Almost Famous (2000) - Adventure, Comedy, Drama

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A high-school boy is given the chance to write a story for Rolling Stone Magazine about an up-and-coming rock band as he accompanies them on their concert tour.

IMDB: 7.9
Director: Cameron Crowe
Stars: Billy Crudup, Patrick Fugit
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 112 out of 831 found boring (13.47%)

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The film is peppered with inside jokes and references for the true musical scholar and pop culture historian ranging from the aforementioned Lester Bangs, to Rolling Stone editor Ben Fong Torres, to photographer Annie Lebowitz, and the comical and historical relevance breaking into a verse of "Peggy Sue" as one's plane is experiencing some intense turbulence.

It could have been a lot better, but it's entertaining and probably worth renting.

There is also some confusion about what the film is about.

My father being of a different generation did not understand the music of the 60's changed the world,people came from the stuffy 50's with their short haircuts and somewhat boring music into the free love of the 60's and early 70's and the music soared,anyone that has listened to Jimi Hendrix knows the chill you get when you hear those first cords of purple haze,that is the way I feel about almost famous,it takes you back to the time eagles Hotel California was your favorite album and most prized possession,it takes you to the place you always wanted to be on stage playing guitar with a rock band while people scream your name.

This film wants to be touching / funny / hard / honest and vibrant but ends up being flat / bland / dull / uninspiring.

The characters are bland and one-dimensional.

This movie is worth watching for most fans of sixties rock'n roll, people looking to find out more about the environment, or just fans of Cameron Crowe.

" as it dragged in parts.

This is Cameron Crowe's best work, combining the best of Singles and Jerry Maguire, among other films, into a truly stunning piece.

A solid entertaining movie.

he has such an intense honesty to his face that is hardly ever seen in actors his age (and it's great to know that he is a teenager because it's so silly when a character who's 15 or 16 is played by an actor 10 years too old)...

She was interesting and really made the film worth watching.

I'll give it a 5/10, just because it wasn't another Hollywood revenge movie, but the story was quite poor and uninteresting, as it had nothing to say.

This movie has great characters, a great story great acting and great cinematography (love the blue lighting for the concerts and some of the other road scenes, and my personal fav when Lady Jane is dancing by herself sliding on balloons in an empty gymnasium).

Ever since Say Anything Crowe has been engaging in highly visible regression.

A Great Coming of Age Movie .

The most stunning movie I've ever seen.

It's story, lifted from his own life, is very entertaining, very real.

Still, this partly autobiographical coming of age story is light years ahead of 90% of the c**p Hollywood's calling movies these days.

While there are those people who will continue saying that "Rock-n-roll died when (insert tired cliche here)...

Plot is a little hard to follow andwe never learn the names of all the band members.

As I said before the film has some boring sequences and sometimes uses the same rockstereotypes it's trying to make fun of (the electrocution on stage, the near airplane crash).

her stunning portrayal of penny lane brought a real depth to 'almost famous'.

Almost FamousI really liked this film, because it's very funny but also exciting.

Almost famous is a perfect example of film-making, and is just a greatly written and very entertaining film.

While it's true that the film was filled with great performances and it had a good story made even better by the fact that it's true, the film as a whole is fairly predictable, due in no small part to the revealing title.

I could go on all day saying how great Cameron is as a director and writer, but then you would just get bored, so let me just say one thing:He is hands down the best director out there right now.

And we get to go along for the thrilling trip of a lifetime.

Almost Famous is a great movie, very enjoyable to watch with superb acting(Hudson, Fugit, Lee Crudup) and great music(why didn't the Neil Young songs make the soundtrack????

How did Hudson cop an Oscar nomination for her bland performance?

Therefore Crowe's rendering is more a romantic ideal of something in itself banal that happens to work because it's a story told through the eyes of a kid who seems to be the only one in the picture with an elementary notion of good and bad.

It is funny, sad, and always absorbing.

The pace of the film is far too slow.

I found the acting of Kate Hudson to be very solid and enjoyable.

Ostensibly a fictional tale of a very young writer coming of age amongst his heroes, Almost Famous is really a paean to classic rock.

the scenes showing the characters having spontaneous fun are awkward and contrived, kate hudson's character is cheesy and tiresomely "mysterious", and the ridiculous relationship between the band and patrick fugit's charachter is transparent and silly.

This movie was thoroughly enjoyable and inspired me to be a writer for Rolling Stone or some interesting magazine, like that.

Whenever it seemed the writing might turn dull or the plot might veer off, Crowe injects some humor or something unexpected happens to keep you interested.

I believe this is a film because while being entertaining it has some real messages about what the music industry is like and what it does to people.

ALMOST FAMOUS is one of the greatest coming of age movies ever made and it's perhaps the greatest love story to rock 'n roll ever filmed.

Wonderfully warm, engaging and nostalgic coming-of-age drama .

I saw this movie in a virtually empty theater in Sweden on a Saturday night.

ALMOST FAMOUS is "mainstream" for sure, but it's as good, smart and entertaining as mainstream gets these days.

It ended up being a totally enjoyable experience.

The plot is uninteresting, besides the music wasn't good.

While the climax is not as good as the rest of the movie(It's great, but not as enthralling as the rest, if that makes sense), Almost Famous is still a riveting, feel good movie, and one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time now-as of 8/11/19 it is #9.

A deep, thrilling, heartbreaking movie that touches on issues you're either too young to understand, or old enough to wish you had them again.

Ultimately a little too charming for it's own good, but nonetheless very entertaining.

But the experience of getting to go out on the road and spend some time with "the band" is quite a fun and enjoyable time, and that's exactly what Almost Famous is; fun and enjoyable, and in my opinion Crowe's best film to date.

Fun Movie, Enjoyable and Lightweight .

I found it boring from start to end.

Superficial but entertaining .

I found watching this extremely intriguing.

It's solid but there REALLY should have been a copy of "Cover of the Rolling Stone" included, it's one of the most evocative songs of the desires and adjustments of fame for a rock musician there is and its oversight is nearly criminal.

Why Rolling Stone would have any interest in Stillwater, the dullest band (either real or fictional) in history, let alone want to put them on the cover, is beyond me.

Beautiful, Engaging, and happy.

It resembles the music made by those bands; it thinks it is striving towards some great profound truth, when it is really bombastic, insincere and boring.

There is little in this movie that is new or exciting or original - we've seen it all before - maybe you had to be American to really appreciate it because I thought it was in the mediocre range of average.

Very good but predictable rock and roll film.

It shows the touch of a true music lover and provides an entertaining plot to take us through the crazy world of seventies rock.

But the plot was thoroughly predictable, and everyone was so NICE that I almost fell asleep.

Nobody really gets hurt and hence the movie ended up being really boring as I waited for all the conflicts to be resolved as they inevitably would.

All in all, a well-told and highly enjoyable story.

Hudson's Penny Lane is at times simply cute, at other times downright sexy -- but above all, she's ceaselessly intriguing.

We say it's all about the music, but it's really about the coming of age of young William Miller while back stage of early 1970's rock and roll.

The climax (if you want to call it that) is virtually nonexistent, a faint blip in what is already a very dull movie.

When Will is eleven, his sister moves away to become a stewardess, leaving behind some riveting rock and roll music for him.

I've found that a lot of people find the movie to be rather boring because of its "dull" and "uncomplicated" main character.

This is one of the greatest films of the year, Ms Hudson is fab, and the Kid is very compelling: I suggest the Untitled Bootleg cut, to see the original vision as it was intended: So many scenes are memorable, like when the Band-Aids take him to bed, the Pool Party, the Backstage interviews, and many many more...

I am sorry if anyone found that role to be somehow compelling.

However much this film may seemingly portray itself as a deconstruction of the rock'n'roll myth it is pretty much the stuff of nostalgia and fairytale from beginning to end, and all the more funny and emotionally engaging for it!

The movie is enjoyable from the very first to the very last minute and that, even I normally don't care about the this genre very much.

Even the pathetic remarks that are supposed to make it look, i repeat, LOOK like a comedy are so flat and tedious that they really never were worth the effort to begin with.

Looking at what he did at the age of 15 makes me want to leave home and go out on an adventure, experience the world.

Very boring, in my opinion .

The film is classically cool and endlessly enjoyable, making it by far one of the top 5 movies of last year.

If you like boring love movies save up your dough for this one.

Enjoyable story and characters that exist within a convincing portrayal of time, place and people .

This movie caused me excruciating unbearable pain.

It is a relatively enjoyable watch - though it is simply unremarkable and forgettable.

It went from like aroused and intense to just slightly aroused and somewhat panicked.

unfortunately, highlights like these are few and fleeting, and the rest if this sugery sentimental flop left me in a depressed funk from cliche overdose.

Add to all this a dozen or so other cliche scenes, and you have yourself a bad movie, worth no more than 5/10.

As captivating or hypnotic or mesmerizing as a film may be a film invariably is an inferior experience to great music, and sadly the compelling soundtrack is too often overwhelmed or obliterated by the artifice of the film's cinematic devices.

A big, entertaining puff-piece on the way the 1970s music scene never was.

An Exciting Rock 'N' Roll Film.

It's hard to tell if the grandiose mythologizing of rock-and-roll as a way of life is tongue-in-cheek or not; either way, it doesn't make it look like an appealing way of life at all, or even a decadent one--messy and dull is more like it.

Despite this it is still an enjoyable film that I would recommend to anyone who thinks the bands of today just don't compare to the seventies, still has a pair of flares in the back of the cupboard, or is just looking for a feel-good movie with a great soundtrack (Led Zeppelin fans wont be disappointed).

But Almost Famous is so much more than simply a story about a band, it is a charming and insightful commentary on the state of the period's youth, and an entertaining coming of age story as well.

Perhaps not worthy of the hype and vast praise that it has garnered, it is certainly an enjoyable film that does what it does well.

The performances are good across the board (Kate Hudson and Jason Lee were my favorites) and the script manages to be sentimental without sappy, funny without cheesy, and entertaining from start to finish.

Almost Famous is a warm, funny and entertaining paean to youth, love, honesty and the rock 'n roll scene.

But as I matured I realised just how empty their lives were and how unhappy they were.

Well, suffice to say, I really, really liked it - I found it honest and entertaining, well-acted with a clever script and solid direction.

Penny manages to remain cute and graceful in a time of intense internal turmoil.

It's self-indulgence that can still be indulged in by many others.

Terrific coming of age story, acting terrific and as a writer, if this doesn't get you motivated to go out and write, nothing will.

The 'band aids', a group of super-fans forming a further attachment to the group, add another fascinating dimension.


The young cast is excellent - Patrick Fugit shoulders the pivotal role with unassuming ease, Billy Crudup is a convincing guitar hero, Jason Lee is engaging as ever and Kate Hudson sparkles as the head "Band Aid".

I love Kate Hudson's performance in the movie, she was a fascinating character, Frances McDormand had also done a spectacular performance in this movie.

A very enjoyable film with a great soundtrack.

It is genuinely enjoyable, fascinating, funny, touching, lively and most important of all, a film filled with believable characters.

The characters in this feature are all one dimensional and painfully boring to gaze upon.

Almost Famous is an exciting Rock 'N' Roll film about life on the road and much more.

even though i'm far too young to have lived through this era originally, it is very entertaining.

A piece of art that is as relevant and enjoyable today as it is in five years, or would have been five years ago.

Boring, stupid, clichéd .

"Almost Famous" takes much the same tone as "Jerry Maguire", yet adds the personal touch for those who felt the latter to be a bit contrived.

It's so enjoyable, lovable, quotable, hell it can even be somewhat relatable.

Besides, anyone so willing and able to waste time on one of the most banal periods in history in terms of taste, style, attitude etc etc - that being the 1970's - essentially has set themselves up to lose from the get-go....

From the pencil sketched opening credits, we enter a simple, yet compelling story of one boy genius' `Wizard of Oz,' Pinocchio esque 1970's adolescent journey.

This movie is so incredibly enjoyable for so many reasons.

So, if you can get over the Brady Bunch like groupies (who also include the talented Anna Paquin and Fairuza Balk), a few plot holes (the Rolling Stone scenes don't ring true at all), and the occasional slip into cliche, overall 'Almost Famous' is almost pretty good.

His ideas are empty and useless as always.

This film intrigues me, I imagine, for a different reason than it does it's audience born before 1970 -- I missed the sex, drugs, and rock-n- roll revolution by much more than a decade, and this story is an incredibly enjoyable depiction of a time I'll only ever know through here-say.

)Maybe it was a giant yawn after all.

The story was dull, and clichés were flying fast and furious.

Fairuza Balk's character was very enjoyable, she was very amusing and I think she is also very beautiful and alluring.

A cinematographic dithyramb of rock, epicureanism and the 70s that reminds me nonetheless a well-known fiction The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Milan Kundera, 1984): although it's nice to listen to and enjoy a rock album, I'm not sure that the lives of band members are of any interest (some will probably deduce that I'm not 'cool' enough).

He gives soul and substance to what could've been another boring clad quiet person cum hero.

I left the theater frightened to death by the message of this film: the ultimate triumph of sticky, middle America, petit bourgeois values.

His reaction when Elaine William's mother tells him off for compromising values is one of the funniest moments in a film and his realisation at the end as to Penny Lane's final plan is a classically poignant and humorous slow burner!

It's original and ENTERTAINING!!!!

I have never really enjoyed rock 'n' roll movies, as I found them to be extremely boring and stupid.

Their conversations are rather trite and mundane.

If you don't have already a connection with this thematic, you will be like me and find it totally boring and empty.

The acting is fine, but the script has no punch, and the story line is rather mundane considering the subject matter.

As a coming of age flick (I never that that at pushing 40, a COA flick would impress me) this one rules.

But it's entertaining, funny and kind of original.

" For such a minor character to say the punch line of the whole movie is sad and boring.

Otherwise very funny, very sexy and very enjoyable.

His film credits include the great movie Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise and the mildly enjoyable Singles with Bridget Fonda.

A self-indulgent, overblown myopic film!

There are so many well conceived and connecting pieces and sequences, including the many phone conversations - Bangs and William speaking on the phone and how Bangs says how uncool they both are ring sadly true; Elaine's tongue-lashing to an unknowing yet well-meaning Russell (and the earlier phone call between Elaine and the equally unsuspecting Sapphire (Balk in a very winning turn) who sets her straight yet straight-forwardly so with surprising warmth and respect - and the way of tour travel affecting one's nerves and identity (when Russell wants to be `real' and winds up in a Topeka suburban teenager's impromptu party and has a truly funny acid trip with William mentally noting everything occurring and the unexpected rage by Russell the next morning at `The Enemy' - until now a sarcastic nickname the group brands William with, and my favorite scene - one destined for the time capsule of cinema - after the tour bus and the group reunites with Russell they sing along to Elton John's `Tiny Dancer', without a single note of falsehood or what easily could have been handled as a sardonic undercoating any other film hack would've traipsed on, where William declares mid-song to Penny `I have to go home' and she simply states, `You are home!

If you wish to recall an innocent world of intense emotions and first kisses, of life-long friendships easily made, of vows never broken...

Every time you watch Almost Famous, its like returning to your family at Christmas, comforting yet quixotic and constantly entertaining, especially if you're a fan of rock music and/or grew up in the era.

This leads to a very boring, one-dimensional movie.

Overall this is one of the best going with the group, getting attached and coming of age type of film I thoroughly enjoyed.

An enjoyable watch for all rock lovers mature enough for a mild R rating.

Oh come on, it's so uninteresting, and performances aren't exactly good.

It's beautifully written, it's compelling and it's so hilarious.

Fugit is stunning in his portrayal of the youthfully awkward Miller, a boy thrust into the drugs-and-sex-charged world of rock ‘n roll.

It doesn't quite reach the level of penetration into the dynamic of a rock band as much as it would seem to and the love subplot between Hudson and Crudup is a little watered down, but it's straightforward at least and gives you a lot of entertaining material.

An enjoyable blend of humor, drama-lite, and rock.

It just drones on and on.

What a load of pretentious crap.

Star of the band Russell Hammond (Billy Crudup) is the fast living, disillusioned rock star on the edge of fame who carries William with him on his emotional journey, giving him a glimpse into the lonely world of rock and roll.

Enjoyable trip back to a different age.

While the end of the story is somewhat predictable, the path taken to get there is entertaining.

He never comes off as fake, jaded, etc. He's all big eyes and intense concentration.

an enjoyable 8!!

The script was so poor and full of so many lame cliche lines.

The entire story, as a whole, is so engaging, emotional & heartfelt, that it never falters.

Scenes like William saving Penny from a drug overdose are pretty formulaic.

The film begins as a pretentious worship session of the 70's rock and roll scene.

It may not be the best movie ever made but it is funny, entertaining and incredibly touching at times.

It's manipulative, but it's manipulative in a smart way, an evocative way, a way that takes skill and technique to pull off.

Even the weaving of the structure that occurs in front of the audience in its initial stages, is breathtaking with monologues, debates and "teenage fun" bits that makes it slick.

Crowe masterfully blends a coming of age story along with his own experiences with the real world under the glitz and glamor that was "Rock N' Roll".

In short, this is a well-made, thoughtful and entertaining film which can be enjoyed from a number of different perspectives, even if you're not a big fan of its general themes.

This was actually a very enjoyable film, full of good drama and funny moments.

There's the entertaining leading man controversy, the drama with the so-called "Band-Aids," and William's repeated attempts to get Russell to sit down for a one-on-one interview.

lmost famous is a movie that is ,from my point of view, definitely worth watching because it really gives people a look into the culture of rock and roll and also provides a deep message about friendship and trust in the end.

everything about this film is truly "entertaining" which is what going to the movies used to be about.

Above all this movie excellently reflects the early seventies-pop music scene: flat, boring and uninspiring.

I did, however, muse that I might have enjoyed it even more had I been alive to experience firsthand the era that "Almost Famous" takes such an affectionately nostalgic look at.

The band-scene in the early 70's provides a stunning background.

Characters are stereotypical and dialogue is contrived, as if based on what someone thought the era was like.

However, Almost Famous turned out to be a brilliant film: funny, sweet, and very entertaining.

Like many of the old films I love with great character acting, 'Almost Famous', is beautifully realized on many levels, with terrific acting performances from Kate Hudson, Frances McDormand and Patrick Fugit as well as numerous others, a tight script, and nary a wasted scene or false note in two hours, accompanied by wonderfully evocative music.

"Almost Famous" went nowhere.

How many times i have seen movies about music groups and feeling empty at the end.

and probably one of the most enjoyable piece of cinema i have ever seen.

Wonderfully warm and engaging drama from writer-director Cameron Crowe.

I highly recommend it to any given rock music fan and concerning the original soundtrack, guess the tunes that Crowe chose...

What makes Almost Famous intriguing is that it is a semi-autobiographical film, with William playing a young Cameron Crowe – who is the youngest journalist to write for the renowned Rolling Stone magazine.

Set in 1973, this coming of age film is all about finding yourself.

Stillwater's foibles give the film a light Spinal Tap vibe, but Famous's great strength is the way it subverts the coming of age genre by asserting that losing one's virginity pales in comparison to what it really means to grow up.

The songs are uplifting, the backyard score is decently scored, the cinematography is mesmerizing with fine editing and stunning camera work and visuals with live locations that foliates it into the anticipated musical cinematic experience.

Even the Lester Bangs character was dull.

Maybe it was the relative lack of charisma in the lead character, an obvious analogue of the writer-director himself, portrayed in this deprecating self-portrait as too bland and unlikely a paragon of journalistic virtue.

You could say that this can bring much love to music fans and film lovers in the taking when all is said and done when it comes to a heart wrenching and fascinating story in the midst of the 70's that plays this tune so perfectly with dazzling and spot on performances and casting, you wouldn't want this tune to end for quite a while!

Almost Famous chronicles the funny and often poignant coming of age of 15-year-old William in the early 1970's as a unabashed music fan who is inspired by the seminal bands of the time.

A Coming of Age Movie That Offers a Behind the Scenes Look at Rock .

Kate Hudson's presence is stunning.

Almost Famous is Crowe's bloated, self-indulgent portrayal of the beginning of his career as a young journalist on the music scene in the early 1970's.

The rest comes off terribly self indulgent on a visceral level.

Beautifully written and entertaining to the core, Almost Famous is one of the best movies of the year.

The honesty, as portrayed by Billy Crudup as lead guitarist, and the self denial, as demonstrated by Kate Husdon as Miss Penny Lane, carry the film while our teenage writer travels from city to city having his interview delayed while the rock and roll cliché dramatically plays out.

It has a thoroughly enjoyable story, and characters that are so real you feel you know them.

This is one of the finest coming of age films I have ever seen.

Just a few funny moments and a crapload of completely dull stuff.

It shows Lester the mentor, giving young William Miller a helping hand, even as he still believed the kid was going nowhere fast.

Almost Famous is a thoroughly enjoyable film, lit up by a cast of [largely] unknown people, which makes it all the more surprising.

He created perfectly real and authentic partly based on his own experience atmosphere of the fascinating world of music when it wasn't entirely commercialized, the world of music from heart and for heart.

Billy Crudup is your most interesting star being that little too arrogant and overly pretentious with a quite demeanour to fit the portrayal of a modern musician.

Loved this totally engrossing look at the psychedelic era.

I was bored by quite alot of it also.

It was absolutely gripping; I loved every moment of it.

Though the movie boasts an adept cast, spirited musical reverence, and seems to remain consistently entertaining throughout, I am almost shocked at the outpouring of perfect reviews given to Almost Famous at the time of it's release.

I think it's a mix between a film with a interesting exciting story and a documentation about the rock music and the life as a rock star.

During the film's two hour length, it's hard to imagine a story more enjoyable.

The story itself is intriguing and in every way entertaining.

"Almost Famous" is one of the most heartfelt, funny and entertaining movies of the year and Cameron Crowe never misses a point and is at the top of his game with this one, which also shows his movies just get better and better everytime.

Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous is one of those rare, genius movies that not only speaks to the human experience, but does so in such a memorable, enjoyable way that I can-and do-quote it religiously.

Crowe seems to transport us right back to the crazy hazy days of the mid 70s, where everyone searched for significance and meaning in the mundane.

Yet the soundtrack of this movie was also fascinating.

The times were much wilder, weirder, rougher, grittier, and unpredictable--a roller coaster ride of the thrilling and the terrifying.

American unbearable lightness of being.

A journey in the recent past that had never been so brilliant, intense and true.

Brilliant and very entertaining film.

Almost Famous is not a tremendously great film, but the excellent performances along with an intriguing story make it particularly noticeable.

This movie is beautiful and breathtaking and sad and hilarious.

But having been in high-school during the 70's, I found this movie generally enjoyable.

Hudson has been working for a couple years in movies now, and with this fantastic performance she shakes off her being famous for her lineage (she's Goldie Hawn's daughter) and enters her own right as a fascinating and strong actress.

Although I love seeing a lot of blockbusters at the cheap movie theater, I'm usually more of an art-flick girl, but this movie was entertaining, almost moving and interesting.

This was a smart, engaging, entertaining movie with some big laughs, and some nice little moments, but ultimately, it's a shallow film that leaves you when you leave the theater.

Without being either preachy (anti-1960s) or glorifying (pro-1960s), we get a balanced view of the music culture that's riveting.

Almost Famous is a highly enjoyable tale about an adolescent movie critic who spends an uforgettable summer with a second-rate band and their loyal groupies.

As much as I love music and rock & roll, I found this movie to be very sugar-coated with the events feeling too contrived and overall "cheesy".

Its weak and pointless.

Even so there is enough good stuff going on here to overlook the movies obvious flaws, and have a reasonably entertaining time if you don't dig too deeply, and expect too much.

Hugely enjoyable .

I had a problem with Kate Hudson (can you say bland?

Its an engaging, emotional & heartfelt film, that deserves a repeat-viewing.

It's a touching drama, a road movie, a comedy, and a coming of age story all in one.

Well-Acted and Entertaining.

Overall this was a personal but an enjoyable film.

As you can see director Cameron Crowe really makes this a film of exploring it's like it's a coming of age film.

Then, the kid becomes a journalist writing about the rock bands and goes on tour with one of them as his coming of age experience.

Almost Famous is a perfect movie to go see on a date, after a hard day at work, or on a boring Sunday afternoon.

" The way that Hudson acted that scene was absolutely breathtaking and I personally feel that she was robbed of an Oscar.

Fugit is competent but his role is written a bit too mature and reserved; you never quite feel his naivete, confusion or anguish regarding Hudson.

Taking to the road with Stillwater, William find himself caught in the tension of inter-band politics, making friends with guitarist Russell Hammond (Crudup), meeting the beautiful and fascinating groupies (or band-aids as they prefer to call themselves) who follow the band, Penny Lane (Hudson) in particular.

paints a lovely portrait of love, life, coming of age and all things rock-n-roll .

Billy Crudup & Kate Hudson create the tension filled romance that drives the story along; both did a great job & were adroitly evocative of those fast times in the rock & roll fantasy land of the 70's.

The story is very predictable--a young 15 year old tours with a rock band to do a piece for "Rolling Stone" magazine--along the way he grows up, learns life lessons, yadda yadda yadda.

The acting is engaging.

Miss Penny Lane's constant desire to do something exciting is what leads her life, and Stillwater's music is what excites her the most.

The perfect and stunning Tiny Dancer scene is undoubtedly the best music scene in the movies ever made.

The DVD also has numerous fascinating behind-the-scenes segments, including a copy of the original articles written by Crowe when he wrote for Rolling Stone Magazine.

i highly recommend it...

However enjoyable it may be to watch Patrick Fugit play out portions of director Cameron Crowe's own experiences, Patrick's portrayal is sometimes lacking, and although it all makes for a nice watch, that's about the extent of it's appeal.

Crowe excels in both categories, although he doesn't have a definite style to his direction, and his script doesn't have any emotional punch; it's just there, and when this movie's done, nothing's learned (except rock stars can't be trusted, but we all already knew that), nothing's gained, but an enjoyable character study for two hours.

i really enjoyed it.

If you're looking for a whole hearted, down to earth, amazingly truthful, and immensely entertaining movie...

Kate's performance as the wildly entertaining groupie "Penny Lane" is probably the greatest of her career.


"What a long, dull trip it's been"--should've been the afterword.

That`s rock and roll for you Ulitimately though ALMOST FAMOUS is rather empty and shallow a problem I had with this director`s latter movie VANILLA SKY .

The Bad: The trite happy ending montage may leave a bitter sweet taste.

Wait for the drummer to come out, and then turn it off, everything after that is nauseatingly predictable.

The ending of the film is very predictable and seemed out of balance with the rest of the film.

The dialogue was fresh and exciting.

It's a very complex role and we see all sides of Russell Hammond, talented, charismatic, loyal, self indulgent, hedonistic, it's all there and whole lot more.

Pop musician are trapped in a state of arrested development, their rejection of traditional social behaviors and their intense self obsession is highly rewarded, and their impulsive momentary pleasures dominate their life choices.

Left the theater humming and smiling.

This is a beautiful coming of age movie about a 15-year-old boy from San Diego who gets to live his fantasy when he lucks out and lands an assignment from Rolling Stone to tour with the band Sweetwater and write an article about them.

It's also a brilliant story of a boy's coming of age.

Everyone else will find it boring.

Almost Famous is a stunning, thought-provoking film that comes at you directly from the eye of the camera and hits you with a hard bang.

Cameron Crowe has given us a brilliant film that works on a number of levels; it's entertaining and insightful, delivered from his own unique perspective and presented objectively and without moralizing.

Unfortunately, I was bored and actually watched this film.

With these two around, any picture is worth watching.

Kate Hudson gives a mezmorizing performance than can appear dull if you don't allow yourself to look through her eyes; eyes that yearn to live the music of Stillwater.

Narratively speaking, Crowe takes his time, steadily building characters and backdrop essentials, it works a treat as we become immersed in all the major players within the music circle, while also feeling the concerns of those on the outside of the rock group circle.

The fast paced life style of the rock stars and the groupies really kind of released the voyeur in me.

Coming of Age - Mine wasn't this good .

I was reminded of the first time I heard Black Sabbath, the song and the band, with the lights off on a dark night, the sound up loud, alone in my room: the music kicked in, the slowest, simplest, and loudest music I'd ever heard, and I lay in bed squirming and kicking and smiling in ecstatic disbelief that such sounds were being made in the world.

Empty Fun .

At 15 William manages to land a assignment with Rolling Stone Magazine to interview an up and coming band called Stillwater, and he quickly finds himself immersed in the life his mother so desperately wanted to protect him from.

For a start it is very boring, following the not very interesting or even rock and roll adventures of a very well behaved rock group and a journalist with the world's longest deadline trying to pen an article about them.

An Entertaining movie.

All of it was just so darn entertaining and intriguing to watch from the perspective of a young naive and innocent boy trying to make it as a journalist.

If blatant gaffes back to back within the first twenty minutes of the movie were the only problem I might still have enjoyed it.

This is a coming of age movie with a heart and a sincerity shot in a voyeuristic style that doesn't pander.

Dull movie about the "essence" of rock.

If this film had depended more confidently on the sublime power of its evocative musical score and resisted the temptation to overplay the drama it would absolutely have been a considerably more profound and satisfying experience.

The characters played by Frances McDormand, Billy Crudup and Kate Hudson seem to be searching for something the whole movie, but with Crowe's screenplay, that path becomes very confusing and disjointed.

The movie is a coming of age dramedy about this kid named William Miller (Patrick Fugit.

Almost famous is hilarious, entertaining, and to me the best film of 2000.

Thus, when he gets to final couple of reels, he has to stick in some fairly contrived conflicts to bring tension to an otherwise easygoing picture.

In the middle, the film goes more and more boring, because there's hardly ever something new.

So my final thoughts on Almost Famous are the following, it's a very enjoyable and original.

Cameron Crowe's signature sweetness drowns out an engaging story .

Crowe's movies are always enjoyable, human and honest.

There are many exciting ideas and interesting scenes.

In the end it is exciting again, because we don't know how it will end.

William Miller is coming of age even though his mother, Francis McDormand would like to keep him a child just alittle bit longer.

I can't really understand why people still make movies like this, its overdone and just plain boring.

Even if the whole thing was predictable I don't think it could have ever ruined this jewel of a movie.

)There is nothing overtly profound about Almost Famous, and it's not a film that will keep you up at night, but it is a decent film for any music lover and is a very enjoyable experience.

It starts out fairly well, but once William hooks up with Stillwater it gets flat out boring.

But, when seen through the context of his career to date, you realize it's about Crowe coming of age, as much as the characters in the film.

What a pointless waste of time .

Crowe's brilliant use of music (for example, Led Zeppelin's "That's the Way" and Elton John's "Tiny Dancer") made the story all the more powerful and engrossing.

First, the main characters are uninteresting and cliched.

A very enjoyable film and one of my favorites.

Then you can walk out, pretending you've just tasted the first drop of a wonderful movie, rather than the only trace of juice in a lifeless and pretentious disappointment.

This may be the most entertaining film of 2000.

Thank you Cameron Crowe for sharing your coming of age with us.

And some of the scenes were overly generic and/or predictable (the Elton John scene on the tour bus being one example, the Topeka party scene another, and a lot of the scenes where Fugit takes center stage as well.

This movie is very entertaining.

Any rock and roll fan will enjoy this movie, but any fan of slightly more complex film than a simple action movie will really find this to be a real enjoyable piece of art that will be cherished no matter how many times you watch.

Dormand and Philip Seymour Hoffman are all at their best in a film that is one of the most enjoyable films of all time.

She is plain, dull, and only of average acting abilities.

On the contrary most Hollywood real life stories are flat, boring, and superficial.

Believable and breathtaking view of rock'n'roll in the '70's.

Worth watching, in my opinion!

Kate Hudson is stunning and fits her part like a glove.

Hell , the whole movie is completely pointless.

The second feature film of Writer and Director Cameron Crowe, this semi autobiographical portrayal captures the initiation of an innocent and impressionable teenage boy into the exciting world of Rock and Roll.

As a tour veteran she takes young William under her wing and their relationship is a somewhat odd yet fascinating one.

The movie does have some up's and down's but overall enjoyable.

It was very slow to develop, too much time was spent on atmosphere and not enough on story.

The best movies are the ones that blow you away on the first few viewings but tend to bore if seen to often.

Really well done movie, flawless and entertaining until the end of the credits.

With such unforgettable lines as "My son has been kidnapped by rock stars" to "I am a golden god", combined with masterful performance, and a heart-warming story, this film is a stunning success that I would recommend to all.

Their journey from hopefuls on the edge of the scene to rising stars is both heartwarming and exciting, and the music is actually very fine (Mike McCready plays lead guitar).

Aside from the more than entertaining plot line, I think this movie is really more about the development of each of the major characters.

Restored my faith in coming of age films .

I think the depiction of the 70's was nice, but walking out from the movie it felt like it was all rather pointless.

Instead it comes across as a self-indulgent exercise in, well, I'm not sure what.


The uniquely REAL bond between these two stands in bold relief against the backdrop of unreal, delusional and pretentious relationships created by drugs, celebrity, and the road.

Completely unexpected .

She is also allowed to show her vulnerability in another compelling scene late in the film.

Both films tell compelling heartwarming human tales.

It's a tag that I would prefer not to use, but it manages to explain the crux of this film - it's a coming of age flick.

I highly recommend it to anyone.

It seems a little trite that a 70's rock band on the verge of fame engage in little more recklessness than drinking beer and fondling teenagers.

Enjoyable, lightweight film based loosely on writer/director Cameron Crowe's true-life experiences as a teenage journalist for Rolling Stone in the mid 1970s.

The result is, for the most part, wholly entertaining.

Almost Famous gives us a breathtaking view of the music industry and one kid just trying to write an article for Rolling Stone on the band Stillwater.

All in all, the film is enjoyable and satisfying, so long as one doesn't expect some realistic documentary treatment, complete with political and historic context - a mistake which some contributors to IMDb seem to have made.

Hello all,I was once told that I grew up during a "giant yawn".

I go to movies to be entertained, and Cameron Crowe as a director does an excellent job of entertaining me.

The characters were compelling and brought you in to their lives.

Brilliant and completely enjoyable movie except for the airplane scene, which is the most jarringly badly acted and poorly edited scene I've seen in quite a while.

Not sure if it wanted to be an expose or love story - the band stuff is all pretty familiar, the more intriguing angle is the one between youngster Fugit and worldly Hudson.

The structure of the story line is quite fascinating: a 15-year-old budding rock magazine writer following a not-quite-first-line rock group on tour, thereby giving us some interesting insight into what the entire business is about.

" Her charming facial expressions and gestures make her performance absolutely stunning.

The acting is fine, the film is reasonably well made and at least it's not another pointless Hollywood action movie, but the story so uninteresting.

It is a story of a boy trying to write a piece about a band, and the whole time he is worrying about having no story, until he realizes that there is a story all around him.

"What a long, dull trip it's been" .

Thanks to the likes of Billy Crudup, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jason Lee, Patrick Fugit and so many more, a fantastic soundtrack really helps build this unique, "biographical" coming of age story.


`Almost Famous' is, in the end, a stirring, thoroughly enjoyable experience; there's great music and some madness, and some real lessons about life in the real world to be learned along the way.

People go to see something which does not insult their intelligence, has competent acting by a good-looking cast, and is entertaining for most of its running time - BINGO!

A word stating my utter frustration and confusion.

almost famous was very entertaining, it kept me on the edge of my bed as i saw it in my room.

Cameron Crowe somehow manages to make the concert scene of the early 70's look boring, and then tries to fill in the lameness with horribly spliced clips from the great Led Zeppelin, whose fans will surely be outraged by this butchery (made even worse by the fact that Crowe toured with Zeppelin at their invitation, providing the basis for this movie).

Jason Lee, Billy Crudup and Frances McDormand are magnificent, and Kate Hudson is stunning.

Though this movie is a little slow, I found it really entertaining.

Don't waste your time.

The groupies, the writers and magazine people are so contrived and cliche, as are the members of Stillwater.

I highly recommend it.

But the most important thing of this film is the exploration the main character does in the world of rock and roll and the movie brings a fascinating analysis about the commercialization of rock and roll.

The plot is gripping and unpredictable.

However when I saw the film finally, I was disappointed, even bored at parts.

This is a fine "coming of age" story, and the fact that it closely parallels Cameron Crowe's real life is, in my opinion, a great bonus.

This movie was a snore-a-thon!

The story is well told and engaging.

One of the year's best films, inspirational and engaging.

This film is entertaining, funny, and touching.

Despite such predictable quibbles, it's an original concept for a major Hollywood studio movie, and a brave one too, and for this it should be applauded.

In our present time, when society seems desensitized to gratuitous sex and violence, its refreshing to know that films can still be made which are artful and entertaining without needing to be over the top.

The film boasts absolutely incredible performances, Patrick Fugit is a newcomer and has terrific potential, Frances McDormand is emotionally stunning as an over-protective mother and Billy Crudup, who I underrated at first, gives a performance of believability and power.

This is the most unashamedly enjoyable film I have seen in a long time.

This film is just a good, fun, entertaining film.

Starts A Little Slow, Then Takes Off .

The plane scene is just uninspired and cliché' ridden.

Every cliche in the book .

The trials and tribulations of a working rock band provide the background for a coming of age story that really works.

Along with that there is really no plot which I understand works well in some movies because it is supposed to be a journey, but this one seemed very repetitive the whole way through.

This film just sponges off every rock cliche in the book, and tries to pass itself off as a work of fiction, as if the actual tales of self-indulgent druggies wasn't sickening enough, we are subjected to this...

They're bored and can't think of anything else do.

That kid really got on my nerves, he was unappealing, bland, and had a horrible squealing voice that drove me nuts.

It never lagged, the plot was enjoyable, Kate Hudson was awesome, and Jason Lee was comical as usual.

The man wrote a very touching, inspirational, and exciting script.

Very entertaining; best of 2000.

Billy Crudup & Kate Hudson create the tension filled romance that drives the story along; both did a great job & were adroitly evocative of those fast times in the rock & roll fantasyland of the 70's.

Jason Lee and Billy Crudup were a very nice pairing, and watching them clash and compromise was quite enjoyable.

The groupie girls were boring too – like they were on some kind of high school weekend excursion.

This account of a make-believe rock-star story is a touching and very entertaining film.

The "Cameron Crowe" character spent the whole movie wandering around in wide-eyed wonderment and the character portrayed by Kate Hudson was ditzy and uninteresting.

Penny and Russell each have their own stories to tell and their lives' journeys are fascinating to watch as well.

Supposedly based on Crowe's experiences, it is self-indulgent and lacking any insight about the rock music scene of the 1970s, a subject excellently covered by Martin Scorsese's "The Last Waltz.

Introduce Penny Lane, a band-aide portrayed by the gorgeous Kate Hudson, and Russell Hammond, Stillwater's emotional guitarist, and a back-story for the kid journalist including his overbearing mother and rebellious sister, and what we have is a well-structured, evocative and emotional coming-of-age love story.

Coming of age movie?

If he is not wearing a big silly grin on his face, he's looking bemused like a baby with wind, a factor which amused me much more than the movie's contrived attempts at comedy.

The three groupies Sapphire (Fairuza Balk), Estrella (Bijou Phillips) and Polexia (Anna Paquin) where also very enjoyable in their roles.

Almost Famous is quite an enjoyable experience.

Loud , colorful and empty .

Billy, as Russell Hammond, teeters on the edge of fame, not wanting to leave his long-suffering band mates behind.

It is a completely unpredictable film at many points, and, while it never uses the mainstream techniques, it can still please any audience.

This is a great movie -- extremely entertaining, slick professional plotting, happy ending, solid acting, funny, etc. You would think it would have popular appeal in addition to the great reviews.

I remember going through the same process in my coming of age.

Now we have repetitious artists such as Cascada clogging up the charts with pretentious dance music.

This could have gone in the typical and predictable sex, drugs and rock n' roll direction.

There's nothing more, nothing less: "Almost Famous" is quite funny, it has a brilliant screenplay that works just fine, and everyone who was 20 and a rock 'n' roll maniac in the 70s will find it really entertaining.


It's cheesy, predictable and boring.

Hudson gives a masterful performance as Penny Lane, she pulls off all Lane's facial expressions effortlessly brilliantly, and God knows she is one of the most stunning young performers of her current time, and she gives one of the most memorably exciting performances of 2000.