Air Force One (1997) - Action, Drama, Thriller

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Communist Radicals hijack Air Force One with The U.S. President and his family on board. The Vice President negotiates from Washington D.C., while the President, a Veteran, fights to rescue the hostages on board.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Stars: Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 63 out of 400 found boring (15.75%)

One-line Reviews (322)

Yes, Air Force One has its moments of utter cheese but then there are also some surprisingly intense action scenes which mostly involved the actual plane, Air Force One or mid air refuelling or parachuting or fighter jets or Gary Oldman executing someone or Harrison Ford kicking ass.

Some loved it, others share my disgust with the endless repetitive violence, a ridiculous premise and Harrison Ford taking over the plane and flying it...

Wolfgang Petersen demonstrates again that he's the man for creating thrilling and quality action films.

Well Acted and Directed, Boring Average Plot .

I'm not going to get involved into the political side of things regarding this movie, but as a pure standalone action movie, Air Force One was an entertaining one, only because of Harrison Ford.

Right wing propaganda .

The filmmakers could've at least waited until the end of the film to sermonize viewers with their liberal propaganda.

And when it all comes to the paper, Air Force One is actually a real entertaining movie.

Escapist nonsense is one of cinema's most enjoyable functions.

Harrison Ford is perfectly cast as the rough and tumble president, Gary Oldman also gives an intense performance as an evil-eyed russian terrorist.

But is the film tense and entertaining?

had some old-movie-qualities (outdated music and some questionable parts) but overall very entertaining and suspenseful.

Despite its propaganda, its EXTREME unoriginality, as well as its predictable plot, the movie is entertaining, and a good killer of 2 hours.

Like Alan Rickman in Die Hard, Oldman masters the foreign accent and creates that essence of control and evil, matched well by Ford who delivers another exciting action character.

This story is riveting and action-filled, while retaining its quality of a story-driven work with honest and believable dialog.

All in all, 'Air Force One' is worth watching, it's not necessarily one of the top action films of all time, but it has plenty of moments and is definitely entertaining.

There's a lot going on, but by limiting his focus to the plane and the White House (where a helpless Vice President Glenn Close tries to avoid doing the inevitable), Peterson avoids confusion.

In any case: this just MAY be the most exciting film I have ever seen!

I don't like this movie, though Harrison Ford is always worth watching.

Entertaining Thriller .

In the post-9/11 world, a lot of "Air Force One" seems a bit silly and overly Hollywood, but once you get past the introduction the film has aged quite well and is still very enjoyable.

"Air Force One" is my favorite "on the edge of your seat" thrillers next to "Speed".

Why, because it's so exciting, it doesn't require a Harvard diploma to enjoy and it's the classic 'good vs evil' that we all enjoy.

It has furious action and fast paced energy to keep this film head above water, and the excellent performances also make this film a true winner all the way from the explosive beginning to the suspenseful and somewhat unexpected climax.

No matter how many times I see this film, I am always on the edge of my seat.

After all these ups and downs this is an entertaining Sunday afternoon family movie, which serves right as a matter of learning to young teens.

Still its very enjoyable.

"Air Force One" delivers expectations for those who enjoy great f/x, thrills, non-stop action, kickass villains, a brave hero that is guided by moral correctness and h is abilities as an ex-soldier, intense political disputes, and best of all, a solid plot.

This film from the master of suspense and excitement, Wolfgang Petersen, will really have you on the edge of your seat thruout.

I sat in the movie theater, on the edge of my seat, with my heart literally pounding for the first time in 20 years.

This movie is riddled with horrendous cliche, plot holes a mile wide and technical howlers!

For the other people, don't waste your time.

With the nice acting mixed in with some intense drama and action, this is another great, entertaining action movie.

What makes it finally so preposterous is the notion that this or any other country could organize itself with such alacrity and efficiency in the face of an unexpected emergency of these proportions.

Maybe I've just seen way too many movies lately,but what I remember as being an exciting action flick with a heroic President became a laugh a minute comic book on the TV screen.

Marshall takes the opportunity to break from his prepared speech, stating that the world has been too slow to act against terrorism, and says that the U.

And then, a traitor on board plays what could be a final card in this suspenseful game.

Entertaining, If a Tad Implausible, Die-Hard-On-a-Plane Film .

Explosive action scenes, credible performances, and intense, adrenaline-pumping drama take viewers on a wild ride that makes an implausible situation seem completely believable!

This is an excellent and intense action film, with lots of tension and amazing performances!.


Even so, the movie's still worth watching since Ford & Oldman going head to head makes for compelling viewing for a large chunk of the movie's runtime.

But only if you can't find anything else, and you are EXTREMELY bored.

Despite this, the plot is original and somewhat exciting at points, and it captures your interest.

It is one of the worst movies I have ever seen!!

I'll give it a 4 out of 6 on my dice, and recommend it if you want to watch an exciting movie without having to apply your brain too heavily.

The effects are good, but the action gets tiresome.

One of the five worst movies I have ever seen .

Pure propaganda disguised in some passable action .

(spoiler warning)At some points, this film is fairly gripping and sometimes even exciting.

Audiences walked out with pride in their hearts (fuelled by Jerry Goldsmith's rousing score) and they forgot about the LewinskyGate scandal that was going down with the REAL President.

Harrison Ford explodes onto the scence as the president of the USA with a great cast,thrilling plot and great music.

The underlying story mechanism can be somewhat excused for being predictable (we know the plane has to come down sometime - it's a plane after all), but with subplots treading cliché terroritory and very little character spice or variety in scene placement, Air Force One goes down like Chinese food - appetizing at first, left feeling hunger an hour later.

Any resemblance between President Bill Clinton and the Harrison Ford Chief Executive in Wolfgang Petersen's far-fetched, entertaining, but woefully predictable skyjacking saga "Air Force One" ends when Ford's fantastic First Guy starts knocking off the villains.

In short, don't waste your time.

Gary Oldman reprises his volatile villain role from LEON to strong effect and as a whole this is an entertaining package where you can just switch off and enjoy.

An enjoyable action flick .

One of Harrison Ford's most entertaining action thrillers.

A good ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat for two hours, just as long as you don't ask any questions.

This is a very entertaining movie.

Senseless, waste of time, starring wooden Harrison Ford who has been playing the same role, since Han Solo and Deckard of Blade Runner, now for 20 years.

The director Wolfgang Petersen did an incredibly good job in entertaining the audience for 120 minutes.

This American German co-production was co-produced & directed by Wolfgang Petersen & while it's not up there in the higher echelons of the big budget action film genre alongside the likes of Die Hard (1988), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) or Speed (1994) for instance it's an entertaining enough big budget action spectacle with which to pass a couple of hours.

While not particularly believable, this is certainly an entertaining and suspenseful action thriller.

The action is fairly well-choreographed and intense.

Why did Ford and Oldman waste their time on this?

Hmmm, a tad predictable maybe .

Very intense and fun.

But basically American propaganda that says 'don't mess with the USA cos the president will kick your ass'.

Before eventually going overboard, the movie is quite suspenseful.

(for the perfect example of this, see the Kevin Kline's Presidential speech in "Independence Day")All in all, a very enjoyable action romp.

The plot is a tad unrealistic and tiny bit too "American" but this is easy to overlook as the film is engaging and thrilling.

It's action, thrilling, and breathe taking all in one plane.

like the President is shoved in an escape hatch which is deployed (presumably with the President in), yet somehow he manages to get out and we see him crawling out from the top of a door, which I found very confusing.

It'll Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat .

The very fact that they are thousands of miles in the air grips me personally because I am not very fond of heights,and I found myself gripping my chair arms very tightly as a result.

It has moments that are as exciting as any of Ford's films.

Pure Adrenaline Rush.

Well, if you're a fan of formulaic cliches and unrealistic action, maybe.

Though perhaps predictable as to what will happen on the plane, there is still an intensity so high and exciting that you can't tear your eyes away as the stakes rise and the drama reaches boiling point.

Exciting, suspenseful, believable, the year's best action movie .

On the Edge of My Seat .

(After the touch-and-go, Air Force One turns a 180 almost like a helicopter) I gave it a 7 out of 10 - not brilliant, but makes for an entertaining evening.

This film is so entertaining, that I'm sure I'll watch it over and over again.

It's a predictable mainstream Hollywood action vehicle with nothing terribly standing out.

The pacing is so painstakingly slow, it was hard to believe this was an action movie.

But the mix works well, as it is as tense and exciting as any movie!

The action scenes were intense.

This film is not perfect, but it's an uncomplicated and exciting picture which asks nothing of it's audience.

Very entertaining action, once you get past the "believability" problems, i.

An Intense, Suspenseful, Action-Packed Thriller .

Every cliché appears, even the amazing "fighting inside an airplane with a big hole in its side, without being sucked out into thin air" scene.

He recently said: " We Americans are probably the only democratic nation in history that honestly believes its own propaganda, and that's kinda scary.

Macy as Secret Service agents are the only reasons to see this contrived mess.

Dependable and predictable, but still entertaining .

No matter what role he is playing, I alway see the old same boring act.

There's plenty of suspense and action throughout and the latter scenes are well staged and exciting.

Still, it's pretty entertaining, and a wild high altitude ride.

The action is breathtaking and the FX are amazing.

Harrison Ford makes an entertaining Commander in Chief aboard a hijacked jet in this thrill ride from Wolfgang Peterson.

Action is professionally directed, but dull.

As a plot line it is quite basic, as an action movie it is good and I enjoyed it, as a piece of literature it is propaganda.

My gut instinct was telling me that Air Force One was going to be one of those films that was ridiculous, but very entertaining.

It action packed and alot of fun!

A riveting, exciting, edge of your seat thriller that never lets up.

And if you STILL don't get the point, the Kazakhhomaniac rebels sing a rousing version of "Die Internazionale.

Of course the film is a copious rain of US imperialist propaganda, with the US being the "world police" and champion of democracy.

Predictable, jingoistic, pure hollywood junk food entertainment.

At least his character doesn't look dumb, shallow and dull.

when you add everything up,the movie is entertaining,although less so than others of the genre.

From the wooden performances to the overblown special effects, from the dreary, never-ending length of the movie to the fact that both Harrison Ford and Glenn Close were criminally negligent and derelict in their duties, this is a dreadful piece of garbage.

However, it certainly has non stop action and tense drama to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Air Force One (1997) is mostly an action packed fun ride.

There, I said something good about this total waste of time.

Too many climaxes, too many slow parts .

'Air Force One' is attention-grabbing & marvelously gripping, from start to end.

And then again, there are moments that are just plain awful, stupid and contrived.

So to summarize - this movie has a clear distinction between the good and the bad guys, ridiculous plot, cheesy music, the kind of patriotism and propaganda that makes you laugh...

And for that reason, I think he is the most boring actor in Hollywood.

This exciting movie features suitably dramatic and patriotic musical scoring by the wonderfully talented late Jerry Goldsmith.

There are truly evil villains but also a compelling hero who's dedicated to both his country and his family.

The most suspenseful and exciting film ever made.

some scenes are stunts...

This presidential ride aboard Air Force One leaves viewers on the edge of their seats .

Thoroughly enjoyable throw away fodder that doesn't stand up to intense scrutiny after the fact.

This is one of the worst movies so far, among there with Battlefield Earth and Star Wars Episode 1.

and unfortunately so predictable.

Visual and sound effects teams back the director up well, and Jerry Goldsmith's rousing, heroic score is a real plus.

There are also a lot of fantastic stunts, the most thrilling one featuring Ford dangling in mid-air, being reeled inside an aircraft with a cable and strap.

Harrison Ford's president character was not sympathetic, the girl who played his daughter was a pretentious brat, and Glenn Close as the adviser was about as wooden as a futon frame.

The one thing that bothered me the most was the portraying of the president as some sort of superhuman that not only is the most powerful man on earth but also is a loving devoted family father and a courageous hero who, risking his own life, pulls mind boggling stunts in order to beat the hijackers.

American films and American TV are fast becoming a total bore...

The movie is thoroughly entertaining as, like any good action movie, it presents one sequence of thrilling events after another, with each action causing a significant reaction.

Marshall, to the most exciting and death defying scene in the entire film that up until then seemed to have just about ran out of them!

It is rather surprisingly quite entertaining.

Entertaining action non-sense.

This movie is so blatant propaganda it is shame for everyone that has created it.

The acting is perfect with an all-star cast, the action is thrilling and the special effects are also great.

Then ,just to make it totally unwatchable, they decide they would have the corny American Patriotism delivered in dump trucks.

Some parts could have been a little more believeable, but it was still very fun and entertaining.

This is one of the ten most enjoyable movies I've ever seen - and I've watched it at least six times.

What it is is a largely entertaining pretty well done action-thriller with the right amount of dialogue, action and suspense which keeps the audience thrilled.

This is a propaganda film Leni Riefenstahl, Mao and Stalin would be proud of.

But the special effects are really good: Extender 1-0 exploding in mid air, the President hanging out of Air Force One etc. all these scenes are simply breathtaking and nail-biting.

Wolfgang Petersen's is stunning.

I've given Air Force One a lot of stick, but to its credit it is very entertaining and I must admit 2 hours passed by very quickly.

I just watched this one again and enjoyed it much less than I remembered from when it came out originally.

Overall this is a very good film, and I'd definitely recommend this film to anyone who enjoys suspenseful thrillers, or any fans of Harrison Ford.

The action scenes are well handled but a little repetitive.

So I watched it and all I can say is American Propaganda much?

Predictable Summer Fare .

)Two) The hero - usually with a solid dependable name like Jim, John or David - should be forced to use A Team-style ingenuity with a bit of Blue Peter jiggery pokery thrown in for good measure to create an arsenal which will stop or slow down the enemy.

This makes the sense of danger in the film all that much more intense.

) shows vulnerability which makes the character much more real and engaging.

It was just a bit slow.

I remember seeing this with my parents and I was so bored watching it.

The pace is lightning-quick, and the hijacking is one of the most thrilling sequences in any action movie.

The main theme is a bit overly patriotic, but undeniably rousing.

Gripping, for all the wrong reasons .

The 1990s were something of a golden age of action flicks, when the directors took the suspenseful pacing techniques and crowd-pleasing "Good guys, bad guys" motifs perfected in the 70s and 80s and fused those tactics with the robust budgets and maturing computer graphics suddenly available.

I was pleasantly surprised with this crackingly enjoyable thriller.

The Russian dude is a joke, the VP is bland as hell, the President is so strong and invincible you'd actually think he was created in a lab, daughter is annoying, everyone else is totally shallow 5) inconsistencies.

some of the action was fast paced and worked; seeing an actual copy Airforce One was also pretty cool....

The worst movie EVER .

This film is full of great drama and intense action.

The music in Air Force One is so well balance and it help move the story to bring it to life Jerry Goldsmith made a very good musical score in the film as each piece helps the filmThe plot is one of the most intense stories you can ever see in a movie and with the cast's Performance it helps make it convince as the thrill ride goes on.

So for an action packed, feel good movie, this is the one.

As soon as the plane was overtook by the terrorists, the President and a pod disappeared from the plane, as they assumed the president escaped via the pod, which turns out to be wrong as the pod was found empty and unopened.

Somewhat cliché plot but very exciting and suspenseful.

The plot line is great, absolutely breathtaking.

Air Force One (Please excuse me for some spelling mistakes)Exciting movie where Ford is playing the president of the United states and where russian terrorists highjack his plane, Air Force One, and holding his wife, daughter and ''crew'' hostage.

Harrison Ford delivers a badass intense performance.

Air Force One is definitely worth watching as it is very entertaining and for the most part it moves along at a fair old lick - although the final 30 minutes are a little drawn out.

Wolfgang Petersen directed this exciting action-adventure tale that stars Harrison Ford as American President James Marshall, who has just given an historic speech in Moscow about terrorism when, en route home, terrorists led by Ivan Korshunov(played by Gary Oldman) hijack Air Force One(the President's plane) and threaten to kill the passengers one at a time until their demands are met.

Even more intriguing (and rare in a Hollywood action film) Ford plays the personal side of the action hero President just as well.

Harrison Ford, who is arguably one of the best actors around today plays a role as a bland, President of the U.

At least the Jerry Goldsmith score provides a rousing backdrop even when the story goes off the rails.

If you want some loud, plotless action yarn then watch Air Force One.

Which is why films like Air Force One are so popular with us -- they re-affirm all the things that are good about being American in an entertaining manner!

Director Wolfgang Petersen has had some definite hits and misses in his career but he knows how to tell a story with action and he proves it with this classic action packed thriller.

We clearly have Wolfgang Petersen to thank for making AIR FORCE ONE more thrilling than it might have.

Action packed heroism keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole movie.

If this movie works, it's because of some of the action (the initial siege is pretty gripping) and because of its star.

I watched expecting to feel an adrenaline rush in the fight scenes, be shocked by lots of guns firing and explosions; whilst still being able to laugh at the occasional moment, I was not disappointed.

The soundtrack made by Jerry Goldsmith is awesome and helps you feel the intense suspense throughout the movie.

Tension mounts, nails are bitten, hearts start thumping as riveting action escalates.

Don't waste your time: better fly British Airways...


Starring opposite him as a Russian radical trying to get his leader out of prison and back into power, Gary Oldman puts on a riveting performance.

At over 2 hours, there are too many slow parts.

This movie got worse and worse as it dragged along!

Harrison Ford was the only thing that made this stunningly typical action movie(Think of it as Passenger 57 if that passenger were the president) worth watching.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed it.

Entertaining 90s action packed ride .

Supercharged, intense, violent, edge-of-the-seat??

It was so exciting, so suspenseful, so tension-filled that I couldn't stop watching.

Now Ford is torn between his loyalties and it all leads to an exciting climactic battle between Ford and Oldman.

It deserves a more suspenseful climax and heart-pounding finale, an aspect I was surprised was missing from this action flick.

Its boring!

In this era of Die-Hard rip-offs, Air Force One is easily one of the best, and for my money, it's more entertaining than the original Die Hard itself.

Though it uses many of the same ideas as a lot of action movies, it keeps you on the edge most of the time.

I highly recommend it and I know you will enjoy it!

It sticks close to the formula but the action is slick and quite tense and makes for an enjoyable, if unoriginal, 2 hours.

quite enjoyable, as long as you can completely suspend reality .

Bearing a bland and predictable storyline (c'mon, like, when do the bad guys ever win in these films?

Air force one is probably as exciting as films get.

I finally reconciled with the two executions, but I still don't agree with them needing to be there, even though, I respect WP's decision to not show the actual shooting of the second, being that it was intense enough already just implying it.

Having just seen this film I feel like I've been watching something evil and sick, like Nazi propaganda and need to have a shower.

Albeit this flick from Harrison Ford clearly rests on Harrison Ford's laurels from his work in Indiana Jones and Star Wars, Air Force One is exactly what a good entertaining movie is supposed to be.

Someone who was so fetching afraid of his ally (Bulgaria) that Secret Service agents ORDERED the soldiers from President's escort company to remove the bayonets from their riffles which of course were empty of bullets too.

How boring of a plot idea is that?

If you find the thriller genre hard to digest in terms of realism, you can take comfort in the acting and the characters but ultimately, this is a top notch exciting thriller.

While not terribly original, it's still an extremely entertaining ride, that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout!.

If you can believe that the aircraft's pressurized cabin can sustain hundreds of rounds of machine-gun fire, you'll buy anything in this entertaining potboiler, especially thanks to Ford's stalwart heroics and some nifty special effects.

You will waste your precious time on something that is absolutely not worth it.

tense-fast phased-gripping-must watch it for ford aka president in action...

And he also lends his character, Egor Korshunov, a part of his intriguing insanity.

Good drama and spontaneous signs of patriotism, together with a powerful script and unexpected ending.

To all you Harrison Ford fans who have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it.

Harrison Ford, the star of this film, slightly overacts but his performance is enjoyable and he enjoys himself to the extreme.

*** 1/2 out of ****From beginning to end, Air Force One is a relentlessly gripping thrill ride, cumulating suspense with one superbly taut sequence after another.

"Air Force One" is an action picture so full of excitement that it had me on the edge of my seat when I first saw it on the big screen back in 1997.

Really, in twenty years time they'll be teaching this in propaganda sociology classes the world over.

Gotta love that tacky product placement for "Bud", a bland movie, an even blander beer.

Breathtaking compendium of clichés .

OTHER THAN THAT, however, it was a very enjoyable film.

It has lots of office space and various other areas where one can hide, making the cat and mouse game the president plays with the hijackers pretty suspenseful.

This is simply the worst movie EVER made.

The characters are all ones you come to care about and become involved in completely making the action all the more riveting and edge of your seat.

This movie is by far the most gripping movie of all time!

It's a COMPLETE waste of time.

With good tension and build up along with the intriguing premise and setting it has all that a good thriller movie should.

Excellent And Intense Action Film, With Lots Of Tension And Amazing Performances.

Only having two weeks to score the film after Peterson rejected Randy Newman's work, Goldsmith with the help of Joel Mcneely composed one of the most bombastic, riveting, emotional, suspenseful, and patriotic scores I've heard come out of the film world.

Complete waste of time !!.

Forget what is plausible and what is possible and just enjoy an EXTREMELY exciting action movie about the presidential plane getting high-jacked in mid-air with the First Family on board.

The film also features some exciting if at times unbelievable aerial sequences as well though some of the CGI work is rather unconvincing (particualry in the ending).

It boasts breathtaking visuals and special effects, and slam bang performances from Ford, Close, Oldman, and the rest of the cast.

The story telling is boring,average.

Not that Germans are immune to the grandiose nature of the nationalism (excuse me, I mean *patriotism* of course) that inspires many American films, and after all, films that portray German nationalism positively are not that well received, so what is a German director who likes trite militaristic show-offs and personality cults revolving around the local alpha male to do?

This is too typical of today's excessive specials effects films, all cleverly done but ultimately boring.

A finale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Here I got all in one: breathtaking, gripping, nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat entertainment and some good jokes from Harrison Ford.

Excellent special effects and a rousing finale compensate for a general air of gloom and a depressingly high mortality rate.

This is a very well made and very entertaining movie.

The movie has some flaws but still it is enjoyable.

" This movie is chock-full of that kind of propaganda.

Its an extremely gripping film with Harrison Ford & Gary Oldman delivering Excellent Performances!

Thoroughly enjoyable throw away fodder .

The performances are strong and the script (for an unbelievable Hollywood action summer movie) is very good which makes for an exciting movie in places.

I watched a boring, cliched, wheres-the-remote movie.

Although there are some impressive action sequences, everything about this film is empty spectacle and flag-waving.

You will be kept on the edge ofyour seat as Ford and the rest of the impressive cast try and wardthem off.

In other words, it's boring.

Too much American propaganda.

This is the worst movie I have even seen and it should never have been exported.

I've heard a lot of complaints about the seemingly never-ending conclusion, but for me, it just made the film that much more an unpredictable roller coaster ride, with one edge-of-the-seat cliffhanger after another.

Director Wolfgang Petersen does very well with what is a flawed flick of predictable outcomes and highly unlikely scenarios.

Eventually, the president is caught and it becomes one of those tiresome, mawkish 'family' issues.

This movie wil have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end and the ending is EXTREMELY exciting so I will not spoil it.

Nonstop action, thrilling suspense, dark humor, and a brilliant concept, this flag waving over the top action adventure was a good two hours in 1997.

A Riveting, exciting thriller.

This is an excellent and intense Action film, with lots of tension and amazing performances!.

It's so exciting that I still get cold feet even though I know the end.

The country was in turmoil over his fully exposed scandals etc. There really wasnt much to be proud of, so here Hollywood comes out with a feel-good-about-your-president movie, where the president single-handedly takes out a very cliche'd russian terrorist squad, and saves the day.

And when we first see the plane from the inside, it looks as if were on a tour of the actual Air Force One itself and it's fascinating.

The action is clean, the tension crisp, the characters enjoyable.

This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Wolfgang Petersons' film "Air Force One" is a terrific and entertaining action film.

An entertaining and thrilling action movie.

Wolfgang Petersen made a gripping movie with "Das Boot.

The movie offers some fascinating tidbits in addition to its knuckle-whitening suspense.

Suspenseful, thrilling, and just downright exciting, "Air Force One" is a definite must-see.

Exciting non-stop action, thrills and drama.

As propaganda it is retrograde and execrable crap.

I give this film 9 out of 10 stars and highly recommend it.

Extremely enjoyable American trash .

Terrorists, hostages, guns…all the elements needed for an entertaining action movie.

The story and the gadgetry and CGI tricks do stretch the bounds of credulity, but it still is very enjoyable and will keep the viewer on the edge of his seat for the entire length of the movie.

Every one of his actions is predictable.

The cast is strong and full of believable characters, the story is compelling and the traditional dose of sentiment is added sparingly and to good effect.

This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen in my life!

Code Red - Highly Entertaining .


The action sequences are the "requisite" shootouts and fistfights, but are truly exciting, and the fact that this is all set on board the world's most famous aircraft adds frantic urgency to the proceedings.

(END OF SPOILER)So as long as you don't take it all very serious, this is a very entertaining action movie.

I have seen this plot on too many films of this genre, and this particular piece of 'eye-candy', albeit action based and reasonably fun, is marred by a excruciatingly bad script, laughable cliche, crap acting (see Glenn Close) and dreadful 'foreign' accents.

I thought he did his best work in Indiana Jones, where he was enjoyable to watch.

Some of the movie was that cheesy that it made me laugh (but this made it more enjoyable).


It's not meant to be, it's just supposed to be an entertaining, fun, action packed thrill ride.

The most chauvinistic, yankee-centric, implausible and boring film of the Harrison Ford filmography.

American propaganda at its best .

Photography is so bland and soft it looks like a TV movie, thus making everything look as if it were filmed in your living room.

The action scenes are well-made and very entertaining, if a tad unbelievable.


I like this movie because it was action-packed and suspenseful.

It's hard to waste bad words for a film what could be much better ,if it's directed by somebody else,or have a better,more interesting screenplay,different actors for this boring characters.

Second, the magnetic Harrison Ford is perfect in the role of President Marshall, a compelling figure who is outraged at the seizure of his plane.

Glenn Close's role as a paralyzed Vice President was laughable, and Gary Oldman's stock interpretation of a third-world terrorist was cliched and boring.

Exciting jet fighters action sequences and aging movie star Harrison Ford is believable as the President of the USA, Gary Oldman is excellent as the lunatic terrorist....

If you can overlook this minor, although highly irritating, glitch you will totally enjoy a high-octane action film with many, increasingly exciting, set-pieces.

This is one of the dumbest ideas of the year, and despite Gary Oldman's efforts as the villain, the role is still predictable.

Air Force One (Please excuse me for some spelling mistakes)Exciting movie where Ford is playing the president of the United states and where russian terrorists highjack his plane, Air Force One, and holding his wife, daughter and ''crew'' hostage.

The only thing which was somehow confusing was the pure American spirit from this movie.

One exciting film .

Combined with a number of shoot-outs and incredible dog-fighting scenes, the film is very tense and exciting all at once.

Mister Petersen milks every tense scene for all the nerve jangling it can deliver, and turns each action sequence into an exciting, edge of the seat thriller.

As with most if not all movies set on a plane, this is a thrilling nonstop ride - with the tense stand-off on the plane to the nail-biting and scrambling observers in the White House.

In fact, as long as you turn on expecting every cliche in the book, then it's actually a lot of fun.

Thrilling movie with great effects.

Despite this, the plot is original and somewhat exciting at points, and it captures your interest.

If you're looking for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first moment, Air Force One is it.

He's already mastered every other accent on the board, and I'm sure it was also quite enjoyable for him to show up the acting skills of Harrison Ford and Glenn Close in those movie.

Whether you're a huge Harrison Ford fan or not, AF1 is contrived and silly.

It was entertaining enough to watch for fun.

Exciting and Intriguing.

I would honestly put it my top 5 (or even 3) Harrison Ford films, and highly recommend it to fans of Ford, Oldman, or the action genre, or just if you want to be entertained.

The entire thing seems to be a US propaganda movie, with the bad Russians and the good Americans.

The movie seems to run a little long in places and there are a couple of pointless plot points (the whole Dean Stockwell character), overall though and mainly it is a cool action movie in the same vein as Die Hard or other movies where you have the one free guy making trouble for the bad guys.

This has got to be the worst movie I have ever seen.

There's enough triumphant action to satisfy its escapist nature, but its leveled against enough 90s cliche to make you say, "That'd never happen" in order to temper your expectations when you inevitably have to return to the real world.