After the Screaming Stops (2018) - Documentary, Music

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In the 1980s, "Bros" were one of the biggest bands in the world - for 15 minutes. Having sold out stadiums around the world, they were the youngest to this day to play Wembley and their "...

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Joe Pearlman
Stars: Luke Goss, Matt Goss
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 2 out of 57 found boring (3.5%)

One-line Reviews (10)

In all this documentary covers every emotional range and is very engaging, you neither need to know who Bros were or be a fan of their music to enjoy this.

I thought the first half of this documentary was somewhat contrived - as if the sibling rivalry was over emphasised for dramatic effect.

And, as this documentary makes clear, they make for unexpectedly entertaining subjects; it's not quite clear if this is deliberate or inadvertent (I tend to the latter).

There seems to be little change from their 80s selves, ludicrous with no apparant sense of self-awareness, but this is actually what makes the film a hugely entertaining watch, for the fan and non-fan.

AFTER THE SCREAMING STOPS is an enjoyable and often funny documentary exploring the lives of famous brothers Luke and Matt Goss, who reached the pinnacle of fame in the 1980s with their pop group Bros.

Emotional, entertaining, brave and inspirational.

Him being quite the unexpected fan as boys, including 10 year old me, absolutely did NOT like Bros.

It is obvious that a lot of footage here has been contrived.

Compelling in its madness and definitely worth a watch.

Of course we know that sibling rivalry makes for good copy in pop music from the battling Wilson, Fogerty and Davies brothers of the 60's to the notorious Gallagher brothers of more recent memory, but the love-hate-love relationship these guys proffer is compelling stuff.