A Vigilante (2018) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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A vigilante helps victims escape their domestic abusers.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Sarah Daggar-Nickson
Stars: Olivia Wilde, Morgan Spector
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 38 out of 117 found boring (32.47%)

One-line Reviews (77)

Some parts of the movie went on far too long.

An absolute bore-fest from start to finish.

Did I just waste my time watching.

Boring AF .

Others were cut short or presented in a way that was confusing.

However, it's slow, overacted and horrifically frustrating.

It's the slowest and most boring movie ever.

Covering the entire spectrum with the utmost conviction, from numb and empty to sobbing and devastated.

Painfully slow and predictable .

It became violent and tedious.

Drawn out, low budget feel (and not in a good way), excessive acting, a bit hard to swallow.

What a waste of time making this movie was.

I watched 3 last night and this one as dull as the rest.

Don't waste your time unless you like boring exposition followed by plenty of male on female violence with the action being "spent" before the final kill.

Bored witless .

Do yourself a favor and go to see another movie,this one its gonna boring you to death.

Crap movie, don't waste your time...

Yes, it a bit slow at times.

It's very slow and depressing, the moment she starts to kick butt you don't see anything, clearly the fight scene choreographer was on holiday when they made this film so the cut from perfectly healthy man to blood covered man lolGlad I watched it on Netflix I would be gutted if I spent good money to see this drivel

SPOILER TIME When it comes to her own abusers, the film producers treat us to a drawn out, 30 minute terror scene of him turning the MC back into a victim before a cutaway hints that she killed him and then dumped his body.

This combined with a slow pace often creatives that atmosphere where one drifts off during the movie or maybe checks their phone for a bit while watching.

Slow in parts.

It's definitely worth watching and sends a message to all on how people can both help each other and learn to stand up for themselves.

It was a bit tedious at times and we never really get to know much about her character or her motivation.

Important subject and painful moments but mostly just boring.

Sure the story had hiccups and the ending may have been predictable at times but overall this was a heart wrenching and riveting story that needed to be told.

Daft and boring.

But this is a slow film, so slow that I almost pulled out my phone to do stuff.

A great watch if you're in the mood for a cold, thrilling, dark, bleak, gritty drama/thriller/horror.


One of the worst movies I've ever seen!!!!

Unrealistic and pretentious.

the location shots just felt uninspired and very cheap and it really dragged on and on.


I also welcome surprise and potential confusion that will provoke my mindset.

The bonus track of the DVD of "A Vigilante" includes a fascinating set of interviews with writer-director Sarah Daggar-Nickson, actress Olivia Wilde, and the film's production team.

waste of time.

what i find a bit confusing though are how the story is built up and the timeline of her actions.

Don't waste your time on this.

Good they tackled the subject matter, but utterly boring.

Yes ,enough so that i watched till the end, only fastforwarding thru a few preachy moments that just dragged on and on...

Entire film slow like hell!

I really wanted to like this movie, but it is so boring.

Boring .

Boring and predictable.

The realism portrayed in this film is intense.

Snooze fest and anticlimactic.

The rhythm of the movie is slow and does not have much action as you would expect.

The latter is much better, much more intense and at times awfully brutal and cruel to see.

Confusing storyline, and when she delivers justice we don't get to see it.

Certainly, Ms. Wilde was exhausted after every scene from the level of emotion she had to display throughout the film, so perhaps adding in some physical action would have been too much, but unfortunately, simply showing her emote for the length of the film makes for a pretty boring viewing experience.

Stupid and Boring .

It was just silly, predictable and confusing.

Another bored to death female lead role film!

Gripping Film Carried by Wilde .

Incredible performance and well worth the watch...

It's a shame this film hasn't received the attention and acclaim it deserves, as it's fraught with tension throughout, presents in an empathic and sensitive way and is really engaging.

Major plot issues, timeline confusion, dragged out scenes, terrible editing and a crazy slow pace.

This movie is boring plus it has too many unecessary scenes.

Slowest movie ever .

Not a unique premise, but one that could certainly make for an entertaining action flick.

A truly fascinating idea that definitely has you gripping your seat throughout as you see her go to 3 different situations.


It is an intense, emotional surge.

Combined with a muted palette and an aversion to anything the audience might find entertaining and you have a bit of a slog with some very good bits scattered within.

However, I would say that the style doesn't favour a balance with the overall theme nor with the story arc and ends up kind of hurting the pacing, making for what some of the audience might see as boring movie.

Worse yet, a predictable course for the movie to run.

The anamnesis in the middle of the movie might also be confusing for some people, though it is very well accomplished and perfectly intelligible to real cinema enthusiasts.

Don't waste your time on this!

One of the most boring movie ever.

Absolutely one of the most boring movies ive ever seen!!

Like other great, intense movies...

Not the acting, but the repetitive car loading, hyperventilating, and amateurish direction, lighting, kinetic choices.

It is a serious snoozer

Movie was confusing in parts.

Way too slow and predictable.

By my lights, "A Vigilante" is merely another formulaic entry in the, for me, tiresome Revenge subgenre.