Along Came a Spider (2001) - Drama, Thriller

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When a congressman's daughter under Secret Service protection is kidnapped from a private school, detective Alex Cross investigates the case even though he's recovering from the loss of his partner.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Lee Tamahori
Stars: Morgan Freeman, Michael Wincott
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 65 out of 325 found boring (20%)

One-line Reviews (273)

Sure, Morgan Freeman can act, and Monica Potter is an attractive girl, but this film is collectively a waste of time (I went to see 'Exit Wounds' on the same weekend, and I'm not sure which was worse).

It's a film worth watching for sure.

The action scenes were done well enough; engaging, well paced, and not too over the top.

However, the movie was worth the time and entertaining as movie go.

Morgan Freeman excellent--well done and entertaining.

'This is a tired cast embarrassed with the drab dialog.

An intelligent, intense and immensely intriguing movie .

How sad to see Michael Moriarty and Penolope Ann Miller as the parents of the victim, Senator & Mrs. Boring from the great state of Vapid.

" in that were more exciting than that movie had in its entirety.

Terrific, suspenseful, keeps up pace of action throughout, nice twists and surprises.

This movie was the best I've seen since Airforce One; and this one was equally suspenseful for me.

The film's underlying concept is fascinating and clever.

But unlike his other movies, this movie is pretty much an empty line of scenes after scenes, without suspense, without a story you might believe to really happen.

It was predictable stuff, but at least it was fairly engaging, this couldn't engage you if it tried.

Freeman, from start to finish, gives another believable, entertaining performance, accompanied by his mischievous side-kick (which you later find out).

More of the same (yawn) .

Female lead is so unrealistically good looking it's distracting and boring.

Still, I have to say that I did find this movie to be quite entertaining and thought it did what it was supposed to do, for a mystery-thriller.

Some points were even predictable.

Adapted from the 1993 novel of the same title by James Patterson, 'Along Came A Spider' begins deliciously, but ends quite bland.

It's a shame to see a marvelous actor like Freedman wasted on trite stuff like this.

This enjoyable little crime story, taken from a novel by James Patterson, has the requisite twists and turns that one always finds in a thriller of this sort--and, as usual, there are a few above average performances in the cast.

I read the book this is based on shortly before watching this and thoroughly enjoyed it so I was interested to see the film.

I've seen this movie a few times, and have always enjoyed it.

Anyhow, Monica was stunning.

Be bored...

Unfortunately, while that made the movie more enjoyable and realistic for me, I have no doubt that the reason for the lack of sexual tension is very clear - it's because Morgan Freeman is a black man.

This time it's a case of child kidnapping by a twisted mastermind with a very unpredictable agenda.

And when that wasting occurs in a dull manner, as is the case with Along Came a Spider (I don't feel I've given too much away here)...

A nice psychological setup, and it's not a bad film, but save your money for something else if you can.

The plot is pretty good, and experiencing it unravel is pretty intriguing, possibly even more-so than that of other later and contemporary thrillers.

Terrific, suspenseful, keeps up pace of action throughout, nice twists and surprises .

The script was dull.

] but I still got the impression that the ending was rather contrived and put together so that everything was tidied up nicely for the audience.

Maybe show him returning to the boat and finding her gone after the train scene (but still do the scene right after the stakeout where he returns to the boat, only cut before showing Megan's compartment empty).

While not a great film, Along Came a Spider is an exciting, good film.

exciting .

Good, suspenseful scenes and endless plot twists make this a true mystery-thriller (especially the ending).

This fashion was followed in weaker films such as the overrated "Se7en" and the predictable "The Bone Collector".

Lee Tamahori first made his mark with the searing Once Were Warriors, but since then he's gone from bland (The Edge) to dull (Mulholland Falls) to blankly innocuous (here).

But trying to pick it apart cinematically is a pointless endeavor.

The only reason this film was enjoyable was because Morgan Freeman is in it and James Patterson wrote the book the script is based on.

I saw it at a critics screening at Paramount Studios and I must say, it was very enjoyable.

This is a more more exciting or livelier film, opening with a thrilling start, which shows Alex Cross's reasons for retiring.

Worst Movie of 2001 .

After much yawning they get close, so scriptwriter kindly adds a bit more plot (a popular device in bad British thrillers of late - each "twist" gets more unbelievable than the last - they were ALL afterthoughts!

The twists in the plot were very good and kept me on the edge of my seat.

If you like a good suspenseful thriller/mystery, this may be a good choice for you.

I just finished watching this movie and really enjoyed it.

While the film may have some over-acting and loopholes (I won't go into them here because they are spoilers), the film is also a clever chiller with good, if squirming, twists and a performance by Freeman which is great as always (in fact nearly every minute Freeman is on the screen he's compelling).

It was a boring read, and I wondered before I went to the movie theater why they bothered to make a movie from such a crappy book.

It just goes to show that with a great director the budget of a film can be small but still be enjoyable to watch and brilliant on every other level as well.

In the book he is psychologically fascinating.

It was an entertaining film with a twist I don't think most will see coming.

To sum up, "Along Came a Spider" is the worst movie I've seen at the cinema this year, and as such I cannot recommend it to anyone.

He helps keep your brain relaxed and focused while absorbing tiny bits of information that will later compute into an intricate unique plot.

Story flowed smoothly and was difficult to follow as is sometimes the case with mysteries.

(Michael Wincott) made one of his most remarkable roles to date, being on the edge between a disturbed criminal and a wronged genius; I believed his sane performance so much.

Never clear are anyone's motivations, another flaw in an otherwise fairly engaging detective yarn that passes the time.

I wouldn't go as far as to call it boring, because it's not.

Potter is blond and dull and is not suited one jot to the role that her character grows into during the film.

This is a very suspenseful, clever thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Morgan Freeman almost saves it, just based on his general demeanor, but you really ought to save your money.

Absolutely awful stuff with a predictable twist ending .

The clever, late-coming plot twist is a bit too mechanical but effectively unexpected, making this a satisfying prequel to the hit thriller Kiss the Girls--based on the first of James Patterson's Alex Cross detective novels--and a welcomed addition to a promising movie franchise.

These two engaging characters, coupled with a strong supporting cast and a well-crafted head scratcher of a storyline, combine to make this sequel stronger than its predecessor.

The movie leaves out a number of interesting bits about Cross' family and personal life, but I enjoyed it anyway.

It was interesting the plot was good and the main characters were really engaging.

With limited action and tension, I have, however, seen more exciting thrillers than this.

Entertaining Thriller .

Not really loyal to the novel, but still exciting and fun.

This was fairly predictable although not until late on in the movie.

the bad things were the soap opera acting, a predictable and dead script and bad computer animation.

One cliche after another actually helps this film - it gives the viewer something to chuckle at to help stave off the boredom or wonder why the writer thought that any of this was plausible or entertaining.

Michael Wincott delivers a nicely-judged turn as the egocentric and murderous villain of the piece and the twist is well-executed, if perhaps a little predictable in the scheme of things.

it's a good, gripping film .

Don't waste your time or your money.

The plot is very familiar and the script has some dull moments.

This made the film the most exciting Morgan Freeman movie to date.

I thought it was very average in the beginning, but some unseen plot twists make this thriller worth watching.

It's so full of cliché it sometimes really hurts.

From good guys to bad guys, each and everyone is a plain boring stereotype.

Freeman's Alex Cross was dull and plodding; Potter's Jezzie Flannigan was nasal and humorless.

If you enjoy a thriller that thrills and gives you unexpected turns, this movie is for you.

But the screenplay overlays the ingenious concept with implausible, and at times confusing, plot twists.

This horrid piece of drivel starts promising enough, but spirals down into a boring routine.

Honestly, I would have walked out if I hadn't kept telling myself "ok, don't worry, it will get better.

It leaves you on the edge of your seat throughout the course of the movie.

Entertaining and unpredictable .

Otherwise, this was a dull, tired film that while not really bad, and probably worth watching for free, is not one I would spend money on.

'This is a tired cast embarrassed with the drab dialog.

I would say it was intriguing.

It did keep me on the edge of my seat, and the ending blows you out of your seat.

Once Cross killed Soneji in the movie, I just about walked out of the movie right then and there.

He gives the character a lot of depth and is riveting whenever he's on screen.

It's well done and suspenseful.

While it has a twist that is somewhat interesting and not entirely predictable, it nevertheless all gives one the feeling that one has seen it all before somewhere and the entire movie feels tired and overall quite dull.

What I got was a sometimes interesting, mildly entertaining, average movie.

The oldest cliche is 2 people working together who fall in love.

" over and over and over) and especially the idiotically contrived scene in which Freeman guesses a password, complete with the use of '&' instead of 'and' on the FIRST TRY, this 'movie' absolutely reeked.

and this coming from an unyielding suppoter of the craft of Morgan Freeman) but worth watching just to see if you can tell Monica from Julia, as Matt says, with your eyes closed.

It promised mystery and intrigue, but only delivered predictable, bland twists that we've all seen so many times before.

I enjoyed it a lot.

It had to be one of the worst movies even with the often mentioned surprise.

The script must have been pretty uninspiring for the actors.

Boring waste of my time & money.

That said, Morgan Freeman's intelligent persona and cerebral monotone is simply a joy.

What this all amounts to is another dire Hollywood thriller that one could confuse for any typically bland made-for-TV movie, if it was not for the name actors involved.

Entertaining thriller, distinguished - as ever - by Freeman's quiet authority in the central role, and Wincott as the cunning psycho who turns out to be a pawn in a much bigger game than anyone could have possibly imagined.

" Just because something is unexpected does not mean it's any good, or even plausible.

Overall, the movie is very predictable.

Just another cliche.

The ransom scene is totally contrived, the book had two kids not one and many other very significant changes.

Far from original but worth watching thanks to Morgan Freeman .

The plot is predictable.

Reviewers have been dumping on Along Came a Spider as just another ho-hum formula film.

Morgan Freeman goes through his acting paces and makes the questionable mystery story adequately entertaining.

I enjoyed it a lot .

A simple but effective entertaining film .

Great Suspenseful Thriller .

' thriller, but succeeded best at being a contrived 'Who cares?

Laughable, predictable (very), by-the-numbers crap.

The second cliché of which the film-makers are guilty is that of the twist, the sudden revelation of information, previously withheld from the audience, which makes them aware that the true situation is not what they had previously been led to believe.

The ending is rather lackluster and I left the theater with somewhat of an empty feeling.

Good, enjoyable film .

Waste of Time .

She was confusing.

it kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time and it was full of suspence througout the whole movie.

The plot twist was rather predictable and anti-climatic while the rest of the movie was completely by the book with sub-par acting and a feel that made you wonder if you had already seen this movie with different actors in it.

It can be dull and it has quite a few implausible situations.

This movie was fairly entertaining if you can get past the plot holes.

It's not suspenseful, and the only reason we get caught by surprise at all is because we've been lulled to sleep.

I enjoyed it more than once for its good cinematic work.

Save your money for "seven" or any film by Todd Solendz.

Along came a Spider does turn out to be a decent thriller, with plenty of action, suspense and ample plot twists, but on the down side it still isn't as good as 'Kiss the Girls'Morgan Freeman puts in a typically solid performance and the support cast are all good enough, however the storyline does become a little disjointed at times, and it contains some minor plot holes that distract from the overall effect of the movie.

I would definitely see this movie again because i really enjoyed it.

There are some predictable moments and some twists that I didn't see coming, which makes for a good thriller.

I still enjoyed it .

Predictable, clichéd, tired...

along came a spider was certainly an above average thriller but it did seem a little contrived at times.

Despite the awful effects it was a lot better than kiss the girls and a lot more entertaining, it left me amazed by the solid performences from freeman and potter.

All in all this is an average kidnapping movie with stock characters, predictable plot twists and lots of cliché in it.

This kind of detective story, were the detective does not use conventional clues such as witnesses and fingerprints but have to find far fetched clues to make him look smart, is very hard to make believable but the movie is still entertaining and well worth seeing.

The story doesn't flow right, halfway through I was really bored and unimpressed.

All in all, in the end, overall (my favorite closing lines), "Along Came a Spider" is in no way a great thriller, but an enjoyable one, with a surprise twist not revealed to me on the commercial (thank goodness).

It's crappy and it's boring .

The Morgan Freeman character of the intelligent old man dispersing his pearls of wisdom is starting to get a little tiresome and predictable.

It was entertaining while I watched it.

I think the film makes for a mildly entertaining watch, and it has a nice twist in the end.

You know you're in trouble from the opening scene, it's clinched by a hilarious car wreck, and followed up with every cliche in the book.

Relying on TV news reporting is a stale and tiresome plot device that detracts from any film, in my opinion.

Morgan Freeman was fantastic in this picture which kept me on the edge of my seat just wondering how the ending would turn out.

It was nice to see Monica Potter do something a film like this in the same year that she did Head Over Heels with Freddie Prinze Jr. All in all, a worthwhile and engaging hour and a half of entertainment.

This has to be one of the best thrilling movies I have seen in a long time.

Worth Watching and Good Suspense Film for 16+ .

In this way the movie is perfectly symmetrical; meaningless insights embedded in a pointless story.

Director Lee Tamahori and screenwriter Marc Moss treat their star with all due respect, and manage to turn out an engrossing, entertaining movie in the process.

Why did Moss feel the need to crib his most exciting sequence, a footchase with the maniac leading Cross through Washington via cell phone, from "Dirty Harry"?

This is a movie well worth watching.

In the moment, while it's unfurling in front of you, the film's fast pace, engaging performances, and visual polish keep you intrigued, and allow you to overlook the plot's more outrageous contrivances and awkward reversals.

Since I was a kid I loved reading the suspenseful novels, respecting just the strong ones, so by loving this movie I do what I am indeed !

Jerry Goldsmith provides an exciting score which goes well with the film.

ALONG CAME A SPIDER, in my opinion, is a truly intense, exciting, refreshing, edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Boring ...

It goes down the road into cliché town with great enthusiasm and never really hits a peak.

The theatre I went to, the day after it's opening, was practically empty -- with good reason.

Even with some plot implausibilities, a so-so performance from Monica Potter and one or two moments of forced pacing, it is well made and suspenseful.

Morgan Freeman is a little too calm and collected for such an intense situation, though.

It wasn't one of Morgan Freeman's best performances, but he was enjoyable and I could buy into his character.

Anyway, Along Came a Spider was produced by Freeman and, though it moves slowly at times, is still entertaining and has some really sustained suspense going for it.

For a much more intense, truly entertaining kidnap-themed film, try "Ransom" if you haven't seen it.

" Don't waste your time on this movie.

Skip this yawner.

Whilst reading the novel, I couldn't put it down because it grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go, the film however, I was barely able to stay awake to see the end.

The profiler is profiled by the criminal and then side-tracked because when you know the profile of the profiler the profiler becomes predictable and then inefficient, impotent.

I haven't read the book, so I can't compare it to that, but I find the film to be very entertaining every time I see it.

How sad to see Michael Moriarty and Penolope Ann Miller as the parents of the victim, Senator & Mrs. Boring from the great state of Vapid.

The artistic quality of director Lee Tamahori was evidenced throughout and had the audience on the edge of their seats.

Never the less, entertaining hollywood fare which boasts some decent action sequences.

It's quite exciting in some parts.

It was a very enjoyable evening.

My main objection is that things happen with no explanation, and if you do not want to think about how, when, and why this picture is enjoyable.

Michael Wincott is also very impressive as the villain, and Penelope Ann Miller is more intense and emotional than usual.

It' s suspenseful, has lots of twists and a good surprise ending.

I left the theater wanting my money back.

But I was pleasantly surprised to find an entertaining and complex kidnap mystery instead.

I highly recommend it!

In conclusion, I highly recommend this truly intense, exciting, refreshing, edge-of-your-seat thriller to all you Morgan Freeman or Monica Potter fans who have not seen it.

This piece is a simple and formulaic that contains an artificial story that sets the tone as indeed a formulaic film with an opening sequence containing some bad CGI (computer generated imagery).

The colour palet of the film is grey and dull with no imagination and the camera work is so still and undynamic in dynamic scenes that it takes me out of the film a bit.

However, it's still worth the watch.

Somewhat entertaining...

This is the kind of predictable formulaic movie that keeps me renting independent and foreign movies.

With just about every kidnapping movie cliché' written in and outright ripoffs of a dozen other shows (the running from phone to phone sequence being lifted in toto from Clint Eastwood's first "Dirty Harry")it's surprising that the writers were still able to keep the script as tension and interest free as they did.

Very, boring, and over done.

"Along Came a Spider" is the sort of unconvincing, hackneyed, cliché-ridden thriller of which Hollywood has been churning out far too many in recent years.

What a waste of time, money and talent.

If you like thriller / mysteries it will be worth the watch.

)The first hour or so of the movie, however, was especially weak and rather tedious.

However, with all those bad things I said, the movie was entertaining, and that's what movies are for.

A little slow; Michael Wincott is good .

Potter is so poor it's stunning really.

Unconvincing, Hackneyed and Cliché-Ridden .

Ludicrous coincidences, pathetic use of the internet to advance the boring plot, and lame acting all around, except by the great Morgan Freeman.

The pace is slow and the « twists » were quite boring.

ACAS is an intelligent, intense and immensely intriguing movie.

An engaging thriller .

very bored!!.

Along Came a Spider is a decent movie with a good storyline that has several plot holes but still contains plenty of enjoyable scenes and a good cast.

As the story unfolds, director, Lee Tamahori leads us down a road that contains many plot twists and turns and a few unexpected surprises as well.

This film is a decent film with a great plot and storytelling but what lets it down is the supporting cast, the useless music and the drab, colourless cinematography.

As an Alex Cross fan and a fan of Patterson's books, this new one with Morgan Freeman again portraying Forensic Detective Alex Cross was intriguing and in the end, a shocker.

However, the daughter of a semi-famous senator was kidnapped by her school teacher, Gary Soneji [Michael Wincott], so he went back in action investigating in this uniquely stunning movie.

Did they see "Ocean's Eleven", and the DULL performance by Ms. Roberts?

The first two thirds of the film were gripping and enjoyable.

On the other hand you have Mika Boorem playing an unconvincing captured kid that is just boring to watch and unconvincing.

For a surprise twist Morgan could've pulled a bunch of pineapples out of his back passage, mooned at the camera and joined the rest of the cast in a rousing rendition of Boney M's "Ra Ra Rasputin.

The story was intriguing and very tight.

I still think the movie could have had some more thrilling moments of suspense and chills instead of indulging in a crime case that is not really all that involving.

I wouldnt recommend this film as it just lacks a certain aspect that makes a Thriller , thrilling.

Funny thing, I fell asleep during those two films AND "Along...

Truly intense, exciting, refreshing, edge-of-your-seat thriller.

What a waste of time.

"Along Came a Spider," directed by Lee Tamahori ("The Edge," "Mulholland Falls") has a lot of potential-but strays from its roots and becomes just another contrived thriller in which we have already seen countless times before.

The plot n ending was so predictable.

with a simple, formulaic and medium paced film that will not surprise anyone with its' mediocrity.

He can lead such a fascinating action all the way, with an unusual professional technique.

Morgan Freeman looked bored and appeared to be just going through the motions to get his pay packet.

A nice movie to watch if you are bored, don't go out of your way, unless you are a huge Morgan Freeman fan.

"Along Came A Spider" does have entertainment value, derived from its suspenseful action, and cloak and dagger intrigue, enhanced by excellent cinematography and good set design.

What's not so obvious is that the story that follows is intriguing, suspenseful and brilliantly twisted.

An empty movie .

The film is some mystery – no doubt, and is certainly worth watching for movie lovers.

After a Cool Credit Sequence and a Kinetic Car Crash Opening Scene the Movie Descends into a Rather Lame and Pretentious Story that becomes Less Thrilling as things move along with No Sense of Style, a Dull Screenplay and Dialog, and just about Everything in This Thing keeps it from becoming a Thrilling Thriller.

Along came a Spider is a very exciting thriller and I'd advise anyone to see it.


That was a big waste of money and dould have been used for something else like better actors to assist Morgan Freeman.

Great Entertaining Film With Great Stars.

Anyhow, this was boring.

Standard Action Thriller with a predictable twist at the end.

Don't waste your time...

Terrible Waste of Time .

Very slick and entertaining film is a sequel of sorts to Kiss the Girls, with Morgan Freeman reprising his role as forensic psychologist Alan Cross.

The movie allows the viewer to be misled into thinking what the story line is all about, it at first seems predictable and not special.

)Kiss the Girls was true to the original book, and I really enjoyed it, even knowing the story from the beginning.

"Along Came a Spider" was pretty enjoyable.

Pretty entertaining thriller .

He's capable of recreating a plain thriller as something so cohesive, engaging, and memorable.

A predictable experience is not necessarily a bad experience.

Here he turns in a well-paced and gripping thriller laced with drama and intrigue.

Entertaining .

This fast paced story will keep you guessing as Cross and Jezzie pursue Soneji and attempt to rescue Megan.

Seeing that movie was a waste of time.

It was a rather enjoyable experience watching Morgan Freeman's Alex Cross solve this case.

As much as I love Morgan Freeman as an actor, this is one of the worst movies ever made.

Good plot and thrilling effect .

As I suspected, this wonderful suspenseful book was slaughtered to make a barely decent movie.

the movie was great, the plot twist keep you on the edge of your seat.

It only takes a couple of lines to say "don't waste your money", or "it is entertaining".

Freeman is intelligent, thoughtful and committed in his role as Cross and Monica Potter is an attractive and unpredictable FBI agent, determined to help Cross nab the kidnapper.

Michael Wincott is a great actor, and I relished his intense show.

Formulaic thrillers have been in effect for a long time.

The reason so much space is dedicated to that innocuous aspect of the film is because the rest is so boring its' not worth dissecting.

The only part I found somewhat intriguing was discovering who the real kidnappers were.

Thanks to Freeman, Potter and Wincott, this is a riveting and underrated film.

Nice scenario, non-predictable, lots of interesting plot twists.

Artificial story but still entertaining .

'Along Came a Spider' is neither gripping nor a realistic film.

" This movie is a must see, so take your family along for a thrilling ride!

A taut and exciting thriller.

Soneji starts out as a refreshingly believable killer - in fact, he's pretty normal - but then degenerates into a cliche'd raving loony.

An entertaining thriller loosely based on it's novel**possible spoiler** .

Like DAUGHTER and GIRLS, SPIDER featuresbrutal violence and hints of squeamish-making sexuality, butbutters it all in a style so bland and movie-of-the-week it all seemswholesome.