A Good Woman (2004) - Drama, Comedy, Romance

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A 1930s American socialite creates a scandal in the expatriate high society of the Amalfi Coast of Italy when she forms a secretive relationship with a wealthy American unbeknownst to his young wife.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Mike Barker
Stars: Helen Hunt, Scarlett Johansson
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 16 out of 85 found boring (18.82%)

One-line Reviews (53)

It is certainly entertaining, and it is filled to the brim with those marvellous Oscar Wilde witticisms.

All in all a pleasure to watch and I recommend it to those viewers that like simplistic style,highly absorbing dialogue, and pleasing visual stimulation.

It strives, it has the right idea, but it will strike most people as a little off or downright boring.

The start is a bit slow, and it takes some time to warm to Hunt's Erlynne.

The performances by Helen Hunt and Tom Wilkinson in particular were totally riveting.

Between them they made it all worth the watch.

Based on one of Oscar Wilde's greatest plays (Lady Windermere's Fan), this adaptation is a dull mess.

I enjoyed every moment of this and found it one of the more enjoyable movies I've seen lately.

Repeating tonal inflections line after line delivered by her made for a very dull performance.

gorgeously photographed, deliciously enjoyable period movie .

Helen Hunt's reverberating heady drone made her particularly uninteresting to watch.

Plus Helen Hunt was just speaking her lines in a monotone, and Scarlett Johanson's idea of appearing innocent seems to be to just minimize her expressions as much as possible.

Dull, dull, dull.

Personally, Being use to more dramatic and intense themes, my only negative remark is that the plot seemed to be a bit placid...

SPOILERS THROUGH:This was such an enjoyable movie.

Warm and entertaining .

Her accent was flat and uninteresting, never for a minute did you get the impression she could catch a fly - not to mention any stray man - in her web.

The film suffers the usual foibles of a stage adaptation, with some scenes seeming very contrived, as the characters linger at bars and exchange witticisms.

Just watched this on DVD and I agree entirely with Lionel Strutt - a stunning cast and a stunning location.

It has breathtaking scenery, which makes me wonder how long it took the location scouts to find them.

Tom Wilkinson is humorous and believable, and by far the most enjoyable character in the movie.

Well, at times it was a little slow.

Usually Oscar Wilde's plays have a certain pace, but this was dragging on with rather predictable and some outright silly dialog.

In this wholly entertaining and luxurious adaptation of his fine play 'Lady Windemere's Fan' screen writer Howard Himelstein and director Mike Barker have created a bright confection of film that is bubbling with sex, scandal, seduction, secrets, and all manner of romantic subterfuge.

But Fan is about love, and it does carry witty Wilde sayings that make the film worth seeing, despite the contrived, predictable plot.

From classic lines like "a devilish woman is a bother, a good woman is a bore" to "plain women cry, beautiful women go shopping", Wilde had a great knack for truthful human observation.

A very engaging film with some memorable performances .

Beyond Wilde's indelicate warning that to enjoy sausages or women, you should not watch the preparation of either, come some of his most memorable thoughts:"My own business bores me.

But, even then, she was intriguing.

Well worth watching on a Sunday afternoon over a bottle of red.

A very boring waste of time.

A Confusing Movie .

From the start of the film, the screenplay seemed too drawn out, the characters were shallow, even the acting was so so, the only things that kept my attention were the scenes with Helen Hunt, which were well acted, and the scenery of Italy.

This is a hugely entertaining film bursting with class.

An Oscar Wildely Witty, Intelligent, Entertaining Film.

One of the first truly entertaining films I have seen in a long time.

Stunning performances from the entire cast.

Male characters are as dull as can be, far from what some real actors have done with those characters, on a stage I mean.

Wilde's tedious, pseudo-profound aphorisms do not help.

very enjoyable .

Thank goodness we can still produce movies as entertaining as this one!

The story is quite simple and a bit predictable!

We can follow Scarlett through all the double meanings and hints that are in this movie and see how she loses her innocence - half in a painful, half in an enjoyable way.

Talk about story: the story goes very slow.

Pretty Boring!

Engrossing without being lurid or obscene, it really draws you in with the story and characters.

Super locations,lovely costumes and an engrossing tale beautifully scripted and performed.

Overall though,an enjoyable movie,one of the best versions of Wilde on screen.

Whatever the case may be, A GOOD WOMAN is an enjoyable movie.

Is this because the producers, director and screenwriter did not have the wit or intelligence themselves to appreciate the import, relevance, irony and Englishness of the play, or is it because by dumbing everything down and inserting their own banal, unforgivably vulgar, implausible dialog they hoped it would appeal to a mass audience and they could make a lot of money?

By the end of the film, the plot was easier to follow, but because of the poor screenplay I almost walked out before getting to that point.

Lord Augustus (Tom Wilkinson) falls for the fascinating American Erlynne.

There are only a select few movies that are stunning enough to be almost perfect, visually.