A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) - Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

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A highly advanced robotic boy longs to become "real" so that he can regain the love of his human mother.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Haley Joel Osment, Jude Law
Length: 146 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 254 out of 1023 found boring (24.82%)

One-line Reviews (703)

We are creating machines because we want to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

was hard to ignore and difficult to swallow- there was a new film by a most conventional and predictable director trying to emulate the style of another unpredictable, but often boring director- what could be so great about it?

Haley Joel Osment was stunning and heart-wrenching as usual.

Some may find the pace too slow, for one.

The plot is empty, long and boring.

2001 or Casshern) and simply dull.

But after a while the film started to bore me, it needed to end right at that point.

Maybe I'm sometimes too influenced by my own personal politics when it comes to evaluating the film I watch, but I found this film very entertaining and possibly more relavent than we may know.

Spartacus was pretty OK, but Dr. Strangelove I found pretty entertaining, I have to say (I hereby recommend it).

There was the cliché of assumptions and no questions being asked when Henry continually wreaked havoc on David's reputation.

Visually stunning and narratively complex, it manages to combine Spielberg's and Kubrick's sensibilities without feeling too uneven.

This could be the most boring movie I've ever slept through.

It's a bit too slow (even for me, and I like my films slower paced) in plot and speeds up quickly at the end.

It starts off slow, and picks up a little but the final 40 minutes of this movie are so boring and dopey that it is nothing less than torturous.

I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it would play out.

Hayley Joel Osmont played a stunning, captivating role that is Oscar worthy and Jude Law did a mighty fine job also.

See this to encourage Spielberg to emphasize creativity over formula, to encourage him to make more movies that dare to offend the mass mind while intriguing the rest of us.

So many people hate the end of the movie because it is so slow, almost unbearably the first time you watch it.

Spielberg doesn't like people, he must be scared of emotions, he can only make cliché's into very expensive cliché's.

The last half hour was one of the most boring film climaxes I have ever witnessed.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is one of the most thought-provoking, visually stunning films to come along in a really long time, perhaps even since Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (one of my favorite films -- this one often reminded me of it).

Steven Spielberg does sci-fi in the style of Stanley Kubrick, and the result is an intensely original and fascinating movie that seamlessly blends the best attributes of both.

Steven Spielberg destroyed the greatly written fairy tale and turn it into extremely boring cavalcade of beautiful shots.

This film is awesome, magnificent, ahead of its time, chilling, detached, sad, disturbing, beautiful, unpredictable, wonderful, creepy, strange, hypnotic, dreamy, ambiguous and so you could go on.

For me this movie was entertaining to the point of the blue fairy nonsense.

It's really unexpected and unpredictable, it deals with a bizarre concept in a very serious manner and essentially finishes for you a movie that one person could never make alone.

He's amusing to watch for a while but gets tiresome after a while, although he is important to the plot's development because he leads the two to Manhattan, which as I've said is shown almost completely submerged by water, and deserted, in this film.

Unoriginal, illogical, unintelligible and far far too long .

The comedic moments (such as the hilarious outburst of laughter at the dinner table) were just as engaging as the creepier ones (the packaged 'David' android twitching as David looks on), and the ending!

), but altogether the film is great and WELL WORTH WATCHING !!

I bring this issue up first because I find the confusion symptomatic of the entire movie: "driving home a point in any meaningful way" is not something this film is particularly good at.

With the above being said, I have to admit that parts of the film and its depiction of a future underwater world, and its premises regarding the context of environmental disasters are purely based on contrived science and conjecture--Its all Lib-wacko vomit and is highly trite and not very interesting, even though It makes for stunning special effects.

I don't think anyone expected the film to involve the mecha being hunted down in the woods with a robo-prostitute, or a white trash robot killing jerk fair, or a futile and boring quest for a blue fairy, or aliens for crying out loud.

It is sad, beautiful, hopeful, flawed, eerie and imperfect - and perhaps the closest Spielberg has come to truly engaging with an audience in terms other than via storytelling flair.

Spielberg on the other hand has built his legacy by entertaining the audience so he tries to cater to them and goes for the PG-13 rating.

This movie is disjointed and schizophrenic, just like Saving Private Ryan.

Suffice it to say, the movie gets consistently weirder and more intriguing as it goes along after that point.

The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because the movie is too long; it can be quite tiresome from time to time.

Some say that this movie has absolutely no message.

Jude Law will show up as a prostituted robot and has a interesting and entertaining character, which he pulls of very well.

The visuals are stunning, as expected.

Spielberg seems to have aimed more on entertaining the audience rather than tell a coherent story.

And long drawn-out melodramatic scenes just bore me ("Forrest Gump").

Artificially dull .

Some of the special effects are good but the movie is slow-moving and too long.

It's wondrous, intriguing, admittedly flawed, but vast and gripping.

It's incredible moving, and visually stunning.

Anyone claiming to be challenged in any way by this trite nonsense has an ulterior motive.

I, Robot may not be Ebert's favorite, but if you want to see a compelling look into the difficult questions of artificial intelligence, look there.

It was long and painfully drawn-out.

I did feel the film did not know who its audience was, it was too intense to be a family movie, but not thrilling enough to be a delight for adults, this made the story feel bland, as it was neither joyful nor terrifying.

He's amusing to watch for a while but gets tiresome after a while, although he is important to the plot's development because he leads the two to Manhattan, which as I've said is shown almost completely submerged by water, and deserted, in this film.

It was SOOOOO confusing!

It was the most touching, unexpected, mystical, fun and heart-breaking i have ever experienced.

3 hours of a pitiful robot looking for a "mommy" who dumped him in the woods.

Beautiful But Boring .

i also thought movie was way too long,clocking in at nearly 2 and a half hours.

It was directed by Steven Spielberg and was the brainchild of Stanley Kubrick, so that's enough for it to be worth watching by itself.

Extremely boring .

Unusual, thought provoking, visually stunning, entertaining and well made movie .

It was also way too long.

But the majority of the film is stupid, silly, carnival-like and a waste of time.

Anyway this film has stunning performances by the young star.

This is by far the worst movie I have ever sat through!

I have walked out of 2 movies in my life: Johnny B Good (pathetic football flick with Anthony Michael Hall) and now, this one.

It is very BORING!.

can prove a bit tedious in those moments.

It ambles along at a painfully slow pace, with the occasional show piece thrown in to try to liven up the proceedings.

ended up being more thought provoking than entertaining.

Seriously, this is by far the worst movie I've ever seen.

Then the movie goes off from there as you are swept on a visually wonderful, excellently paced, exciting adventure that will pull at your heart strings at every turn.

What might be confused as a "slow/non-action" movie is actually a play that wades through a melancholy state from start to finish.

Throughout Kubrick's films, stunning images can be found, and `A.

Instead, the professor's role was as pointless as Joe's.

The idea is fine and obviously the technical side in the hands of a master (the special effects are quite stunning).

Furthermore, David's "quest" to be real was so unrealistic and contrived, I just kept praying for the film to end so I could continue reading my book.

After his stunning 1990s success, Steven Spielberg satisfied those salivating to despise him, with "A.

The special effect here are stunning (remember seeing REAL dinosaurs in JURASSIC PARK for the first time?

It was an intriguing story about unconditional love, and dreams.

It is over-long, dull, weird and depressing.

Its bald allusions to _Pinocchio_ and _The Wizard of Oz_ come off as contrived and laughable, but the movie was so long and dreary that it doesn't work as a comedy.

The story starts in the way future with the creation of a life like robotic child and the theme for the remainder of this totally too long film is the desire in the robot for a mothers love which as afore mentioned seems to be something lacking in the writers own angst and is a self indulgent guilt trip.

That was a whole adult concept within itself (especially with the City which is visually stunning!

One of the worst movies ever made - Deserves a "0" rating .

It is sad and foolish and nonsensical and patronising and inane and deadly dull and uninspired and just plain awful.

did he manage to cream all these into one epic tale that included both over the top visual effects, as well as engaging characters and a sentimental story of family and love.

Artificial Intelligence--I thought it was a good concept for a movie at first but this movie just dragged on.

Yea, it contains the most drawn out and schmaltzy conclusion in the history of cinema.

The mindless banality and sickly sweet sentimentality made me think it was a film aimed at the pre-school market, while the dark and sinister (ha!!

It also is very much in the style of Kubrick: sets, lots of master shots, slow moving and ponderous "photography in motion.

Ultimately, it's a pretty straightforward story about a robot and his impossible love for a human, but Spielberg drenches the film with murkiness and pretty pointless mystery once David arrives at Manhattan for the film's ending.

Pointless movie.

They are so confusing I can't even explain them properly.

And as with any film directed by Spielberg, it is visually stunning and consists of a series of arresting images that often times speak much louder than the dialogue, plot or story.

How unfortunate that it turned out to be a boring, weird, pointless film.

Anyway, suffice it to say, I think this movie is well worth the watch.

If he does, he will see that the film is trite an over-complicated.

) Much more could be said (and has been said well by some of the other reviewers) yet the movie could have been much improved if at least brevity had been applied to its (flawed, pretentious, ...

This movie did the biggest fault a film can do: it's more boring than anything ever seen.

For starters, this movie is the worst movie I have ever seen.

It is pretentious in the extreme.

The visual effects were stunning, and the flesh fair scene particularly grotesque.

If you're ok with slow, pensive, pondering movies, then you'll like this one.

It belongs with, but goes far beyond, 2001 and Clockwork Orange in realizing a fully believable future that is compelling viscerally, emotionally, and intellectually.

Haley Joel Osment and Jude Law give the performances of their careers and Frances O'Connor is stunning as well.

Waste of time .

I guess one of the drawbacks of becoming a moviemaking legend while you're still alive is that there's nobody to rein you in when self-indulgence is tainting your vision.

Don't waste your time.

But still, the film is intriguing.

Those movie was more enjoyable as someone was told me.

Jude Law's appearance as Joe was comical, but the character was severely underdeveloped, and at his exit, pointless -my general feeling towards this film.

I'd suggest you watch this if you want to get bored to death.

Empty, artificial .

Stunning, Impressive and deeply moving.

In this story David makes a number of unpredictable choices which get him "evicted", and through the rest of the movie his developing "intelligence" is not normal, compared to real humans.

A fascinating, entertaining, and haunting movie.

I find it a very entertaining premise for a film.

However, most of them do look really good, have reasonable acting and plots which whilst usually drawn out ad nauseum do make sense.

is still an enjoyable piece of work and should get credit, no matter who had overall artistic control.

What a waste of time, mine and yours!

What should be a fascinating film is, I'm sorry to say, tedious....

While in NY there are a few scenes that feel like they are supposed to be meaningful and insightful into the mind, but are just wildly confusing.

i found this film to be visually stunning with remarkable art direction and set design.

There were some redeeming factors - some of the special effects were interesting and some of the shots were beautiful but what a waste of money.

That might be true, but it's a really well-made movie, nonetheless, that is entertaining and opens your imagination.

This movie is horribly boring and annoying.

e, The Flesh Fair), turn out to be turgid and banal.

Dull, uninspired .

I mean, the whole thing keeps getting more and more weird until you think: who is this guy, who thinks he can create a gripping fairy tale out of thin air!

It may be that the ending was too disjointed with what came before.

To watch David's belief in the Fairy is painful but the fact that he has been DESIGNED so and cannot change makes it near unbearable.

yawn .

I know I am supposed to like this movie - it is directed by Steven Spielberg, based on concept of Stanley Kubrick's, and has all these themes of what makes us human (a la Bladerunner), but I simply found this boring.

a fascinating near-miss .

way, way, way too long .

The story line dragged on and on and on and on!

Every scene is filled with awe and wonder as we are overwhelmed with stunning pictures and images.

, Dave's murder of his robotic twin) and intriguing (i.

This mixture leads to a flawed but intriguing film with some vivid scenes that are filmed with the artistry one expects from Spielberg.

At least the great acting and fantastic effects save a lot of the movie, even if the plot is vague and confusing.

The first time I saw this movie I enjoyed the first half but almost walked out during the last twenty minutes.

Long, boring and dull Spielberg misfire.

We follow this tiresome electronic dope through a series of adventures and mishaps in a movie that seems to last all weekend.

while visually it is stunning.

On the subject of Jude Law's role as Gigolo Joe, he is what saves this film from being an utterly boring family film.

It's like following the day in the life of a boring mother and child.

Movie was good but the 2nd half was very slow.

This scientific-fiction with its intriguing plot, brilliant actors and intricate visual effects, keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats right up to the end.

In the future robots have been developed to become normal and fully fitted with normal society, but the next step is to produce a robotic child – one that can love a parent with a real and intense love.

The visual effects are downright incredible, and Jude Law's performance is terrific, and the visions of the future that this film shows are simultaneously thrilling and terrifying.

Thank you Mr.Spielberg and all others who made a Science Fiction emotional and entertaining at the same time.

To add to that though, and secondly, Spielberg felt the need to inject scenes that he had planned for Close Encounters of the Third Kind into the end of the movie, confusing audiences as to what's going on in the end with the alien like robots.

It could be argued that these virtual images, skewed and unnatural, are a metaphor for the love (and very existence) of the AI child, but this is trite and heavy-handed, and in no way redeems them in my eyes.

This story about love (as opposed to a love story) features all the Spielberg trademarks and at its center is an absolutely riveting and frankly, stunning performance from young Haley Joel Osment.

you bet, the worst movie of all time .

It rips off "The Wizard of Oz" "ET" "Schindler's List" it was unbearable and it just makes me want to cry thinking about "IN search of the blue fairy" WHAT THE HECK???

Haley Joel Osment- fresh off the success of The Sixth Sense is quite good as the main lead who happens to be a robot and the visuals are exciting.

Please make shorter and more compelling stories.

Artificial Intelligence is still a well acted, enjoyable Sci-Fi, worth the watch if you ever stumble upon it on television or some other medium.

Without this ending, I would had found this to be a dull, uninvolving and grim experience.

The film is a wild; all encompassing; unpredictable and adventure fuelled tale of a young cyborg boy on a Pinocchio infused journey to uncover who, or what, the Blue Fairy is, and where they're based so that the boy may become 'real'.

This one has an ending that is superficial, tedious, "explained," and supposedly semi-happy (Hollywood style) ultimately as empty as what David got.

though Haley Joel Osment was impressive, I had a hard time keeping my eyes open through this extremely long, boring, attempt at entertainment.

While the concepts in the film (of androids being able to give love, replacing loved ones, etc.) were intriguing, the overall movie fell flat.

Like I said in the summary, Dont' waste your money or your time!

The movie moves so slow it should be prescribed my Doctors as an alternative for Ambien.

I called this one "Pinnochio meets the Terminator" and it ended up making neither story line very exciting.

Some bits did make me chuckle but probably because the rest of it was so dreary.

Besides that, the ending is laboured, long and boring.

Well worth the watch.

Ironically, the biggest kiddie trapping – the animated Teddy that follows David through his various adventures – became the most enjoyable part of the film for me.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen!

Be prepared for a slow paced movie, and you should like it.

We are immediately immersed in a moral conundrum.

First of all I happen to actually like movies with a slow pacing, hard-to-follow story development and metaphysical content.

I wonder what good one may find on making artificial human beings when it is too easy --and enjoyable-- to make them the usual way.

The aliens epilogue is at best silly, and the quasi-oedipal touch with David reuniting with his "mother" ranges from boring to corny.

The film has some interesting special effects, but in the last half of the movie the plots really bogs down, and David's 'quest' becomes an interminably drawn out affair.

For those who would pay $1M for a painting of snow this may be an "artistic" success but if you prefer photographs to Dali's "sticks" don't waste your time on such a silly flick.

The poignancy is lost with repeated attempts to extend and explain the story in unnecessary ways, the scene with David's mother towards the end being especially contrived and saccharin.

Mostly Enjoyable, Despite an Uneven Plot, .

Yes, the story was great at the start, but the ending was totally unbelievable, childish, unnecessary & confusing.

: Artificial Intelligence" has a fascinating premise and story.

While I THOROUGHLY enjoyed "Othello" with Lawrence Fishburn, I can relax a bit, as I assume Anthony Hopkins did to star in it, and enjoy a film like "Bad Company" for what it is - an entertaining story.

Over-long and pretty damn dull throughout, this is not a fitting epitaph for the great man

I gave it a 7 based on his performance, and the intriguing plot.

Perhaps someday, someone will edit it down to 80 -90 minutes or so, & it will become a manageable watching experience, but as it stands now, it's too long & tedious to sit through.

It briefly talks about the technology, but then throws it aside so it can tell this extremely stupid and dull fairy-tale.

It was absolute torture to sit through and I'm still wondering why I did it!

Particular low points are some settings (the arena and it's boring action), the Dr. Know-business (hello Einstein) being the worst of that (though it must be said that some settings and graphics were really wonderful, like the house, Manhattan and the 'futuristic ones'), and the overall simplistic approach of intricate philosophical material; there's plenty there, but in the end it is a rather sentimental sci-fi adventure movie with some good parts of (intense) drama.

The interaction between the two is absolutely fascinating, almost absurdist at times and always with that quirky, Kubrickean feel to it.

Everything else in the movie has the yawn effect.

even more boring...

The rest of the plot is like a compilation of several faery tales, with absolutely dull and painfully overlong ending.

Apparently the content of Kubrick's script was too vulgar and pretentious.

I've heard so many mixed reviews of this movie---it sucks (which is the worst comment because it has no reasoning), it was boring, made no sense, did not follow correct format...

An over-sentimental, over-emotional and a particularly "Disney" scene follows, that is dragged out, embarrassing, out of context with the rest of the movie, sickeningly happy and downright awful.

This terribly disjointed film started so promisingly.

most people (especially those who are spouting about how boring the film was) don't seem to have this.

My wife and her brother didn´t like it that mucht, they thought it was boring.

Are we really to believe that humans will in the future find the destruction of obsolete technology to be so thoroughly entertaining?

And the final section is about as unbearable an experience as I've had in a very long time.

Personally, I don't have the film school training and sophistication to enjoy, for example, the makeup and scenery even if the story is horrid and the characters uninteresting ("The Piano").

Honestly the worst movie I've ever been subjected to.

I was never a fan of Stanley Kubrick movies, I thought about most of them as long, slow, and downright boring, with the exception with Full Metal Jacket.

's images will remain with me for quite a while; this is the most stunning visualization of the future, I have EVER seen, and thank God the trailers didn't ruin it.

In the end, I was left empty, wondering about how many excellent films could have been made out of just some of the pieces of this one when carefully analyzed and developed.

So, anyway, a friend of mine- not particularly sharp in thought, but I Sci-fi fan nevertheless, came over for coffee one day and told me how disappointed he was at the film- it was really bad, really boring and it went on forever.

Even worse is when the film is dull and boring and insults your intelligence.

is quite possibly one of the worst movies I have ever had the experience of watching.

Slow moving in part, especially the end.

Artificial Intelligence" is a shallow and empty movie, which was made several years ago with Robin Williams.

I am so resentful of Steven Spielberg for wasting three hours of my life.

Truly, the effects are stunning, even if the move is somewhat less than so.

But the flaws must be taken with the good (yin/yang) in that by not telling us where the movie is going (Kubrick style), it is disjointed and apparently without aim or meaning.

I very much liked the vision of a drowned Manhattan with the upper stories of the skyscrapers rising above the level of the sea (presumably from global warming), giving us a very quiet and almost contemplative Manhattan, and then the skyscrapers immersed in ice as the earth falls into a prolonged ice age.

At first viewing, this film looks like a charming, fascinating, science-fiction Pinocchio, with a loving robot boy instead of a wooden puppet.

However, the movie is still definitely worth watching.

I" is definitely one of the most incredible and breathtaking films I've ever seen.

While there are many stunning parts to "A..I" there is no denying that it had more than its fair share of failure moments.

Once the Swinton's real son Martin is back with the family (he's seemingly cured from whatever happened to him with no real explanation) the film then becomes a pathetic point-scoring exercise between Martin and David - in fact many elements of the first half of the film (particularly between Martin and David) play out like Problem Child on Prozac which hardly makes for a particularly informative, interesting or engaging portion of the film.

Intriguing attempt at mature Sci-fi by Spielberg .

The worst movie of the Century .

is sappy, sentimental, boring, slow, depressing, and full of plot holes.

I had read many bad reviews on this movie, and when my friend told me that he had seen it, and that he thought it was boring as heck, I didn't really know if I wanted to watch it or not.

It just wears thin on me, is dull and contrived.

Ugh, what a waste of time.

Overall, I found the first half hour to be quite entertaining.

The special effects are very well done and it is entertaining to see futuristic versions of well known cities (you will se Manhattan under water due to global warming).

But too long, self-indulgence bySpielberg, very slow moving.

I like to echo previous sentiments that people complain about the ending, but really the middle part was the most tedious.

I give 4/10 for some of the most stunning visuals ever seen in a movie.

We even get to watch an entire actual ice age take place, talk about boring!

Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen .

The story is as disjointed as a road map of Afghanistan.

I find Jude Law an incredibly charismatic actor with great versatility and unexpected talents; as "Gigolo Joe" the adult entertainment "mecha", he's incredible, capering and literally dancing from appointment to appointment, both impersonal and incredibly personally intimate as the perfect love machine-- literally.

Terry Gilliam should have learnt from this - never do version number 1.393 of some fairy-tale (Quixote, Münchhausen, etc.) but do a thinly-veiled adaptation that fits an existing film cliché, add a kid or a dog and you can hope to cash in.

This film leaves me empty, asking "is that it?

Then, when it failed to end, when this strange journey took place, under water, through a strange immersed New York City.

Honestly, this is the worst movie I have ever seen.

I found it visually stunning, as well as fascinating.

By the end it's fallen apart so badly they resort to a pretentious voice-over to tell you what's happening.

The most exciting part is not 'Does it survive and/or complete its objective?

Intriguing questions from an intriguing film.

Nothing to share with Kubrik, this film is a boring patchwork of hi-end sfx and confused storytelling.

I love fantasy and science fiction but I have to say that this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life!

Possibly the most visually stunning film ever made!

The slow pacing brings to mind the works of Stanley Kubrick, mainly 2001, which A.

Entertaining - *Spoilers* .

The movie had some interesting effects, and Jude Law's character was fun, but on the whole, I thought it was a long, boring movie.

Dull, tedious drivel .

It has to be possibly the worst movie i have seen in the last 2 years.

) stunning characters (why David and Gigolo Joe, of course!

It's very Gattaca-like (=dull).

I enjoyed it on the whole though.

are absolutely stunning.

One of the worst movies I have EVER seen .

And when the writer keeps adding pieces with no regard to the audience, the odor of self-indulgence starts to overwhelm.

Worst movie ever.

Some of the characters are pretty bland, and it's just so incredibly depressing at points.

I Was Bored .

Overall, it felt kind of boring and empty.

In fact the film might have been more compelling if this were not known to the audience for a while.

A number of critics have named _Plan 9 from Outer Space_ "the worst movie of all time.

What a pathetic waste of time.

I found this movie rather boring.

This movie has a potential to be a 10/10, but there are some long, boring scenes.

Though the movie ends well, (conceptually, though again, the execution is flawed by the introduction of aliens, (or futuristic robots of the ice-age, whichever it might be) who exhume David, and try to fulfill his wish) by the time the movie arrives at this point, it has passed through so many confusing and supererogatory paths in-between, that the charm of this otherwise 'touching' ending, and the movie, as a whole is completely lost.

6/10 worth watching for visual effects.

It's a good movie and worth watching.

For example the ending is very unpredictable, but a sappy voice-over makes it sound remarkably contrived.

Yes, the look of the film is very accurate, but the plot has no coherence, and the film itself is too long and without rhythm.

With the excellent acting and the compelling topic it is good enough to feed my thoughts until the next attempt.

Stimulating, compelling, moving, touching and entertaining - a classic.

Interesting, slow paced film, played on a light note.

It is very BORING!.

Boring film with a bad ending .

Whilst the movie does start off slow, it is the introduction of Jude Law that really gets it going.

What a terrible waste of time .

Superb, fascinating and unusual .

This emotional confusion pervades the movie, as the focus continually shifts between the scenes that Kubrick or Spielberg worked on.

I am not the type of person that would ever walk out of a movie (simply because I don't want to have wasted $7.50 on the admission), but if I were ever to have walked out on a movie this would have been the first.

worst movie ever.

I felt this movie was one of the most thrilling, exciting, sad, brilliant movies of the decade.

I found it to be even more poignant and entertaining and the ending, though still weird, did not trouble me as it had in the first viewing.

It covered all the bases and was topped off with an intriguing story line.

I enjoyed it, it's a movie I'd watch again.

Ai is a visually, emotionally and intellectually stunning film, regardless of inherent logical flaws.

This is a stunning movie, and it is very much like a Stanley Kubrick film in that there are parts of it so visually and emotionally haunting that they must be classed as unforgettable cinema.

Stunning, brilliant, prodigious, inspiring, enigmatic, fantastic, stupendous, marvelous, awesome...

Through more confusing plot points they recreate David's "Mommy" in some strange attempt to understand humans, which have since gone extinct.

It just seemed like cliché after cliché, and an odd uncharacteristic rip off of so many other films and stories.

If you want to waste the best part of three hours being bored out of your skull.

Also, Haley Joel Osment turns in a mostly good and at times superb performance, yet he once more lapses into his tendency to whisper emotional lines as if that trite behavior will wrench tears from the audience.

After it 'suddenly' finished I was left wondering how I managed to stay awake for almost 2 and a half hours of mono-level production.

First of all, this movie is definitely worth watching because it is very unique.

Definitely one of the most incoherent, self indulgent, badly conceived movies of all time.

I haven't seen this many incredible visuals since STAR WARS I: THE PHANTOM MENACE, but the amazing thing is that the film is also consistently involving, absorbing, powerful, and fascinating.

I saw that in every movie review by moviegoers that this movie is horrible and that this movie is the most boring movie ever.

With exceptional performances from the whole cast, the real stand-outs are Frances O'Connor, playing the reluctant mother who eventually warms up to the loving robot, Jude Law, as the entertaining Gigolo Joe who aids David on his quest, and young Haley himself, who delivers a truly outstanding performance as the lovable David.

Lots of people expect films to be purely entertaining.

If you can accept that, you may see that this is one of the more fascinating films ever made.

Continuing with our boring plot summary, David, being the dumb robot he is, wants to find the blue fairy from Pinochio to make a wish to be human.

It will make your experience much more enjoyable.

This movie was possibly the worst movie of all time!

The film's first 40 minutes or so are rather slow, shot with a blanket of haze by Oscar-winner Janusz Kaminski (who has photographed every Spielberg film since SCHINDLER'S LIST), played subtly and delicately, but after that the look and pace of the film become crisper as it assaults our senses with some big, confusing, fast action sequences as David is captured by a weird character, played briefly by Brendan Gleeson, who travels around the land in a balloon in the form of a huge moon in search of lost mechas so he can take them to his 'Flesh Fair', an ugly festival where all sorts of robots are tortured and killed as entertainment.

Breathtaking .

" His very likeable character filled an interesting niche (nonthreatening male, surrogate family) but his on-the-run subplot went nowhere.

The concept of an artificial lover was intriguing.

Don't waste your time on this one...

Finally, I see a disturbing trend in films these days in that they have become far too long.

For the first time I found myself falling asleep in the cinema.

Simply stunning!

The end was totally unsatisfying and trite.

And then when you sit though it the second time, knowing what's coming, its much more enjoyable.

The story sucks, and this is aggravated by the dreadful music; the camera work also fails to add lustre to this duller-than-dishwater "adventure".

It is far too long and convoluted...

What a waste of money, waste of talent, waste of some good special effects and above all a waste of time.

One thing that's really great for a film is when the subject matter poses so many deep and fascinating questions about man.

Cut that out and make it into a film-clip, with some decent music, and throw the rest of this dull, meaningless, messy abortion away.

I've seen it before, but that movie is too long by at LEAST half an hour...

The story is uninteresting, there is little to no excitement or action, and the characters are annoying.

But when the kid starts to behave in unexpected and unwelcome ways and the mother makes an agonizing decision to part with him, that is where the movie went astray for me.

Entertaining and Disturbing **** .

This whole part was good and enjoyable.

But its pace was as slow as "2001: A Space Oddessy" and could have been a little more intense.

It is bland and inane.

This was quickly followed by an intense chase threw the forest.

This piece of garbage left me feeling cold and empty.

Although much has been made about the ending of the movie, I think it is one of the most unexpected, unique and memorable endings I have seen.

I do have an aversion to utter schmuck, sentimentality and pretentious protection of the american myth that charagterises Spielberg films.


And where the film fell down was the bizarre contrast of this with the actions of Gigolo Jo, who abandons his original programming to follow David off on his pointless jaunt in search of his 'mother', a much more 'human' decision than ever David managed.

Then David gets dumped in the woods and the movie lurches between audaciously good elements and some annoying self-indulgence.

Totally bland and tasteless.

At other times, I wanted to turn it off.

Instead, we have an insignificant and disjointed human interest story, full of sentimental pap about a boy who isn't even human.

This has to be one of the most amazingly confusing films i've ever seen.

It seemed to drag on in many places and had an overly drawn out ending.

More face time for the FX folks and some really trite, contrived and irrelevant dialog from robots about the space-time continuum.

A complete mess, but morbidly fascinating...

I found the first half of the movie to be utterly boring since it simply showed how David lived and how the family had to get accustomed to his presence.

Long and boring.

This movie makes no sense, has so many plot holes it's ridiculous, gets indescribably confusing at the end, and is PAINFULLY long and boring.

Worth watching, at least once!

The portrayal of the future was somewhat frightening but also extremely fascinating.

From okay to boring to irritating to painfully irritating to just downright painful.

And it's entertaining!

A hateful, ill-conceived, pointless, overblown, fragmented, shrill, poorly-executed disaster of a film that should serve as a cautionary tale to thousands of wanna-be filmmakers when they wonder if success is something that can be maintained after thirty years in the business.

The last hour made me yawn all the time.

from being the masterpiece that some may be expecting, is that it's more pretentious and less important than it seems to think it is: it doesn't really give us new insights into the way machines work.

Don't waste your time or money .

The mech junk pile and moonrise was riveting.

Artificial Intelligence" is a bloated, over-wrought kaleidoscope of visual effects and a tedious tale of a young robot boy's odyssey to find a blue fairy to make him real, as in Pinocchio.

This is a good movie to leave on as you fall asleep.

Please, don't waste your time on this slow, boring movie.

My god, what a waste of time.

The plot is so complicated, it is difficult to do it justice but it is fairly fascinating.

If you remember the original definition of an epic - the fate of a nation rests on the actions of a single individual - you can see how this tale of a machine boy trying to find mom is bound to grow tiresome long before it is over.

One final point - if the Mecha are generally considered 'sub-human', and behave in predictable algorithms which deny any sympathy, then torturing them would be about as much fun as holding a fan blade still so that it makes a clicking noise.

:Have you ever wondered if your life is an endless menagerie within an empty suit?

Boring .

The first hour of the movie is boring and tedious as we see robot boy David (Haley Joel Osment) attempt to adapt to his new human family and vice versa.

The meandering journey through the wilderness is pointless and starts to wear on the viewer.

The scenes in the flesh fair and at the visually stunning Rouge City, where David and Joe go searching information, are momentum killing and introduce a lot of ideas that don't really get resolved.

In conclusion, a rather bleak, ambitious but daring and compelling movie.

They both wanted the other one to direct, but Kubrick passed away, so Spielberg took up the reins as director, and came out with a visually stunning film, that can come up short at times.

It's explained away with the cliché space-time continuum explanation, used in the most unbelievable manner I've ever seen.

was its stunning technical effects, from the superior visuals to the futuristic art direction.

However, the preachy dialog and the disjointed incomprehensible storyline made this movie a bomb.

What I got was a beautifully shot, self-indulgent and confusing mish-mash.

Direly Uninspiring .

They recreate Monica for David, but only for one day; the last shot is of Monica falling asleep, David next to her.

But we still find ourselves yawning through most of the filler that makes this epic almost 2.5 hours long.

The movie dragged on endlessly, and I was RELIEVED when it was over.

it starts good, the first part was good, emotional ( a bit shallow, but at least he tried) and makes you want to see what will happen next, but this did not last long (only a small part of the film), after this the movie terns to technical showoff full off effects with almost no story, the events are slow and meaning less, Spielberg destroyed the story by showing us computer animations and effects.

A Fascinating Misfire .

It is because of these serious issues the film deals with that I find it intriguing and very relevant.

(spoilers) You know how if a 12-year-old boy were to make up a story for you, the story would combine an incredibly disjointed number of elements, and the story would paint itself into several corners and somehow squeek out of them, and you would patiently listen to the story, and when it finally ended you would ruffle the kid's hair and privately thank God that the story was over while politely cooing to his parents about how creative and imaginative the child was?

This was, without a doubt, the worst movie I have ever seen.

Far more entertaining than this cretinous waste of celluloid.

Boring .

Don't waste your time watching this, unless you want to see astounding technical virtuosity wasted on a completely pointless story.

Without going into too much detail, but the ending had no credibility, it dragged on, it was superficial, and it served no narrative purpose other than to give a happy ending.

This movie was much worse than I ever could have predicted, and ultimately lacked several key elements that make for an enjoyable movie, such as likable characters, conflict, or a point.

to be more of a Kubric arty movie with no story.

The set design is visually stunning, modern and streamlined, and somewhat reminiscent of Gattaca in its combination of the modern with the simple.

Spielberg took charge, and ended the movie instead in one of the most tedious, schmaltzy ways imaginable.

Gripping movie.

I thought some of the visual effects to be interesting and the questions posed by artificial intelligence to be compelling.

The film is a good 90 minutes too long, the characters are undeveloped and dull, the special effects are unconvincing, the script is without any kind of flair, the cinematography and editing are boring, the plot is uninspired and at times descends into stupidity and some of the film's actors are totally wasted.

Haley Joel Osment- fresh off the success of The Sixth Sense is quite good as the main lead who happens to be a robot and the visuals are exciting.

This goes down in my list of the 5 worst movies I've ever seen...

The film at times is relentlessly depressing and trite at others.

Ponderous metaphysical diatribe .

Worth watching, if only for the humour Teddy brings to it.

It's worth noting that cuz a lot of the negative reviews seem to come from people disappointed by the film's slow pace and (often needless) expository chatter.

Waste of time .

How many of those robots do you have to see until they bore you?

Their son Martin, in a cryogenic state, comes home with a little resentment and jealousy towards his "mecha" replacement after an unexpected cure is found for his illness.

At least Gigalo Joe and Teddy were intriguing characters.

Another stunning film from Spielberg.

a 1 is the stunning fx - they really are incredible.

The movie is redeemed somewhat by astounding visuals, and an intriguing premise.

People would say a list of cons: "the film is very slow, very long, and very strange...

It has so many layers, so much subtext, it's truly compelling...

The opening segments are cold and antiseptic, but intriguing and offer some of the most restrained directorial work that Spielberg has ever done.

was is not science fiction, it's just a fairy tale - and a very poorly plotted, disjointed, and morally ambiguous one at that.

I have finally seen this film (on DVD), and found it one of the most emotionally intense films I have ever seen.

Stunning cinematic experience .

It is visually in many ways a stunning movie in its concepts and their execution.

awesome movie, stunning, intriguing, and possible in future days .

Martin's absence should leave an empty space that can't be replaced by an artificial boy.

This was one long mind-numbing documentary on how nice Hollywood's special effects can be and how massively boring it is when special effects is ALL they have.

Very enjoyable, and the ending was not over the top, which is always a danger with blockbusters.

I was absolutely amazed at just how tedious this film was to watch.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

I left the theater feeling thoroughly disgusted with Spielberg and angry as well.

The film's disjointed plot is understandable to some degree given that both Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg were involved in directing.

Their dialog was tedious and somewhat pointless when they did speak.

is at times too riveting, at times too boring, and at times too confusing.

) - the way he stands, his face, the way he moves - another brilliant performance from an always-fascinating actor.

The end of the movie was mind blowing!

The start of the film is intriguing in the sense that you're left wondering how an AI who is as close to being human as possible will interact with a normal family (which is part of Cybertronics master experiment and indeed part of the plot).

However, the pace is mostly slow.

The film doesn't have anywhere near the personality of SCHINDLER'S LIST, is far more slower and self-conscious than 2001 (if that's possible); and the plot feels like a cross between D.

Don't waste your time.

Even in the year 2001, people still fear what Kubrick may have foreseen while the rest yawn through the 2 hour + movie and then laugh of his fictional sense of drama.

Januz Kaminski's photography is, as one has come to expect, impressive, and the movie is unusually unpredictable for such a big-budget experience.

A Ponderous Pile Of Hooey .

it was a nice refreshing story however i felt the length of the movie was a waste of time considering it involved the David ( the robot) to go on some venture looking to become human so his mother would accept him.

is often overlooked, and it is really one of Spielberg's most intense, emotional, and poignant films.

It has some great moments, compelling subject matter and Osment puts in a truly great performance.

A failure, but a fascinating one nonetheless.

This is absolutely mind blowing.

I understood his desire to be loved and his confusion on how to satisfy that very human yearning.

2) The movie is a fairy-tale, which is implied through the beautiful narration by Ben Kingsley; this is why the finale is drawn out--David (Haley Joel Osment) IS a real boy, because he has real feelings, real emotions and can feel real sorrow, pain and joy.

Maybe Kubrick could have done more with it, made it deeper with more effective sub plots and other such etc., but Speilberg delivers a very entertaining movie that asks more questions than it answers, and I like that.

It is a compelling story on so many levels, and pays homage to so many other good SF/fantasy films from the hands of the masters, Kubrick and Spielburg.

Good but very slow.

I would highly recommend it, though many i know have disagreed.

An aspirant, visually stunning genre-straddler, it's an uneven, long-winded showcase of the best traits and worst indulgences of both directors.

If Spielberg had intended to make the audience look around the theatre in confusion every ten minutes as anger built within them, he did well...

Artificial Intelligence" is a shallow and empty movie, which was made several years ago with Robin Williams.

The usual memorable performance from Osment but otherwise the film is too long, weak and uninspiring.

The film is a mixture of the sentimental Spielberg, a commercial, family film and Kubrick's detailed, thought-provoking and visually stunning talents.

This was probably the most boring movie I've seen since "Ishtar"; this is compounded by the fact that it was about 11 hours long.

This movie was marvelous, interesting and suspenseful through out.

_, so, perhaps, it is the better candidate for the worst movie of all time.

It raises issues of humanity, but never really tackles them, leaving that for the second act, a dark, imaginative piece that manages to be both entertaining and deep.

Equally, I love most of the films directed by Kubrick until his dull Eyes Wide Shut (the last word of the title just a spelling mistake away from accuracy).

In my opinion, it should've ended sooner, because the most complaints I've ever heard about this movie was the long, slow ending.

Also note that as Carpenter's Thing was far more intense than the grade B budget 1952 science fiction, Spielberg's version of Pinocchio is also far, far more emotionally intense than the original children's fairy tale.

I haven't seen this many incredible visuals since STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE, but the amazing thing is that the film is also consistently involving, absorbing, powerful, and fascinating.

In a similar vein, through the image of the robot David, chasing after the illusion of the Blue Fairy, the film-makers also seem to criticize, with subtle but stunning effect, the pre-occupation of humans – whether of Christian or other faiths – with their access to a mythical afterlife of the individual soul, when the likely effect of this pre-occupation is to ensure that living generations will be insufficiently attentive to the steps required of us, if we are to preserve any future humans to perpetuate those faith traditions – much less to live their own lives.

Very entertaining - haunting Kubrick vision of humanity's demise in the near future .

I think that was a waste of time.

It is trite, over long, full of holes, and fails to engage on any deep emotional level.

Overlong and pretentious, this movie is a basic retelling of the classic Pinocchio story, set in the distant future.

Pointless, droll, depressing, unentertaining drivel.

If they are aliens, then their appearance is pointless and makes no sense in the context of the movie.

I´ve never seen a science fiction movie so slow, boring and predictable.

Best Child Peformance, Worst Movie Ever Made Literally .

I even found the ‘oh so GREAT' 2001: A Space Odyssey so boring I turned it off after a half an hour or so.

Pardon me, and my long explanation, but this movie is empty of soul and purpose, although it's full of Spielberg quirks: absent/uncaring father, abandonment and/or loneliness in childhood, overdeveloped fantasy world, yearning for parent's love, robots, cuddly toys, and of course aliens.

I wanted that adrenaline rush, that sweeping magical feeling of seeing a new Spielberg film, that same feeling E.

The movie wants to be like pinnocchio, as stated many times throughout, but it is much more like Edward Scissorhands - a much more visually stunning picture.

As I end,I have to say that this is still one the most fascinating,passionate,beautiful movies ever made and you have to see It more than once to fully appreciate It.

boring, annoying kindergarden.

Kubrick would have NEVER made a movie like this because it's way too slow, and far too dumb, sappy, tedious and schmaltzy.

Spielberg is the master of children's stories, crowd pleasers, cliché wallowing, tear jerking, emotional masturbating.

Artificial Intelligence" in where the mecha boy, uneventful performed by 12-year-old actor Haley Joel Osment, turns to a darker path, after splitting from mismatching supporting cast members actress Frances O'Connor and actor Sam Robards, portraying the mecha boy's foster parents, to encounter scavenging robots seeking substitute parts on waste disposal site before getting ripped, slashed, incinerated in a sequence called "Flesh Fair".

Minuses are the way too long story and Spiel berg's over love to FX.

The sum up, this felt like two movies in one - an intelligent, dark and fascinating film mixed one that's formulaic, sentimental and cheesy.

The journey to find them is sometimes a rather tedious one.

possibly the worst movie of all time .

The scene in the beginning where the meca's face is opened up was stunning.

while Monica , David's mother,a real human being with various kinds of emotions such as love,hate and boring.

Not a perfect movie by any means, still it is a very good one, highly entertaining in spots with clever writing and superb effects and John Williams music.

They create a happy, dark, science fiction movie that would make any fan of Spielberg or Kubrick leave the theater happy.

Steven Spielberg's "Artificial Intelligence AI" is one of the worst movies I have seen so far.

I like Spielberg, but AI was just a long, boring, convenient movie without making a real point.

The movie, which runs - or crawls - in at about 140 minutes, is way too long.

That totally over-rated ham actor Jude Law is given a role that is pointless and we of course have to have the ridiculous anorexic close encounter aliens thrown in at the end for good measure.

' There seem to be enough news stories of parents who hate their own children to the point of seriously injuring or killing them, and raw unshakable hatred in many parts of the world, paying to watch it for 'entertainment' was for us, pointless.

For me there are too many "too's" here: too long too boring too much aimed at tear-jerking too much showing off know-how on the technical side too much overacting by Haley Joel Osment who single-handedly kills the entire movie too unbelievable too much sidetracking from the story and I can go on like this for half an hour....

It's a science fiction speculation; it's slow but it's fascinating from start to finish.

Deep, Compelling, Thoughtful .

The interaction between the two is absolutely fascinating, almost absurdest at times and always with that quirky, Kubrickean feel to it.

This film will bore those who crave action or a more familiar storyline.

There's a breathtaking scene in which the boy's body is dragged through the streets of submerged Manhattan by a silver school of fish.

Towards the end, however, it keeps gripping you, just when you think it might end, it grabs you again.

It seems to me the big flaw is in the film's pacing, especially the first 1/3rd - I can understand that the idea is set up David's character, to set up the human society, to give an understanding of the parents - but it is boring on an Olympic scale.

A I drags in parts and the movie could have been cut by an hour, also the ending is confusing.

Go the the local 7-11 and watch a burrito in the microwave, I promise you will have more excitement and adventure at your local convenience store than you will in watching this terrible waste of money.

The movie can be extremely boring for most people, I'm sure.

does have some enjoyable moments.

In addition, I found the pace to be somewhat plodding given that the movie might be interpreted as a travelogue of a near future society.

It feels completely disjointed from the rest of the movie.

Don't waste your time; there are much better movies out there!

Forget the William Hurt boring prologue.

This movie is incredibly slow, and incredibly corny.

When I finally watched it I almost had to leave it half way through because it was so depressing and dull and very very boring.

For those that think it is too slow moving, I dare you to go back and watch Soylent Green again and notice the very glacial pacing of that movie which is considered one of the great SF films, or at the original Planet of the Apes.

Jude Law's charachter seemed pointless really (no doubt just there to get another star on the bill).

It seems as if Spielberg was only trying to make a film that he thought Kubrick wanted to see, which is an overlong, and at times boring, mass of film that truly needed some cuts.

I stepped through a couple of scenes with DVD slowness to try and discern how a particular effect was accomplished and was impressed with the craft.

And, lastly (and mostly tragically) we see the climax dissect itself into a confusion of emotions that eventually lead the viewer to feel just tired and cranky.

hit the theaters someone in my surroundings said how that had been "one of the worst movies in a while".

There are a lot of reasons for disliking this movie, but the one that stood out to me was it's poor understanding of themes which have been widely explored by various authors, and it's trite morality.

Artificial Intelligence" is a shallow and empty movie.

The worst thing about this film was the pointless manipulation of the viewers emotions.

i guess Speiberg is just sort of unpredictable because he is simply human and flawed.

The plot was completely inconsistent, slow moving and the ending itself left me feeling quite numb.

I liked this film and found it entertaining.

The first half hour of the film meticulously builds viewer interest but it becomes "ludicrouser and ludicrouser" as it lumbers into it's disjointed and long overdue close.

The movie was a surprise to me, it does have some slow parts, but for the most part it's entertaining from beginning to end.

There is a certain naivete that is both entertaining and endearing among the mechas.

Too much stupid bits like the ending, it goes on for way too long.

Overall, 8/10 for a thought-provoking, intriguing film.

The story bored me to distraction and the ending was almost as bad as the classic 'and then the world blew up scenario' not what you expect from Spielberg.

Certainly, the film can be a little too dark and/or suggestive in some scenes (and yes, I agree that this is by NO means a "children's film"), and it obviously can't suit all tastes, but for me it was (and is) a daring, memorable, and absolutely stunning work of art.

For Osment alone this movie is worth watching.

Worst movie ever made.

The journey David undertakes is an adventure and his companions along the way are complex and intriguing.

However, very gripping and a film that is difficult to ignore.

I could possibly agree that this movie is worth watching only if you can truly argue your point of view to convince me.

The story is flawless, the acting superb and the visuals are stunning.

The 1st section is brilliant: moving, suspenseful, all you could hope for.

" Kids will be bored to tears, teens will want more action, and Kubrick and Spielberg fans will be divided.

He must have thought it was getting pretty drawn out by that point.

Nope, there is another hour of confusing story.

It made me cry at the end, because of David falling asleep.

is extremely dull.

It's long, slow, and boring, and has a silly and ridiculous theme.

Sorry, but Spielberg and Kubrick - two men who have made some extremely entertaining films - are too bigoted for my tastes, at least in this movie.

The visual effects were stunning, and almost made up for the complex and crumpled plot.

Overall, this is a stunning and provocative film, filled with ideas.

Frances O'Connor is also very compelling as Monica, David's 'mommy', who abandons him in the woods after David unintentionally almost causes the death of her natural son.

I cannot understand how this slow, over long, and pointless movie ever got financed.

But what makes this movie interesting to me is that i have a hard time figuring out if i enjoyed it or not.

Worst Movie Ever .

From the off, AI is dull.

If Kubrick did this movie, I still would've enjoyed it!.

Don't waste your time watching this idiotic movie.

)While the plot was an intriguing twist on the Pinocchio theme, it seemed to pander to it a little too much, and yet at the same time, it went out of its way, in a contrived manner, to be tragic.

What to Expect: Mind-boggling performances and even more Stunning Visual Effects Extravaganza.

Reminiscent of the pointless and tedious "Millenium Man", we get a pointless and tedious "2 Millenia Boy".

It's all ultimately pointless and as long as it amateurishly helps the film to go on and END some time it's OK.

Sounds quite intriguing.

2nd time viewing was even more fascinating.

Eventually the movie ends with one of the worst movie endings of all time, or quite a good ending if you think about it symbolically, which leaves out the human condition.

It starts off as a great semi-science fiction movie, then goes into a very exciting suspense thriller, then into a futuristic adventure movie, then a fairy tale, and finally resolves into a movie that fits no category.

Perhaps only the smug elitists have been enlightened as to the meaning of the transparent imagery, but I found it pretentious, tedious and self-absorbed.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

I found this film intriguing though flawed.

Then the film proceeds to spend the rest of the film putting him in the most pointless and heartbreaking situations.

offers intriguing ideas, and Professor Hobby of Cybertronics aims to expand that idea by proposing a new robot, a new product: A child.

" Perhaps then they could have opened HUMAN PARK and then the movie could have truly dragged on forever torturing us all.

The film's first 40 minutes or so are rather slow, shot with a blanket of haze by Oscar-winner Janusz Kaminski (who has photographed every Spielberg film since SCHINDLER'S LIST), played subtly and delicately, but after that the look and pace of the film become crisper as it assaults our senses with some big, confusing, fast action sequences as David is captured by a weird character, played briefly by Brendan Gleeson, who travels above the land in a balloon in the form of a huge moon in search of lost mechas so he can take them to his 'Flesh Fair', an ugly festival where all sorts of robots are tortured and killed as entertainment.

Frances O'Connor is unbearable in her role.

Especially the ending which was totally unexpected.

The cinematography is at times stunning, and haley joel osment is convincing in the fairytale role of pinocchio.

The plot, the setting too, I wanted to turn it off.

Unbelievable settings, incongruous character behaviour, and weak scientific foundation make this one of the worst movies ever.

But instead it was a long, boring movie with David crying for the affection and attention of his "mother" (for whom he had been programmed to feel love.

Possibly one of the five WORST movies ever.

It's an enjoyable movie that is impressively directed by the great Steven Spielberg, bringing a world where robots reign supreme to life, its certainly intriguing as, nowadays, this future no longer seems too distant.

However, it was visually stunning and surely - to most intelligent viewers - would provoke all kinds of questions about the nature of life, consciousness and being human.

This achievement, on top of what is a riveting and heart-felt adventure, is enough to recommend the film to a pretty high degree.

The gaudy "Flesh Fair" of the second part is too long, too noisy and not very credible.

Confusion will be A.

My wife felt it was the worst movie she has ever seen.

disjointed .

What on earth possessed the man to morph an eerie psychological drama into an ultimately boring and far-fetched yarn?

Awful, boring, stupid, one of the worst movies ever made.

The 2nd section starts fine but goes on far too long.

if you enjoy slow thought provoking films with great FX (other then blowing stuff up) and beautiful cinematography then see this film.

Here the slick commercial hollowness of most of Spielberg's work finally ruptures releasing a long, drawn out stream of hot air.

If you are a fan of special effects, this movie is for you -- the visuals are very exciting.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone that likes a TEAR jerker.

Kubrick's films are ponderous and philosophical, Spielberg's delightfully exuberant and, in some cases (Schindler's List, The Color Purple) amazingly dramatic.

Confusing to the plot of: we hate robots and desire improved standards.

Spielberg has a glorious eye for stunning images and the cinematography is some of the best of the decade.

He wants her to stay awake.

Otherwise jack yourself up on coffee cos you'll be in for a long, though thoroughly entertaining night's viewing.

The movie is enjoyable.

As a whole, the film is a fascinating endeavor, buoyed by superb performances and typical first-rate craftsmanship.

I had to splash my face with cold water twice to keep from falling asleep.

Boring and ridiculous are the words that spring to mind on viewing this piece of clap-trap.

Don't waste your time or your eyesight.

He will remain a child forever though his love will grow more and more intense since it will feed on non-material energy.

It was totally lame had the most unlikable characters and just was a total waste of my time.


is enjoyable, admirable, aesthetically pleasing, and just a great movie.

A definitive lack of story .

Then it gets boring...

is an example of a film that reaches for greatness, falls a little short by having too grand a vision, but still manages to be engaging nonetheless.

Spielberg and Kubrick are telling us to slow down on our evolvement because if we create a being using Artificial Intelligence then maybe it will think bad thoughts and may become like a dictator and start a revolution against us, or maybe the Human race will become enraged and start a Meca Holocaust like in the Movie.

Come away from this feeling vaguely empty and you could be forgiven.

An example of Stanley Kubrick's most boring so-called masterpiece would be 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Too many "Yes-men" in Hollywood, and the proof is a very long boring film that leaves you thinking, "Gee, there is 3 hours and several dollars I will never have back.

I had heard so many bad critics about this movie that I thought I would just see a barely enjoyable Sci-Fi movie about robots that could be just as bad as a bad Spielberg movie.

Well worth watching.

Even though the film (in general) is very slow at times, and intentionally (sometimes painfully) artificial in its presentation, the message of this film is very compelling and visceral.

Compelling, slow-paced, lengthy, intelligent, thoughtful, wise and occasionally profound.

I saw the movie tonight, and I enjoyed it, although it was blatantly similar to one of my favorites from 1985 D.

Rated 7I know that a lot of people did not like this movie, and it definitely had some serious problems, but I did find it enjoyable.

" eventually becomes a boring morass of excess.

Pointless and unfunny slapstick abounds, mostly in the form of Jude Law playing a foppish prancing gigolo robot.

very very tedious.

It is an intelligent film, with moments of pure brilliance and moments of slight miscalculation, and asks a series of intriguing questions.

The movie's flawed; the first act is rather slow to find its footing and does give the start of the movie a somewhat schizophrenic feel.

Jude Law's performance was also very good, his character Gigolo Joe was entertaining and lightened up the somber mood cast by David's obsession with finding the Blue Fairy and reuniting with his mother (played wonderfully by Frances O'Connor).

relationship with the family, the movie would have merely been bland and like hundreds of other films.

Unfortunately, the story was so weak and technically flawed that the entire experience became a tedious descent into clashing directorial styles and ill-advised plot devices.

A Complete Snore---3/10 .

was charming, and the second part tried not to be cryptic, as Kubrick would have made it, and it ended in confusion.

This is followed by a coda wherein he hands the hero his wish in a way that feels contrived.

Needless to say it was visually stunning with great performances, although Rouge City was strangely sterile and unerotic.

A chilling outcome to an exciting and creative film which I believe has been misunderstood by many viewers, especially those who did not like it.

Yet Spielberg's adaptation is 145 minutes long: a huge, slow, incoherent mess of a movie with loose plot ends sticking out all over and a tacked-on sentimental ending that makes no sense at all.

Dont' waste your money or your time.

Someone might address the slow pace of the ending as "thought provoking".

This movie had potential, but is sadly dragged down by numerous flaws.

Choppy, no character development, confusing emotional balance, annoying, overly long, I was PLEADING for it to end, most of the movie makes very little sense.

This first part is gripping and humane and overall, quite enjoyable.

The cinematography is stunning as we are transported to a world of the future where robots and humans live side by side.

I especially point to the pacing (slow, methodical) and the tone (dreamlike, aloof).

This was one of the worst movies ever made in film history, as well as Spielberg's low point.

At first it annoyed me and was way too long.

because it is far too fascinating A SUBJECT TO LET DIE BY THE HANDS OF Mr. Hollywood himself.

The style and pace is utterly mesmerising, the sets are stunning, the special effects are so good they're barely noticeable and the acting is superb.

What some praise as visually stunning, I found ugly.

The movie has an extremely slow pace that drags the movie out to the point that you swear the film is at least another hour in length and that you've been tricked into seeing a longer movie.

It was way too long and way too convoluted to follow.

This is a substantially compromised masterpiece, as it certainly had to be coming from the ghost of Kubrick as fashioned by Hollywood's most powerful and most commercially successful director, but an engaging, ambitious spiral into the future, one well worth watching one, one that will linger in the mind awhile.

The vast majority was so trite that it was truly cringeworthy.

Sadly the film is dragged down a considerable way by a final twenty minutes that are unnecessary, sentimental and almost unwatchable.

When and why did he ever get so pretentious?

Whilst during the middle of the film, David's adventures with fellow artificial life form Gigolo Joe (Jude Law) are actually quite enjoyable.

is the movie where Steven Spielberg attempts to channel Stanley Kubrick and succeeds to a stunning degree.

It then dragged on to an entirely different story about a robot who loved his "mommy" and who is helped around by a gigolo robot, while trying to find a fairy that would make him real.

This was one of the worst movies of the summer of 2001.

Rather than being entertaining, it is very thought-provoking which I think a good film of any substance should be.

While it had many scientific/engineering issues, it was entertaining and minimally thought provoking.

I found Gigolo Joe (Jude Law) more entertaining than David.

Very good story and plot, but went on way too long.

But you proved, once more, that as an artist you can only be obvious and dull.

It was all so dark and dreary.

Strange, "ET" made me weep so did "Close Encounters" but I didn't weep in "Schindler's List", where the horrors depicted are devastating and the pain, unbearable.

There have always been some confusion about what intelligence is.

Like Lord of the Rings, they could have done without some parts, and I got very bored.

Exploring the potential future world of robots is something that can be very entertaining.

An overlong and boring dud that made me feel sick by the end of it.

Honestly the worst movie I have ever seen and I have seen a lot.

Some of it was really unnecessary and just a waste of time.

My 13-year- old son, who I hoped would relate with the boy-robot, walked out on it (we recently rented it on DVD) at the 55-minute mark.

The "feel good" movie of the year it ain't, but there are many things that make it worth watching.

Oh yes: the pay-off for Haley Joel Osment's tiresome cyber-brat at the end makes you want to beat your head against the nearest wall.

Stimulating, compelling, moving, touching and entertaining - a classic!

No, it is truly the worst movie, at least to me it is.

" is the most unusual film I've seen since "A CLOCKWORK ORANGE" that explored such intriguing ideas.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is one of the most thought-provoking, visually stunning films to come along in a really long time, perhaps even since Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (one of my favorite films -- this one often reminded me of it).

If I wanted a film with no storyline, I would rent "Open Water" again.

This is the worst movie ever made.

A big, incoherent, pointless exercise in the typical Spielbergian club-you-over-the-head-until-you-get-it style that has absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever.

The Result is this Great Film that is an Emotionally Exhausting, Visually Exciting Fairy-Tale.

here it is: worst movie ever .

Suffice it to say, the movie gets consistently weirder and more intriguing as it goes along after that point.

The movie starts quite slow but quickly picks up and pulls it all together to get the viewer thrilled and then it doesn't end when it should have, there was a pointless and appauling 30minutes tagged onto the end of the movie that just stopped it being one of the greatest movies ever told.

I was so looking forward to it and I walked out very disappointed.

David was the central character and his plight the central theme, but the drama of this lifelike boy was too rehearsed and pretentious.

_'s audience a concocted story full of the most inane sort of Sci-fi cop-outs in order to excuse a further 30 minutes of obliquely related, mind-numbingly boring footage.

A stupid decision by the mother brings about what we know is going to be confusion and disaster for the child.

At other times, I wanted to turn it off.

It was very disjointed and a lot of what happened in the movie had no background.


The "moonrise" is surely one of the most stunning visual ideas in cinema history.

This character is Gigolo Joe, a sweet talking; built in jukebox sporting; male prostitute droid played by Jude Law, while the far smaller Teddy (Angel), a mere child's toy, talks in a monotone manner expressing the best possible course of action as David flits from one set up to another.

Self-indulgent, pseudo religious bunk .

The film's `Pinocchio'-theme story was very intriguing and sophisticated; and that is no lie.

An intriguing and sometimes poetic excursion.

Artificial Intelligence is an engaging science-fiction adventure that melds Kubrick's chilly bleakness with Spielberg's warm touch.

There's no moral, no message, no underlying meaning, and seemingly no rhyme or reason for ending the movie the way it ended.

slow-moving, too long .

The entire enterprise was directed at such a slow pace it acts as a sleep aid.

Waste of Money!!.

Special-Effects are absolutely stunning, while the Music by John Williams is in sync with the film's mood.

I personally loved it, and found it one the most intense movies I've seen in many a year.

I too grew a little bored the second time i saw it.

The sharp intellect and non-cliché of Kubrick is in complete contrast to Spielberg's soppy, sentimental cliché extravaganzas.

It's really unexpected and unpredictable, it deals with a bizarre concept in a very serious manner and essentially finishes for you a movie that one person could never make alone.

The first act with the human family is too long, not interesting None of the characters in this family, including the robot himself, are likable.

The plot is incredibly disjointed.

Alas, I merely kept falling asleep!

My dad was nudging me and begging me to leave early.

Most of the middle portion of this film (which clocks in at over two and a half hours) is deadeningly dull, and none of it was worth the megahype that DreamWorks mustered up for it.

In the intense scene when David and Gigolo Joe are running from the Flesh Fair blimp I was given chills at the first sight of the rising moon like blimp.

The movie starts quite slowly - a bit too slowly maybe, that's the only negative point to it - but, even if it never really speeds up (on this point, it can be compared to 2001 : a space odyssey) , it gets more and more intense, and the final half an hour is to me one of the best and most original endings in sci-fi history, and without any doubts one of the deepest in terms of meanings and emotional charge.

An engaging performance was also given by Jude Law as a streetwise (and very sexy) "mecha" (mechanical person).

Kubrick is a master at disciplined contemplation of a moral issue while Spielburg is a master at spinning a wonderfully entertaining yarn.

The acting was terrible and dragged out.