Abandon (2002) - Drama, Mystery, Romance

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An investigation of a college student's missing boyfriend becomes quite strange when she begins to see him periodically.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: Stephen Gaghan
Stars: Katie Holmes, Benjamin Bratt
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 73 out of 160 found boring (45.62%)

One-line Reviews (161)

This movie was so boring that after a half hour, me and my wife picked up National Enquirers and started reading them.

Its a little more entertaining.

A waste of time and $7.

Though Ms. Holmes does a fine job -- as, arguably, does pretty much everyone involved in this film -- the script is astonishingly predictable to anyone who's familiar with the formulae of movie-writing.

The ending was very predictable about 2/3 the way in.

The first 45 minutes are tedious and pretty much not important.

It's moody, atmospheric, and a little dull.

Just a movie you can watch whenever you're super bored out of your minds.

It was either read the magazines or fall asleep watching this.

I know that this movie has been getting mixed reviews but to tell you the truth, I really enjoyed it.

The scenes which involve Katie Holmes character with Benjamin Bratts' character, are a few of those which involve me feeling bored.

The first 40 minutest were dull, I thought for sure I had rented a bomb.

Very slow thriller creeps towards a surprise ending that I figured out from watching the trailer.

Although hammering in all the cliches of the genre, it could have been made more taut and intriguing, but somewhere along the line it devolves into a glutinous mess of awkward relationships, predictable plot twists (that don't really twist much), unnecessary characters and dangling ends that were discovered too late in the process and hastily patched in.

This movie is started off slow.

1) - A quick relief from insomnia!!!

Waste of time .

Besides the sometimes confusing flashbacks this movie,i feel, was one of the best movies i have related with, and overall i think the story line was terrific.

Plot is fragmented and vague, pace is confusing and slow.

This movie is a big fat dud, don't waste you time or your money on it.

i found it mostly non-believable,pointless and confusing .

The story was slow and interesting and the acting was awful.

Mainly, because this movie deserves a better ending than selling it's self out with a formulaic "plot twist" so it can be safely defined as a thriller.

This movie also features a full 5 minutes of strobe light; a 'cool' technique that went on far too long without any dialogue or plot progression.

mostly i found this movie non-believable,pointless and confusing.

Anyways it was slow, and basically retarded.

While they kept me from switching this off half way, it really is a tedious & ultimately bland & predictable psychological "thriller" It's another film where Katie Holmes shows her distinct lack of any real acting ability (a pre-cursor to Batman Begins perhaps?

Overall, i thought this was a great movie, it's somewhat long and it takes a while to get into it, but once you do, you will be on the edge of your seat.

He tried to make this film "deep" and "artsy" but it was hollow and predictable.

The movie is really slow as you can see on my summary.

It drags on for far too long.

Anyways back to what I was saying, I thought the movie was very interesting viewing the stress and pressure of daily college living (it hit home) but, the pacing was intensly slow.

Instead this is a slowly paced thriller that takes the time to develop characterization and suspense.

This movie was very predictable.

no real plot was developing.

Either way, this movie comes across as exceedingly dumb, even when you consider that a lot of the rank stupidity is designed to facilitate the "surprise" twist (ho-hum) that is telegraphed midway through the excruciatingly long 90-minute running time.

I couldn't care a less about the ending which came out of nowhere, the contrived situations, and much less the main character (played by the luminous and talented Katie Holmes).


The script is pretty weak but it's delivered in a deliberately empty way.

Disturbingly misogynist propaganda .

Unwatchable so-called thriller .

A gripping, twisting story with complex narratives and stunning cinematography, editing, and music.

This film was pretty much bland when it comes to the moments where it was suppose to be suspenseful and when it was suppose to dramatic.

Compare this to Michael Mann's Insider where he takes what could have quickly degenerated into a dry plowing-through of mounds of legal-scientific documents and turned it into an EXCITING DRAMA.

As most good thrillers will, Abandon delivers the suspense at it's own pace- slow and deliberate.

Someone else watched the first 20 minutes of the movie with me, and before they left due to boredom, they said to me, "I bet she killed him".

Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

If i hadnt been there with friends i probably wouldve left early.

This is just in case female viewers become bored and need manipulated.

What kind of 50's propaganda crap is this; a woman needs the approval of a man so desperately that she has to kill them if they break up with her?

Quite enjoyable .

Sheer boredom was all i remember as this movie builds and builds around a series of flashbacks (including flashbacks within flashbacks), a few (namely the ones where shes a kid)which have no relevance to the story.

It's nicely shot, acted, I liked the songs/score and despite the arguably predictable reveal, the ending is left nicely ambiguous.

But honestly other that the ending which explains the whole mess you get real bored being bombarded with these flashback/dreams.

There was a fascinating variety of interesting roles drawn with care.

Boring Mess .

It kept me on the edge of my seat.

Could anything be more predictable?

After his slow sinking into the water, he lands on the bottom.

It made it weird and a little hard to follow.

This movie keeps you at the edge of your seat, because it's easier to leave your seat while sitting on the edge.

The pace is so slow, and it gets repititious that you don't care about it anymore and when the story unravels, you won't know it, because you're already fast asleep.

Easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen.


Still, Gaghan's sharp dialogue draws fine work from Holmes, and his supporting cast adds much-needed energy on the fringes of this lugubrious psychological thriller despite the fact that its plot line is too disjointed and muddled to offer much in the way of thrills.

"The film unfolds a suspenseful storyline around Queen Bee Katie Burke.

A little unbelievable, but entertaining .

It ended up to be a very weird and often confusing film.

It's just a major waste of time.

Although the film had some good twists and wasn't really predictable, most of the characters other than Katie Burke came off as kind of flat and boring.

This movie was way too slow.

but the script was sadly lacking and derivative, and the pace of the film seemed slow.

a boring movie hard to set through .

Arguably the dullest ‘thriller'/Hitchock rip-off in quite some time that insufferably drags on, and on in its listlessly paced descent no thanks to Oscar winning scribe Stephen Gaghan in his woeful directorial debut (oh how the mighty have fallen!

Then it picked up and became edge of your seat intense.

Katie's issues are a little more clearly outlined, but her character still emerges as little more than a pop psychology cliché – as is the whole movie, in fact, when you come right down to it.

)But, man, is this movie slow.

The movie does have several moments of thrilling, on the edge of your seat moments with terrific direction to make the movie a good (almost horror like) movie.

So this was Katie Holmes when she was young, a cute and engaging kid of 23.

you will be bored.

Unlike The Usual Suspects where the ride proves to be just as exciting as the destination.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a nice leisurely little movie, but at times it felt like this was just going through mud in terms of its slowness.

It was down right boring and not scary or mysterious.

The climax was, I guess, "confusing" is the word.

The "shock" conclusion is lame and predictable and the whole mess makes 95 minutes seem like an eternity.

Unfortunately, a very predictable film.

It is a psycological thriller; it's rather boring.

Too much drama made the film looks slow, boring, and killed the whole suspense.

But other than that intense scene, this movie really a true depth to it all.

So overall..without giving away the precious details of this bomb, I will say, if you want to throw away some money and are really bored...

I really enjoyed it .

There are flashbacks, present day flashes of Embry, too many characters, pushing the colors to blue, and a disjointed flow.

What a waste of time.

"Abandon" is a predictable and forgettable low-budget movie.


This movie is compelling.

With the flat characters and lifeless performances, it's a wonder that anyone in the audience can stay awake all the way through this dull and dreary production.

And the cop was such a boring character.

`Abandon' provides passable entertainment for undemanding mystery buffs, I suppose, but the film, as a whole, is neither particularly suspenseful nor particularly intriguing.

Benjamin Bratt, who is usually a very talented performer, is very boring...

Maybe if the rest of the movie had been that absorbing it would have worked better.

Slow paced, boring and plain terrible mess of a "thriller" has pretty student Katie Burke (Katie Holmes) "haunted" by visions of her former boyfriend Embry Larkin (Charlie Hunnam) who mysteriously vanished without trace 2 years previously.

This is when the movie gets a little confusing because we are constantly driven into the past of Katie, then her present and so on.

Disjointed, predictable mess .

A truly wretched and boring viewing experience in which I can't recall how often I was praying for the film to speed up and eventually end.

My best piece of advice, save your money, buy some paint and watch it dry.


Intense, dark and desperate.

There is a more compelling story to be told here and I think if he would've explored it more this film could've been much better.

This movie is so slow going you'll forget that time is supposed to move *forward*.

You just might "Abandon" this snoozer!.

It is a somewhat interesting movie and I would recommend it for a boring night when you have nothing better to do.

Bad, Sad, and So Very Dreary.

They were so predictable that we had it figured out about 1/3 of the way through the movie.

It thrilled me so much I was falling asleep.

If you're bored and need a good Friday night flick, and want something a little intense, and dark...

When I first saw previews for this movie, I was a little weary, but when I saw that it was out to rent I thought that it looked interesting (and if I didn't like it, I could always make fun of it), but I actually found it fairly entertaining.

As the film crawls towards it's predictable conclusion, her obvious schizophrenia, forgettable minor characters, and flashy camera angles attempting to pass as 'suspense' pad out the story...

Only one part was a bit intense, while the rest of the film, was in my opinion somewhat silly.

It is confusing and though it gets better with a 2nd viewing (and listening to the DVD commentary,) it still seems stiff.

) While there is the occasional spark of originality, this film is too pretentious for it's own good.

The whole film plays like a bad episode of FELICITY, with everybody whispering to one another in a very annoying and pretentious manner.

Overall, this movie is terrible so don't waste your hard earned money on it!

Pretentious director, ridiculous film .

However, you care more about what happened to poor "Harrison" than the lead characters, who come together for the predictable surprise ending.

This is an episodic, derivative and mildly predictable construction that fails to deliver on a promising core.

A Too Predictable Thriller...

It moves at a snail's pace and I predicted the "twist" relatively quickly.

By the boring end, I didn't CARE who did what to whom, or for how many cookies!

Sure there are a few good scenes suggesting that she's good at manipulating people (the job interview for example) but there are way too many of those clichéd childhood flashbacks suggesting parental abuse as well the aforementioned multiple 'Embry' sightings which slow the story down considerably.

The acting was sub par, the music was horrible and I had to fight to stay awake in the film.

Katie Holmes is extremely compelling and should be given more challenging roles as she proves that she is a very good actress.

It was mostly weird and slow.

I give this movie an 8 on 10, great movie, worth watching with your friends and don't leave before the ending!

It was incredibly suspenseful and had a great twisted ending.

Predictable & Boring .

This is probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Overall this movie was a total waste of time.

There were so many things that just seemed illogical and confusing to me.

The pacing was a bit slow for my tastes.

I thought it was a very enjoyable movie and I was a bit surprised by the low ratings it receives at IMDB.

while a bored looking cop (a sleepwalking Benjamin Bratt) seems more interested in bedding poor Katie than solving the mystery.

Something unexpected .

Slow paced films allow the audience to immerse themselves the landscape, the time period, the storyline, suspense, or characters.

Otherwise I thought the movie was rather a bore.

My point is this movie is a waste of time, you spend like 2 slow hours being made to believe something that turns out not to be true!!!

However after watching it again and again, I have noticed that there are moments which to be very simple put, are rather boring.

I watched this movie and was bored the entire film.

The only problem with "Abandon" is how it is a little slow at the beginning, and the scene when they are drunk or high at a party, I felt that that scene was a little too much.

I thought it was unfocused and a bit confusing at first.

This is the worst movie I have Started to watch in a while.

The storyline is interesting but the screenplay is boring and deserved to be improved.

This show should be called boredom instead.

And Benjamin Bratt's character was just plain boring.

Dull would be thriller .

Predictable and Forgettable Low-Budget Movie .

Abandon was so boring and so actionless.

Slower then watching paint dry .

A slow piece of trash...

This movie is one of the top 5 worst movies I have ever seen.

From her past, there is Embry Larkin, the charismatic performance artist whom Katie calls "an arrogant, preening bore," who had suddenly disappeared after his graduation.