Absolutely Anything (2015) - Comedy, Sci-Fi

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A group of eccentric aliens confers a human being with the power to do absolutely anything, as an experiment.

Director: Terry Jones
Stars: Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 91 found boring (23.07%)

One-line Reviews (62)

It doesn't feel like they were trying to make a fun comedy, but instead a clearly formulaic romp for no reason at all.

), it's not amazing in any way, but it does great at being a simple, enjoyable and funny movie to watch with your family.

The bland story line fares no better.

Which is why I'm leaving such a dull and plain review.

Acting wasnt that bad at all & ya it may not be a big all star movie, but I enjoyed it.

Eddie Izzard was completely bland in this.

A simple, silly, but funny and enjoyable family movie.

They aren't jokes that will make you scratch your head thinking "how did this get onto the screen", but they are just dull.

It was very predictable and not that original when it comes to the story.

Overall it's a very funny & enjoyable film with a unique story.

For he's voiced by none other than the (sadly) late, great Robin Williams and, yes, he's definitely on a par with the Pythons when it comes to enjoyable screen time.

And yet using it in the most boring, predictable ways.

While it is certainly flawed, Absolutely Anything is still great fun, worth the watch if you are looking for a good comedy, just do not go out of your way to see it, check it out on Netflix.

There's the sequence of wishes that are interpreted literally and Neil (Pegg) makes a series of wishes toward the end that have unexpected consequences.

Overall, this movie is an enjoyable entertaining experience without the deeper, richer moments that it was capable of.

Yet, any intelligent person will soon find themselves bored with this movie for one reason or another.

I lost count of the number of times Pegg's dull character could've wished to improve things.

the premise is ridiculous and each scene is so contrived I actually began to cringe.

Even Robin Williams is limited as the dog and the whole biscuit thing got boring fast and to make it even worse a lot of situations felt repetitive.

Maybe I'm easily pleased ( compared to some reviews ) but, I found this film hugely entertaining!

Enjoyable .

Eventually it ends up as a trite, irritating and predictable slapstick.

It's effortless to watch and thoroughly enjoyable.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable film and I found that I could escape the real world whilst watching it (which is really the main reason I watch films).

Don't waste your time with it - I can only assume that the 6 out of ten voters were stoned or under the influence of some heavy drugs.

Worth watching.

You could tell she had three hours of makeup before every scene and her pedestal lifted her well beyond the reach of Simons character.

If you are a fan, that should be enough to pique your interest and it's quite an entertaining hour and 25 minute jaunt.

The characters are boring.

" Then there's the typical bumbling awkwardness, which embarrasses him, and keeps him so many times from asking the girl out etc.This Movie is a reviewer's dream of cliche Super Power movies!

The existential question posed by this movie is not, as the plot might have us think, would an ordinary person chosen at random use absolute power for good or for evil, but instead: How can so much talent be poured into a movie that is so bland, monotonous and unimaginative?

That said, if your bored, then this is a new-title, forgettable comedy that has enough meat to be a 5.5/10 in those circumstance.

Hugely enjoyable.

Full of unexpected wit that cleverly mixes its comedic styles, Absolutely Anything had me laughing from start to finish.

Both leads are a bit bland.

An unoriginal premise that has been done time and time again before, yet admittedly still has potential for a good 90 minute comedy, is turned into a generic endeavor of boring jokes after boring jokes that don't have anything to do with character and don't make anyone look more interesting.

Having never watched Spaced, I'm struggling to see how he's acquired such a sterling reputation, as all his films thus far that I've watched seem to fall under the same category: A germ of a good idea, turned into generic slush, with a sprinkling of genuine laughs, but mostly a generous helping of tiresome, repetitive poo and sex jokes.

Most of the 'I can do anything' moments were cringeworthy and predictable - with the talent of the writers on offer, I would have hoped for a lot better.

Amusing as the film often is, the plot frequently feels very contrived with the aliens only ever existing as an excuse for the protagonist's inexplicable powers - and the film's constant cutting back to the aliens musing over their experiment is an unwelcome distraction, novel as it is to have the aliens voiced by the five still living members of the Monty Python troupe.

Fun, Funny and Fantastically enjoyable.

I just want to ask the usually talented Terry Jones who co-wrote and directed this forgettable flop ; Why bother to gather such a range of comic talent together to produce such a derivative, plodding and humourless film?

British movies to this American are usually so stupid its embarrassing to watch, or so complex and dialogous I fall asleep trying to pay attention.

Okay, so that would make a pretty dull film.

The film IS enjoyable and it kept my interest...

" Predictable bilge.

From a hilarious talking dog to a series of unpredictable gags ranging from walking turds to the accidental annihilation of an entire classroom of kids, the film's unpredictable humor is completely nuts.

The stuff at the beginning while I admit was slow it does get a few chuckles.

not bad, pretty enjoyable .

The CGI special effects were OK, as indeed were the efforts by all actors involved so 3 stars awarded, but why re- hash all these well worn plot devises into one pointless bore fest?

The movie seems to be intriguing by using funny humor, as there were expectations the story would be convincing for the audience.

Not even Joanna Lumley, whom I would have said I could watch in absolutely anything before watching "Absolutely Anything," can enliven this dreary material.

If you have time to kill and I mean to absolutely waste and you get a free copy of the DVD from a friend then go ahead but don't waste a dime on it, Wait even then don't waste your time.

Silly, illogical, crazy and entertaining.

cliché predictable juvenile propaganda .

Let me have a d*ck that women find exciting!

Five Word Review: Bland, Occasionally Funny Wasted Potential .

Very poor script don't waste time or money .

Perfectly enjoyable film, just not outstanding or remarkable .

There is a decent scene at the horse races where he discusses the banality and futility of materialistic wishes.

Entertaining Comedy with Robin Williams's Last Voice-Over Appearance .

mildly entertaining.

How the undeniably pointless Stan-Helsing or Kevin Smith's unfunny detective comedy Cop Out managed to get higher critic approval scores is beyond me.