deprived deformed D Cont.

The camera adds to the dreary, depressing atmosphere David Lowery wants you to feel, after all this is a film about bereavement.

Pretentious Drivel .

The pie scene is nearly unbearable.

For much of the movie, it is long slow shots of Casey Affleck in a white sheet.

This is my new "worst movie ever".

Overall it's far from perfect but it is worth watching.

Literally, you get no back story and no ending, and even if you did, you have nothing to hold the two together besides scenes of total mundaneness and dull, boring, tediousness.

Its a very beautiful movie that explores themes of what it means to be human, the meaning if life etc. It is a bit of slow burn.

My biggest complaint with this film is how slow it is.

The length of these slow scenes did not add to the emotional ambience or impact--or even in the telling of the story at all, and hurt the film a great deal.

This whole film feels horribly self indulgent and pretentious.

A dispassionate advice: let pass the first 15/30 minutes, absolutely boring, seemingly useless, confused ...

Not because you're close-minded, but because of the fact that slow pacing isn't always the best tool for viewer engagement.

The concept was what I was expecting and it definitely was a huge waste of time watching.

Very boring .

My eyes were closing and I thought I fell asleep.

A Ghost Story offers some beautiful visuals in between long uninteresting scenes for a pretentious theme that gives no unique substance.

In the moment, the scene is likely unbearable to many viewers.

This very drab and ponderously slow-paced film offers us philosophy...

This movie is boring until end of pie scene,Then if you think about "This movie trying to tell",it will be so confusing and impresive.

It's slow and deliberate but the rich atmosphere, balance of emotions and compelling performances make it compelling.

Insufferable, self-indulgent crap.

Most boring movie ever .

But fair warning: if you bore easily this movie will feel like a waste of your time.

It's just a boring story of a ghost trapped in a house trying to get to a piece of paper his pie scoffing wife left there one time.

Most of the positive reviews I read before hand must have been written by boring, lacking of life experience, pseudo intellectuals who love the sound of their own voice and find reviewing a platform.

Boxed up in the standard-definition television aspect ratio (4:3) the film presents itself as an intimate, navel-gazing slow cinema hopeful in its first half, as we are privileged to watch Mara wolfing down a pie for a good 4 minutes before nausea prompting her to spew.

Intriguing take on ghosts, with a few flaws.

A clichéd, monotonous and boring 'scary' 'film' where you get the typical storyline of the person dying, them lurking around in their own house, them haunting other people who buy this house in the future and them basically stalking their loved ones.

I personally like those things but it kinda bugged me that it was that slow paced though i understand why it is that way.

An extremely slow and boring first 30 minutes gets beaten out by a very interesting and unique last hour.

I spent most of the movie just being agitated and really searching hard for something to like, but I would have to say this movie is a top contender for the worst movie I've ever seen.

An Excellent waste of time!

Boring, pretentious, irritating, amateur, self-indulgent.

If you didn't pick this up, there is a big monologue by a party guest about how what we accomplish (having kids, writing a symphony, being an author etc.) is ultimately pointless and everything you do and whoever you know will eventually die or be forgotten.

Really, boring with annoyingly long and nonsensical scenes...

it's one of the worst movies i've ever watched .. Meaningless long shots and a very simple plot that could've been summarized in 4 words, and shown instead of the irrelative quote in the beginning .. "MEDITATING" for 90 minutes has more to offer than this movie .. THIS ISN'T DEEP !!


Tedious Ghost Story .

At the theatre I was in, 3 people walked out.

This is pointless with a great score.

The very slow pace gets you in the theme of the film and with excellent compositions, shot with very long takes I would imagine it was very tricky to pull together.

Long shots of nothing, panning shots of scenes with nothing going on and the latest fad in pretentious films, the long drawn out gaze of one actor either at another or just at the camera, all are found here.

7/10 a hypnotizing, slow film.

The main content of conversation post-viewing was whether this scene or the pie-eating was more tedious.

Complete boring mess with barely any words spoken.

Incredibly Overrated and Boring .

By far in my top three of worst movies I ever saw .

A person could project psychology and philosophy to this film but a person would have just as much right to project psychology and philosophy to watching paint dry like another reviewer said.

But if lack of action, dialogue or story bores you to tears, you'll probably hate this film.


"A Ghost Story" is one of the most overrated and boring movies ever made.

The least pretentious of all the pretentious films .

However I must also say, this film at times did bore me.

We get pretentious cinema, nothing more.

Slow burn in more ways than just the unfolding of the narrative.

Slow and Hypnotising .

My personal favourite instance of Lowery's time manipulation is C's song scene, Lowery intercuts between a warmly lit flashback and a dull and cold looking present as C's song plays in both shots.

What the...??? NOTHING HAPPENS!!

There are parts that move very slow.

The film was such a plodder and filled with long, long camera shots, so long in fact that we were starting to doze (hence the term dozer, and I don't mean the bull type).

They created a mega - boring 90 minutes of long scenes about nothing.

Wonderfully pretentious!

Instead the budget is somewhat limited but sure doesn't look it, the narrative is simple and unconventional but emotionally and atmospherically rich and has two extremely compelling lead performances, and it shows the beauty of not trying to do too much and it registers much more than a lot of potentially overblown blockbusters.

This film had potential to be a unique, one-of-a-kind testament to the human spirit, but instead delivers a cheap, boring tale about nothing.

Like watching paint dry.

I compared it to another movie people often walked out of, The Tree of Life, but even though Tree of Life was overlong, self indulgent and badly edited, there was a compelling story at the middle.

Don't waste your time on this rubbish.

There are some long drawn out scenes that may test people who aren't fully invested' patience.

Nothing happens during the entire movie.

I try to give slow movies a chance because they occasionally turn into something watchable.

Honestly it's one of the worst movies I ever saw in my life.

This movie is a ghost, empty and wrapped in an almost white drape.

Or read the subjects of the IMDb reviews, that's far more entertaining.

The story reveals itself in the breathtaking scene where C is showing his song "I Get Overwhelmed" to M.

I struggled to stay awake, texted the entire time and missed nothing.

It starts out slow in the beginning and much like 2001, it build up as it goes along.

A Ghost StoryJust as the protagonist in the feature, the audience too finds itself solving the puzzle that life is, projected in a way in here which is the only intriguing lose thread in it that one can hold to climb it till the end.

One of the worst movies .

You will be struggling to continue watching, because it's one big dull bore!

It was too slow and depressing.

'A Ghost Story' is simply an empty movie full of blank scenes with no dialogue or action that makes you think that the filmmakers just forgot that the camera was rolling and just left.

Don't waste your time on this snoozer.

The word pretentious gets thrown around all the time and in reailty, I feel like hardly any people will actually know how to use the word let alone recognize it in a film.

Tooooo Long The film is utter pointless.