Along Came Jones (1945) - Comedy, Romance, Western

Hohum Score



A good-natured saddle tramp traveling with his sidekick, is mistaken for a ruthless outlaw with a price on his head.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Stuart Heisler
Stars: Gary Cooper, Loretta Young
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 5 out of 33 found boring (15.15%)

One-line Reviews (34)

The movie is worth watching for its script and Loretta Young.

The plot is contrived, scenes are too long, characters and situations are poorly drawn - in truth, as a movie it just drags and sags to its predictable happy-ending finish.

Entertaining Satire .

I bought this film recently,and have watched it a couple of times,i must admit it is silly but very entertaining,it does grow on you.

A quirky but entertaining western .

The comedy is in the situation itself, and it's a little bland after the first fifteen minutes.

Plotting is also thin and formulaic, the screenplay and Heisler's direction playing safe and not doing justice to the satirical beats trying to be heard.

Dan Duryea is the perfect villain in this enjoyable amusement.

The plot is a bit contrived, but it's still every bit worth watching.

While I love a well-made Western, I think most Hollywood Westerns of the 30s, 40s and 50s were incredibly formulaic and routine.

Loretta Young saves Cooper's hide more than once in this mildly funny and rather slow-moving film.

What was constantly distracting for me was the frequent use of rear projection photography for the most mundane of riding scenes whenever Melody, George and/or Cherry took to horseback.

Entertaining Western Spoof .

Amazing that Cooper and Young, who at first allows the confusion to continue so that the real villain, the usual Dan Duryea, can get away with all that he has done.

I love the Coasters' hit song of the same name as this film, penned by the great Leiber and Stoller partnership from a few years later than this and before watching, had hoped it had been inspired by a rollickingly funny and richly entertaining movie.

"Along Came Jones" is an entertaining satire of western movie.

But, okay, get past that, and you have an entertaining and very different western...

A nice, lightweight enjoyable satire.

They get by with so little, but it does so much in the way of entertaining the ordinary western fan.

Basically, this is an entertaining western that sports a combination of suspense, action, romance and comedy.

The dialogue and even the shoot out scenes are quite dull.

The story where Cooper is mistaken as a notorious gunman is cliché as best.

A slight but entertaining Western .

The film tries to be funny but it never really worked with me because I thought the laughs were too slow and in fact I thought they were pretty lazy.

Stunning -- or as they sometimes say -- glorious in black and white.

Young is attractive and plays an intriguing character and Duyea does what he does best: play the villain.

Veru entertaining .

Entertaining Western satire .

An Entertaining Western Farce .

The film is light and entertaining.

Cooper and Loretta Young are very engaging in this film...

While not a great film, it is very entertaining and fun--though not exactly a comedy like the videotape jacket said it was.

Here familiarity really does breed contempt, and while his Melody Jones character gets into some heated clinches with the alluring but otherwise out of place Loretta Young, in truth there's little other chemistry between them and you can't imagine her really throwing over the at least mildly dangerous desperado Dan Duryea, whose abilities are wasted here on an underwritten part, for slow-walking, slow talking Jones.

The Bob hope/Jane Russell "Paleface" and "Son of Paleface" parodies were obviously based on this film, which made it all the more enjoyable for me.