A Star Is Born (2018) - Drama, Music, Romance

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A musician helps a young singer find fame as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Bradley Cooper
Stars: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper
Length: 136 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 238 out of 1000 found boring (23.8%)

One-line Reviews (500)

Absolutely entertaining even as it touched on a deeply difficult Illness.

What makes the fourth and probably best installment of "A Star is Born" work is the amazing direction of Bradley Cooper and the stunning acting and singing performances from both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

The movie comes across somewhat disjointed, with several scenes seemingly just jumping out at the audience without any mental transition or understanding of the thoughts and thinking of the characters as to how the following scene came to be.

Disjointed, uber cliche, bad acting.

The rest is dull and not that much more.

This is the one movie of the year, where I really wonder how it has been recognized as such a masterpiece by almost everyone, and really it is just one more remake of very well - known Hollywood story, cliché love story and familiar tale about glamour and pain of fame.

Cooper was not convincing as a famous country-and-western star, and the music all too predictable.

The movie has an amazing story but a little slower and lengthy that what I prefer

Definitely worth watching!!!!

Loved Dave Chappelle in it but the rest was just so very overrated and annoying and boring.

This total waste of time it was copied from Bollywood movie Aashiqui 2 which came out 2013 and the songs better in Aashiqui 2 its about time Hollywood start copying Bollywood but the movie is super boring I waste my time watching it

Boring and insipid .

Cooper's character is a boring stiff.

Slow start, strong finish .

Seen a lot worse and paid more so worth the watch overall.

The script on the whole didn't impress me, seeming predictable and cliche at points and not having consistency in focuses throughout.

Narcissistic, self involved, self absorbed, needy, and very very boring.

The plot is pretty basic, predictable and boring.

Pointless remake.

then, it became draggy and boring .

I found this movie entertaining enough to keep me engaged, and even got choked up a few times.

Sad, empty, dreary, mumble, swearing.

Her dreary performance is of an actress who looks like she is trying to remember her lines and indeed that fact she should be showing emotion when delivering them.

I came for the music, but everything as was slow .

Stunning performances .

The story is not new - of course - and prequel knowledge aside, is predictable and whilst Cooper gives a solid turn, his endless mumbling and almost one tone character does become a bit of drag and in turn impacts the emotional resonance which doesn't always land.

This film is an extremely well-acted, well-directed passion project about what it means to be a struggling star in a modern and fast-moving music industry, where those who are considered "has beens" are left behind and those who want to make it have to look and perform in a certain way, in order to be successful.

Almost everything, from the very beginning, is easily predictable.

The movie itself wasn't amazing, it was a bit ordinary and predictable, but Lady Gaga was charming and natural in her role it was worth the watch just because of her great acting.

Overall, it is a good and entertaining movie.

Boring movie I don't understand why is high rated .

Unwatchable for a second time.

While it is certainly interesting to see Ally and Jackson going in different trajectories with their lives, the direction of the plot is quite predictable and underwhelming.

Yes, there are parts that tend to get boring.

The very problem is the extremely boring plot.

Dont mind the romantic cliche Story.

There are some stunning moments as far as direction is concerned.

I just watched it because of Lady Gaga in the starring role but at some times I was about to fall asleep.

Unfortunately I already knew the ending - and still it was engaging as it can be.

Boring .

The movie was so slow in moving the story forward.

There is no "chemistry" between the two leads - everything is so rote, so cliched and so dull.

Both pointless tragedy and old, depressed rock star.

Waste of time, don't watch it.

The story was cliche and uninteresting.

Gaga sings great, but she plays herself & Cooper is good alcoholic, but overall bland.

This movie is a waste of time.

Overall, a truly enjoyable film.

The film is a little slow and understated.

I Enjoyed It .

Nothing special, very boring.

Worth watching for the music - and Gaga!

Incredibly boring .

What a great gripping movie!

Total waste of time.

An over long tedious storyline, and not worthy of any Oscar Nomination.

Superficial characters and a boring story is something that even good-looking actors can't compensate.

I thought they could have added a bit more to it in terms of substance and plot development but nonetheless an enjoyable flick with some tremendous acting but unexpected (Gaga) actors.

Lady Gaga is an uninspiring actress who fails to convince that she is in love with anything.

Gaga sings great, but she plays herself & Cooper is good alcoholic, but overall bland.

I'm actually still watching the movie and got so bored and annoyed I had to write a review while the movie was still playing.

After a fairly clumsy start the movie shows a large amount of potential: as a commentary on the superficiality of modern music, as an engaging passing-of-the-torch story or simply as a struggling-artist-claws-her-way-to-the-top story.

A pointless (spoiler) tragedy .

Each and every frame of the film is just fascinating to look at.

"A Star is Born" may be the definition of Oscar bait, yet the film does enough to differentiate itself from previous versions and is legitimately enjoyable on its own.

The middle was a bit off, I felt I got lost in the story and I felt like it was just a bit uninteresting and it felt rushed.

However, the pacing of this movie is so slow as I was checking my watch a couple of times and finding some scenes to be incredibly long that they just dragged forever to make a point.

waste of my time .

I had a completely different idea of how this would end, but they went with another direction that was totally unexpected that left me shocked.

The soundtrack isn't as catchy as "La La Land"'s iconic and fadeless compositions; however, Lady Gaga' and Bradley Cooper's "Shallow" is a shoo-in for Best Original Song, a global phenomenon, a hit aimed by a meaningful, intense live performance amid the film.

A Star is Born owned this, making me feel empty, fiery, uncomfortable, and even hopeful, all in its 2 hour run time.

Once passed the soundtrack and cinematography, it was tedious to watch.

Some flaws with the overall pacing and passage of time was pretty confusing.

Jack is a pathetic addict, the story arc is boring, Shallow is the only decent song.

The movie shows-off great emotional engaging scenes and performances from a powerful cast and production team, giving a powerful plot about love and fame, within the modern era, with a heartbreaking and moving lesson to give.

My old fogieness caused me to find her pretentious and doing anything for attention.

The chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was breathtaking and kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for their next move.

So predictable & so overrated .

A bitter taste of confusing elements which tries to turn the blind eye to an outrageous fact which I cannot mention to avoid spoil alert.

If you like the country music oryou are fan of lady gaga then you will probably enjoy all the movie, otherwise you will feel a little bit bored with some parts.

Dreadfully dull; I thought I would like it, as I'm a lover of musicals and romantics movies; but this one dragged on and on.

Bradley Cooper's voice (speaking), is the only thing that shines in this mundane, self righteous, farce of a movie.

Don't waste your time.

Thoroughly enjoyable and one that I'll add to my personal library.

The male lead Jack is a cliche of a Rockstar: Rough voice, alcohol and drug abuse problems, doesn't care about boundaries of socially acceptable behaviour.

As poetry, they are trite in the extreme and the music adds nothing.

Even the inestimable Sam Elliott couldn't add much to this wooden, slow moving clunker.

One of the most boring movies I've watched.

Cooper does an amazing job as a drunk talented musician but the character of Allie is so bland and one-sided, no nuance at all.

It's a boring, cheesy movie.

Personally, I enjoyed the film but found it slightly formulaic and I felt that it dragged towards the end of the movie, The music and songs were of course flawless and very impactful in the telling of the story.

An amazing story of love, and a final unexpected and out of cliches, just perfect, I'm only don't give 10 because I think that the movie doesn't have very chocking speeches.

During the second part of the movie, in one moment, I found out, that from the boredom, I did not even remember what exactly characters said a second before, because I started thinking about something completely different.

I still prefer the boring film version of Barbara and Kris.

I really liked the acting of Bradley Cooper, and his facial reactions were very mature and likeable, but some of the Lady Gaga's reactions were really confusing and frustrating.

Snooze fest

All the songs are like listening to someone whine in a monotone.

So boring .

I did watch this but getting bored in some of the scenes presented.

Slow moving .. lost interest .

The entire movie is drawn out and the ending tries to be overly emotional.

The only thing which I can say I didn't like about this movie, although "didn't like" is quite an exaggeration, is the fact that is has a very slow pace.

Just keeps on being boring, don't waste your time.

Cooper is good alcoholic, but so were 10000 actors in 100 different movies before, the rest of his role is bland.

The whole thing was quite lame; and long and boring.

Boring, awful script, terrible acting.


But I thought the play between Bradley Cooper's character and Sam Elliott was much more compelling and moving.

Over-long and very boring .

Possibly the worst movie of 2018.

Some of the scenes were touching, etc. Overall, predictable, overrated movie with some good moments.


It started really well, looked like the relationship between Cooper and Gaga characters would go far, but it just ended up a cheesy cliche.

But above all that, this movie is BORING!

This film is so full of cliches and predictable turns that I could hardly finish watching it.

Hugely disappointed and bored.

Then the second half dragged a bit.

An entertaining ride, featuring two terrific characters that you will definitely find yourself forgetting are played by the dude from the Hangover and the woman who sung Poker Face, A Star is Born is bursting with heart and soul.

Borefest .

Such a waste of time!

It is so engaging and beautiful.

Extremely disjointed storytelling with a very poor flow to it.

All this being said the plot was rather predictable, even without watching the past versions.

Well-crafted and emotional, "A Star is Born" is well worth the watch for cinephiles and average movie-goers alike.

It has an uneventful storyline with a horrendous soundtrack.

This took slow burn to a new level.

The script very quickly and superficially jumps to Ally's success, and although we see Jack struggling with addiction and childhood demons, the protagonists' motives are shown very superficially and unconvincingly, real drama/conflict is nowhere to be found, there is a boring story about family drama, emerging from poor dialogues.

if you're a fan of Brad Cooper or Gaga you will enjoy it and probably have tears in your eyes by the end but if neither of these two stars interest you, you are going to be pretty bored with this one....

Overall enjoyable .

The story is a bit cliche and predictable, and Cooper was definitely coming off a bit "rapey" at the beginning.

Too long and slow .

Boring .

Absolutely breathtaking .

My wife and I both enjoyed it and we always watch very different types of movies.

The fast paced rise of Gaga's career and the development of their relationship happened seemed a little rushed.

If you have any taste for good movie or music -dont waste your time.

I did not see or knew it was a reworked film, but had the feeling, if it was this dull with their acting lines and music, it could might as well be.

")-and same with the cliche "controlling manager" thread that isn't even committed to.

It tells a gripping story that is relatable to every person in one way or another.

Exaggerated and boring...

I found it boring slow and I just didn't care for the characters.

I like Bradley Cooper a lot, but his movie was so cliché and predictable.

Ally in the last presentation, was wearing a magnificent dress, in a breathtaking scene.

The script very quickly and superficially jumps to Ally's success, and although we see Jack struggling with addiction and childhood demons, the protagonists' motives are shown very superficially and unconvincingly, real drama/conflict is nowhere to be found, there is a boring story about family drama, emerging from poor dialogues.

Everything felt empty and flat with all of the scenes that were supposed to be emotionally gripping somehow coming out half-assed AND forced all at the same time, which is perhaps the most impressive thing about the film.

It is cliche or not.

Acting was fine but was so bored.

Lady Gaga's vocal talents were wasted on ho-hum songs (with the exception of her rendition of La Vie en Rose - though I could have done without her sliding on her back across the bar...

Poor film dragged along by a great soundtrack .

Bradley Cooper has early moments of credibility but the constant in-your- face dreary alcoholic behavior grows old quickly.

Boring & predictable.

The pacing of the film was uneven with too many slow stretches.

I love the way this movie is directed and great acting but the pace in this movie is too slow and would be better if the movie was just a little bit shorter.

Films of this nature easily become self-aware and self-indulgent.

I found this movie to be quite enjoyable.

the movie is watchable if you are really bored.

A Star is Boring.

Entirely too long, excruciating periods of boring stuff that added nothing to the story, awful ending.

So boring.

There is a good balance between music, dialogs, story, character development etc. Sometimes a little bit too predictable and goody, but still very enjoyable.


This movie is literally the worst movie i've seen in 2018 iam shoked of the overrating that it got the reasons that got me to watch it first the hype it got seconed because it won a golden globe and movies like black banther that has a great song didn't win in my opinion and as Eminem said they only give theese award to the people they love.

I would say poor dialogue delivery of lady Gaga make this film weak and boring.

So for a Movie, I give it a 5 as predictable, as an Album, I give it a 9.

The whole film just felt empty, with two hopeless empty people mumbling their way through a dreary world, on their slow descent into unfulfilled sadness.

One cliche after another, average songs, unlikeable characters.

Very very corny and tedious .

Fairly enjoyable but quite the formulaic romance .

The first ever movie of Bradley Cooper that I found so boring and predictable.

It was so pointless, fast, and unreasonable.

The flashbacks were strangely irrelevant and confusing to the story most of the time as were moments where things occurred that seemed comically out of place.

, boring, stinker full of incongruous choppy scenes, and inexplicable vignettes.


Wow, I mean BORING!

The storyline is a little slow at times.

Still, I left the theater with a feeling of more than I came for.

Very confusing.

He watches her performance, is delighted with her talent and herself, and from that moment things go fast - they fall in love with each other, Jack helps Ally become a real star etc. However, of course, only then the real problems start to emerge, Jack cannot defeat his demons, the finale is tragic, which can be seen from miles away, the most cliché ending in the world, calculated for cheap emotions.

Boring movie about an alchoholic who embarrasses his wife and cant handle it.

It is a super boring and overhyped movie.

Compelling acting and dynamic soundtrack .

Very engaging movie I enjoyed it until the very end and it has maybe the worst ending in movie history.

She was fantastic and the chemistry between her and Bradley Cooper was thrilling!

In addition, Lady Gaga makes for an intriguing leading lady in her first major Hollywood role, and it's obvious that she's taking the role very seriously.

But it's one of the movies that you feel bored and sleepy after 30 mins of it.

The rest of the movie was pretty damn boring.

Bradley Cooper looked horribly sunburned throughout the whole film, and I could have gotten past that, but the story line dragged (although I was familiar with it from previous versions).

It left me bored to tears.

Just cliche after cliche.

Well worth watching and of course the soundtrack is amazing.


In conclusion I have to say it's just a big crap of a movie, don't waste your time watching.

Over-long and very boring

Dull .

Very boring and very slow .

Overrated, boring, nothing special .

The whole film was far too long and dragged, in the end I could not wait for it to finish.

Zzzzz .

but for someone who likes drama it was enjoyable

It's so boring and soooo predictable.

You almost forget about the songs however in the many concert scenes; Matthew Libatique's cinematography is judicious, an engrossing shoot, from the bright neons of Ally's tour right through to Jackson's rock concerts which we see in the same drunken haze of their star.

The singing became tidious and it dragged on and on.

The story line is terribly cliche.

I wasn't expecting frothy romance, and I enjoy a good drama, but this really, really dragged.

The best thing about going to a movie that somebody has reimagined is that you know the ending so you fall asleep first and you still know how the movie ends thank you for giving me a warm place to sleep.

Overhyped and zzzzz movie .

All and all ASIB was an engaging movie, one with viseral characters trying to navigating life, love, and the side effects of fickle fame, good and bad--I smiled with the characters, and I too was moved to tears when their hearts where broken, and any movie that can achieve this is worthy of my esteem.

It could have easily ran on the Lifetime Network and had spared many people the boredom of watching it in a theater.

Achingly intense, immersive and finely tuned, this film is an exploration of love against the backdrop of fame and stardom.

The movie itself is moving at a snail's pace, though, and I found it terribly boring.

The production is bland and you really notice just how damn long this drags on for.

What a disappointment, don't waste your money.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Cliche, bad acting, enjoyed the music .

That was annoying, but there was so much that was just boring, boring, boring.

The movie is too long...

It was very slow with scenes that were pointless.

Don't waste your time

During the second part of the movie, in one moment, I found out, that from the boredom, I did not even remember what exactly characters said a second before, because I started thinking about something completely different.

The movie was just too slow for my taste.

i got super sad, but it is definitely worth the watch.


From there on, the ending becomes predictable.

The worst movie u can imagine .

Dragged on too long, average acting, cliche story...

This current version died at the beginning and the corpse had to be dragged to the painful end.

Then the movie gains some momentum, but can't keep it up for more than twenty minutes, because everytime something starts developing the movie hits you with some boring stuff.

For me, BC was stunning especially in the first 2/3 of the film LG not so, almost in all parts.

Was fairly boring because it was almost exact replica of an Indian Bollywood movie called Aashiqui 2.


But that's also when the movie starts to move back into the 'Shal-hal-lo-lows' with odd (unnecessary) camera work, a disjointed narrative and the usual cheesy clichés are ramped up like a checklist through to the end.


but now it's just become boring and repeated...

It's a film with touching heartfelt performances from a script that is truly engaging.

Far too long .

A Star Is Born - An exciting music oriented film, "A Star Is Born" excels in every way, and not just the leads are great.

its too long and very boring.

Confusing .

It's a boring film.

Melodramatic waste of time .

the film is very engaging.

Pathetic trite boring.

Boring, uneventful vanity project .

Cooper is good alcoholic, but so were 10000 actors in 100 different movies before, the rest of his role is bland.

Dialogue was slow, predictable and full of so much drawn out facial emotion, that it competes with the best of Kabuki theatre, where characters strike facial expressions.

Boring .

My viewing was colored by the fact that my 20 year old daughter committed suicide after four year of intensive treatment by a multi-disciple medical team.

He's a tedious drunk, she's a solid performer with virtually no back story of any interest at all.

The soundtrack is quite boring, although it may appeal to fans of the singer.

This movie is very good, with mature and solid content and it also has an absolutely beautiful soundtrack and this makes it even more enjoyable.

A total waste of time .


Boring, pointless, made to solely win awards, characters who are dull and annoying.

I am disappointed to find the movie to be very predictable and despite it being touted as a "romantic" movie, it is devoid of joy and there is little romance to speak of.

the two leads are good, but the long drawn out dialogues add nothing and are tedious.

Dull film with flimsy, shallow story and characters .

Even though the movie was lacking in many ways, the way Bradley directed the live performances of the movie is absolutely breathtaking (Jackson playing the guitar, damn!

There's no plot.

Also, film is (absolutely) unnecessary, pointless long.


Fair and entertaining .

My biggest quibble is with the pacing, or rather the fact that the movie slows down/gets predictable.

There's such confusing flashbacks from them and now, and there is really no climax nor does the second half really even have a story line.

Just a waste of time.

Predictible, Cliché, and Redundant .

This is boring .

What an uninspiring amount of drivel.

Movie fast forward a lot, from single to spouse, and cut the boring dates?

So bored is not funny.

Some scenes are touchable and some are terribly boring that I want to stop watching the film.

soooo boring.

this was long, tedious, boring and just one of the worst movies i've seen in a long time.

Boring, Typical, Repetitive , Overrated, predictive .

Come on people; the plot is so cliche, Lady Gaga only did the best she knows how to do: sing.

I had two emotions after watching this movie, I laughed because people actually enjoyed it, and I cried because I actually spent my hard earned money on this awful movie.

after all stuff i v watched this year this was so fascinating and really touched my heart .

It's pretty boring and way too long!

This is just my taste, but I don't like most of the music in thisi movie, is not my genre, i like the main song (shallow) and maybe another one that I can't remember now, but in general I was bored most of the time the movie was with the songs.

Dave Chappelle, Andrew Dice Clay and the rightfully Oscar-nominated Sam Elliott make for engaging supporting roles, and the likes of Alec Baldwin, Halsey and an assortment of chattering drag queens perform as themselves.

The script sucks, the characters are flat and boring, the story makes no sense, the acting is really bad as well (Lady Gaga plays Lady Gaga, I can't believe they are even giving her awards, it's a joke) the directing is poor, and the songs are corny and lack good lyrics which supposedly is what Gaga's character is good at (songwriting).

It's good, but a bit pretentious and unrealistic .

It ran a bit long but was touching and entertaining.


First hour maybe was intertaining the rest was just too long and boring

Pace is absurdly slow, cinematography is as basic as it gets and the acting of both Bradley and Gaga is mediocre and I honestly cannot understand the buzz over them, especially when it comes to Gaga.

They both acted with extreme passion (surprising: Gaga) and both showed their immense musicality (unexpected: Cooper).

Why do I want to see a rich person waste their life because of supposed early life unhappiness or whatever?

First part of the movie is good, but then it turns into boring mess.

BORING story, TEDIOUS music .

From the acting of Cooper and Gaga, the captivating storyline, and the breathtaking performance of Shallow (which I couldn't get out of my head for the rest of the week); it was just...

Unfortunately, I grew a little bored of the movie & ended right before it finished.

Cliche boring whatever type of slop is being produced today it ain't no Casablanca

The good: The acting was goodThe chemistry between the actors is believableThe songs were fineThe bad: The whole thing is dreary and downbeatSo much of the speech is mumbled I actually checked my speakers as I thought it must be a faultIt's paced like a snail on Prozac.

I found this a great movie to fall asleep to.

I wish I had subtitles on cause it was hard to follow.

An enjoyable movie .

There was a star though, Lady Gaga put in a stellar performance, amazing, but the rest of it was dull.

I dunno if just all the lady gaga fans say this movie is great cuz they are fans of her music career but this movie is so overated and cliche that it makes me bored just thinking about the time i wasted watching this flop

I found that the script is wrong because it is repetitive, boring and full with clichés that unfortunately all in all give a negative result.

Worth watching?

Story is predictable.. Its copied from a bollywood movie named Aashiqui 2.

Even though that picture had an intriguing theme, I found it to be generally boring and never really caught the connection between it's two principals.

I regret to say that after a good opening, it became fairly tedious.

I got bored and had to fast forward.

I would say this movie is definitely worth watching if you enjoy good character acting, if you enjoy the interplay of relationships, and if you enjoyed the performance aspect of the singing and musical play by Bradley Cooper.

The story is well known and predictable, and so I suppose the challenge is to find something new to show or say, or some musical performances that blow you away.

Thank God Sam Elliott saved me from taking a two hour nap after I blew $20 to see this borefest.

Movie was a great one but the flow was too slow; i liked lady Gaga's acting.

We were both very pleased and are still engaging in conversations about the movie.

A Star is Definitely Bored .

A self-indulgent piece of Hollywood trash.

the first half hour itslef the movie begins to slow and become the same old story we have seen over and over again..maybe six or eight years ago this would have been a new and wild concept to show on screen...


One of the worst movie from 2018.

This is the one movie of the year, where I really wonder how it has been recognized as such a masterpiece by almost everyone, and really it is just one more remake of very well - known Hollywood story, cliché love story and familiar tale about glamour and pain of fame.

However lad gaga performance and their songs were good bu it seem to be like an unfinnished movie with too many dragged out scenes of reflection and her manager was a bad casting or just needed to be in movie more.

So boring.


I would have loved Bradley Cooper's performance if I could understand a single word he was saying; he mumbled his sentences in a very annoying and pretentious way.


It will be a waste of time.

So boring, soooo predictable.

Started off strong-ended boring .

Their chemistry is so intense.

Entertaining .


A dragged out movie which seem to go on forever and not knowing the story the ending did not go as i thought it would.

First part of the movie is good, but then it turns into boring mess.

Even though the film is a bit cliche, What keeps the film afloat are the performances, Cooper especially.

It is contrived, pretentious and asinine all in one.

It was a complete waste of time watching this movie.

Rockstar cliche meets Mary Sue .

The worst movie i've ever seen.

after the wedding, the movie becomes draggy and boring .

The movie is honestly really boring/slow/predictable.

Either way it's pretty entertaining.

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Gaga fan, and I'm ok with coopers work but this movie was sooooo boring.

It dragged, and felt like a Gaga documentary.

If it's not a Bio-Pic, a Superhero Movie or a dumb comedy, then it's a bore of a re-make or a pretentious slog.

So, we have a movie about two completely boring super stars, that I was not able to attach to emotionally in any way.

Boring movie would have got zero stars if IMDB did not have one star as a minimum rating

If anything it makes them even duller.

Cliche after cliche .

The whole movie has a bunch of pointless discussions and singing scenes.

Was boring at times, disjointed story.

Boring as hell .

So slow, boring, insanely quiet I had to turn it up then glaringly loud when music played.. just...

Awful ,don't waste your time.

I completely forgot who they were, becoming completely immersed in their characters.

It was a flimsy story with zero surprises (even if you haven't seen the previous versions) and like many reviewers, I found it extremely boring.

Uninteresting in all aspects .

Boring cast, boring story, boring movie and all too predictable!

TLDR: Slow-paced, predictable movie.


Great acting but ultimately plot is just too predictable .

Boring af, she was the best thing in it.

The movie is ordinary, pedestrian, and just boring.

The minor flaw I can see is that the second part can be a bit predictable.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .

Not only I had poker face through the whole movie, I was also bored to hell.

I also don't get the hype over the soundtrack (Shallow has surpassed Michael Jackson's 'Thriller for the most number of awards won,) with most of the lyrics I found basic and trite.

A very slow movie and the actors tried to be like the 1970s movie to no avail.

Perhaps a small part of the reason classics come along fewer and further between these days relates to dialogue that often feels forced or trite, characters that are pushed outside their elemental spheres by the script.

The story was rather disjointed too.

Then it bogged down, became predictable, boring and in the end, way too long.

The love story was drawn out, as was the conflicts after married life, and I fell asleep before the finale.

Just died of boredom, died.

Cooper and Gaga are good but their script and story are empty and terribly boring and not credible.

Boring and predictable...

Because of the director's presentation, it's sort of boring.

Of course the story is moving, of course the directing was superb, of course the singing was entertaining.

Slow at times.

Enjoyable .

First off the film overall was too boring and one dimensional.

For all the Star is Born films, this one was slower than molasses to get to wherever it was they were headed.

It was so painful for me to watch Bradley cooper as an alcoholic I always loved to watch him in movies with cool personality like hangover but he is so sick in this movie with weird tone Lady Gaga is the show stealer and just amused with her tone overall it's worth watching movie

It's incredibly boring, horribly edited, and just an overall lazy movie.

Add in an intense love story and emotion-provoking music brought to you by the vocals of Lady Gaga.

It's just a bit to boring though...

his ending puts a totally depressing note in an entertaining feature .

I took a while to see this film and whilst I enjoyed it, mostly I found it a bit flat in places.

Incredibly overrated, amazing songs and voices, but what little story there is could be told in less than 90 minutes, and then perhaps it wouldn't seem so long, dull and boring.

Found myself bored by the plot and a majority of the other actors.

To sum up, this movie is worth watching if you are a fan of drama/romance .

Solid movie and well worth watching...

Although the acting was good, the story telling, and script, was bland, slow, and uneventful.

Waste of time .

No storyline at all.

This is sad and pathetic tale of famous people romanticizing their own shallow empty lives.

A Snore Is Born .

The songs were quite enjoyable; that is the area where Gaga truly shines.

Cliche .

Waste of time.

The plot was also somewhat predictable.

So boring.

A very boring film except a song Shallow .

A cliche after cliche .

Slow, long and acting was poor with no chemistry between the leads.

However, there were some dull parts that I feel should've been removed.

Was so bored by this movie.

Worst movie .

Absolutely breathtaking.

To long, to slow, no idea what all the hype is about.

Regardless of this, "A Star is Born" is worth watching for the chemistry between both leads alone.

The thing is that the movie was kind of boring.

Some people found it dragged on, personally I feel that if it was 20-30 minutes longer it would have served well.

He watches her performance, is delighted with her talent and herself, and from that moment things go fast - they fall in love with each other, Jack helps Ally become a real star etc. However, of course, only then the real problems start to emerge, Jack cannot defeat his demons, the finale is tragic, which can be seen from miles away, the most cliché ending in the world, calculated for cheap emotions.

I highly recommend seeing this entertaining love story.

But the ending of the movie is just so predictable.

Because the rithm, characters and story is really boring: The movie is about effortless way of getting to the top of music industry for a girl who was in the right place at the right time.. that's it.

She bafflingly sticks by him through thick and thin, and when she does finally lose it at the end of this 2 hour plus bore fest, it's almost impossible to care, assuming you can still muster the effort to pay attention.

It's repetitive and very, very predictable.

The acting was better than I expected but the storyline was predictable and unrealistic.

Second part is boring .

It is a love story for the ages and the two leads sparkle with intense chemistry.

I think had it been predictable drivel like a lot of romantic films are, you would not have had the highs and the lows of the relationship.

There is something empty in the process of Ally's rising to fame, since she was not being true to her art or herself; a process most artists go through.

Some good cinematography work, but way too many close ups, shallow depth of field and boring POV shots, I was visually tired after watching 60% of the film.

I'm no music fan, and I just watched this film out of boredom.

I found the characters boring, the scenes dak and grungy.

The movie was beyond boring and pretty much predictable.

A worst movie for Oscar.

I thought this film was okay, my wife loved it acting and story were both good but for me there was something missing and I also thought the movie was predictable knowing the outcome of the movie by just watching the first 20 minutes.

The songs all sound generic to me and I nearly fell asleep a couple times with Gaga's singing.

I thought it was about the Lady Gaga's career, but instead, the movie is a disappointing attempt to show the cliche of a tragic love story with a not-that-great soundtrack.

Sam Elliot was so touching and intense and all three were perfect in this movie.

I also think Lady Gaga has a stunning voice and did very well in her acting debut.

Just seemed a little slow and too underdeveloped to really care.

Gripping, rock soild and just chllingly well played ...

Overall it is worth watching.

Although this is the fourth remake of the 1937 original, first-time director Bradley Cooper and his leading lady Gaga both make stunning debuts, which helps the dated material feel relevant.

Dull, slow, confusing, depressing.

The lack of chemistry between Lady GaGa and Cooper is front and center and the story line is so boring and wooden.

The boring movie, one can name it

This movie is very very boring so please consider watching something else, or if you are stuck in cinema this might be very very long stay.

Horible boring slow .

The dialogue was pointless and banal.

Boring and cheap .

Good movie but slow paced .

Amazing, breathtaking music and vocals.

Combined with his singing and playing a various musical instruments he provides quite a compelling performance.

The movie is entertaining, especially for the songs and to see Gaga's debut in the big screen, but I would have enjoyed it probably better if it wasn't for the super hype that have been generated around it.

I enjoyed it basically because I like Bradley Cooper .

Don't waste your time with this lame, cheesy film.

It's got a big bulky buildup filled with positivity in its first half, only to then go down in a classic (and quite predictable) tragic path in the latter half.

Very slow and pretty sappy.

First half of the movie was great, second half was just boring and I found myself checking my phone every three minutes bored to death.

This helped make the movie enjoyable and the story was good.

What a waste of time and my money!

Boring and Overrated.

Both calling the movie "a waste of time" or "absolutely wonderful" is an exaggeration on my part.

The movie was shot with high energy, but it's just window dressing for a bland movie.

Entertaining yet boring, not Oscar material at all.

I disagree that it was entirely predictable.

I did still hope that the end would be surprising, and it was: susprisingly annoying and predictable.

What a dull, boring movie this is.

With an unexpected voice that growls like a weary instrument---tainted by alcohol, drugs, and inner demons----he embodies the scarred soul too weak to firmly grasp the lifeline that Ally extends.

In my opinion, the film is brilliant and absorbing.

An excruciating Grammy's-scene aside, it is mostly sentimental and cliche-ridden.

The whole 'rockstar falls in love with a random girl and makes her a superstar' thing is too much of a cliché and it all feels like the sole purpose of the movie was to appeal to an audience of young females.

The movie is just so boring that I Saw it in Just an hour and everything was predictable.

Predictable, cliché storyline, Bradley Cooper has to mumble his way through the movie .

Very boring and very slow, I am surprised that it got a high rate Not worst it

Dull and uninspired.

Waste of Time.

Cheesy, banal suckage.

The story itself is good in some way, but it's still boring.

Don't waste your time, it's not worth watching except you're a fan lik

While I did like the music and there is a sad moment, it doesn't merit the praise it is getting because overall the movie really is dragged out about really nothing.

boring, predictable, lacks content.

Bradley Cooper over acted, his over painful performance was tedious.

The Star is cliché.

Look, it's entertaining enough for the first round.

But this was naive, stupid, predictable and i am happy as hell, that i didnt pay good Money to see it in the Cinemas.

A Star is Bored .

Two hours of dreary mumbling .

Don't waste your time.

One of the worst movies I've watched in the last 20 years, it's possible it's one of the worst movies I've seen ever.

Anything but dull, if you understand empathy and true love.

Yes, the story is a familiar one but the very start of the film did show promise and a fresh handling of a story we've seen before, but shortly thereafter the weaknesses start to creep in and everyone in my group left the theater underwhelmed and disappointed.


All in all it was very entertaining and I enjoyed seeing Gaga sing "real music" before they changed her persona.

For me, its a bit predictable, tidy, and uneccesary.

I could stand the first 30 minutes but after that the movie became so tiring and dull and cliche.

Bradley Cooper drug his scenes out way too long and honestly, I felt that the movie could have just not had an ending (at least that's what it felt like).

Absolutely Breathtaking .

Like someone wrote, a star is Bored.

It is unpredictable and magnificent.

A Star Is Born is a movie with many beautiful and engaging moments.

Great but too slow .

Lady Gaga is a screen gem and what a performance which had me totally immersed in her from start to finish and I hope she gets more movie roles.

The bad side of the movie (beside being so predictable, cliche and with a very simple script) is the music.

Very enjoyable.

This was a very long, boring film.

The negatives: The central characters, and therefore the whole movie that centres around them, are both pretty boring.

This movie was incredible movie for me and beautiful performance by GaGa and Bradley from a perfect couple, very exciting and well produced.

A good movie should have either an emotional finale or a unexpected twist.

Never heard of Bradley Cooper, his character was pathetic and boring.

The storyline is dull.

Ending was very predictable.