American Honey (2016) - Adventure, Drama, Romance

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A teenage girl with nothing to lose joins a traveling magazine sales crew, and gets caught up in a whirlwind of hard partying, law bending and young love as she criss-crosses the Midwest with a band of misfits.

Director: Andrea Arnold
Stars: Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf
Length: 163 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 52 out of 131 found boring (39.69%)

One-line Reviews (150)

If the point of the movie was to represent the drab existence of poor southern kids without making any particular point about it, then it could have been summed up much faster than the 2.75 hours it took.

American Honey is worth watching to get the feel of the American youth.

All of those contradictory phrases apply to Director Andrea Arnold's (the terrific FISH TANK) coming of age story which plays out largely plotlessly for 2 hours and 40 minutes in the American heartland as we follow an 18 year old drifter.

The running time alone for a movie with no plot that concentrates 99% of it's time on only 1 poorly written, uninteresting character is overindulgence to the extreme.

Stunning performances from Keough especially.

So I did not dislike this movie, but it's too tediously slow moving for my taste .

We learn little about them, and they do little besides providing a vitality which soon grows tiresome.

Boring, vapid and just plain phony.

The real problem with the film is its length - at 157 minutes, it's just way too long, there are too many longueurs, too many shots of them singing rap and hip- hop songs in their van, while some scenes, like Star's encounter with the three identically dressed Texan men, go on for far too long and probably aren't even necessary; a good 40 or 50 minutes could have and should have been shaved from the film - didn't anyone have the nerve to tell Arnold this?

Beautiful landscapes and scenery but unnecessary long and repetitive - In a 2:43 hours long film you can expect some repetition, and you'll get it - I can't even tell how many times I watched (and suffered) the van scenes with the crappy sound system and the and pointless conversations inside the van.

It had no story line just like a documentary !

There's really no story to this movie.

Don't waste your time like I did.

No plot, no story, no cool characters, no drama - simply nothing.

An enjoyable film, but overlong and at times repetitive.

using close up techniques that are pointless, it has long repetitious scenes of passengers in a minibus.

Way too long.

Others might argue that Arnold is merely a calculating observer of rebellious young persons who live on the edge.

The film is indulgently long though and has a tedious soundtrack.

At times it's repetitive, borderline manipulative or indulgent.

For awhile, "American Honey" is a compelling glimpse into the life of those who have long since been left behind by the American dream.

Waste of time .

FISH TANK, however, had a well-developed storyline and was engrossing.

No story line, no character build, just some unsolved conflicts and scenes been put after each other.

The movie is really entertaining and brings you to the moment, where you gonna start to reflect your own life and dreams.

An unusually entertaining road pic.

With every new face they encounter, it truly feels like anything could happen, and this is what kept the film from being repetitive.

Then there are other moments that move so slow that you question whether or not to get up and stretch your legs.

Boring and repetitive.

From the other side, being boring, long, pretentious, the critics might like it.

This is basically the type of film that only those who are pretentious will praise for its nothingness or the landscapes.

I really enjoyed it, and I also think it's one of the best movies of the year!

This is a well made coming of age film about hopeless youth who are on the go.

Lots of pointless shots in an attempt to be artistic that come across as someone who just dropped out of community college trying to make a movie about some social commentary and just misses the mark all together.

The film is quite interesting and even with a long running time of over 2 hours and 40 minutes,it remains entertaining and interesting at all times.

But then when you have so many compelling little details it's bound to amount to something.

Entertaining movie, which will takes you to stay in front of the screen .

Repetitive film that gets by on pure talent .

This is one very long, very repetitive movie.

Andrea Arnold's debut movie, Red Road, is a shocking social documentary style movie that is breathtaking in its boldness and unflinching in its depiction of a Glasgow underclass that most of us do not know.

Many scenes are essentially a waste of film in a pretentious attempt to convey some purportedly sublime point that is supposed to be expressed in close-ups of flies resting on a car.

Get ready for a slow moving repetitive depiction of slow content, a film losing its value after time.

I blame everyone who participated in the making of this rubbish for stealing 3 hours of my life.

American Honey - An Excellent, Modern Coming of Age Film .

First movie that made me want to brake my TV- out of boredom .

Things that slow the pacing tremendously to the point it feels boring and meandering at times.

American Honey is an exciting, albeit episodic, road trip for this age, rootless young'uns driving by and through the poverty and unattainable wealth that polarizes them with their barely knowing it.

Completely and utterly pointless.

This is a road movie that has the barest set-up - Star, a young woman who has a nowhere future with a man she can't stand taking care of kids that (I think) aren't even hers, is picked out by a sort-of-not-really-maybe-depends-on-which-way-you're-looking smooth-talker Jake, Shia LaBeouf plays, who asks if she'd like to come along with he and his group to sell magazines - and then takes off into nearly three hours of a narrative that is loose as hell, a series of episodes as Star and Jake sort-of-not-really grow closer, and she keeps on doing what she's always been: being herself, which can work and sometimes, painfully, not.

There are long tedious and repetitious scenes of passengers in a minibus, who, to combat boredom, sing along to the radio.

Owing to the excessive length of the film, and boredom, I watched in chunks.

Shockingly boring, repetitive, after one hour I had had enough.

It's difficult to feel invested in bland, unsympathetic characters in a movie that doesn't give you one good reason to care about them.

Okay, there are maybe two or three short scenes worth watching, such the one when Star goes off with a bunch of middle-aged Texans to their ranch and earns 400 bucks by drinking a bottle of liquor straight, including a worm in the bottom of the bottle.

Painfully boring and irritating .

A total waste of time in my opinion.

Total waste of time .

That means the filmmaker's other works are more boring and indulgent than "American Honey.

) Most of these projects tend to be full of themselves, but I find it fascinating to see familiar places through unfamiliar eyes.

I hated this movie because Sasha Lane's acting was good enough to keep me watching in the hope that the boring story would eventually turn into something interesting but, sadly, it simply ended in the middle of yet another tedious scene.

Modern American Coming of Age Story .

Literally wasted three hours of my life watching this .

I am quite critical of films but I found this a watchful enjoyable experience.

A bloated run time, self-indulgent pacing, incessant shaky cam and jump cuts that are jarring, irritating, and totally unnecessary, plus holes in the premise and plot (or lack of one; this isn't really a linear movie) that you could drive a white minivan through.

All you've done is wasted ten minutes rather than nearly 3 Hours of your life!!!

Obnoxiously boring.

Overall, American Honey is a film that will most certainly test the patience of its audience but those who are fans of Arnold's Fish Tank, or just simply fans of character studies or coming of age stories, American Honey will certainly leave you feeling satisfied.

Made by Andrea Arnold who did a fascinating take on Wuthering Heights a few years ago, captures the ennui & aimlessness that is today's millennials who are as quick to have an opinion on everything as they are to partake in drink & drugs.

This is the story of a traveling van full of kids who no one will miss, each one compelling and sympathetic.

You will waste 2 hours and 45 minutes of your life and then wish you would've turned it off at least one of the 1000 times you thought about it.

There is no story here, no climax, no one to route for or against.

  It was intense, although not the best intensity that filmmaker, Andrea Arnold has put on celluloid.

A compelling story that will keep you interested and eyes fixed on the wild events that happen.

The breed of amoral nihilists that Arnold finds so fascinating here certainly don't deserve our commendation.

We are treated to three hours of nothing – just a crazy bunch of kids having a good time traveling across America, fighting each other, getting drunk and stoned and singing along to hip-hop.

Strengthened by its free-flowing plot, exquisitely arranged soundtrack & a breakout performance from the young actress, American Honey approaches the genre of coming-of-age dramas from a different paradigm but its 163 minutes of intimidating runtime & repetitive set of events ultimately hinder it from providing a wholly satisfying experience.

if we're stuck watching repetitive scenes of youth listening and singing along with music while riding down the highway in a van at least choose some real music.

Worst movie ever!.

Much to admire, but way too long for it to be great.

Some may think that Arnold is glamorizing that way of life, but in fact the opposite is true: selling magazine subscriptions to strangers is a tough way to make a living, and the endless traveling around, with no end in sight, is boring.

Maybe the genius of this film is you're tricked into watching a couple of hours of dull conversations between dull characters who all possess the traits of dull people (they've spent some time making their appearance stand out to compensate for their lack of substance).

Boring story can't overcome good acting.

It's a compelling performance by Sasha Lane as Star and Shia LaBeouf also impresses as her mentor and, later, lover.

There are long tedious and repetitious scenes of passengers in a minibus, who, to combat boredom, sing along to the radio.

They not only pitch to the privileged wealthy, we also see a scene where a 'failed' pitch to squalid poverty leads Star to buy a basket load of shopping to fill the empty fridge, she has sympathy for people in her own situation.

There were parts that were more dull than others.

Worst movie ever and I didn't even watch it all fully.

And even then, the most tiny distraction from the film be it a text message, an email, or a book I've been putting off reading was far more engaging and entertaining than this movie.

Frustratingly repetitive.

Might be the worst movie I have ever seen .

pointless .

It was really boring and too long to follow.

American Honey finally (mercifully) ends on a predictable note that could have been struck at least an hour earlier.

And with no message other than the story itself, combined with no satisfying finale for that story, I just don't see how this film deserves to have my emotions and/or my gratitude.

Authentic, absorbing and gritty.

Notice I did not once relate to it as a movie as it is not, it's a film, a video of someone with a cam that was bored and followed around a group of misfits around the country.

Seriously, don't waste your time.

How anybody could rate this tiresome self-consciously pretentious film above a 1 is a mystery

In all, however, its a fine, enjoyable film that despite its longueurs provides a sharp glimpse into the lives of lost and rootless young American kids.

How anybody could rate this tiresome self-consciously pretentious film above a 1 is a mystery.

Just random scenes going nowhere.

I give it four stars out of ten because there were a few goods bits, in between all the boring nonsense.

The content is constantly repeating itself - with one scene It starts to become intriguing, however Arnold seems to stop this right after and then the repetitive content becomes apparent.

I would like to break it down some beyond the obvious excuse "It's painfully boring".

American Honey is a coming of age film that follows a young girl named Star, eager to escape the unfavorable circumstances of her life at home.

So I really don't want to say it's a bad movie, but it does get boring in the mundane and that's bad when you don't care as much about the content.

Huge waste of time.

No plot, no message, too long.

No story, no likable characters.

If you are okay with it, especially for a slow drama, then the film is enjoyable.

I understand the artistry which Is trying be unraveled by Arnold but Its a tediously slow and repetitive emo/rap loving young adults attempting to find their places In life - They 'sell magazines' as they try manipulate good people in society for their own self indulgent ways.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I enjoyed it just as much as I thought I would.

It was a train wreck from start to finish and nearly three hours of my life that I will never get back again.

I like realism, but there is such a thing as realism being boring, which is why they invented scripts, and if you don't trust actors to be real, you are doing a piss poor job directing...

Exciting and exasperating.

Greatest boring movie ever made.

American Honey shares some similarities to Spring Breakers, though that film is more visually stunning, with more over the top performances.

using close up techniques that are pointless, it has long repetitious scenes of passengers in a minibus.

The endless scenes in the car are a waste of time, because there is no conversation or anything!

I gots to give this a '10' regardless of the accusations of being repetitive.

No plot A not very believable love story, it's a stretch to even call it that.

Also compelling is Star's little sister.

when I was watching this "pos", I kept checking to see when it was gonna end but to my dismay it kept chugging away at nothingness, no plot, no point.

There are many shots of the characters in a car listening to music, Star and Jake have an on and off relationship, but the film remains unpredictable.

I would suggest skipping this snooze fest entirely.

LaBeouf is perfect for the role of Jake, one of the managers and top salesman in the group, who is frenetic, highly unpredictable, and has immediate chemistry with Star.

Gritty, Compelling and Harsh .

The lighting is beautiful and I found the choices made of what shots to include, compelling.

Editing is where its fans & detractors will disagree most, for few will support its patient pacing while others will call it an unnecessarily drawn out drama that has no idea where it's headed.

It didn't, it only progressively got worse- with no plot being followed, and me asking, "So, when is something cool going to happen?

It's oddly filmed and viewed with a square screen which becomes unnoticeable fairly quickly and a large majority of the film is shot beautifully with stunning perspectives using only natural light which still manages to look like it's filmed using Instagram filters.

American Honey is another triumph for Andrea Arnold with her proving her expertise in serving up an authentic, absorbing and gritty slice of underprivileged life just as well on the other side of the pond.

This is one of the most boring movies ever, and it lasts for 2h43mins.

There are long, very tiresome and overused scenes of passengers in a minibus, who sing along to the radio --- what is important, unique, interesting, artful about that?

Such a waste of money for the producer company and a waste of time for the viewer.

If you want to watch a movie with no plot where you don't like a single character in the film and you keep waiting for something meaningful that never comes, except anxiety and depression, until you finally get to the pointless NON-ending - be sure and watch American Honey.

I suspect it was the display metaphor for her finally coming of age by keeping her head above water now.

This is by far the worst movie I ever seen in my life.

The actors are doing a great job, but the problem of the movie is not with the acting, the problem is that the movie is tremendously long, boring, pretentious and a very bad example for the young generations.

Unique brave coming of age drama .

Along with being visually stunning.

The film also carries a repetitive element to it, with certain footage and settings being repeated over and over again.

It makes the film work as a character study, as we are drawn in to the drifter characters' own meandering, directionless, occasionally boring lives, as they try to amuse themselves by singing along with the radio for lengthy periods of time, whilst drifting from one place to the next, in the ghost of a plot about selling magazines, in this coming-of-age/ road movie hybrid.

But the film goes on far too long and is far too monotonous to remain compelling for its entire duration.

Despite this, Andrea Arnold has a very keen eye and a natural ability to make her characters feel real even if the film is as boring as the average person.

"American Honey" is repetitive, bombastic, overlong, and filled with unlikable characters, and most of the repetitiveness comes from these characters constantly listening to and singing to rap music in their white van.

Many times I expected something horrific to happen (like would take place in a formulaic Hollywood movie) and was surprised by how things actually ended up.

There is a charismatic nature to his character and his relationship with Star (through the rage and love) is very entertaining to watch.

These people are going nowhere.