American Factory (2019) - Documentary

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End 2008, GM closes a plant in Ohio. A Chinese billionaire/Fuyao Glass buys the plant 2014 and invests in auto glass production. There are 2000 jobs there by late 2016. USA meets PRChina.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Steven Bognar
Stars: Junming 'Jimmy' Wang, Robert Allen
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 5 out of 71 found boring (7.04%)

One-line Reviews (21)

It is a fascinating collision of modern manufacturing with age old problems.

Very exciting movie .

Absolutely fascinating film .

Fascinating and brilliant piece .

The 90's saw seismic shifts as the labor intensive industries of dry goods changed, closing virtually all US manufacturing.

Obama propaganda .


workforce and the consequent cultural conflicts are highlighted to devastating effect, illustrated by what American viewers will find to be an uncomfortable dissection of their own culture, in all its fatuous self-indulgence, by amazing footage of lectures on the subject by Chinese cross-cultural consultants as they lecture Chinese workers and supervisors sent to Dayton to show Americans in how things should be done.

The contrast between the Chinese and the American cultures is what makes this documentary worth watching.

You see what the communist propaganda made to the minds of the Chinese.

On the one hand, I was annoyed with the usual Communist propaganda coming out of the Unions.

Fuyao and Obama's documentary ignores the fact that Barack Obama's backroom deal with UAW at General Motors caused the closing of the factory with its IUE-CWA workers, who lost all seniority, and benefits, including healthcare and retirement monies, compelling them to start as new hires at other GM plants run by UAW.

A final note: This film has an extraordinarily compelling musical score by someone names Chad Cannon that propels and highlights the narrative and is amazingly effective on its own terms.

Interesting and Engaging .

Well worth watching to see the decrepit state of American unions and being hoisted by their own UAW petard.

We Americans are slow, fat,lazy and entitled whilst our Chinese counterparts are devout worker ants.

This documentary shows, in stunning accuracy, the current state of unions and socialism.

However with the amount of union propaganda and most people being interviewed being pro union, it sets the viewer up to thinking it will be unionized in a land slide when that isn't true - - only 33% voted to unionize and the viewer must be thinking - - what?

Great engaging documentary .

In a way I was expecting that the Chinese will have their brain washed by the Chinese propaganda.

Highly, highly recommend it.