Always Be My Maybe (2019) - Comedy, Romance

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A pair of childhood friends end up falling for each other when they grow up.

Director: Nahnatchka Khan
Stars: Ali Wong, Randall Park
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 13 out of 213 found boring (6.1%)

One-line Reviews (72)

Throughly enjoyed it.

Very enjoyable!

"Always Be My Maybe" is a fun, entertaining and fresh rom-com with a great pair of leads.

However, the cast chemistry, setting and style (think 90s hip hop in Cali), humor, and the abundance of Asian actors (including Keanu Reeves) makes for an enjoyable movie.

Mostly, it fullfills it's purpose by beeing light hearted and sweet, leaving an expected but enjoyable smile on your face.

Enjoyable .

Enjoyable RomCom .

Just a cliche Netflix movie .

And worst of all, it was kinda boring.

There are points in the movie that drag a bit, but then there are moments that make up for the slow parts simply because they are hilarious, and make the movie fun.

Luckily Keanu Reeves appears and saved me from boredom.

Laughed really hard, cried a little even and enjoyed it all the way through!

It's a must watch, the characters are engaging and hilarious with a sick soundtrack even the weird songs Marcus and his band sing.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life, what is K.

I enjoyed it very much...

This is worth watching.


This movie is essentially the Asian-American and/or West Coast version of Brown Sugar (2002), albeit lower budget and production, but still an enjoyable movie that will leave you laughing, reminiscing, and relating to the characters' stories regardless of your background.

Ali effortlessly is engaging as a high society chef who is trying to find her feet in love.

Nahnatchka Khan has some solid comedic-direction, although conventional nevertheless, but Randall Park and Ali Wong share some strong-hilarious chemistry with each other, enough to carry on the majority of the film, even when it isn't that funny, but thankfully its cleverness is bigger than expected, and the appealingly-charm presence of Keanu Reeves portraying himself helps to bring an unexpected life to an average comedy.

Thoroughly entertaining.

From Set It Up being one of their absolute best, to even enjoyable films like Someone Great or When We First Met, it almost feels like the home for the best romantic comedies is on Netflix these days.

Love the plot, simple yet entertaining, I am hoping the plot for next asian cast movies would be more complicated than this one.

Unless it goes on to do something wonderful (doubtful), it was trite, predictable, poorly acted.

It was funny, charming, and very entertaining!

It starts off pretty slow but after about 20 mins it becomes very enjoyable and quite amusing especially the parts with Keanu Reeves.

Really Funny Enjoyable Movie.

The movie started out interesting, and then it turned into just another boring, romantic cliche.

Why is this film so slow?

This was definitely enjoyable!

It's still a little early yet to tell whether or not Ali Wong will sustain a lasting film career.. if she does, the prospect of seeing her cast in a more emotionally challenging role is definitely intriguing.

"Always Be My Maybe" is such an enjoyable romantic comedy.

Firstly i want to say that it's so amazing Netflix give chances to another cultures, which have great cast, performing a differential on the protagonists in this romantic movie, have comedy a little bit weird, but still works, and a story that maybe you identify yourself, I just think that the childhood could be more explored, was all too quickly, and some times on the middle have boring moments, but as a whole, it's pretty enjoyable.

Really good movie - enjoyed it a lot .

It's hard to be invested or care about either main character as one is an arrested development man-child and the other is a pretentious jerk.

Enjoyable .

: This movie falls victim to the predictable narrative of the two main characters being mad at each other for a small portion of the movie.

It was merely boring and followed the romcom formula.

The introduction of Keanu Reeves also a bit intense and funny!

The story is very rom com, but really enjoyable and funny, I especially like the end.

The only reason it got three stars from me is there's a pretty unexpected cameo that totally cracked me up.

Overall, it's a very sweet movie and worth watching on a Sunday night.

Yes, there were some problems, but what is perfect, cos overall I enjoyed it.

There is even a VERY unexpected and quite hilarious "cameo" one would never expect.

Takes a bit to get going, but it's worth the watch!

And every version, funnier and more entertaining than this one.

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable show.

Aside from the unoriginal story, the comedy was bland and the pacing was awful.

I think this is a really entertaining Rom-Com showcasing the talents of its two leads.

So predictable and so underwhelming.

A thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy.

While some of it was predictable, the movie had some substance and touching moments.

It was a fun movie to watch and my wife, kids and I enjoyed it.

Most enjoyable lighthearted movie I've watched in ages .

But it's a predictable, ordinary structured movie that leaves no element of surprise.

There's also a hilarious cameo involving a famous actor that does an amazing job at satirizing the absurdity of the 'elite', esoteric food industry -- the entire sequence alone is worth watching Always Be My Maybe for.

To me, that made it worth the watch.

Rom-Coms have become a little too predictable.

Yes it's predictable but it's enjoyable nonetheless.

I think it's the delivery of the two leads, they're not ditzy, there's no awkward moments, and while cliche it somehow didn't feel cliche.

Obnoxious left-wing politics never cease to lessen the enjoyability of Netflix's original content, but it was still somewhat enjoyable besides this.

I will admit, Keanu Reeves was really entertaining in this.

Very predictable.

The whole experience is a bit boring to me.

It is too predictable - two young lovebirds growing apart due to different careers and ambitions.

Witty fast paced and fun - Ali Wong and Randall Park have great chemistry - and both are dead-pan funny!

While the premise itself isn't exactly something that people will be writing home about by the time 2019 comes to a close, this really is a film that puts its characters in the forefront, which made for a highly enjoyable little comedy.

Storyline dull.

Plus, an extended cameo from Keanu Reeves as himself made this film all the more enjoyable.

The acting is wooden and contrived.

Totally worth watching Highlh recommended

I throughly enjoyed it.