A Little Princess (1995) - Drama, Family, Fantasy

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A young girl is relegated to servitude at a boarding school when her father goes missing and is presumed dead.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Stars: Liesel Matthews, Eleanor Bron
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 11 out of 123 found boring (8.94%)

One-line Reviews (42)

It avoids the degree to which the temple version was cliche & is probably the only work of art that compares with Exupery's The Little Prince.

A both heartfelt and entertaining story for all ages; it's impossible to not like this movie.

The girls' little victories against her are uninspiring.

This Little Princess is real, and her story is worth watching.

This movie is spellbinding and a fascinating movie to watch.

It may be a little too intense for young, sensitive children (my sensitive 7 year old nearly lost it at the end of the film; even my less-sensitive 10 year old was visibly moved.

I finally gave in to her whims and rented it expecting to be bored out of my mind.

This film was melodramatic, contrived, trite, hilarious (for all the wrong reasons), poorly acted (the plump assistant in the school gave the most embarrassing performance this side of local puppet theater), and written littered with clichés to support all the plot conveniences required.

Well worth watching.

A movie that supports and encourages the power of stories and make-believe, exciting the audience to wonder, as well as cry.

Throughout these exciting events, she remains confident and kind to everyone.

", even after watching it hundreds of times and knowing exactly whats going to happen, you still sit on the edge of your seat, hugging your porcelain doll like Saras' Emily, with a glistening tear running down your face wishing, hoping that he will remember.

Absorbing family entertainment .

As with PRISONER OF AZKABAN, Cuaron demonstrates a masterful sense of style and ability to craft a tale that's enjoyable for the kids and also engaging for the grown-ups.

Every last drop of baddie is milked from her, and there is seldom a line that isn't a contribution to this cause, leaving the rest of her character a rather empty shell (except for that hilariously hammy zoom into her single tear).

Sarah, taught the ways of optimism, kindness and understanding by her wonderful father (Liam Cunningham in a stunning performance of subtle anguish and heartfelt devotion), is a force of healing and reconciliation for her new friends, urging each of them in their own way to face their problems, and better themselves.

How can they update the musical(with Shirley Temple) as a todays movie, and i must say that the update is a respectable, high-class and a very entertaining one.

First it may not be suitable for ALL ages, it gets really upsetting in some places and the end, where Sara almost falls as well as when she is first reunited with her father and he doesn't remember her, are, in my view, just to intense for children to young or who may have trouble with the intensity.

A visually stunning film, unforgettable .

I believe Alfonso Cuaron is going to direct the third installment of the Harry Potter movies, and after the bland, ham-handed direction of Christopher Columbus, I am thrilled to hear that someone that I *know* can bring fantasy to life (with what I am sure was a much smaller budget) will be directing.

compelling children's classic .

But I'm okay with that, because the movie has a magical, mythic quality that makes it thoroughly enjoyable.

The movie has twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you rooting for the main character and the magical events that change her life.

Evocative soundtrack too, by Patrick Doyle.

Definitely a tear-jerker, its dramatic, emotional ending is highly engaging and fulfilling in the sense that justice is finally served.

"A Little Princess" is a really fascinating film about the misconceptions between adults and children; the rich and poor; fantasy and reality.

Evocative and imaginative musical score with oriental influence on the glamorous dreamt images .

I highly recommend it to anyone.

I am very sad that Liesel Matthews has not done more, for her performance in this movie was stunning.

Emmanual Luzbeki's cinematography is stunning and artistic.

an absolute waste of time and money.......

The scenes with the war were gut-wrenching, and the locations of India were stunning.

Putting Sara in peril is a trite cop-out.

Don't waste your time - buy the book.

The visual style is engaging, and the storytelling via flashback and visual motive inviting.

The film changes the location from London to New York to cater to American auditions (seeing that the film flopped in America that change was pointless) and the time from the Victorian era to 1914.

The lavish 1920s New York they have created is a a breathtaking marvel, full of beautiful period accurate costumes, ornately designed building interiors, and smoky, desperate NY streets.

The adaptation by Richard LaGravenese and Elizabeth Chandler is smart, gripping and thought-provoking due to its layered concept and its sketchy and edgy characters that are as much as juicy as they are nutrient.

THis is a wonderful children's film full of fascinating adult tensions.

Very Entertaining, deserves more profits.

The school is run by the severe Miss Minchin (Eleanor Bron), and soon enough the bored and mundane lives of the girls are made better by Sara who becomes popular with her stories of "The Ramayana", much to the dislike of Miss Minchin and the irritation of spoilt bully Lavinia (Taylor Fry).

Compared to a lot of live- action "family entertainment," which can be obnoxious and formulaic, it's exquisite.