According to Greta (2009) - Drama, Romance

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A suicidal and rebellious teenager is sent to live with her grandparents for the summer, where life takes an unexpected turn.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Nancy Bardawil
Stars: Hilary Duff, Evan Ross
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 6 out of 42 found boring (14.28%)

One-line Reviews (12)

However, since by minute 45 she hasn't yet, but rather has found a guy, who was nice to her despite and threatened to turn this annoying waste of time film into a sappy waste of time romance, we aborted MISSION ENDURANCE!

While this movie was enjoyable and definitely a big step up for Duff, I feel there was just not enough to make it 'great'.

The film is only 88 minutes, but it's entertaining all through-out and Greta takes you on a ride that'll keep you watching.

This is a pretty decent coming of age teen movie starring Hillary Duff.

In this case, I think they should have diverted from the source material and went to a darker ending instead of the usual crap and this movie might have been one for the ages, instead its an enjoyable view for about 70-minutes.

It's just one cliché after the other and totally over the top.

It's not widely known, but is well worth watching.

Decent Coming of Age Teen Movie .

It is artistic, gripping and is free of dull time-filling moments that have no relevance to the story or characters that are being portrayed.

It's a very well written movie and an entertaining one if you just like Hilary you should give it a try.

like That should have been the movie instead of all the uninteresting, disengaging, and honestly, extremely dull things that they did turn into this terrible movie.

Once Greta becomes more happy with life, Duff falls back on her Disney acting chops (yawn).