A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) - Crime, Drama, Horror

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The spectre of a disfigured man haunts the children of the parents who murdered him, stalking and killing them in their dreams.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Samuel Bayer
Stars: Jackie Earle Haley, Rooney Mara
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 203 out of 679 found boring (29.89%)

One-line Reviews (575)

Maybe its because he has referred to the original as, "The worst movie ever.

He would still be a monster later, being an undead murderer and thus an effective villain, but he might also have been a sympathetic victim himself, creating an engaging dichotomy for the viewers.

It's tedious and rather annoying the fact that the film runs in a particular order: Night, then day.

There were many times in the movie I was bored.

God, was she just a bore to watch.

But hey, at least this remake is exciting enough to keep the viewer's interest for the most part.

This is easily the worst movie to have the name "Nightmare on Elm Street" .

The acting (Katie Cassidy is way too old to be a teenage girl and the new Freddy is just plain boring), the settings , it changes so much you don't even know if they are awake or not.

As soon as someone fell asleep the scenery changed or the creepy music kicked in.

Kris was extremely boring, and the guys in the diner were too, I was waiting for them to die.

The actress who plays Nancy especially looks bored and ineffective in the movie (should someone take this girl to the Kristen Stewart school of emoting?

Having just watched, I have to say that I came out of the film with a smile on my face, and that is a good thing as I really enjoyed it.

Speaking of the atmosphere, it seemed bland here, the nail-biting suspense and build ups seem very subdued and I don't think I remember being shocked by any scene from this movie.

This snoozer's only "nightmare" is how it rips you off.

The irony of falling asleep during 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' says it all.

Unfortunately, those easy-to-please instincts went unstimulated by "A Nightmare on Elm Street," a miserably dull update of Wes Craven's 1984 original.

This movie was good and entertaining.

She was just kind of boring.

If you want to watch good remakes go watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes or even Friday the 13th cause at least those films were entertaining.

When they fall asleep Freddy is waiting to torment the teens.

Because of this, it's utterly pointless to try and analyze the others, although they fit in nicely with the address I was talking about earlier.

Freddy was not creepy, funny he was dead tiring boring old sad man in here, this movie was boring sad ass to death!

Nancy in this movie is just boring and hollow.

Before the remake was even thought about, Freddy had already died a slow and horrible death thanks to a number of pitiful sequels.

I wouldn't waste your time.

It's contains boring characters, awful writing, bad special effects and a horrible version of one of the best characters in horror cinema ever.

Dekker (jesse) shines during his scenes of terror, this is an intense performance and his face aptly shows the horror they all face.

The new Freddy Kreuger is boring, and keeps repeating the same one-liners from the series, even Freddy versus Jason!

This movie is alright if you didn't know anything about the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, or if you are just bored.

However, the ideal of a person's inability to control his/her beliefs causes insomnia, sounds unattractive to me, so I will not likely to go see the next A Nightmare on Elm Street unless Leonardo DiCaprio invents me to go with him.

If I had never seen a single spot for the movie, I think I would have found it more tense and enjoyable.

The young cast do an admirable job with a lumpen script and their drug abusing efforts to stay awake are convincingly handled.

The acting was pretty good in this movie I have to say i enjoyed it.

The first mistake from this pathetic remake is trying to re-invent a too famous character, with a solid presence in the popular conscience, and whose most recent film is only 7 years old (the unmemorable but entertaining Freddy Vs.

Now for the cons: less character development (which is very unfortunate, and Nancy in particular just feels like an empty shell and seems to just jump into the story, and her lack of development and appeal makes the audience not care if she lives or dies), not the best opening (despite some good acting, the scene just felt weak), seems to focus more on Freddy and death than the victims (therefore, you get the same vibe from the Nancy thing), not enough suspense, the characters are good, but still get on your nerves, too predictable (even for those who are completely new to the franchise), Freddy talks too much, and bad music to end on.

I thought I'd give a chance to the remake of a film that I loved when I was a teenager, but it was a terrible mistake, the whole movie is absolutely pointless!

You would think that a movie series consisting of no scares, bad acting, horrible dialogue, and no plot whatsoever would have faded into obscurity years ago.

A bland, dull and unnecessary remake of Wes Craven's 1984 classic of the same name.

It was boring from the get go.

No, you aren't dreaming, I really found this to be an entertaining film.

A boring soulless butchering of a classic .

It's better and more fun than 'remakes' such as Friday the 13th and Halloween, but just like those remakes (or re-imaginings) it's just as pointless too.

But if it were, why at the end of the movie, after passing that threshold and only awakening due to a shot of adrenaline to her heart, was it suddenly fine for her to go to sleep?

Kris and Jesse are both killed off before I get the chance to have any connection to them, but while that worked in the original 1984 classic because it was not only scary but also provided the "anything can happen" motto, here their characters were so empty and bland.

The R rating is wasted on cliché after infuriating cliché.

Froggy and monotone...

And he seems to be bored himself and you feel like he doesn't even care and wants to go to sleep or something.

I'm glad, they didn't use campy liners, here, but the whole movie lacks a lot of entertaining values.

But other then that it was worth the watch, the graphics and stuff was good.

I walked out of the theater disappointed, as did my non-ANOES friends.

Kris (aka Tina in the original) being killed by an apparently invisible man while in bed with her boyfriend,Freddy's face pushing through Nancy's wall,Freddy's glove coming up between Nancy's legs in the bath tub,Nancy pulling out something of Freddy's from a dream,and Nancy seeing Kris (aka Tina)being dragged through the halls in a bloody body bag.

As I understand it there were cuts to the film that left it an empty, emotionless shell then what they intended by the studio so I'll cut it a break.

Among that, there is one good little mystery in the movie, that is quite entertaining...

Scares - A Nightmare on Elm Street had mainly jump-scare, which wasn't that bad, it actually added a enjoyable moment to the experience.

The original Nightmare gave us an unexpected, unexplainable scare and then waited a good long time to really try and scare us again.

That means we have 6 more minutes to play" was just a very intense and eerie line, also when a former student Marcus Leon gets pushed into his web cam by Freddy.

I wouldn't waste your money on the DVD or renting it, wait till goes to the clearance bin at Wal-Mart.

The story is dull.

Worst movie ever.

This is a terrible remake, but it's an entertaining stand alone film.

Almost nothing in this movie comes across as scary, randomly playing out loud noises when the killer appears isn't frightening by most films standards, and simply strings together sequences as the director ticks off every horror cliché in the book.

I tried to stay awake for about a whole week...

NOES looks great and gets your adrenaline pumping thanks to acclaimed music video director Samuel Bayer at the helm.

boring, predictable, not enough Freddy "witticisms" - so much potential ...

I understand that as a series goes on, things get boring and repetitive.

Kyle Gallner is enjoyable to watch onscreen.

Ho-Hum on Elm Street .

The story behind Krueger is so contrived, and the actions of the main characters are not plausible most of the time.

After Jesse was killed in the jail cell, the struggle to stay awake increases for Nancy and her friend Quentin Smith (Kyle Gallner), and they are getting closer to finding out what really happened to Freddy, and they are devastated to find out that their parents were right about the past.

I actually found that a new and very exciting concept in the film which was played out really well towards the end of the film.

He cut little kids up into pieces because he enjoyed it.

What a lame, dull, routine blah blah blah of a horror film.

Something good came of this film, but it wasn't conveyed very effectively, and instead just made the film feel like it was being dragged on.

All in all, pointless and messy.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .

I guess since they tried to make him serious they wanted to take out all the fun and exciting deaths, instead they tried to keep it real.

Overall it was lame, different in a bad way, no connection and wasn't truly scary, darkly humorous or entertaining and wasn't fun or memorable, it was too freaking serious also in a bad way and they failed in every way possible and if it wasn't for the pretty good last act I would have given it a lower rating.

I actually did not mind it because they were at least trying to make it look suspenseful.

The Dark Castle films ("House on Haunted Hill," "13 Ghosts," "House of Wax," etc.) vary in quality, but they're entertaining popcorn flicks, just as the originals were.

Besides that another thing I hated was the "boring-acting" of Rooney Mara, the girl who plays Nancy.

Bayer also didn't break any new ground in the generation of scares, dipping his hand into tried and tested, though cliché and unimaginative techniques of sudden turns and loud music to try to make you jump in your seat, until it becomes really boring as every upcoming scare got preempted by its impatient musical bars that come on too early.

All the parents of the original both maintained and supported the story while in this one, remain unconvincingly concerned and once again, boring.

Very Enjoyable.

This version's Nancy claims "she doesn't fit in" but not only is there nothing to indicate this, it's simply pointless.

From the very first scene, she and her buddies are being decimated in their dreams by the knife-fingered maniac, and it becomes a battle to stay awake as long as possible.

Anyways, it's a pretty good movie and certainly enjoyable.

This film lacks the slow-burning nature that made the original so wonderful, this film is a fast paced ride and sometimes i did miss the slower nature of the first.

They are trying to stay awake to find a way to destroy Freddy before he kills them.

i don't get it, this movie was entertaining and people say it was trash, this movie ain't trash it was a good movie, like what a user said here people never gave this film a chance, i don't get why people hate this so much, if u think i'm a bot reviewing this film, then go ahead, how the hell do you think a bot would make this review huh?

The ending was predictable and the special effects are not that impressive and neither is this movie.

Boring movie with a good ending .

1, 2, boredom is coming for you .

And you know what else is boring?

And what is more, it is hugely boring.

And it's painfully boring and unexciting.

From there on, the film actually gets better and the third act is just refreshing and thrilling.

He's less intense, less frightening- in fact, he's kinda boring.

Zzzzzzz is all that comes to mind for this one, I am so over the Hollywood remakes, have they really run out of new ideas?

but if you're looking to waste some time and be entertained to a degree why not...

This film manages to be clever, scary, and intense all at the same time.

And most important of all: try to stay awake.

Poorly written characters and dialogue on top of this crap sundae; where the teenagers would solo it out instead of staying together to keep each other awake, and a lack of empathy towards the victims, as they were mostly boring cannon fodder for Freddy's claws.

I think they fell asleep and dreamed it was good.

The kids provide lots of genuinely creepy moments, and the teens who are fighting to stay awake are not drinking coffee and taking Sta-Awake pills; now they are taking Ritalin pills by the handful and injecting liquid adrenaline!

Lackluster writing with illogical plot holes, sluggish pacing, poor editing, unappealing characters, dull, uninspired kills, banal, pedestrian dreams sequences, bad acting and a non-menacing, non-threatening, non-charismatic villain.

Yes, it was a cliché teen slasher flick.

In fact it was dull, dull, dull!

I didn't hate it but I walked out feeling like I just saw a really long trailer.

An unnecessary and dull remake .

OK the first bad thing for me was that the pacing can sometimes be a little slow for my liking.

Now that I've said the good about the film, let me address the bad: -The jump scares were predictable for the most part.

A few interesting visuals involving the dream world scattered among an otherwise boring and almost dirty feeling film.

Things didn't get much better when the writers had to think up of a clever concept for one of the emo characters Quentin to stay awake (Kyle Gallner, who wears the same beanie hat in all his movies,and has that weird look on his mouth), to start taking drugs from a pharmacy,and adrenaline syringes from hospitals, it got completely ridiculous.

So, the result is a bland and totally unnecessary rehash which fails on its attempt of resurrecting the franchise, and at the same time, it is absolutely tedious.

As Michael Bay and his company Platinum Dunes continue their pointless remaking trend, they've now turned their attentions to the beloved Nightmare franchise.

How did the kids fall asleep while doing important things like swimming or walking?

I am not saying avoid it at all costs, but don't waste your money on this during its theatrical run...

The acting was bland for the most part.

On the topic of characters, they are all bland and underwritten.

But this guy, was just BORING.

They seem to figure it out rather quickly that if you fall asleep and die in your dream, you die in real life.

I recently discovered they did a remake in 2010 and I'm probably one of the only people who actually enjoyed it.

In their pursuit to stay awake they research the cause of Freddy's continuing torment of the teens.

It looks more realistic and more intense than in the original film and it's sequels.

Make it more thrilling, gorier, funnier, whatever- ier.

So predictable...

Yet in the remake we get some really forgettable and boring people to look at.

Topping the "negatives" list would be the rest of the cast, who are so bland and unlikeable that I felt a strong compulsion to get up and leave by the early funeral sequence, where our protagonists (such as they are) are speaking such unbelievably bad dialogue as to make Ed Wood look like William Shakespeare.

Zzzzzzzzzz .

I felt like I was watching the original Freddy only unscary, unfunny, and uninteresting.

instead, I jumped at some loud noises and walked out in confusion.


The movie is still strange, scary, interesting and entertaining to watch!

It's not terrible, you'll get a little bored.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The film moves kind of slowly in places and I was feeling it was a bit tedious until the end where I thought it picked up the pace and became more enjoyable.

As a whole this reboot of the series feels fresh and exciting while still doing justice to the original.

From the Christian Bale Batman voice to the fish-faced inexpressive look spouting out cliché after cliché, this is not the Freddy we want or deserve.

Dean is in a diner, falling asleep, and he wants some coffee.

More like really bored.

Well, the movie has been a huge disappointment: the cast is awful, the directing flat, no soundtrack… In addition, there isn't any drama because the movie is just a dull collage of murders!


In fact the B grades are usually good for a bit of a laugh However this movie is D grade, (D being for Dull and boring) I have always been a fan of the nightmare on elm street series.

But this one was downright depressing on how bland he was.

Everything is dull and unified in the movie.

Co-writers Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer frame the film as one dream-thread overlapping with the next, allowing the plot to snap into place in a manner that is by turns gimmicky, predictable, and tedious.

Though it has its conventional and extremely predictable shock moments, this film still manages to make you jump out of your seat more than once with in-your-face and out-of-the-blue scares.

The movie theater was completely packed and the thought of being able to watch this on the big screen was really exciting to my best friend and me.

Some scenes lacked so much effort from the cast, I felt like falling asleep myself, and killing Kruger myself, thus ending the one and a half hours of boredom.

I went to the midnight premier and was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

For anyone hoping for a little subtlety, psychological horror, genuine shocks or any semblance of intelligent film making, don't waste your money on this.

I saw this remake last night, and I must say that I enjoyed it.

I think Jackie Earle Haley works well as creepy Freddy Krueger and I like the more realistic tone, which some say makes the movie bland and boring.

Bayer has a great visual style - he came up in directing with Bay and David Fincher - but between the CGI makeup for Freddy, the portrayal of him and the general been there, done that nature of this film, I was bored throughout.

Freddie is dull and boring and not at all funny, like Robert Englund's Freddie.

I know how awful that feeling is, because it's exactly what this movie did for nearly 2 hours of my day - waste my time.

Think about it: there is so much a film-maker could do with picture and sound to convey both the desperate need to sleep and the losing struggle to stay awake.

Brutal, scary, suspenseful.

Every young person in this movie talks in a monotone voice and has a flat affect.

This specialized emotional effect that the film creates will keep you on the edge of your seat with your feet up and tucked away.


In the beginning, the plot and the acting weren't that good, but it was even a little enjoyable.

The pacing also was off and sometimes the movie would get a little boring which shouldn't happen in a slasher.

But it was still an enjoyable psychological thriller.

To sum it up: Pros: Freddy, believable characters, movie takes on its own story, realistic premise Cons: Dialogue can be ridiculous, loses its thunder to marketing, predictable jump scenes.

He's very boring.

Like a lot of the pointless remakes of the last few years (Wicker Man, Omen, The Fog) it's a visually and technically slick production with almost no substance whatsoever.

" The movie is just a series of scenes where characters constantly fall asleep and get picked off by Freddy Kruger.

It is extremely boring, dull acting, rehashed scenes from earlier movies, nothing new.

What many have to remember is this is a remake/ re-introduction of the character for a newer generation so for those of us who already know the history of Freddy this movie can be a little bit boring and repetitive and creatively held back.

How any man in a red and green sweater with a burned face and razor fingers and be so bland is beyond me?

The characters were uninteresting.

Every character is boring & every remade scene is worse, less intense, and less creative than the original.

It was a HUGE waste of my time....

The inability for this new film to create a connection between the kids causes a disjointed feel and makes it impossible for us to care about anyone.

But the original is slow and it's pretty terrible.

What a waste of time.

The movie works as an exercise in making the audience tense and disturbed---up to a certain point---but the material wanes late and the movie becomes more dull and dim as it advances through its running time.

I do know that they're tired though but there are just a few activities and scenes that I wouldn't fall asleep in no matter how tired I am.

Like nearly every horror movie of the last decade, Nightmare is visually drab, dreary and a touch grungy, relying on either desaturation or over-saturation of green, orange or blue.

It fell into place when I saw Nancy burning herself to stay awake, then had big cut-marks on her arm after waking up from a dream -- self-mutilation is rampant in kids who can't deal with the problems in their lives -- it's like, her parent's violent and unjust bigotry in the past, ironically in an attempt to protect their children, has turned around to bite them in the ass by making their teen-aged children want to burn and cut themselves.

Even Tina's death being dragged across the ceiling was more vicious and sadistic in the original.

The acting is horrible just plain unbearable.

The plot was actually intriguing, and I actually felt interested on how this was going to turn out (and I have seen every entry in the franchise).

Since then, they have taken on a Uwe Boll-like ability to take great ideas and make them boring (THE HITCHER), stupid (Friday the 13th) and altogether not-scary, dull and perplexing bad...

She's made the choice to play the character as moody and depressive, which makes her hard to root for and dull to watch.

It is a waste of time and money.

On the other side, the scenes from the past and the nightmare passages pardon for the rest and the flick is overall quite entertaining on a little more than one hour and a half.

If, and when, a sequel is made I will be at the midnight showing on the edge of my seat just like I was last night.

Overall, the story was entertaining with a couple of good frights and the pace was good enough.

Other than that, the actor makes a fine intense Freddy that doesn't become laughable.

I just think he was pointless only because he died like five minutes after he went to jail.

But it did have some unexpected things like Spoilers Jackie coming from behind Nancy's mom in the mirror and grabber her back into it and when Jackie says to Jesse "Did you know, after the heart stops, you remain conscious for 9 minutes?

For new viewers to the "A Nightmare On Elm Street" franchise, this movie should be creepy enough and provide good, thrilling entertainment.

After witnessing the brutal death of a friend these characters are flung into a living nightmare,if they fall asleep they will be attacked and killed by the horribly burned Freddy Kruger (Jackie earl Haley) resulting in their death in reality.

Freddy coming through the wall and Tina being dragged around the bedroom were classic scenes and they've been ruined this time-around by this apparent necessity to use modern technology.

I wanted to leave out of boredom.

Even though I prefer the original since it is the best, this remake is enjoyable to watch, Rooney Mara is my favorite actress and she does an excellent job at portraying Nancy, the other actors do a well done job in the roles as well.

Anything with Brown, it is always enjoyable.

But perhaps I am slightly exaggerating - I admit there ARE some scary bits in the films which are slightly unexpected the majority of the time, and the plot is quite stable, and it is quite easy to get into.

Michael Bay, who worked on remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th, gives his same lackluster and dull intention here with A Nightmare on Elm Street.

What's left is a dreary, poorly-lit slog with uninteresting characters, wooden acting and a complete lack of tension, suspense or energy.

I also like the way they could fall asleep even while being awake which allowed Freddy to come through their daydreams to haunt!!!

Overall this movie is boring, badly paced and quite simply a very lame attempt at remaking a classic.

its was okay decent over i enjoyed it .

Elm Street sure is one boring place.

But nope, he did do it and so there is no point to this rather tedious, pointless story.

His voice is weird and boring, he doesn't have "the stance" of Freddy Krueger (you know, the one with head slightly on the side) and the mask is just fugly.

much of the dialogue seems too bland, particularly with the teens its only thanks to good actors that these lines worked because in all honesty it felt as if the writers gave up somewhat.

This, however, was smart, scary, suspenseful, gory, surprising, and a great movie all together.

It was contrived to say they were to young and repressed it.

But other than than those few minutes it's a totally waste of time.

A lot of the scares in the movie are VERY cliché, and have been used more than their fare share of times.

Forget about brewing coffee in your closet, these kids are popping pills and using needles to stay awake this go around.

After listening to her mumbles and dull angst for an hour, I wanted her to die.

Overall, I would say that you should just stick with the original version of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" because it's a lot more suspenseful than the remake.

This movie is extremely predictable, I literally predicted nearly every moment of it and kept poking my friend to mention what was going to happen next.

In this pile of Garbage he was just plain boring and the death scene's were unoriginal and over in 5 seconds.......

The only positive thing in this movie is how it's up-to-date with what we use to stay awake with.

Essentially, he's the wrong guy to entrust with horror movies, in which insinuation, suggestion and sickeningly slow build-ups rule the hour.

No matter what else is said about it, it get's in and out of the story with very little exposition or drawn out boring parts.

Brutal, scary, and suspenseful.

Samual Bayer making his directional debut sure knows how to create dark and beautiful imagery , this film is visually stunning and even breathtaking.

What I mean is, as long as their history is practically unimportant for the 3/4 of the film, nobody really gets bored at seeing how they wet their diapers when they were 15 years old, or how dumb they are, screaming like hell for no reason.

Now he acts as if nothing happened.

The untold story of Freddy Kruger's "slow" brother, Frankie.

But it is among the most pointless, at least to me.

It's just boring.

Rod, Rod's intense reactions beats Jesse's slightly panicked reaction any day.

Towards the end she is dragged through unimaginable hell and her performance makes these moments even more horrific.

Its bloody and gory and everything a horror movie of today should be, 2010 version of Nightmare on Elm Street is a very entertaining movie in a long string of dull movies in the horror genre.

The movie is a waste of time.

Not much horror and gore, but a very fascinating and interesting story until the very end.

The movie was too fast, the character development was terrible but, I enjoyed it.

It re-invigorated my love for the concept, which was always fascinating and terrifying, while returning it to the creepier tone that made me fall in love with it in the first place.

ANOES 2010 is neither very thrilling, nor fun.

Also the girl who played Nancy, Rooney Mara has one of the dullest performances of the year, where I didn't understand why a guy would have a crush on her or why anyone would want to be her friend.

Pointless remake number 86, 452, 317 .

Soundtrack is just a washed off rip-off, putting you to sleep rather than making you sit on the edge of your seat.

I very much enjoyed it.

The movie even shows a disfigured killer forcefully making intimate contact with a teenage girl, using one of the most cliché rapist phrases.

Its clever visuals, interesting plot, and suspenseful atmosphere should appeal to classic "Nightmare" fans and newcomers alike; it was serious without abandoning the series's villain's unique willingness to talk to his victims, the teenage protagonists were actually likable, it made exceptional use of the idea of watching someone's nightmares, it featured a frankly brilliant performance by its villainous lead, it had references galore without being a pointless remake...

As I said in my summary, this films does do a good job of entertaining a current generation.

The whole movie was just dull.

They managed to take a likable killer and turn him into a boring creepy pedophile.

it was at most of the times predictable and people really started laughing at points.

The kills were boring.

Jesse goes to see his friend Nancy Holbrook (Rooney Mara) and they realise they too are having the same nightmare and every time they fall asleep they will encounter this boogeyman, Freddy Krueger (Jackie Earle Haley).

I can honestly say I never found Freddy Krueger frightening, but having seen every "Nightmare on Elm Street" film, he was always the draw—Not because he was scary, but because he was entertaining.

A yawn on Elm Street.

There were some parts of the movie I enjoyed but throughout most of the movie i sat bored and wanting it to end.

The new "A Nightmare on Elm Street" did not disappoint, I was a roller coaster of gore and fear that kept me and my date on the edge of our seats!

the micro naps where pointless really, I guess they needed a excuse to put in as many unnecessary dream sequence as possible.

Now it's getting boring again.

the movie goes on that pattern over and over again, up to the point that it gets repetitive, boring, non scary, and ridiculous.

" That scene's perhaps my favorite in the remake because it's intense and has an interesting discussion, ending into another cool line "Why are you screaming?


It's entertaining and mildly passable.

This movie is boring, lame really tiring and f*****g forgettable!

Anything special or even fun that was typical for the original series is gone, all you got is boring slasher with the already known ending.

Haley had just as much to say as Freddy in his funny-days, but the difference here is how contrived his dialogue is.


Also, the cliche usage of jump scares, the wooden acting, the boring protagonist and antagonist, and the complete copycat massacre scenes of the first film.

The pacing is off with the film seeming to take forever to get going.

Rooney Mara is absolutely stunning as Nancy, the heroine, a student artist trying to uncover the secret that is buried in the pasts of her and her friends.

Rooney Mitra is astonishingly miscast as Nancy (our Final Girl), her body language and line delivery a model of acting-school boredom.

A Freddy Krueger movie has so many opportunities to grab one's attention, yet the directors managed to make it far too slow and uneventful.

So why have I just left the theater wishing this film had never happened?

The second was Nancy was as boring as they come!!

However the film does delve deeper into Freddy, and that makes it worth watching "the stuff we already know".

We're looking at Wes Craven's idea coupled with today's growing concern about paedophiles as well as what we now know about dreams, insomnia and repressed memories.

If you want to see this, just stay at home and turn your volume up, that should do it, since the sound of his claws on the metal pipes is omnipresent.. and try not to fall asleep, but not because Freddy's comin' for you, but because this is boring, especially if you saw the other parts.

It's visually stunning, it's got great acting, and the climax is one hell of a climax.

Well, overall it IS fairly entertaining and goes pretty fast.

Seriously, don't waste your time.

Especially when subconsciously I was probably constantly comparing it to the atmosphere of the original film, which is more mysterious and more intense.

OK so about the first 10 to 15 minutes of the movie are OK but then it just gets unwatchable.

Bland, forgettable faces and downright terrible performances.

This remake is much more intense and thrilling than the original.

The screenplay by Wesley Strick and Eric Heisserer adds pep pills, an adrenaline needle, computers and cell phones to the mix, but neither writer is able to make these youthful victims interesting or engaging.

For this movie, I liked how the suspense pumped me with adrenaline, making me feel alive, the make-up and detail, and the cast.

As with all the other music-video whipping boys in Bay's stable, Samuel Bayer (Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit') brings a predictable lack of creativity to the proceedings; while the editing is less ADHD than usual, the film's only scares are of the LOUD-NOISE-JUMP variety, and its only suspense is in the dream sequences (which are staged in the most painfully obvious ways possible).

I didn't like how they changed names (Glen to Quentin,Tina to Cris, etc.) and thought that at times Rooney Mara seemed to be boring.

It was given little thought, and felt like a waste of time, watching, as the film didn't give much to hook the audience, in.

Thus, the film becomes formulaic.

I was temporarily roused from my stupor induced by the phony characters and contrived plot.

In this version of ANOES Freddy's really just boring.

But THIS Freddy is just empty, and ads nothing to this already void film.

Here they're dull affairs and badly paced, leaving the second half of the movie killing-free and dogged down by needless exposition (we all know the Freddy back-story and this film adds nothing to it).

The graphic images are awesome and very well done, but the story itself is very mundane.

I had a hard time even staying awake.

Even tho being fast made it kinda entertaining.

The characters were just plain empty.

Horrible and Boring.

Together Nancy and Quentin must stay awake long enough to find a way to destroy Freddy.

Another factor which was slightly interesting was the surprisingly intriguing sexual attractions between Freddy and Nancy.

The lame acting, intense violence, and over all campy nature of it all has never ceased to grab my attention.

I was even more bored.

Freddy's one-liners are kinda' dull and the ending was anti-climatic (one of the few pieces from the original that made it into this version).

If done right, any movie can make you jump in your seat if something unexpected happens (case in point, a death in The Departed).

boring boring boring

His Lines were so cliché and have been said 100 millions times before by Robert Englund.

1 was to predictable and the 2nd wasn't as graphic as i wanted it to be.

It fell into the typical cliché JUMP scenes where they add a loud noise just for the sake of it.

like the actors where bored in just where ready for their pay checks to be signed...

for the die hard cult classic lovers who like movie that needed imagination to create special effects, not computers, don't waste your money!!!!!

So horror fans, overall, become bored during the daytime shots, eager for Freddy to appear to scare the living Hell out of us.

Nancy's perpetually expressionless face and leaden monotone made me question if her diet consisted solely of Quaaludes and pasty faced, emo Quentin looked liked he wandered in off the set of a Twilight movie.

I don't want to care about them, that's a huge cliché, I just want to keep guessing what's next.

I didn't think the acting was bad at all, I just think the script itself wasn't very good, definitely could've taken this movie in all kinds of crazy directions but instead just made it bland, it seemed like it was 3 hours long, Save your money!

Final thoughts: Ironically, they include the original's line "Don't fall asleep" because you'll have a very hard time staying awake in this boring film.

Another problem here is the fact that the investigation into Freddy occurs so late into the film, making it seem like the revelation of him being a pedophile as a big shocker comes out of nowhere since it really didn't have much wrong with the pedophile angle, but we don't know anything at all about what's going on at the time, and it's only once we know that when we get into the rest of the back-story that it's really cleaned up, which leaves it a little disjointed.

The acting is passable, but the real culprit is boring dialogue and predictable plot.

Despite a rocky start things do turn around, but our unfortunately thickheaded protagonists are slow to put things together.

And so, another pointless, stupid remake goes down the drain, and my patience goes as well.

e It's a waste of time.

Combine this with shaky camera-work, extremely basic establishing shots, and a: "I just want you to follow the story" mentality and you have a film experience that is neither exciting nor redeeming in any way.

The strongest part of the original is Tina's whole dream sequence which results in her death with her shirt being ripped open, torso slashed and her being dragged around the bedroom walls and ceiling screaming leaving a bloody gory mess.

The dialog was boring.

Low expectations in hand, I walked in with an open mind and walked out with an open wound.

Haley, so great in Watchmen, Little Children, and even unwatchable dreck like All the King's Men, has turned out to be one hell of a good actor, and I hope that one of these days he gets some real recognition as such.

The showdown at the old school in the end is exciting, well directed and very violent.

I had a couple of jump scares in this movie but my brother found them predictable.

So here's a chance to create a horror film series wherein the villain is something more than just a killer, giving rise to a creatively interesting and infinitely more compelling new take on the Freddy mythos: a brand new series actually worthy of the term "re-imagining.

It is waste of time even for free.

Pretty cool, but pointless.

There were so many moments of suspense that I found myself laughing at when I should of been on the edge of my seat.

Let me preface this by stating that the haters of this film have been out in full force trashing it before it had even opened for viewing; critics had blasted the "horrible, banal, acting", "hackneyed jokes and predictable scares", and "the inappropriate historical back-story of Krueger".

You shouldn't have to sit through 40 minutes of a phony, pointless mystery in order to NOT see anyone get killed.

After all, this is another chapter of repetitive American popcorn horror cinema without any surprises that digs in its own past.

and cries and sobs, eventually leading her to becoming an adrenaline junkie like her emo friend which leads her in-between the real and dream world where Freddy can get to her.

The deaths were boring, the whole movie was boring and somewhere in the middle of the film you kind of forget what movie you were watching...

-Why does every scriptwriter wants to make a "mind blowing" script when it's not necessary?

I've seen it at least 3 times all the way through and enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time.

While Jesse gets arrested for suspected murder, Nancy try to stay awake and investigate more about this guy in their nightmares, and specifically while they were children.

And she's soooo boring!

Oh my god, how dull are those characters.

It was not a perfect film, but it was suspenseful and gory.

Agonizingly Boring .

I through most of the cast were reassembly impressive with the acceptation of a couple of moments when some of the dialog just felt forced and Cliché.

This is a very entertaining movie.

Not the worst remake, but still pointless...

Dean Russell (Kellan Lutz) is desperate to stay awake.

I saw the original film in the theaters and found it fresh, exciting and genuinely scary -- three attributes sorely missing from the tired, uninvolving reboot.

This time round, the story is over-simplistic, the characters shallow and dull and the script jumbled.

I got bored half way through the film and started talking to my wife about the old Freddy movies, they were great and gave me nightmares for most of my teenage life.

We hear the emo kid get all scientific why its happening from the adrenaline.

Not in a confusing way, more in a pointless sort of way.

People moan because it didn't have Robert Englund or and of the original cast in it, i think that is pointless, why not give different actors the chance to have a go and spring boarding their career like the original elm street did for Johnny Depp.

This 2010 "version" is so far from the original and has no coherent plot, awful character development, boring characters, underdeveloped death scenes, poor writing and lines, bland acting, plot holes and blatantly corrupts the original Freddy villain.

The visuals are absolutely stunning and the suspense is overwhelming.

Don't waste your time and money people.

Something unexpected by me .

Not once did I cringe when he was on the screen because he was achingly predictable.

When I think back to the original nightmare that made it scary to fall asleep I always think of certain iconic scenes in the film.

Freddy becomes just another bland and generic mutilated killer with absolutely no gravitas or power.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) is a charming, entertaining and occasionally-terrifying romp.

The point of this rant: People, save your money.

Jump scares are apparently seen as something negative, but if executed right, they actually make the movie (especially a slasher like Elm Street) more suspenseful.

And the deaths themselves are unimaginative, perhaps the most boring of all the 7 films.

Even though the start was rushed, the middle and end started to pace itself and it became a little slower.

And Freddy is not scary at all, he's rather boring.

It was up to date, entertaining, and I loved the cast.

Oh my god, what a boring movie.

The real problem with A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 is: it's really unbelievably dull.

The film's ending appears to be lifted from yet another Freddy-related movie with the same line used, but I won't reveal which, except that that film's ending was much more effectively done and certainly more entertaining overall despite its silly conceit of--oops, I almost said too much.

There was no plot.

They are some of the most boring people in a horror movie I have ever seen.

Boring, lazy re-hash.

Even classic scenes iconic to the first film are recycled here, such as the razor blade gloved hand rising between Nancy's legs while she is about to doze off in the bathtub, the bloody body bag of a victim pulled down the high school hall, the victim hurled across her bedroom (up the walls and ceiling before Fred silences her screams with a slash down the chest), and victims running in fear throughout Fred's boileroom.

I really enjoyed it.

There are times when you don't know if the characters are awake or asleep, and that produces some suspenseful moments.

Jackie Earle Haley's incarnation is just dull.

Now it's very slow and drawn out like some old man.

I really enjoyed it and it was very fun to watch and I think that if you're a Freddy Kruger fan, definitely put this one on your list!

But no, we get the same recycled garbage, with boring characters, and lame scene after scene.

" On top of that, the only scares offered were the cliché "pop into view with loud music playing", going for trying to make you just jump rather than having the creepy atmosphere which the original movie did quite well.

It's very exhausting to spend your time for these monotone events.

The movie plot certainly stays true to the original in how everything works, but this Nightmare focuses on the basics: stay awake or die.

The movie was predictable, and stayed the same throughout.

It was completely pointless, even by Horror-Remake standards.

The kills were a snore as well.

But no, he seemed dull and bored.

One major problem with this movie is the boring characters.

This film does a great job of utilizing lighting in the dream sequences and ensures that the viewer is on the edge of their seat while watching the film.

While not as good as the original, it was entertaining, well made, well acted and it looked awesome.

It started out very slow the kids spent most of the movie trying to figure out who this creepy guy was haunting them in their dreams and knocking them off one at a time.

I think the worst thing about this movie was how boring it was.

As far as a person who knows not too much about this character the movie might be good because it is entertaining, it's not boring and there are some nice visual effects which the majority of the audience loves.

The Cgi gore effects in places were downright shoddy and the ending was completely predictable well the whole movie was really.

It felt trite and forced.

If u are a fan of any of the original Nightmare On Elm St. movies, don't waste your $10 or your time.

The death's in the film, though brutal and in your face, were dull.

EVERY 'scare' in this film is the cliché loud music and somebody jumping into frame.

His lines are dull.

But having to see copies of that scene for the next 85 minutes is just boring as hell.

Finally this Freddy is plain boring and uninspiring as hell (no pun intended).

Freddy Kruger, the dream killer, is one of the most fascinating characters in horror movies, and, robbed of the self-parodying humour, is genuinely menacing.

As the go-to moments for a horror remake, the jump scenes can be effective, but they also tend to be predictable, and at times I found myself scared more by the main characters than by Freddy.

The reason why NOES is still entertaining is because of Freddy; he is entertaining to watch.

He is not scary, he is not funny, he is just as boring as the rest of the cast.

Sound exciting?!

The acting was good, the characters were believable, but the story itself was just boring and not pleasing.

It was polished, entertaining and several times I found myself annoyed or sad because of what was going on in the movie.

Instead, what we get is an extremely dull movie and, when it is over, you'll have the feeling that its 95 minutes seemed like and entire night of endless boredom.

Dreary group of high school kids, all apparently suffering from some form of youthful Alzheimer's, do not remember attending the same nursery school together when they were toddlers, several of whom were molested by maintenance man Fred Krueger.

In the original, we knew from the get-go that Krueger was evil beyond compare, which is what made him so frightening and compelling as a movie villain.

I'm giving it 3 stars, 'cause if it was an independent movie, with no ties to nightmare franchise, I wouldn't be bored watching it.

I was legitimately bored by Haley's Krueger.

I thought midway through *** Spoiler Alert *** that they may put in an exciting twist, Freddy may have been innocent???

There's also a decent amount of suspense and the characters' deaths are often unpredictable and surprising, making this a for more enjoyable horror remake than I ever assumed it would be.

I found it especially fascinating to actually see all that was only hinted at in the original.

From beginning to end this movie has got to be the worst movie Michel Bay ever bought the rights to and I say that with a sincere despises of all of Michel Bays movies.

Fans will find it bland, perhaps even surprisingly inoffensive, while newcomers and younger viewers will be left wondering what the big deal is with this Freddy guy anyway.

The idea of micro-naps - tiny little moments where you think you're awake, but your mind is asleep - supply a few of the films scarier moments since these are the only dream sequences in the film that use the rubber reality that made the original franchise so suspenseful and scary.

And thats exciting.

Fighting to stay awake.

I will admit that the dreamscape sequences were quite entertaining.

this was just plain boring.

The wall was supposed to be an iconic homage, but instead it just looks bland and awful and is only there for like 4-5 seconds.

The story made no sense, or well had no depth, the plot was just like a rambled up mish mashed version of the original but with bad acting on a par with Twilight and all the same horror cliché's which by the way don't work any more.

She is weak ass as hell, boring, stupid, lame and she is not strong and not caring enough!

Save your money and rent all the Nightmare movies with Englund as Freddy--you'd have a better time!

So a character starts to fall asleep.

The film is full of bores saying boring things.

Don't waste your money!!.

This movie is boring and a complete waste of my time.

Kids fall asleep, Freddy pops up, kills them in gory fashions with the unique knife glove, and someone pops him into real life so they can kill him.

So when I saw the trailer for this I thought "I hope it's better than the Friday the 13th remake" But when I saw this movie, I found myself filled with boredom.

Two changes that bugged me were; in this movie Freddy wasn't a serial killer before he was murdered, only a pedophile, so why he would come back to kill the kids is a little confusing.

He uses the same boring claws every time.

It was truly the worst movie of the year.

The new 'Nancy in the bathtub' scene was a boring cop-out and seemed more or less to be suggesting that it could be frightening.

The transition of when kris beings falling asleep in class and the classroom turns dark and charred is a great way to make the setting seem real.

The actors do a pretty good job with their roles; however, except Connie Britton as Nancy's mother, who is pretty bland and obviously does not want to be in the movie.

Jackie Earle Haley inherits the role of nightmare haunting, vengeance crazed, burned to a crisp ghoul Freddy Krueger, and is reasonably entertaining.

And then of course there is the very predictable end scene - sequel anyone?

The movie had stupid scenes from the body bag that arose by itself and dragged of screen to how people died it s was stupid don't go see it

It is also mostly entertaining.

I rated this movie a two as it may be worth watching for someone who has never seen the original.

Nancy and Quentin, who both begin sporadically dreaming while they are awake as a result of insomnia, decide to go to the preschool and learn what they can about Krueger and how to stop him before it's too late for them too.

Please Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes stop this pointless exercise of redoing good movies and instead focus your efforts on making some ORIGINAL movies.

It was worth watching Jackie Haley's performance...

And the ending was actually exciting.

It was very well made and I enjoyed it a lot.

But again it was entertaining and "nice" so there's not a lot to say against it.

People keep saying that the film is very dull.

this is such a bore .

This movie had potential as Jackie Earle Hayley looked to add a real creepiness with his voice but as the movie dragged on and I mean dragged, he spoke too much that his voice became too much of an annoyance.

The original NOES affected a rather intriguing structure.

The second fault was the story as it was told this time around, it was boring, it lacked the suspense of the original, and the characters, for the first half of the movie, looked more like lambs waiting for the slaughter, than teens trying to survive.

Very boring, and slow to peak (if it did in fact peak at some point...

One big compliant is the lazy and uninspiring performance by the lead actress, Rooney Mara.

Characters are flat and unintresting, the cgi looks conciderably cheaper than even early 90's films, and whilst Freddy was given the perfect casting, he was given so little to play with that a legendary horror icon comes across as simply dull.

I think the critics got this movie wrong, not a gem, but pretty good and enjoyable for horror buffs.

" [ /SPOILER ] This film was very intense: JEH was really good as Freddy.

I mean it's OK to have a few jump scenes every now and then (the original NOES had a couple); but when a horror picture constantly features them at every turn that builds up even the slightest bit of tension, it just becomes predicable and above all, boring.

FINAL VERDICT: Don't waste your time.

I honestly didn't know what to think and unlike Robert Englund who put some humor into Freddy, Jackie makes him seem very chilling and thrilling.

It is an insult to horror film fans; Wes Craven and even the sequels that the original spawned; it even makes the boring Part 5 'Dream Child' seem like a masterpiece.

I went to see it at the dollar theatre, (which cost 2 bucks now), and I really felt I would have enjoyed it more at home.

The CGI was rather bad, Jackie was practically the same facially and vocally the entire film, Rooney Mara was very bland, and the recycled scenes and lines were unnecessary.

Was it boring?

While you can never replace the original Nightmare on Elm Street, nor Robert Englund, this is an enjoyable new take on Freddy that I personally liked a lot.

That said, unlike many recent horror remakes, this one is at least worth watching.

The entire movie's as banal as this.

The brilliant Jackie Earle Haley brings Freddy back to his dark roots and wisely stays away from the stupid one-liners and bullshit "comedic" moments that dragged Freddy down after the original.

All this having been said, it was a fairly entertaining movie.

As I watched, I simply felt that all Bayer did was try to scare me with extremely predictable Freddy pop-out sequences.

I hated the pace, the lack of story, the lousy direction, Freddie was like 3 feet tall.

The main complaint Im going to make here though are the choice of characters, and oh man, but they be any more cliché?

Also adding in this part: the amount of jump scares throughout got boring, lame and really don't have the impact as the original film does in sense.

As a stand-alone movie, it is boring and stupid at best.

What a waste of everyone's time .

The main problem, I think, is that Freddy is no longer scary, and it shows with this ho-hum attempt.

Mara seems to be channeling a sullen Kristen Stewart with her performance, which makes her Nancy incredibly dull and unlikable.

Ironically enough, I fell asleep .

Falling asleep now...

But it's entertaining and isn't that what movies are four in the first place??

It was terrific to watch Kyle ability to show Quentin as a mess and more jittery then Nancy due to all the pharmaceuticals he was taking to stay awake.

At times, however, it does seem too polished, and its exploitation of Freddy and incessant use of jump scares pushes the film to straddle the line between spooky and total cliché.

On the other and, Freddy's appearances are all too predictable so if you like to scream in a movie theater, this will not be the film for you.

The start of the film was rather slow and boring.

So the result is a more wise-effect slasher but with no story and absolutely no idea whatsoever, not to mention the cast...

We want a suspenseful story, violent death scenes, we are tired of jump out of your seat moments.

Simply put, boring.

Brilliant, far more psychologically sinister, and suspenseful.

Characters with grudges are so predictable, and by no means are they exciting.

In the remake of Friday the 13th there were some pretty hardcore sex scenes, but NEW LINE CINEMA decided that there shouldn't be any nudity in the movie, not one piece of this film involved sex, which I thought made this movie more better than the other horror remakes because the other remakes constantly use way to much nudity to the point where you just become bored watching the film.

As always, I have to ask why, with so many good stories available to be told, Hollywood spends money retelling the same ones over and over again, not noticeably better than the 1st time around, and this time a little duller and less surprising.

Very monotone.

This remake was a waste of time and money and this movie sucks ass!

such a bore...


When done properly, they will give you that adrenaline rush that some will pay big bucks for.

The dream scenes themselves are, fittingly, yawn-fests.

Though there are a few spots where Jackie Earle Haley will say something slightly witty, the remake has definitely toned down the humor in exchange for a more suspenseful horror film.

I honestly don't blame anyone if they walked out of this movie for the first 25 minutes of it, because they are terrible.

"I fall asleep, Freddy shows up, Freddy says something, I'm stabbed, I'm dead.

The movie was disjointed, and let me say that the unconvincing Freddy Krueger is only half the problem.

Freddy's Boring You...

Everyone is saying how Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991) is the worst movie in the franchise and it is terrible - - that movie is MILES better than this Peace of s**t!

This movie is also visually stunning.

It seems that the script jumps from one scene to another with characters suddenly out of the blue realising things, the end was confusing to say the least...

I also found the movie to be boring and slow.

His portrayal is pretentious and simply dull.

Overall, the 'Nightmare' remake is enjoyable and takes the series back to its original vision of Freddy as a menacing killer.

Nightmare had a ton of potential to be a great remake, the concept is terrifying, so if given a fair chance, this could have been scary and an awesome reboot, but instead falls flat with a lousy script, horrible acting, bad effects, a boring cast and a lame atmosphere.

The acting was bland, the character development was weak, and the humour was gone.

This movie seems to think the audience will get bored if they don't keep having scares every five minutes or so.

And Samuel Bayer please take note-having your film peppered with entirely predictable cheap ass jump scares every 15 minutes or so, doesn't make your film scary, it makes it predictable and annoying.

Very entertaining.

First off, the movie is visually stunning.

Just listen to that monotone voice that shows no threat whatsoever.

It looks more realistic and more intense than in the original film and it's sequels.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, save your money...

Why is there always a drawn out back story about why every little thing is happening?

So I settled down and watched this re-make and I enjoyed it immensely.

Only one good death, and that was the first, the rest of boring second draft material.

Now it's just boring.

I must say, Nancy and Quentin are some of the most uninteresting characters I have ever seen in my entire life.

Plus the actors were kind of sexy in that they were carefree, etc.Even from a totally new viewpoint, this one is just boring!

its just too boring –sorry- and irritating to say the least with build ups to nothing, scares that aren't scary and don't make you jump, I mean come on, why regurgitate these Hollywood rules of horror that we all got bored with at the end of the mid 90's.

But it manages to remain entertaining to the end, it is filled with fun action and what it lacks in substance it makes up for in style.

People say the flashbacks are pointless, I complete disagree...

A dreadful and boring little film, it's a depressing reminder that for any occasionally decent remake, there's a whole lot more depressingly bland piles of crap like this.

Two of the teens in particular, Nancy and Quentin (Rooney Mara and Kyle Gallner), are determined to uncover Freddy's identity, while doing anything necessary to stay awake.

The new Nancy and Rod (jesse) have bland and wooden performances.

So i found the film technically good, entertaining, and with enough blood, the acting was just fine and everything.

They should have made a sequel, not a LAME, POINTLESS remake.

Rewatchability:It's a very entertaining movie.

One thing was it's boring, over-used formula for kill scenes:Idiot hears noise, idiot unnecessarily investigates noise by going out of safe house with no shoes and only a torch for protection, idiot walks to destination, "Oh, it was nothing!

The back story of this Freddy was so much better than the original, it gave it a more intense feeling and would make even the most hardened horror movie fans skin crawl in some parts.

These scenes are among the most intriguing ones in the movie alongside the nightmare sequences that are quite well done.

He was so boring and had not personality and the make up was terrible!!

I tried watching this horror of a film, but found it really hard to stay awake, but damn falling asleep wile trying to watch Nightmare On Elm street could be the wrong thing to do!

(Okay, I missed it by 2 counts ONE time in the movie, but got all the other 15 predictable "frights" down pat.

No acting, no plot, no scares, horrible opening scene, etc...


It was too slow.

His desperation as the film goes on is truly phenomenal, in scenes of intense anger, pain, terror, and even softer moments of tenderness Kyle is incredible.

Will you be on the edge of your seat waiting for the big reveal here?

Memo to filmmakers: pointless jump scares have been a cliché since "Phantasm" and booming audio mixes generally aren't scary, they're so overused that they've become annoying.

Other than the predictable jump scares and horrible editing, I actually wasn't bored.

No matter what else is said about it, it get's in and out of the story with very little exposition or drawn out boring parts.

It's the fact that he kills people in their dreams, and the victims feel the fear of being killed by him in addition to the impossible pressure to stay awake to avoid him.

Another utterly pointless horror remake .

The characters are tremendously empty that prevent actors to develop their performances properly, the dialogs are boring and cause laughter.

The remaining teenagers are then tasked with insomnia as they search for the reason why Freddy wants them dead.

It's as if they said; let's redo that bathtub scene, but there shouldn't be anything sexual or scary about it; let's instead make it briefer and pointless.

What the main issue is is that this remake was pointless.

In short: this is a bad sequel, with bad acting, and bad writing, that ends in a boring fashion, with lame jump-scares containing dialogue no deeper than a spoon.

Just look at the kills, have you ever seen anything so uninspired and boring?

When the film finished I compared it to the original 1984 version and knew this version was much better; despite the storyline of Freddy lusting Children it was still a compelling storyline and left me startled with the ending.

// The movie's premise seems to be built around the "common knowledge" (aka: complete nonsense) that if you stay awake long enough (seemed like 4 maybe 5 days?

In short there's a lot of things wrong with the remake, the kills are uninspired, the dream sequences are boring, some directly copied from the original but with less effect, the same one liners but very contrived, it's basically a bad remake altogether.

This horror film 2010 remake of the 1984 original was pretty entertaining In my opinion.

It was jam packed with the most cliché' sequences.

As a side note, Nancy's wallpaper is surprisingly dull and stodgy looking for a teenager.

This is the worst movie in the franchise and honestly it is not even Freddy Krueger movie it is not A Nightmare on Elm Street movie at all!

Nancy in this movie is so bland!

This flick was a huge disappointment to me, who was expecting something at least more entertaining or, at least, funny.

A nightmare on elm street is cliché and very predictable.

No, in the re-make, the dreams all refer to a nursery and the characters are killed in slightly unexpected ways.

They have just literally taken some of the original scenes (the death on the ceiling, the corpse in a body bag being dragged along the school corridor, which actually leads nowhere, therefore is pointless) without even understanding what to do with them.

The film begins strong with an eerie, intense diner sequence that sets the bleak tone whilst giving us a good introduction to our main characters.

The story is rather predictable and offers no big surprises to fans of the horror genre.

It was about thirty or forty minutes into the film that I felt little bored because we've all seen a lot of this stuff in the original it wasn't until it got around the last half-hour or so that it started picking things up a bit and then it got exciting.

The dude falling asleep in the pool and then witnessing what happened to Freddy years ago for absolutely no good reason was the worst.

where bland.

If the kids fall asleep, they encounter Freddy, who kills them.

The pacing is a bit slow in the middle as well.

I thought Rooney did a decent job as Nancy, but she could be a little stale and boring at times.

I mean if the guy can play a slow kind hearted reaper of justice, what makes you think he can't play a HORROR ICON!

Maybe to some, but to me, it was legitimately a great and enjoyable film.