A Scanner Darkly (2006) - Animation, Crime, Drama

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An undercover cop in a not-too-distant future becomes involved with a dangerous new drug and begins to lose his own identity as a result.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Richard Linklater
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 83 out of 307 found boring (27.03%)

One-line Reviews (277)

Well, James, you're right, but was it as well-done or as entertaining as this film?

Highly recommended, but expect to give your eyes and brain an enjoyable workout.

Absolutely riveting .

factor for this film is the stunning application of technology to create something cinematically unusual: rotoscoping.

She seemed to capture a sense of mystery, internal sorrow, and confusion within the phrasing of her dialog and the tiniest of exchanges with Reeves.

Written at a time when his marriage had broken down and he himself was struggling with his drug use and split identities, Dick's material does offer much of interest as long as it can be delivered in such a way to be engaging and interesting.

Second Worst Movie I've Seen in a Theater .

A pretentious, lame movie.

The animation helps gives this an unreal sense, so captures the books confusion well.

Third - though some have commented that the film was hard to follow and that they felt they could only really get it if they read the book - I can only say that this is probably intentional.

With 'Waking Life', it was kind of as if Linklater had no money, no famous (and therefore expensive) actors, and no real plot.

A mix of science fiction, drug-related crime and comedy make for a boring ride, complete with undercover cops wearing automatically changing content suits.

The acting was strong as was the writing itself but in the end both failed to produce an entertaining and truly thought provoking movie.

That would be a real shame because the movie turns into a darkly fascinating rumination on the effect drug use has on the mind, while at the same time raising the ethical issue of just how far the government should go in "sacrificing" innocent victims to achieve a desired, perhaps even laudable, end.

But I kept waiting throughout the film to be surprised by a clever turn of events instead of the entirely predictable haphazard ending.

Other than those two aspects again I found the film drawn out, dull and worst of all non entertaining.

In a way this sort of justifies how confusing the film can be.

This is self-indulgent and tedious, a bad rip-off of 'Waking Life' .

There's major flaws present, but still a fairly enjoyable film that deals with some thought provoking themes none the less.

Maybe I'm a cynical dick, but in many of his movies he just looks bored and a bit stupid to me.

I did like the visuals, a lot in fact, but the main part of the movie i found fascinating was the conversations, and flow of the story, every new camera shot had a unique feal to it.

Something exciting happens, the music change, the characters change their behavior, something it's definitely going on!

Save your money and don't bother to rent this at all unless you are totally out of your mind on drugs like jr.What crap!

A Scanner Darkly (2006) is also a fair representation of Dick's novels' psychology—the stream of confusion and decay ,their ingenuously decadent side.

Mostly a boring horrible empty story .

It seemed to be a poor attempt at an anti-drug movie, but it turns out to be a boring mess.

Keanu Reeves is wooden in the lead and it's often hard to figure out exactly what emotion he's attempting to convey, which makes the twisty narrative difficult to follow.

It is first—class _divertissement, in of one should term so a movie aimed at sketching the fundamentals of a literary world characterized by a feel of threat and loss, and successful in recreating the atmosphere of Dick's novels—that weird thing of horror, threat and confusion, the decomposing brain, the items of a downward itinerary.

The concept is interesting, but the film dragged like a caveman on his wedding day.

Then you can make your excuses and leave if you fail to fall asleep.

The development of the story is very confused and the ending is pointless.

Mildly engaging .

Director Richard Linklater deserves quite a bit of credit with this latest addition to his increasingly eclectic resumé, for having handled the material in a very intelligent, thoughtful and entertaining fashion, not to mention his choice of rotoscoping "animation over live action" visuals, which is a truly unique and inspired touch, much in the style of his 2001 indie hit "Waking Life", which used a similar visual medium.

Richard Linklaters "A Scanner Darkly" is an intense thrill ride that can not be understood by most on the first intake.

Admittedly, it was hard to follow at times.

"A Scanner Darkly" tells yet another tale of conspiracy and cognitive confusion, but stands out by its unique and compelling combination of live action and animation.

As his confusion grows, so does his addiction.

The story twists and turns (in a rather predictable manner), and eventually, the viewer realizes that nothing is what it seems to the viewer, or Robert Arcter.

Once Bob had a family and kids but he threw them away because his life was so boring.

Great Visuals With A Story Running On Empty .

Don't waste your time or money seeing this.

Dazed and Confused's director, Richard Linklater, delivers this visually stunning visual experience about an "undercover" officer, Bob Arctor (Keanur Reeves).

It takes a lot of self-indulgent industry-types to find this film appealing on any front.

The banter/dialogue was fantastic and this movie was visually breathtaking.

The acting is mostly spot-on, the rotoscoping makes perfect sense given the psychedelic story, the dialogue--which some dopey folks found boring and pretentious--is simultaneously tragic and hilarious and terribly authentic to the speed-freak paranoias Dick, and Linklater, depict.

I actually fell asleep for about 10 seconds during one of Reeves boring scientific drug analysis of some imaginary biology.

perhaps because there were other visual elements of novelty that vied for my attention, i overlooked Keanu's typically boring performances.

I recommend this for most of you, but some may find it slow and incredibly confusing, which it is (not so much slow), but if you toughen it out, you'll probably appreciate it's value.

It gave a nice feel for the story that I found to be rather enjoyable.

The excellent supporting cast, Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, Winona Ryder and Rory Cochrane, fluctuate between comical and sinister while constantly confusing and challenging Arctor's perception and sense of reality.

However the number of these twists is possibly too many, and you finish the film with a lot of confusion and unanswered questions.

Dick or the things Hollywood has chosen to do with his work; while some of his concepts are intriguing, movies made from his work often have to pad themselves to even stretch to 90 minutes, and are rarely satisfactory.

Robert Arcter being a bit crazy, but mostly boring to watch.

Still It was all dreary and dull.

A twist to science fiction films whose innovations trumps confusion .

As a writer,Linklater knows how to produce an intriguing element.

I have not read "A Scanner Darkly", but based on the foregoing listed tales, I dare to write that probably the screenplay writer and director Richard Linklater spoiled a great novel in an original, but messy and boring adaptation to the cinema.

A scene between Downey Jr., Harrelson, and Natasha Valdez drags on way past its welcome with some very predictable stoner-talk.

but it just became a bore.

Final Thought: Though visually-stunning, "A Scanner Darkly" is ultimately a disappointing, boring film.

A Scanner Darkly is based on his personal drug experiences, which possesses paranoia, increasing confusion, hallucinations and psychosis throughout.

Yes, many of Linklater's films are non-linear and can be hard to follow for those who expect to have things explained to them.

It achieves a greatness that is more than the sum of its parts, and yet is both entertaining and thought provoking.

Darkly is set seven years in the future, but the images are rich brightly drab Seventies Orange County grunge.

To me, it fell apart, and for a movie that was amazingly engaging from the beginning, that seems like a hard thing to do.

The twists are enjoyable, even if some of them are a little predictable.

don't waste your money.

Unlike his other works, Linklater takes a unique direction in painting a picture of the effects of drug trading and addiction while adopting a compelling visual style.

It was just like the rest of the movie: pointless.

Utter boredom.

In short, you'll be mesmerized for the first 10 minutes, then you'll become bored and get a snack without asking anyone to pause the movie.

If the film has any problem whatsoever, it is that the film stretches out far too long.

It's hard to explain the films story without giving too much away, and it's a complex and often confusing film that you need to view yourself.

A film that is supposed to be thought-provoking yet I found increasingly irritating and predictable.

His life, filled with a colorful cast of characters, becomes shockingly confusing and very whacky.

(I confess to some exhaustion at the boredom and confusion Dick often insists that we share in some of the books.

I found "A Scanner Darkly" to be boring, pretentious and unremarkable.

"A Scanner Darkly" and its dull plot are just not entertaining at all.

I was so bored, I started playing Dynasty Warriors on the PSP, and THAT is a poor, poor game, but it became more entertaining than, "A Scanner Darkly.

Even if it's just the way the characters' hair changes shades in the light, it's fascinating to watch.

Boring and Pretentious .

' question, religious musings, and emphasis on intriguing sci-fi technology and social situations that his peers do not conceive of.

A comment in the film about watching surveillance live is boring; sums this film up.

But one has to see it to perhaps understand why it is difficult to comment on, save that it is an unique, daring, brutally honest, engrossing film....

A little amusing, a little tedious.

Something new and exciting .

Dick's 1977 novel is alternately fascinating and meandering.

Nevertheless, it is Arctor's decline which is most fascinating, most observed, and ultimately most harrowing.

If PKD was alive I think he would think it was the WORST movie made from his work.

Aside from the gripping plot - and it is gripping, just complex enough to maintain your interest without boring the hell out of you - the main draw here is the filming technique that Linklater uses, rotoscoping.

The story was a bit confusing and slow at parts, and I felt I was never completely drawn into the plot.

Its also extremely slow, if junkies talking about bikes and cars and silencers is fascinating to you...

The script was trying to be smart and insightful but it was just boring and confusing.

Much of the cute animated representations on the screen appearing with fascinating resemblance to the actors - Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson, and Rory Cochrane while compelling also was somewhat manipulative.

Midway through I did feel a little bored and I had trouble caring for the druggies characters although it probably wasn't the point.

The plot was quite interestingly complex yet felt disjointed at times.

Mr. Downey, however, is probably the most entertaining part of the movie.

But instead, we get a rather ho-hum story of conspiracy and collusion.

It also does a wonderful job of supplementing Dick's visions with creative and immersive visuals and makes some of the messier and most confusing elements of his original plot more easy to understand and digest.

Original, Messy and Boring .

This adaption to Dick's novel 'A Scanner Darkly' gets a provocative treatment with powerful writing and visually stunning rots cope animation by the hands of director Richard Linklater, a filmmaker often known for films revolving around personal relationships between characters, philosophical themes, and the reality of growing up.

By the end of the film, very little is certain, except that Keanu Reeves has given a haunting performance as an Everyman who has been pulled under the surface, that Philip K Dick, to have inspired such a story, must have had a close-up view of the landscape of the broken human psyche, and that Richard Linklater has provided us with an intense glimpse into the dark heart of cinema.

Unfortunately, the actual plot points and storyline of the underlying conspiracy were dull and predictable.

Maybe it's in the story itself, but I think it came from the animation; whatever it was the entire film was very empty and distant to me.

However, I would highly recommend it.

The plot is thick, complicated, smart, and unpredictable.

Pros: Clever story, a good ending, and good actingCons: Slow pacing, an overlong runtime, and disorienting visualsOverall Rating: 7.0P.S. Richard Linklater is one of my favorite directors of all time.

When he returns to reality and sees his hard-won jar of collected bugs is empty, he is not amused, he is devastated.

His first usage of this technique reverts back to his 2001 film 'Waking Life' which centered around a series of unrelated character engaging in conversations dealing with human psychology and stream of consciousness.

But, as with the other Linklater films that I have seen, A Scanner Darkly is worth seeing for the interesting dialogue, esoteric characters (especially Robert Downey Jr and Woody Harrelson, who provide many of the films laughs), and stunning visuals.

I will say, however, that the ending is possibly the most cliché thing I've ever seen in a druggie movie.

Something more exciting!

Her character is more central to the entire piece than what one might surmise in the beginning, before becoming immersed in the sinking-sand.

A bit of a dreary watch and the whole rotoscoping idea becomes wearying on the eyes and the Brain after the first 20 mins.

Along with his friends James Barris (Robert Downey Jr.), Ernie Luckman (Woody Harrelson), Charles Freck (Rory Chochran), and girlfriend Donna (Winona Ryder), we see the that the world is a much more confusing and scary place then even Arctor first realized.

The twists and turns of who's watching who and who's responsible for what are politically and dramatically compelling.

The plot was great, actors did a phenomenal job, and the cinematography and filming were breathtaking.

for example ex government or law enforcement employees who have been the subject of an internal investigation for example, wrongly accused, set up, put under surveillance etc as a result too much air play is given to the 'druggie' or artsy elements, and Keanu Reeves just gets carried along like a piece of flotsam instead of fully engaging with or reacting to the situation he is facing.

The movie is surprisingly self-indulgent and shockingly, horrendously, mind-numbingly boring.

But it is told in such a slow pace that it is sometimes easy to lose interest despite these ideas.

And yes, despite the eerie tone of many of the scenes and the general plot of the movie, there are several moments of humor, that not only work very well, but also made the experience of this film highly enjoyable and even captivating.

what i was disappointed in the most was that the movie could have been decent, or even great, but too much time was spent wasted on rambling dialog and boring, meaningless actions.

Movies was slow paced, boring, without any interesting happening for the most of it.

The problem here is that the resulting simplification of the story only serves to make the story even more confusing to watch.

If drug use is this boring, no one will ever do them again.

SCANNER DARKLY exists in that midway point between comprehension and confusion.

The director made it so well, making some scenes so annoying and boring (like our life in the society) that makes you need something more.

The mundanity and indecorum of drug abuse is given a kaleidoscopic overcoat in the form of Richard Linklater's puzzling, eye-catching and compelling new feature, A Scanner Darkly.


But skip the sloppy and boring movie-version of A Scanner Darkly.

It tops Sin City(2005) has in the case of being visually stunning.

Wonderful, funny, intense, and very much like during Substance D yourself.

Though things do pick up in the second half, I was far too disjointed from the movie to care.

But this film is much more than a visually stunning masterpiece.

While the plot twist in the end leaves the story off on a somewhat ambiguous note, this brings up one of the films downside: It may be hard for the viewer to keep their attention or interests within the film, if such brief references to neuropsycholgy and also slow character development, plus the entire seemingly cliché premise seems uninspiring.

So all in all a bomb for me and not in the good sense… I'm left thinking that if I might have been high on something (which I gave up years ago) or drunk off my ass (which I wasn't) I might have enjoyed this more, but sober I found this movie again rather dull and more or less uneventful.

This unflinching navigation renders it momentarily fascinating and you just know there is much more to the story than what is put out for movie audiences.

The most confusing film you will see in 2006, and possibly also the most uneven .

This is a typical twist in a Dick story, but it seems unconvincing and even dull.

It is one in a long string of pointless scenes that are told in a disjointed fashion to give character to what is otherwise a flat and uninteresting film.

With an intelligent screenplay, the story sprouts plenty of surprises dealing with the characters' downward spiral into a perilous world of drug addiction and trading including scenes of creepy hallucinations, and succeeds at an engaging level.

Entertaining and complex .

Particularly the first half of the film is confusing and at times too irrelevant to what matters to the plot (too much blah-blah and weirdness), also certain things are left unexplained: for instance why some police officers hide their identity with the scramblesuits, even when working at the office (doesn't seem like a good way of hiding if everybody can see you're an officer...

Though the story occasional falls into some areas that are both dull and incoherent, it manages to stay strong for most of the run.

They were supposed to be slow, and they illustrated the extent of Arctor's near-vegetative state.

Beautifully animated, speculative, but slow .

We are seeing the world in weird, wild, and funky ways, ways that work perfectly to warp and wrap themselves in a dozen different confusing ways in and around our brain.

Talking with mates, who also walked out, thought the cartoon effect was just going to be part of the title and we agreed that we were waiting for it to 'fade' away during the course of the movie.

I left the theater feeling overwhelmed, touched, and changed, much the same way as when I'd finished the book.

But the characters are so dull and drugged out, why would we care?

His poor acting is only surpassed by the lack of plot.

Dick novel, but I am sure it could have been written in a better way, with more coherence or at keast make the lack of coherence engaging.

In conclusion: a different movie, confusing, strange, all-in-all it breaks the habit of simple movies, worth the watch.

And despite what I have read, it is quite enjoyable.

I wanted to walk out but I thought I'd stick with it, there's no twist to the film at all, it was very contrived, and illogical.

A SCANNER DARKLY is a mostly successful adaptation of a Philip Dick story that was based in part on the counterculture Dick became immersed in the 1970s.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The animation is not as… animated… as Linklater's Waking Life, and the movie suffers from some very dry moments, but overall the film is certainly worth watching, and the experience is worth the time.

The cross between animation and live action is very entertaining.

The film's central story of an undercover cop being dragged down into a life of drug abuse and the resulting brain damage is rather compelling and well done.

The effect in the event is stunning.

Unfortunately the storytelling and slow pacing of the movie make it extremely hard to follow and almost boring at times.

OK, it is visual stunning at first, but quite monotone if regarded as a whole, and most importantly, especially because of the use of this stunning visual tool it could have been more effectively used to graphic underline some important plot developments along the way, if it only had been more daring.

Minority Report was a good film until the tacked on sappy ending that only Spielberg can do, and Paycheck was a dismal waste of time.

The story runs at an exciting pace, keeping you on the edge of your seat to continue through and find out Bob Arctor's fate.

Yet despite the comic touches that make A Scanner Darkly a more than entertaining experience, their is deep sadness and seriousness to the overall ideology.

A visually striking film that is hard to follow at times .

He was still uninterested, and uninteresting.

In this he becomes a pawn in a greater game though he remains an uninteresting pawn nonetheless.

i found the plot to be slightly confusing what with the scramble suits, they seemed unnecessary and did nothing to help make sense of the situations.

It's as if Keanu Reeves has found himself another visually stunning Matrix movie.

Dick, provided the most engaging experience I have had watching a film all year.

After the adrenaline rush of this brilliant film faded, I was left with a gnawing unease that I could be disappeared by my own government to a facility in Cuba, detained and tortured without cause or reason, never to receive a verdict, guilty or not, only a lasting hopelessness and the certainty that it will only get worse.

And then I saw this movie with 3 other people, and, I'm not exaggerating here, all three variously nodded off at some point during this boring, pointless, vapid excuse for a story.

While Keanu's split personalities drive the plot, his friends make the ride enjoyable.

A Scanner Darkly is a film that functions primarily to sell an idea, rather than a legitimate story capable of being involving and entertaining.

" So they ASSUME the film was awesome and feel the need to drop thirty paragraphs of exposition that is actually (and unbelievably) more boring than the film itself.

So slow that it at times quite frankly becomes dull.

Weaknesses, such as the confusion, slightly sub-par acting from Keanu, and an at-times primitive plot line, do little to minimize this film's mesmerizing effect.

Only one small scene (where the blond morphs into the brunette on the Scanner readout) is confusing, and purposefully so, as the thesis of the movie is that nothing is certain, not even machines.

So, the the climax could have been built up better, but the final twist is still gripping enough to let you forget about the movie's previous weaknesses.

As it is I didn't think there was enough of interest and, with the narrative being so basic, what remained was surprisingly dull.

They had not, and found it totally confusing.

Pros: The characterization and antics of drug addicts comes off compelling and believable.

I'm all for films that scar you and drag you through the dirt to make an intelligent point, but A Scanner Darkly was just uninteresting because it lacked an interesting story.

A Scanner Boringly .

Luckily for us, those friends are mostly entertaining.

It is very thrilling, and much more interesting than SIN CITY.

We are seeing the world in weird, wild, and funky ways, ways that work perfectly to warp and wrap themselves in a dozen different confusing ways in and around our brain.

He and Robert Downey Jr. dueled the whole movie to see who could add more pointless spasms to their delivery of lines.

A Highly visual and compelling movie--darkly.

If SCANNER DARKLY was released without the rotoscope technique, I would recommend avoiding it - for it's a talky, confusing film about Keanu Reeves as a police investigator spying on his own home - trying to capture incriminating evidence against himself?!

The conversations were honestly tedious and difficult to get through, and when the story eventually got going about half way through and things started making sense- I just didn't care anymore.

The most visually stunning movie I've seen in years.

Downey Jr. is, unfortunately, pretty unbearable throughout.

Stay awake, I did though on the off chance that the plot might lead somewhere interesting and then it was over.

Weaknesses, such as the confusion, slightly sub-par acting from Keanu, and an at-times primitive plot line, do little to minimize this film's mesmerizing effect.

How much do you have to loathe yourself to imagine you constantly have to be 50 percent more entertaining than is needed?

What the film brings to the table isn't just a good science fiction piece, but a visually stunning experience.

I recommend it for those who can stomach the rather intense 'acid trip-esquire' experience that it is.

The strange cell-shade-nass results in a feeling of disconnection and surreality, which really adds to the paranoia and confusion that various parts of the movie are meant to convey.

Something that could happen anytime to break all this things out and start something new, something exciting that makes the blood pumping, mostly to the brain, throwing some good substances into the veins.

In many cases, this actually elevates a mundane movie to a much higher status for me.

Short and Simple Review by WubsTheFadgerFirst off, the films plot is, at times, very hard to follow because of the disorienting visuals.

Some scenes that show the characters getting high, tripping out or just hanging around are a bit tedious and not really moving the story forward.

All I say it actually was a little dull at times.

All in all, A Scanner Darkly is certainly worth viewing, if only to provoke thought and for its incredibly originality compared to most of the formulaic and predictable movies theaters are cluttered with these days.

Cons: Certain key elements of the ending seem very predictable.

The plot is very predictable and develops too slow.

Interesting technique, but essentially a boring film...

The performances in this movie are hard for me to analyze, because the characters are written to be so dull and bothersome.

It was very suspenseful to see his Arctor walk the line between good guy and bad guy.

The whole "Cartoon" aspect of the movie I guess added to the whole drug aspect to it, but honestly I was bored through most of it, and sadly rather unfulfilled by the ending as well.

But apparently people are very divided about this movie so I think it's still worth watching to make your own opinion.

The film is a visually stunning and surprisingly beautiful experience.

He lives in a house with three other junkies and falls deep into a deep addiction that spirals into the rather confusing and ultimately shocking climax.

Now I'm all for movies that don't tell you everything and lets you work it out on your own, but a lot of A Scanner Darkly, particularly the first little bit is tremendously confusing.

Here Linklater indulges his audience into two worlds, one of them a rather paranoid, slightly schizophrenic, but ultimately banal tribe of pill poppers, all centred around Keanu Reeves' double agent.

Boring and sloppy.

Actually the pace of the story is slow, very slow.

I fell asleep during the movie!

Anybody who has seen Richard Linklater's mind boggling WAKING LIFE will be instantly familiar (and comfortable) with the way SCANNER looks.

In conclusion: a different movie, confusing, strange, all-in-all it breaks the habit of simple movies, worth the watch - 6/10

This movie is hard to follow, and you might have to watch it a few times to really understand.

Very confusing, I know.

Visually stunning, great plot and casting but hard to follow .

And they were even split up into the cliché categories that most everybody has run across at one time or another; probably at college.

That passion was the most intense until "VALIS," and came from his own drugged life.

Downey Jr is very funny and convincing and wards off the boredom when he is near.

It's just boring.

Flat, emotionless, bland and terribly acted, this is a bad movie.

Some have been better than others, but they've all been enjoyable at the very least.

Dick fans would be calling it a total misfire, the animation fans (a lot of crossover there) of course, would say nothing, and drug crowd (pro- and anti-) would both admit it's dull and jumbled.

After the credits, my friend, as I expected he might, agreed with my suggestion that Scanners was the worst movie he'd ever seen.

The most boring film about the paranoia of drugs ever made.

This movie had so much talking in it for so long that it was just boring.

The animation style is intriguing and ultimately beautiful.

Interesting animation style combined with a compelling plot and characters .

Non-addicted life seems intolerably boring.

Very confusing, I know.

This odd and visually stunning film stays as close as the simplifying medium of movie-making can to the source material of the novel.

The message is basically that some people are punished too much for their mistakes, which is certainly true, but I came here to watch a compelling film, and not get preached to about a common issue which happens in the world as a result of human nature and is practically unsolvable.

This movie is a totally must see,because it is absolutely fascinating.

This film is so bad, on so many levels - but the essence of its failure can be seen by this little comparison: Take a person, place him in an empty room, staring at a blank wall.


Dick's futuristic sci-fi thrillers being turned into very Hollywood, if still entertaining outings (Minority Report, Blade Runner and the less than satisfying Paycheck) it's nice to see one which remains very true, to the trippy, paranoid and drug addled tone of Dick's story.

The movie starts slow and the brooding tone is cool, creating the impression that the movie would build up and culminate in something better.

Cochrane is more enjoyable and the animation really aids his performance.

Cochrane and the phantom aphids was particularly stunning.

How to waste 2.5 hours of your life.

A Scanner Darkly (2006): Dir: Richard Linklater / Cast: Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, Winona Ryder, Rory Cochrane: Intriguing futuristic film from the writings of Phillip K.

Revelations did not surprise me, they annoyed me, the tritest and predictable being that Arctor's girlfriend has been his supervisor at the police force all along.

It was a good drama but the plot could be at times just as confusing as Bob Arctor's life.

Bottom line, it is worth the watch.

Boring, slow paced .

The plot can be a touch confusing at times (which is not helped by the animation, which is itself sometimes distracting) but the story and acting are compelling enough to maintain interest in the film.

I think that Scanner's main problem was it felt disjointed and it didn't really explain itself until the end, so for the whole film you just want to know what is going on.

The pacing is a little slow and the runtime is overlong.

The excellent visuals coupled with the paranoid, exploratory material easily makes this one of 2006's most enjoyable head-trips, and a soon to be cult classic up there with such esteemed psychological freak-outs as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or Naked Lunch.

" Desperately trying to be taken seriously as a 'real' sci-fi movie, this will bore the limbs off anything sentient, and I would not recommend it to anyone.

As a plot device, it's interesting, for it gives the film a disjointed appearance reminiscent of a drug trip.

Interesting ideas and animation, but the dialogs between the characters is too BORING.

Still, it's an insanely compelling story with some highly impressive technical elements and astounding performances.

For example, The scramble suit was a very interesting concept in the book but was difficult to carry off in the film even with the rotoscoping, overall the film was a very disappointing adaptation and pretentious as a translation from a difficult book to the screen.

Fascinating to watch, riveting, the whole nine yards.

It's not going to win any Academy Awards, but it is different, it is somewhat challenging, and I say it is worth watching.

Its extremely inventive and original, gets across some truly powerful messages, has wonderful performances and the rotoscoping animation looks absolutely stunning.

Worth watching!

Keanu Reeves was perfectly suited to his role, his languid, dazed expressions communicating precisely what he was supposed to be feeling.

Fascinating premise is told through interesting blend of suspense and comedy.

Because of its immediate visual stunning quality, it will grip you and most importantly will stimulate your thought process in deciphering what seems to be an elusive meaning of what's unfolding.

I was really looking forward to seeing this on DVD, but found myself extremely bored by the story line and rather disturbed by the camera effects...

Though the film is more difficult to follow due to extremely heavy dialogue & also heavy visuals.

However, those count for little in a movie that's so boring.

Yes, they stuck closely to the novel when it comes to dialog - which is one of its very few redeeming qualities, but they incorporated way too little from the original story to 1) make the main character's "journey" and "change" believable; 2) to give the viewer a true understanding of the complex and confusing layers of reality, motives of the characters and of their personae and finally 3) to get across the philosophical depth of the novel.

A twitchy, pointless production.

In almost every scene that didn't have either Woody Harrelson's or Robert Downey Jr's character in it, I found myself bored to tears and eagerly hoping they'd be in the next scene.