Act of Valor (2012) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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An elite team of Navy SEALs embark on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Mike McCoy
Stars: Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sanchez
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 82 out of 361 found boring (22.71%)

One-line Reviews (330)

You don't have to get some deep meaning, and, or, appreciation like I did - really it's just an enjoyable movie.

Act of Valor has accomplished what the entertainment industry alone never could: create a blockbuster, heart- pumping, breathtaking, tear-jerker film with a wholesome message and unmatched authenticity, all without the help of big-named professional actors.

The script is beyond awful with incredibly cheesy and lifeless dialogue and a terribly empty story that most certainly, perhaps even deliberately, takes a back seat to the visual spectacle aspect of Act of Valor.

government sanctioned piece of propaganda, a navy recruiting ad or just a pure piece of U.

As an action film, Act of Valor may be clunky and clichéd, but the moments that do work as gut-level entertainment thrills only help sell the propaganda's message.

To be honest, I wasn't hating on this movie at first, till I realized after a while that the story was absolutely going nowhere, the characters remained incredibly flat and the movie had absolutely no sense of excitement or tension in it.

But even the fighting gets a little tedious with it's overuse of the shaky cam and first person video game style camera work that gets overused to the point where it's almost gimmicky.

greatness propaganda (or if you're from the U.

Riveting story, immaculate camera-work, attention to the tiniest of minutiae, and some seriously great acting considering THESE MEN KILL TERRORISTS FOR A LIVING AND ARE NOT PAID TO ACT IMDb (sorry new reader, it's these people, you gotta understand).

They just become repetitive.

All non-Americans will see this for the jingoistic propaganda it is .

An exhilarating, well made propaganda film .

Since the cast consists of real life Navy Seals, it's difficult to follow each character and their part within this fictionalized account of what heroes do while we're safe at home.

after all this hate you might think why i still give it a 5, but that is only because its also a trip back in time to the bad 80's propaganda movies out of America.

Act of Valor was a interesting window on the fast paced world of US military Spec Ops forces and the way they operate.

People were angry because they perceived the film as 'propaganda' or a 'recruitment' tool.

I can say that the plot it's terrible,is a complete cliché !

Having bored you with the above, to this WONDERFUL movie.

Bad Propaganda Flick .

You might also feel this is a recruitment film or at least propaganda and I (nor anybody else) couldn't convince you otherwise, whatever I'd say.

In another words it's a very patriotic movie that most audiences will find engaging.

Very entertaining movie.

Well done, action packed, real people, real families....

A waste of time - I'd rather watch an Expendables movie.

Act of Propaganda .

There are some very exciting sequences, and the movie must have been great to watch on a movie screen.

You must create interesting, compelling characters so that the audience can care about what they do or what they are about to do.

Even the amateurish acting by the Navy SEALs was enjoyable.

Yeah, it's propaganda.

Not great, but an all-in-all entertaining military action film .

I wouldn't waste your money on this one.

The action scenes were some of the most exciting I've ever seen, and apparently quite true to life.

+ Incredibly realistic solider movementsIffy, uninteresting plotPoor charactersTV show qualityBad scriptLack of enjoyment and engagement value throughout, including the action scenesScore: 5 - It's debatable whether I should've watched this or not.

The lack of acting skills was very painful, as you get cliché after cliché, and laughable (in a bad way) jokes in between to lighten things up.

Obvious propaganda.

Forget the Hollywood cliché movies about war, this movie will have you on the edge of your seat!

Boring movie of the year so far .

You simply cannot deny the propaganda purpose of this feature.

The natural reflection and the communication slang SEALS used in this film quite impressed the crews and it's really enjoyable to see these real professional's normal performance; especially the Senior Chief's interrogating the smuggler and terrorist.

It's so worth watching that I understand that they will ignore the critics who gave some pretty hateful reviews along with other films (That kind of hatred goes to Battlefield Earth, Batman & Robin, and more.

Thus you will have cardboard sketches of characters and you have a lot of cliché, dull dialog.

Before watching this movie, I braced myself, waiting for some really poor acting and a boring script.

Personally, the concept of propaganda that serves to highlight the dedication and brave acts of what these remarkable men do in real life is fine with me.

Admittedly pretty jaded by the typical formulaic Hollywood movie, with over the top violence, effects, pure fantasy, etc. I frankly wasn't expecting to much.

Some might say it is military propaganda.

Act of Valor is a film that wants to be intense, super cool, and also profound.

It is a little idealistic and it's a little predictable.

But at the same time it's so contrived that you just gotta take it in stride and not dwell on it too much.

A poor action film that could be argued as propaganda.

While the masterfully executed action sequences are commendable, the hollow acting by the real life Marines and the deliberate recruitment propaganda is not.

Too much badly done propaganda .

There were plenty of gunshots, explosions, blood-splattering deaths and headshots to keep the movie exciting for those of us who enjoy action and gore.

My partner and I found this movie very engaging, suspenseful with moments of levity and a sense of realness very rare in films of this type.

In fact, to ANYONE who called this movie "propaganda," I'll pay you $1,000 to find me ONE person who joined the military as a result of seeing this movie.

Fast paced, plenty of action.

Save your money and time and just play Call of Duty.

Outstanding, fast moving and entertaining film with great cinematography and an engaging storyline throughout.

Even so, I highly recommend it!

first 20 minutes is boring?

Outstanding, fast moving and entertaining!

I enjoyed it.

It's intense at points and gives a good insight into the life of a U.

While it can be entertaining, invigorating, and at the end, deep, the movie for the whole hour and forty minutes needs to be worked on.

This is an interesting movie, it is a blatant propaganda film (much like the British anti-nazi films of the 1940s).

Nationalistic recruitment propaganda, plain and simple.

The action is intense, dramatic and has a very realistic feel to it.

Yes, the plot is simple and boring, and with too much bravado and "Americans are always on the side of justice.

The action scenes are pretty intense too.

What plot there was was terribly predictable.

Gripping battle realism like a Tom Clancy wet dream .

Secondly, and as so mentioned before by my fellow reviewers, this movie is full of propaganda, trying to make the US Armed Forces look like the good guys.

Also, as the names of the lead "actors" in this film are being withheld for security reasons, any praise or criticism of any particular cast member is pointless.

I as an action fan, am very pleased with ACT OF VALOR's high intensity, and I'm not talking just about the masterfully choreographed combat sequences and the advanced battlefield technology that will leave you in awe, but I also enjoy the film's first person shooter point of view that keeps you on the edge of your seat, it's better than any found footage method could ever hope to get, the way ACT OF VALOR handles it is more effective, more engaging, it doesn't need to go IMAX or 3D just to get you in the jungle and feel like you're part of the mission.


Act of Valor is what it is - a salute to the US special forces, an action burner that goes for realism in its approach (which works greatly in its favor) Some will see it just an action flick, others will see it as purely propaganda and recruiting - and it really isn't either of those things, or maybe its both?

It was entertaining to see real live Navy SEALs tactic being implemented in this movie.

If you are not real familiar with military lingo then some of the dialogue may be confusing to you (mikes = minutes, tango = target/terrorist, etc.), but this movie is well, well worth the watch.

This film shows us just how intense their lives are.

If you are looking for an entertaining action film and you don't mind bland acting/dialog and stiff characters, I say take your chance.

Overall it came across like a cold war era propaganda film which I'm sure was not the intention as movie goers today are too savvy to fall for such attempts.

A mans-man film, and not one that I would recommend for "date night", this film has everything you would want in your perfect action genre film: high speed chases, body count in the high double digits, explosions, head shot take downs, riveting gun-blaring action sequences, awe-inspiring helicopter action sequences, modest dialog, virtually no love story (though there is a "bro-mance"), and lots of gadgets and technology (there is a submarine action sequence that was so incredible / unbelievable, I thought I watching a 007/James Bond film).

While I did feel the SEALs seemed rather invincible towards the end of the movie, I also felt a strong vibe of patriotism instead of the misconstrued propaganda.

The most infuriating thing about this movie is that I know there are going to be tons of people out that that will be suckered into loving this cliché-ridden snooze-fest.

I highly recommend it!

An entertaining war movie for what it was, just a shame it had to be put on a red, white and blue pedestal.

Couple those emotions with splendid action and you've got a movie worth the watch.

This film is fairly entertaining and has a good deal of action.

I watched this movie last night because I was bored and it was free On Demand.

So overall not a great movie but for what it encompasses in the grand scheme and due to some highly engaging tactical scenes this film gets good marks

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the film.

They slow down the pace enough that it takes a while to get back into the swing of the action.

The sequence from scene to scene is like water, it flows into one another, with crashes and waves that makes you sit on the edge of your seat to see what will happen next.

This movie is garbage, unbelievably boring and cliché.

Groovy scenes of action felt formulaic, with the typical heroic sacrifice to upset the audience over a character that was as developed as a Flash Game beta.

) Then the mission was completed and the film got boring again.

Tedious .

The point of showing the audience such lethal proficiency seems to be overt naval propaganda.

Don't waste your time.

This film is being called 'exciting' and 'riveting' and terms that are often used to describe "action" movies.

On the other hand, the brilliant cinematography and the solid direction bring an intense realism to Act of Valor, making it have a semi-documentary tone which increments the suspense and transports us to the chaos of combat, the tension of the infiltrations inside enemy territory, and the frenzy of the shootouts against international mercenaries.

I wish they would have some kind of plot twist or throw in something unexpected.

See/view the film as you want, some will see it as propaganda...

I'm fed up with people saying this is propaganda.

As with all propaganda films it doesn't reflect reality, the world is not that simple; and as the news show even special forces can miss sometimes.

I was surprised that this is a good movie with exciting action, mystery, and characters with enough depth to care about their fates.

What dragged this movie backwards, in my view, were the poorly directed dialogue scenes.

I can add a lot of text now talking about plot lines, coherent story telling and good acting, but this film is exactly what it is: a propaganda poster for Navy Seals.

Watching the real combat tactics is what keeps the film alive and on the edge of your seat.

This scene is shot perfectly and is very intense.

What works best are the scenes of the SEAL team engaging in covert operations and combat.

A truly dreadful piece of propaganda for our military industrial complex.

From here on in the action is fast paced, but for most part predictable.

If I've one issue with the film everything runs too smoothly, more things should go wrong, there should be political interference, crippling rivalry between other officers and units, boats and helicopters should break down, the weather should screw stuff up, there should be misunderstandings, confusion and bureaucratic delays.

The action scenes (using live ammunition) are breathtaking!

Slow to get going, over-long and lacking any real intrigue or surprises, it doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same paragraph as the above.

The long drawn out funeral ending to make us feel guilty at enjoying the movie was another plot device that made the whole film as contrived and fake as all the other far better action movies.

I would have walked out.

Several times throughout this energetic but predictable yarn, you will see what the action looks like through the gun sights of our heroes guns.

If you do it over and over again it becomes tedious.

This movie surprised the heck out of me, I mean the action was SO intense and yes it does make you feel like your playing a video game at times...

My first impression was that these guys had to be real Navy Seals or had some intense training in stealth maneuvers and special warfare tactics because they were talking to each other as if they actually knew what they were talking about, and handling weapons, well, those were not acting (i.

About the story it's a typical American propaganda movie.

It was entertaining without overindulgence.

Well forget about them, the movie is incredibly boring for the most part.

Great Film, I highly recommend it if the viewer has an interest in the topic.

The predictability of the characters lends little to the plot and essentially what we get is a full blown propaganda film about the American military.

lol) lacked any semblance of the things that make up a film.. no characters, no plot, no reality.

But as far as intense and super cool goes, Act of Valor accomplishes that more than anything else.

The gears, the vehicles and the actions are really adrenaline-pumping.

That they would think this poor story blatant US propaganda was OK to put their names too.

Intense, Action Packed, Dramatic & Realistic.

Act of Valor is a refreshing action film that keeps you on the edge of your seat with great action sequences, true to life tactics, and a great plot.

If like me you really enjoy exciting war movies you were probably really looking forward to this one.

The movie shows that some men, place country and duty above everything else: this is what makes for a real soldier, someone who is prepared to die fighting for a cause, and like any other typical military propaganda movie, it casts the American soldier as the ''Good Guys" (it is an American movie after all) who really "kick ass", kill all the bad guys, who deserve to die, because they are a threat to the American way.

This movie was everything I wanted it to be; realistic, action packed, tactical, great picture and to show great heroism, which I know exists in every SEAL out there.

This movie is as inaccurate as unbearable.

Well-Meaning, Anti=Terrorist Propaganda .

"Act of Valor" qualifies as an above-average but formulaic global terrorist thriller sabotaged by pedestrian performances from the principals.

Time sensitivity in missions AND showing the exact opposite, the boring possibility of waiting for targets on recon.

The missions are far from the sterile scenes that don't link up as I've seen mentioned here, but i instead found the story is engaging and entertaining.

Mainstream critics have expressed that the story is packed with propaganda, rather unkindly suggesting Uncle Sam's invincibility and far reach.

At any rate this movie is boring, boring, boring, no plot and boring.

Cliché-d plot that serves as an excuse to string the action segments together.

But it is your good right to expect a somewhat entertaining movie experience.

What a waste of my money.

"In summary, while the same film with top-notch acting talent would have captivated the viewer a better, seeing real military heroes featured in an otherwise very high quality motion picture makes "Act of Valor" enjoyable.

Just to keep you on the edge of your seat, the filmmakers sacrifice one of the Navy Seals and this makes them more sympathetic.

Stereotypical, boring villains with a stereotypical, boring plot to terrorise the United States and man-bomb the White House or something, using a newly-made high-tech ultra-high and ultra-powerful explosive.

The actors are bad, the story is bad and boring.

Which makes the film far more compelling than it would be with "mere" actors.

The camera is really smartly positioned and it captures the most exciting motions during the missions.

They also used a POV method which was intriguing.

As mentioned earlier, the pro-American propaganda was ruining some of the enjoyment of the movie.

I was compelled to go through the tedious task of signing up to simply add my small vote in the hopes of saving someone from loosing 110 min from there life that they would never get back; I would like to think of it as a small act of valor on my part.

The naysayers will say these things like: poor script, bad acting, unrealistic action, propaganda, patriotic and so on.

People saying that it is realistic need to look up the word cliché in the dictionary.

The movie was entertaining, if you like war action movies.

Plot-less propaganda.

Act of Valor was intense.

These missions helped keep the movie exciting through its nearly two-hour length.

If you can look past the propaganda, there is a noteworthy action film here .

Acting is not a priority here, but strangely enough you will feel all the tension, worries, thoughts and adrenaline rushes that the actors will go through all along the movie.

There are so many exciting sequences, great effects, and captivating camera work that I wished I had the ability to stop and replay many of the scenes.

It was tedious.

I better warn you, this movie is pretty intense, so I hope you go in knowing what to expect.

Much of it is filmed in fps perspective, which really adds more adrenaline to the viewers feel.

The filmography was stunning.

The use of modern technology and unrelenting force makes the core of this movie completely enjoyable.

They finally tried to make an adrenaline filled war movie with ACTUAL SOLDIERS.

Inspired by true events, the premise is an action packed illustration of the cogs and wheels behind the fight for freedom; or in this case, anti-terrorism.

As I was watching the movie, I felt that someone was playing Modern Warfare because some parts of the film have first- person-view, which is nice pointless at the same time.

The action scenes are stunning, they are efficient, brutal, and to the point, i've never gotten so many chills in my life.

As an action film it's just boring.

I was never confused about what was going on, and the way that these actors/SEALS handle themselves in combat is exciting to watch; and it is extremely believable.

So I guess that's why some peeps call it propaganda.

I found the movie hard to follow at times.

Otherwise, the movie is often a sub-par, uneven effort - for every scene that benefits from the verisimilitude, there are several that suffer from a lack of film-making and story telling skill and a slavish devotion to cliché.

A hyped-up, action packed movie that stars real Navy SEALS?

If you're bored on a Friday with no girlfriend, parents, etc. you should watch it to bring out the little boy in you!

This was a fantastic movie that did a great job of creating a realistic action packed movie.

Most importantly, it should be more enjoyable.

Otherwise, I thought they did an excellent job of informing and entertaining and I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys action and suspense.

One of the best, most exciting action movies in years.

Very bloody, lot's of action and very intense.

There's an actual, coherent plot that you can recount after you leave the theater.

If a little overt propaganda does not bother you, then sit back and enjoy some creative and deadly action sequences.

What's more is the movie itself was so intense that you forget about anything less than top notch acting.

Entertaining and realistic war film .

The story was a gripping tale showing how interconnected the world has become, for better or worse.

Best Look Into the SEALs Without Being OneEveryone has seen the classic action film with an overload of special effects, crazy car and fight scenes, and no real plot or deeper meaning behind it all.

What little is lost in the SEALs' lack of acting chops is more than made up for by honest performances from the men who actually do this stuff for a living and the film's gripping battle realism.

The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars, is that, if you ignore the bad acting, propaganda, lies, and nationalism, there are some pretty bad ass firefight scenes.

An entertaining piece of propaganda that is just too heavy handed and self-conscious minimizing its intended effect.

They are as lifeless as they come and this becomes even more of a flaw in the moments where the movie tries to have emotional moments that come off more as forced and cliché that emotional.

But, these bland characters felt like the Uncle Sam poster: they were so cliché, flawless, mechanical, wooden, unidentifiable from the next soldier, unrealistic, soulless and "perfect" for 1940s military recruitment film stock.

where the movie scores is in its intense action scenes which are shot beautifully and are as real as they come.

The bad guys are stereotypical and kind of boring.

Long boring scenes from a single position, others were absolutely nothing we've seen too many times before.

The tricky thing about propaganda is that the more it is engaging and entertaining, the more effectively it sells its cause .

Sure, the dialog's pretty flat and some of the acting is a lot over the top at times, but I had a very rousing good time watching this film.

The overall camera work does a great job; especially during the action scenes making them seem more realistic and intense while watching.

Worth Watching .

That was well shot and edited and was the high point of an otherwise slow and pedestrian narrative.

Act of Valor is an entertaining shoot 'em up, no more and no less.

There were enough to lulls to keep it from being overdone.

Never have I seen a film done in such manner, it's action packed, the drama is real and not glorified, the mission at hand is dangerous, you can actually feel the threat, and you'll be impressed by the remarkable weaponry that our troops has in order to fight terrorism.

American propaganda and brainwashing for endless wars.

That tacit varnish of hegemony and North American interventionism might alienate the spectators who can't completely swallow the crude ultra-patriotic rhetoric from Act of Valor; but viewing it only as an action film, I think the film offers an exciting and very entertaining experience.

With all of the mediocre-at-best acting and writing, there's also not much reason to care for the Seals or even the story for that matter, and it's even worse how the most interesting and compelling character is the villain.

Its the same kind of crap that makes you crinch when you watch Lethal Weapon 3 and makes Lethal Weapon 4 unwatchable.

"Act of Valor" has no plot nor character development, it is simply propaganda.

This combined with a huge array of exemplar military technology, and fairly accurate special effects make this a really action packed film, that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

While some reviews have bemoaned its lack of words and lack of trained acting (or a compelling storyline for that matter), it is a fun movie for an action or military movie buff.

First I just wanna say how disappointed I am with some of these reviews where people hail this movie as a hardcore propaganda film, a hatred towards Islam, America's twisted view...

The terrorists are hunted to extermination as they empty their AKs wildly over their shoulders as the heroes unleash hell upon them in the form of attack helicopters, mini guns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, gun boats and anything else you can think of.

Usually I find most action movies rather boring, because gun shots, explosions and car chases are not exciting per se.

These scenes are no doubt present to humanize the characters, though these scenes do feel a little contrived.

So, if Hollywood monitors these things at all (and I think it does), we should expect more crappy propaganda shenanigans targeted at a bunch of retards (that being us) such as this one in the future.

  The whole experience is pretty unusual, and the fact that one of the main baddies is named Christo we took to understand that the filmmakers were saying that pretentious art like wrapping Central Park in cellophane or wrapping tropical islands in cellophane, or, heck, wrapping anything in cellophane is an act of terrorism in and of itself.

All-American Propaganda .

If you see it as another blatant act of propaganda you will hate it.

I highly recommend it.

While the action scenes in the movie were quite good and nicely filmed, and the fact that 90% of the movie was all action, then the all American propaganda that permeated the movie was a bitter pill to swallow.

This stealthy mission, beginning with a parachuting sequence and winding up a riveting truck chase along a narrow road, puts you on the edge of your seat.

Speaking of which, Act of Valor is a seriously intense film.

Act of Valor is both entertaining and very insightful from the point of view of an interested party in military theory & practice.

The movie has all the trade marks of a second rate movie, bad acting, no storyline, cheep feel in production, what more is there to say?

Over all this movie delivered on what it promised as he portrayed acts of valor in a very entertaining way!

) I also got a bit bored in the middle because it was just gunfire, shoot-um-up for about an hour.

" This story is confusing!

Very action packed and great story.

The Worst Movie EVER .

action scenes were made by shaking the camera around to make it seem more intense than what it was.

If you've ever wanted to know what Call of Duty: The Movie would be like then look no further than Act of Valor, the action packed war film featuring active duty Navy Seals as some of the main characters.

It is definitely worth watching more than once and there are several reasons to enjoy this movie.

Very good movie but too much propaganda .

I don't want to play down the job these guy do, but sorry, this was just a bad propaganda fairy tale.

What infuriates me is that these men and women, who are indeed brave, are being exploited, not just by Hollywood for the sake of entertainment, but also by our government for the sake of propaganda.

They eventually get their man after a lot or really confusing and convoluted plot devices and a couple of acts of valour which give the movie it's title even if America can't actually spell it properly.

I found the movie Act of Valor entertaining.

This movie is like that its cut-scenes are show of force that the military hardware can bring its jaw dropping firepower is stunning and with impressive machinery.

the shoot 'em ups work fine; but thin plot, drawn out- same poor guys nonstop from jungle to desert to Mexico: and the stoppers: 1.

It cracks along at a fair old pace and is a real thrill ride, the chase after they rescue the CIA agent especially exciting.

Overall, amazing and intense.

The dialogue was stiff and unnatural, almost like when you were given lines in the school play, it made scenes that involved just dialogue pointless and silly, it may have been better not to have any dialogue.

what a steaming pile of propaganda.

The locations were exciting and kept the movie full throttle ahead.

As military action entertainment, Act of Valor come with all the contrived premises and plot mechanics of the sub-genre.

Waste of time.

One or two scenes would have been acceptable, but this gets so repetitive, it appears to be borrowed from a Tom Clancy page-turner or a PlayStation 3 "Call of Duty" game.

the only reason there personality is boring and dull is because navy seals go through some of the worst situations known to man...

" Sure elements of this movie are based on some actual SpecOps missions, however they have been greatly dramatized to add the action movie element to make the movie more exciting.

Overall the tight and to the point narration and picture perfect action sequences kept me on the edge of the screen and thank god the climax did not gave me any excuse for loo break.

Our public TV's are publishing Crap, in-reliable, misleading propaganda videos and news, threatening us from the fear of unknown, which actually doesn't exist.

It involves one of the operators, "Chief," interrogating a bad guy known as Christo and confusing his name with Crisco.

I didn't have high hopes for this film, and whilst it plays just like a US Government recruitment ad for the US Military (I think I might join up) with screen play just like Modern Warfare of the PS3 (Same first person game play and hazing when your shot), it was an amazing high adrenaline film, great great action set pieces...

Saw Act of Valor last night, and I really enjoyed it!

It's enough to jolt you awake in what is unfortunately a dull action movie populated with wooden "actors", incoherent lingo and an ultra-patriotic tone that tries so hard to get you riled up it becomes a little bit offensive.

Be aware though that Act of Valor is truly a propaganda picture ala a World War I or II film encouraging the audience to support the war effort and buy war bonds.

They have managed to make the most boring, uninteresting and badly acted war movie I have ever seen.

The way I see it, Act of Valor is a very entertaining movie where all action scenes are tense, spectacular and full of excitement, being the most realistic ones you will ever get in a movie of this genre.

I saw the main "Act of Valor" coming from a mile off because it's so god damn predictable.

The battle scenes are fast-paced, well-filmed and absolutely thrilling.

All of these aspects are very intriguing to see, especially due to the fact that the SEALs do not release much information to the public.

Therefore, I would highly recommend it to every single one of you even though you might be blasé or indifferent about national security as we're living in peacetime.

It's no-bars- held-back, and it's really amazing how suspenseful this film becomes by the final scenes.

If you are hoping to get a movie that is engaging as a thriller with deep characters and plot twists, this isn't that movie.

This action packed movie probably couldn't get more realistic.

Nonetheless its, fun to watch, and a good propaganda of the army, so kids pack your lunch boxes and march to recruitment points.

very little plot and character setting, just straight to the action.

TL;DR - Nationalist propaganda flick for Republicans to jerk off to.

Some people have claimed this movie is propaganda.


Intense and on the edge .

We both felt it was very well done and held our interest the whole time, sometimes on the edge of our seats.

This film is also very boring since there is almost no plot and the action sequences are so run of the mill.

Oh, other melodramatic conceits where the starting point is the "interesting psychodynamics" of the hero, who is almost always haunted by tragedy or loss, an alcoholic, or has someone's idea of a fascinating flaw.

Just for patriotism and propaganda stuff, I can go to North Korea and have lots of this entertainment.

Despite the acting and propaganda, Act of Valor is a good war movie.

(Uh, it may be immoral, but that's a different thread; we're just talking about whether it's an enjoyable diversion for an adult who's not in the recruitment demographic.

The many action scenes throughout the film are particularly well-done and you do feel very immersed the whole time.

It is the way they are executed and how they are filmed, which makes them riveting.

It's too bad this finale, revved-up as we learn a drug cartel could be involved, results in a rushed and – as far as one tragic casualty goes – predictable conclusion.

Personally, I found this film to be patronizing, emotionally hollow, pandering and a disgraceful piece of American propaganda.

Like any passionate moviegoer with an open mind and common sense, I new there wasn't going to be Oscar worthy acting present, but you know what, like Gina Carano in Haywire, I saw no problems with it, the rawness and authenticity of the SEALS acting made the film much more real and enjoyable to watch.

This is really a movie for those who can handle blood, gore, bullets, (implied) torture, and most prominently, intense scenes.

S soldiers is considered propaganda these days.

I hope the producers provide a Blu-Ray version soon so that we can watch and re-watch this adrenaline rush.

When people call this movie propaganda, they mean exactly that: it IS American military propaganda.

The cinematography is excellent, switching between first- and third-person, with gripping realism and keeps you on the edge.

Intense, excellent movie overall .

If you want propaganda, watch FOX news!

Overall, I enjoyed it merely because I am infatuated with the Navy SEALs and what they do.

For many of the scenes I was literally on the edge of my seat!

It is pure propaganda, and pure entertainment aimed at the new generation of movie buffs can either love or hate.

For all that, I give it an eight out of ten as it is very enjoyable overall.

Successful mission after successful mission with accurate Intel, made this movie very unrealistic and boring to watch, with the exception of few (and seldom) action scenes.

I found the overall film to be riveting considering what these Silent Professionals deal with in the preparation of protecting us, and maintaining their families they leave behind.

I highly recommend it for everyone.

It's a missed opportunity to make the scene far more intense and meaningful.

The imagery is simply stunning, given it was originally intended to be a recruitment film.

This story is predictable!

In summary, not as good as The Hurt Locker when it comes to characters and to the tension of the acting, but nonetheless, a very exciting movie to see.

The combat scenes are realistic,the technology is real, and the story is compelling!

I also felt the story line was too basic and contrived.

The script is trite and juvenile to the point of embarrassing -- the weak acting probably benefits here, as the narrative is comic book simple.

This is an obvious piece of propaganda.

I got to saw a mission from a soldiers point of view and it was..well, thrilling and heart stopping at the same time.

As for movies, I generally prefer high-minded dark comedies or spy thrillers as my genres of choice, and, though it may be cliché, most of my favorites DO fall in the AFI 100 or IMDb 100.

Written by Rorke Denver (who plays LT in the movie), it gives some fascinating context to the making of this really unique film.

The movie is so intense, a lot of movies released lately which are titled action movies and then contain a total of 10 minutes of action shots and the rest is talking and even these aren't really action.

Long bad propaganda movie .

As compelling as the film was, I felt that I could always relate the scenes to a similar style shown in "Saving Private Ryan" or any of the Clancy books.

That makes it suspenseful as well.

SPOILER ALERT there was a big cliché in the film to me.

A really compelling story, one of the best movies I ever seen.

There are those that will say this is just some patriotic pap and propaganda.

Cheezy, boring, predictable crap with a good marketing campaign .

Very entertaining.

This isn't a slick CGI action flick; it's a gritty, loud, intense exercise showing off superior training and firepower overcoming some all too real and possible threats to our country and ordinary people like you and me.

"Act of Valor" Is Shameless Propaganda.

Such as, even though it couldn't have been cheap to make, a few of the action scenes, aside from the comical POV/video game shots, were well-crafted and some of the aerial shots were "pretty," it still lands as one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

It was riveting stuff, and quite fascinating as well.

Outside of the plot which I already touched on, Act of Valor does suffer from a rather predictable series of events in terms of which characters die and how it affects the others.

Boring, over hyped .

One thing that usually bothers me is that when most people turn down movies like these they immediately call it government propaganda and it doesn't have any worth.

all in all the film had enjoyable action scenes, the acting was crap,it had a meatheaded attitude called patriotism and a story that wasn't thought out at all.

It seems more like a propaganda film than a decent movie.

The movie had me and my friend literally gripping the arm rest off the chairs in the theater as bullets and rocket propelled grenades whiz by.

The cliché storm is not limited to our heroes, this film goes out of its way to throw in cardboard cutouts for our heroes to fight in the form of Generic Brand Bad Guys.