Ad Astra (2019) - Adventure, Drama, Mystery

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Astronaut Roy McBride undertakes a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father and his doomed expedition that now, 30 years later, threatens the universe.

Director: James Gray
Stars: Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 446 out of 1000 found boring (44.6%)

One-line Reviews (1039)

One to see on the big screen for the stunning planetary cinematography by Hoyte Van Hoytema.

But the plot-less script is a real chore to get through, and to top it off.....

MusicI just dont want to think about it anymore, such a bad movie, waste of time.

The score drones on and on and on as Brad Pitt mugs his 'lost child melancholy' for the camera.

If you like slow movies about space, where very little happens, then this is the one for you.

bad news: only thing I can see wrong with this movie is the beginning/mid part of this movie tends to drag on because of the slow pasting, it just didn't work with that part of the movie.

This film is very much its own creation, and if you are happy with the slower pace then it is well worth the time.

It reminds me of the slow, lethargic, melancholy, and absolute depressing production, acting, writing and horrific directing that went into First Man (2018) which was the absolute WORST portrayal of a great American hero in Neil Armstrong (played by a melancholy, over-rated 'Canadian' actor ---which should have been my first warning sign it would be bad).

Utterly absorbing and beautifully shot.

Beautiful but slow .

Worth watching!

Ironically both Donald Sutherland and Tommy Lee Jones acted together in the much more accurate and much more entertaining Space Cowboys.

I am a space film addict nourished on the 2001 space films but with a poor and confusing story line this film is an opoprtunity wasted.

Latest cure for insomnia.

Stunning visuals offer compensation for awkward storytelling .

With all that said, however, it's a testament to the story the film tells that despite these hurdles, I still enjoyed it.

I'm going to say this again though the visuals where absolutely stunning and I especially loved the shots of planets.

Boring Brad Pitt monotone almost put me to sleep.

A slow movie that goes through the stages of degradation and collapse of an individual feeling lost and the will to continue forward and get up to reach a goal.

but overall it was kind of lame, pretty boring, and a huge let down as a story.

Stunning cinematography .

I tried to watch this movie, but I kept falling asleep.

Dont waste your money folks.

What at its core feels like a clever and compelling dramatic exploration into emotional distance, exemplified by the setting of physical distance between astronaut father and son duo, is chopped up and falling apart due to shoehorned irrelevant Hollywood sequences.

Pointless plot just for the sake of space travel.

The screenplay is slow and boring and nothing is answered at the end.

Boring movie .

Many will complain that it's too slow, or that the physics were unrealistic (I never realized how many IMDb reviewers had degrees in astrophysics, golly!

Waste of time No story Endless plot holes You only learn maybe 2 of the characters names BaboonsThis movie tries to have a deeper meaning And really tries to make you care about characters who have had 0 development and speak for maybe 30 seconds every 10 minutes It is by far The worst movie I have seen since Interstellar

Totally Pointless .

Plastic actors, boring soundtrack just completely awful.

If you are looking for fast paced scifi actuon, this is not for you.

For those who appreciate a slow burning science eventuality film, with superb visuals, it's one of the best theater experiences of the year.

Excruciatingly painfully boring.

Ad Boring .

The father-son relationship is, at best, banal and naive.

Was hard to stay awake for this most boring movie I've seen ever.

It started off slow and stayed that way, the story line could have been much much better, the acting was robotic, and the whole things was dim and dreary.

I guess it's both a compliment and a criticism that a movie could make you feel so empty?

All it was is a waste of money and time.

Our new found crew follows a call for help and finds an empty ship.

It's just crazy and boring gibberish.

But the ongoing psychoanalysis of McBride's life was just plain boring after a while.

If to this narrative it felt supercilious, it can be argued that Gray is more explicitly successful (with the occasional laughable moment) - ponderous thoughts carried with the gradually drawn cinematography of Hoyte van Hoyten, resting finally on day-old stubble or the wrinkles in the corner of eyes.

The bright neon advert signs on display on the outdoors of the lunar town use valuable energy and are directed towards empty lunar surface...

Visual effects, stunning.

The only reason I didn't give it a 1 is because some of the visuals are truly stunning.

Beautiful, but pointless, and scientifically inaccurate .

The film is beautifully shot, the cinematography is stunning and the score is breathtaking.

Most of the people will find it slow and without action.

save your money.

Breathtaking atmosphere and visuals .

Don't waste your time with this one.

Overall plain boring appart from a few scenes throughout the movie.

Boring, you will wish u didnt spend to see .

Kept waiting for something good to happen, But very slow

SPOILER ALERT Nothing happens and they find nothing!!

That is at the core of this film starring a meditative absolutely engaging Brad Pitt.

The best part of this long boring movie was my red vines.

That's why it was enjoyable for me.

Then we have some pointless drive to the other side of the moon to disguise what they are doing so what do they do they have these moon buggies in full sight heading off to the dark side of the moon, hardly discrete.

James Grays most recent exploration into film takes you on a visually thrilling journey to the far, lonely depths of space and beyond.

Ad astra is what some might call a slow burn, the pasting of this movie is extremely slow but yet engaging.

Some people are complaining it's not a real 'sci-fi' and I guess I get that, if you want aliens and intense space battles you won't find them here.

slow and boring .

Bad script, bad acting, don't waste your time or money, very disappointing.

And it is very, very leisurely aka boring.

Finally the conclusion of the story that you realize was a pointless mission and the logical plan would have been to send a missile rather than a ship.

This isn't some sort of epic, or super exciting adventure.

What a complete waste of time.

), the plot is dull and there is no resolution (of the type the Sci-Fi audience would expect).

Adrenaline junkies....

We are inside Pitt's mind for the entirety of the film and if his actions seem slow, his decision making seems slower still.

3 Stars only because it has a great cast whose talents were wasted on this dull slow SLOW paced zero if a movie.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen!!

It was basically boring, I was embarrassed to face my mum and talk about this film.

However, it is slow AF and tries to be super "meta".

While visually stunning and well produced, most of the film lacks any sort of tension or sense of purpose.

And the vast celestial universe that is portrayed in John Grey's heady sci-fi drama may loom large with its stellar use of CGI, but the movie plays slow and loose with its scientific facts.

The visuals truly are awe-inspiring and a few scenes in particular took my breath away, but the film as a whole is long, boring and a disappointing script and anticlimactic ending really let me down.

It was kinda boring to watch this movie unless you are a fan of cgi.

I actually fell asleep during the last hour of it.

Nothing happened, it just looked good.

Additionally there where 2 scenes of the movie that seems forced because someone realized it was so boring they needed to add some action.

Visually it is stunning.


It was super slow.

A slow sci fi movie that leaves a lot to be desired.

All scenes in it are way too long, basically no action and the story is hollow.

A total waste of time...

Brad Pitt reads the script in a flat monotone voice.

A superb metaphor with stunning visuals .

Difficult to review as nothing of interest happens, visually it is beautiful, but it was so dull and slow, pointless scenes thrown in to try and liven it up failed miserably,it just dragged on, the main character isn't someone you can invest in or care about all in all a waste of time

Apparently taking off on bad-movie-plot-mars is slow enough you don't pull multiple G's.

By far the Most boring space movie i have ever ever seen in my life, The director is better of making BBC documentaries for government and hospitals and not entertainment movies for public.

However as Pitt's character travels further away from human civilization, scenes get far more drawn out and just plain boring.

The story is quite a slow burner, although I can understand some saying it's more of a plodder.

It feels really slow and drawn out at times.

It's a propaganda film promoting Christianity and creationism.

I'm never going to get the time back in my life I lost watching this dreadful, slow, and shamefully dismal film.

A boring movie 2 hours of torture in the movie theater

It's breathtaking!

Brad goes on pointless after pointless journey through space, with no real importance or sense to it than Brad becomming less of a psychopath...

Very slow .


A forgettable one for sure, nothing special about it, kinda slow, predictable plot...

I won't spoil the ending, but I am sure some will find it poetic and beautiful, while others will find it uninspired and boring.

Accompanied by an atmospheric and touching score by Max Richter, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Slow pacing and insultingly bad science .

Don't waste your time.

It becomes too slow.

It was visually stunning with both its effects and Cinematography.

Beautiful, but meandering, dull, and incoherent.

There is Liv Tyler in this film, too, but you forget about her until she shows up in another pointless and boring scene at the end.

One of the worst movies I've seen.

All in all Ad Astra is not the thoughtful, introspective Sci-Fi movie I was hoping for going in, but is still a very enjoyable, if flawed, way to spend a couple of hours exploring both space and the inner self of Brad Pitt's character

I'm still wondering if I hallucinated it out of boredom to be honest).

Since I didn't, I'm only sorry that I wasted so much of my life on this banal piece of navel gazing from a man who seems entirely unaware that he is as insightful as a lump of rancid excrement.

It was slow and in the end unsatisfactory.

Honestly the worse film I have ever seen in my entire life, the most boring plot ever written.

Ad Astra is a slow but compelling sci-fi drama, with few moments of "action", and despite its relatively modest budget some spectacular visuals.

So Empty!!!

Dreadfully slow and uninteresting.

Father/Son; Man/God relationships explored in a fascinating allegory .

I got bored.

Neither are there to move narrative or charchter forwrd though, and as such feel terribly contrived.

Kinda Fun, Kinda Suspenseful and Kinda Good Script...

The story is dull and the point of it all is just uninteresting.

James Gray does a great job of creating a potential future which is all too believable, with attention to some really mundane details, such as how commercial flights to the moon would look and operate.

Visually Stunning .

Some stunning space scenes, and I really liked the space vehicle interior sets.

Waste of time and money, easy to fall asleep to.

I was more bored and depressed by what I was watching than anything else.

No entertainment in the stars, no script for the stars to entertain and absolutely no 7.2 stars from real critics..

Rolling on a straight in 2nd gear, the expected ending gets dragged out a bit.

The first five minutes of this film suggested an action packed sci-fi romp, but from there the pace went from slow to full stop.

But the colors were too drab.

Boring, boring, boring!

And although heavy, intense and sad, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Too slow and we got tired of waiting for something big to happen, so disappointing!!.

The slow build to the end is not justified what-so-ever and the inner conflict of Roy is "solved" in what feels like no time at all and you're left thinking to yourself, "So what?

is a masterfully crafted film, with stunning visuals, profound drama, and a brilliant lead performance from Pitt...

There's cool stuff (that chase on the lunar vehicles might be the best part of the movie and the initial action scene is pretty thrilling) and they pose some interesting questions about what would commercial space travel look like.

The ongoing dialogue between characters seems painfully somber and slow so that you would wish for some action to happen.

The story feels really slow at times and probably could have been edited down a bit.

While I understand that it's a slow burn, the idea that you'd be bored during this movie is unfathomable to me.

Slow movies can also be great - just know what you're getting into .

The slooooow monotone narrative from Brad Pitt to explain his thoughts was of zero importance.

The visuals are stunning, the universe building is incredible.

This movie is gorgeous to watch, IMAX it was breathtaking and the score was simple and added depth to it.

Utterly Boring, their was nothing about this movie that made you believe in anything that they were trying to get accross to the viewers.

It is slow, with only a couple of totally illogical action sequences, that neither added to the storyline, or enhanced this boring film.

It makes it pretty clear from the get go, if it irritates you in the first 10 minutes, I recommend you walk out and ask for a refund, why waste your time watching something you will hate?

A guy behind me in the cinema was snoring for a full hour - it was literally that boring.

Realistic space adventure, slow and intelligent music in the background.

Absolutely the worst movie ever.

At one point I thought something really thought provoking was going to happen but then it just went back to being slow.

but it was quite stretched out making waiting for the next scene feel tedious.

Slow awful film .

i would have loved the movie if the story was more interesting because the graphics and direction were sublime why waste all that money and not invest in an interesting story?

But I thought this was a pleasant surprise, its much like the director's previous effort The Lost City of Z which I also liked despite it being too long and slow.

For many, the film may seem dull at times, and it does have its moments of being so.

Boring .

But the worst is that there is no story really.

Even shots of space with that stunning soundtrack serve to show the inner state of the main character.

Don't waste your time and money - See literally any other movie in the theater and I promise it will be better than this one.

Slow and Occasionally Ludicrous .

First off, the positives: the visuals are stunning, and the acting of Jones and Sutherland was fantastic.

But the cheap 'drama' they tried to create with Pitt's slow and boring narration was one of the most devestating parts of the movie.

I just woke up in an empty movie theater.

It was just kinda boring, it didn't excite me once, from beginning to end, and i love space movies.

It's a pointless two hours.

With its breathtaking shots of space, and it's stylized use of color, Ad Astra is a feast for the eyes.

I found it slow, boring and mediocre at best.

Slow and boring...

Plodding and visually sterile, could have skipped this one and been better for it.

What a waste of cast and time

It had a rather simple story but it was enjoyable because of the great visuals and even though it was slow I felt it was very useful being slow as it gave you time to think about the film and understand what's going on and make theories about the rest of the film as it is going on.

I recently watched 2001 Space Odyssey for the first time, and it was so slow that I had to fast forward some sections.

The minority, specifically black, characters are the first to be killed, and the ending has a suspenseful scene in which a person on a tether to a spacecraft is yanked into the gaping abyss of space.

Ad Astra only faults come from pointless side stops that have no impact on the films bigger picture and extremely quiet moments with its beautiful back drops that will make it to keep your eyes open.

Snooze fest .

Seriously, this is the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

The lack of action, the slow close-ups (Once upon a time in the west) and the soundtrack make it difficult not to fall asleep.

A snoozer.

Slow moving, script made very little sense, and is a totally worthless waste of time.

It tried to be so artsy and esoteric, but ended up bland and annoying.

It was a waste of my time.

I saw a lot of reviews saying that there were a lot of weird pointless scenes.

Not only is the entire point of his character that he struggles to feel - not an ideal trait for the guy that's going to hold the whole film together with very little human interaction - the writing is so cliched, dull and basic that it could be a 13-year-old's Interstellar fan faction.

Save your money .

Then there is this pointless boring fight scene between pirate and good guy buggies that is just meh other than the old guy accompanying Pitt gets shot so can't go.


Overall though despite it's flaws Ad Astra was entertaining and subverted my expectations and I can see myself watching this again in the future.

It's too long overall and slow for stretches, there seems like there's going to be more action than there is, anyone in the cast not named Brad Pitt or Tommy Lee Jones gets little to do and the movie pretends to be sound from a scientific perspective when its just as off course as Roy's mission.

Bored no revelation of what caused the initial problem that starts the mission.

A slow plod of a movie with nice but predictable CGI images.

Don't believe the hype, people left the cinema half way through and my wife fell asleep,

The Tommy Lee Jones character was a NASA super star but had a small and confusing role, not to mention that he supposed to survive for 16 years by himself?

Bad premise, bad writing and boring story, visually stunning .

Boring .

I wouldn't even waste my time watching this for free if I had all the time in the world.

(Honestly, could this thing be any more boring.

In general, this movie is not a SciFi, it is extremely boring and is just a waste of time.

Don't get me wrong, I like psychologically driven films which are on the slow side such as The First man or The Thin Red line, and even though Interstellar was tedious at the end, it had some strong visual moments.

Boring .

Brad Pitt goes to Neptune solo, actually finds his father, father goes for predictable suicide instead of returning to earth and Brad Pitt uses a metal plank off of his fathers spaceship to float through the rings of Neptune to spacefly to his own spaceship in order to get back to earth.. I mean, wow.

Learn from others' mistakes - don't waste time or money on Ad Astra.

Its heavily affected by Kubrick's space odyssey , Ridley Scott's blade runner, and Frances Coppola's Apocalypse Now, by drawing several examples from the general dreary atmosphere of the journey towards meaning; the connection with artificial intelligence as "Hal" in the odyssey; the steely psychological analysis of the replicas in the Blade Runner; and the long trip towards the insane in Apocalypse Now.

One of the worst movies I seen.

Unlike many I didn't find this movie boring, I thought Brad Pitts performance and introspection was interesting and engaging.


Don't waste your time on pseudo-intellectual nonsense such as Ad Astra.

Nothing about the story stood out as new, different, creative, or exciting.

boring .

The direction is slow and boring at times.

The movie itself was super slow paced, and all the time there countless of close ups each one of the actor's faces.

You'll get bored easily.

This movie was pretty much equivalent to watching paint dry.

I was waiting for it to finish as walking to the car was more entertaining.

And the story itself was boring.

While it did handle all the outer space issues in a somewhat scientifically accurate way, Ad Astra was a much slower movie than I thought it would be.

Frankly, it's occasionally dull, too.

Unrealistic, long, boring .

waste of time and money .

Unfortunately, the actual movie was slow and boring.

The whole movie was SLOW AS HELL except for the very beginning!.

It's slow moving, VERY slow in fact.

This is seriously the worst movie of the year, and I'm saying this to save you some money, and perhaps the chance of getting a second date with that girl you fancy.

If you are severely dealing with a case of insomnia, then come watch this movie.

If, like me, you are bored with relentless, tedious action and (yawn) super hero films, bored with gore and guns and worn down by watching unpleasant people doing unpleasant things, then give this a go.

For a long time, I felt such intense emotions as in this movie.

Ratings of 4 to 5 stars are, I guess, from people who have a preference for slow and boring story-lines, lifeless characters, and stupid and/or bad science.

I dont understand how people think this is a boring film, I think this is a riveting soul touching story about a father and son.

From every unexplained obstacle in the journey (moon pirates that were never touched on again, space monkeys with literally no explanation after the incident, etc.), a completely unremarkable score that was both boring and unfitting, and a sloppily thrown-together psychological narrative that was not nearly the tear-jerker it made itself out to be, this movie disappointed on all levels.

The worst part in this movie is the actual finale which is so predictable that you're simply left wondering why you just spent all that runtime for simply nothing.

Here and there completely unnecessary action sequences have been injected (forcefully) in a desperate attempt to keep the attention of the viewers as the director apparently must have realised that the goal of recreating the riveting sense of mystery in 2001 simply wasn't there.

I really enjoyed it from start to finish.

) The drama is uninteresting and blank.

Boring, boring, boring.

I had a lot of expectations for this one, I think it's just disappointing to see how much money people invest in creating beautiful technology of space in a movie, and it's just boring movie, drama that doesn't go to anywhere .

It's just a very dull father son story with no reason for being in space and no resolution at the end.

Great picture, great depiction of the near future and an exciting one act performance from Brand Pitt.

Total waste of time.

The fact is that "Ad Astra" is often boring as a result, making it hard for me to fully recommend it.

Im not even sure what happened it was so boring, no plot, no character progression.

Long sequence shots are taken of Brad in vulnerable states whether succumbing to internal struggles, dealing with isolation anxiety, or any number of intense psychological symptoms catastrophe instills.

Regarless of the magnificent space views and the breathtaking visions of the near future of space exploration.

The film is a definite slow burner.

It falls flat with its tedious science fiction story and the direction is a bit slow.

While there are moments that dragged in the film, I have to say its a gorgeous thing to look at and is all around an invigorating watch.

A great place for introspection, but alone, and a bit boring, and with a very long journey ahead to search for Dad.

But it's still worth watching.

I love Science Fiction but this was a tedious movie with totally unrealistic science that just made it a boring pointless movie.

This movie is so boring it almost put me in a coma.

Very slow paced, 2 short lived action sequences and a terrible ending to a boring script.

Totally Boring.. .

Don't waste your time or money.

May Contain SpoilersStuff I liked: -The Scenery, Setting and the Cinematography were all stunning.

Had a few interesting parts but they did too good of job showing how boring long term space travel world be.

Nothing happens, at all!!!!

After the first half it turns into a over dramatic, empty, story poor an boring space flick.


i was extremely sleepy within half an hour, i just could not tolerate the sleepy dull music, and slow pace, with no effort in direction and bgm.

Ad Astra presents us with an intense character study, parceled out with some flavorful trimmings of ruminations on subjects such as humanity's place in the universe; man's tendency to turn all to profit and novelty, while simultaneously automating society's action to become nothing more than an ever-expanding complex of heartless machinery; the importance of living and sharing our lives; and the dangers of obsession with a career-driven life.

Brilliant start ends in expected boring finale .

Ad Astra is a film above the average of today's movies, with good performances by Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones, an interesting story that fulfills what is proposed, a protagonist with personality, but when the film is Exciting ends up being something fanciful.

Dreadful plot with a number of laugh out load moments, so slow it would only have lasted 10 minutes without the long baleful looks into space.

Visually stunning but utterly tedious .

Wow, this is probably the worst movie I have seen in a very long time.

Above all : it was extremely slow....

Fell Asleep In the Middle Of The Afternoon...

Even if some aspects of the film were somewhat confusing in their "artsiness," they still were neat to observe.

Movie was so long and boring that the woman next to me fell asleep and was snoring.

It is slow, repetitive and has nothing to say really.

To me, it seems that they put this voice over so that average audiences could stay on-board with what the film was trying to say and explore - but the very people who need that voice-over will likely find the film boring and slow anyway.

My only complaint is that the distance is very long, and his speed is very low.

Terrible story, very boring and so many events made no sense at all.

So slow and uneventful.

The movie is slow, a little 'A Space Odyssey' slow (and so one has to "dig the slowness"), but having said that, there are moments of sheer excitement that come out of left field.

With no doubt, it was worth watching.

I've seen a lot more interesting movies in space that are a bit more entertaining

There are two different stories in Ad Astra, both would have needed more details and an even slower pace.

They were the only surprise in this otherwise predictable story.

Slow, boring.

Save your money and your senses.

Boring .

I'll always contend that the single most important thing about a film is how it finishes and makes you feel as you leave the theater.

The movie is dragging you along with confusing story.

Save your money - this movie is an INSULT.

This is a very claustrophobic slow paced character study.

Beautiful, Suspenseful, Cerebral .

Yet, at what must be monumentally high speeds, they can still slow down, stop along the way to battle evil baboons, and get going again.

The craft on display is exceptional and the story is thought-provoking and generally entertaining, with a terrific central performance, and some spectacular visuals (especially in the IMAX format).

Slow lousy story I can tell in one minute.

This empty ship that is there because...

This movie is incredibly boring.

Please save yourself from the aggravation, the boredom and the expense by avoiding this disgusting movie.

Slower than a Sloth .

Worst movie till date for Brad!

A Philosophical Space Bore .

No science, no story, nothing interesting.

IN BRIEF: John Grey's slow-moving mediative ode to the cosmos bores rather than soars.

The stunning photography by Hoyte van Hoytema and Kevin Thompson's awe-inspiring production design make the film one of the most metaphysical cinematic experience since Kubrick's 2001.

This story makes no sense, doesn't hold together, is totally predictable, and the science (fiction or not) is just ridiculous.

This viewer found himself struggling to stay awake about a third of the way through this picture.

Tedious waste of time .

I was continuously falling asleep throughout this whole movie.

Beautiful but dull, would be my three word review of "Ad Astra".

this movie has no story.. Brad Pitt should be embarrassed to be the headliner.

And no story line.

An astronaut alone in outermost space and I'm bored.

This movie was boring

Ad Astra satirizes the familiar utopic elements of the space genre by using these banal sight gags to remind us that the world will be no better in space because we cannot escape ourselves.

Slow, a lot of , a lot of close-ups on Brad Pitt.

It's slow, but gripping.

When it was over, my buddy (who loves Sci-Fi) said it was a waste of money.

Just a total waste of money and time.. seriously the worst movie I've ever seen !!!

Worst movie .

Pitt's performance is excellent, and what the storyline says about man's place in the universe is unexpected and fascinating.

If you want to know if you should go see it, ,then no, Don't waste your time or money.

subtitled "2 Hours of Watching Paint Dry" .

A movie that tries to convince you it is more than what it actually is - a borefest attempting to create a sophisticated plot through vague and nonsensical narration that is supposedly backed by a deeper meaning.

A visually stunning film about a man with daddy issues travelling through space.

Tedious, plodding, boring, and just plain meaningless.

His long and dreary final journey towards his father's base starts.

Incredibly dull.

An industry of pretentious dumb fks yet again try to preach morality in what is a boring thoughtless film that goes nowhere and answers zero questions.

In lieu of a compelling story arch, the film leans into its thematics, which are certainly compelling.

Boring and tedious .

Unwatchable .

What ever anyone does, just don't waste your time or money on this POS Movie.

Next, it's off to Mars but hey, we've got tons of extra fuel to slow down and check on some random space station that's for no reason on the way (space is vast unless it interferes with meaningless sub plot drama).

Not worth watching, plain old boring .

Snooze fest.

The director and Hollywood has lost the ability to entertain their audiences and bore us 2 hours of nothing.

Don't waste your time - the worst movie of the year .

After a brilliant first hour with a fitting pace, beautiful images, the film loses his momentum to end with an expected and boring end.

Brad's fall at the beginning and his flight to Neptune, his breakup with his father, are all exciting.

Usually slow pacing is a down for me in most films i watch.

At the same time, this film fails on an important note where the aforementioned others have succeeded, to follow the breathtaking space endeavor visuals with an equally thrilling plot, appealing to the general audience as well as to space buffs such as myself.

Still worth the watch.

Im beyond surprised that brad even agreed to star in such a ridiculously boring movie .. wasted 80 mins of my life , walked out of the cinema

I thoroughly enjoyed it either way.

Waste of time.

Ad Astra propels the audience to the stars on an intense voyage to the farthest reaches of our solar system while penetrating deep into the innermost regions of our souls.

With an amazing sound editing, stunning cinematography, a beautiful soundtrack, and an incredible performance by Brad Pitt as Roy McBride, it gives us an astonishing journey through space.

So boring, my wife and almost walked out.

Save your money .

Probably personal to the director, but at the end a little boring and far not that intelligent to pace that slow.

I should have taken heed and walked out.

"I fell asleep.

The one big problem I hear people talking about is how boring and slow paced the movie is.

Don't waste your money.

Utterly boring, meaningless drivel .

The rest is mainly boring.

Tiresome despite the actors .

but the film is so slow.

I think this is one of the worst movies of all time, in a group with Manos, the Hands of Fate.

So again, don't waste your time on this movie, just watch Interstellar or The martian again.

If you're after a good evenings entertainment save yourself some money and the absolute boredom we endured.

This movie is just horrible, boring, slow, and the plot is just so dumb and unrealistic.

Solid steady enjoyable movie .

For me this movie delivered both: visually beautiful and stunning special effects, and a deep and touching meditation about a failed father and son-relationship causing so much grief and loneliness.

Too drawn out.

Very boring and disappointing space film .

Tedious .

Insomnia cure .

It starts out pretty intense, then slows a bit, and soon picks up.


The visuals are stunning and the score highlights them beautifully.

This is a veeeery slow CGI drama with nice background music, with no other interest, space alien or whatever.. If you need to see it, there's a channel in youtube "Movies In 5 Minutes" where you can see a short summary.


*yawn* boring .

But if you like fast paced action movies and you come into the theater expected this you will be disappointed.

Stunning .

Stretching it out to feature length made it feel tedious.

You'll get bored fast.

Ad Astra is a sci-fi masterpiece, a thrilling, excellently paced drama that's both a grand adventure across the stars and an intimate story about the bond between parent and child.

However, it is also very well acted, there were some genuine surprises, it was visually stunning, the effects were absolutely beautiful, and it has a good heart to it.

It's rushed and dull though...

Now when I look at it it was waste of my time and money to go and see this.

To pull off this themes with some life in them, unfortunately the director can't see the galaxy for the stars, and gets pulled instead into the gravity of plodding, unrelentless, and highly predictable dramatic arcs.

Worst movie since Red Planet .

Disappointing ending with severely dull acting = a waste of 2 hours.

I like this slow psychological epos.

It is a bit slow.

A bit boring son looking for dad movie .

So in between all these events he survives a half naked senseless pirate attack on the moon, primate attack on a lost ship, vertical landing on Mars, two space hand combats and a nuclear explosion used to propel his rocket back to earth, we the audience get a boring 2 hour space saga.

This is a slow burning cerebral film focusing on the inner conflict and emotional struggle of a single character.

Monotone script and plot.

I will keep it simple, this is the most boring movie I think I have ever seen, so boring I actually fell asleep for about 20 minutes in the middle of it.

Absolutely nothing happens, there's a bit in the middle where very randomly Brad Pitt gets attacked by a space monkey(?

Deaths, so many pointless deaths that make no logical sense to include.

It's just dull.

But very slow.

Tommy, boring, low energy, Human issues.

Good effects but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .

Boring .

All in all, a sad waste of time for all.

While it is very slow, it stills keeps enough tensions and action to keep you intrigued throughout the story.

Call me sappy but we all need a message in the plot once in a while, and I can relate to those who were bored to death and feel gypped.

Ad Astra knowingly plays into the traditions and grammar of space opera, its thrilling ambition met with typical unoriginality.

The year's most boring and slowest movie...

Just trying to be creative sorry, anyway though Ad Astra was so enjoyable especially in IMAX and it's very well written.

This movie is boring and uninspiring.

Okay, we get it: so this is supposed to be a "dad-son thing", "leading an empty life" (because space is empty - get it?

Long, long, slow burn.

Reflections on his mistakes in his marriage were tiresome.

My God, what an awful waste of time!

The movie's biggest flaw is that it's too slow, other than that it was really good.

If you feel like wasting your time and money then go see it, other than that save yourself from the boredom.

The film's direction is slow moving.

There are, of course, sound in space issues but they acknowledge it and consciously break the rules sometimes for the sake of a compelling scene, which is fine.

Nothing happens at all in any stage of the movie.

Given to the worst movie award winner in 2019.

There were some decent elements that made an impression, but the majority of the film felt too slow and stretched out way too much.

Just to eliminate any doubt: I get that this film was about a father-son relationship, appreciating loved ones, etc. Still, it was an awful, pretentious mess of a movie.

It's like 90% filler with no story and terrible acting.

Also, the movie presents the strong inner clash that most scientist feel between the overwhelming frustration that their explorations and struggles produces, and the joy of the path and addiction to the exploration, which let them to even abandon families and mundane life.

The film initially lays out many intriguing plot directions- a destructive signal from Neptune; an antimatter system gone awry; a rogue astronaut who was once a hero.

Went to see ad Astra with high hopes, turned out to be a movie I would have happily walked out of!

Great acting for a boring plot .

Don't waste your time .

Surprisingly fun and engaging .

Bit hammy in places but still worth watching.

So if you're man under 40 you'll be most probably bored with this movie and there's no point seeing it, or taking your girlfriend or wife to see it, although she might enjoy it more.

An Above Average Visually Stunning Film .

Snooze fest ...

Yes, the movie takes you on this journey, but it really asks you to sit back, enjoy some breathtaking visuals, great sound design, a wonderfully immersive score, and a central character in Roy, who Brad Pitt commits very strongly to.

Entertaining Space Exploration Adventure .

Slow at times, almost put me to sleep.

The people directly behind me where in and out of sleep (complete with occasional snoring), while the people sitting in the same row several seats over where on the edge of their seat.

Don't waste your time and money .

The pace of the story is slow, reaffirming it's place in the realm of space exploration dramas.

unfocused and pointless .

I was extremely disappointed with this totally boring movie.

The movie introduced characters simply as plot devices to help this boring movie trudge along.

Very boring .

I notice the political left statement with the Comrade Uniforms more Hollywood propaganda.

The surprises are predictable, the story is simple, the characters have understandable motives, and it feels like interstellar done again without any big scores, action or enough deep characters.


Completely boring, dragged out, shouldn't have made it to cinemas.

It's just plain boring.

'Ad Astra' partly makes up for its predictable plot with inspired background world building and visuals.

pointless as this may be, while on board the stewardess charges brad pitt 125$ for a pillow and a blanket.

It's just slow, dialogue-driven, and tedious.

Boring .

Mind numbingly boring.

A waste of your time and money .

Boring crap same as gravity.

Give this a missIt had all the charm of Solaris with George Clooney and was equally as tedious .

Travelling in lunar rovers, they are ambushed by scavenging pirates, the entire escort are killed, and Pruitt ends up in intensive care.

No joke, throughout the entire course of the movie I was so bored.

Monotone Brad Pitt.

When things start wrapping up, it becomes rather engaging.

Even it knew it was so boring there was a meaningless space attack scene to break up the monotony.

everything you see during the movie is pointless.

And this is the kind of confusion that is present in every single scene.

This movie has exactly that same feel, almost a rip-off of that same lethargic, close-up-face scenes and SLOW and quasi-claustrophobic and absolutely BORING style.. that some MORON once decided was a good way to make a movie, and a series of MORONS have followed since, right off that cliff.

Pointless Hollywood Tripe .

Depressing and boring .

I was completely immersed in this world and the slow pace almost had me in a trance.

The film is shot in some quiet but thrilling sequences.

unbearable .

Thank's GOSH to see this movie online, the worst movie ever, boring aboslute nothing to see,

Boring movie .

Behold, introducing their choice of an elite team: A geriatric colonel who has to be put into intensive care after an exciting ride.

Utterly pointless .

Don't waste your money.

"Ad Astra" is suspenseful.

Well that was a waste of time and I had such high expectations.

Good medicine for sleeping if ever on tv and struggling from insomnia.

There are a few moments of action, but it's slow in general.

A lot of times, they try to do the epic moment with silence and then music, that it became boring.

just bland .

The story was horrible, it was slow paced and boring with little action.

Slow and Boring .

Boring drama waste of time .

Overall, direction and cinematography were spot on,Stunning Atmosphere and Music , Also Brad Pitt was amazing .

Very dull indeed.

Honestly, was more entertaining to laugh about this guy snoring near me.

Everything in between is just tedious, boring, slow-moving, and incoherent space garbage.

Slow paced pointless mess .

Bored, expected better from a cast like this .

Due to its extremely slow pace the movie is a boring account of a son (Pitt) looking for his father in outer space.

And 100% those sequences are pointless to the plot.

Gray also directed this film, and although it seems he borrowed heavily from some of the pictures presented in 2001: A Space Odyssey, it fell short of being as engaging.

It is pretty slow moving, relies almost entirely on a single characters inner monologue to drive the story - much like a one-man drama play, and lacks any real action taking place except in a couple of places where the action felt like it was just there to make sure you stayed awake between the slow parts.

The worst movie I've seen in years .

On the minus side too much retrospection by Brad Pitt and too slow.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Don't waste your time.

This had to be THE slowest, boring movie I have seen in a very long time.

First things first, this movie is slow, and probably not for everyone.

Just when I though Once Upon In Hollywood will be the most boring movie..Ad Astra arrived.

They had this cool chase scene on the moon that was more amazing in the fact that they attempted to show you what a car chase on the moon would really be like versus it actually being an exciting car chase, although my science is not that good to tell how actuate it is.

Very good effects Very good acting Story line week and boring Anti climatic ending

I think this is a religious agenda wrapped in stunning special effects.

And then, the movie gives itself a final slap in the face with an even more over-dramatic and completely uninteresting ending.

Nothing happens, it is sloooooow.

Ultimately, it's utterly pointless

The plot is poor, the science is bad and the film is long and pretentious.

I enjoyed and found it worth watching.

With stunning cinematography, and total disregard of what physics deem possible you can see Brad Pitt flying to Neptune and back in under six months, riding a shockwave from a nuclear explosion...

Don't waste your time, just watch those good movies instead.

I fell asleep 3 times during this bore fest.

The ridiculously contrived, non-descript "mayday" call leading to the Space Baboon.

Sooo boring and totally unrealistic.

People keep saying that movie was one of the greatest science fiction tales ever but I don't see that, I just see a dull picture.

The story was horribly contrived and predictable.

What were you bored about?

no story line, bad screenplay and no sense what so ever.

Ad Astra: Descent Into Boredom .

Slow movie with elevator music in the background that makes it hard to stay awake at a midnight showing.

It's the first movie I've been to where a group of people got up 15 minutes into the movie and just walked out.

Bad plot, boring, a long Brad Pitt dissertation on most the movie.

Tedious .

Just plain boring.

Waste of time.

Even my space crazy son found it boring and uninteresting.

It has a great cast but the script is so slow moving and choppy that I barely could get to the end.

The original ending was infinitely superior, the VO is a huge misstep, and the action detours are ludicrous, but this is still an entertaining movie.

I get that it's a slow burn.

Boring and silly .

It was a complete waste of 2 hrs of your time to watch this piece of rubbish.

Quite boring and nonsense actions for supposedly clever people.

The slow gliding feeling you get when you are in space, due to the chair movement.

It has a convoluted story that has is lacking significant consequence and has the flattest acting from Brad Pitt that I have ever seen and has an excruciatingly slow pace.

His longing to make amends with his father were tiresome.

On the way to Mars, Pitt and a crew of astronauts - that look and act like waiters in a cheap restaurant - stop to respond to a distress signal only to find hungry Norwegian Killer Baboons in an empty floating station....

I will admit there are some slow spots and also an unnecessary minimal plot line with his wife.

most boring movie ever .

Howvwer, when having a charismatic lead man such as Brad Pitt could it have hurt to try and use his strengths a little bit and add a bit of humour to this dark and drab film.

Had to leave early because it puts me to sleep, while another lady walked out with me at the same time.

This was the most boring movie I've ever seen.

Seriously 15-20 people left the theatre after an hour of boring acting and a terrible plot.

Several examples (beware spoilers):why were there huge empty hallways on the Mars surface - this would have been increadibly costly to build and keeping them empty would be a very bad idea.

Enjoyed it.

When I walked out of the theater I asked a guy sitting near me what rating he would give the movie and he said "a negative 3?

First Hit: Although Brad Pitt is excellent in this role, the expanse of the story, lack of substantive depth, and slow pacing left me unengaged.

My sister and I both enjoyed it.

The cinematography and the score were breathtaking and I can't wait to rewatch this dozens of times.

What a forgettable, bland film.

This has to be one of the worst movies I've seen in years.

So slow that sometimes we even forget what we're after.

A slow pace movie which I like, stunning performance by bratt pit.


One of the worst movie I've ever seen .

Boring, uneventfull, waste of money and time .

Pacing is slow.

Long, Drawn Out, Tedious .

This movie has all the wrong elements: Simplistic plot, pointless events, characters with no depth, and a lead who nobody cares about.

i can understand some finding this boring.. what i do not understand is the venom in some of these reviews.

Film effective gives a fascinating (and in my opinion realistic) portrayal of the political situation of a future Moon colony.

Unbelievably, it is actually slower than interstellar and gravity, two other space snoozers.

There were literally 3 people in the theater who fell asleep and one started snoring and one person let out a yell when they woke up.

The slow pace and metaphorical story will probably lose most people.

It seems everything else was too languid to salvage that Audience Score, then.

Sorry little boring Maybe it made for Brad pit oscar winning like revenant of Leo

A waste of time and money.

For me, at any rate, the thoughts of the film-makers; the grandeur and beauty of the outlandish landscapes and distant voids of space; Max Richter's instrumental pieces; Brad Pitt's fascinating performance, and Hoyte Van Hoytema's smooth and atmospheric cinematography make it all worthwhile - and indeed a great success!

Such a BORE!

Don't waste your time.

This was very long and very slow movie don't waste time to go and watch it as very un interesting film

It's a masterfully crafted film, with stunning visuals, profound drama, and a brilliant lead performance from Pitt.

People left the cinema during the movie and a couple even had a loud fight over why the husband dragged his wife to this movie.

Snooze Fest .

Baboons that are pointless and have nothing to do with the story?

Cons: Extremely Slow moving Boring Relationship between father and son was unrealistically COLD Story had holes in it Sometimes, common sense was missing in spaceResult; My wife was sleeping during the second half of the movie.

Yes, but with a compelling story, beautiful visuals and a few great actors.

It's entertaining just as often, though, and is certainly a visual treat.

The plot was ponderous and somewhere, very early on in production, someone said, "let's just forget the science and make stuff up as we go to fit the plot.

Brad, boring, low heart rate, Daddy issues.

Emotionless boredom from start to finish.

Boring .

Extremely slow, with no story, waste of time and money.

These are compelling mysteries that the film sets up, before letting them putter to a boring and shockingly predictable end.

Waste of time and effort.

Ironically, I didn't fall asleep because I was hoping for something redeeming to happen by the end of this borefest.

As a True sci fi fanatic i can honestly say this movie is a waste of time.

Ad Astra (To The Stars) - A visually stunning masterpiece that's also a slow-burn character study film that's set in the near future.

I bet you people are who felt Blade Runner 2049 was also boring.

Shallow, slow, meaningless.

It was boring as hell, I nearly fell asleep four times while watching this garbage.

Truly boring long film .

What I got was tedium of dull characters, silly storyline, extreme close ups of pensive faces, and a monotonous monologue narration.

Nobody walked out of the theater talking about the movie.

Boring and a waste of time .

I'm led to believe this ending was a reshoot after test audiences responded poorly to the original (and far superior) ending - look it up online; the originally scripted ending made a lot more sense and was as thematically fascinating as it was existentially audacious.

Worst movie I Seen all year .

Honestly one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.

A stunning story of a journey .

It started slow and I didn't really feel any urgency in the plot.

It's amazing because the plot itself has to be so empty and void of any merit for it to have to fabricate conflict/action out of thin air.

Simply put - dissapointing, cliche, and irrelevant.

REVIEW - AD ASTRAHyped by the studio as the best film of the year and starring Tommy Lee Jones and Brad Pitt this films synopsis did look like it was going to be an enjoyable watch.

What a snoozer.

The movie is not going to any point, boring and not clear at all.

A weak shallow boring story about weak shallow boring people.

Maybe pretentious for some.

The movie stagnates as it progresses to the point where it becomes boring.

After this, I feel that mentioning the Pitt's magic body, that can withstand G forces nobody else can so the plot can send him floating through space and be unharmed by stuff moving at very different speeds, from spaceships to rocks, is nearly a waste of time.

A real snoozer .

But this was a tiresome slog, hyped because of the big names involved.

But this movie is more boring than that.

A long stretched two our empty space drama .

Just a very flat, plodding, scene to scene with very dull dialogue.

Zzzzzzzz .

And that's mainly because of the breathtaking images from space.

Boredom - Out of this World!!!.

The story all things considered is rather simple but it's the journey that I found engaging.

Tedious at best.

A great slow burn of a movie.

It had me on the edge of my seat for most of the film.

And let me tell you learning Aviation theory i reeeeeeaaally BORING.

It just seems they included some scenes to make the movie more thrilling!

This film is ridiculously slow, it almost feels like it runs in slow-motion!

Yes it is slow.

It slow and story progress in a smooth scene by scene intake.

Brad was great In A film that was a little dull.

A gorgeous, gorgeous film, which shows fascinating, thought-provoking depictions of space travel "in the near future" including commercial travel to the Moon and travel to Neptune, passing by Saturn and Jupiter.

What waste of time.

I found it tedious at times, and have heard many reports of snores among cinema audiences!

Boring, a Cannes film with meaningless long background music.

Slow moving film .

I would have gotten up and walked out if I hadn't been with other people.

Boring and Bad .

Would really recommend, very entertaining and great cinematography and acting!!!

Beware its a slow movie so if you enjoy movoes like Silence or 2001 A Space Oddysey you will most likely be able to handle the silence and slow dialog scenes.

This is the lineage into which Ad Astra wishes to step, but for me, it has more in common with the excellent Sunshine (2007) and the flawed but entertaining Interstellar (2014) - irrespective of its themes and tropes, it remains a mainstream Hollywood movie, wherein the demand for crowd-pleasing content often clashes with the desire for esotericism.

Extremely long story short, there are a few "entertaining" scenes attempting to break up the monotony of space travel such as an encounter with moon pirates (whose presence is explained away with such a brief moment of dialogue my yawn literally drowned it out so I never understood why they were there).

So torturously slow and lacking real interest!

Keeps your attention for the first half, 2nd act is an absolute snooze fest.

This movie has NO plot, NO story development, NO character development, absolutely horrible writing, garbage script and most of all a bad director who made it all happen.

Slow and effortless .

Yes it may be a bit pretentious at times.

Super Boring...

James Gray and Ethan Gross wrote, and script that languished while hoping the philosophical concepts the story proposes will make the story engaging.

I like the idea for the film and most of the CGI is incredible but it is let down but directing that is as dull as dishwater.

He must direct movies for old people whos got heart issues, and to get them to sleep.. Even during the action sequences there was the most dull music that even a cancer documentary won't have that much slow.

The fact that there are so many people who found this film terrible and intellectually confusing makes me lose hope in the human race ...

The way the film pans out is through rather bland action sequences that fill up the film until it gets to it's first story point.

But, it was totally boring and slow.

It is just one boring slog to an inevitable ending, with the little moments of action completely unrelated to the plot and gratuitous.

The plot is ultimately pointless because the two sides clash so hard neither can properly be resolved, leading to a non-sensical half based finale (if you can even all it that).

It tries to be similar to the confrontation at the end of Apocalypse Now, however it ends in a predictable manner that makes the entire journey seem like a waste of time.

But if you want to see endless scenes of spacesuited men floating down tunnels and hearing a monotone Brad Pitt narrate every moment, this is the movies for you.

Too long an Boring .

Cure for insomnia .

The "stunning visuals" weren't that stunning, in fact they were incredibly boring as they were usually set smack dab in the middle of the screen.

The movie is meant to be slow and concentrated on subtle emotional cues of the protagonist.

If it were not for Brad Pitt, who did what he could given the material he had, I would have walked out of the screening.

This is one of the most pretentious, faux deep, heavy handed, unself-aware pieces of garbage I have ever encountered in my 44 years of life.

An emotional and visually-stunning journey into the psyche.

It was just poorly written, boring plot and often predictable.

worse brad pitt movie i've ever seen more boring then watching paint dry.

It was fitting for this boring anf pointless film, which failed to provide emotional payoff in any of the scenes, to end with a whimper.


Definitely the worst movie I've seen in years!

So slow, painful to watch what I saw.

Instead what you have is pretentious, heavy handed, and boring.

Basically similar to last John Wick, minus action - meaning, there is no story, there is no believable sci fi, and the acting...

I felt like on the amusement-park scary-castle train ride, where the route is pre-written by the script, whatever random, non-sensical or even pointless the turns to be.

Put yourself into deep space hibernation and sleep through the 2 dreary hours to avoid the boredom of this long long trip.

Don't waste your hard earned money.

Don't waste your money or life.

Epic trailer, boring film with no story.

Boring .

Do expect a slow phase (if you like that) and not that much action.

However, his character is very stoic in this film and I felt this made his character bland and just somebody I guess I didn't really care about.

) that actually could have worked out, but they dumbed it down, kept it trite, added gratuitous action scenes (pirates on the moon!

The movie's pacing is uneven: despite a thrilling beginning and end the rest of the film drags at a snail's pace.

Ad Astra tells the fully original, thrilling, emotional, and thought provoking story of a man who has to face himself, his father, and the galaxy as he travels to the outer depths of the solar system to confront his father and save the earth.

From the line at the very beginning "in the near future" which it clearly isn't, to the moon pirates which have no story or motive and are just there to write out Donald Sutherland's Charachter, to the killer Gorilla which is just there to kill of the captain.

It's just another dull sci-fi movie that doesn't bring anything new or engaging to the table.

an uneventful movie.

You expecting the backstabbing, betrayal, and a real villain, but you end up watching a man psychollogy who has false assumption, who want to get closure on his father dissapearance, and it turn out to be an unexpected answered.

It is possibly the most boring movie I've ever seen.

Except the main character, all others are totally flat and empty.

No story.

I saw the high rating here and I expected much more, but it was boring and a total waste of time.

Even if this movie does note each the level of interstellar it is still worth watching

There was just no story just a stream of consciousness, a technique not suited to Hollywood.

I think this is the worst movie I've ever seen.

I fell asleep..when I awoke I saw a lot of bobbing heads.

Thirdly are the action scenes really excellent, how people could claim to "fell asleep" is unbelievable.

The new prescription for insomnia .

However, what we get is a slow moving series of situations that make no sense, where characters act in a completely implausible manner and, worst of all, does not hold up to the most basic of scientific scrutiny.

The message was stupidly obtuse and delivered on a repeating monotone track.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I was looking forward to seeing this but nearly walked out halfway through I was so bored.

I love sci-fi movies but this is one of the worst movies I have seen in 10 years.

Try to enter the Space Ship from the bottom when is turned on and ready to leave lol?

Great Visually Stunning, Pongiant film about the psychological effects of being in the desolation of space .

Don't expect a top notch Sci-Fi movie, the scenes and the Cinematography were awesome, but the movie gets boring at times.

It's slow really has no plot and is rubbish!!

The at times brooding, at times exciting, but always compelling premise of space/self-exploration, combined with the appreciably contemplative pace, breathtaking atmosphere/visuals (heh), and solid central performance could've made this a mesmerizing experience if it wasn't for the ultimately underwhelming and sometimes cliche voice-over ruminations, climactic encounter, and main character arc (the initially reserved and enigmatic Roy feels more like the typical generic leading man by the end).

Supporting the action and exciting visuals is quite a basic story.

Boring, boring, too much talking.

The movie was incredibly slow in most places and honestly some on what was included in the movie seemed disconnected and not to make sense.

Self-indulgent, lacking storyline and stiffly directed, Brad Pitt looks like he's wandering through an expensive music video.

Boring to the stars .

What an exciting life the moon pirate has, well worth the risk.

Way, way too boring and a waste of time.

Conclusion: Save your money.

Another performance that absolutely stands out and is very underrated is the performance by Tommy Lee Jones who really is engaging in the short screentime given to him, especially towards the ending.

Thought provoking, moving and looks stunning.

The film is slow paced, even I found it too slow in some scenes, but I understand this is done to reflect the thoughts of the main character as he deals with his personal issues along with the way this film is styled.

Boring .

WORST movie ever made .

This movie was long, slow, stupid at parts, and not entertaining at all.

Actually started to fall asleep half way through and I do love a good Sci Fi.

Okay now we are on our way, wait until we find ( I Hope) Tommy Lee then watch out wait why are the light coming up did I fall asleep , well if I did did not miss much.

Long hard journey to no story .

I certainly felt like I lost two hours of my life in one of the most meaningless ways possible and judging by the absolute quiet when the end titles rolled, so did the rest of the nearly empty IMAX cinema.

Snoozer .

The exciting moments are already shown in the trailers which is all your getting in this film.

you can easily fall asleep during this movie...


I watch this on premiere day and I left the theater feeling adventurous after watching it.

With an intense opening scene, crashing over you like a wave of stimuli.

Very boring.

Boring (to say the least) .

If you thought Driving Miss Daisy was exciting, this one's for you.

In the end, the film's elements--its dramatic highlights, set designs, CGI effects--are flattened out by a repetitive pulsing score, which creates one unified ponderously depressing tone that persists throughout the movie and after one departs the theater.

In the case of Sunshine, this clash took the form of a genre shift into horror that Boyle doesn't fully pull off, and in the case of Interstellar, it's a predictable and unnecessary third-act twist.

What's truly engaging here, though, is Pitt's performance and the character study of Roy.

Otherwise you can live like %90 of world's population and say that this is a boring and bad movie.

Ad Astra reviewIt's been a long time since I saw a film that was as big a waste of time, and as big a disappointment, especially after reading a number of glowing reviews, as this one.

I liked only the soundtrack, the movie is just a waste of time.

Pretty slow .

Stunning .

With an intense spirituality to the visual storytelling, it argues for an appreciation of our everyday mundanities, especially if our search for bigger meaning gets in the way.

Don't waste your money

Waste of money.

The movie was slow, so many things didn't make sense and really not a good movie.

Worst movie Pitt has done.

Slow boil journey in search of the human soul, packaged as a space sci-fi .

The slow burn of emotions in this movie is quit an experience, and that's what I mean when I say this movie is more of an experience then a "movie".

)I understand what the film was about, but it still takes a long time to deliver a trite message in a way we've seen before.

As the reviews reflect, some people will find it tediously boring and some will be emotionally engaged enough to appreciate what the movie is trying to do.

This was so bad ad boring.

Slow and very disconnected .

Enjoyable film.

Boring .

Some of the side characters are pointless and are just there to dump exposition.

It is so incredibly depressing and boring.

Couldn't wait for it to end, long and tedious.

Save your money.

Yes I had an issue with the "Moon Pirates" sequence and I would have preferred it if Roy had ended the film in a different set of circumstances but overall I really enjoyed it and felt it was several cuts above many of the films I've seen this year.

I was fully invested in the slow buildup, anticipating a big, thrilling, mind-blowing reveal with a twist - Instead, I left the theater with a big "WTF!?!?

"Ad Astra" is a beautiful, suspenseful, cerebral movie.

Save your money and don't go see Brad Pitt in AD ASTRA.


It's a slice of life film disguised as sci-fi, falsely advertised as some action adventure when it's 2 hours of tedious torture.

Don't waste your time or money, see something, ANYTHING else instead!

Fell asleep.

Its baser elements of action and terror are surprising and exciting, as director Gray displays a real skill for knowing when to slow down and when to blast off.

And the space aspect is just stunning!

Thing that carries Ad Astra are the amazing visuals, breathtaking atmosphere, great small details in the world and a really great soundtrack.

There were soooo many disappointments throughout this movie, I was actually getting bored watching it.

Wow that was boring with no imagination at all, the story also was very bland.

Ending was dull.

very slow and not much action or a story line...

The entire movie was slow and boring!

$100 million art house with no story .

Well I got news for you, don't waste your time or money.

What this movie does really well is immerse you in an unfamiliar yet fascinating space environment.

Worst movie that I've seen in quite some time .

We would be picking up speed, but the tension curve is a straight line going nowhere.

The most boring movie ever.

Visually impressive, touchingly sad, but somewhat empty and shallow.

The visual experience of seeing this in IMAX was utterly breathtaking .

Depressing, slow moving film that has less to do with science fiction and more to do with the main character's abandonment issues.

Oh damm it was really hell bored, and the film tried to have elements or focus suddenly on so meaningless things.

why is this rated 7.1??? most boring movie ever.

A Slow burning candle .

Decent and enjoyable .

I should have walked out at the right moment.

Slow and boring movie.

This movie simply says "dont waste your life trying to explore unknown.

The story was just boring.. what was it again?

Pitt, however, gives an extraordinary performance, and the breathtaking visual design and sound editing within the vast canvas is never short of amazing.

the movie is almost a monologue, casual, stopped, completely bland.

Complete waste of time.

There were moments of fun but mostly zzzzzzzz.

The film is simply brilliant,the story is really good and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.

During the whole movie we were waiting that now something will happen but nothing happened.

boredom in space characters that had no back story no front story no point of even being there it was just bad all around.

The visuals are the only thing worth watching.

I found this movie rather intense.

It's a good recipe to cure insomnia.

The cinematography by Hoyte Van Hoytema is truly stunning and produced several shots which will likely live on in space film history.

It's a story about an astronaut (Brad Pitt) who was sent on a mission to find his father in outer space and.. I dunno, something that has to do with the fate of the Earth or whatever, I didn't pay that much of attention because it was so freaking boring!

This film looks really nice and has some great acting but the story is just boring and drawn out.

Everything about it is flawed, poorly executed and incredibly boring.

I think could have made the movie more enjoyable if it had a team orientation not him alone.

It was just too slow...

Slow and a very boring film wishing walked out half way through as that terrible

Visuals are stunning.

my new "Worst Movie iv seen" .

Go ahead and waste your money if you must, or just watch Gravity with all it's flaws, it's so much more entertaining and leaps and bounds more accurate in the science.

Pitt's performance is striking, the cinematography is breathtaking, the story is beautiful.

Interesting but slow .

Just pretty slow not a lot going on....


The storyline was difficult to follow and far-fetched at times.

Be warned, the movie is slow, very slow.

This movie moves slower than the DMV.

)Don't waste your time on this.

Spoiler, at least I think,this movie is very interesting in several ways while completely failing to fulfill the promises given by its initial setupshort summary: a visually stunning offshoot of THX1138, 2001 Space Odyssey and plot wise disappointment of Apocalypse Now expansion into Greek mythology (Oedipus).

Tedious and dodgy .

What annoyed me the most was Roy's narration like the whole thing has some bigger meaning but in the end it's just a bunch of empty words to make the movie look more sophisticated.

One of the worst movie i ever seen I lost my money and lost my tim I don't recommend it to watch in your home or movie theater or cinema.

If I had gone on my own I would have walked out on it.

Save your money and save your time.

The movie really is as plotless as the trailer makes it seem.

A big waste of time .


Long drawn out, dull dialogue.

Take a pass and wait to stream it for free (good one to fall asleep to).

As soon as I left the theater, I told my husband that I bet the reviews with be largely confused people writing negative reviews because the movie was too slow and too quiet for them.

What a boring waste of time, this movie is so stupid and shows that Hollywood is using Brad Pitt to get people to watch.

lastly brad pitt's character reaches his father after going through a LONG and boring process, and then also NOTHING.


Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring

Brad plays an emotionless character with an emotionless father, in a movie with no surprises, no plot, and dialogue so boring I am grateful there was not much of it.

Don't waste your time.

Overall, 'Ad Astra' is a movie which partly makes up for its predictable plot with inspired background world building and stunning visuals.

Slow, boring and basically no plot.

This is not a popular assessment, but I would say High Life is the more effective science-fiction slow burn of the year, mainly due to how it was equal parts claustrophobic and cosmically intimidating.

Predictable and unrealistic.

Stunning and most beautiful.

Brad Pitt played an incredible role as the astronaut Roy in this film and all the psychological and emotional effects of being trapped in the empty expanse of space.

3) bland, zero character building.

Re-treading his arthouse/euro-indie roots, Gray requires more than banal thrills from his audience, daring us to wait out his silences, carefully hold each word, and allow each moment to contribute to a far greater whole.

Ad Astra is one of those movies that you'll either love or fall asleep during.

It is not the main point of the story, but features heavily, with lots of slow scenes, narration and flash-back to childhood memories.

"Ad Astra" is one of the best directed science-fiction movies ever made - its stunning visuals reminded me of "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Interstellar.

Yet, Ad Astra is magical and deep, portrayed through tender emotions and shot with breathtaking cinematography.

The ridiculousness of the horrifically bad science was only trumped by the dull agonizing tone.


) Their first encounter was simply breathtaking.

But the story was just moving along so slow and without any surprises that it really left me wishing I hadn't wasted the two hour watching it.

Pointless, Boring and massively lacked imagination.

Most of the visuals are stunning and really impactful.

Repetitive .

and this movie it's incredibly boring and drab in it's depiction of the Moon and other planets it doesn't have any elements of fun or even remotely interesting!

The script and direction is slow and tedious.

Other than the great cinematography, this was a complete waste of my time and money.

It's a boring script, mostly uneventful and the science is just plane wrong to make it believable.

Pitt's character on his voyage to meet/find father, while nothing happens.

Waste of time .

Do not expect a movie like Interstallar, it's just a dull movie with an ending so predictable.

James Gray pulls no punches here, from start to finish there's a horrifying suspense as this slow burner slowly takes you on a beautiful, yet terrifying and lonely journey throughout space, thats full of twists, turns and plenty of bumps in the road.


Slow and booring space drama .

It was slow and drawn out.

Movie is very slow and yawning.

Boring .

Ok, I get it: keeping the characters moving like they are at Mars gravity could be difficult and tiresome for the viewer.

Boring movie, waste of time.

Against those strengths lies an often plodding pace, bad science to the point of incredulity, characters whom we only get glimpses of and are left wanting more (even, I would say, Brad Pitt's Roy McBride).

Wow, talk about a boring movie.

Visually stunning...

Worst movie of 2019.

If you enjoy slower, make you think films you will definitely like this move.

While I understand that space travel is boring, the pacing of this movie really threw me off.

I struggled to stay awake in the theater.

Pointless and a waste of time.

Waste of time and money I don't know what's the purpose of this movie If anyone knows please tell me

This movie has no plot or meaning whatsoever.

My first review, I made an account only to give this yawn of a movie a review.

It was a long, drawn out, painful psycho-drama.

But what saved the movie for me was the good work by Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones, the fact that Roy McBride is a different kind of protagonist for this genre and being disappointed with more heralded efforts like First Man (lack of a compelling main character, slow pace) and even Interstellar (sketchy science, disappointing ending, odd character choices).

When it comes on television, go to a fast food restaurant and don't waste your time.

Flat, boring 2 hours of nothing....

Glad senior admission in the Philippines is only US$3.15. If you must see it, it will be on cable by Christmas it is so boring.

" Perhaps the current movie culture has dumbed us to so called 'intelligent' movies but my wife and I walked out of this one thinking that we had been sat there watching paint dry.

Apocalypse Now in Space, I really enjoyed the movie, it is a feeling of uncertainty and unexpected horror.

It's not Interstellar, but if you love space exploration, it's visually stunning.

The only problems I have with the movie is the pacing is rather slow and, because of that, it's not a movie for everyone.

Personally, a waste of my previous time.

Making his assignment more perilous is the fact that different nations have taken to the universe like fractured countries where lawlessness & anarchy breeds (a thrilling sequence involving a lunar pursuit involving buggies is a hoot).

Torment, misery, boredom, etc..

A Dreadful Space Turkey That Dragged From The Start .

Bad science, ponderous and boring .

This is the first movie I have seen were I actually heard people snoring, very boring movie with good special effects.

If you have seen James Gray's long gestating sci-fi's trailers/ads you'd be expecting an action packed Sci-fi odyssey and while there's action and thrills to be found in Gray's Brad Pitt starring adventure, Ad Astra is first and foremost a contemplative character study and examination of parental bonds, that just so happens to have eye capturing space scenery for it to play out in.

Save your money.

Total waste of my time and money.

The storyline was cliched and predictable, and would have been much better set here on Earth.

First of all the films aesthetics and visuals were absolutely stunning to look at.

Slower than slow with minimal content.

Pretentious drivel about Brad Pitt's face .

No good effects, story line was lame, and was like watching paint dry or water boil.

You can tell the script adds intentionally pointless, unexplained, unmotivated action/thrill sequences intermittently just to keep viewers awake.

Honestly the worst movie i have ever seen

Itis a bad copy of Apocalypse now (looking for Pitt's mad father), ender's game and interstellar (boring trips) and gravity (the tragic separation in the space), I was very much bored, looked at the watch several times and was glad to see the happy ending.

The movie is boring.

Highly recommended for fans of slow burns that make you ponder your own existence.

It felt disjointed and the relationship between father and son had no believability to it and sadly I left feeling disappointment

If I ever thought that Star Trek TMP was slow-paced and boring, this one exceeded it by ten times.


This movie is so boring.

The ONLY thing I found intriguing about this film was the antenna at the beginning.

Visually beautiful, inaccurate, slow, and just plain oddly plotted.

The opposite problem may in fact arise, where you may find it too slow at times.

There are some really stunning visuals, on par with interstellar at certain moments.

Slow going.

One of the most boring and far fetched films I have ever seen.

Super slow movie with no scientific angle to it.

It was boring and fruitless.

I tire of cliche and desire more introspective dialogue.

I do love Brad Pitt, and the acting was great, it was just boring in spots, and had a lot of melodrama.

This is a slow burner so if you don't like that this is going to be painful for you.

This film looks great but it is ultimately tedious.

Stunning Visuals, Solid Acting and Strong Character Development vs.

Slow build up, followed by an instant letdown.

Wow, what a very boring movie.

This is a horrible film - long, slow, irrelevant, uninteresting, boring.

That is to say that it promised us an action neutral space rescue, started its runtime as a slow pondering of space and people, and ended with a heavy, syrupy meditation on our place in the universe and how special we are.

)Pretentious from the pompous title to the very last line.

Don't waste your money on this.

Don't waste your time .

Overall, while it doesn't measure up to the high standards of Interstellar, Ad Astra is still worth watching for its outstanding cinematics and the talented Brad Pitt.

No story or plot, spotty action and no follow-through, total disconnect.

Talk about boring!

Yes, it's kinda unrealistic and a bit slow.

Boring and nonsensical .

It was so boring and poorly developed that I will not waste time talking about it.

There is no story arc.

This movie was dumb and uninspiring.

The detail was stunning and I really wish I could have seen it in IMAX.

Some great sfx with stunning planitary views going through our solar system.

Save your money and re-watch an old Star Trek movie if you want to enjoy a sci-fi fantasy.

It's incredibly boring & bad!

You guys are boring .

totally boring stuff,unnecessarily stretched first half,then rushed finale..sadly,the movie did not provide anything solid..stupid plot,pointless characters and the list goes on.. Not recommended and certainly not deserving the ratings...

Bad science, pointless characters, turgid dialog and evil baboons .

The script is focusing alternatively on empty space, random shootout on moon and some flashbacks instead of developing into what could have indeed been a Apocalypse Now in space, if only the actors and the plot was given more air to breathe.

If you dislike slow psychological movies of MC talking to himself -> skip.

Apart from It the story is boring and superficial in my opinion.

An innerself experience in a kind of slow movie .

Very weak story wrapped up in special effects which wasn't exciting at all and actually I found the complete film just boring, slow paced and of course being an American film having a moral, the children pay for the fathers mistakes.

Several dumb plot lines , incompetent, cowardly astronauts, anti matter impulses that risk destroying the earth from an old earth space craftmillions of miles away, unbelievable space physics at times, waste of time o watch on IMAX.

Jones was engaging and entertaining in this role as someone who only cared about his mission and learning if there is life beyond our solar system.

My God, so boring.

His father was so immersed in his project (looking at he stars / going too far) that he lost sight of what life is really about (love, family, caring).

Brad Pitt (apart from his face) The monkeys,the boring, dull, non sensical plot.

Entertaining and thought provoking .

Worst movie I have ever seen hands down it was like watching grass grow.

What follows is an extremely slow trip into deep space with little to no cinematography to show it.

Plus the snail's pace made for a hard viewing.

Slow moving yet more enjoyable than interstellar .


Itself indulgent, tedious script VERY bad!.

This is seriously dull which is a shame because the concept was pretty cool.

Insultingly Pointless .

Also the atmosphere was stunning.

Worst movie I Ever seen in Cinema.

Waste of money & time, poor acting .

It starts off well with a big opening action scene that's visually stunning and...

A complete waste of time.

If you want to watch Brad Pitt with a blank face and doing totally mind stretching impossible science for 2 hours, this is for you other wise save your money and time.

Having said that, I love adventurous films that take you on a suspenseful voyage where you are always on your toes and that is what this movie is.

Good but too slow .

This film is a boring waste of time that takes over two hours to get a point across.

The plot is all over the place, never focused, never clear, often tonally confusing, filled with forced action scenes that contribute nothing in terms of furthering the plot.

Brad Pitt was like a boring Keanu Reeves.....

boring in space .

A series of boring, unrelated events .

What was boring?

There are some issues with plot, such as what did Clifford (and crew) ate for some 20 years orbiting around Pluto, but I still found the film hypnotically fascinating for its mix of believable (the vulgarity of human colonisation) and the psychological issues.

Despite dificulties, this show is often beautiful, frequently suspenseful, sometimes slow, and occasionally shocking.

This movie also features some incredibly stunning visuals.

If we are not looking for space realism in the film, and not even for real life events, but as a kind of psychological journey and approaching the film as a whole in a childlike way, we can even understand why it is so important with this simple, cliché message to deal so deeply.

Another film raved about by the critics but OMG what a tedious film very little story line I felt I had wasted 2 hours

Don't waste your money if you're looking for Sci-fi experience.

Through intense monologues the film addresses the feeling of abandonment that has the ability to touch all fatherless children in the audience.

What makes this movie more intriguing is the strong father-son relational aspect.

As events unfold, Roy encounters unexpected allies who invite him into emotional co-regulation.

Crew arrives on Mars (thanks to Pitt who seems to know how the spacecraft operates yet had no training whatsoever), which is a collection of empty grey rooms and long dull corridors filled with strange objects (empty bird cage, dolls?

This is a slow burn with very little burn.

However, some of the slower scenes were kind of unnecessary.

Pretentious, unscientific claptrap pretending to be important soul searching psychodrama.

Save your money

I don't know much about astrophysics so I can't really speak to whether you need to travel all the way to Mars to send a message, but it needs be remarked that scientific accuracy isn't the end-all be-all when it comes to sci-fi, and that most writers prioritize making a good compelling story.

Boring movie that never went anywhere.

The story is a pretentious attempt at recreating the feeling of 2001, the enigma of Solaris and the stunning visuals of the Martian, yes, even the awful Gravity, and failing miserably.

Hypnotically fascinating .


Boring Movie .

The actions sequences are mundane: they're nothing new, they do nothing to advance the plot (literally nothing) and they appear to exist only to satisfy a studio requirements that action sequences are ubiquitous in space movies.

Waste of time and money

I'm sorry, but this movie is extremely boring.

A couple of those fell asleep.

My wife and I both found it very slow, boring and without any real explanations for anything!

Ad Astra falls a little short of that goal, I found Brad Pitt's character to be mostly boring, being subdued and emotionless throughout the majority of the story.

Pointless Movie.. .

Apart from the action and the philosophical implications that are a big part of the constant musing and slow pacing, the movie is supposed to evoke with quiet contemplation, something crucial is missing in authenticity.

characters, what a waste of time and money that I can never get back

Snorefest .

It is desperately slow and a little boring.

Ad Astra begins with a few riveting moments of fast-paced action.

while i liked it visually and cinematogaphy-wise and brad pitt as the main protagonist, the plot kind of lost me at the end and felt bland.

), and that's about the only bit of action - the whole film is pointless and I'm not quite sure what it is about...

If you like good Sci Fi don't waste your time and money.

It's terribly slow and boring, I almost fell asleep.

Dreadfully tedious movie, spent surrounded by other poor unfortunates who were also struggling in vain to stay awake.

Probably so as no way this is movie is a 7.2.Anyways, one star for the special effects and one stare for the music even though it drones on and is overbearing at times.

What a waste of time .

Having said that, it is a very slow movie.

His journey is very well written as he's sent to discover more about his father and the lessons he learns throughout the runtime are extremly compelling.

Is this a promotion for Brad Pitt, to showcase that he is "capable" of intense, reflective, insight movies?

Space pointless and doesn't help fix issues on Earth.

It's also quite enjoyable throughout, despite being generally slow.

Primarily because there is no story line to tell.

Moving on to what this movie really is about, it's not about "how we take things for granted", or the father son love cliché, it's an attempt to answer how we deal with the feeling hollowness and emptiness in our daily life, how to find meaning in the often seems to be meaningless universe.

One of the most mind blowing and intense, yet engaging experiences.

I'm still stunned that they made a film that lasted 2 hours when absolutely nothing happens!

It's a great looking film that can also be pretty dull at points.

For me this was a self indulgent movie for Mr Pitt !

Slow, boring and dull with a nonsense plot that doesn't really do or say anything.

This does not need spoiler alerts because there is nothing to spoil, tedious and confused ramble through the sci fi cliches of the last 30 years, a Brad Pitt vehicle that goes nowhere and even the journey is tedious.

The story is very boring.

I thought Pitt's acting was subtle and engaging enough and I could appreciate it.

2 hrs plus where basically nothing happens.

I liked it but didn't love it, it had moments that I thought was visually stunning but I felt like it was a little too slow for me to fall in love with it.

Spoilers:The positives:Great cinematography Great acting (especially by BP) Good set designThe negatives: Boring!!!

Almost no plot, full of physical inconsistences that result in goofs everywhere throughout the movie, boring till death and with characters that never wash themselves (!

- did someone realise the same thing that I did and say 'Hey, this is boring , we need to wake the audience up somehow...

All this trouble to give a cliche message .

The camerawork is stunning throughout.

Beautiful yet dull, could of done with a little more story.

For me the story contained at least two or three, exciting scenes and to the credit of the director, these are nicely worked into the plot.

This film is totally boring and pointless and goes nowhere.

Horrible, boring & scientifically impossible.