Ad Astra (2019) - Adventure, Drama, Mystery

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Astronaut Roy McBride undertakes a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father and his doomed expedition that now, 30 years later, threatens the universe.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: James Gray
Stars: Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 443 out of 1000 found boring (44.3%)

One-line Reviews (896)

No story.

Scientifically incorrect but an enjoyable movie.

Very boring and very very sily and non sence story line of this movie,i huge request to all movie lover dont watch this century's boring movie,

this movie is so slow that it actually makes time go slower.

Nothing happened, it wasn't important, it didn't add anything to the "plot".

This filming style becomes tiresome when it is applied to most of the cast, except for the feral space-lab monkeys whose fate will alienate animal rights supporters.

It's boring, stupid (yes there really are Moon Pirates and Space Monkeys) poorly researched and terribly scripted.

Waste of time and energy .

Zzzz I woke up, BP was still on the moon.

It has good visuals, a slow but attentive pace and some thrilling scenes in space.

NOT "Oh, it's slow, people just want fast action, blah, blah blah"...

Movie turned out a total disaster with no purpose, bad directing, meaningless scenes and boring picture...

To say it's boring is the excite people into redefining their previous expecations of tedium.

In a word, borefest.

There's a total throw away scene, and it should have as this movie is too long, where a distress call is answered.

3/10 - dull and slow space adventure has cool, futuristic plot points that never truly lift off

Boring film, what a let down.

Stunning .

To slow

Boring .

I found a video on Facebook of an angry cat more entertaining.

Slow and out of sens .

Virtually next to nothing happened throughout the course of this movie, and running at a bit more than 2 hours, it made for a long, slow paced and rather tedious movie experience.

It's not a realistic depiction of space travel because it's full of technical flaws, it's not a character study because there is nothing to analyze, it's not a thrilling action movie because the action is predictable and boring.

Ad Astra or Into the Stars is excitingly intriguing.

Don't waste your time on this one Not for the the thinking person I wouldn't even call it sci-fi either

Yawn and what.

Boring and pointless.

No plot.

Quote possibly the worst movie I have ever seen, totally boring and a waste of my time

At least it cured my insomnia

A 2 hour bore and snore festival.

Most boring s*** I've seen in some time, and I do like the cast.

Beautiful cinematography but a slow, unrealistic story that ignores the physics of space.

Liv Tyler's character gets reduced to a cliche (the wife waiting for her husband) while much of the movie tries too hard to get its point across, creating a leaden feeling.

Please Please don't waste time on this, watch either 2001 space odyssey or apocalypse now, same differences horrible ending, with all that time for a movie and that's the ending you came up with?????

thisd is yet another failed example of Hollywood's inability at doing 'profound' - confused as they are for thinking that all they need to do is to string out a trite banal script and all will magically morph in to 'Solaris' (the Russian one of course).

Don't waste your time.

I mean the sheer, mind-numbing boredom of being locked in a space capsule the size of a closet for years on end traveling through vast, empty space.

Alas, this was an incredibly boring drama about Brad Pitt who has daddy issues.

Boring .

Was hoping for something more entertaining rather than brooding and negativity about humanity in general.

Top ten worst movies ever .

As mentioned in the title, it is a complete waste of time and money.

Visually stunning, very well performed, with a script that touches so many important subjects of today, and so much more.

Realy slow and boring .

It's long, it contains parts that could easily be left on the cutting room floor and featured this constant monologue from Pitt about personal relationships that became vacuous and dull.

Another epic snore fest art film with Brad Pitt.

Slow, nonsense with a "space" setting.

So boring.

It's not a movie for the average critic, which in my opinion is too artsy fartsy for something as realistic as Ad Astra.

Repeated and lengthy evaluation of the mind, the noise and disjointed narration, except for the male lead, the other characters are paper people.

Boring, unbelievable, and, frankly, stupid.

I'm perfectly happy to watch a slower paced, arthouse movie; it just has to be, you know, good...

This movie deserves to be one of the worst movies of 2019.

To add to the mind numbing boredom of emotioally incontinet 'astronaught's ' self-pitting musing, was the many failures to retain a semblence of scientific authenticity.

The plot was just boring.

Waste of time.

His acting was fine, the script & storyline were ---BORING!!

Reminded me of Terence Malick movie ,with the slow speech and scenes.

It is a beautiful adventure, with some heart raising scenes and some very relaxing (some would say boring).

During the movie, I thought the movie is so terrible and boring.

dont expect people to be thrilled when they pay $$$ to see a boring lump of garbage is is about as thrilling as Days of our lives or any generic soap on TV..I really should have asked for my Money back ..

Its so slow, brad pitt is slow, the whole movie is .. just slow!!

This movie really try to hide its stupidity with ignorance and at the same time tries so hard to sell the viewer a story, unfortunately there is no story.

Very excited to see it then we were very bored.. ...........

More than the waste of $ to watch it, it robbed me of time I'll never get back.

These "complex" relation stories that are meant to bing "emotions" to the viewer are so boring because you've seen them hundreds of times before.

lifeless,bland,and boring .

Plodding - slow - boring - bizarre - odd - MAJOR FAIL .

Enough of these super-slow psychological space dramas.

First half okay; Second half a bore .

oh you don't understand, its slow burn etc etc. Nope.

What a boring film.

The film well oh dear was dreary, there was just nothing to it at all just boringness.

It was very boring and dragging.

Clifford McBride disappeared off the radar while searing for alien life beyond Neptune, years have passed before a stunning revelation.

A boring movie .

does this thing drag out.

One of the most boring movies I have seen in a long time, no depth, boring 'plot' if you could even call it one, very dull and hollow characters and a true insult to the sci-fi genre.

Boring, i wish i could get the time spent watching it back...

There were one or two exciting action sequences.

The themes and philosophical stances of the movie felt simultaneously superficial, banal and corny.

This is an expertly acted role and witnessing Pitt's restraint in becoming the distant Roy McBride is something that really had me on edge.? It's always interesting seeing actors cast into different types of roles, but I've found Pitt's performance in this film to be one of the most riveting of 2019.

And special effects can only do so much to salvage an empty shell of a movie.

If you thought Gravity was boring, this film will blow your mind.

Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations, apart from it being very boring, there were other major problems, the story had too many holes in it, particularly that they never actually discovered whether the Neptune station was the actual cause of the energy surge, Brad Pitts character was not dynamic enough, they used a lot of those ultra close-up shots which I dislike, e.

This movie is a really slow burner and not a lot is happening.

How can something so interesting be so boring.

It was just all over the place and unjustifiably slow.

It's masked veil of philosophy and detachment hides a beautiful and entertaining film.

It's a slow and unimaginative movie, with a scant story line, and pedestrian acting.

I was disengaged from that point on as everything to come was disappointingly predictable.

A great way to fall asleep.

Total waste of time .

) seriousness that turns the whole thing into a tedious exercise in endurance.

The Worst Movie of 2019 .

ZzzzzzzzzZ .

Pretends to be deep, but is really rather pointless.

Worthless , useless , aimless If you want watch good movie and enjoy sometime please don't waste your time on that movie , beside no story , no effort is done in that movie at all , space movies are kinda movies that need put you in realm environment with some story even if its sci fi extreme ideas sometimes but should be coherent and solid together in one piece of work or even survival issues like the matrian or things like that , here you will find none , and no correlation of any clip to another , if you want to understand what I mean just cut two hours from your day time to the waste and drink some tranquilizing pill and go ahead and try to dig in what I said

Exceptionally boring .

overall, cool visual effects but weird lack of plot

No characters to connect to, definately not brads, no story line, no plot, no suspense, no twists no nothing.

This movie will cure your insomnia.

Boring .

Another Malickian theme was the plodding of existential dread like watching paint dry and your mind wanders about in space .

I've never loved any of his starring parts, but I do find him engaging in ensemble casts.


Its too long slow and it's one of those ones you keep watching hoping it might get better and then its over and that part never comes.

Boring and Tiresome .

Fraudulent Sham Reviews Shilling the Worst Movie of the Decade .

Absolutely pointless .

This is a slow-burning space drama with a feeling of reality to it.

No doubt many of lot of he criticisms of this movie are valid, but what they fail to mention s is that it is an artistic masterpiece, albeit a slow and drawn out one.

Even the soundtrack is bored.

After that it was boring.

Beautiful message wraped in an intense story presented with stunning cinematography!

The movie is well shot and directed with stunning visuals and backgrounds of space that really are breathtaking visually there are also a few action scenes in the movie that are very well shot and make use of the quietness and stillness of space to create tension without the adrenaline fuled sound effects and background music that are usually put into action scenes.

Don't waste your time.

Absolute waste of time !!.

Don't waste ur time!!

I get what story they were trying to tell but I just thought it was drab.

Ad Astra is one of the worst movies I have ever watched in my entire life.

But I can understand that some found Ad Astra a bit too slow.

Was excited with the cast and plot and was left bored out of my mind.

Dont waste your time...

No story, no humanity, no respect of science.

Sooo boring .

As empty as the vacuum of space !

But this ; worst movie I have ever seen

Posts anove tell it all It's so boring,slow and unimpressive that managed to make.

Visually magnificent, everything else a chore and a bore.

Realistic makes it boring.

Well, I wasn't impressed, quite the opposite actually, as "Ad Astra" was a horribly mundane and downright boring movie.

This film is shallow, pretentious, poorly written and executed .

Somewhat pointless and rough.

It's a waste of time.

It is not a happy movie either or leave you with a good feeling at the end , just a feeling of what a waste of time.

His narrating throughout the movie was dole, boring and dreadful.

Together with a riveting, atmospheric score, it conveys an enigmatic and painful world inhabited by the characters.

Brad Pitt as a NASA astronaut, teamed up with Tommy Lee Jones and Ruth Negga and they dish out some of the most riveting performances of this year.

Slow, cliche drama didn't have to happen in space!

Then this random new character spills the mystery behind his father in a very unceremonious/uneventful way.

Ad Astra is slow and poetic space odyssey that feels more like a meaningful passion project about fatherhood than the typical astronaut blockbuster I expected.

To say that space exploring is waste of time and effort, that main danger in it is that you may become crazy, harmful, dangerous ...

The fact that I found this a mind-numbingly boring movie, as did a good many others apparently, seems to account for the "rather than merely entertaining" bit, although personally I'd qualify that and drop the "merely".

As I write it, I am wondering if five stars is a little excessive for two hours of space travel with a boring, pointless voice-over.

Utterly pretentious, nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is, and possibly the worst science I've ever seen in a supposed "sci-fi" film.

Yawn Fest .

*Yawn* to the max.

Developed by drug companies to cure insomnia .

The rest was painfully dull.

I gave it 4 stars only because some of the scenes in space were nice but other than that this was boring as all hell and a huge waste of time.

Just boring.

I fell asleep about 6 times .

But mostly dull and boring with a side-order of Valium.

So boring .

There is no plot twist to keep you guessing, no edge of your seat suspense like gravity and literally no reason to put this story in space.

Yeah a true waste of time....

A lot of really exciting scenes in amazing locations interchanged by drifting in space alone on board of a ship kind of scenes.

The film has a Gravity/2001 mood about it, but still manages to pepper the 2 hours with some sudden and unexpected action.

So slow I had to check my pulse a few times to make sure I hadn't died of boredom.

Beautiful and dull .

completely waste of time....

If you're looking for another Star Wars epic or an action packed thriller this movie is not for youI personally research the movies I watch.

Every cliche in the book.

Really enjoyed it.

Ridiculous things, like jumping from Neptune to space station.. Very slow scenes, bad acting, confusing and scientificly impossible plot..

Don't waste your time!

Heavy as lead, slow as a turtle, nothing happens, no interest, no emotion.

If you consider an ultra slow burn, boring story hard science fiction then maybe this one is for you.

Absolutely pointless.

Don't waste your time.

Slow, erratic and above all else not remotely based in science.

Coming into a genre well represented in the last decade by many great films, Ad Astra doesn't necessarily overwhelm but it managed to tell a well written and executed narrative in a very minimalistic approach, as you watch the film, you notice that it doesn't focus on the scientific details, it strives to address a higher meaning and that's the very core of the movie, it succeeded to make me invest myself into the story, granted, it is very easy for me to do so as I find the idea of the exploration of the universe extremely fascinating.

This is the type of film worth watching on the big screen.

If you're a fan of sci-fi, you will enjoy this, for rest of us, maybe it is even a little bit of boring (it lasts 120 min).

Rather than help bring the film to life, it sets it into a lull that is likely to induce sleep.

Like Tree of Life, it left me wondering how such a convoluted, pretentious, pointlessly introspective, formulaic CG dumpster fire could get made.

The worst movie i have ever seen, every scene is absolutely ridiculous.

Can some one tell me what I've just watched (tried to stay awake though) I mean it was torture I felt me eyes rolling in the back of my head I'm going to buy the dvd just to cure my insomnia, you won't like this film even if your a SYFI fan it's just utter garbage

But that's about all this moderately entertaining film achieves, despite being hailed as the space epic of the year.

Ridiculous science, boring plot, one-note "performance" by Pitt .

It is slow so what.

A little exaggerated for there are a few scenes that were actually kind of cool: the pirate chasing scene on the moon was nice, the monkey killing scene was un-expected, and then Brad Pitt killing the whole crew (by accident) was a little intense.

Too Slow, Too Unreal .

However the story was so slow, it felt like I was watching someone travel though an airport going through all the different security and terminals.

While at points it can feel a little slow and the concept of the shockwaves threatening Earth, which is introduced in the first act, doesn't make that much sense and isn't really explained, I absolutely loved this film.

Such a waste of time.

So to sum up: if you are looking to watch hard sci-fi that is exciting, character driven, well-plotted and reasonably scientifically consistent then watch The Expanse.

Worst movie EVER .

A tedious, monotonous and downright pointless storyline makes for a boring movie...

Boring, boring, boring, boring and then even more boring.

I felt bad, because there is a lot of great material and opportunity here, but instead of being on the edge of my seat like gravity I was more wondering when something interesting was going to happen.

Nothing happens.

LoL if you like the actors in this movie, if you're okay with a slow build and characters without a lot of charisma that are still likeable, see this movie.

7 minutes, which is captivating and visually stunning.

Uneventful Slow Movie .

Plot filled with unnecessary and meaningless branches, leading to a confusing and slightly far-fetched story with confusing character motives.

over 2h of slow paced no action...

There is a "car" chase on the moon that is entertaining and, of course, the acting and CGI is top notch but someone needs to beam up a script worth watching.

That, and extremely poorly written dialogues, random characters with questionable motivations doing random things is what makes this movie an absolute waste of time.

But apart from these first world problems Ad Astra was brilliant, thrilling, entertaining and enjoyable to the last second: 9 out of 10.

It was worth watching.

It had some promise in the beginning, but that was quickly lost, and replaced by boredom and annoyance.

The tone of the movie is great and so comfortable to watch with even some thrilling moments.

This is superior to Interstellar, and more engaging.

It was a slow moving trip to space to find dad.

This is a very depressing and dull movie.

In the sci-fi pantheon, The Martian and Gravity - with some poetic licence - gave us thrilling drama with a credible grasp of science.

Don't waste your time or money.

I went into this knowing it was not action sci-fi, and more of a slow burn psychological drama.

Absolutely stunning camera ad gfx work, awesome directing.

Boring .

If you want a waste of time space movie this is it!!!!

The film is slow and you already know how it'll end before it gets started.

If you are not fan of space, slow dramatic movies with no action or movies where most of the time nothing is going on, you will get pretty bored.

Interesting concept great story great acting great special effects( mostly) some special effects were cringe worthy, But over all just soo boring

Without getting into spoiler territory, this is a long, boring diatribe about nothing.

Yawn, annoyance, and a strong desire to just fast forward.

I recommend this movie to fans of space themed movies like The Martian and Gravity that are more focused on story and character development this is a movie that takes things slow and builds on suspence over time worth any movie goers time.

Alas there is no story no subject

Others find it boring, and claim that not a lot happens in the film.

But the story line i felt is slow paced.

For me, it seemed way to slow in both plot and character development.

super boring.

I really like this movie it's another slow burn that really makes you connect emotionally!

Yes, I struggled to stay awake at one point (not joking), it was that bad.

The same self-made critics regard 2001: A Space Odyssey as the greatest sci-fi movie ever made, but it was also a slow burn, slower than this movie in fact.

Humourless, dull, depressing trope .

Ad Boring...

Special effects good but dull acting and bad science.

Visually stunning film that is slow and a gradually building film.

2 hours of the most boring scifi film i have seen in my life.

There is no story here.

The first scene itself of Brad Pitt falling from the tower might be the most absorbing and metaphorical action shots ever sequenced.

Simply a waste of time.

The movie is horribly slow and uninteresting.

The plot and pace of the film are excellent with Pits performance as a dedicated Major compelling.

Pretty much action packed.

what a boring movie!!.

boring .

You're always waiting for something to happen but nothing happens, It is just Brad Pitt's character talking to himself all the movie.

I wanted to like this movie, but it's so dull and full of cliches.

It was boring.

However these challenges are difficult to express in a movie that wants to be perceived as an action movie, and so it is natural to create physical peril that the lead must face on their journey, however the way Ad Astra executes this feels so calculated and uninteresting.

Its absolutely stunning, images such as Neptune and the Mars surface look way too real and I was thoroughly impressed with the detail and colour implemented.

I wouldn't want to spoil it so I won't go into details, but it's slow, boring and pathetic at many of the scenes.

It is excruciatingly and needlessly slow.


Waste of Time .

boring .

1 - How come two megastars were convinced to participate of this BORING movie.

I'm glad I caught it at a discount theater for only $4, but it was still a waste of money.

Boring Sc-FI honestly .

Beautifully Boring .

) actually fell asleep, unfortunately for not long enough.

Magellan (done on a very low budget but I found it quite enjoyable) 4.

At the beginning of the film the plot seemed so intriguing, like there was going to be some big mystery to unsolve.

too slow .

Long, slow, boring and uneventful .

The new worst movie I have ever seen .

Don't waste your time, thinking it will get better, as I did.


Utterly pointless .

One of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

The plot is boring and slow.

Just bone-jolting disappointment and the sense of rage that accompanies being suckered into a massive waste of time.

Really bad and very confusing.

And it takes two boring hours to do so.

This was slow and boring.

Ho hum.

This movie has stunning view of the space in general.

A movie where nothing happens.

People who think it's misunderstood as SciFi and that it's an intelligent psychological drama with some higher meaning other than the obvious (We are alone with "God", so stay home with your family and don't expand your horizons), are pretentious simpletons lacking in the brains department...

There is virtually no storyline at all.

That's an boring film noir movie produced by Brad Pitt.

I wanted this movie to be good and technically it was but where was the suspenseful, riveting story?

That was an expected delay with expected results from unexpected events.

Visually beautiful with a story line that you will struggle to keep watching, so mind numbingly dull after the first 30 minutes and an ending that's as predictable as they come.

It is long and slow and almost leave to the imagination of the viewer the internal struggles and motivations of the main character, while doing it in a space environment that would baffle most people that usually watch this kind of introspective films.

It is entertaining enough - which is why I gave it 6 out of 10.

It IS visually engaging.

It's a waste of time

That was the most exciting bit of the movie.

What a waste of time.

Slow movie no sense .

About as exciting as a trip to Neptune.

It is boring and as nothing to say .

Slow like a space walk .

A long monotone monologue...

Worst movie ever.

By far the worst movie I have seen in 10 years.

Starts boring, ends boring .

The pace was a little slow and I didn't ever feel a strong connection to the story or any of the actors.

It's just slow, boring and bad.

Boring Load of Empty Space .

per Aspera Ad Boredom..:) .


The film is even more empty than open space.

An empty movie with no intent, inconsequential ideas, bland progression and irrational methodology set in a fictional timeline where digital recordings don't exist.

Molasses slow .

Meaningless Jesuit propaganda garbage.

Initially I expected from the film much deeper and more global essence of the plot, but everything turned out to be very banal and simple.

A great slow burn literally.

A stunning performance hindered only by the aforementioned lack on content.

There were a few good scenes, but they were few and far between, and the narrative was boring.

Two persons jumping off the thing might slow it down though when coils don't push back enough.

The rest of it was as dull as dishwater.

some nice shots of space, or an intriguing interior design here and there...

How in hell did this get dragged out into 2hrs.....

All in all, this movie is worth watching if you have the time.

With grandiose intentions, punctuated with slow, methodical insights that provoke questions given the human condition and its search for something more in exploring its own existence and supporting its own fortitude; simply put, one wonders why two hours is spent describing and illustrating the prosaic question most consider in the uninspired ennui prevalent in basic philosophy.

SUMMARY: Dull, tedious, preposterous.

It is long and boring.

90% meaningless, uninteresting, dribble.

This movie is pretty dull.. Nothing really happens there and the end isn't surprising like say in "Contact".

Its like a friend who begins a great story that goes on for too long, and ends boringly.

Its kinda a space movie, with a dull family drama( a 50 something guy with daddy issues).

Hmmm- The Drama- 3 a monotone speakover of Pitt reading quip lines of depressed wisdom.

Instead Ad Astra is slow and heavy for every scene except the action sequences.

Brad Pitt is not bad, as always he delivers a decent character, same for Tommy LJ, but the whole plot and story is just boring....

I watched it recently, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

In my top 3 of Worst Movies Of All Time and I can't remember the other 2 .

It was so boring and predictable, and felt like it was drawn out way to long.

I am a sucker for Sci Fi movies but this movie is the most boring sci fi ever.

Cures insomnia .

I was bored out of my mind from five minutes in.

Boring an no sense storyline .

It's a slow burning movie that ultimately leads nowhere.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Writing is not amazing, actors are good, pacing is so slow in the 2nd half it's hard to keep focus.

Story is ok but the visuals are stunning.

Just plain old boring.

I think because of that, the script and acting seemed flat and bland as well.

I went into this movie really exciting and eager, and my wife caught me sleeping about 6 times.

So boring, so bad, so don't waste your time or money on this one.

One of the worst movies.

"It's quite clear the amazingly shallow and pretentious writers, producers, and studio executives thought how deep and intelligent they were, so much so that they believed 2 hours of superficial force feeding of "daddy didn't love me" from Brad Pitt would be a huge hit.

It gives you that feeling you are truely alone in this empty vacuum you call space.

But the movie moves pretty slow and I'm not sure I want to watch it again.

It did feel a little slow though.

No character development, no story and nothing worth watching.

It's so boring and the final is understood from the begin.

I don't judge a movie based on an extremely slow pace, but add on the horrible writing and this movie is simply unbearable.

The pace is so slow that it should be watched at double speed.

Movie is pretty slow .

I was super excited to see Ad Astra but it turned out to be one of the most drawn-out and BORING movies I've ever seen.

PS to every so called SF scriptwriter : if you are scared that a long trip in space could be boring for the public, you don't necessarily need to put a race and a fight scene, you could also teach to the public, with great visuals, it would be as much entertaining, or even more !

Dont waste your time .

Don't waste your Time .

Best avoided, or used as an insomnia aid.

Two hour yawn .

Ad Astra commits the biggest Sin in the book: it's boring.

it's really bad, slow, boring, forgettable...

One of the worst movie of the year,and the worst one,of Brad Pitt.

To a large degree, the film was more boring than anything else and it never achieved high notes.

If you remember when Ross had to read a 19 pages front and back letter from Rachel in the series FRIENDS, then you now know why he fell asleep.

If you found it boring don't watch.

Nice scenography - boring story.

Ad Astra was a stunning movie.

It's tone and pacing is dreary.

Waste of time .

Ad Astra is a slow burn drama full of slow voice overs and panning shots.

Wish i could give 0 stars as this movie deserves itEven writing about this movie seems a waste of time it is boring, empty, cardboard characters, the plot is dumb, tries to be realistic but had "fake science", the script is terrible, the ending is disappointing, really this movie is nothing but a waste of time.

There's a lot of unexpected action sequences and intense contemplative gems from Brad Pitt.

The story was pointless this could have been done so much better as Tommy Lee is another great actor.

The whole thing feels disjointed, the narration sounds like Brad is mumbling in his sleep.

Boring .

Horrible plot and EXTREMELY slow!

For me the soundtrack and visuals put me in a zen like state where the slow pace wouldn't bother me.

Story was slow, very little exciting moments if any.


Wow what a waste of time this movie is a nonsensical yawn fest do yourself a favour and watch The Expanse, it is just a pity the director didn't.

because it is so boring, I dozed off several times, And on the second viewing dozed off again.

It's an unrealistic borefest.

Massive production for a boring movie .

NOTHING HAPPENING from the begin till the end!!

It's a bit unbelievable in places and just confusing for the rest of the time.

One of the most boring, slow films I have ever seen since Elysium .

It's visuals are stunning and if you're into CGI then this film could work for you, notwithstanding the Neptune sized plot holes you will have to drive through, not to mention the bad science.

Right down to the basic fundamentally flawed common denominator being yawning...

It was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

It's refreshing to see a science fiction movie that doesn't need to be slow, boring and plotless in order to seem more philosophical.

I wouldn't recommend this movie to someone who wants an intense space movie.

Boring is the word that springs instantly to mind.

Ad Astra's slow and methodical pacing culminates in a disappointingly hackneyed climax, where the mounting tension goes to waste.

I slept through half of this so maybe this isnt a fair rating but maybe theres a reason i fell asleep

Pretentious gimmicky cinematics without substance .

Waste of 2 hours of my life .

but this is a snooze fest...

I know the positive reviewers would like others to believe that those that find the film boring are incapable of appreciating the deeper messages of the film or the high quality performances, but I can say personally, while recognizing and appreciating all of those things, I was still bored out of my mind.

It was incredibly boring and the film was to ambitious lacking a clear plotline

I really enjoyed it from start to finish despite the bad reviews it's a great film...

Truly One of the Most Boring Movies Ever Made .

Most boring movie from Brad Pitt I've ever seen.

Pitt's heavy handed, robotic performance was all but unwatchable.

It is a complete waste of time, unless you like to be tortured.

Beautifully shot, but empty of emotion and meaning.

But the overall feeling is an exact cross between "Apocalypse Now" and "2001: A Space Odyssey" or "Solaris" - in other words a slow, calm consideration of the psychological effects of a long journey towards an unknown destination, interesting enough in itself.

In space nobody can hear your yawns.

Boring and long as...

People say this is a very slow paced film and it's a "slow burn", but I believe that this film has the exact pacing as Apocalypse Now -and that's a classic many people enjoyed including myself.

well for me it became boring, unfulfiling and most of all so unrealistic that it completely turned me off.

It's a slow burn that keeps you thinking if you know how, so don't sit down to watch and expect lots of over the top action and unrealistic explosions.

So from the get go, it felt like i was watching a rip off of Charlie Sheen vs Marlon Brando Space Odyssey 2019, but soon realized it was also a comic reproduction of Mr. Bean Holiday segment of the highly pretentious auteur director Willem Dafoe (Carson Clay) constantly and annoyingly waffling off to selfie poses and art noir with dramatist sound tracks.

It's slow paced and they speak very slowly all movie long...

Sci Fi can go from entertaining to pretty ludicrous and it can do it pretty quickly.

It's an uninteresting movie, and it's not because of the constant scientific and technical nonsense that just makes it ridiculous.

Snooze fest.

It's just a long boring story with unbelievable and absurd scenarios mixed with a fake attempt at emotion.

Brad Pit's perfomance was absolutely stunning, very emotional and realistic.

It is so bad, it's nearly unwatchable.

My wife was bored the entire time.

And it was so terribly dull and slow.

Bad pathetic boring a waist of 2 hours.

This movie was a huge disappointment and complete waste of time.

This movie is so long and slow that it feels like a ride to Neptune.

No story.

Big budget movie with great actors, yet boring script with very little info given from start to finish.

It's so slow that I tried my best to keep my eyes open only cos Brad's in this, but even that made my eyes fail cos the Direction and sequences can be easily defined and the only cure to insomnia.

But apart from the somewhat decent cinematography the movie is extremely drawn out and boring.

The story line was kinda boring to me.

The mayday mission was also pointless.

Don't waste your time.

Apart from having the usual blatent disregard for Newton's laws of motion, it is mildly entertaining.

Boring piece of ****.

crap story , pointless, very bad acting , insult to space movies i would rate with minus 10 if i could

It's just plain BORING.

Why are modern day science fiction movies either about aliens or very boring pieces of nonsense??

Enjoyable Film with some great visuals .

Save your money and time.

Took way too long to develop.

The story line is empty, with no explanation of what really threatens the universe, or how!

Fell asleep the first two attempts.

Stupid, pointless and boring.

Waste my time.

Slow very weak climax.

And it was too slow.

Waste of time .

The movie holds good values and drama glimpse about loneliness, selfishness, and childhood confusion.

People should just watch Danny Boyle's Sunshine(2007) instead of this boring pretentious movie.

As a previous reviewer said, slow and boring.

Waste of time .

Up there with one of the worst movies error.

Really boring .

The movie tries to capture the mystery and wonder of this classic sci-fi movie however it misses the mark and ends up becoming a pointless boring movie that that will leave you with a lack of hope and pay off.

However, after a long time, what he pursued gradually became more and more unclear and even empty.

A Boring Space Odissey Which Goes Nowhere .

Still, it was slow at times and if I didn't already know I'd like it I may have been inclined to stop watching at some points.

Boring, eventless, nonesensical....

However, there is nothing for a normal movie consumer here: no plot at all, no pace, nothing happens during the entire movie.

Nothing happens.

It is more of a opiniated lecture about how space exploration is allegedly pointless and only perpetuating human flaws at a larger scale.

It's pretty dumb and extremely uninspiring.

Walked out after 15 minutes, this is BORING.

Those movies also had stupid and awkward plot holes, but this one was just more boring.

This is a vacuous, plotless, unscientific drama.

with the narrative provided by Brad seemingly self indulgent vanity writing of the worst dialogue writer in the world.

It's a slow, very slow drama about being interconnected and present in your life.

A waste of time and money - Shame on filmmakers of late.

Extremely long and boring.

Slow paced, good effects, not much action.

Mediocre visuals effects, weak unexplained plot, dull and lifeless characters.

I waste my time with such movie.

we bought it 4k blu-ray to watch at home and enjoyed it.

The idea was good, but the output poor, this film reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey, another boring sci-fi movie, which is acclaimed by many for reasons of art and ideology, not for it being watchable.


The movie itself is slow, moody art-house sci-fi, like Solaris and others.

Dull scenario, stupid flashbacks ...

The movie tries hard to be something like "2001: A Space Odysse" Interstellar or some similar stuff too like Blade runner 2019 or even Apocalypse now, but the result is a tragic and boring movie.

This is a slow movie and if you can't handle a slow burn then don't watch it, it is as simple as that.

Dont waste your time .

No story, bad acting...

Find it very interesting and fascinating.

Some stunning visuals.

Fell asleep 43 times and Still haven't t finished watching it.

What really kills Ad Astra is the score, the lack of compelling dialogue and a really poorly written monologue.

Absolutely don't listen to the Critics they must be paid off (this money could of been better spent on a actual script), overall this movie belongs in a black hole..I give it a 5 since I do like space movies and visuals are ok, I can also use it to fall asleep to, I absolutely would avoid it at all costs unless you can or pick it up for 25cents or cheaper.

The movie is good for those who find such plots intriguing.

The main character was unlikeable and hard to relate to, his face looks like it does in the poster and never changes, it's some pointless rambling that sadly was maybe the highlight of this film.

really, really boring.

i dont blame directore because he just want to make another "gravity"like movie but slow story ruin evsrything

Unbelievable, pretentious.

Boring and Slow - Any body who watched it without fighting sleep, you deserve an Oscar my friend.

anyways here are some recommendations for great lesser known space movies to watch instead of this waste of time.

Slow is being kind to this movie.

It's extremely slow paced.

If it's meant to be a slow burner thriller, then it's too slow!

I got bore to death...

Snooze fest .

Visually stunning, emotionally cold, utterly polarizing.

eventless dull slow boring more entertainment could be had watching grass grow seems to be the fashion at the moment for "lets see how dull we can be" this is a top ten contender !!!!!

I don't get it, waste of money and good actors.

Instead we got long silences, disjointed scenes, and bizarre monkey attacks.

Snore Fest.

I actually started to doze off in the theater.

No story, no character development, not even any cool sci-fi space stuff, which is you would expect from a space movie called "to the stars.

The story has some great ideas but never really makes you invested, the pace is quite slow, the visuals have been done better else where.

Oh dear me what a ridiculously slow film which really doesn't get going at any point.

This is one of those films which is a slow burner with the odd spattering of mild excitement every 30 or so minutes to make sure you haven't nodded off through shear tedium!

slow paced drama.

Nothing happens other than you watching close up of brad's very aging face most of the time and him narrating some completely irrelevant nonsense that has no bearing on anything over and over and yawn.

What a boring and pointless movie.

It's boring.

People said it was boring.

I love Sci Fi movies, books, tv shows, etc. But this was so slow and depressing.

Most boring sci-fi movie ever.

Serious cure for insomnia!!.

Save your money, save your sanity and save your soul, don't watch it even on blue ray.

It's slow, it's dull and it tries too hard.

Dull, dull, dull!!!

Slow, boring and meaningless, bad science, bad script.

There is no plot, just a random combination of scenes from various well-known sci-fi movies that make no sense together.

Well, you have to be really talented to spend millions, get Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones, use SF genre and create such boring and annoying cr*p.

Because the film is a gripping story of human endeavour, an analysis of what really motivates an individual, a meditation on what should really matter to us.

I mean seriously I feel like we are the test subjects to see how stupid and non entertaining a movie can get, first of all the space physics are ridiculously unreal, I would of actually preferred them using real physics, and then trying some of the stunts that were in this movie, it would of ended very quickly.

The movie is incredibly slow and boring.

Reading other reviews, either from critics or viewers, added a final note of confusion leaving me wondering how anyone could enjoy this movie while also furthering my frustration as I remembered how I utterly failed to enjoy this film, save for a few technicalities.

That's 2 hours and 3 minutes I could've watched paint dry, and I would have been more entertained.

I think this movie is really good when it comes to psychology issues especially how to deal with stressful, intense and hard to believe situation.

Boringly Disappointing, not even science fiction .

However, as if testing the audience to see how much the director can get away with , the scientific blundering and slap-dash handling of the plot become more and more difficult to withstand, until there's the hope for a REALLY REALLY good ending to make up for all this confusion - which never comes.

Hoyte Van Hoytema's gorgeous, slow cinematography is paired perfectly with the masterful production and set design.

This movie is completely boring and no sci-fi whatsoever.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen.

It is empty of emotion and thought.

Thematically, the film is about a man's relationship to his emotionally distant father, but all of that is told to the audience in the least interesting way: Brad Pitt's monotone narration.

Incredibly boring!

Slow moving, weak plot and a bunch of nonsense.

Brad Pitt made me fall asleep .

As the credits started rolling, my feeling shifted from boredom to a mix of relief and frustration.

But this is an entertaining, interesting film with great acting.

Most boring movie in my top ten Story has no sense

The worst movie i have ever seen.

Arguably the most boring space movie ever made .

Worst movie I've suffered through in a long time.

It's a really great slow movie .

The worst movie i have seen in a long time, cant believe that someone paid a lot of money to have this rubbish made.

There are many slow moving places of the movie that some viewers might have to fight through.

Boring and uneventful .

The visual effects are stunning, showing us a world that is at time gorgeous and at times disgusting, just like a human civilization in space would probably look like.

worst movie ever .

The only entertaining scene in the movie.

If you find yourself thinking, that sounds boring, or sounds confusing, then this probably isn't the film for you.

Waste of my time, don't do it.

Very slow, and just had a lot of loose ends.

Others are more likely to call it plain boring.

Slow but intense .

I honestly tell you, don't waste your time here.

With some great actors, this is the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

There are some fantastic space shots and it feels like the movie makers wanted to do a 2001: A Space Odyssey movie as Ad Astra plods along in a very monotone way showing slightly lengthy space scenes.

If you want an excellent slow, thoughtful sci-fi movie that is deep and meaningful, full of strong performances, watch Arrival instead.

If slow plodding deep introspective movies that move as if in molasses is your thing then go watch this.

Otherwise, don't waste your time :-

Slow, slow, slow.

so now I know why they broke up ;)Ad Astra might be one of the most boring, dull and worst movies of this decade.

boring, the film never go ahead, slow and repetitive.

This is a slow-burning space drama with a feeling of reality to it.

Boring film noir .

With all it's silliness this movie would have worked so much better as a fun action space adventure instead of a slow, sad dead-pan drama.

For a movie purportedly about space exploration, it seems to treat the concept as pointless and laughable.

Ad Astra is not for everyone, but I enjoyed it.

Wow - how boring was this movie.

Found this boring & fell asleep 😬

While much slower - which would allow to tell a story and establish background on characters - than most recent movies, there is a chain of events which reminds me of "San Andreas": The protagonist is always at the wrong place at the wrong time and miraculously the only one surviving the situation.

The slow process of the plot isnt that tiring as I read and the photography along with the music cover was magnificent and dreamy.

It was incredibly boring.

They all seem to think they are saying something profound, but manage to make the most fascinating and amazing subject matter boring and lifeless.

i was very disappointed with what i watched , slow acting ...

There is absolutely no story at all, or atleast there is no purpose to whatever that is shown here.

Even if you hate everything about this film, the stunning visuals and cinematography are at least worth a 6/10.

James Gray and the great Hoyte Van Hoytema did an amazing job in this movie and it is breathtaking.

movie about empty space, harshness of long space travel and how to survive encounter with a space monkey .

It's boring.

A boring slog of a film .

Very slow and boring.

Most boring movie of the year.

This is not the sci-fi movie you were expecting,but I feel enjoyable.

It was a dark, depressing 2 hr and 3 minute waste of my life!

Waste of time and money.

The last sequence will draw chuckles it's so poorly contrived.

A series of beautiful images tied together by absolutely no story.

An interpersonal journey through space that impresses & frustrates in equal doses, Ad Astra is a visually arresting & emotionally absorbing space opera that's crafted with delicate care and benefits immensely from Brad Pitt's nuanced performance.

At times, the second half was as unbearable as listening to Torontonians talk enthusiastically about the price of real estate.

Essentially 2.5 hours that you could have spent watching paint dry and enjoyed that more.

Yeah, it was a bit boring.

The film is slow, with monotone voice over from emotionless Brad Pitt asking himself existential questions, nonsense science, and no point at all to the story really.

Sorry but no, slow and boring from start to finish.

It's the dullest minimal/ambient soundtrack I've ever heard.


And by drama, I mean pointless inner monologues and dramatic stares towards the horizon by Hollywood's most famous chiseled chin.

The story works quite nice and the pace is just right but again might be too slow for some viewers.

Oh yeah, we also get the dull "all evil boomers must die" shabbiness.

If the photography was half as exciting as some other recent extra-terrestrial films, the depiction of Ad Astra'sinterior emotional space might have provided a poignant contrast.

It was pretty boring.

Boring Turned it off after the first 20 minutes.

All the reviewers are talking about the bad science , which is very true But my main problem with the movie is that it's the first movie ever that made me fall asleep 3 times during watching it Very disappointed

so bad acting, everything was so slow, non stop solo conversation haha omg I'm so never before , just can't remember when for last I've seen so slow movie without nothing to happen just bla bla to himself and non stop travelling without nothing else .

It's a little predictable.

Still for what it was, which is a tone poem about loneliness, family, duty and retaining your humanity 'in the vastness of space', it's a good and compelling work.

It's boring, badly edited and someone I guess forgot that ''science'' is one of the words that makes up ''science fiction''.

Literally fell asleep .

There is saving grace in the gorgeous cinematography and CGI work, and some great set pieces, and music by Max Richter and Nils Frahm which is both striking and evocative.

There are definitely some adrenaline boosting action scenes, jump scares, tension abounds, everything one desires in a 'serious' movie.

I have no idea why this movie is so highly rated by critics, but I was ready to die of boredom by the time the movie ended.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz .

Don't waste your time!

It's thoroughly boring, stupid and pointless.

Flawed but Enjoyable, Thoughtful SciFi .

What a tedious 2 hours that was.

The storyline is too predictable.

The complete absence of any kind of scientific accuracy and the noticeably repeated pointless praying throughout the movie made me wonder whether this movie was intended as some kind of strange Christian propaganda film.

2 hours of Brad Pitt floating around space staring out the window, a pointless film with a pointless plot.

Zzzzzzzzzz still putting on his space suit.

When Brad Pitt is good and has good material he is great and 'Ad Astra' did look really interesting from the trailer which made it look like a visually stunning and thought provoking film.

As it stands, the filmmakers likely didn't want there to be any misreading their story, so they decided to do all the thinking beforehand, and make something that's relatively straightforward and uninspiring.

Bored conversations with bored actors, sorry it just did not worked at least for me.

Please forgive the mortal sin of reviews that I am about to commit, but I need to summarize just how bland and predictable this movie is, all because it wants to advertise an action oriented angle.

Honestly, waste of time unfortunately.

So slow you start to loose interest.

If you enjoy watching paint dry, watch as Brad Pitt talks endlessly about his feelings, of not feeling anything to mildly feeling something for two hours.

Boring, boring and...

Well, it is a boring drama!

Dull and boring .

It was exciting, had some great action and was overall enjoyable.

Don't waste your time in this movie.


By the end of it I was falling asleep.

Starts slow and never gets better .

After an hour of wishing it would get interesting, we walked out of the theater.

This movie wanted to come across like some epic movie, but instead was just a long drawn out boring movie.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen .

The best movie to make you sleep .

Then we somehow get to Neptune where he leaves his ship, has terrible boring dialog with good ole dad Tommy Lee, tells him we got to go Dad, sets a bomb and off they go on a spacewalk.

A slow burn that lacks just about everything that makes a movie good except for some of the scenery.

Zzzzzzzzzzz I woke up he was putting his space suit on.

The movie is SO SLOW...

If you are expecting breathtaking settings, don't bother.

One of the worst films I have ever watched, story was utterly bland.

So Long and Boring .

Brad Pitt is relentlessly, depressingly dull.

No plot.

Claiming that there's really nothing happening in "Ad Astra" is, of course, a bit exaggerated.

It's a super slow and brings great acting from Brad Pitt, whose feelings and expressions change and culminate as the film goes.

Very slow .

Ok, I better stop here because this film is so stupid and waste of time.

Dull, dumb and dreadful .

If you watch this movie expecting a sci-fi, with future technological marvels or intense sequences with accurate science then you will be utterly disappointed.

Super slow dramatic monologs & wonderful space .

Watch it for the cinematography but the rest is just pointless fluff.

No plot, nor story.

It is slow paced for the sake of inflating the run time.

A lot of people are ripping on this for how slow it is and are also complaining about this movie having no plot!!!.

It made me fall asleep constantly.

Don't waste your time.

No science in it, the fiction is uninteresting, the story is so weak and empty although it pretends like it is something deep and important.

I FELL ASLEEP watching this piece of crap.

Without giving too much away, this is one of the most mundane/ boring films I have seen this year.

Waste of time,worst Brad Pitt movie .

Poor script, nonsense science, incoherent story line, disjointed editing....

This film was made to make space travel look boring.

The death scene of the woman was ilogical like, it was going super slow HOW DID IT KILL HER?

The story is weak, dull and boring.

Boring, Boring & even more boring.

The excellent cast is wasted in this tiresome film.

Or you did not understand it (or just do not care about it, like me) and just lived through the most boring ~2 hours ever.

All of the supporting characters in this film were treated as props and so it felt disjointed and convenient.

The plot is so formulaic its not even funny, and its pretty much initial idea, and ending, and the middle is filled with well, filler.

In conclusion: pretentious garbage with plenty of very beautiful shots.

I could justify these opinions with extensive analyses of the film's dramatic and scientific failings, but such analyses might lead to spoilers, so I'll just stop and say that this is a truly, atrociously bad waste of time.

In addition to slow motion, the extremely slow pacing also hindered the ability to fill the film with sufficient story.

Films such as "Sunshine" or "Solaris" I consider by far better, if you enjoy a slower pace.

The only science fiction movie that left me very satisfied as I walked out of the theater was The Martian.

I think this movie is very confusing because the whole story is based on a certain phenomenon, happening due to a certain cause and the story almost ends when that phenomenon ends.

This film plods on for 2+ hours with major lulls in the minor action and really noting happens.

Slow movie .

And not even halfway of the movie, I literally fell asleep!

As empty & cold as Space .

It worked in spades for me, but I can clearly see why a lot of people found this to be boring and uneventful.

Boring .

The movie is claustrophobic, slow, boring and abuses the notion of a "captive audience".

It's boring...

That's a LONG, boring, slow paced, slow talked, slow motion, slow music, slow camera moves.

This was annoying and boring .

Boring, better watch old Star Trek episodes .

It's a solid movie but compared to similar movies like Interstellar or The Martian it's a bit boring.

This movie is annoyingly slow paced - bizarre - odd - depressing - extremely far fetched - confusing - very muddled - as well as being scientifically and logically inaccurate to the point of being profoundly absurd - and and a MAJOR waste of time.

What an Effing waste of time and effort to see this garbage.

But it was just too boring, right?

I'm not sure what I just watched, astronaut goes to moon, gets attacked by random pirates (who are they & what's the point of that scene) sneaks on a spacecraft (yeh ok), kills everyone by accident, sets off on a long, very boring solo voyage, blows something up, goes home, has coffee, the end.

Sure, spend 2 hours of your life watching a dragging on pointless movie.

Waste of time.

Incredibly slow paced.

The cinematography and effects are breathtaking and seamless.

If you're bored it might be worth checking out but only the ending with Tommy Lee makes it worth watching.

A beautifully packed empty box .

Keifer Sutherland pops in for awhile and then has a sudden medical emergency and disappears; Natasha Lyonne from Russian Doll has a bit part as receptionist on Mars, Liv Tyler appears sporadically as estranged wife), overly dramatic acting that is occasionally confusing and completely unscientific (it's a still a sci fi movie...

But I found much of this film too unspecified and lacking narrative momentum to be fully engaging.

Good story that is fun to follow - 1 StarMemorable dialogue - 0 StarsFeel a pull to watch it a second time - 0 StarsMusic/Score stands out - 1 StarNo noticeable plot holes - 1 StarStory gets resolved in some way - 1 StarI personally like the story - 0 StarsMemorable likable characters - 1 StarMost things about the story are believable - 1 StarDoesn't get boring - 0 StarsThis film has plenty of nail biting moments and I wouldn't say it's boring but the mini plots scattered throughout seem to just run circles around nothing.

A complete waste of my time.

It is a bit confusing at times and the film is quite slow in general.

Worst movie ever.

Such a waste of time, please do yourself a favor and steer a way from this garbage.

Movie storyline slow no sense action scenes have no part in the movie not worth admission price to see it.

Save 2 hours of your life and watch paint dry instead...

If you watch this movie because you like Brad Pitt or because you wanted a sci-fi adventure then I am afraid you will be disappointed by how slow the film is, and how unconcerned it is by walking the audience through all of the repercussions of some of the world building.

Believe me when I say that I have watched more slow films than this, and this was as fast-paced and engaging as they come.

The staggering drop in interest is something I can't wholly account for - some accumulation of small foibles, little inconsistencies, too strong suggestions of the ultimate, I felt uninteresting finish.

This movie tries to be Sci-fi (because the story is about Mars, Neptune, travel in space) but it frankly is just a "drama" with a weird problematic father-son relationship (which is not told eloquently in the story line) but oh wait, there was no story line really!!

Slower than a walking day...

Cold, boring, and really not entertaining.

But I loved it, I thought it was a very calm intense.

I was talking to my friend about the worst movie I saw all of last year and immediately brought up Ad Astra.

From such deep pockets and rich potential, it's amazing to think that they managed to make such an artless and pointless movie.

A good movie doesn't need lots of action, but really, add some meat and content to the flick rather than pauses and dull dialogue.

Mind numbingly boring.

Slow and beautiful.

The movie is as empty as Space, don't waste actual hours of your life repeating my mistake.

This movie is slow.

Boring and dry, basically I think you'll be surprised how dull this film is.

This film is God awful slow, boring, stupid.

So made me feeling bored with too slow narrations and what is the point of the story?

) It's all rather pretentious; basically Roy McBride, Tommy Lee Jones' abandoned astronaut son, in search of himself and his long lost father ...

" or "Moon" was boring just wait until you get a gander at this one.

Absolutely waste of time ,simple childish story, childish aproach with space monkeys that eat people,makeshift shield to fly through the planet rings with a spacesuit an many more !!!!

There is no hook, no build up and the end will leave you disappointed because it is just an empty ending.

Why did I wasted my time with this boring and slow movie?

Slow slow slow movie very predictable, I'm sorry Tommy lee but what were you thinking?????

2019 Most Beautiful, Boring and Slow Movie .

Vacum (Latin for "empty") .

A space opera empty-as-space of any meaning, message or thoughts.

Beautifully made, slow and boring otherwise .

I have to stay awake.

Confusing and boring .

How you react to Ad Astra (2019) will depend on whether you go along with it's inter-galactic pursuit of a menace to earth's survival or you become immersed in the film's psychological drama.

Don't worry, those nasty rocks will not stop you, or even slow you down, becouse you NEED to get to your ship, so the laws of physics don't apply.

I like slow-moving films so that aspect didn't bother me as it seems to be bothering everyone else.

Movies that narrate their way through tend to bore the bejesus out of me, yes I'm looking at you Thin Red Line.

Fans of forgettable, uninformed, uninteresting, science fiction can rejoice that there is finally a big budget movie for them!

With jaw agape I mumbled to myself at least 10 times: "this has to be the WORST movie I've ever seen!

Honestly this film is so slow, boring and nonsensical that you will wonder if a child had written and directed it.

It is dumb and tedious.

It's engaging for the most part, though solitary.

What did I just waste my time on?

If you want to see a slow paced, kind of depressed and for the most part realistic sci-fi movies, shown in superb pictures you love to think about and discuss afterwards, be very welcome to join this space trip.

It was like space vast empty with no atmosphere.

A lot of shootings in this chase scene - at this point the movie is already very boring - so it gives you a little bit of hope that something unpredictable and exciting is about to happen.

So Ad Astra is really Bad Astra & I'm Sad Astra to report that the story with his Dad Astra is a Fad Astra & if they'd changed it just a Tad Astra then it could've been Rad Astra instead of being a boring film about this Lad Astra who's Mad Astra about the childhood he never Had Astra...

Slow story boring.

It is wholly worth watching, just for Pitt.

then the end game ensues which is neither exciting nor worth the preceding 100 minutes of boredom.

Captain/Captain's death bore no importance to the story, animal bore no weight to the story, that whole scene came and went with me asking, 'why'.

Beautiful Film with no plot.

He's doing Joe Black again and that movie really bored me.

There were some other "physiological" themes in the film that got tiresome as seemed to go against what the realities are for space travel and in the future, long term travel.

Very reminiscent of 2001, a film I love so obviously I enjoyed it.

Warning: this movie may cause drowsiness, impaired vision, extreme boredom, anger at movie executives who allowed this movie to happen, fury that you wasted money on this film, and nausea if watched for too long.

Waste of budget and every viewers precious time.

Yes its a slow paced film, yes its emotional (dealing with men feeling stuff), yes its well maid in terms of cinematography, acting, edit, soundtrack.

As well as this, the cinematography is beautiful, delivering stunning imagery of space.

It was boring, disconnected, and just plain bad.

This movie tries to be Sci-fi (because the story is about Mars, Neptune, travel in space) but it frankly is just a "drama" with a weird problematic father-son relationship (which is not told eloquently in the story line) but oh wait, there was no story line really!!

In an attempt to obscure the skimpy plot - essentially a long night's journey into an epic family crisis - the hero's vast commute has arbitrary if exciting mishaps jammed into it, some featuring Moon-pirates and face-eating mutant baboons.

boring af .

But yeah I wish this movie told a different story other than that old "oh this is what we got so far, there is nothing out there, we are what we have" dialogue.. just bring something new for Christ sake, like come on movies are for boredom after all.

Instead, it comes off as bland as cold tea.

Both stupid and boring.

A thrilling somewhat empty space ride.

The psychological aspect is mostly non-existent, interrupted as it is by often pointless action sequences that serve only to pad out an otherwise short story.

Brad is good as usual but the story is boring and goes nowhere

Snooze fest utter snooze fest.

This is the first time I watch a movie and fall asleep 3 times.

This is a very weird movie, slow and it makes no sense at all.

God it is boring.

The reunion between dad and son is unbelievably boring.

and save yourself 2 hours of boredom.

As stated before, there's some intense scenes here and there, but overall this was boring.

Waste of time.

The movie is claustrophobic, slow, boring.

To put it simply, if your looking for a gripping, mind bending storyline that will leave you tossing and turning with questions for the next two nights....

Really, this was the worst movie for so many people.

It is incredibly dull for the most part and very little happens.

No story no nothing.

Don't waste your time!

The visuals are stunning and i actually really enjoyed the story.


The way he plays the astronaut Roy McBride is simply stunning.

This movie has great scenes in the space environment and unpredictable outcomes.

I'm into slow burning films, I'm not looking for typical Hollywood exploisons wooo, I like intelligent stories bought to life that make you think.

It's got twists and turns and it's slow and very depressing.

It was an empty movie and a waste of time.

Dragged out .

I personally loved the movie, a good intense ride into human nature & the unknown .

Astronomically boring...

Brad Pitt made his best but he's character on this movie reflects and reveals it more empty than human.

That said Ad Astra is still worth watching.

I tried to watch it all with good intention but it ends up being unwatchable.


and very boring.

Two hours flew by, the visuals are stunning, the soundtrack is one of the best of the year and it is a simple story told very well.

This movie is really slow.

Very slow.

First off, this is a slow burning yet engaging endeavor.

There's practically no plot and even less logic to anything.

And very, very boring .

Space Travel Made Boring .


No plot.

A waste of time, when i saw Brad Pitt i trusted I'll watch a good movie, it was so boring and pointless movie , i just lost two hours


Boring .

Mind numbingly boring .

A slow poetic Space Odyssey .

I want my 2 hours back..( and my $30 for blu ray copy ) worst movie ive watched in years.., laughable script,( moon pirates ???

"Ad Astra" is a boring drama in a sci-fi environment.

Character arcs that stopped dead or went nowhere.

Film language is pretentious and inconsequential.

VERY plotless and boring.

I fell asleep through most of this so I may have missed the good parts if there were any.

The action scenes in the movie are pointless, incredible and even ridiculous to an extent.

Yes, boring.

A boring garbage.

no plot ...

There is absolutely nothing happening in this movie.

The script is weak, the "action" is boring and contrived, the plot is thin, the characters are at the same time flat and utterly uninteresting.

It is slow, introspective & more interested in exploring the human condition than the sci-fi elements that outline its narrative.

Not only that, it's extremily slow to watch and clocking in over 2 hours is a bit too long.

Boring as hell .

From the beginning of the movie I was expecting something more interesting and generally to become something thrilling in the film.


Probably the worst movie this year and worst Brad Pitt movie to date.

The only good bits were in fact a pointless such as the moon chase and the space station that had a distress call.

I love the blade runner films, for the slow, voice narration, and mood.. This movie reminded me sooo much of that...

Worst movie of 2019 .

The story is pathetic, inconsistent, uninteresting.

Very Slow.

boring to death .

Every scene in the movie is breathtaking and beautifully shot.

The most dull, self indulgent boring film of this century .

Worth watching on free cable .

The actual movie was slow, had almost no plot, and had major plot holes

This is one one the most boring movies i ever watched...

Dont waste your time!

It's also really boring...

Extremely boring and slow.

Way to slow .

This was the most drawn out piece of crap movie I have ever scene.


Without spoiling it, I'll say it's worth the slow burn to the very end.

Uninterestingly bored and cheap .

Incredibly slow...

But this is the lamest excuse for slow and illogical crap starring mega stars and a complete dud.

This movie isn't so much a sci-fit exploration movie or anything like that, it is definitely more of a slow drama which may automatically put it at risk due to mainstream audience expectations.

Epic Waste of Time, Space and Stars .

This is so boring and slow.

"Apocalypse Now' look like disappointing slow space (sci-fi shopfront) cinema .

Slow movieI personally can really enjoy slow productions.

There is no plot.

What a snore fest.

" post to show just how much of a waste of time this was...

There is literally NOTHING happening in this movie.

Dull as dull can be .

Long,slow, boring non-existing plot.

Lots and lots of empty space.

It is a slower movie, but your still on the edge wondering whats gonna happen.

The most boring movie seen lately, a story without logic and where you sleep, almost you can see how life goes by you if you watch this movie

Slow and steady .

Pointless waste of time .

Ad Astra is worth a watch, but warn you that the last half of the film is much too slow.....

How could this stupid, boring and slow movie can be called a sci fi?

Talk about anticlimactic and soooo pointless.

Yet another boring movie featuring Brad Pitt .

Too slow, bad science they say.

Think of it as a sleep-inducing lullaby.

Speaking of the cast, Brad Pitt, this guy ladies and gentlemen is the main reason why this movie gets a 7/10 rating, he was so breathtaking and you feel for him every time he speaks, well done Legend, what a great year for you.

This movie has very complicated highbrow concepts but they come off as pretentious very dull and boring.

But if you judge it on the quality of the story and characters then it is nicely entertaining and asks serious questions about how we humans relate to each other and to our existence in general.


Or something more on the edge how knowing there is no one else in the universe affects humanity.

The mysterious cosmic rays enshroud a plodding reveal which pays off without satisfaction or consideration, so we must continue to look to the stars.


All you are doing, is watch close-ups from Brad Pitts face, saying pointless things about how he screwed up his love life, and what he thinks of his father.

absolutely lost in spaces , slow and confusing !!!!

I'm not sure what was worse, the boring story which is just a bunch of set pieces clumsily put together or the bad science...

Do NOT pay to see this movie and make sure you are in need of rest if you watch it because you are going fall asleep.

All in all an entertaining movie for a lazy sunday.

The pictures are beautiful in this movie, high quality production, and the story line has a lot of suspense to it and I quite enjoyed it!

Just a waste of our time as well as a complete waste of great resources and talent.

But its a bad bad movie, and the other star, were due to the fact I remembered Ross reading Rachels letter in friends ;)Please dont waste your time watching this movie, because its bad and 2 hours you never get back.

Space movies must get a pass from most voters; I watched this based on the 6+ rating, which usually is a good sign but this one was a sleep-inducing disappointment.

Coupled by the monotone delivery and pace; by the time things start to come to a-head you don't much care.

It's not even 'traditional' SF, it's more of a slow burn, complex psychological drama set in space.

Slow and Excruciatingly Boring .

The movie is claustrophobic, slow, and boring.

Yawn .