A Quiet Place (2018) - Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

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In a post-apocalyptic world, a family is forced to live in silence while hiding from monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: John Krasinski
Stars: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 171 out of 1000 found boring (17.1%)

One-line Reviews (549)

However, it also made the movie less engaging, especially as the first half of the movie was also quite slow going, and I found my mind wandering.

Suspenseful and scary thriller.

Minimal lines in this film but so much emotion, I was gripped from the beginning and held throughout on the edge of my seat.

The family relationships and the way the individual characters both communicate and miscommunicate, for a large part because speaking is largely out of the question, are really well drawn out.

Otherwise don't waste your time.

Very intense movie .

The premise is intriguing - in the near future, humans are viciously hunted down by mysterious creatures equipped with a heightened sense of sound.

Has a repetitive feel .

I can't emphasize enough on just how the tension is built, it truly is the highlight of the film and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the epic finale of the film.

but still i enjoyed it.

Of course this movie has it's flaws and there are moments, when you know what is going to happen, what it still had surprises and was entertaining.

Not scary as much, it's okay, entertaining .

There's an apocalypse that creates danger for a family, because coming of age teenager becomes an adult and a parent sacrifices everything.

Intense, suspenseful and horrifying .

It was a great premise that became ordinary and predictable.

For me it was just boring and hard to keep watching...

The story is very strong and you will get attached to the characters, which makes the tension that much more intense.

The music is a nice touch when it does play, but what truly makes the film great is the silence, you feel uncomfortable eating your popcorn while watching because it's so quiet, the visuals are stunning seeing how the family has been surviving this creature.

But my father-in-law said that it was worth the watch so finally I did and I didn't regret it one bit.

Seriously atleast that movie is entertaining despite its flaws.

The problem with this is that the material is stretched to breaking point and there are long, tedious scenes where nothing happens.

But here we have a really enjoyable horror, and due the suspense the 90 minutes are over in a blink of an eye.

The content of this movie is so empty, I tried to imagine if a storyteller would actually tell a group of people about this story.

Not scary, just boring and irrelevant....

The film is mostly silent as far as dialogue goes, there are a lot of subtitles and it's very entertaining.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time.

Krasinski's stern determination, Blunt's suppressed fear, Simmond's confusion and concern; all of it comes off as genuine.

It was entertaining though ...

The lack of conversation and noise throughout actually made the movie boring.

Slow moving, pointless drivel.

The worst movie I ever watched in this jenre!

One of the WORST movies I have ever seen .

The finale is intense and as sad as the ending is, I think it could not have been better.

This movie had some amazing actors and actresses that made this movie so entertaining to watch.

After so many blockbusters and mediocre horrors, remakes and predictable thrillers, "A Quite Place" remains a real good surprise.

But somehow the characters run, jump, make noise and nothing happens.

One of the worst movies i have ever watched.

The performances were compelling, for a script the size of a post it (the film has minimal lines, hence the quiet place) you become attached to the family and their safety immediately.

Since this movie was mainly silent, it was extremely tense and I was on the edge of my seat for almost the whole movie.

Entertaining .

Mostly Boring time, pretty bad place....

Here it is, the cure for your insomnia.

The film is endlessly fascinating, seeing how the family has adapted to survive in this silent world, creating sand paths to quietly get from place-to-place, leaving all door open to avoid noise, and an elaborate system of colored lights to silently communicate danger.

All in all, a snappy piece of Science Fiction horror that fans of Alien will approve.

If you're bored and want to watch something in the evening, give it a go.

There are minor hiccups sprinkled throughout, but the overall product is so gripping and effective that I label this as the best movie of 2018.

Dont waste your time watching this

There was some entertainment but over all the movie was kind of boring.

The thrilling and endearing moments are a unique cinematic experience worth experiencing.

This film had two speeds; slow and much slower.

The characters have great chemistry (specially the father and the little girl), the attention to subtle details is perfect, it's a somewhat believable monster-story and the pacing of the movie is non-stop suspense, always putting you on the edge of your seat.

Quiet boring place .

Engaging and full of suspense and mystery .

The result is a very predictable plot that treats you like an idiot.

This is a very clever and tense film, and it kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

Well worth watching, even for non-horror fans!

The performances are great and you will be on the edge of your seat the whole time!

Worst movie of 2018 .

The end was cliché and death scene.

Ive seen it on TV and i was on the edge of my seat, i cant even imagine what its like to watch it on the big screen!

The suspense was perfect and I sat on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Lackluster, cliche, forced .

The title of a review very well coincided with my impression of the film at the time "yawning, skipping and yawning".

It was funny and ridiculously predictable.

Extremely tense and entertaining movie .

This here is thrilling movie with good characters & a unique plot.

Worst pointless film l have ever watched .

It was a mixture of intense and nice sounding.

The monsters, while not particulary interesting in design, have a gripping presence and it's very hard not to feel scared when they come into frame.

Great premise but boring and once again most of the action at nighttime so you can't see what's going on.

The cast is perfect, the directing is spot on, the story is engaging, suspenseful, and creepy.

In the movie "A Quiet Place", writer/director John Krasinski shows how a simple, but unique idea can become a gripping, clever, and horrifying movie.

Incredibly boring.

Movie equivalent of an enjoyable 3 minute pop song .

No story.

Intense and about family sticking together and protecting each other.

After reading various reviews and talking to people that have seen this, I was expecting an enjoyable viewing experience.

It goes nowhere, they have kids, they live, they drag the story out until a very dull obvious ending event occurs.

I highly recommend it.

Really, really bad and boring movie.

It's consistently suspenseful, and it has a strong emotional core due to powerful performances from the cast.

To take away the sound element from a horror movie and make its monster one that seeks out even the slightest noise is to make even the mundane horrifying without exaggeration.

This one provides the intense dark atmosphere needed without creating pitch black invisibility.

So if you want to waste your time, it's a beautiful way to do it.

I enjoyed it thoroughly,good tension build up and a great concept!

I watch this a while ago and it was the dumbest thing i have ever seen, boring and stupid

Yawn .

But what an unexpected good and quiet thriller.

a few dumb moments and cheap jump scares but overall entertaining (1 viewing)

Overall the movie was really enjoyable and a pretty fun ride.

This movie is intense and extremely stressful.

Beautifully acted and with a story as suspenseful as it is heartbreaking, this movie combines the love that drives parents to protect their children with the terror of partially unseen, other-worldly peril.

It has its only minor shortcomings, but it's thus heartfelt and otherwise really well drawn out in terms of character relationships that I can easily forgive the makers for these shortcomings.

I do not recommend watch this movie, it's a waste of time.

When both mix they tend to heavily rely on CGI, action scenes and cliché plots and completely fail.

I think that's what makes it so intriguing and different than typical films in this genre.

Unwatchable because you simply stop caring after a while as a result of logical inconsistencies.

Wonderfully suspenseful .

Intense .

For a movie to make me jump, and have me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end definitely deserves all the praise it gets.

It's a really boring, slow and pathetic movie with pretty much no dialogue.

I honestly don't know if the film deserves all the superlatives and standing ovations that it's receiving, but I'll easily admit that it's a very tense, absorbing and beautiful thriller with a couple of unforgettable moments of fright as well as emotion.

So bad, and so predictable.

Plot holes aside the movie was entertaining to watch purely bc of the cast being the great actors they are.

The storyline is interesting and the movie is suspenseful but can be just confusing at times.

Lots of positives to draw from this suspenseful horror flick though.

A Quiet Place is utterly gripping from start to finish with enough jump scares to unsettle nerves of steel.

The worst movie I ever watched .

Worst movie I have seen in a long time.

Yes if you want to know the one and outs of every detail it's deffo not the film for you, but if u want 90mins of a suspenseful horror then you'll 100% enjoy this film.

Painfully slow, illogical at times and spoiled potential.

Clocking in at 90 spine-tingling minutes, Krasinski's movie shuns those predictable jump-scare tactics where everybody screams like banshees.

The monsters themselves are not consistent - in the beginning they snatch they boy faster than a speeding bullet, but at the end of the movie they turn into slow, bumbling idiots who spend most of the time just growling at humans.

The good:One funny and suspenseful moment was when the crazy old guy decided to scream as loud as he could....

It's definitely worth the watch!

So slow and unrealistic movie .

If I ignore the lack of logic, this is a pretty good thriller, many scenes were intense and strong.

Such an amazing and thrilling film.

Really enjoyable sequel to the office.

Silence becomes scary when it is unexpected and you expect there to be sound (again).

Entertaining .

Well, after 43 minutes and the abduction of their son (which didn't appear to have any effect on them), the plotless meandering silence is both annoying and meaningless.

Waste of time to watch.

It is tiny details like this that make this movie so enjoyable.

Dragged on forever with tiny CGI glimpses of a not very creative monster.

If you are into breathtaking suspense, you will enjoy this one!

It's a really slow burn though, as the film slowly builds up the tension.

Predictable movies aren't always bad, predictable thrillers are.

Depressing and predictable .

A new version of horror, with many surprises along the way, that puts you on the edge of your seat!

It's hard for a film to keep you on the edge of your seat without saying anything!

And in regards to a prequel: I would say that a prequel would likely remove the mystery, which was the only thing that made this movie worth watching.

A THRILLING WATCH (best enjoyed on a big screen with excellent acoustics) !.

It's a lot more boring if you explain everything, and it allows the audience to bring their own interpretation.

or even like 10 mins until the monster got bored and went off, he and the kids would have been able to make it back to the house.

Stressful and thrilling.

Boring .

It's suspenseful above all and though it starts a bit slow, patient audiences will be rewarded.

Fell asleep, twice .

I am not sure how this movie is considered a success, it was extremely boring & yawn worthy.

It's the type of movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat it even has a slight twist ending that is unexpected.

I think that's what makes it so intriguing and different than typical films in this genre.

I had to say, I thought the score was intense too.

But overall I didn't think the characters were well developed, the storyline was dull and lacked flow.

The monster is dead creepy, and it makes the movie more intense with him being the "ONLY" threat to the family; (until the very end, there's more than one).

Overall, it is a well crafted sci-fi thriller which elevates a simple premise into an absorbing adrenaline rush that stays with you long after your viewing.

A thrilling new way for horror.

Boring, Slow & Just...

This film was intense, just the smallest sound and these creatures will get you.

A simple and intriguing premise, didn't need a big budget to deliver, just needed to be consistent and feel real...

What a complete waste of my hard earned money and time.

Fortunately the mundane gaps - that is, relatively ordinary family matters and daily interaction - are just enough to maintain interest; until the next danger point.

Some parts were a little confusing, and it seemed like there was something missing.

Don't waste your time!

Was a waste of time watching this utterly boring and meaningless movie..being a fan of horror and thriller movies in general, this should have a category on its own of being so silly..I just hope this movie doesn't end up winning any Oscar award (like' the shape of water') because it is far from it!!!

I really like the idea and concept of the film, but the direction and pacing is so slow I can't stay interested in the story or get drawn into it.

A Quiet Place is an edge-of-your-seat thriller from the beginning, with intense performances by all the actors, a deceptively bucolic setting, and terrifying aliens that look like the scary older brother of the demogorgon from Stranger Things (complete with the scariest freakin' Dumbo ears you'll ever see).

Boring .

There are some problems with this movie as with any movie but it was entertaining enough for me to look past it's problems and just enjoy it for what it was, a fun scary movie (well, my level of scary anyway).


Suspenseful and emotional.

The movie does have some slow moments which might be an issue for the easily bored.

Even if the director meant for the family to be blank slates, there's just too much time where nothing happens, for them not to get any kind of real character development.

Overall I thought the acting was fine but there were just too many plot holes to make this an enjoyable film, even with the willing suspension of disbelief.

I was bored ten minutes through.

Boring and dull .

Predictable story from start until the end, having low budget & bad acting.

One of the most innovative horror movie of recent times, It really put me on the edge of my seat.

" Did you miss it was only after the intense feedback from the daughter's hearing aid that revealed the unarmored portion of the head?

Overall: Worth the watch

The performance of the lead actor duo John Krasinski and Emily Blunt couldn't be more convincing, A Quiet Place is not your usual go-to horror flick, in fact it is far from the horror genre, it is but something just as thrilling and spine-chilling.

I definitely would want to see it based on how much I enjoyed it, knowing that I did.

Waste of time really...


Had certain plot holes but overall an enjoyable film

I thought it was quite gripping.

huge fan of emily blunt, but this movie has got to be her worst movie!!.

In fact, the role that sound editing plays in the film is breathtaking.

Anyways - still enjoyed it although the aliens sounded like the ones in predator and were similar to the ones in alien including how they slowly loomed out of the shadows - also reacted to high frequency like the ones in Mars Attacks so nothing original there really.

It's deliberately slow and narrowly focused similar to what you would find in Hitchcock films, which I love.

This is why i NEVER listen to or believe "The Critics" this boring drama was very dull,dreary & not very entertaining!!.

The viewer is stuck in the company of boring and/or unlikeable characters, particularly the usual cliched annoying kids who managed to do silly things AND be self-centred despite this whole post-apocalypse thing going on.

It has intense scenes.

I was wrong - dialogues are empty and meaningless.

I have to say it is worth watching more than once.

The best horror movies tend to display a sound understanding of what works cinematically; moreover, they exploit the cinematic experience itself for the shocking and thrilling effects.

I'm sorry but I enjoy my sci fi but how this ended up being nominated for oscars is beyond me, it just came across as self indulgent clap trap!!!

Totally suspenseful.

every department store has huge basements, which would be pretty much soundproofed, hole up in one of those, place speakers along the streets, blast the aliens with sound and knock them off by blowing their heads off, could not the military and government have come up with stratergies, what happened to all the helicopters, i could go on, but its all beend said, and to top it all of it was slow and boring

The whole premise of the movie reminded me of Tremors which was very entertaining movie, also the movie has a 'I am legend' feel which are great movie to compare with!!!

Mainly in its script and the pacing of the movie, it is true that the third act rushes incredibly with some very confusing and contradictorily convenient moments and details that if you stop to think about it or even after more than one rewatching you'd realise.

The music did its job of keeping you on the edge of your seat and making you feel as if you were in the story.

I recommend it to others as a "definately worth watching" movie.

John Krasinski CAN act and direct a solid and intense thriller.

Gripping story .

Thrilling .

It's their lack of knowledge that makes the thrill all that more exciting.

A tad predictable.

I was left on the edge of my seat the entire way through.

It was so Amazing to watch Most amazing and thrilling movie

It's amazing to me that all this was accomplished (well above average on the scale) with virtually no script.

Took them far too long to figure out how to resolve.

Clearly most people saw beyond what I obviously did, there's tension, then then there's boredom, there's possibility, then there's pushing the imagination too far with utterly implausible and unrealistic events.

The entire film keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, with their hairs standing on their very edge.

None-the-Less, it's quite entertaining and worth having a watch if you like slow, stupid men and believe in women power ...

then wife goes into labor "so predictable" while NO one is there, and on way to basement steps FULLY on said nail and screams...

Or a sound-absorbing mattress that is enough to hide the entrance to a cellar.

Ultimately A Quiet Place fails at being scary and is quite illogical at times but its tense enough to be entertaining and its originality are a nice change of pace for horror/thrillers good enough for a second viewing.

Loved this movie, very thrilling.

The rest of the movie in between the trailer cuts are dull, slow and boring.

A Quiet Place spectacularly fails at being entertaining even with its tons of plot holes.

Overall, a pretty dull and overrated film.

So the character of Regan annoyed me but the part in the end when Lee sacrifices him self to save her, it quite emotional even though you now that it could have easily bin avoided if she had realised that her hearing aid was the creature's weakness but apart from that the movie is very well done and has a lot of heart, and some intense sequences, who would of thought one of the actors from the office would have made a brilliant horror movie.

It seems that films like Get Out (2017) have changed that, judging by how expertly A Quiet Place (2018) still holds to some of the horror tropes but tells a story that's much more thrilling than seeing a group of people gored to death one-by-one.

Huge plot holes and stupid character decisions create a boring and even for the short run time too long movie.

Why don't they live near the river's waterfall, since the water noises are intense enough to keep the monsters away?

With its original storyline, tension building, and amazing sound design, it's worth the watch!

Too many errors make this pretty much unwatchable.

I'm glad a film like this came along at a time when cinema seems less and less original, filled with boring remakes or the same-old superheroes.

I really don't know why this movie has so many high ratings, it's predictable since very beginning, and some situations are really irrational.

Absolutely stunning perfect film.

Horror movies today are frequently criticized for being a collection of scare chords placed over rather mundane sequences.

Such a brilliant suspenseful film.

The worst movie of this decade!

Very intense movie that surprisingly is all about love, with great acting and wonderful directing, John Krasinski made one of the best horror films of the last decade.

The fact I literally predicted what was going to happen conveys how cliche this movie was.

They got to the point, which made it more enjoyable to watch.

Night's Signs in that rare space of being frightening and suspenseful without involving the occult, the supernatural, or gross R-rated gore.

Great acting and entertaining.

Original and Entertaining .

This is most horror exciting movie in the last 20 years.

Boring .

It really immersed the viewer into the film and made you feel how the characters felt and just how uncomfortable it can be until you accept your new reality.

His first foray into horror, he has proved that his talents extend far beyond gimmicky humor with this intense and unrelenting experience.

Boring and not suspenseful at all.

It's a movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And, to my surprise, I found an extremely tense and entertaining movie.

Its's chilling and I was on the edge of my seat in many scenes.

I knew this was a love it or hate it movie but this just turned out to be a really boring movie.

It was fascinating to me how much this movie portrayed despite there being almost no sound and no dialogue.

I watched this movie because it was heralded as being really scary, however it is more suspenseful than delivering pure scare.

However, the plot was monotone and dry, and when something actually did happen, it didn't grip you at all because they failed to make you connect with the main characters.

Made My Top 10 List of Worst Movie Ever .

The unique plot combined with the great acting skills of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt that creates a mysterious atmosphere and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

When I first started watching the movie, I thought I was going to be bored.

In a way, though, a proper cliché ending for a terrible movie.

The movie is so slow...

Dam.. on the edge of my seat .

Visually the movie is a cliche - CGI generated creature, straight from PS4 game, thousands of red lights everywhere...

So many fortunate events for the heroes who are really boring ...

It's garbage, utterly fails at being scary at all and watching paint dry might be more scary that this sorry excuse for a horror movie.

The acting was great, the storyline was great, a thoroughly enjoyable movie!

Breathtaking Moments .

A complete waste of time and money; wonder how it's rated so high.....

For other wimps, it is the tension that grabs you in this movie, not blood, gore or even the monsters but the slow, sheer build up of intense terror.

Cliche, ridiculous plots (I know, nobody can speak so I don't know where my moody kids are).

Their struggles are banal and thoughtless.

Beyond boring and makes no sense .

This should be called "A Boring Place" instead.

This is an original, well-made, entertaining horror movie.

Granted, some of the events require a brief suspension of reality, but it's a small price to pay for a film that is most enjoyable because of its understanding of the genre and innovative use of the elements it sets up.

The scenario is pretty great and it's overall a very enjoyable movie.

It's boring, predictable and has so many plot holes that makes the movie disgusting to see.

One of the worst movies I've seen in my entire life.

Some emotionally intense scenes in the movie.

The scares were genuine and thrilling.

Waste of time in my opinion, maybe 5 minutes of tame "horror" as we get a close up of what's frightening ppl in the entire thing and a poor ending to boot.

To add to this I think A Quiet Place is genuinely one of the most tension filled movies I've ever seen, I squinted, I cringed, I clenched my fist, on sat on the edge of my seat multiple times throughout.

Finally a thrilling movie slightly different from the rest, thanks to whoever made this.

A different take on the horror genre that is efficiently thrilling .

Coma inducing bore .

As other downvoters pointed out, this film is completely pointless with full of plot holes.

I found this movie got me bored when there wasn't much going on in the way of horror.

More suspenseful than horror .

There is an undeniable chemistry between Krasinski and Blunt, most obviously when they slow dance (with headphones) to Neil Young's "Harvest Moon.

I meant come on, why did the dad just put the toy in the table, doesnt he know that the kid can still get the toy that makes sounds so the monsters can hear, this movie has a stupid plot couldn't the military just beat 3 of this xenomorph looking thins with their guns or something, movie was good but, they make kinda stupid ideas, this movie is entertaining too and i liked it, this movie still has problems thou, and ending was kinda sad, not good enough to get 9 or 10 thou

The action sequences are brief and intense.

This film is intense!

What I found really refreshing and unexpected about this movie was how incredibly light it was on plot.

While this movie gets a lot of praise in some circles, the constant mistakes of the family members gets frustrating and tiresome.

In fact she fell asleep halfway through.

it was a complete waste of time.

It's a really enjoyable movie that packs with intensity and just solid scary moments.

For me it was unwatchable .

The finale is also very well thought, pretty much unpredictable as the rest of the film, providing satisfaction with its arrival.

Breathtaking experience.

Like some said the silence concept is kind of new but the story is a bit bland and predictable.

What a waste of time .

Aside from these glaring plot holes the movie is actually worth watching for Emily Blunt and John Kracinski who are always brilliant, and this movie is no exception.

Movie was overall entertaining, but it's really hard to suspend my disbelief at this contrived and lazy writing at times.

The worst movie I have ever seen.

But big deal, I got over it in about 5 seconds and was totally immersed in the life and death struggle again.

Entertaining with interesting concept .

The story is sometimes very predictable and there are many scenes where the actors don't try to think before they do something.

It is blatantly obvious that John Krasinski has put the most of his efforts and creativity on the family dynamic, their lifestyle and the "thrilling"/terrifying aspects and situations of living without being able to make a sound.

Directed by John Krasinski, this thrilling horror movie can bring chills to your spine.

Predictable, cringe-worthy, average, artificially heart-wrenching .

Entertaining and a bit different .

Absolutely the worst movie I have ever watched.

Waste of time .

5/10 - unbelievably boring and pretty nonsensical despite the rest of the world's beliefs

Cliche writing.

It's flawed but intriguing.

While still enjoyable from home, ambient sounds associated with home viewing detract from the suspense.

basically no plot .

For instance, it might have said, "Day 837 (one year after we last saw the family) *some song on a radio is heard as camera pans the still empty and worn down town.

Fairly gripping in parts.

Very boring and characters are dull .

The story seems simple at first glance, but the producers managed to create a very interesting environment in which plenty of thrilling, suspenseful and also scary events take place.

Good movie albeit predictable from the start.

, May 5th, 2018, for $12.51, and five months later, I still feel the same as I did when I left the theater that night.

The movie had me on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next and holding tears back from the heart-warming events.

I'm actually writing this review whilst the movie is on because that's how gripping I find it.

Having watched Bird Box and enjoyed it, I wanted to see A Quiet Place given all the comparisons and accusations of rip offs etc. Well, it didn't live up to the hype and I was bored throughout.

It was so exciting to see a pregnant woman being left alone whilst the husband and reluctant son went to fish.

It's engaging for all the reasons you expect it to be.

Waste of time .

Zzzzzzzzzz 11.

(6/10)Sound + Visuals: Engaging.

I like the concept, the start was really intriguing, very different.

Stunning .

Complete lack of inner consistency, boring and foreseeable screen write.

Boring .

I loved the slow reveal of the monster and the really effective score as well.

Everything about this seemed unconvincing and contrived.

At times stunning visuals lure the viewer back in until a family member commits to a bold, brainless choice that jeopardizes the characters, the plot, and the integrity of the film.

it's INCREDIBLY slow paced, and so much DOESNT make sense...

A really boring movie that makes no sense .

The film has one of the most intense opening sequences I have seen in a long time.

I absolutely loved this, it's more intense then a camping holiday I was literally on the edge of my seat watching it, excellent story with some of the best Badass creepy alien/creature type things I've seen since Alien and Cloverfield.

Continue with yours Star Lord, Deadpool and rest of Marvel or DC characters and don't waste your time with movie like this.

Boring .

Super silly concept but still entertaining .

Don't waste your time unless you like to sit in silence watching nothing happen!

You can tell something is worth watching when Communists and other leftists try to do mental gymnastics to try and find something wrong with it.

Also, but overall the tension was high and I enjoyed it.

And as the movie drones on I just got angrier and angrier at 1.

I was expecting something boring and with a stupid plot.

It comes in at just around 90 minutes, and you will be on the edge of your seat for most of them.

It was just a little bit empty.

When the boredom accumulated to an inbearable level, I reached for my mobile phone to search for more details of it on this very website.

A Quiet Place is a thrilling adventure that breathes some fresh air in the horror genre.

This is a good film and largely entertaining throughout.

We care about this family, which means we are both on the edge of our seats and absorbed in this drama.

To be fair a few sequences, especially towards the end, were moderately suspenseful.

It's a very thrilling movie.


Very disappointed and bored watching it.

It's definitely worth watching.

The movie works best if you overlook the enormous plot holes, the contrived danger and the preposterous premise, and concentrate on the relationships between rhe characters.

Rivetting, suspenseful and scary .

Things get intense, as the family just tries to survive this one childbirth.

jesus this is slow.

The setpieces and the locations are top notch and the film is dramatically relatable and more entertaining than horrific, which was nice.

A Quiet Place is an incredible horror movie with a great concept, that's consistently thrilling, scary and emotional throughout.

The majority of this film was rather boring and kind of an insult to one's intelligence.

But I found the pace incredibly slow between 'monster appearances'.

Tense, Suspenseful and Mostly Satisfying .

I watched this, and expected to come here and see a score of about 5.1 with reviews accompanying it saying how utterly boring it was.

For barely any dialogue, I was on the edge of my seat.

It was funny and ridiculously predictable.

Despite its flaws, this is very entertaining and is definitely worth checking out.

Long drawn out scenes of absolutely nothing.

How can this be rated above 5 - way way too boring, I found myself putting the movie forward and couldn't enjoy the story behind it (if such story exists).

Breathtaking thrills,suspenseful frames.

This movie with it's combination of slow boil suspense, coupled with the great scares and the fact that the tiniest sound makes you freeze up and cringe makes for one of the better and more fun and scary movies that I've seen!

A nice, new idea on aliens, very slow flowing movie, i would have given a higher score if the way the "un-killable" aliens were finally sorted out.

A waste of time for me.

Ok maybe if you're deaf but complete waste of time for anyone else.

Why this is entertaining because the Film is made by simply story and screenplay though it make feel so entertaining.

A dull husband and totally ridiculous plot.

Words and phrases to describe this film: forgettable, cliche, boring, thank god I got this on netflix and not in theatres.

I enjoyed it for light watching and the concept was unique.

When I start to get bored watching, I know it's not for me.

Just a waste of time and talent.

Although slow paced initially, this is a deliberate screenplay decision which then leads up to a suspenseful second half.

He also expertly stages some fight scenes that can get your adrenaline going.

A Quiet place leaves you holding your breath while on the edge of your seat in this innovative new take on the use of silence in the horror/thriller genre.

Everything is predictable.

-- If the alien attack was slow enough to allow some newspapers to be printed and distributed, why was it fast enough that humans couldn't discover their weakness?

OMG, I have just finished watching this and bloody hell this was intense!

Very suspenseful and tense and may I say wonderful performances across the board!

A really unique take on the invasion story, i enjoyed it.

I saw only a dull drama packed in bits of horror & horror tried to become something even more substantial or even deep.

The performances are great and you will be on the edge of your seat the whole time!


I but thought it was so predictable that why bother.

Worth watching

it is jut slow boring and full of nonsense and worthless.....

This was the worst movie I have ever seen.

Very thrilling and intense movie overall though!

The movie is suspenseful, brutal, and very effective.

Incredibly suspenseful .

This movie has got no story and does not make any sense at all, all the deaths and incidents in the movie could have been avoided easily and it was painful to watch the characters not making any sense at all.

What an awesome suspenseful film!

It is a beautiful yet dark story from beginning to end, that will have you on the edge of your seats.

The plot is unpredictable, the dialogue well written, and altogether a well-put-together film.

The slightly melodramatic scenes feel kinda cliché.

Well worth the watch!

showing Krasinski's dumb whiteboard over and over - maybe for those viewers that fell asleep somewhere in the movie - or when we get introduced to the nail with an insane "hey look something bad is gonna happen here" shot).

What's intriguing, though, about this production is that the cast and crew artfully managed to keep the big holes in the narrative out of most viewer's focus, so to speak.

I watched the movie with my wife, and would be perfectly OK with my 12 year old son watching it, even though it is definitely scary and intense.

Good movie where the lack of sound makes it even more thrilling.

Very intense movie that surprisingly is all about love, with great acting and wonderful directing, John Krasinski made one of the best horror films of the last decade.

Thrilling from beginning to end, great acting, very well presented and written characters.

Absolutely a waste of time.

The story is very strong and you will get attached to the characters, which makes the tension that much more intense.

So many good moments, where an unexpected sound is like a Air Raid siren, causing panic and running.

Don't waste your money .

I would first of all like to applaud Krasinki for creating a simplistic concept and for the most part making it fast-paced and entertaining; it's almost like Tremors (with the reliance of noise above the ground rather than vibrations to hunt their prey) meets Aliens.

This was one boring movie.

Great premise but boring .

A quiet place is a waste of money,dull and with largely indifferent acting

I generally enjoyed this movie, so I think it's worth watching it!

Terrifyingly suspenseful .

It's like the movie equivalent of an enjoyable 3 minute pop song.

Kept me on the edge of my seat.

The first 40 minutes of the movie was boring and didn't interest me at all.

Dont waste your time.

There are flaws, for sure, but overall it is a taught, enjoyable and well-crafted film.

The ending is very ridiculous, but it's still entertaining without have to think anything.

I really enjoyed A Quiet Place, it's is fascinating that a film with barely any dialogue can be so gripping and intense.

A Quiet Place is a thriller as unique as it is entertaining.

The premise and plot might possibly be the most original I've ever seen used for a movie as the scenes are emotional, heartbreaking, suspenseful and quite terrifying in an engaging way.

Flawed and enjoyable .

Giving us new taste and new kind of thrilling movie.

I love the compilation of Blunt and Krazinski as an adorable couple in real life made the movie realistic and enjoyable.

boring story .

Rotten story, Boring, terrible slow.

Other than that though, this is a very intense thriller, and the sound design is perfect, I love the sound design.

One of the worst movies ever!

Boring, horrible and slow paced movie.

I rarely don't finish a film once I start it, this was just so boring I couldn't deal with it.

This movie is very slow and the best part is in the very end and even that isn't too good.

Highly suspenseful, good cast, great setting, lighting, drama all make this highly watchable and almost too short.

And the silence aspect of the movie lends for very naturally inclined thrilling and tense scenes that cause the horror of the movie.

Boring, meaningless, ridiculous, cheap.. Why.. :'(

All and all, this movie has too many flaws for me to find it enjoyable.

Don't get me wrong, they were all very intense and thrilling, it just didn't quite feel like a proper movie, it felt like an episode of what could be an amazing TV show.

As a personal horror/thriller lover, this movie surprised me in the best way possible by highlighting the intense character depth told through above par acting amazingly accomplished with minimal dialog.

The worst movie I ever seen.

So the character of Regan annoyed me but the part in the end when Lee sacrifices him self to save her, it quite emotional even though you now that it could have easily bin avoided if she had realised that her hearing aid was the creature's weakness but apart from that the movie is very well done and has a lot of heart, and some intense sequences, who would of thought one of the actors from the office would have made a brilliant horror movie.

Slow, no tension, no logic ...

He managed to construct a compelling narrative with little to no dialogue throughout, and this remained believable thanks to the stellar acting from everyone on-board.

Thinking what this novel premise might bring, I was sadly disappointed and have to agree with many of you that this movie is a big waste of time and a somewhat promising concept.

This was a well acted thriller that kept you on the edge of your seat.

The problem with A Quiet Place is that it's too contrived and doesn't feel authentic.

Conclusion :Note 8/10 He is silent but tense, and creates a climax next to jumpscares using magnificent sound artifacts and good performances, an excellent horror movie one of the best 2018 is worth watching.

What a waste of time!.

No character plot armour, adrenaline crushing.

Every decision made in this film is pointless, for a survival film nobody seems to understand he concept of it, by the end of the movie you are left numb and dumbfounded at the resolution.

How come the so-fast-you-can't-even-see-them-with-freeze-frame monsters are somehow hard-of-hearing, slower and easily distracted when someone important is in danger from one???

It's total waste of time.

A Quiet Place will keep you on the edge of your seat for ages.

Entertaining and suspenseful.

An idea that sounds intriguing for a horror film.

It wasn't scary in the way that stops me sleeping at night, but was thrilling in the way it kept me on the edge of my seat, as was quite emotionally suspense in an eerie world.

Very entertaining, just turn off your brain .

At the end one of the characters just go into a room and puts a mattress on the door and start to talk normally to the other character, and guess what, nothing happens.

A simple yet thrilling adventure film .

Enjoyable & jumpy thriller.

It uses all the cheap cliche from any horror film ever.

But the way this film was executed was so boring and dull.

It has a great story and is worth watching.

It was a day later that it hit, (I'm sometimes slow on the uptake).

Don't waste your time!

The movie is very slow in the beggining, the thing that there is like 10min talking in the whole movie is gonna make u to fall asleep.

I enjoyed every second and found it to be gripping from the beginning to the end.

Don't waste your time.

From the fact that despite these alien creatures they still decide to make another kid, i mean the baby would make a lot of noise and by shutting it on the basement is just pointless and scientifically proven deadly for the baby.

First half: very interesting and engaging.

One thing that director/lead actor John Krasinski does terrifically well is engaging the viewer.

As gimmicks go, it's a particularly effective one, though the plot is often forced into contrived scenarios to connect its various ideas and to artificially generate extra layers of suspense.

Quiet (and uninterestingly boring) place .

Dull and boring with plot holes you could drive a truck through.

Toy Story 3 was able to put me on the edge of my seat even when I knew there's no way Woody wouldn't survive to see the next one.

Just one of the impeccable, intense thrillers of our time.

What's so fascinating about this movie is that you have to watch it for you to follow the story and since most of the scene are noiseless, it's shouts and screams will really get into your attention.

The premise is simple, we get no back story as to why the family have to stay silent, but within 5 minutes with an unexpected moment we can see what the consequence of making noise is.

Tense, well acted and great adrenaline rush

The characters are great, the plot is good while the emotions it generates are intense, both in terms of horror and drama.

This was probaly the worst movie I've seen in a while, and I've seen Fantastic Beasts 2....

A taut, riveting, exhilarating, tense Quiet Place.

boring plot line and no dialogue through out.

Stupid and Boring .

Silence is golden in actor/director John Krasinski's "A Quiet Place," a clever but contrived synthesis of science fiction and horror after an apocalyptic alien invasion of Earth.

Waste of time .

And they have a cliche sound too.

It had the cliche long limbs, and had a face that had sections which would open up at times, but it just looked kind of boring.

But all in all, it was a bland story that avoided a few of the tropes but ran running and screaming right into the most damning one: predictable stupidity.

The first half is quite boring and a bit over dramatic (they're making nominal noise so why can't they whisper?

Dull and predictable.

Unique and definitely entertaining .

especially the first half..it was too boring.

Very intense movie that surprisingly is all about love, with great acting and wonderful directing.

The cinematography is stunning.

Suspenseful movies aren't usually my type!

The intense jumpy movie without the gore or music.

I found this terribly dull and boring because of its predictable and cliche plot.

I would actually rate this a 7.5, it was very engaging and suspenseful.

Frustrating & pointless.

Too slow and incredibly unbelievable .

Exciting and interesting from start to end.

I loved the forced quiet and understated performances which made the drama intense and the bond with the characters strong.

But a few things could hav been good like soundproofing or living near waterfall but anything more would hav made the movie a collosal waste of time.

Man, I thought it's gonna be like a boring and yawning movie because most of the time the movies has to be quiet.

The pregnancy scene was somewhat intense, and she wanted that.


So intense and thrilling .

The only things holding this movie back from being a masterpiece are some contrived plot points and classic horror movie cliches which make even less sense when taken as seriously as they are here.

How did this get such high ratings.. I had to make an account just to make sure nobody accidentally waste his/her time on this utter garbage.

Impressive, suspenseful and thrilling .

What a snoozer.

Predictable and dull.

I sleep with a sound machine which muffles louder noises so I can rest due to insomnia.

Great job making an emotional suspenseful masterpiece!

Whilst my husband was not impressed, I found the universe in which the protagonists exist engaging- very different from most other movies.

A fantastic movie that came out of nowhere; it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and few movies do that.

Don't waste your time.

The tension was handled well, with sequences that have the viewer on the edge of their seat.

There was too many plot holes for this to be enjoyable!

Truly one of the most compelling films I have ever seen.

Predictable, cringe-worthy, average, forcibly heart-wrenching and frankly the tiny bit too stupid.

Suspenseful movie undermined by plot holes .

Zzzzzz .

The plot is suspenseful and thrilling.

), spending far too much time focusing on a (pointless) nail through to the unnecessary death of one of the characters.

It is a gripping film that'll keep your glued to the screen at all times.

It's worth watching in my opinion as it's different and maybe the sequel will have much more to it.

This movie requires you to go along with every cheesy horror movie cliche of dumb people doing dumb things.

Suspenseful .

This makes the movie as a whole become more intense, including; quietness and thirsty for revenge at the same time.

Holy f#ck, this was boring.

Complete rubbish don't waste your time, no story really and no end just finishes!

Enjoyable .

Cheap jump scares-ridden pile of boring stupidity with terrible music .

Intense .

Unfortunately they managed to make a utterly boring movie.

I have seen a lot of horror / thriller movies, but This one is very exciting!

I found myself on the edge of my seat throughout half the movie.

This movie tries so hard to be different that it forgets the fundamentals of good film making, majority of the film leaves you bored and depressed, the suspence is only created by the fact that the entire cast must remain quiet.

Different, thrilling, aliens .

Do not recommend, total waste of time.

Amazing and gripping story!.

The movie is so boring and full of stupid decisions and scenes.

So many gaping, yawning holes.

Well, I guess the same question should be directed at the walking dead, season 1 or every other person out there who has experienced an unexpected pregnancy.

A lot of criticism is people nitpicking at little details, and even with some of the films flaws (such as the death of their youngest child in the beginning was quite silly), A Quiet Place is a highly intriguing film.

The beginning is just screaming at you that you are gonna see some suspenseful moments and boy they were sure right, I was squeezing my blanket when I watched when it came on blu Ray