About Time (2013) - Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

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At the age of 21, Tim discovers he can travel in time and change what happens and has happened in his own life. His decision to make his world a better place by getting a girlfriend turns out not to be as easy as you might think.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Richard Curtis
Stars: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 57 out of 548 found boring (10.4%)

One-line Reviews (247)

A pretty enjoyable ride.

They complicated the plot without any reason, making it dull and boring.

The plot is a sort of "Butterfly Effect" of love, but is repetitive and tiresome.

Like watching paint dry...

Either watch paint dry or watch this movie, all the same.

The situations that narrow down Tim's time traveling escapades are logical and intriguing.

The film was worth seeing, but save your money and see it on DVD.

Overall, it is an enjoyable movie, spoiled a bit by its second part which should have been shorter.

I was so bored and horrified that people may actually live these kind of hum drum predictable existences.

This is why I think it is worth watching.

Honestly, this guy is just charismatic and stunning and you immediately connect with him and fall in love with him as Tim's doting father.

Everything else looks tediously uninteresting, there is nothing left to fight for and the philosophical lesson, the Great Secret of Happiness is very long in the telling so you just want to get it over with.

For its last part, it starts to be engaging and very moving.

Boring .

Then halfway through, new and exciting things just stop happening.

Well put together, but lacks in plot and character development.

My colleague described it as enjoyable, and she was right.

Storyline - banal bordering on silly.

It turned out to be on of the more enjoyable movies I've seen in ages-- characters you could care about, plenty of light laughs, and enough tension to keep it interesting.

In fact, to be honest, I was so charmed and immersed into the story and characters I did not notice the rules were broken long after the movie was over.

With a twist of time travel expected to be exciting from beginning only...

I feel this is such a waste for this big time romantic movie star to be nothing more than just a sweet and caring gf/wife.

I won't go into detail what he decided to relive particularly, but it was all quite entertaining and never really dragged.

This movie was quite the unexpected treat.

Turns out I was utterly bored.

ABOUT TIME is one half snappy romance and another half family drama which lures us into the tutelage of some very beneficial "Chicken Soup for the Soul" truisms like "value your life and live everyday fully", "notice the beauty in the small things around you" and "be brave to say goodbye to the beloved and move on", such and such.

Nighy at least adds a bit of clout to the mostly empty emotion, while Hollander, Grant, Griffiths and a few others at least add a bit of grit or cleverness into the film.

The lack of central tension results in boredom.


An unexpected pleasure.

Confusing, and i guess not throughly though, unless someone can explain me these situations, would appreciate it.. It is not a true story, just a fantasy like romantic movie, where everything looks perfect and going well...

I enjoyed the Time Traveler's Wife, and this was like that except lacking everything that made that movie interesting, with hardly any significant, interesting time travel and a boring, pathetic loser for a main character who never grows at all throughout the movie.

However, it is a very enjoyable film, with some exciting twists and a good moral about life.

The movie is enjoyable and there are instances in this movie that you could use it in you daily life.

I enjoyed it very much.

I loved the cast but the writing was dull and rambling.

Nevertheless, I found this movie absolutely boring.

I was hoping that like Charlie Kaufman and Michel Gondry's wonderful Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which did have a unique and original plot device and gimmick, but that film made us care and relate to the characters and situations more so than most films I have seen and was a film that always was fascinating and kept your interest and because of how personal and realistic it got, you could both identify with it and laugh and cry with it at the same time.

However, I left the theater with my intelligence being fully insulted.

I'm a lover of romance movies and chick flicks, so I thought I'd spend a couple of very entertaining hours while watching this.

This earnestness is helped by well written characters, particularly Tim who goes through a complete coming of age tale that many can relate to.

This simple romantic comedy has no plot, the time-traveling part is infested with flaws.

I loved the main character, and just about all the supporting characters are enjoyable.

Therefore, people who want a lot of excitement and explosive action may be a little bored with it.

Worth watching millions of times.

I finally made time for this very unpredictable story narrative, it is honestly something I did not expect.

It is about enjoying life, it is about enjoying your friends and your family, if you are lucky enough to have enjoyable ones, like the dude in the film.

The idea to travel through time via one's memory was fascinating.

I generally find romantic films to be drab, uninteresting, and ultimately unrealistic.

But by the end, you realize that you've watched a stunning example of the peace & wisdom that can only come with the passing of time, & the immeasurable beauty that only exists in the second half of life.

An Entertaining and Emotional Movie .

Inside this lumpy, tedious 117 minute trudge is an 85 minute gem desperately fighting to escape.

The second hour of the film is just pure tediousness.

Quite boring and predictable .

Plagerised reworked and dull .

Serene, catchy and stunning.

This film follows along the same formulaic avenues of other Curtis films, and seemingly has lots of characters that have been tweaked a little and dropped in here.

It becomes boring, over- prolonged, unnecessary actually, describing a series of events which I don't quite know what they are looking for in the movie.

It was rather tedious.

The jokes are smile-kind of funny not the laughing out loud, but they are very entertaining.

However I was pleasantly surprised by 'About Time' - the story was intriguing,the acting was exemplary & the actors were perfectly cast-Bill Nighy does the best 'Bill Nighy ',ever.

My personal preferences and my own experiences with this film will lead me to like it more than some people, but I think many people will still find this to be an overall enjoyable experience.

However it is a very Enjoyable movie that will lift your spirits, and you may even want to watch it again to enjoy the finer details.

Really enjoyable .

It is a well-written, touching, humorous, and entertaining.

The warm intelligent script, editing and filming, developing characterization, unpredictable story, - and yes accents - are just so right.

Which kinda gives me reason to believe that this was entirely/originally a well written story, as in limited cliche' moments that got altered a bit in order to get the approval to be made.

The title however for the film is actually brilliant, because when it finally dragged to the end I cheered out loud....

It's the charaters and their interpersonal relationships in the unusual context of time travel which makes the movie an enjoyable watch.

This is disappointing because up till then the film is engaging and funny, partly due to the likable casting of Domhnall Gleeson (the son of Irish actor Brendan Gleeson).

Excellent choice of cast, stunning actors performance that make me believe in every emotion, brilliant look, perfect screenplay, exciting dialogs, interesting storyline, the soundtrack, all the little details just everything is on it's place!

It's not dynamite chemistry by any means, but it's enjoyable to see the two clearly having fun together.

I really thought I was going to see a comedy and what I got was a total waste of time.

Pros: Touching, powerful, and original plot, great ending, Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams and their great chemistry, good side characters, and Bill Nighy and his story is very touchingCons: The ability to time travel are never explained, slow pacing, and an overlong runtimeOverall Rating: 8.2

Slowest movie and oh so boring .

An entertaining can of worms .

Instead the film-makers choose to rub our noses in their dreary middle-class bliss.

A wonderful film about an intriguing subject.

But guess what – life is about the boring things.

It is slow.

Just watched this brilliant movie for the 4th time, and it was as fascinating as the very first time.

Pointless .

I've watched this movie yesterday with my wife, and we both enjoyed it very much.

Its a journey through a period of our time traveller's life, sometimes funny, charming, poignant with a very clever and enjoyable time travelling premise.

As a romantic comedy with some tearjerker moments, it's very enjoyable and nice.

I find it really confusing this film has almost the same average rating as Love Actually (even currently higher by 0.1). I mean that movie is PERFECT.

Usually the humor is of a questionable level and it threatens to become a corny tearjerker with a predictable happy ending where everyone is happily married.

Here's an in-depth summary of the movie:Main character uses time travel to get a girlfriend, then we spend the rest of the movie watching his boring life play out.

I guess this pretty soon gets boring to him as it got boring for Bill Murray in the Groundhog Day before he understand that love would be the meaning of life.


What started as a another formulaic rom-com quickly into a highly witty and extremely funny story.

It's a gripping, funny, intelligent British Film, it's better than 4 Weddings, Love Actually and Notting Hill.

The movie proceeds to explore this question and it finds an unexpected, entirely beautiful conclusion.

If it's not believable, then it ruins any hope of the movie being enjoyable.

This movie is slow.

If you're looking for a mind-bending experience by the likes of Primer or Coherence, you are in for a total shock in the most boring fashion unless you've read my review and moved on ahead of time.

She described it as enjoyable, the adjective I remember.

): one plain boring nerd with a plain boring perfect cute love story he patches together.

With that being said, the flick's length certainly becomes problematic as it nears the conclusion; its last thirty minutes or so noticeably drag out, and we encounter an unexpected scene after another.

time travelling,which is not really made a big deal of,you become involved in the possible outcomes of Tim's attempts to alter events & there are lots of unexpected results due to his tinkering with time not panning out as expected.

Having said that,well,the cons are,the movie gets a bit too dragged at times,and could have been shortened a bit.

absolutely Nothing happened.

They are either archetypes or bland as hell.

Remembering her interest of Kate Moss he looks for her in an exhibition, and eventually using his time travel method he finds the right approach to say hello, but he is devastated to find she already has a boyfriend, they met the night after the play at a house party, so he travels back so that she and he never meet, and knowing she is bored he invites her for a dinner date with him.

But it is worth watching, definitely.

It's not until the midpoint of the film that About Time finally deals with familial complications that directly affect the relationship between Tim and Mary, and only then, does the film begin to become compelling.

Groundhog Day was about a curse, not a fancy gift, and Bill Murray was an edgy and fascinating character indeed.

an unexpected delight .

He enjoyed it as well.

the plot is fascinating, it's that kind of stories that you wish you live it.

Boring to a fault.

Maybe that's one of the reasons it was so immensely enjoyable.

You don't care of any of the characters, because they are so flat, so empty.

Though there are many plot holes, just like many other time travel stories, it's still an enjoyable film.

The last ten minutes make this movie worth watching twice.

In sum, the idea of time travel is adeptly utilized in addition to the countless laughs to be had and the highly entertaining plot overall.

Awkwardly bland .

It was difficult not to compare it to the passing-of-time montage in Notting Hill, which was much more effective - this just dragged on and the music was headache-inducing.

Overall, I was disappointed, but found Domhnall Gleeson's skill and charm in the leading role the most enjoyable element of this film.

Early scenes in the film are actually quite engaging and amusing and Bill Nighy lights up the screen.

Upon watching this movie I wanted to dock the s__t out of it for it's corny/cliche moments, so much so that It tricked me into disliking this movie when in fact I was thoroughly entertained.

It is a long movie, and it has it's boring bits.

Overall, therefore, this is a silly, bland, unoriginal little film about silly, bland, inoffensive caricatures living their silly, bland, nice lives......

There is a confusion about the exact rules of time travelling and sometimes about the time-line we're in.

Cheesy formulaic pulp .

Enjoyable despite flaws .

If there are scenes that make your heart skip a beat, or your eyes to shed a tear, they are not forced onto you rudely, but find their way through the lines of a beautifully boring life.

Thoroughly enjoyable and I'm already looking forward to going to see it again.

It's beautiful, it's endearing, it's sweet, but it's also heavy, it's an intense emotional journey.

The plot could perhaps be accused of moving slowly at times; however this only serves to heighten the drama of the intriguing plot twists.

So i entered the half-empty hall full with skepticism, expecting both a waste of my time and money.

Make life enjoyable for others in your life.

a really enjoyable Richard Curtis movie, perfect romantic comedy with a new setting .

I was soooo bored.

Stunning scenery, very good actors, the whole thing looked wonderful and could have lasted 30 minutes and actually been interesting.

AT certainly lacks urgency or true conflict, but it's well executed and enjoyable enough for that to be overlooked and all in all it's another triumph for Working Title.

An intriguing set of new rules for time travel .

This isn't the sort of film I would usually choose to watch, but I found myself bored with a few hours to spare and decided to give it a go.

Just a very entertaining couple of hours.

This film will eat the inside of your brain out by the time you get to the end - and if you don't, you will have taken my advice and skipped possibly the worst movie of this or any other century.

What follows is the usual formulaic clap-trap found in most other films Richard Curtis has been involved in, such as Love Actually, Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Cliché melodrama at its worst.

this is such a stupid and one of the worst movies about time traveling crap.

A colossal waste of time.

An expected theme and conclusion indeed, but this final section gets a little long and tiresome without any riveting conflict.

The considerable humor was so, natural -- not forced, guttural, or contrived.

McAdams seems to have this chemistry with the men in her films (most of them) that is compelling and riveting and passionate.

Really, very boring indeed.

The story is slow and very little happens.

It gets complicated and confusing (do count that as one thing) and filmmakers usually love to incorporate hugely important matters into it.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

It is just horribly sentimentalized, and it is way too long; seriously, someone should have taken a pair of scissors to that last 30 minutes...

Good film and worth watching.

Good writing, enjoyable dialog, solid acting from the leads on down, and while the running time hits two hours you'd hardly notice as the pacing is light and always keeps you engaged, wondering what will happen next.

The movie quickly turned into a completely boring RomCom without comedy.

Tim will use this unexpected power to find the right girl with whom to spend the rest of his life.

Very, very enjoyable movie.

You've already read what the story is about so I wont bore you with the details.. I'll go straight to the point, the music!

Smart, Entertaining, Funny, and Touching .

Poignant and Riveting - a true movie for Adults .

Two hours of time claimed but utter banal, trivial, storyless, directionless movie.

Rachel McAdams is so underused, but then again, the story is rather bland.

I feared this film would become another sort of 50 First Dates, but surprisingly it took an unexpected turn halfway through the film and becomes something else.

This time they did it was a romance theme, so I guess corny and cliche' goes with the territory.

But time travel in this movie is a secondary thing, more important is one simple message that is very difficult to follow in life and that is to accept everything as it comes and to seize every moment in life like it is the last one.

dull and boring .

The welding of a concept of time-travel to a rom-com,well,that,is indeed really unexpected.

This movie is nothing more, just 2 hours of dull and boring cinema with almost no plot at all.


About Time is bland, pointless, and just sits there on screen doing absolutely nothing.

because each time I watch it, I' I'm a blubbering wreck totally immersed in the belief of love ,kindness and wanting to make the world a better place.

Except that this movie dragged on forever.

A host of corny/cliche' moments.

Bottom line I honestly thought this film was rather dull to be honest with you.

As such I found it gripping and moving.

Entertaining movie, Good premise!

Well,I gotta admit I thought it's another boring love story with some weird silly time-travel element,which is,obviously,not the case.

Tim (Domnhall Gleeson) is raised by his book-loving Dad, artsy Mom, and daft Uncle Desmond with his sprite of a sister KitKat in a great cluttered home on the edge of the sea in Cornwall.

In the style of Being John Malkovich, Groundhog Day, Midnight In Paris and some Nicholas Sparks flick with a British Flare, the family secret of time travel creates a unique story that is superbly entertaining.

Whole movie is pathetic and boring.

On the face value, the film is tremendously entertaining and heart-warming, Tim's naturalistic maladroitness proffers enough ballast for repeating his one-trick pony to finally win Mary over, along the way there are laughters galore; the family bond is also capaciously constructed between Tim and his father, and a detour to save his sister Kit Kat (Wilson) from wrong choices in her life.

Sometimes a flawed and somewhat predictable movie can be enjoyed by the watcher due to its charm and inoffensive manner, Richard Curtis's time traveling love story About Time is one of those films, a film that provides enough laughs and heartfelt moments that only Scrooge himself could not find enjoyment in this tale.

A safe, dull, pretence.

Dull, Drab, Dreary, Dire.

I think it is an average try to make it humorous and entertaining.

and then the yawns set in.

The concept is very exciting and makes you wonder what you would've done if you had such a gift.

I deliberately didn't want to give away anything about the plot and where the film goes, for the fresh path it takes is part of the joy of viewing this refreshing and very entertaining film.

The love aspects blend so well with the father/son relationship story that is just riveting.

heart warming,engaging and humorous though not laugh out loud.

We both really enjoyed it.

Time Travel has always been an intriguing idea in cinema and literature.

It is a good movie, you can watch it when you are boring.

But to prevent that the movie will get boring by showing the reliving, the director just skips to the present again.

The scenery in Tim hometown is breathtaking.

unrealistically boring and absurd .

It might seem like a bad movie judging but my rant here but actually if you look past the aforementioned shortcomings it is entertaining and the 2 hrs will fly by in no time.

The first time I got bored.

Curtis is very straight forward with his story but it's massively engaging and entertaining.

The strength of the writing is in the ability to remain unexpected, and some of this is naturally due to the ability of time travel to allow unexpected things to happen.

Oh we'll, had enough good points to be worth the watch.

It is amazing acting, beautifully shot, and initially a very exciting storyline.

The intriguing plot complements the few time-travelling excursions and keeps the idea crisp.

Overall fantastic storyline, great acting throughout the cast and a thoroughly enjoyable and heart wrenching film.

He was stunning in this film....

Film gets a bit convoluted at times and takes some left turns that I could have done without, however over all enjoyable.

Its so unsettling that so many people here have given this drab grey shade of a movie ten stars, and calling it the "best film you've ever seen" c'mon..? Honestly people, can you just not make statements like that on here anymore?

Heck, I probably would have enjoyed it more if I could roll a tear.

Curtis's Screenplay justifies a fascinating concept, by converting it into A Gem of a film.

A bland, ordinary, 'nice' movie......

He isn't a chiseled, square jawed Hollywood superstar and he gives this truly moving, intense, emotional performance that feels right.

The lovely Margot Robbie and the smile of Rachel McAdams save this movie from a fiasco since Domhnall Gleeson is too dull for a lead role.

I even liked his voice too, he has like this David Attenborough voice that really makes you fall asleep, yknow!

The film turned out to be an enjoyable movie and have enough tension to keep it interesting

There were a few instances where the time traveling bit got slightly confusing to the end - for instance, when he and his father go back to when he was a little kid.

He wanted us to learn about life, to live everyday carefree, and instead it becomes somewhat pointless and at the end instead of crying I wanted it to end.

The acting is bad, the characters are flat, the comedy isn't funny, and the story (if you can call it that) is a boring waste of time.

A very enjoyable tale of life and love .

They both made the movie so real that it was like i was with them all the time looking at all the things by sitting right beside them,of course not the sex part I wish,But overall the movie is worth watching many times, whenever you are sad and bored.

There is so much more to this movie than just the cliché.

All in all a lovely movie worth watching many more times as so many of Ruchard Curtis' movies are.

It is too boring to go into details, just trust me.

From then onwards, we're treated to entirely predictable events as the dull humour quickly drops out of the film and it makes a stab at being something serious, failing to realise that most of the intelligent male audience dragged into it by women likely lost interest a long time ago.

It could go on and on until either Tim dies of old age or the audience of boredom...

That's how brilliant a writer Curtis is, slapping dumb-looking smiles and movie-watchers' faces with clever dialogue, humorous scenarios and compelling romance.

I actually found the first 35 minutes or so mildly entertaining so I though it was maybe worth giving it another go...

After that it's just mind numbing, 2 hours of boredom.

The amazing Rachel McAdams is the love of his life and they are stunning together.

There are some new faces together with some older faces of British cinema, working together very empathetically , on the background of a breathtaking Cornwall which is by itself worth the ticket.

Overall the film is enjoyable despite its shortcomings.

He does appear as nice and caring though so bloody dull and boneless.

The soundtrack is inherently British, which to me made it that more enjoyable.

The premise of the film sounded interesting enough with it's blend of romance/comedy and even a little bit of science fiction (if you really want to call it that), but I just felt that the film went nowhere with this material.

My thought was right for the first half of the film where Tim try to find himself a girlfriend with some interesting yet boring humors.

While not necessarily a perfect film, it was a very enjoyable one that ran the gamut of my emotions the entire way.

Great IMDB ratings led me to believe this may have been a great premise used well, however, right from the first massive plot defect where the lead male could simply have returned in time to get the girl's phone number again, and yet did not and the plot got terribly stupid and cliché, the entire thing began falling like a badly stacked deck of cards, relying on cliché after cliché and the MOST unremarkable dull lives with something poorly mimicking wit, to attempt to keep it all afloat.

This was Unexpected.

I hope you enjoyed it and don't want to go into the nearest closet to go 10 minutes back in time and "unread" it.

One flaw I did pick up on was that it did feel a bit slow paced at points, Tim didn't seem to grow until very late on.

I am sure this is meant to be enchanting and touching, but actually I found it dull and boring, and the "oh yay you're not ugly" scene immediately afterwards just feels forced.

Utter banality .

In one sentence: the most dull and boring movie I have seen in a long time, made for simple minds.

Thanks for a most enjoyable story.

Entertaining movie with a deeper message .

Just awful and boring .

On the surface it's an entertaining ride watching a young man grow up - if it was just that it would still be better than most "romantic" movies out there: It's funny, it doesn't take itself too seriously, it's clever.

The casts are stunning.