Abominable (2019) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Three teenagers must help a Yeti return to his family while avoiding a wealthy man and a zoologist who want him for their own needs.

Director: Jill Culton
Stars: Chloe Bennet, Albert Tsai
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 34 out of 245 found boring (13.87%)

One-line Reviews (147)

An Enjoyable Watch .

Spectacular and Breathtaking.

This movie was as enjoyable for a 3 year old as it was for a 63 year old.

Made with a younger audience in mind, but heartwarming and an enjoyable watch for adults too .

I laughed, I cried (well, one tear) and I left the theater wanting to give Everest a big hug.

An enjoyable feel good movie for all ages .

Fantastically entertaining from start to finish for all ages!

Formulaic and Forgettable .

and that humming was so fricking crappy, and weird, and not interesting, and boring, and all and all really stupid, someone should be fired.

The plot is completely predictable, some scenes are better than others (CGI talking), charaterization is under the expectations and sometimes the story does not let us dream as many animated films do.

Animations are very good and the storyline is fluid and entertaining.

I enjoyed it very much..

The film is also entertaining.

I found it boring and spent most of my time looking for the China propaganda to pass my time.

It exists in that boring land between bad and good, a supremely mediocre / middle-of-the-road animated kid's adventure that never tries hard enough to make an impact either positive or negative.

Ignoring the controversy surrounding the map allowing for this to be an error rather than purposeful this was an extremely enjoyable and charming kids film with enough to keep us adults more than content and engaged throughout also.

Pretty Boring .

Highly enjoyable.

Love the characters, stunning visuals, and also the values this animation is imparting to children: family, friendship, animals and nature.

It is fun to watch but at the same time predictable.

While the movie may need a while to get going it is even more stunning later on.

Visually stunning .

This is an action-packed adventure that is funny, thrilling, and emotional.

The only thing slightly negative i would say about it is that the film was formulaic.

my kids enjoyed it.

The music is often repetitive (although the beginning the instrumental music is surprisingly good), the mainstream philosophy of following your dreams doesn't need to be seen again, not again.

The voice acting is great and the animation is breathtaking.

With that said, this movie is still great, loving, funny, and exciting.

A good entertaining story and a fun ride.

It's simply "China is so great, and Westerners are evil" propaganda.

I highly recommend it.

A really lovely film to look at but the boring plot and dull script let it down.

The dialogue / script is stilted, overplayed and banal at best.

Unimaginably Beautiful, Unimaginably Boring .

It's overuse of already existing material frustrated me, and it seemed to be far more dull than it could have, given it took an easier and far lazier route.

Entire film full of boring overuse scene!

It is an entertaining film.

Bland .

It's not funny, it's not entertaining, it's not compelling, it's just a safe, predictable, easily forgettable mess.

The characters are fantastic, the visuals are stunning, the snakes are HILARIOUS.

He was bored within 30 minutes and other kids around us were asking to leave half way through.

Repetitive story-telling with a different artistic tint.

This isn't a solid movie, it's weak and lazy.. One doesn't just go to mount Everest like they are going to the toilet..It has it's emotional and comedic moments but it didn't come back full circle with the plot to make it solid.. It's a lot like frozen 2, full of jokes and emotional scenes but empty on the inside..Was I entertained: a little bit.

The animation and music especially is beautiful and some scenes were so stunning they brought tears to my eyes.

Boring story that doesn't make sense.

So by-the-numbers and predictable you wish the filmmakers had tried to be less cutesy and more risk-taking.

The plot is simple for the young ones to follow but with added twist to make it quite entertaining.

It's a wonderful movie with lot of adventure,a lot of creativity and stunning animated visuals.

Hilarious, sweet, exciting and sad .

The very predictable story did little to help.

Well worth the watch.

First of all, it must be said, this is a really stunning film visually.

The adventure that these characters go through make the kids and their parents alike on the edge of their seats.

The smooth motions of characters and the detail put into the wide landscape shots are all superb, and these elements are only elevated by a very enjoyable cast of characters, on an adventure that eventually had me in tears.

If you do overlook the plot holes enough to get immersed in the movie, it's a touching story, though not a powerful one.

Confusing Movie .

"Abominable" is enjoyable, entertaining and lovable, and it is definitely a movie you should take the time to sit down, regardless of it being as a family or as an adult or a child.

The characters are surprisingly likeable and not annoying, well most of them anyways, Yi may seem like a teenager with a dead parent issue, but she is a very endearing, likeable, funny and relatable main character, you do feel for her and her loss, I really enjoyed her throughout the film, Everest is easily the best character in the film, he is funny, adorable, entertaining and his whole character and what he can do is very interesting, easily my favourite character in this film with Yi second, Mr. Burnish (Eddie Izzard) is also pretty entertaining and there is also more to him then just some villain, Dr. Zara (Sarah Paulson) is also a very entertaining character and just like Mr. Burnish, there is a little more to her then what she already is, which in this case is pretty obvious, Jin is okay, he never did that much for me, he did start off as a bit unlikeable and is the "one who likes social media and his looks then other people" type of character which always annoys, but he was pleasant and likeable enough to make me care about him, Peng is Jin's cousin who is the comic relief, he was the weakest character here, he was somewhat annoying and since he is a overweight character, there was a few jokes of him eating, however his friendship with Everest is actually quite strong and I did enjoy that part of Peng when he's not trying to be funny, the voice acting is pretty good coming from everyone, Chloe Bennet is really great as Yi, getting into character and sounding very convincing as a voice actress, same can be said with Albert Tsai as Peng, Tenzing Norgay Trainor as Jin and Joseph Izzo as Everest, however I was really surprised by Eddie Izzard and Sarah Paulson as Mr. Burnish and Dr. Zara, both were entertaining in their performances and both fitted their characters very well, so they both had the best acting in the film, with characters that can carry a film with strong performances likability and good comedy, it shows that they will be very memorable.....

The animation is unremarkable, the humor is predictable; it's all just plain basic.

The adventure is exciting without getting too harrowing and the characters are likeable enough with one or two being a tad grating.

The animation is stunning.

The action also quite bored!

I would highly recommend it.

The only real saving grace is in the animation, which is really good in places and provides a breathtaking look at China and Nepal in expensive CGI vistas.

All the sequences be they, the skyscrapers of urban Shanghai, or the rivers and mountains of rural China, are breathtaking beautiful and intrinsically detailed.

Animation was ok but propaganda ruined it .

Lacked in depth and not the most original story, but scenes are masterfully crafted and absolutely stunning, to the point that you can overlook other minor flaws.

Even if you go with your children, make sure you have few bears with you or will will be bored to death.

This one was fantastic and really enjoyable even as an adult.

The beautiful violin pieces create such a thrilling flow which makes you wish the movie would go on forever.

Action packed kids show .

This movie is full of passive Chinese propaganda, even if they want to make a movie they decide to place political facts in the movie brain-washing kids' minds, boycott movies like this

It's a shame, a field trip trip through China should provide great visuals, but overall it was a bit dull to look at.

BUT, it is a truly wonderful and heart warming film, and definitely worth the watch.

The plot is OK and is a good premise, but all the dialogue is dull and predictable.

This led to some dramatic moments and entertaining action sequences.

It ticks all the boxes, plays all the right heart strings at the right moments, so while it's very uplifting you could be forgiven for thinking it was overly formulaic, because it is.

Everest is such an entertaining character, and all of the humans lend to the formula as intended.

The creature's powers don't make sense and are just convenient, and the plot is as boring as it's execution.

I would say watch this movie because of how stunning it is.

The color pallet chosen was perfect and stunning.

This film is absolutely worthy of a watch, and certainly is enjoyable to both children and fans of animation.

Abominable is a gorgeously animated film that should delight all children (and a lot of adults) with its stunning animation, original storyline and heartfelt messaging.

Was this a Chinese funded propaganda movie?

Dreamworks/Pearl Studio's newest vehicle has a bit of a slow start.

As this films visuals were absolutely stunning.

Overall, Abominable was a fun, action packed film for the whole family.

There is a bunch of wacky and over the top action scenes that I thought were enjoyable and creative.

Boring story .

Must be seen for the scenery and the thrilling ride .

A very entertaining fantasy adventure .

Abominable is a more than enjoyable time out at the flicks.

Chinese propaganda in full swing trying to claim Himalayas as being chinese territory.

We enjoyed it, a very inventive story, we were totally entertained.

The visuals and the sounds are truly magical and breathtaking.

Overall I think this is just an enjoyable movie.

Definitely worth watching 👍

The story is a bit generic, however it has some minor twists which helps making it completely predictable, overall the story message is nice and extremism of any kind is toned down.

The storyline in "Abominable" is straight forward and very easy to follow, but it has enough contents to it that it proves to be entertaining for youngsters and adults alike.

If you like your children to be indoctrinated by the illuminati likes of Disney than you should definitely force them to see this predictable crap of a movie which played on really all of the well-known elements from modern day animation movies such as this and definitely worth your time if you want to waste it to no good nonsense and eye waste such as this.

He bought a lot the humour and stunning visuals to life within the film and plus he was adorable to look at as well.

Very entertaining, a nice story of Chinese teens helping a Yeti get back home.

It struck home and it was really, really enjoyable.

Despicable, polished propaganda, is still despicable propaganda.

It was an enjoyable watch and I wasn't bored at all.

I enjoyed watching it and I would highly recommend it to people.

- My 6yo enjoyed it thoroughly and laugher all the time.

As an adult, it is politically correct, makes you want to laugh, makes you wanna cry, and when you leave the theater it has been a very pleasurable experience that makes you feel good all over.

The movie lacks creativity, is full of cliche and formula storyline, and is generally a waste of time.

If you have children and want to take them, its fine for the children, though nothing special on that front as well, but for any adult its just plain boring and way too simple.

The movie was fantastic,adventurous, lively thrilling animation movie.

Small criticisms from me include the pop music, which is bland, and detracts from the film.

Simple plot with a couple contrived moments.

It's a funny, emotional, and enjoyable film perfect for young and adult audiences (I cried like a little child with all the beautiful meanings of this story).

It just copy-pastes a bunch of elements that have been used many, many times in the past into this bland, overly-familiar formula.

There is no message delivered.

Plot conveniences, revelations without setup, some scenes so unbelievably contrived that suspension of disbelief itself was suspended...

Very entertaining!!.

The smooth motions of characters and the detail put into the wide landscape shots are all superb, and these elements are only elevated by a very enjoyable cast of characters, on an adventure that eventually had me in tears.

The story line was predictable.

Needs be taken at face value; it seems there is somebody polluting the reviews here because they feel this is Chinese propaganda.

, the trailers for the film looked cute and it has potential, otherwise it would look like a bland looking version of Smallfoot, it was released on the 11th of October in the UK and I manage to watch the film the day after that, so basically I saw it yesterday and....

Definitely a feel good and very enjoyable movie.

Also it was exciting and interesting without being scary, a massive plus given that so many family films barely seem appropriate for kids.

The plot of the movie is simple and strait forward, yet it is still enjoyable and keeps you entertained.

It is extremely predictable and follows a very easy structure.

You will leave the theater, with a big smile on your face.

To continue on with the story, it was still enjoyable.

They'll certainly like this film since--I think--it's fun and enjoyable family movie.

Without the fun trivia mentioned, Abominable is an entertaining fantasy adventure.

A dull and missed opportunity, with a few shining moments .

Sentimental, well animated, very engaging and not too scary for my daughters.

Waste of time.

Waste of Crappy Time out there .

Despite what has been said, the movie is still funny and entertaining enough.

The plot is at once dull, predicable but also quite confusing and erratic.

Breathtaking .

Gee, that was unexpected..

Dull & predictable; little character interest .

But for adults, if you've ever seen anything else by Dreamworks, this is very lame and bland.

The film starts abruptly and expects you to have an emotional connection to characters who are bland and uninteresting.

Plot was lame and very predictable and the characters were forgettable (except Nainai).

The story lacked imagination, it felt plain and boring, nothing new really.

This movie is frustratingly predictable from start to finish, and doesn't even TRY to do ANYTHING new whatsoever.

I was fortunate enough to see it for free with my 5 year old because at the end, I'd have been annoyed if I had paid to be shown chinese propaganda (the map).

This really is a heart warming film with some great moments to laugh to, amazing characters & stunning visual effects.

This animation is so much better than Toy Story 4: it's heart-warming, hilarious, visually stunning, and magical.