Adore (2013) - Drama, Romance

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A pair of childhood friends and neighbors fall for each other's sons.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Anne Fontaine
Stars: Naomi Watts, Robin Wright
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 24 out of 107 found boring (22.42%)

One-line Reviews (59)

Roz works at an art gallery (rarely seen) and Lil's inner life involves a yacht company, where she is pursued by Saul (Gary Sweet), who she finds boring.

Not looking as shopworn as she tries to convey, the ever-youthful Naomi Watts ("The Impossible") portrays Lil with a mix of insecurity and confusion that comes across as quite natural.

At the beginning of the movie, you find it boring.

It was absolutely breathtaking!

It's always intriguing when actresses as respected as Naomi Watts and Robin Wright turn up in films with plot outlines straight out of a porn movie or a particularly salacious soap opera.

The flat, occasionally corny script yields a contrived movie with flat, uninteresting characters.

Instead we got this dirge of a middle-brow 'procrastination' on what happens when two bored, over-indulged Aussie women transgress by sleeping by one another's boring, over-indulged (and strangely anti-social) sons.

This is a very good and engrossing drama and is well worth watching.

Naomi Watts and Robin Wright are not your average mid 40's moms, both being stunning looking with great figures.

not only because the casting/the performance and the directing are stunning.

Poor actors (particularly the brown haired boy) , incredibly boring, and just plain gross.

Sure enough, the scenery is breathtaking and there is also a dose of serenity.

A fascinating, intellectual and profound exploration of the psyches of four uniquely damaged characters: two boys who never quite left the womb, growing up in a small and affluent community far removed from reality, with one father figure MIA, the other passive and disconnected, and only their mothers for comfort and company; and two women, who never conquered their fears of aging or their struggles with self-esteem and sexual confidence, and whose intimate love for each other and need to feel young and desired manifest themselves in dangerous liaisons with each other's sons.

There are several reasons for watching TWO MOTHERS: the first being the stunning photography of a rural seaside landscape (by Christophe Beaucarne), full of sandy beaches and azure-blue seas.

Intriguing and insightful in theory, melodramatic and fake in practice.

Instead, it proceeds along a more boring path almost to an extent where the characters nearly accept it as normal.

My friend was equally bored, or probably a lot more so!

I took a couple of stars off because the pacing is a little slow.

The story takes on incest overtones and yet still bores.

The cinematography by Christophe Beaucarne and the musical score by Christopher Gordon enhance the liquid flow of this stunning film.

Despite the provocative concept, this movie plays out like a torpid middle aged romance fantasy novel - the characterizations, dialogue, directing, acting (apart from Robin Wrights impressive Aussie accent) and music is dull, one dimensional, utterly unimaginative, sometimes almost amateurish and often cringe worthy.

-I'm too disappointed about the movie,too ridiculous and boring!

I liked this film for many reasons, but afterward I realized how contrived it was.

This film is great, hope you enjoyed it.

ADORE is one of the strongest, most satisfying films to come out in recent years, and I enjoyed it immensely.

The music is rather boring and uninspired though.

On the one hand the casting was wrong, on the other hand the story was boring because it lacked conflict.

The setting and location the beach house and beach are stunning - no wonder no one wanted to leave.

Just for that the movie is worth watching.

Then the plot started becoming more and more predictable, resembling a cheap chick flick.

I say it's 100 entertaining minutes.

Overall, in spite of some silly dialogue, it's riveting, labyrinthine, and unique - it's been a very long time since an English-language film explored female sexuality and psychology as intimately and impartially as this one does.

Notice I said 5 minutes, not 10, because with 10 you'd probably write something at least a bit more interesting and creative than this dull, unimaginative, predictable, somnambulant movie.

strange, fascinating, crazy, obscene.

Intriguing, Anne Fontaine did a wonderful job with this one

The plot certainly gets your full attention; though the film may be a little too contrived to be really memorable, the sex scenes are indeed very sexy and the svelte forty-something female leads appear to be fully empowered (though I'm so sure that's what Lessing had in mind!

Boring .

Formerly "Two Mothers", this intense drama focuses on two best friends since childhood and how their lives will intertwine as their sons become the objects of each other's affection.

boring and disappointing .

So intense.

Boring beautiful people's problems .

One of the worst movie I have seen this year .

It's well made and well acted; disturbing but definitely worth the watch.

Just for that the movie is worth watching.

at times very cliche, and I did not exactly understand the ending - at one point, I even wondered if they could possibly be dead because they looked quite lifeless.

It was a bit too "choppy" at times as often scenes were either too drawn out or cut short that sometimes the point was lost.

Instead, it was very boring and very weak drama that it just drags along for nearly 2-hours.

Unfortunately, it continues to play with this giving into temptation, moving through ridiculous dialogues and predictable situations.

Had high expectations for the film because of its intriguing synopsis.

"Adore" is a bore .

Add to the complexities of this foursome, are age appropriate love interests who will unknowingly be dragged into these progressively messy arrangement with unexpected consequences.

Both Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville are given terribly uninteresting and inexpressive roles, spending most of the film surfing and being underserviced by flat dialogue.

It has a few "so bad it's good" moments, but ultimately it failed to keep my attention and had me bored from the moment I realized it was a chick flick.

The story just seemed too contrived and far fetched.

Great acting, beautiful setting, an enjoyable film to watch...

They seem predictable to everyone except the leads.

Boring and Lacks Pizazz .

This movie I can see as a fantasy scenario for real life people who have difficulty coming to terms with aging, so entertaining from that perspective surely.

And how can a movie be so insanely slow moving, and at the same time charge ahead insanely fast.