Aladdin (2019) - Adventure, Family, Fantasy

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A kind-hearted street urchin and a power-hungry Grand Vizier vie for a magic lamp that has the power to make their deepest wishes come true.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Guy Ritchie
Stars: Will Smith, Mena Massoud
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 111 out of 1000 found boring (11.1%)

One-line Reviews (421)

He just sounds monotone and bored.

Great movie, I enjoyed it and so did my son.

It's enjoyable and all the actors are very good especially Will Smith.

I really enjoyed it and my kids liked it very much.

Dead eyed, wooden, monotone'd debacle .

Slow and sluggish plot development in most parts of the movie.

Its a great and an enjoyable movie.

Disney co. Production gift us one of the best movies ever, Mena Massoud was amazing, acted very well and Will Smith was stunning too.

Yes, it was pointless and the decision to make it was a bit tasteless.

exuberant, alive, and completely entertaining .

But fortunately to me Will Smith saved this movie from being a dull remake to a enjoyable experience.

not so, I thought it was a watchable enjoyable film.

With all the special effects I found the images of the movie utterly dull and lacking any fantasy.

Good entertaining fun.

If you want to spend an afternoon entertaining, with a movie that teaches you something of life, fast, colorful and musical, you can not miss it.

Too cliche?

The villain is the most boring one dimensional half made villain since Justice Leagues Steppenwolf.

Found this movie so boring....

songs, dressing and direction was absolutely stunning!

) Most fascinating is its study in identity textures.

Also, while it is entertaining to an extent, there have been far more enjoyable family films this year that are a lot more original than this.

Will makes the movie worth watching .

What a terrible waste of everyone's time and money - on both sides of the screen.

The leads felt like stage actors and so was the set design and it was way too long for no reason.

The story, cast, acting, setting, are all decent, maybe not much of fleshing out of side characters such as Iago, but it did a good job of entertaining and retelling the story of Aladdin (One Thousand and One Nights) with an actual live cast.

But I feel like kind of boring when I watched it.

but the super slow and steady shots were probably only so they could animate the monkey in...

A Mind blowing movie .

The Genie is just as boring & uninspired as everything else in this movie.

With stunning costumes by Michael Wilkinson and Production Design by Gemma Jackson, Aladdin is a kaleidoscope of colour.

Will Smith was mind blowing with his vocals.

Enjoyable .

I find it enjoyable.

Boring & uninspiring.

The Good: If you were a fan of the original, you will find this enjoyable at least.

It's a fairly entertaining almost 2 hours.

My whole family and my three kids enjoyed it so much,we watched it over and over again..thanks guy!

It's enjoyable, stick wit it.

Its actually very dull and the singing segments seems fake and out of no where .. although the one thing that raised the film for me was will smith he took the role very well and gave a good flavor with his comedian scene

I guess that occurs because the animated Jaffar is such a cliche figure with his voice, face, and all his tone while the live action version has no soul.

It's colorful, entertaining, and absolutely beautiful.

The last twenty minutes will make up for a little slow beginning of the film (of course I understand, a bit of time is definitely needed for introducing the characters of the famous "Arabian Nights" - I totally get it......

Marwan Kenzari as Jafar is an absolute bore, and the remaining cast eventually fizzle out.

Don't waste your time,

Both very enjoyable and entertaining.

It felt empty in some places.

Omg the first 20 minutes are soooo slow I almost dozed off.

The plot stayed the course of the original but it was extremely entertaining I found myself forgetting what was going to happen lol.

But after watching this one is actually entertaining and actors' performance really not bad!

A very entertaining movie .

Finally, it made from a classic normal story that all of us know it to an enjoyable and loveable film .

Don't waste your money .

I watched it in IMAX and it is absolutely stunning.

The movie was very enjoyable and I had a smile on my face for most of the time.

The original felt fast and slow at the right times, while in this film, it doesn't quite do that as well.

All in all, it was a fun, enjoyable movie.

A very very very extremely entertaining movie .

Worth watching, I laughed a lot and e feels a very much like the Broadway musical sometimes

Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud did do a good enough job but their performance obviously feels a bit dull in comparison to Will Smith because he is a real scene stealer.

There were majorly important parts that seemed to be brushed over for the sake of adding new pointless plot points.

Aladdin was an thrilling movie which was such an amazing incarnation of the animated version.

The story was too quick in parts when there needs to be more information, and too slow in the filler parts.


It was a food movie i really enjoyed it

I enjoyed it.

I'm literally writing this review as I'm watching Aladdin because I'm so bored I'd rather do this.

Musical perfection and very enjoyable .

Waste of time .

Every scene he did was enjoyable and very natural!

I enjoyed it so much and it is so funny, the deducted point is for the costumes little confusion between Arabian and Indian costumes

The production design is superb and the musical segments are stunning!

Boring .

It's worth watching even for adults .

Apart from the story-telling, I loved the costumes and sets, the music, the humour, and found all the added elements, like Jasmine's maid friend etc, very entertaining.

The finale is stunning.

Not even twenty minutes into the movie, and they're shoving feminist propaganda down our throats.

So I guess great for insomnia.

The biggest example of this is when they jump across the rooftops to avoid the guards, in the cartoon she grabs the pole & jumps across all on her own to the surprise of Aladdin, but in the live action she has to be coached & assured by Aladdin she can actually make the jump & will be ok - why this pointless change.

In summary, I was majorly disappointed by this movie, and all of Disney's usual talent has wasted away and become lazy, and once again they've just made another monetary, boring copycat.

Boring .

Fantastically entertaining .

Don't waste your time n money plzzzzzz..and story related to movie name is totally different

Mena Massoud looked so much like Aladdin with the charming smile and similiar attitude, Naomi Scott was so beautiful and her voice is breathtaking and Will Smith as the Genie added a really nice touch to the character and he was very funny!

some better than others, but enjoyable to each of their own degree.

Overall, it's a decent, if overlong, watch that can actually be fairly enjoyable.

Among the cast that stood out as the best, was Will Smith in his interpretation of the Genie of which he easily serves as the most entertaining aspect of the entire movie and nearly stealing the whole show.

Enjoyable Movie .

Movie was thoroughly enjoyable!

It made me relive my childhood for a brief moment and there were a lot of breathtaking scenes.

For a 25 year old, this moving had a really good message and was very entertaining to watch.

The movie was entertaining.

But it was fine, fun and engaging to watch, nothing too obnoxious, nothing too political.

I really loved this one and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Pointless and lost.

Very entertaining .

The original and the Broadway version are tremendously better, so save your money.

Despite its attractive music, it falls into the unoriginal and repetitive, and fails to transmit the same as the original.

Also The camera and movement are really slow at the beginning...

Really enjoyed it !!.

We enjoyed it so much we went again the following week.

The visuals were stunning and beautiful.

After that "One Jump" happens and the song is good but the sequence is kind of a mess with a mix of slow motion shots and fast speed shots and normal shots it's a little weird but enjoyable.

It's a musical - that won't surprise many as it's a reinterpretation of the 1992 animated version in live action , brilliantly cast - Will Smith and Naomi Scott steal the showIt's a family feel good movie well worth the watch .

This movie was just boring.

Enjoyable , entertaining , and definitely an improvement over the original .

Disney's live action remake of their 1992 classic was fun and entertaining.

Just a classic film well worth watching

In the course of the story, the Genie would make the fans laugh, through funny gags and unexpected amusing moments.

There are also several new songs in that first half hour; they are all drab and mildly irritating.

This was ho hum right from the auto tune in the first song.

save your money for Lion King.

Stunning .

The movie is very entertaining for all the family.

As someone who finds the idea of Disney 'live-action' remakes (read cash-grabs) loathsome, and as someone bored to death by their previous Cinderella and B & B live-action remakes, I was very pleasantly swept off my feet by just how much I ended up loving this movie!

Very entertaining .

Very entertaining!!!

This version has zero draw as a villain, he blends in with the background actors & is very bland.

There is nothing really different except for obviously the ending as I mentioned, so this movie may feel dull to some people.

The movie was great and I very enjoyed it, As an Arab I noticed a lot of things that made my experience in this movie so good and made me feel that the movie is really talk about "Arabic" story.

Especially the sad, hallow version of Jafar, but the title character himself is truly flat and bland.

It's a pointless and unoriginal bore of a film that I will not be seeing again.

Finally, the movie is just pointless.

The story was bland and forced.

It was because of that fact that maybe the director decided that it should be less serious, and more entertaining for kids.

In conclusion, Aladdin (2019) is a enjoyable fun exhilarating magic carpet ride that is full of catchy songs, humorous and likable characters and great designs for pretty much everything!

To summarize the negatives this movie suffers from being a beat to beat remake and being extremely predictable and to some very dull.

Very magical and fun and action packed, it also has some new songs and new scenes to lengthen the movie to over 2 hours.

What a waste of time.

In terms of direction, Guy Ritchie is proven to be ill-suited to direct a musical like Aladdin, given the fact of how he handled the direction of the musical sequences turns completely bland, and the results of its action sequences were choppily-cut and sloppy, which results on his direction as extremely rote and soulless.

But it's still good and enjoyable for you, Disney fans.

Another problem that this remake truly suffers, is with the cheap-looking quality of the costumes and sets, along with the inconsistent CGI (particularly the CGI quality of Will Smith's Genie, which almost looks unwatchable), making the remake completely dull and garish.

Will Smith had a different but entertaining version of Genie.

But as with many films of this type today, the editing and camera work is frenzied and often too fast-moving, and at times, the film becomes extremely blurry.

Will smith is only reason this movie is worth watching

This movie is worth watching.

Noisy and rather boring .

The ending also very predictable!

Nothing that is new in the movie has any values, Jasmine got a lot of backstory and too much screen time that goes no where and totally pointless and boring, Especially when the movie called "Aladdin" and not "Jasmine" I can write on and on about every single antagonizing thing in the film, But I better just finish withDisney doesn't care, and doesn't try,Everyone seemed to be annoyed with Will Smith playing the ginnie, I though he was actually the only enjoyable character and actor there Expect his singing partsI would recommend you watching the original movie instead

Really bland, imo.

In my personal experience, this movie was amazing and extremely enjoyable.

Bored to super freaking death!

The movie was very entertaining and Will Smith does and excellent job of doing the genie role justice.

Fun, thrilling, romantic, colorful, It has it all.

Just boring.

In all honestly, this was one of the worst examples I've seen of this cliché.

In fact, the whole first act is flat, at least, and very boring at most.

The biggest waste of time of 2019.

Exuberant, alive, and completely entertaining, the adventure-fantasy combines a raucous sense of humor, iconic performances, and classical songs into a joyful blast of cinematic color.

Many scenes were taken out, and too many pointless scenes were added.

Fun, exciting, dazzling...

Here, Will Smith completely butchers these songs, especially "Prince Ali" because of how slow and boring it is compared to the original.

For me this is one of the most enjoyable movie in the last few years.

Really enjoyed it .

So just add this to the pile of pointless live-action remakes of Disney classics.

Great and unexpected solo from Scott where she injected some real much needed emotion.

All in all, this new Aladdin movie was really good and was worth the watch.

Thoroughly enjoyed it not sure what movie everyone else was watching!

Enjoyable .

Beautiful and entertaining .

Very joyful, full of colors and entertaining, with just a pinch of new story ideas, that add to the movie's freshness.

Again, the film is entertaining from start to end, so regardless of how wonky the pacing can be, it was still an absolute joy of a film that knew what wasn't broken in the original, and didn't fix it, while also adding it's own spin to it.

Stunning Modern Twist to a Disney Classic .

Brilliant, thrilling, funny great for all the family .

Quite an unexpected remake lined with nostalgic sounds and characters.

The music was subpar, it felt super slow and not the right upbeat pace for the movie.

I was really skeptical because all of the articles i saw beforehand , but in the end I really enjoyed it .

Most of the songs from the original is back and especially the ones Will Smith sings are really worth watching.

Simply enjoyable with good songs and excellent CG.

It's pointless!

I went with my wife and enjoyed it!

I went into this one expecting the worst but was relatively surprised at how enjoyable it was.

I understand many like the new musical numbers but to me they were just # Times Up propaganda music.

In the sign of the times, fewer good screenplays result in bland remakes of classic motion picture gems.

Boring tripe.

On the other hand,it's a little boring because it's not the same as aladdin animation.

Thoroughly enjoyed it with the grandkids.

Overall a boring and technically poor movie.

Boring, redundant, trimmed to be "modern", Guy Ritchie destroyed King Arthur superbly and with Aladdin he made me bored to the core, with only a few exceptions (scenes) here and there.

This is boring, tired, unfunny and frustrating.

It is quite stunning though and I enjoyed every minute of it!

mildly entertaining.

I also feel like some of the scenes didn't flow as well as the original, as some scenes were either dragged out rushed.

I was all prepared to be bored by an egoistic attempt to rehash the introductory scenes of the original that we have all watched 100s of time.

While the visuals are often copied straight from the original film, the actual music is enjoyable.

Live action Disney remakes are fascinating markers to compare the 90s to today.

Excellent acting by the main actors Great music Well done and worth watching A fun time with well done updates

Sparkling and absorbing.


He just has a basic boring "Polly wants a cracker!

Will Smith did the role differently in his own special way but he also played it very well and was very enjoyable to watch.

A messy and underwhelming live-action adaptation, with uninspiring results .

My favorite part of the movie is when the genie sings "A friend like me", it was super entertaining.

It's a Disney movie yet the acting was so monotone and melancholy.


Entertaining & fun.

Definitely worth the watch!

Yes, it was missing some of the magic from the animation, but it was still very enjoyable.

Boring .

All in all a good entertaining family movie among the other good entertaining family movie reboots.

just ruined a classic by trying to make it pretentious and culturally relative.

but in the movie it's seriously MIND BLOWING!

Deeply surprising in how enjoyable it is.

I can easily say that its the be movie in 2019, I loved every thing about the movie and I enjoyed it and I can watch it a million times.

Most importantly it was entertaining.

But Will Smith who has a great sense of humor and great chemistry with even the dullest character made this film a very good experience.

Unwatchable .

Music was beautiful much like the original and it took some slight creative liberties in an enjoyable remake.

I actually enjoyed it more than Beauty and the Beast.

And I enjoyed it SO MUCH.

The only thing worth watching is the broadway musical

Enjoyable experience!

I took my daughter to see this and we both enjoyed it, she especially loves the movie.

The third strong point is the actors : Mena Massoud was OK, but I particularly love Naomi Scott who was stunning and truly revealed by this role.

Luckily, the cast and story surrounding them are so likeable that I was able to forgive a few slow scenes, for the most part.

Waste of money to spent .

All in all, an entertaining film although I can't really see the reason it was made (apart from the obvious, financial one).

He has a Faraway look in his eye that only comes to surface in his intense anger, and it's a different kind of chilling.

And the addition of the third act chase scene is indicative of the formulaic pushing of all cookie cutter movies Disney pushes.

Spectacular choreography, breathtaking scenery, amazing special effects.

In the end it was an enjoyable night filled with memories, Will Smith, music, jaafir and stranger.

But we can rest easy know that the kids of our next generation is still absorbing these wondrous stories, just through different mediums.

Possibly one of the worst movies in history of cinema.

While at some points and especially at the end things get dragged out too long, by the time they do this as a viewer you don't really feel anything for the characters and just want things to hurry up already and end.

"Speechless" is beautifully sung by Naomi Scott but the scene is very out of place and pointless which is unfortunate because the song is great.

Bright colours, stunning costumes.

It's funny, colourful and entertaining.

This live action version of Disney's Aladdin was enjoyable enough on its own if one hasn't previously seen the studio's animated version .

It's a big waste of time and money and it's a movie that i'll never going to revisit ever again.

The upbeat fun songs from the original have been dulled down to a boring drawl.

which is why i enjoyed it for the most part.

The storyline felt rushed in some parts and to slow in others.

The soundtrack and movie is overall enjoyable.

No message and no quality.

Probably this is the worst movie I've ever seen.

So boring and lifeless.

Overall it was a good movie but I left the theater not feeling 100% satisfied.

You are setting yourself up for disappointment and empty pockets with their 30$ popcorn combos for 2.


I really enjoyed it a lot !

I was skeptic about this film but after watching it I can honestly say that I enjoyed it more than I expected.

The visuals were stunning it was a real treat to watch.

If I'm honest i miss the humor, but it's worth watching once.

As a whole, the movie was entertaining.

There's Genie's B-Love-Story that ultimately is pretty boring and contrived, seems to be placed there just to pad the run-time.

The cinematography ranges from beautiful to dull.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'm not sure why there is all of this negativity about this movie, I really enjoyed it.

The costumes are details , realistic and fascinating.

Disney's remake of its 1992 masterpiece 'Aladdin', however innovative, lively, and visually stunning, proves insipid in the grand shadow of its former original.

Weak acting resulting in boring movie; CGI for even common animals .

The visuals are stunning and it is great to watch.

Entertaining for a one-time viewing unlike the 1992 Aladdin which is a masterpiece and a movie that can be watched again and again to live out the childhood nostalgia - also it's much funnier!

Worst movie I've ever seen .

This was painful to sit through - boring, lacklustre and with little in the way of Disney magic.

The dancing was controversial among critics, however I thoughroughly enjoyed it.

But still good and enjoyable.

The cinematography alone is worth the watch.

Bored to freaking death.

Thought it gonna be boring just like some other Disney movies.

This movie didn't need to exist, when its not doing a poor job imitating the original, it's just plane bland.

As mentioned before, Will Smith puts on quite a fun and enjoyable performance as the genie without trying to overthrow Robin Williams.

It's a beautifully filmed masterpiece full of stunning scenery & lovely characters with morals & inner strength,there's lots of messages in this CLASSIC.

I found it enjoyable enough.

Even our grandchildren were bored .

Not to mention Jafar, the acting was plain and boring.

More enjoyable than i would have thought.

Didn't really add anything new to the original, but I still enjoyed it.

If you LOVED the animated movie and you want the live-action to follow the same script - then save your money.

Instead of seeing the cunning and intelligent Royal Vizier, we get a very bland and boring little helper.

Our group of 8 spanning 40 years thoroughly enjoyed it!

Exciting exactly how I remember it as a child.

I had no probs with the CGI, to me it all blended in perfectly in this action packed movie directed by Guy Ritchie (who also directed Sherlock Holmes which I also love).

Boring and lifeless.

Its worth watching even if you have watched the original.

This reviewer was about to have a snorefest until Will Smith's performance highlighted this potential turkey.

It's big on spectacle and looked great at times, even if watching parkour (even if the character doing it is singing) bores me as much as over long car chases.

Don't waste your time !

Watch the original, it's way more entertaining.


Anyway, still worth the watch, and, again, good overall.

Some lines and moments are indeed extremely enjoyable, while most others seem too forced.

Very enjoyable film.

I fell asleep the wrong way watching this.

If you decide to watch it save your money and time its not worth a trip to the movies I recommend waiting until it's released on a streaming service or DVD.

An entertaining movie for the whole family.

The most pointless waste of time in 2019.

Overall a very good performance, movie and very enjoyable.

Lost a bit of magic but i still enjoyable.

This movie was engaging and the new spins that were written were a phenomenal reimagination of the Aladdin story line.

Waste of time don't bother.

I have only ever walked out of one movie before.

The lively and exciting characters I grew up with have been replaced by bland and uninteresting characters from the Sultan to Jaffa.

It was actually funny and entertaining.

The movie is good but you feel evrything is predictable specifcly when aladin choose his 3rd wishes ...

Very enjoyable.

funny, engaging & entertaining!

Kids' movie with many unnecessary and boring songs, nothing new in "Aladdin", it's same as others Disney live-action movies.

The film is bright and colorful and in general has a very happy, entertaining feel to it.

Very well made and so good, funny and enjoyable.

From the start it was weak, weak corny acting and despite the colours it still came off as kind of bland.

Waste of time as most of whatever comes from Hollywood nowadays.

Funny and exciting .

Just wow, mind blowing.

The Climax is suspenseful and very different from the Original.

The two leads were boring.

As an adult seeing this film with the youngsters, I can honestly say that I enjoyed it and I'm sure you will too!

slow down at the Aladdin-falling-into-the-water-scene).

Great words I can gather in this film .. Interesting and fun and very entertaining.

Like I said, if you haven't seen the original and are being introduced to Aladdin for the first time, this movie is fine and enjoyable.

I'm not sure why I've been seeing low ratings, but I enjoyed it, like I was smiling through most of it.

Kinda good kinda boring .

Will Smith does his best without aping on the late Williams, but even as entertaining as he is it's the rest of the cast that brings him down.

Will Smith was just as engaging as was Robin Williams.

Totally Enjoyable .

But unfortunately he didn't, and as a result he's very bland.

This film stayed, mostly true, to the 1992 original, and was filled with colors, sounds and laughs worthy of a entertaining trip to the theatre.

This live action remake was boring and lasted longer than it needed to be with unnecessary side plots and not so great CGI the only thing that keeps the film at somewhat alive is the music and will Smith's acting

I saw this movie for the first time today and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's a complete and utter waste of time.

A movie worth watching .

They were able to bring back the best of the animated version of Aladdin, added colour and cheerfulness, to deliver a very entertaining and funny story.

Within the first 5 minutes I knew I was going to be disappointed, it's slow, lacks any energy & somehow is dull.

I think Guy Richie may have gotten carried away and because of the direction he went with the movie I think it is the explanation for why the movie and the acting came across quite bland.

It makes me feel better about that waste of time and my now partially ruined cinematographic childhood (yes im referring to you too Lion King).

Her awkwardness when interacting makes the character extremely likeable and enjoyable to watch.

Kids' movie with many unnecessary and boring songs .

Will Smith is entertaining, the vocals are on point and the colours are spectacular!

The music and characters were enjoyable and Will Smith 'made' the movie as Genie.

But it's too boring when they start annoying with those songs 🙄🙄

It truly takes skill to turn the most colorful, over the top & magical Disney movie into a dull shell of a story.

Me, my daughter and husband all fell asleep.

Mind blowing .

Not all that great, Will Smith is one of the best parts of the movie though, Jafar made it nearly unwatchable for me

But if you're very familiar with the original, this isn't going to introduce anything new, and frankly the cartoon was able to be way more entertaining in many respects.

Predictable yet enjoyable.

Top it with the teasing pieces of musicals which were beautiful and entertaining!

It's pointless, yes, but it's here and I have to admit it's a fairly entertaining time.

The problem is being derivative and pointless.

Marwan Kenzari's Jafar looked like he was bored out of his mind and wanted to go home, and lacked the energy and emotion of the original Jafar.

Boring and childish storyline!

I enjoyed it very much and I'm already looking forward to Lion King.

When you see that kids are yawning theough the magical carpet flying in the sky segment of the film, you know the wonder is missing.

Sure, it's worth watching.


It picks up a little towards the middle, but holy hell is the first hour of this beyond boring.

Why would I want to watch a boring and slow version of the original with none of the colourful, expressive animation and humour when I can watch the original, at ANY TIME, which has the expressive animation and humour?

Plus, those cliche.

The story is fairly engaging, and they have the advantage of acclaimed material to work with, and when you follow that as closely as they did here, it's hard not to have a good story.

Is a very entertaining movie.

He was the savior of all the dull and awkward scenes in the movie.

It didn't grasp your attention at all, and everything was lackluster and boring.

Don't waste your money.

Of course there is going to be a comparison of Will Smith to Robin Williams, and in avoiding doing so, I still found his performance to be bland and basically just phoned in.

Its a sensational classic with well casted characters and an overall hugely enjoyable atmosphere.

Since I am quite a fan of the animated version of Aladdin released in 1992, I absolutely looked forward to this live-action adaptation and it didn't let me down: the clothes are gorgeous, the plot and lines are entertaining, songs are still lovely and the actors also did a great job indeed.

This movie is very enjoyable.

Enjoyable Family film .


Effects are stunning and the music is the best thing of ALL MOVIE.


Though the memory of that never faded, I found this one more entertaining may be because of its indianness because if too many songs.

A vibrant & grand, if a bit bland rendition of the animated classic .

I liked the very early part of the movie but starting near the middle of it till the end I felt really bored 😴The usual music theme of the Arab countries is utilized with no creativity.

" The truly evil mystery of Jafar turns into the predictable future aspiring conqueror.

Amazing effort to the remake of the cartoon Aladdin .. Will Smith made a unique and exciting touch .

What I enjoyed the most the story - besides bringing more modern concepts in mentality and politics, it was great that they filled the empty spots and made the story a bit more convincing and appealing to all kinds of fans and audience.

This film is very enjoyable and funny and it certainly doesnt deserve the critics it has get

On the the other side of the coin, the things they added were completely pointless and Mena Massoud (Aladdin) is a horrible actor with an even worse singing voice.

IF you can get passed all of those initial biases, or whatever yours might be, I think you'll find that this is an enjoyable movie.

It actually put a smile to my face and I really enjoyed it!

worst movie ever .

I did somewhat enjoy watching this film whether that was because i loved the original and wanted to love this one who knows but i do know i wouldnt watch it a second time i left the theater feeling underwhelmed and dissapointed thinking why didnt i really like this movie much.

Boring, no charm whatsoever, careless .

My kids enjoyed it.

Finally, i got that the creators of the movie wanted to create a new legacy for Disney, which was interested and enjoyable fro some points.

The ending felt a little bit forced but in general as a family and kids film the movie is really enjoyable

The only thing is.. I did get bored sometimes, because some moments the singing did take too long to pause the story.

It is stunning.

Disappointing, pointless and sloppy.

It was a bit tedious at first, but once Will Smith entered the picture as the genie I thought the film livened up a lot and was more enjoyable.

Rajah to was bland (the tiger).

While it's not as good as the original, it's still great in it's own right, thanks to how much great stuff is here, which makes it all the easier for me to recommend it to anyone who wants a fresh and entertaining take of a Disney classic.

Overall, the movie is different from the cartoon in some aspects but they were pleasant necessary changes that make the movie enjoyable with its own charms.

He also infused his hip-hop background into the musical portions; this makes his singing more enjoyable.

He is not a dashing rouge, a daring street rat, he is just bland and has zero chemistry with the girl playing Jasmine.

Keep showing audience unnecessary and boring dancing scene!

Enjoyable .


7/10 - weird camera angles and some iffy storytelling can be forgiven in this entertaining Disney remake in which Will Smith proves to be a worthy successor to the great Robin Williams

Entire film full of boring and overuse singing scene!

But it's very enjoyable, and does a great job establishing merit for these remakes.

At some point, they wanted to leave.

It is for this reason the film is very entertaining.

Great directing,great casts,very enjoyable watching Will smith as the Genie.

Surprisingly enjoyable .

The film was really enjoyable, Will Smith, without a doubt it was the best of the whole movie.

It's fun , entertaining and love to watch it again

quite enjoyable .

Unexpected Amusement .

This movie is stunning.

Thoroughly Enjoyable .

All in all, it was a movie with visuals, choreo, and music as its strengths and the impossibility to translate entertaining cartoonish personas (which people loved about the original) into live-action as its weakness.

And Will Smith was just plain boring.

It seems like an enormous waste of money.

It was fun and entertaining.

The casting was pretty good as I thought Will Smith as the genie was the highlight of the film and he held it together making it more enjoyable.

A pointless recreation of the cartoon version with the addition of Benny Hill sequences.

Jasmine's dad was disappointingly boring (prefer the bubbly albeit blur cartoony-version).

Good entertaining movie .

He's an entertaining character and Smith really brings him to life in a satisfying way.

What a waste of time .

Worth the watch.

Heartless, badly acted, stilted, colourful, yet somehow dull.

Visually amazing, but slightly empty .

Nonetheless, most of this new Aladdin is tolerable, even inching toward borderline entertaining.

Overall, Aladdin is good enough, but is just another bland Disney Remake.

Beautiful, stunning and thrilling.

The scenario was stunning, surpassing my expectations for how cheerful and beautiful it was, which allowed to emulate the genie's personality perfectly.

So, when I saw that the live action was coming out, I was kind of exciting to see it.

The movie felt so nostalgic and exciting!

We reached a point where we had to just walk out of the theater.