A Little Chaos (2014) - Drama, Romance

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Two talented landscape artists become romantically entangled while building a garden in King Louis XIV's palace at Versailles.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Alan Rickman
Stars: Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 70 found boring (30%)

One-line Reviews (63)

There are some unexpected turns while the main relationship has limited drama.

A fairly predictable storyline about a woman overcoming the odds of the time period, relationship boundaries and job stereotypes in her time.

Otherwise, this is a slow movie, with much doting on flowers, other plants and landscaping.

For an breathtaking period drama the visuals are too modest and small.

boring and rather unaccomplished .

I cannot understand why anyone liked this dull, dreary, lifeless movie.

I do believe that the movie is slow, it is somehow predictable, it lacks action.

Rickman also directed the movie and he did cover the period well, with the amazing costumes and great cinematography but the script was weak and the love story was predictable and corny.

The late Alan Rickman directed and co-starred in this curiopusly pointless film; it was one of his last projects.

Besides a feeling for her boss grows intensively and also after an unexpected encounter with a royal member, things around her begins to change.

Maybe, in those name-making roles he - a trained artist before he stepped foot on stage - felt that he was broadly scribbling while in his "deeper" films he may feel he was - and is - applying oil to canvas - but what in cinema is more captivating than a scribble and what could be duller than watching paint dry?

A Little Chaos is a historically picturesque, charming, and intriguing film with the same impression as Sense & Sensibility.

The problem is this is a slight tale and boring.

The way it is dragged out like a suspense mystery is quite unnecessary, to say the least.

I've rarely seen a less class-conscious movie: I may not like the politics of Jane Austen, but at least she's aware of class as an issue; but this film is a banal tribure to talented women and the glory of Versailles.

And it may have been a good story for someone who loves these kind of slow romance.

A big waste of time .

in this crazed, superficial, artificial world where nothing matters but instant gratification and sensationalism, a poetic, little gem - if one has the heart and mind to slow down, breathe deeply, and listen with one's soul and so rich on so many levels.

The exquisite and evocative costumes and the stunningly picturesque buildings and scenery are a feast for the eyes beautifully shot.

The problem with "A Little Chaos" is that it's a little boring.

Nevertheless, the costumes are quite stunning as well as the scenery and sets.

I just wish I enjoyed it more.

Stunning scenery, intriguing plot, and those quiet, captivating performances I love!

Even in comparison to Laurent Tirard's Moliere (2007) and its traditional plot, A Little Chaos offers a greater challenge of presenting an engaging little drama that has little in the way of huge, splashy plot themes, except a King's desire for an elegant contribution to his Royal grounds as a backdrop to a rather less than noticeable relationship on the big screen.

It is such a wrongly made and terrible film with an extremely awful, untalented, pale and dull actress, you can't even imagine.

Oh boy, are the dialogues bland, and the direction is uninspired, too.

The performances were great but the storyline was boring.

Compelling and Entertaining .

Everything happens slowly and it' all predictable.

Yawn to his role as the senior landscaper.

à propos boring, if anyone has had the wish to watch the 2014 version of Madame Bovary, I really highly NOT recommend it.

She bore Louis seven children from 1669 to 1678.

At least four other women bore nine children by Louis.

As beautifully touching as the story is at times, you may find it a bit slow in movement.

The two of them are attracted to each other, but have vastly different temperaments and face a fairly predictable set of obstacles.

A slow gardener's tale in the reign of Louis XIV .

While gardeners may enjoy this, many others may find it boring.

Alan Rickman's self-indulgence with the dialog had me rolling my eyes at one point.

Development of romance is predictable, as are dramatic conflicts and crisis.

Dull .

To put it another way, "But it's slow and often boring.

You can cinematically toy with history if you get something out of it (possibly some education, Monty Python-type humor, etc) , but out of the inane plot cooked up by this movie, I got only boredom, and great sadness at the waste.

These kind of films should respond to women as well as men and it shouldn't contain boring dialogues.

Dull second act machinations include Sabine being rebuffed by laborers who don't want to work with a woman, one of Le Nôtre's former job applicants offering to help, and Sabine's clever creation of a pump to divert water from a river to the fountain and back.

If you look at the actual plot points, it seems that the movie could have been shorter (which would have been good, because it dragged in places).

I'll have to do some research as to the validity of the storyline, but it was very entertaining.

The "Win-against-all-odds" plot is highly predictable and really not much.

The plot has its weak points and historical inaccuracy, but it is all in all a good and entertaining film: 8/10.

The movie action is monotonous and a little boring.

"A Little Chaos" is a little interesting, but also a little boring.

Oh boy, what did I get myself into: the anachronistic nonsense is matched only by an equally ridiculous and hackneyed plot, and the dialogues are so bland my jaw dropped.

Matthias Schoenaerts, a Belgian actor, however, seemed to me to be the most boring man ever in a film.

Review: I must admit, this film was pretty boring and I was waiting for something to happen all the way through the movie.

I loved each and every character and the performances shone more brightly because Winslet was so dull.

A Lot Dull.

And though I would hate to criticize the directing of the wonderful Alan Rickman, whose performance in this movie was creditable, I would like to say that the movie was dis-jointed and dull.

It is not a gardening movie but the flowers add color to it, the sceneries, the woods, the gardens are fascinating.

In addition, we have a British opinion about french history so for a Frenchman like me, we can get something else than the usual yes propaganda !

Anything to relieve the boredom from watching this drivel.

"Acting should be about risky projects as much as it can be about entertaining," he told Joe Neumaier at the New York Daily News.

Nice and pretty - but pointless .

All in all, a lovely little treat worth watching and enjoying.

So rubbish I wouldn't waste actual money seeing it.