American Beauty (1999) - Drama

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A sexually frustrated suburban father has a mid-life crisis after becoming infatuated with his daughter's best friend.

IMDB: 8.3
Director: Sam Mendes
Stars: Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening
Length: 122 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 147 out of 1024 found boring (14.35%)

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" – Lester Burnham (Kevin SpaceyIn American Beauty, Sam Mendes and Alan Ball deliver an extraordinary film about an ordinary family that is as funny, heartbreaking and fascinating today as it was at the turn of the millennium.

) and scriptwriter Alan Ball present between these words and Lester's death is an amazing drama with a beautiful poetic story, dark humour (which makes you laugh even after the twentieth time of watching), breathtaking pictures (especially the ones by Ricky's handy cam!

The film has a fascinating story to tell and that story is crafted rather ingeniously.

I occasionally think that - though, as we get older, we're incredibly bored with this world and hardly see things properly at all - if you look at things in the right way, or for the first time, every moment is quite incredibly breathtaking.

A deeply philosophical movie, for most of the film you may wonder why you are watching it as it seems little more then the depressing portrait of a middle class man in a simultaneously poignant and boring midlife crisis.

Now Leicester Burnham, a middle aged man, breaks free from his repressed way of life and begins his intense fascination over Angela Hayes, his daughter's school friend.

To call it "the best thing to happen in 20 years" is just overrate but definitely is a worth watching film that by now every film lover of the world have already check.

Well, as bland as the story might look at first glance, it has actually some clever ideas.

This film was predictable and boring.

It was somewhat unexpected and the perfect ending that resonates in your head and sticks with you long after the final credits.

I get it, it sounds deep and philosophical and people are afraid of being seen as dull if they don't agree.

It really shows how much he doesn't belong in what is otherwise, a boring and predictable soap opera.

The film can be interpreted in innumerable ways- as a demythifier of happy suburbian middle class life , an attempt to find life's meaning, a person's wish to break free out of a mundane,materialistic existence or there's more to life than stuff & status symbols like job or status or how everyone lives a fake life.

at times the wisdom dispensed in the movie is trite, or just lame...

Quitting his job and living a life of pushing weights, listening to Pink Floyd and smoking dope, his life appears to be gaining a sense of enjoyable meaning when everyone else is miserable and falling apart.

Superb Acting - Intense Drama .

I find each of the characters incredibly fascinating and very rich.

One of the worst movies ever one of the worst movies ever one of the worst movies ever one of the worst movies ever one of the worst movies ever

Initially the characters are seen in environments that are very dull and nondescript, as Mendes (1999) states when referring to Lester's work setting.

She is stunning in both talent and beauty and there is a great future for this fine young talent, as well as the others.

Lester Burnham the lead character played by Kevin Spacey is a 40 something guy who is experiencing a midlife crisis, he seems bored and pessimistic .

Stunning->I'm glad it won best picture.

While conveying the same happily married couple coming of age theme, the former draws on the brighter side of darkness, while the later does the opposite.

Ricky Fits, the darkly intense boy next door that helps free everyone from themselves, almost like a tortured symbol of what freedom could be and all the happiness and pain that comes with it.

Stunning directing by Sam Mendes with skilled cinematography.

His life is going nowhere ,being stuck in his job with no future.

I won't bash them for being unrealistic, but I will criticize them for boring me.

I think it's the worst movie I've ever seen.

I would suggest that those who respond enthusiastically to the film are wither settling for far too little or, in the impatience for substantive material, are engaging in wishful thinking and largely inventing the film they would like to see made…The clichés too are tedious.

It will give you instances to laugh or feel bad but all comes too slowly and have a dull demeanor.

Lester Burnham, a man in his mid-40s going through an intense midlife crisis; he's grown cynical and is convinced that he has no reason to go on.

Sam Mendes created this masterpiece by minimizing the editing on the intense scenes and having the camera slowly focus in on the character or characters at that time.

My only gripe with this movie would be its pacing because even the film just slightly over 2 hours long, the film feels like its longer , it moves at a very slow & methodical pace to deliver its message.

For all it's awards, this is one of the worst movies ever made.

It was entertaining and the acting was pretty good.

The other characters are also as gripping and never shunned.

Watching Lester follow his path of self discovery was exciting: you could feel your heart racing as he blackmailed the CEO of his company.

This film is basically the struggles of relationships, mixed with some great comedic moments, and an unexpected ending.

beauty can be found in the most unexpected places.

Lester is a very mundane, apathetic, and describes himself as boring.

confusion or is that ordinary.

We quickly learn that like so many of his brethren, Lester is bored, unhappy, and uninterested in his work, his family, his life.

A Pretentious Failure .

Finally when the three meet new persons, they feel the happiness again but those persons (Angela, Ricky and Buddy King) are three pretenders too that are having a confusing time.

American Beauty is the most exciting, involving, and completely moving film i have seen.

Well-made but ultimately pointless film.

Throughout the film, I found them pretentious and annoying.

I've mentioned that the first half of the film was somewhat slow and ponderous.

It's very unpredictable, because at first you think it's a family film.

It is fear and it is death, but it is also pure and intense.

Coming into a review it is incredibly important to remain objective, but of course if one is writing passionately it may appear subjective, reading a lot of negative reviews about 'American Beauty' it appears one of the main critical points made is that the film is full of cliché's, or is described as one big cliché.

I had seen the trailer many times and I enjoyed it.

The movie itself tells a stereotypical story of a middle aged man named Lester Burnham and how his life is pretty much as boring as it gets.

This film is a gripping and disturbing look at the breakdown of the modern American family structure.

It was so boring!

Tons of little things can explain a lot to you every little move can be so beautiful for you and nobody else but that is the all value of this only you can see it in good light and f**k stereotypes, f**k clichés, f**k everythin' you don't like or you don't stand for be yourself as you want it to be and that's what Kevin Spacey and his character Lester Burnham trying' to show us, everythin' around is pretty boring and why don't do somethin' stupid like smoke pot, buy sport car, quit job and stuff.

Full of heart-rending pathos, yet told with an irresistible streak of dark humour, American Beauty is a thoroughly absorbing bittersweet drama, a poignant tale that peels back the layers of suburban life to reveal the pains of growing up and the disappointments of growing old.

Single-handedly one of the most compelling films ever made.

A mid-life crisis occurs when the most exciting thing in your life is masturbation!!

The camera angles were stunning, and the music set the mood perfectly.

Additionally the actors who played Jane and Ricky remained expression throughout most of the film, maybe it is a part of their characters but it really makes their performance not stand out compared to the rest of the cast, plus their scenes dragged on, apart from the scene with the flying Bag & the scene in which where Ricky tells her his real story.

Now every time I see American Beauty, I find that it gets all the more haunting, engrossing and stimulating.

It is also one of those rare gems that can be called entertaining.

"And you're boring.

The characters walk a fine line between parody and realism, which is one of the many components that makes the movie so engaging.

To my mind though, it is the literal beauty of this movie which is breathtaking.

His life is soon enough brought back when his daughter's flirtatious friend brings back his boring life.

Here, on the other hand, is a movie about exactly that kind of dull life, centered about mortgages and SUVs, that succeeds in almost all respects, from comic (the first half) to dramatic (the last half).

A lot of dialogue (and monologue) feels too contrived, as does the whole story - though some of it works really well, I must add.

If you want an existential movie with snappy dialogue, go for The Truman Show, Office Space, or The Game.

But everything in the product itself—the bitterness, the perspicacity, the fun, the quickness, the intuition of splendors—is cheap, phony and banal and far from overcoming the object described.

But it's also hilarious, directed with a breathtaking flair (Sam Mendes who directed last years Jarhead) and fuelled by a career-defining performance from Kevin Spacey and Anette Benning.

It's fun to see, but in some part, it's really boring.

It possesses a rare meditative quality that is far from being self indulgent as many films of this kind tends to be.

One guy might find an empty plastic bag beautiful, while a middle aged father finds a blonde cheerleader-type teen girl beautiful.

The daughter is the typical moody brat that always appears on screen (we're just told that she's the "typical teenager" - shock horror, I've actually met teenagers who are quite level-headed and half-way decent as human beings), and her slutty friend, the object of Spacey's pathetic desires, completes the abject collection of unbearable characters.

In the 15 years since American Beauty's release, it has garnered a reputation far beyond its 8 Oscar nominations as a drama that reaches audiences on both an entertaining as well as a more socially engaging level.

Smoking dope - yawn!!


You follow Lester Burnham, Kevin Spacey, who is bored with his life and sort of has a middle life crisis which he during the movie is getting out of.

It's simply a stunning piece of work from every angle, one that reveals more and more layers with each repeated viewing.

This has to be the silliest script of the 90s, the actors are awful, it is maudlin, shockingly tacky, incredibly slow and cheesy, none of the events make any sense, there's no purpose, the characters just wonder and yawn.

Mendes' images are stunning, memorable and clever (plenty of thanks should also go to DP, Conrad L.

I especially like Chris Coopers work on Colonel Frank Fitts, whose depth and discipline is scary but also very exciting.

His voiceovers, as ridiculously pretentious as they slowly become, are reassuring and at times, poetic.

Yes, I can feel what Lester feel, but the other character just so boring.

In director Sam Mendes's reappraisal of American mores, that American suburban scene is killingly dull-an oppressive miasma looms depleting the atmosphere of oxygen and covering those captive in its oppressive clouds with a deep layer of pain and angst.

The reason I find this annoying is because the character who has supposedly achieved these goals is the most pretentious and emotionless character in the film...

The ending top the movie will leave you on the edge of your seat.

There is also the relationship of that son and his father which is quite intense.

"American Beauty" and other pseudo-indie flicks that began popping up in the late 90s are some kind of propaganda for being a smug, lazy *sshole, framing a character who drops his responsibilities (at his family's expense!

How did I let myself waste 2 hours of my brilliant little life on this crap?

Entertaining and Thought-Provoking.

It is perfect because every character is a variation of the theme, which makes all of them strong and engaging character to watch.

I would highly recommend it.

But this beauty is not transported completely, because Sam Mendes' concept of showing this ordinary live achieves deadly boredom.

This is a cinematic masterpiece, featuring not only an indelible, valuable story, but brilliant, passionate direction, wonderful, biting performances, engaging, unforgettable dialogue, and rich, poignant music.

Hugely funny, tragic and more gripping than if you cling-filmed yourself to the TV while they were playing.

Propaganda value: 10 Entertainment value: 0 .

The character plot twists admittedly were somewhat predictable, I still liked the way that many of the characters became sort of an 'anti-cliche' in the end.

It is a visual feast---a great piece of highly original material, and a truly entertaining motion picture.

Apolitical movies that focus on entertaining the audience are always the best ones.

Sam Mendes' direction manages to find new visual ideas at every steps, compelling ones that lift our appreciation of the story; while Alan Ball's arresting script sets a fast pace that never lets up even as it pauses to "look closer" into the minds of its characters.

American Beauty had such a massive impact on popular art-cinema that at times it seems a bit of a cliché.

The characters are some of the most interesting and entertaining ever to be put on film.

It is too cliché.

His conquest complete, he begins to undress her when she blurts out the inevitable, predictable fact of her virginity.

While some of Hall's signature shots like the "liner" or slash light, intense hair light, and soft three quarters to split face lighting are used, this is very much a film with its own visual grammar.

Partly it annoyed me because I felt some of the story arcs were merely limned into form, with me expected to fill in the rest of, well, the cliché.

Anchored by stunning performances from its standout cast, particularly Spacey and Benning, it is skillfully versatile in its mix of humor and sadness, and exceptionally affecting in its unexpected and unforgettable finale.

The viewer feels the intense happiness and intense pain of the characters, and moves through all the anger and frustration the characters are feeling.

Especially when they would try to move on, by facing unexpected tragic moments.

But a calm film of erotic and excellent humor makes it really enjoyable!

All of this led to the huge popularity of this movie as while presenting a harsh message, American Beauty is an enjoyable, playful and humorous film.

(The "Would you like smiley sauce with that"-line is yet to see it's superlative)Annette Bening is also very intense, and the supporting actors are also very well cast.

Sam Mendes' stunning account of life in middle class suburbia is simply a must watch movie for all.

And i was awe struck at how on the outside, such a possibly mundane film could be so utterly engrossing.

It's an interesting cast of characters that are extremely enjoyable to watch interact, and they all work well.

The beginning is very involving, fast paced and lots of interesting conversations.

But it's more than just thought-provoking; it's also hugely entertaining.

In this movie alone there is also a recurrent editing technique which is used to slow down central scenes.

Did I miss something or is there no story .

The thing i found most intriguing was the script.

The film is beautifully filmed and scored, and well written, if just a bit too slowly paced.

There is only one word to describe this film: pretentious.

Kevin Spacey was mind blowing.

The film is quirky, a bit predictable, but always entertaining, with some memorable pieces and a lovely look to it, Sam Mendes really did the job proud.

It's the same ol' dull, 'barely keep ya eyes open, slur your lines' Spacey we've all come to know pretty well; nothing special.

The movie is trying to show us that though our life is simple and predictable because of the routine surrounding, it can lead us to many complications and ends in a very tragic way like Lester's.

A word of warning for anyone who's into action and adventure, stay away from this, you'll be bored out of your wits and you won't get it.

They are not better than us even they, the pretentious people, pretend they do.

I cried in the end so mad and heartbroken in the end but also the unexpected twist at the very, very end.

The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen .

Each of these films portrays a dark coming of age film, each with its own nuance.

It offers a fascinating, simple tale, of a frustrated, ordinary suburbanite finally deciding to reverse the injustices and slums of his life in being everything he has always desired to be.

)The ‘provocative' plot points came across as rhetorical and pseudo-philosophical instead of something genuinely worthy of discussion; the characters these provocative snippets come from seemed quite cliché and typical of what you'd expect to hear from them: the meaning, pleasures, and importance of life and beauty from a loser and a freak respectively.

Anette Bening was stunning in her role as a appearance and control freak.

Also, I feel this movie is massively overrated because the whole disjointed dysfunctional family aspect is way overplayed.

fascinating .

Beautiful and Intriguing...

Smiley" burger in case he gets a little bored driving around in his '70 Firebird.

You will remember it for its stunning view on family life.


The neighbor Ricky videotapes the Burnham family daily in an effort to escape his own reality, focusing quite a bit on Jane who he tapes because she's intriguing.

Look at your life, as boring as it is currently, can't you see that you can guess the rest of your days easily?

While I find the music boring and very annoying at times, everything else about this film is fantastic.

Cheating wife, husband with terrible job, sexual frustration, bored teenager, yeah, nothing new so far.

And so while Lester tries to impress Angela, the rest of his family and neighbors try to cope with their own mundane existences.

It is one of the most engrossing movies I seen from 1999, and even with films I seen recently as well.

American Beauty is a fascinating example of the notion of imagination forcing a disconnection with consciousness.

Lester Burnham has a boring job and lives with his wife, Carolyn, and daughter, Jane, in sweet suburbia.

What I loved about this film is that it is such an enjoyable, heartbreaking, comedic, and satirical look at suburban life.

They were just absolutely gripping, full of incredible visuals, cinematography and absorbing writing and character development.

The performances of each and every actor was breathtaking.

Utterly Breathtaking .

It is a waste of time and attention.

That being said, the film's storyline is compelling even if you don't pay much attention to the film's underlying philosophy of 'beauty'.

His infatuation with the hot young thing seems pretty cliché until you realize that it's just that that is waking up and making him finally live for maybe the first time in years.

It has some good ideas and scenes, but they sink in the pretentious, leveling dullness.

Total Oscar bait, but at least part of it's entertaining.

Shrill, self-indulgent pabulum .

And to see it is thrilling.

While the film tackles a lot of issues that some might find, offensive or grosse, I find the movie to always be genuinely entertaining and thoughtful.

I thought that it was immensely boring and not at all funny.

Another leftist propaganda about american life .

American beauty is a beautiful, wonderful, touching film, that is engrossing and deep.

At times it is a biting satire with sharp wit and acute observations, at other times it is a deep drama about unhappy individuals in American suburbia, but all the time I found it an enjoyable film to view, both because of the things it has to say and the high cinematic quality of the production.

From a technical perspective, the film is highly competent, and as a result it will bore few.

The rest of the acting was bland, basic and with bad range.

It makes a dull, repetitive, uninsightful night.

He also finds his bland job to be on wobbly ground, and lastly he gets new neighbours, a military family with a strange boy, Ricky.

You need something to stand boredom as well.

It is boring, depressing, annoying, and frankly pathetic.

This melancholy music played at the beginning of the film, begins to disappear and is replaced by fast paced, rock music.

), and answers it all in the span of about two minutes, all on the heels of of very entertaining and grippingly dramatic journey through the characters' lives that is at once funny, serious, devastating and poignant, and leaves you thinking "what the heck did I just see?

(especially plain Jane, the intense looking weirdo guy, Mena Suvari, Kevin Spacey).

Seeing a firework show, looking at a beautiful person, enjoying the scenery of a mountain range, and seeing a world- series baseball game finish in an intense inning are all full of beauty in their own ways.

Dramaticly, it was boring and devoid of life.

Moving in next door, Ricky wanders on the edge of the social scene.

The movie was slow at first.

An explosive and unexpected finish makes this a film to remember.

The film would need very little plot at all to keep it entertaining as all the characters are memorable and well-crafted, which means American Beauty never has a dull moment.

Intriguing beginning shot.

Maybe it's because I was pretty young when I saw it (probably too young for this type of movie), but I thought it was disgusting and pointless.

It brings to light a more enjoyable and funny concept of the movie: the rejection of a "boring" life to ultimately have more satisfaction with oneself.

Without Spacey's dazzling performance, it would just be another pretentious and amateur glorified independent film .

The gay Republican father, the oh so NOT rebellious Kevin Spacey listening to, hold your breath, Pink Floyd and being "dangerous", and EVERY OTHER Cliché IN MODERN TV DRAMA.

They think life should be more exciting and fulfilling.

Over-rated by critics who were probably paid off, this is one of those pretentious commentary films that the pseudointelligencia of the cinema world try to cram down our throats on a regular basis.

The characters are detached from each other and after their initial novelties, become tiresome.

Yes, predictable.

His wife Caroline (Annette Benning in an equally stunning performance) is a workaholic real estate agent.

Also, I feel this movie is massively overrated because the whole disjointed dysfunctional family aspect is way overplayed.

I had thought to myself, what a waste of time!

The young cast members are all quite compelling.

Meanwhile the lives of both Carolyn and Jane Burnham begin to change in different ways as they also try to deal with the empty days that they seem to live.

Indeed, the last thirty minutes of the film remain very suspenseful and revealing.

For example, imagine how dull an extensive treatment of Cooper's latent homosexuality and his son's repressive nature would be; no, we wouldn't wish Sam Mendes to have developed this further, the point being that we'd feel that way because we've seen it all before - here Mendes doesn't have anything to add to that facet of the narrative.

It is a stunning achievement, deserving of every award it got.

Lester, Carolyn and Jane each think that their lives are dull and boring and want to try to make them more fulfilling and exciting.

This is something that I personally (and I suspect many other people) have pondered upon, is this life we lead a waste of the time we have on this earth?

One of thing I found strange about the film was it's similarity to Ang Lee's bitter and amazingly brilliant "The Ice Storm" (released two years earlier), despite the former being a more realistic tke on American life; none the less American Beauty was still a flat-out masterwork (with a few flaws), I highly recommend it.

American Beauty was an excellent movie, both tragic and powerful, extremely engrossing and well acted.

I thought it was going to be dry and boring.

American Beauty is a wonderfully beautiful and visually stunning achievement in film, chock full of impressive acting performances from all involved.

A Unique and Compelling Experience .

[I still had five minutes] But instead, cliche after cliche permeated this movie - the floundering real-estate-agent wife, the morbid teenage daughter, the handsome but creepy boy next door.

Highly recommend it.

About as emotionally engaging and meaningful as a bag of Cheese Puffs.

The movie presents that life can be like a plastic bag on the wind: unpredictable and surprising at every step.

Breathtaking and near flawless Steinbeckesque dramedy.

American Beauty is an entertaining movie.

one of the worst movies ever .

There is a recurring shot of his tree-lined street, as his monotone voice flows from the speakers.

Road to Perdition was boring as well.

Not only that, it is entertaining to watch in a rather unique way.

The most intriguing part of the movie is when she really came out of her "shell" to the neighbor.

Because American Beauty may be a portrait of a family, yes, but it keeps up no pretenses of normalcy - rather how "normalcy" is a quality only represented through elaborate fronts to hide how excessively abnormal most families are, and how, quite frankly, it makes them far more interesting and compelling.

For starters, the tone & dialog are very sharp and stunning: it goes from being sardonic with acerbic wit and dialog, to just plain funny.

Why I write all of these, well, last night I saw this movie again, after at least 4 years without even look at it, and I found it fascinating.

" That is true, but all the events that lead up to his death and extremely compelling and when you realize he's about to die, you know that he's achieved what he's been looking for.

They took the clichés and contrived them into rather silly revelations, and the crowd went wild.

American Beauty is a painfully beautiful, passionately intense work of art.

The characters are predictable, over-the-top, underwhelming.

I hate my crummy boring life.

This is just a beginning point to a life long conversion of living a full life, as opposed to a life full of the right things, but that is ultimately empty.

Sam Mendes' stunning 'life' film .

However, I dont pay my hard earned money to watch the propaganda the producers/director wants to convey.

Good luck, pretentious people!

To me, the most thought provoking and intriguing character is Ricky Fits (Wes Bentley), the strange boy next door who video tapes all of his life experiences and sells drugs.

The part where Fitts thinks his son his gay is probably the best and most intense part of the movie!

Regular moviegoers usually just want to be entertained, and too artsy can translate to small box office receipts.

Even the ex-Marine, who if this movie were true "Liberal propaganda" would *never* be portrayed as a thinking and feeling human, is shown to be an insecure, confused man who despite the facade of fascist-like control is actually plagued by his own demons, and is shown to be very, very human after all.

His scenes were intense to say the very least.

I did say above that the script was predictable, and I was right.

Mundane living and unappreciation for the everyday deaden what is alive in us.

I won't rehash the whole movie, but on the finer points: since the story is told from the point of view of Kevin Spacey's character, everything he does is presented as heroic; when he shrewdly scams his corrupt employer for 60 grand then spends it on a hot car, or leaves his dull office job to work at Burger King (because he likes it), we're supposed to cheer him on, as we would a rebellious teenager.

The themes of dysfunction in suburbia are still relevant and American Beauty was an excellent social commentary/satire that is very engaging and well executed.

The story, as told by a now dead Lester (Kevin Spacey), explores the mundane, and the natural desire to escape it, be something more and break free from the expectations of society.

Its characters are either gross and grotesque caricatures or mere vessels for regurgitating Alan Ball's pretentious screenplay, forced to utter lines that never sound like things people would actually say.

" But Menzies had to load it up with "important" commentary on suburban angst and the dysfunctional family (both of which themes are already painfully cliche).

"The Negotiator" was suspenseful when learns the truth about his superiors.

kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time .

This movie is a must-see - although there are no adrenalin-pumping action scenes or special effects, it had me on the edge of my seat for ninety minutes.

The characters' lives get messed up in very unpredictable ways that will make the viewer stick till the end.

Carolyn and Jane change their lives as well, until an unexpected conclusion would happen.

Plus she is to be credited with the most vividly entertaining sex scene, probably in the history of cinema.

It's really worth watching!

Kevin Spacey rules as a dull mainstream American who turns into a man full of life who buys a red cadillac and smokes wiet.

American Beauty (1999), directed by Sam Mendes, tells the story of a middle-aged man, Lester Burnham played by Kevin Spacey, who seeks to make major changes in his drab middle-class life.

Pathetic and pretentious .

There is a depth about this movie that makes it interesting and exciting each time you will watch it.

Their daughter Jane (Thora Birch), a boring teenager without self-confidence, hates herself and her life.

Overall, this film is an interesting and entertaining snapshot of a respectable family in suburban America circa 2000, and how each of them deals with their lack of much craved attention, turning either inwards, or to others for support.

The tedious symbolism likewise flatters it's audiences (no doubt) refined sense of aesthetics.

The movie was actually boring at times, and just plain dumb at others.

Kevin Spacey is hilaruious in this enjoyable film and he makes a great character as Lester.

Just bad Hollywood propaganda.

if you are in the mood for a deep compelling movie with great acting and the best opening movie for a director then here it is.

Visually stunning, often hilarious and very moving .

The movie is extremely enjoyable for both teenagers and adults and is very touching.

The film stars Kevin Spacey as Lester Burnham, a depressed, bored man going through a mid-life crisis brought on by his work-obsessed, perfectionist, crazy wife, Carolyn (played by Annette Bening) and his angry and insecure daughter, Jane (played by Thora Birch).

This movie is probably my favorite movie of all time in terms of how enjoyable it is.

Ever since the relentless suburbanization of America in the post-world war era, a solid indictment of its banality, escapism, hypocrisy, wastefulness, artificiality, effeminacy, and ultimate futility has been long overdue.

You will remember it for its stunning perspective on suburban life.

is such a special film in that if you saw the trailer and knew about the basic plot, skimmed through the actors, you'd expect one thing - a predictable tale of modern America's criticism of how the middle class is decaying and has created a society full of dysfunctionals and sickos underneath the surface...


The young supporting cast of Birch, Bentley and Suvari is typical of teenage life and used to stunning effect.

Conclusion: for me the debut film of Sam Mendes is a very well written and entertaining film with a memorable Spacey and great rock music.

The film, especially towards the end, contains a series of unexpected twists that will shock and grip the viewer to the very last emotionally charged scene.

Beautiful, painful, intense, passionate...

When the roses appear in the scene with Carolyn its represent unresponsiveness, dry, and incoherent, with Angela its represents angelic, sensuality, lust, and sexuality, with Lester is presume the position of boredom, emptiness, and disconnect.

It's so compelling and dramatic, that everytime I watch the movie I feel that I'm affect by the story and I never get bored of what's going to happen next.

As well as entertaining us it gives us the chance to really "look closer" at the film and helps us to appreciate life as we know it.

Lester decides that drastic action needs to turn his mundane mid-life around, so he takes a form of "resurrection" by living his life in the way he wants to live it and accomplishing the freedom most men dream of.

It's funny viewed as weird family comedy, but still juvenile and pretentious.

Never, in my life, have I seen a more pretentious and contrived piece of propagandist garbage.

I didn't get why Jane hates her father so much, except inasmuch as any suburban white teenage girl "hates" her life; and Ricky was effing creepy, always filming people and varying his facial expression between empty and on the verge of crying.

Anyone that calls this a 10 or the best movie of all time is likely pretentious or dumb.

A film that speaks to those who have seen a midlife crisis, and is still entertaining to those who have it to look forward to.

And I know it has been said many times and is now considered a cliché but the scene following the carrier-bag in the breeze was stunning.

This is similarly demonstrated and supports to define the initial relationship between Lester and Carolyn, as shown by the dull music that Carolyn chooses to play at the dinner table.

Their personalities and actions are entertaining, their motives are all there, and if a character is intended to be likable, you will like them.

The plot was anything but predictable and even when I thought I knew what was going on it turned out I was way off track, I'm sure I fell for the intentionally misleading trap that were set, which is proof of very skilled writing.

His fourteen-year career at a magazine publishers is going nowhere, his perfectionist realtor wife, Carolyn (Annette Bening), drives him crazy and his angst ridden teenager daughter, Jane (Thora Birch) barely communicates with him, simply writing him off as "weird.

American Boring .

See this classic, American Beauty, and find your own message in it, find a love or hatred for the characters, and find a moving, powerful movie that will keep you glued to the screen and on the edge of your seat.

Not only boring, but truly pointless, and that's not even mentioning how perverted and tasteless it is.

) and trite dialogue were easily ignored.

The acting is so real, emotionally thrilling, philosophically richthis film is one of the best film of all time.

Beautiful visuals, mind blowing acting, & music that gets you into the mood for the entire experience.

This is the story of an ordinary man and the mundane and often boring life he leads.

a common slant is to infuse a little fantasy or poetry in the otherwise mundane, which brings out certain truths or extrapolates on the human condition...

American Beauty is an enjoyable and thought-provoking film.

The film is slightly arty and, sadly, a bit pretentious.

The movie storyline is amazing, the cinematography is stunning, acting is stupendous overall it makes the movie a delight for cinema buffs.

Being single I have often viewed marriage as being a little boring - and the thought of a sexless marriage sends shivers down my spine.

I'd say there are two different music themes in "American Beauty", one taking place when the funny comedic scenes take part and the other one being beautiful and slow when the dramatic scenes take part.

Upon second viewing, I still enjoyed it immensely.

A truthful and entertaining look at our lives.

The most stunning thing, and I am sure that the makers were completely aware of this twist, is that this is a Hollywood movie.

Are their ways of escaping from the boredom and predictability of life in general?

Hollywood has a flair for contrived dramas and this was not exception.

Woven in with the most trivially predictable and hackneyed "plot" devices - if you can call the tedium a "plot".

It was fascinating listening to her react to the various weird things that happen in the movie.

Bored me there too.

As much as a kicker that may be for audiences, the sad part of it all was Lester's place in life, lost, and with very little to look forward to other than the James Bond movie marathon on TNT (very exciting indeed)Through the erotic dancing of Jane's friend, Angela (Suvari) in her cheer leading uniform, Lester fantasizes and discovers a beauty in life that went far beyond a childish infatuation.

" They force themselves to watch gory horror movies and show off to others how they can stomach intense violence and excessive sex scenes.

The pace is suitably slow, I love the atmosphere of the film and how the film takes its time to flesh out the characters and themes.

The acting was easy because all the characters are cliché.

From the iconic scenes and dialogue to interpretations everyone has, accompanied by the fantastic acting, American Beauty is sad, funny intriguing and above all beautiful.

One of the most overly celebrated films in cinema history, American Beauty is a ridiculous piece of baby boomer self-indulgence.

" If you do that, you will find a fascinating and thought provoking look at sex and marriage.

The story is a 'dull life' of a man and when he isn't upset and/or fed up you can see change in brighter color.

although it's not one of my personal favorites, it was enjoyable and definitely worth viewing.

Contrived to illicit huge guilt assuaging, middle-brow applause and all the attendant awards that brings.

Watching this movie, you will become immersed in this family and what occurs to them, despite the fact that they seem to be the most ordinary family a mind could imagine.

A movie brilliantly disguised as an entertaining sitcom-ish family drama that takes every opportunity to establish the characters' individual story lines to the point in which the plot has expanded to twice the scope it had in the beginning.

What a waste of money, this is total drivel from start to finish, Kevin Spacey is totally wasted in this excuse for a film.

That is the sum total of the wisdom imparted by this dreary, pointless and joyless satire of middle-class America, circa 1998.

The acting is phenomenal, but that just pulls you deeper into this strange and compelling story.

But please watch this movie as many times as you can to capture it's deep, compelling story and message, you'll really be glad you did!

Highly recommend it.

He is in a boring job with a wife that cares little about him and a daughter that wishes he would be a role model.

He takes us through a journey of mid-life self discovery and is able to accomplish what many forty-something ordinary..unhappy, bored with life husbands and fathers cannot, he's the feeling in your gut, he's the voice in the back of your head, telling you to do it, do what would end the misery and open yourself to the beauty of the world.

Certain characters do things that are seemingly unpredictable and a bit unrealistic as well.

It's so damned cliché.

And God forbid that middle-aged men are allowed to fantasise about teenage girls if they're bored with their marriage.

American beauty is a film about an everyday man lester (Spacey) going for a drastic midlife crisis as his normal life has become too regular and mundane.

First off, I got bored and I found the movie entirely too predictable.

Very enjoyable and very original.

There are moments in the film where the laughter is genuine, where the intense drama is almost unbearable, where dreamlike visions spark to life with such magic, we almost can't believe what we are seeing, and where tears flow freely with heartfelt understanding and identification with the characters.

It just seemed boring and so sloooooooooooooooooow.

This is a really good film; it could easily have been excessively melodramatic but a combination of a fine script, excellent direction and a top-notch cast make it engrossing and possible for the viewer to care about characters who are in many ways unsympathetic.

Kevin Spacey is great, Annette Benning is awesome, Wes Bentley is triumphant, Thora Birch is stunning.

Aside from the suspenseful story line, which certainly keeps you guessing and engaged throughout the film, the overall message the movie was trying to deliver was more about soul searching and reexamining what you live for.

Sure, a surprise ending, but in a very contrived and "WTF?!

Rather Silly, But Quite Enjoyable .

A riveting story from beginning to end with excellent character development, beautiful scenery and cinematography, flawless directing, and of course, a beautiful script.


Likewise, movies like Apocalypse Now, The Wizard of Oz, and Pulp Fiction are well shot, entertaining flicks.

Good movie, worth watching .

Lastly, I hate pretentious films with devices such as floating plastic bags masquerading as artistic insights.

His slightly deadpan style of acting completely fits his character, who is completely sick of his boring life and wants to change things.

They were all clichés, boring, unsympathetic just doing what millions people do when their life is not going that well.

The psychology of the film, through the eyes of each of its characters, is insightful and intriguing.

Stunning writing in established issue driven drama .

Boring and dispensable .

This was an intriguing work, about how often human beings mistake their own appreciations of beauty to be something else.

Those who drop the need for appearances (such as openly gay, but economically stable, couple Jim and Jim) are clearly more relaxed than the intense Burnhams.

Not in American Beauty, where the characters are so bored they're looking for things that make them happy, only to end up completely disappointed.

Except for the video of the paper blowing around, the film making is loaded with clichés with predictable rock-n-roll background tunes.

This is one compelling and engaging movie.

Overrated and pretentious .

Slightly magical and intriguing charms and allows to dive into the show.

The characters and plot are so completely complex and so tightly woven together that to simply take out of the movie the surface value is to be completely dead to emotion and lacking a wonderfully intense level of understanding.

The fantasy either will not meet our expectations, or will die off into another form of boredom or pain.

it is hard to insert this movie in words,but I tried: American Beauty is a beautiful, powerful, stunning & ...

All the actors give off their best performance and mena suvari is incredible and stunning in her role.

Both entertaining and influential, American Beauty marked an era in the film making career of director Sam Mendes as he has gone to direct equally effective dramas, exploring controversial social norms, such as, Road to Perdition, and Revolutionary Road, thus embodying an expression of film making that reveals often deeper and more compelling truths to our flawed society and the traditional norms that cripple it from reaching a liberation it is in desperate need of.

Really what you have is a pretentious, heavy handed, and dumbed down soap opera quality flick.

It can be analyzed for the deep messages on intriguing themes or can be enjoyed at face value.

Although Lester announces his inevitable fate right from the start, the anticipation leads to a surprising and unexpected ending.

In the process of entertaining us with whimsical, hilarious, and valuable lines and the actors delivering brilliant, unforgettable performances, we examine some crucial problems in society (e.

I didn't mind the fact that Spaceys character dies in the end but I really wish that they had left it open ended, like me have to guess which one character was responsible for the murder and would have warranted more repeat viewings and made the film all the more compelling.

he's a man that want more in life and his transformation from boring normal everyday life to happy and content is captured wonderfully by Spacey.

I watched this movie a around 5 years ago for the first time, and after I finished watching it, after struggling for around 2 hours, I reached the verdict that it had a boring plot, and the idea of a married man with a teenage daughter wanting to get it on with a girl his daughter's age was disgusting.

The moral and ethical simplicity of American Beauty is absolutely stunning seeing as it such a powerful and moving film.

This is epitomised in the film when Ricky, in filming, continually ignores the outwardly stunning Angela and focuses entirely on Jane; her inward and unhappy exterior containing far more beauty than the facade created by Angela.

Entertaining Movie .

Seeing Lester fantasizing about Angela as his wife sits right next to him and seeing Carolyn invest so much energy into selling the house at the beginning was so powerful in showing how empty their lives have become.

Everything in it was so cliche', and had been done 1300 times before it was even made.

Everything is pretentious and trys to seem meaningful in American Beauty.

skillet-deep, self-indulgent HATE.

He is what brings life to this movie, and he casts a more unrealistic and silly light over some of the other bizarre and ultimately pointless events.

Having seen all of Mendes' current outings at the silver screen, the intriguing comic book adaptation Road to Perdition and the excellent war biopic Jarhead, American Beauty will definitely be the one he will be most remember for with great reasons: Kevin Spacey's finest performance since the Usual Suspects, the picture perfect cinematography, the fascinating message of "beauty", and reinventing the mid-life crisis movie forever.


There are some funny parts, there are some sad parts, there are some suspenseful parts.

Because when the neighbors's boy Ricky (Wes Bentley) starts to philosophise about the beauty of a plastic bag dancing with the wind, it's on the edge between craziness and truth.

Oscar-winner is entertaining right from the get-go, and is an experience as flawless as a rose upon first viewing.

This is one of the worst movies ever to win Best Picture!

The exploits of the teenagers are equally fascinating.

What I liked most about this black comedy is its intention: You might think your life is ordinary, boring, not worth living.

'American Beauty' is an incredibly contrived piece of work.

The whole setup of the story was as ludicrously contrived as the sidewalks and nature strips on their street.

It was a very enjoyable look at suburban life in a way.

The phony lyricism is boring and silly and the satire is obvious and ham-handed.

In fact, this pretentious, self-important film is so smug that it telegraphs the ending and thinks the viewer is so stupid that they'll be "surprised".

Yet, I think the feeling of cliché that can affect the viewer of this movie is mostly the result of the influence it had on how the disaffection of modern American culture was portrayed in the television shows and movies that followed rather than due to an inherent flaw in the movie.

Wildly overpraised soap opera has Spacey's performance and Conrad Hall's stunning photography going for it and nothing--I mean NOTHING--else going for it.

The dreary gray world that Lester Burnham lives in would make Tim Burton so very proud, but it's Kevin Spacey's ever creepy monotone voice that gives Lester his personality.

One other thing that I wanted to comment on was why, maybe, the houses were always so dull and black and white.

He is a 42 year old advertising agent, moaning about his boring, dull life.

Thrown back at us to watch, and the movie just plays the score convincing us that it's this great film, meanwhile the film is a superficial prelude to the Facebook generation, dull, over-spoiled suburbanite white people with dull mediocre personalities and hardly any genuine problems, slushing around in this dull movie.

Couple this with his sudden fascination with his daughter's beautiful friend, and you have one entertaining, funny, and hearty tale reflecting the American way of life.

The script is contrived and artificial, the acting, while in some cases good, is full of over the top histrionics that have all of the subtlety of an atomic bomb.

Finally, Angela is the last compelling character in the film.

Well, people liked the movie because they can identify with the characters, they're all messed with their boring life.

The long, straying shots only help add to the confusion that sets in rather rapidly, and its attempts at genuinely effecting moments do nothing for it.

Why make a film, wrapped in pretensiousness and coated with false impressions about a boring example of it?

It is very entertaining movie with a lot of twists and unpredictable scenes.

Kevin Spacey as Lester Bunham is as languid as they come and it baffles me the praise he received in his undernourished performance.

But above all he teaches a little lesson in life: to rediscover beauty in trivial things and to be grateful of enjoyable moments in life.

off-the-scale pretentious .

There are so many enjoyable scenes and some scenes of eroticism.

The cinematography by Conrad Hall is terrific, and Thomas Newman's score is soooo haunting and entrancing and breathtaking, a good example of Newman's beautiful score is when Kevin Spacy first sees the character called Rickie, everyone i know seems to remember the music from that moment.

As a drama, though, it's still very powerful, and the characters are compelling, lovable and despicable at once, and it does a very good job of making the viewers care about them - in complete contrast with Happiness, with deliberately keeps a wall of coldness and distance.

An engrossing fiction that for many isn't too far from real life, I think this film can speak to people differently as you age, and that power to draw different meanings from different viewings is a sign of a true film.

What a pointless death.

Most other actors are quite convincing, like Gary Cooper, but his role of homophobic, militaristic (helpless) husband and father is one of those 'things' that feel so overly contrived - though, again, there is a lot of potential.

It is very unexpected to see drug dealers and old guys hitting on little girl.

I have read many reviews that talk about how this movie is trying to express how complete devotion to our jobs and material goods leaves us empty and worthless as human beings.

The characters are all such memorable and fascinating .

Funny, passionate, engaging, and a perfect fit for the part.

Kevin Spacey gives a brilliant performance as Lester Burnham, a depressed middle-class American who is unsatisfied with his uneventful and crashing life.

Some of the thematic ideas I have established in watching the film are coming of age, social problems, human dignity, and human relationships.

No scrap that, they have struck beauty; and made a film so immersive, so enjoyable and just, well perfect it feels like any other duo could have ruined the fragile issues and motif's that are so sensitively handled.

The story is intriguing from the start when the main character tells us that he'll die in a year.

Lester (Kevin Spacey), a usual faggot-father who lives in an American suburbia, experiences his boring life and starts ruining it.

In the movie Kevin Spacey does a terrific job playing the part of Lester Burnham, a middle-aged husband, father of a daughter, living his depressingly boring life in the suburb, stuck in a job he hates and in a marriage with a woman who hates him.

Watch Donnie Darko or some kind of TV serial like Desperate Housewives and surely it will play better than this dull one does.

or "why does anybody care about a bunch of spoiled boring people?

American Beauty presents a darkly sardonic coming of age theme where Lester Burnham matter narrates his change.

It is just plain uninteresting and far from blazingly original.

That said, the performances completely redeem my quibbles with the material (there are actually MANY more things I have problems with, but I've long since grown bored with the discussion, as well as these tired plotlines.

The dialog is incredibly cheesy, the characters are all unlikable (Lester is a guy who quits his job and then gets a job at a fast food joint, I'll just leave it at that; His wife is a bitch and his daughter is in love with a psycho), and the film is ultimately a pretentious mess.

But for what it is, it's very, very enjoyable.

Fight Club and Office Space did a much better job of saying "take control of your life" and Feris Buelers Day Off said "life moves fast you should slow down and look at it sometimes".

All of the actors gave excellent intense performances.

But later on with their engaging performances we realize how endearing and relatable these people are.

It was a very compelling story and amazing a 5 star 'UNMISSABLE story which is almost not a story a part of life and fact which we experience it should be watch as it is defiantly one at the best films of the nineties one of the best of the last ten years it is so hard not to like it it is one of my favourite films a 5 Oscar 6 BAFTA Award winner REMARKABLE!

I highly recommend it.

Spacey's Lester frustrates Carolyn as he starts taking a stand for himself becoming increasingly unpredictable while remaining unflappable.

He's hilarious here as a man going through a mid-life crisis as he realizes the boring person that he's become.

Thora Birch is a remarkable young performer, as is her boyfriend Wes Bentley, and Mena Suvari is perfectly cast as the youthful beauty for whom Spacey develops an unexpected passion.

The film's final message is obvious though, between the lines of the final shot, when a small delicacy leaks through the rough fabric of the cliché interactions: never underestimate the power of subtlety.

Very boring.

A different story that will take you on an unexpected ride .

Indeed, it gets all solemn and meaningful in a long drawn out conclusion.

Everyone in this movie has a compelling character arc that always gives its characters something to do.

Furthermore, some of the stereotypes, such as Ricky's homophobic marine father who turns out to be gay himself, are embarrassingly trite, pat, and roll your eyes predictable.

Smug, pretentious, overblown garbage, in the guise of 'sticking it to' bourgeois American values.

Very entertaining, funny and disturbing at the same time.

But American Beauty's pretentious over and undertones drag it down into just being merely watchable, if only to witness Spacey chew up and spit out every last ounce of scenery and character moments.

Granted It sometimes looks pretty good but the plot is trashy, predictable, nasty and inane, like the plastic bag.

Lester's mundane routine gets me worried if that stuff will happen to me in the future.

Mena Suvari, as the empty-headed narcissistic 17-year-old is told she is "ordinary" by a boy her age.

If anything, American Beauty shows that you can take a horrible script, give to talented actors, dress it up with slow fades, pans, and tracking shots, top it off with a great soundtrack, and fool millions of Americans into thinking it is a great work of art.

The first moment he seems to feel something outside of the bland norm is when he becomes enamored with Angela.

American Beauty surprised me a lot, I thought I would not like the movie, but I really liked it, the premise of the movie did not interest me at first, I thought it was just an ordinary romance that had won the Oscar, Shakespeare in Love, Kevin Spacey is very entertaining in this movie, Annette Bening, Thora Birch, Wes Bentley, are all very well, Mena Suvari is excellent in the film, I've seen few of her films, And here she is very beautiful and does a great performance, the direction of Sam Mendes is great, he can mix perfectly, comedy and drama, without any moment seem forced, and the dialogues that have bad language is something normal, and all teen talk American Beauty is a great movie, it's funny, the drama works well, and the cast is great.

Everything about is contrived, none of the characters is believable and none of the settings is realistic.

The plot of this movie was very slow.

There are some particularly lovely touches – such as the sharp cuts employed when Lester is engaging in a fantasy, that really help us delve into the character's psyche.

This is such an incredibly stupid and predictable movie!

The performances are mind blowing.

From start to finish, both the comedy and drama are EXTREMELY entertaining.

This movie taught me many valuable lessons about society, all while being entertaining and funny at times.

They create some of the most emotionally gripping scenes of the entire film which says a lot of a film that is so enthralling.

Heaping onto the basic storyline, the film introduces a scrupulous ex-military man as Lester's new neighbour, his laconic, lackadaisical son who has a penchant for spying on neighbours and shooting videos of perfectly normal things like a plastic-bag flying in the wind, Carolyn's competitor who she decides to sleep with while cheating on her husband, drugs, adultery, uncanny hallucinations, parental problems, among a plethora of other elements - till it turns the movie into a farrago of unrecognizable things, eventually making it masquerade as a cross between a wannabe-comedy and pretentious philosophy.

First the fantasy scenes were overused and very cliché.

But for what the intertwining, oddly attractive lives of these people tells us, it is fine to say that this film is a contemporary, enjoyable - and sometimes funny - delight of cinematic wonder.

There IS no message here.

this movie is breathtaking .

He embraces any chance to break away, juvenile pursuits, these unfeasible obsessions, anything as long as he can envisage himself in a more invigorating realm doing something 'exciting'.

This movie might have just been put aside if any ol' person was thrown into each role, but the actors chosen bring out the fascinating characters the screenwriter penned and the director envisioned.

The Ricky-Jane coming of age/love story feels very 90's and it deserves to be in a better film.

If you were to show suburbia as it truly is, you have to show the characters as so empty and so mind-numbingly boring the audience would either walk out or fall asleep.

Some might consider it funny, tragic, gross or boring.

What some may have taken to be perfection at its very core is strictly pretentious.

The ensemble cast makes this not only one of the best dramas out there, but one of the funniest and most entertaining movies of all time.

It's an indictment on a certain segment of American culture, at least as seen through the eyes of Alan Ball, and it's immensely entertaining in the process.

Congratulations to Sam Mendes on a stunning debut.

Some of the dialog was actually rather good and various parts were admittedly entertaining.

All these small details make this an entertaining movie to watch.

Spacey captures his gradual transformation from bored corporate drone to liberated middle-aged adolescent with relish and a quiet depth.

The makers just went out of their way to paint these suburban, middle-class whites as pathetic, stupid, meaningless and empty they really are.

This is the best movie I've ever seen, so I highly recommend it to anyone.

Also, the story could have been so much more elegant and light, instead of just so heavy and pretentious to death.

American Beauty is creepy and pretentious and stomach churningly awkward and so over the top at times that it elicits eye rolls.

What a complete waste of time, and how depressing it must have been for the other great films which were nominated against this offensive, shallow-minded, B rated film!

As this happens,Lester becomes infatuate with JAne's cheerleader peer/friend Angela(Mena Suvari,sweet,if maybe not entirely convincing),and his obsession with her,while it brightens his dull life,threatens to unravel the stability that has been carrying him and his family.

one of films who mix aesthetic fascination with a bitter story who, level by level, becomes a lesson about meaning and illusion and confusion of life.

The plot was developed in a such an engaging way, that you can't quit the movie while it is going on, so it makes you stay in the sofa watching all of the story just to see what is going to happen in the end.

Is it - as I suspect - people having safe, but boring, lives and looking on this movie as what would happen if they cut lose and went a little crazy themselves.

Yet Spacey does a breathtaking role; the phony moments of poetry are though enjoyable and deserve being developed in another cinematographic project; Mrs. Benning is quite sexy; Mrs. Suvari's hips and thighs are gorgeous.

American Beauty is both hilarious and gripping, sometimes simultaneously.

Mendes and Ball scrape hole through bottom of the cliché barrel.

Mena Suvari is engaging and likeable in the way she can always be counted on for, even in fairly bad films like "Loser.

American Beauty focuses on thought-provoking, which is well done, but lacks in filling the story with some entertaining-factor.

In the last 40 minutes or so, sadly the movie becomes kind of uninteresting and slow paced, along with many unnecessary scenes.

He does reckless and foolish things in this movie, but he doesn't deceive himself; he knows he's running wild--and chooses to, burning up the future years of an empty lifetime for a few flashes of freedom.

They grab our attention with jaw-dropping special effects, and hold us tight with suspenseful action sequences.

Men burdened with boring jobs, and don't know where to go next, nothing motivate them or excited them, nothing for them to look forward to...

The characters for this movie are also very believable and fascinating (and sometimes horrifying to watch).

Kevin Spacey gives the consummate Spacey performance -- one-note snideness delivered in a sardonic monotone -- that he gives every time he's in front of a camera, while poor Annette Bening is unwatchable in a frenzied performance that I have to believe was forced on her by the director, since she's never again been as bad, either before or since.

You can't help but feel sympathetic toward her because she had this son who is really hard to understand and unpredictable.

Everything works together in a wonderful harmony which is utterly memorable, gripping and beautiful to look at.

Mrs. Fits maintains an empty glare, with big old sad eyes.

There are Semi-Predictable Twists and it wears practically all of its Pretensions and Points Boldly, like one of those Self-Made T-Shirts.

The husband (the very dry Kevin Spacey) is on the verge of a mid-life crisis - dissatisfied with his marriage, job and family.

stunning .

Kevin Spacey is absolutely brilliant as Lester, he perfectly portrays a man who is going though a midlife crisis, a boring life like he is a prisoner & getting bossed around by his wife & he could be described as sexually frustrated.

The story is entertaining with all the elements necessary; great actors Spacey and Benning, beautiful girls, and a story that is pretty much yours or one of your neighbors/friends/acquaintances.

This movie is so intense and so absorbing, you can't take your eyes off it, like a traffic accident.

Beautiful and brooding, American Beauty is a remarkable film that boasts stunning performances that although initially appears bleak, ends on a satisfying, positive note.

For the simple cinematic necessity that the viewer discover it first, to render his shock, the crushing of his randy hopes and his quick restoration in himself of a fatherly humanity all the more compelling.

The pair has created a very memorable marriage and one of the most intriguing in drama film history.

From the hideous wannabe hip dialogue to the use of every 90's cliche in existence.

A pure thrilling drama, "American Beauty" wills the viewer to 'look closer.

pretentious drivel .

Lester then begins to get to the point where he is fed up with his mundane, ordinary life.

) One of those empty plastic little bags that junk food is carried in, dancing around in a breeze, with its chorus of tannin-colored fall leaves.

I did at least have some fun playing an unexpected game of 'guess the cliché' every time a new character was introduced, hmmm a geeky teenage boy, let me guess - he smokes dope, hates his parents and looks for poetic meaning in inane things?

It was too written and predictable.

"American Beauty" Lester Burnham the lead character played by Kevin Spacey is a 40 something guy who is experiencing a midlife crisis, he seems bored and pessimistic.

Still, the movie excels as a beautifully shot, very entertaining black comedy.

Those two are definitely worth watching forever.

The ending of this movie seems to me like many of Kevin Spacey's films, unpredictable.

Forgive my sarcasm, but as rebellions go, chucking up your corporate job to work in a fast food restaurant - yawn!!

The ability to craft American Beauty as an epic study of life through fantastically entertaining storytelling is something I admire.

While some of the individual segments of the plot are uninteresting, the good parts come together to make a compelling story.

It is indeed boring, artificial, retarded ideas, over overrated, also depressing imo, geez why kill a man just cause he's looking for himself.

This film is absolutely, positively beautiful and stunning throughout; I have no complaints about this film and I could never stop watching it because it'll never get old to me.

What it says is all cliché, there is nothing new.

Lester realizes all of a sudden that he is trapped in routine and boredom and thus decides to change that.


Spacey has the boring look and intelligence to perfectly play a man who knows exactly every wild thing he's doing.

Usually its an action flick, like the Matrix, that uses some new camera work combined with stunning visuals and everyone calls it a masterpiece.

A recent second viewing on DVD was just as enjoyable and impressive as my first viewing on its original cinema release.

The only thing it suggests more is that if you pull back the curtain on even, say, a seemingly perfect everyday suburban family, nobody is ordinary, normal, or boring.

His life is beyond boring, and is beyond having a middle-age crisis.

Great acting, unique story told in a unique fashion and overall just enjoyable.

He is someone who describes his life as so dull and unsatisfying that he considers himself practically dead.

The script is gripping and fascinating, containing several hilarious moments throughout a deeply emotional story.

This time, he plays a middle aged suburban man, bored with life.

It's also philosophical and very deep at times, as well as being consistently gripping and entertaining.

Absolutely worth watching!

Why has this dreary little piece of suburban angst become such a favorite with so many people?

I wasn't expecting much from this movie which may shock some people but even from the first scene I knew this was going to be good, even though I think the first 15 minutes were a little slow I cannot put this movie down, Kevin Spacey has his 2nd best performance(#1 Verbal Kint) ever I think as Lester.

The simple message of the film is born out to perfection and the end is utterly satisfying, but along the way it is moving, funny, intelligent, stunning, devastating and uplifting.

Have seen the movie for the third time and once again enjoyed it immensely.

Never once does the film ring of anything except absolute truth - these are real people we are watching here, and that is what makes them so compelling, unsavoury qualities and all.

Utterly one-dimensional characters, utterly predictable interactions.

This did that very well through a very intense and deep storyline without being too complicated to make it's several points.