American Psycho (2000) - Crime, Drama

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A wealthy New York City investment banking executive, Patrick Bateman, hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he delves deeper into his violent, hedonistic fantasies.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Mary Harron
Stars: Christian Bale, Justin Theroux
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 208 out of 1018 found boring (20.43%)

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I recently read 'Imperial Bedrooms' which is a sequel to 'Less Than Zero', and quite enjoyed it.

'American Psycho' works because the Screenplay Written by Mary Harron & Guinevere Turner, is sadistically engaging.

suspenseful thriller filled with dark humor .

Even though the setting and story called for a strange and unusual man to play the part of Patrick Bateman, the character's speech and actions were to dull and slow for the movie.

The movie is fairly boring and pointless.

i was looking forward to feeling disturbed and angry by this film but was just plain bored.

The paradox of Bateman's intense desire to succeed lies in the attempt to create an authentic personality by conforming to social standards that make it impossible to distinguish oneself except by winning the endless competition over externals: the most stylish apartment, the bigger account, the best business card.

While the novel is fascinating because it constantly pushes you to new limits as a reader, the film becomes a highly witty parody of it all.

What I wound up watching was a pointless and stupid compilation of cliches without any satisfying denouement to the story, that needlessly drained 100 minutes from my life on earth.

A notable first for the film's success being directed by a woman and secondly for the intense and insane performance by Christian Bale as the titular psycho, it is sometimes difficult to remember why the film has a bit of a cult following.

It leads to confusion, not the great, "A ha!

American Psycho is one of the most enjoyable movies to be released in the last five years.

Very Clever and Entertaining.

But Bale's intense desire to maintain appearances and be the perfect facade or image of what people are looking for, make him all the more dangerous.

In the end there are some breathtaking scenes.

Overall, Christian Bale's performance is what's saves this movie somewhat, from complete boredom.

The film opens with a scene of Bateman narrating about who he is as an individual, practically noting how superficial and empty he really is.

The movie is well acted and there are some suspenseful moments, unfortunately the story could have been presented in a much more engrossing manner and with fewer gaping holes.

This may have been because of the fact that I built up my expectations too high, or because of the fact that this is a compelling theme that deserved more of an explanation and a more thorough study of Bateman's psyche than the film actually offered.

After Patrick is done hacking up fellow stockbroker/nemesis Paul Allen (Jared Leto) who keeps confusing him with another stockbroker, he turns, and one side of his face is covered with blood, and the other is not, so you finally see the two sides of Patrick—a human with some complexity.

total waste of time...

' Patrick Bateman, the psycho of the title, is a man who literally seems to have everything – stunning good looks, a fantastic physique, a beautiful fiancé, a diploma from Harvard and a successful career as a Wall Street executive.

why are the streets of New York so empty, what about the taxi driver.

The only intriguing element here is the probably unintended notion of Dafoe as an imagined Moriarty.

nothing happens.

" While he does narrate some of his perspective on life to the viewer, it's tired and predictable, and reminiscent of the Thomas Harris' novel "Red Dragon.

Nothing ever reaches a climax or height.. More like a rampant buildup, then a frenzy, before a dull haze and then boom it's over.

At some point, the movie started to bore me.

And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable...

It would seem unlikely that Harron, or Ellis for that matter, would want to waste ninety minutes of our time studying a character who, by his own admission, is 'simply not there'.

From the opening scene where we endure a seemingly endless self-glorification by a narcissistic moron, this film just seems to revel in the fact that in today's world a filmmaker can feel free to dive deeply into whatever extreme nonsense he feels will shock people into enough curiosity to waste the time it takes to watch it.

Bale's portrayal of a fascinating character is great, and the whole role is very memorable, among his finest in my opinion.

The emphasis on the 1980s settings also serves to dull the film's satirical intent, de-stressing its own relevance to us, today.

The phone call Patrick made to his lawyer, was somewhat funny but also very disturbing at the same time, and I also found his obsession with music to be quite fascinating, plus I loved the dialog as well.

The terrible aggressions that he seems to harbor are unleashed in his bloody visions which are growing more and more intense.

Now, that sounds rather cold and boring.

Delivers Some Shocks, But Ultimately Just Hollow And Boring .

The meaningless, grotesque superficiality of the work place and the confusing misplacement of guilt and punishment are themes reminiscent of Kafka's work, say "Metamorphosis" and *The Trial.

It's for instance a bit slow and sometimes you don't really have the feeling that the movie is telling anything that you haven't seen a few minutes earlier.

American Psycho is a suspenseful thriller in which dark humor prevails over probability.

It surely has ideas behind it, but for all of the film's ambitions, it feels sometimes self-indulgent.

1999 seemed to be a much better year for film - but this one is well worth watching.

I think the drawn out speeches on various music from the 1980's was hilarious and very well thought out.

incredible waste of time.

Many hated the literary qualities of the book as the prose was based on a shopping list quality that I thought made the book even more intriguing.

The film poked fun at everything that was sacred in the 80s, from banal music to itty-bitty California cuisine to self-indulgence, and more.

I found myself surprised at the interesting plot twist and intense moment the movie managed to portray even under normal conversation in the office.

If an actor can display such a fascinating performance as Jesus Christ, he's more than capable of playing a psychotic serial killer because he already knows the other side of the moral spectrum.

I always made fun of it with my brother and we were pretty sure it was one of the top three worst movies of all time.

But parallel to his insecure, big-mouthed, sexist and utterly boring life of a Wall Street geek by day run the devious excursions of a murderous freak by night.

But I know Bret Easton Ellis further release "Glamorama" which was quite enjoyable...

This movie has no plot, no real story, and no viable message at the end of it.

Christian Bale's acting was very good, and the rest was just boring.

Very enjoyable (contains SPOILERS) .

There is no plot.

The voice over at the end even tells you that nothing happened, nothing changed.

The movie version is very interesting, but as dull as the book.

A good but pointless misanthropic dark satire.

Confusing .

But then it repeats itself in a cycle of murders and threesomes, ultimately becoming a stillborn and pointless movie.

Very few horror films are entertaining.

The cast is also well picked, Christian Bale is excellent as the crack snorting chauvinist Patrick Bateman whose life seems perfect on the surface with the apartment, limo, job, fiance, and friends, however his life is, in reality dull; repetitious and surrounded by people he envies and dislikes (such as the upstart Paul Allen, and the annoying Luis Carrurthers).

The confusing slide into insanity is very believable through his violent crimes (whether they are real or imaginary).

It's an aura that constantly keeps the watchers at unease, making them feel the same way as Patrick about his cowerkers: That they indeed are pretentious self-focused phonies.

I think what makes this film enigmatic is that it is a stunning, satirical portrait of narcissism, vanity, conspicuous consumption, and immorality.

As i said Bale's performance is just plain excellent, it might seem over the top sometimes, but believe me, thats Patrick Bateman: a man constantly over the edge of psychotic boredom who could snap at any moment.

There is a short monologue at the beginning where he talks about all of the ablutions he uses on his face and body and it was just getting tedious when it had a good ending line.

It was entertaining, I will give it that.

Overall, a waste of film and the audience's time at best (unless you find the typical axe and chainsaw thing amusing).

While these seem paramount to some, to me it was just lame and uninteresting.

"American Psycho" is a wonderful film because it uses a thrilling, satirical story to show the effects that greed, pride, and material gain have on men of wealth and power.

Our Hero is Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale, ripped like a suspension bridge cable), a VP of his company, a 1980's uber-executive, whom we never see do any actual office work, narrating his obsessive-compulsive behaviors; petulant, trivial, rich, ensconced in yuppie consumerism; in a loveless, close-to-tears-of-exasperation relationship with his empty-skulled girlfriend (Reese Witherspoon), who is oblivious to his ambivalence and neuroses.

As it is this is a really, really enjoyable film that works on so many levels.

6/10 worth watching

I could go on, but it is pointless.

Mary Harron's darkly funny, highly entertaining adaptation of Brett Easton Alice's novel "American Psycho" is nothing short of a masterpiece.

From Bale's first line-delivery where he seems to channel Jim Carrey, to all of the blathering murder sequences (with endlessly needless dissertations on 80s music), I was fidgeting pretty quick.

Of course, much of the praise for making Bateman such a fascinating figure should rest at the feet of Christian Bale, and despite a fantastic supporting cast, it is ultimately his film.

Bateman's flat where he did the serial killing was empty up for sale and not even his, apparently he killed no one all this was in his head.

The movie started a bit slow though, the first 45 minutes could be chopped in half because some parts don't add much and are a bit dragged out.

Dull and badly acted .

This film does an excellent job of incorporating seemingly disparate elements and in doing so succeeds in making a funny, creepy film that works simultaneously as a social satire and as an intriguing character study.

Pairing the film noir shots with suspenseful film music as Bateman scrambled to hide evidence after a killing made me ask myself, "Is he going to get away with it?

This was such a terribly boring piece of crap.

Now we come to the most fascinating question posed by the film: how much of what Bateman does may we accept as reality?

The violence was there for two reasons: to distract you from Bateman's boring yuppie life and to show how everybody else is wrapped up in their own lives to notice anything.

It's just a collection of disjointed scenes, mixed with violence and murder - to quote Shakespeare - 'signifying nothing.

The film sets forth an image that is both intriguing and terrifying.

the 80s mundane setting alone is enough to want to go shoot yourself....

What is especially intriguing is the fact that he realizes that he is insane.

I can not say much for the performances of the rest of the cast they were beyond awful, they were a waste of time ad expense for the producers and directors.

He carried the role with great balance on being banal and brilliant.


The movie remains smart while also being incredibly entertaining.

There's something appealing about Bateman, even though he's a pretentious prick who is obsessed with vanity, sex and murder.

Cliché .

Bateman's confusion between reality and imagine is so convincingly played by Christian Bale.

The main character of the movie was always just a part of a bigger system, something he might have loathed but at the same time would've been helpless and even pointless without, like a fish without water.

I would say the whole story is comparable to a movie like "The Great Gatsby" a pointless body of motion picture trying to lure audience with scenes of ultra rich extravaganza!

The movie is neither thrilling nor meaningful nor sarcastic.

all the actors are boring impersonal greaseball yuppie schmucks with no personality and no life...

A pointless indulgence of excess; a story that didn't need to be told.

They are very graphic just like this movie is, but it is amazing,an enjoyable,well written and well acted film.

After a violently murdering Paul Allen with an axe, Bateman drags the dead body in an overnight bag across the floor of the empty lobby, leaving a bloody track, and waves down a taxi outside.

Totally empty .

it's one of those movies that you can watch over and over and it's still just as funny and entertaining each time.

Again: Useless, pointless, meaningless, cruel, sick.

The movie is fascinating, at the same time that it talks about the Psychos and all that these people thing, and feel (or not feel), it talks also about the "american way of life" the yuppie culture, and how much some people (or everyone) are everyday becoming more and more empty, apathetic, almost "robots" from the system.

New York Yuppie is bored by his Wall Street life and turns into a perverted serial killer.

Unfortunately, the shallow lifestyle is the very thing that leaves him feeling empty inside and provokes the killings.


Add in a dash of the theme of empty materialism, and you have a movie that should not soon be forgotten.

It will waste your time and money.

He seeks gratification through the sex and drugs, but also by engaging in the homicidal behavior.

A fun twisted and confusing ride from start to finish.

the movie obviously is entertaining.

I love how in ever since he gives off a feeling of depressed haterade, and as a result, it gives a suspenseful tension where he could just lose it all.

This was really dull overall.

Useless, pointless, meaningless, cruel, sick .

But, once you get it, the film is much more enjoyable and it finally begins to make a sort of bizarre sense.

This movie had potential, except the main character is a total waste of time.

Though we are not offered any concrete explanations for Bateman's psychosis, these acts of incredible violence appear to act as a distraction from the frustrating monotony of his 1980s yuppie lifestyle, and as a means of overcoming the intense feelings of inadequacy he harbours among his peers.

The plot is so simple yet also enthralling and gripping.

It's confusing and the murder and sex scenes are just there for the heck of it - hoping that it might hold your attention.

ho hum.

He was nothing but a big, dreary bore who, under Harron's incompetent direction, came across as being some sort of a dimwit stand-up comic whose high-point in the story came about when he gave himself a facial.

How boring it was.

He is terrifying yet compelling to watch as his character descends deeper into psychotic frenzy as the film progresses, and he loses sight of what is reality and what is not.

No story was told, no characters were developed.

American Psycho is enjoyable for having already obnoxious and rather stupid characters meeting there demise(except the homeless guy with the dog in the alley) that deserve to get killed.

If the film has a saving grace, it is the performance of Christian Bale, effecting, for some reason, an excellent impression of Jim Carrey, doing what he can to wring laughs from the predictable material (the BEN-HUR-like threesome is hilarious).

a cure for insomnia .

Given the relatively low budget of the film, the complexity of the story and the characters and the difficulty in displaying such harrowing and sick sexual and murderous visuals, 'American Psycho' could have quite easily become a very disjointed slasher movie, and thankfully it doesn't.

In the film the characters lives are just boring, plain and simple.

In the end I just sat there thinking well this is the biggest waste of time.

This film is very enjoyable and, although the ending will not satisfy everyone, it is well worth watching.

The main character's dialogue is inane and pretentious, and the feeble attempt to add depth by petty obsessiveness does not work to the judging eye.

Slowly and steadily we enter the mind of a psychotic, empty shell with the extreme need to be different to others.

American Psycho is like the 80s itself: slick, overdone and also very empty.

The right card, or the right cloth, or the right table, or the right watch, how these are the signposts of an empty age and an empty soul, and how these things have more value than your fellow man...

That mentality has become blatantly more intense since then.

its all boring.

What an anticlimactic waste of time.

Maybe I should say too confusing because it insinuates that Patrick Bateman is Paul Allen , or is a figment of Paul Allen's imagination .

The acting was great, and some great lines but this movie has no plot.

Pretentious, silver spoonfed crap .

Worth watching for Bale's performance .

Could this be one of the worst movies of all time, Painful to watch,

In a world where appearances are everything and a man's status is determined by the typography, watermark, and paper quality of his business cards, lurks an empty shell of man, who is either falling deeper into madness or satisfying his intense blood lust through a series of brutal murders.

Worth watching simply for Bale's Performance .

I rented it and enjoyed the first half of the movie but as the movie progressed, it just went at a really slow pace and does not accomplish anything afterwards.

Each conversation is full of similar one-upmanship, vacuous banal bragging and specious empty statements.

This movie could have been set in the backdrop of the 1930's and been bad, 1990's and been bad, and yes, even Ancient Greece and still been an atrocious waste of time.

Mostly the movie is boring and nothing happens, and when something does happen it seems to be thrown in willy-nilly to change the pace.

Secondly, the killer's actions are a response to his life in general, rather than to particular stimuli, hence there's no plot in the conventional sense.

Bateman's character epitomizes his crowd: weak, empty, shallow, void of all human qualities.

Funny, smart, and thoroughly entertaining while also showcasing a character study on a psychopath living in New York in the Wall Street era.

The film captures the empty artificiality of Bateman and his type, which are hollow shells.

It's a groundbreaking thrilling movie and outstandingly hilarious at the same time which is definitely its greatest accomplishment.

There is humor surrounding him and that makes it ever more entertaining and enjoyable to watch Bale perform this character.

It depicts the movie from the view-point of a psychotic So why did i find it boring????

It is outrageously entertaining and an excellent film.

American Psycho, however, was a plotless amalgam of unfunny restaurant scenes, boring sex and comic-book-type violence.

The movie shows a killer's mentality and that the most unexpected person can be the killer.

Having read the book, and thoroughly enjoyed it, I have come up with an order in which to partake of them:1.

The dumping of Bateman's girlfriend was also worth watching.

Superb parady of the world of pretentious yuppies, and the pressures and effects of consumerism and having to maintain appearances.

In fact early in the movie we see that Patrick Bateman isn't at all how he wants to be seen by his peers (he is shown as a charming stock broker who has friends and a girlfriend), in fact he is an increasingly psychotic homicidal man who is so bored with his yuppie lifestyle that the only way he feels alive and really feels in touch with the world that surrounds him is by engaging in disturbing and gruesome murders.

I found the experience often times pretentious and empty.

I felt it could have been longer or darker, but it was very enjoyable.

What an extremely excessive waste of time!

This was the worst movie I have ever seen.

The book is a modern classic; not as good as Ellis' masterpiece, 'Glamorama', but stunning nonetheless.

it was hilarious, violent and terribly boring at times, but always intense.

"American Psycho" is fascinating to watch because Bateman is such a complex character.

Sometimes the movie passes really fast and sometimes it halts for a slow scene.

It was a waste of time and I expected much more based on critics recommendation.

Here is someone, who enjoys all the material privilege in the world and who is yet all alone and emotionally empty.

If you're in the mood to watch a good movie that's entertaining, different, and with some dark humor you can't go wrong with American Psycho.

I just watched it because the title was intriguing, I had heard about it before, I figured it couldn't be so bad.

And the chainsaw scene is very intense.

Confusing as hell .

Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) works on Wall Street, but he's so bland in appearance that his fiancee (Reese Witherspoon) calls him the "boy next door" and most of his colleagues continually mistake him for someone else.

A fascinating turn of the knife from a similar set-up, for instance in 1999's The Talented Mr. Ripley- where, people actually do notice when the guy who has-it-all goes missing.

This film is boring from the start and I couldn't wait until the end when all my suspicions would be put to the test.

What pretentious c**p .

In the end Christian Bales performance as Bateman and several funny scenes as well as the main psycho narrative make it an enjoyable and effective film while never being a Classic.

Everything else in the film was really silly, including Bateman describing to us what he showers with and how he puts all this face wash junk on his face, and there are always the long, boring scenes of Bateman with his snobby friends.

Screenplay is engaging , art direction is good along with superb dialogues.

I never seen such a horrible movie as this one in all of my life,the acting is terrible and has no continuity because it shows a sick perverts fantasy about killing woman and torture and humiliation of woman and Christian Bales character kills a homeless person and then kicks his dog to death that was the beginning of the end for me to watch this trash,Willem Dafoes character as the police detective is another waste of time and none of this movie makes sense at all fantasy or not,it shows how low the depths of Hollywood film making has gone.

I found it interesting and well worth watching, no matter if you have read the book or not.

The story is an average one but what makes it worth watching is the character of Bale.

Even with it's flaws though it is always entertaining, right until the end, which is very difficult to predict.

The way the screenplay puts the film in the point-of-view of Bateman, from his violent acts, his denial of his sanity, and his inner conflict to not be caught,keeps the movie fresh and suspenseful.

---"American Psycho" The average filmmaker would turn "American Psycho" into an exploitative slasher flick, but Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner have adapted the controversial novel by Bret Easton Ellis into something unique and intriguing, a brilliant, thought-provoking social commentary thriller.

And this after both encouraging the man and then telling him what a waste of life he is.

It started off extremely slow, and went nowhere fast.

It's hard for me to put my finger on it exactly, but it's a multitude of little things that alternately alienate and bore the audience, mixed in with many brilliant scenes.

The first time I saw this film, I enjoyed it.

His life has become so boring and formulaic, with endless dinners at overpriced, gaudy restaurants, endless discussions about style and beauty tips, that the only way he can feel human is to fantasise about the most brutal and sadistic acts possible.

Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale, in a star-making turn) is a shallow Wall Street banker who lives an empty life.

The scene is intense, suspenseful, and overdramatic as each slowly pulls out their little white cards.

Christian Bale is an exciting and skillful actor of whom I like to see more.

He argues that Genesis pre-1980 were too artsy, and that Phil Collins' commercial attitude and solo career saved Genesis, made them a great band.

His interaction with other characters is very entertaining.

his performance is stunning.

The beginning started off slow, the middle ran dry and the end was a total disappointment.

This boredom is then left to ferment in his psychotic mind and leaves us with his perspective, after all it is his narration and his story and seeing that he is insane it would be impossible for him to differentiate between his fantasies and reality, therefore giving us as the viewer his perspective.

Now its just a 2 hour snorefest with a few notable dialogues.

I did not realize this took place in the eighties, did not find any satire in it, did not find any humor in it, did not like or dislike the protagonist, and was bored much of the running time.

Totally unexpected classic .

Some people I know have panned this movie because of the confusing ending and the lack of real action.

Although the movie is violent and pretty disgusting in places, it remains watchable and entertaining throughout thanks to the quirkily playful script and Bale's engaging performance.

So, don't waste your time.

Worst movie from its year,Bale sucked beyond measures .

We follow a group of young money makers, especially one individual (a very talented Christian Bale), through the daily, income creating, label wearing, name dropping, reservation making life of empty objects, hollow relationships, and rich mental lives.

This film is must viewing, it brings out the truth about today's world - Nothing but material values matter, we live empty lives, we think empty thoughts, we are empty people, life is boring.

It is not a film that will one-day be seen as a classic of cinema, but it is enjoyable and entertainingly obscene, watching "American Psycho" is like witnessing a bravura sleight-of-hand feat.

However, it is not until the approach of the final scene, in a boisterous, confusing sequence, that the interest is awoke for good.

He derives from a standard of madness and makes it fascinating psychologically whilst oddly, surprisingly comic at various points.

He delivers every line in a way which makes every second of the movie so enjoyable to watch.

There is a reoccurring theme of mistaken identity and/or locational confusion.

All this movie had was a guy who killed people for fun\It's hard to summon up enthusiasm for a performance so rooted in bloody banality.

Cold, soulless and strangely compelling.

I don't mean this as an insult to 'Bret Easton Ellis' work, he simply had to use this intense attention to detail to deliver us the character of Bateman.

Also the book became somewhat tedious in it's descriptions of pop culture and 1980's phenomena.

If youre looking for something mildly gritty with dark humour and a stunning plot, this is it.

It's just a cliché, dull drama.

Why did I waste my time on American Psycho?

Don't get me wrong, we're not being persuaded to think that bloody killings are good; on the contrary, we're laughing at the complete banality of the man perpetrating these actions.

You can either see it as a pure slasher movie full of gore or you can see it as a satirical thriller that tries to show how empty and shallow society can be.

I'd recommend this movie to anyone who is fine with intense serial killer flicks.

One guy has said (in another comment) American Psycho is fascinating because Bateman is a complex character..yes it is complex...

Someone wrote that they were bored by the film because they felt that everyone was like Bateman; the only difference was that they didn't kill people.

The lead is Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman, good looking, fit, but shallow, really empty, inside.


American Psycho was certainly entertaining and I didn't consider the movie a waste of my time.

The social satire laden script by Harron & Guinevere Turner who played Elisabeth the high class prostitute in the film was based on the controversial novel of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis & I just don't 'get' it's appeal or why anyone would particularly want to sit down & watch it, overall I think it's quite a dull & repetitive film with some nice dialogue & a few decent scenes which save it from total banality.

In fact his lifestyle robs him of his humanity and his life is mundane; so much so it drives him crazy and derives him of all intellect (apart from brand names, restaurants, and pop-music)and emotion apart from (as Bateman himself tells us) "greed and disghust", his mind is so empty, killing is all he can "do" to fulfill himself.

It is Harron's indisputable masterpiece in my opinion, and well worth the watch.

His morning I mean daily routine and his workouts/exercise scenes especially the stomach crunches was very terrific and mind blowing.

American Psycho takes the viewer on a daring journey into the darkest reaches of the human mind, and although noticeably flawed, it comes out as a thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking study of man's dark desires.

I enjoyed it mainly because it had humor in it,if it didn't have the humor in it,i don't think it would be as good as it is,and Patrick Bateman wouldn't have seemed as classy either.

You can take that trip into the dark recesses of the human mind if you want to, but do you have a high tolerance for confusing stories, slow pacing, and one too many inside jokes dealing with the yuppie culture?

But I sit through what is essentially a fairly boring (though often unintentionally amusing) movie, only to be told he didn't really do all those things?

Patrick Bateman's statements at the very ending of the movie illustrate his confusion, frustration, and lack of knowledge concerning the reality(ies) he found himself in.

Well worth watching .

I especially find it intriguing how his class of victims begins to change as the film progresses.

It's a wild ride that gets a little hazy in parts, but is certainly enjoyable in most places.

I always enjoyed it.

Whilst American Psycho may not be a classic it is certainly bold, brash, exciting and even makes you think.

This is a fascinating film.

Outside the pretentious 80's dining experiences that did give me a chuckle or too - I think I am being generous when I give it a 4 out of 10.

Interestingly, his Bateman, a slick popular businessman who is all carefully constructed image, but in reality is violent and disturbed, seems to eerily predict his reading of Bruce Wayne in Chris Nolan's Batman films, though of course, Bateman channels his angst and wrath in much less healthy ways Visually, the film is extremely impressive, a world of clinical, immaculate apartments, affluent nightclubs and soulless offices presented in stunning blandness, while the murders are colourful and shockingly choreographed, often the only scenes of intrigue or vibrancy.

I found the book too dull and unnecessarily cruel.

Towards the end,the film gets really confusing,and starts to make no sense.

American Psycho delivers all the horror, but still tells an intriguing psychological tale of a killer in the 1980's.

This element gives the impression that the viewer is hearing the thoughts of Bateman, which makes the build up of the movie suspenseful.

A simple concept that's executed perfectly with some stunning visual moments and an outstanding performance from Christian Bale (arguably his best) 'American Psychi' has gained its classic status for good reason, worth a watch

Though his character was supposed to be this dull within, it could of been executed and performed substantially better such as Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs.

Moreover, the film seemed disjointed, like they had different strategies for what they were trying to accomplish.

If these scenes could somehow be reassembled and added to in a manner which would produce a compelling story or anything at all for the viewer to identify with, perhaps it could have been an excellent film.

Bale gives a riveting performance.

His book, with the same title, is so amazingly intense, and fascinating.

Let's just say that I spent far more time laughing than I did perched on the edge of my seat!

It's usually a fairly pointless routine to compare books and movies anyway.

I found it very dull .

At the end the plot had started to bore me and the eventual "twist" was more confusing then it was shocking or surprising.

Intriguing shocker with brilliant technical value starring Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman peeling off a face mask to reveal the new him.

That ending provoked a confusion and left me to decide which story I wanted to believe in.

They're both superb, but the movie will make you think of Bale as Bateman, and that makes the book all the more exciting and easier to visualise.

Interesting, Entertaining, Fraudulent .

Its still worth watching.

This is one of the greatest dark comedies ever, and only becomes thrilling during the end when Patrick's 'Mask of Sanity' slips and only has one truly frightening scene in which he gets all 'leather face' on a whore by following her around his house with a giant chainsaw, and eventually drops it down a spiral staircase she's at the bottom of and makes a very definite, splat sound, as her body is lying dead on the floor.

) To a man, woman, mouse and lizard we all thought it to be utterly tedious, boring and a complete waste of celluloid.

True, it was well-directed and superbly-acted, but overall it was flat, boring, and only had a few scenes that were enjoyable to watch.

It begins ferociously with Bateman displaying his incredible self-indulgence and force of will.

Chloë Sevigny is the exception but she is too bland to be really interesting.

The deep insight into the character's mind and much more brutal descriptions of all sorts of tortures make the movie only a enjoyable complement.

This movie deserves a 9/10 because it was enjoyable.

that being said, i gave it a 9 (because of some very minor problems i had with it's suspension of belief) and i highly recommend it.

American Psycho is a safe, boring, cliché drama and nothing more.

the conversation in ESPACE solidifies this feeling of emotional emptiness, which is predominant throughout the film, through the sheer disbelief of bateman in what he himself was saying, evidenced by bale's brilliant empty eyes and facial expressions.

What a waste of time!

Bale is a chameleon of sorts, sometimes resembling Cruise or Hart Bochner, but that unbearable, irritatingly pompous voice grated on me pretty quick.

I love how emotional he gets – it's like he's reciting some pretentious music review he's read – and I like the way that you cut from his tears to him having vigorous sex with a drugged woman.

I highly recommend it.

I appreciated the intense, multi-layered craftsmanship which makes this film now one of my absolute favourites.

It gets a 4 because of these good parts, but I can't rate it as average or above because the rest was just so plodding.

Not only is the film painfully slow, it is dull to the point that I was glancing at the clock every ten minutes.

The dialogue's chock-full of memorable one-liners (we're talking "Lebowski" levels here; even if you haven't see the movie, you've heard the quotes), the songs are great, and when all is said and done, it's just a thoroughly entertaining movie.

It's well worth watching and you'll find yourself thinking about this moving for a day or two after you've watched it.

The right card, or the right cloth, or the right table, or the right watch, how these are the signposts of an empty age and an empty soul, and how these things have more value than your fellow man...

Great film adaption, that's very entertaining and somewhat disturbing, with a wicked cast, and a knockout performance from Christian Bale.

I'm not sure I fully go for the whole 'yuppie-to-psycho' theme (maybe as a stretched-out satire, which was probably the intent) but I definitely find the movie pretty entertaining.

You can detect some interesting stuff in there, but it's bland for the most part.

It shows what happens when you have everything you could possibly want and get bored because that is usually what happens in today's "disposable" society.

Unfortunately I found it remarkably dull.

This is a great film adaption, that's very entertaining and somewhat disturbing, with a wicked cast, and a knockout performance from Christian Bale, I highly recommend this one!.

Ellis's novel came out of his being immersed in this New York-environment (Harron lived there at the time too), and he spent more time than he cared-for with people who shared the attitudes of the Bateman character.

Bale's cold, charismatic, misogynist turn is riveting.

In my favorite scene in the film, the main character-- whom we will call Reagan-Boy-- has a guest sitting on his couch, calmly sipping wine and listening to Reagan-Boy pontificate in fine, pointless MBA babble-speak about the intricacies of his favorite Huey Lewis album.

American Psycho takes the format of a thriller or horror with lulls in between scenes of climactic events.

In conclusion, don't waste your time with the book, you'll just be appalled and needlessly so.

Along with a great cast, Christian Bale gives the audience a breathtaking performance as Patrick Bateman.

I tend to be a bit slow in movies because i don't purely focus on them and i saw bits and pieces...

I have read several of Bret Easton Ellis's novels and I found them boring and redundant.

But whether the viewer chooses to believe that Bateman did in fact brutally murder over a dozen people, or that all of the incidences simply occurred within his restless and unhinged mind, it cannot be denied that this is a fascinating and wildly entertaining tragic masterpiece.

This is a great film adaption, that's very entertaining and somewhat disturbing, with a wicked cast, and a knockout performance from Christian Bale!.

'American Psycho' was just too slow for my liking.

The entire movie was a bland piece of trash.

Or he may have given a wonderful and unexpected performance.

After I snapped out of my trance and was engaged back into the words of his character Patrick Bateman, I began to take account of the intense depth of his skin routine, and how this was so focused upon.

It's a really thrilling (not to mention rewarding) experience.

He enjoys (and analyses the lyrics of) popular love songs while engaging in violent sex.

On an overall scale, American Psycho is an intriguing blend of comedy & horror that rides high on Christian Bale's knockout performance which ultimately brushes away many of its shortcomings.

While the performances were all very good, Bale carries the movie, as he played Patrick Bateman perfectly, and actually managed to give me the creeps, and I thought it was very well made and written as well, plus I also liked how unpredictable it was.

Conclusion: a really cliché movie about a psychopath

The production design, the cinematography, the visual effects, the engaging soundtrack, the quirks each actor masterfully incorporates with their character, and every other aspect of the film is flush in detail.

Those who consider it a masterpiece, those who consider it unredeemable, boring trash, and by far the largest segment, those who see it as a flawed masterpiece.

Why was this bland piece of crud even filmed?

I only watched about 1/2 this movie before I shut it off because I was falling asleep.

what i found was that it was a highly entertaining COMEDY.

) And, let's face facts here, the main character is a very, very stupid, boring, and pathetic man, who just happens to have violent fantasies and sleep around.

My take on the ending is that the last killings are so over-the-top there is confusion (intentional) about what is real and what might be in Bateman's head.

I barely finished the movie, it was pure waste of time and I do not recommend anybody to waste her time!

BOTTOM LINE: An engaging thriller which gets spoiled in the end.

This movie was a complete waste of time.

every scene is so bland, so boring, his (patrick batemans) apartment is so boring, so impersonal...

However, rather than being spine tingling, the dialogue merely bores us to death and the victims surely would not have felt any pain, and they would have been rendered unconscious by his mind-numbing long before he got around to dismembering them.

Did you know I'm utterly mundane.

As for the horror and depravity of it all - for me, the movie just seemed to aimlessly plod along like a needle stuck in the groove of a record with the same thing being rehashed again and again, and when the needle finally skipped out, it was only to sink back into another endless repetitive groove...

What a waste of time, as others have said.

It was definetly the worst movie I've ever seen More worse than Christina's House!!!

I don't want to give anything away because this is a must see, but the ending is a little confusing and some post movie research may be required in order to get what the truth behind the plot was.

Was bored on a Saturday night and saw this on Netflix having not seen it before.

Boring .


Boring followed by confusing .


The book is pretty good but it's self-indulgent and excessive.

i highly recommend it to anybody intelligent enough to understand it.

1) It's just a very very good movie that many people will find enjoyable.

if you notice the Paul Allen murder hes dancing hes happy hes doing moonwalks, its exciting to him.. as time goes on and more and more people die Patrick starts to loose his mind ...

With a confusing vague ending to cap it off, this will not go down as one of my favourites

But that is a doubtful creation of the empty, soulless materialism and "cremation of care" mindset that befits and thus spawned these greedy Wall Street monsters.

I believe this film relies too much on entertaining violence and its satire is rather flat.

It's disjointed and muddled and for the most part mind-numbingly dull.

What we are left with is an intelligent, well scripted, overall enjoyable movie experience leaving more to the imagination than most movies would dare to.

if u want to waste your time then watch this movie.

" I don't have an objection to violent films overall; I am certainly not one of those anti-Hollywood types lecturing about movie content today, but the events that occurred in this tale were just brutal and disturbing, and had no message attached, other than showing us what some crazy jerk is capable of.

Bateman putting on his makeup, or simply trying to get a restaurant, and the near apocalyptic importance, such minutiae makes in the lives of empty men.

) On top of the terrible dialogue, the shallow characters, and the endless scenes involving expensive dinners in chic restaurants (ho-hum!

I, for one, was glad that all of the designer names were omitted as they really slowed the book down (and were very tedious once you got the point the first time).

The film is good and is worth viewing for those folks that lived during the exciting 1980's like I did.

He nailed the character right down to the smallest nuance, and he was entertaining every moment he was on the screen.

Fascinating and entertaining .

This movie is sick, pointless and utterly boring.

Christian Bale proves why he's the best actor of his generation, and one of the greatest in film history, as he dominates every single scene of this blood-splattered, sadistically hilarious, strongly and bluntly satirical, well polished and freakishly enjoyable work of comic art from one-hit-wonder Mary Harron.

Oliver Stone (a terrible, overrated, pretentious filmmaker, for the most part) did it better in "Wall Street," (his best flick, along with Salvador) without intending satire!

His life is completely empty and soulless.

In short, American Psycho is a smart and fascinating film, that tells a story that not everyone wants to talk about it.

Such is the ambiguity of this fascinating film that it easily stands up to repeated viewing if only to explore what is real and what is illusion.

One thing I've learned over the years is that if you've read a book and really enjoyed it, you will ultimately be disappointed by the movie adaptation.

The one standout scene takes place well into the film, and it involves closets and rooms full of dead bodies, a screaming prostitute, and a nude, snarling, chainsaw-wielding Bateman---the only exciting scene pretty much in the whole film.

However, the emphasis on murder as something to bring emotion and meaning to life is fascinating, and in some ways echoes Camus' "The Outsider", and while not entirely successful or clear in its message, it is still a funny, shocking and intelligent film, anchored by an amazing central performance from Christian Bale.

I really liked this movie and it was enjoyable and incredibly spooky!

This is a great story and it's unlike the movie pretty scary and fascinating at the same time.

Gripping while a bit confusing .

I was left feeling empty and disgusted by the violent and unsympathetic tale of Bale's character.

Overall this is a faithful translation to the big screen, which is in many ways more entertaining than the book.

Extremely entertaining (elements of comedy, horror, suspense) film about an 80's yuppie/killer.

There is an intense focus on vanity and appearances involving effeminate morning routines and insistent workouts.

It presents a fascinating perspective of a disturbed man's mind, and society as a whole.

It is as slick as slick can be, thoroughly engrossing with fine acting from especially Christian Bale who plays Bateman.

Getting bored of these "kill everything" american movies.

"American Psycho" is a confusing, funny, and oft-shocking expose of a world that is best forgotten in history, but will still be nonetheless fascinating to criminal justice and psychology majors until the end of time.

A breathtaking work...

A very good movie about the life of rich people who do nothing for their money, get bored and seek extreme sensations to get rid of boredom.

The film is exciting, as bloody as it must, and very very thought-provoking.

He goes through an eerily empty city, shooting everyone he sees, and walks away without a scratch.

It is a classic; a gory, violent, funny, simple classic that is dedicated to entertaining us, without feeling it coming.

the point i took from both films is how unsatisfying life can be, how empty the things that we are told matter turn out to be.

Let's look at the usual comments and deconstruct them:(POSSIBLE SPOILERS)1=HOLLOW AND NO PLOT= That's the point of the film!

In a world of expensive restaurants, night parties, cocaine, top models and lots of money, Bateman realizes how empty his life is.

It simply contains the normal slasher-type violence you would expect in this genre, and, of course, grotesquely mutilated bodies pop up in the most unexpected places - except that, because we've seen these types of movies before, we expect them to pop up!

I found it brilliantly directed, and a superbly acted examination of excess, and boredom, and evil.

I thought it would be part of the `I Still Know What Mrs. Tingle Did With Your Idle Hands Last Friday the 13th' routine, but this individual and occasionally stunning feature is a real horror film for a real adult audience.

This is intense.

American Psycho was an intense novel.

Defiantly worth watching.

Confusing Parade Of Killings.

The entire run time is a long, drawn-out talking scene.

An Intriguing Blend Of Comedy & Horror That Rides High On Christian Bale's Knockout Performance.

Fascinating, Ambiguous Film Echoes Hitchcock and Lynch .

He remains the empty suit.

It's possible that the filmmakers wanted to leave the ending open to interpretation and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

The direction is very good and the central performance is fascinating.

An American waste of time .

For me, such an open ending leaves me with a "what a waste of my time" sensation.

All of the events which make up this scenario in American Psycho, unfold in an intriguing way which makes those who are enjoying the film, want more.

Patrick Bateman as a character has little depth, and because of this, he fills the empty hole with the satisfaction of fulfilling hedonistic fantasies including misogyny and murder.

The other characters were boring and bland and this movie was shallow and pointless.

Obviously this is a no-spoiler zone so I can't reveal it, but suffice it to say that rather than the reality-shifting conceit that turns great films (such as Fight Club or Jacob's Ladder) into arguably greater ones, turns this one into a thorough waste of time and effort.

I have seen this film multiple times and have come to the conclusion based on the struggling main character being out of touch with reality, mixed with enjoyable quotations referring to really good songs This film is a Masterpiece!

With almost no change at all, the movie changes from in intriguing mental piece to collage of gruesome deaths and axe murderings.

disturbing, slow-moving .

The remainder of the film was plain boring, as it dragged on towards the ending.

What a Pretentious Movie .

)Overall, this movie is a big ball of confusion.

He plays Patrick Bateman very tongue in cheek and this is somewhat entertaining at times.

The movie is very confusing...

"Fight Club" was the definite movie for the 90s and so is "American Psycho" to express the glittering but empty way of life of the 80s.

Bateman's constant conformity to the general high standards of Wall Street leave him wanting more and when he is at home watching porn, experimenting with face products or doing his exercise regimes, he descends into a world of madness, and this is where the film drives into exciting mystery.

Some of Bateman's monologues along with the amusing yet pointless speeches about the merits of 80's pop groups & the style of people's business cards are pretty funny at times if trivial & if your looking for some sex & nudity then American Psycho might do it for you.

Still, it's enjoyable enough to recommend.

Secondly for the people who do like to combine intelligence with gore, it may have taken the intelligence thing it has going a bit far, thus confusing people.

The movie went on to become one of the most thrilling indie horrors of all time and Bale, being an icon to many, was able to go on working on other great projects without the omnipresent burden of awards.

While the acting was never in doubt, it was some of the best acting I have ever seen, the plot was pathetic and the flow of the story was slower than a snail crawling up a window.

This is a chilling, engaging, and ultimately surprising film that sometimes gives overabundant weight to its subject (in the purpose of having us despise his repulsive tendencies), and not enough insight as to the reasons behind his psychopathic behavior.

It really only has the effect of a bad, uneventful, 80's horror movie.

Patrick and his clan, Wallstreet brokers, busy themselves with details like the font on their business cards, Oliver People glasses, restaurants, etc. They are all narcissists living empty lives, filling the void with belongings and good looks.

As the life of conspicuous consumption carries on, we see his conversations becoming trite, relationships losing any meaning, and quick ways of getting high taking precedence.

Decent movie 7 out of 10, worth watching for Bale's superb performance and the director's competent work, burdened most likely by the industry and censors who wouldn't know an allegory if it walked up and killed them with a chainsaw.

An intense horror movie!

While Christian Bale's fascinating performance stands well against the rest of the cast, it is hard to tell if he was born to play narcissists and psychopaths or if he butchered the role (no pun intended).

Mary Harron, uses "American Psycho" to show her feelings about self-indulgent businessman.

I found this film very entertaining and was surprised and full of joy by discovering the shocking truth at the end.

In the first place "American Psycho" is worth watching because of his great main actor Christian Bale and the subtle, ironic and cynical dialogues.

To see him do it all over again, except next time with different bland dialouge.

It's a really well made film too with a pretentious cuisine and big chunky telephones taking us back to the 80's.

I just didn't think it mattered, or was compelling.

As the voice-over is Bateman, it is all from his perspective, and his psychosis is so erratic and unpredictable that the audience is left as perplexed as he is.

Bateman (Bale) cares about money, but has become bored with the way his life has become, and really simply cares about his outward image and his desires that he cannot completely control.

"It is a fascinating movie - absolutely compelling, in fact.

What a waste of time!

The only thing that separates Bateman from this cloth of snobs more is his desire for carnage as he repeatedly narrates about his confusion to this newly developed craving, thus illustrating a darker and more horrifying critique of this capitalist culture.

It just went nowhere, and fizzled out in a damp corner.

And that's entertaining to say the least.

It was a waste of time, a waste of 3 bucks, and it didn't even scare me in the slightest.

In reading some of the other interviews, I found it interesting to find out that the book was ambiguous as to whether his psycho crimes were actually occurring or were all part of his insane being, but in the end, it doesn't really matter, the film is simply fascinating.

Some parts of it were confusing & I'm wondering if the book might give me more insight into it.

This is possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

All the while, still engaging in the hedonistic behaviors of this decade which only fuels his killing.

High recommend for Christian fans, he is absolutely gorgeous, stunning, beautiful and full of promise.

The dinner is in a very empty restaurant.

As a consequence of his ability to gain the respect of his colleagues, he also fails to distinguish himself as an individual apart from the multitude of empty suits that comprise his social circle.

I found myself becoming bored with all the yuppie satire going on & again it just felt very repetitive.

" The suspense factor makes the thriller more interesting and engaging.

The scene depicting his emotional disintegration was terrifically done and very intense.

Thankfully, and I say this with the greatest relief imaginable, the intense violence of the novel was toned down considerably for its translation to the screen, and, despite some weak direction in various scenes, Christian Bale's performance is positively awesome.

) There is no real plot, just, as I said, kill and have sex, and that's the "brilliant, masterful" plotting that everyone is speaking of.

Although the journey is interesting, I think it deserves about a six out of ten: the dialogue was repetitive, and the point has already been made that consumerism is empty and lifeless in other movies, and in a better way.

But overall, it's a pretty enjoyable film and should be given a chance.

This movie just might possibly be the worst movie I've ever seen.

Some people called AMERICAN PSYCHO a pointless satire, or a satire about nothing.

I thought this movie was boring at first but as I read reviews I realized that it was a bore because I was expecting something else.

The double entendre dialogue was the most enjoyable part for me.

The prostitute murder scene was stupid, the laundry scene was decent, the dinners were boring and contrived.

As the movie goes you keep discovering, through discretely killing scenes or thought provoking conversations, more about the people around Bateman, and more importantly, about what the movie tries to depicts through satire: A society very materialistic and with shallow motivations, and someone that get so bored with this idea that goes on a killing spree to keep sane...

I begin to get tired of these "unexpected" endings.

It has no plot at all.

His mannerisms and the way he talked in that "way too white boy" accent, were tiresome after the first ten minutes.

Paced excruciatingly slow, American Psycho fails on all levels .

But the humor is stark and extreme--not in a pathetically disgusting way like American Pie, but rather a minimalist bland way.

Excellent and exciting movie.

But saw it yesterday and it is one of the worst movies i've ever seen.

All the characters are so hollow, supposedly cause they are all 80's yuppies they are all so empty and shallow AND stupid.

Some audiences might even find it to lack entertainment and instead just be gruesome and pointless.

Frankly, none of it works, and hence the film is a mess and a total waste of time.

American Psycho is an exceptional film because it's suspenseful and comical.

A special thumbs-up must also go to Mary Harron for giving the whole thing a very enjoyable off-beat feel.

I can not say much for the performances of the rest of the cast they were beyond awful, they were a waste of time ad expense for the producers and directors.

It features some excellent photography, and it's a gripping experience.

In my lifetime this is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

Combining wonderful cinematography, a witty and succinct script, and a compelling performance by Bale, this movie has secured itself a spot on my list of favorite films.

It is simply so bad it's horrific,there's no story, no reason, the horror scenes are not even framed, the acting is awful, the script is trash, Shameful waste of money ,

The movie is very enjoyable and interesting on it's own, and the novel adds a tremendous dimension and back-story to the characters and their motivations.

I am majoring in accounting and corporate finance and this movie sorta hits home in the fact of how fast-moving and emotionally detached the business world is from love, happiness, and consideration.

I found myself waiting with hope that this film might just pick up but apart from about 10 minutes, this film is as flat as glass and as dull as ditch water.

I couldn't wait to see this when it first came out, but I left the theater being very disappointed.

There was a scene where his victim was screaming and pounding at doors, and moments later Patrick ran after her naked, revving his chainsaw as loud as possible before killing her, and satirically, no one called anyone or did anything, as everyone was too immersed in their own lives.

The plot was all over the place, the violence went for shock factor rather than relevance, the ‘romantic' scenes were like a bad B Grade movie, the attempted twist at the end was uninteresting, the acting … well I'm not sure there is a category to describe that!

The film simply cannot convey the depths of emptiness that Bateman has sunk to, though it still provides for a highly entertaining, funny and brilliantly acted piece of cinema.

Then there's the other problem of the pointless subplot with Willam Dafoe as a investigator, which didn't seem to go anywhere.

American Psycho is a terrific movie with an extremely well developed storyline that is kept interesting and exciting all the way through and a really inspired performance from Christian Bale.

Very nice directed snorefest .

It's stupid, boring and the story (not that there is much of one) is never fully explained.

While some parts of it were fairly good, most of it was either somewhat boring or really, really boring.

It is a challenge, a threat, a spit in the face of a society that promotes anti-individualism and bland conformity in the egotistical pursuit of a presupposed perfect existence, while accommodating brutal acts and sick attitudes of all kinds.

I was very disappointed in the ending and though this is not a formula movie, it was very disjointed and hard to follow.

It's going to be breathtaking.

For a really disturbing and suspenseful look at the world of American business, try Neil La Bute's "In the company of men".

Frightening and fascinating .

The conversations in the film were about as 'entertaining', including this diatribe about music the lead character spouts out in his apartment from time to time.

However, the character is so empty and so void of any character that he's thoroughly and completely ugly.

Let's throw in a cliche and say that the book was better then the film.

a breathtaking Bale performance .

Anyway I gave it less stars because even tho entertaining it was a disturbing & upsetting movie about someone horrible basically the only person who seems to be human at all n this entire film is Chloe's role.

I found the movie extremely boring and kept looking on my watch.

Set in the '80s, AMERICAN PSYCHO is about a rich yuppie that kills out of boredom.

Patrick Bateman consumes himself with self loathing and, in the end, is ultimately revealed to be even more empty, vacuous and incapable when the denouement of the film reveals that he does not even have the substance to have done what he fantasises about.

There is only one thing left to do to get that adrenaline rush: chop your friends up with axes, chainsaws, and power drills!

The film employs touches of black humour while also functioning as a compelling thriller.

Wildly Entertaining .

Christian Bale's performance as Patrick is simply stunning.

Major yawn.

breathtaking movie

He is too weak and empty to affect others' lives in any true fashion, and this includes affecting their deaths.

This film actively takes a decent satire and turns it into a meandering, nearly pointless film about a Wall Street shmuck with laughable murderous urges.

Besides Bale's performance and the gorgeous photography, it is the soundtrack, packed with bland, soulless, empty pop music that pushes this film over the top.

Having watched an appearance by Tom Cruise on the David Letterman show, Bale modeled his character on what he calls "this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes" masked by an appropriately phony smile.

I can't say much for the performances of the rest of the cast because they were beyond awful, they were a waste of time ad expense for the producers and directors.

It's not necessary bad, it's just boring and pointless.

I boasts a top notch cast led by a compelling performance from Christian Bale.

An understanding of 80's pop culture will greatly enhance your viewing experience because as relevant as this is to our world today, it is a period piece and though it is a vicious attack on human banality and our conformist ways, it uses the prime example of this (the 80's) as its way of getting its point across.

The most unexpected thing about the film is the way it toned down on the books violence and capitalised on the books humour.

was just tiresome and got very annoying as we moved from cd to cd.

He is a man who believes he is an empty shell.

Thing is, when you have to hear movie characters talking this way for most of a movie's running time, it becomes boring itself after a while.

The film changes the book to suit its purpose and Bateman, the wall-street yuppie and psycho of the title, is turned from an engaging character deep in existential angst into nothing more than a comic-book killer.

I believe it is all a fantasy and the closest he got to killing people were the drawings in his notebook, the rest was a concoction of socially strained insanity and boredom in the sense that because he is 'perfect' there is nothing left for him to achieve.

Possibly the worst movie ever .

Sometime in the fall of '99, I thought the brief trailer for it looked intriguing.

What is fascinating about the film is that while Bateman is initially utterly unlikeable, coming across from the outset as narcissistic, shallow and hypocritical, he is no simple Gordon Gecko style monster and, strange as it seems, as Bateman goes off the rails and slides into homicidal insanity, he becomes more likable and more human, until we are almost on his side.

Bateman is a yuppie who has pretty much everything that most people (not me, but as far as I'm aware the average person) aspire for: lots of money, a nice apartment and a beautiful, if a little dim, fiancé (played by the delightful Reese Witherspoon as charmingly stupid), yet he is ultimately a totally shallow, empty individual, with no real taste or passion, living an utterly unfulfilling life which he is only able to fill by committing horrendous murders.

American Psycho" is a thrilling film currently available on NetFlix Instant Download Streaming.

During the first 75% of this movie I found myself bored, irritated and judgmental toward the main character.

Yet, alone of the young men with whom he consorts, Patrick flatly admits to us in voice-over narration that he is literally an empty-suit - that his perfectly maintained outer appearance, seemingly well-ordered social routine and empty, superficial personal relationships merely mask the moral emptiness that lurks at the core of his soul.

A far cry from the pretentious 'Dark Knight' films of late, then.

This movie suffers from confusing direction and bad plot lines.

Edgy black comedy is both entertaining and shocking .

, living a spiritually empty and unsatisfying existence?

Very Good marks all round, it leaves a few questions in the end but it's worth all the confusion in the world.

One of the worst movies i have seen for a long time and made me worry about what the years two thousands would present.

Total waste of time.

I paid more attention to how well the whole thing rolled, up till the credits I was on the edge of my seat, always wanting to see more.

In adapting Bret Easton Ellis' controversial though tedious novel, screenwriters Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner have taken the meat and essence of the source story and turned it into a fast paced, energetic, and scathing film.

Christian Bale is just fearless in this role, and his performance is stunning, probably one of the best performances he has given in his career.

If you are thinking of seeing or hiring this movie my advice is don't waste your time or money.

Life imitates art imitating shallow, empty lives.

If not, then at least worth watching.

Pointless, boring .

This movie was an entertaining, provocative, and well-done piece of work.

Sick, but genuinely intriguing.

The lead is boring,the plot is boring and the film is overlong and boring.

What was really fascinating to watch was his (and his friends') petty "yuppie" mannerisms and lifestyle.

The movie was boring, and I just didn't identify with Patrick Bateman.

Everyone seems to interpret the ending as "everything only happened in his head", as in the Hollywood-twist-end-cliche.

Despite all the disconcerting aspects of the story it remains an entertaining film and multiple viewings have definitely been rewarding.

The serial killers' films have always the same cliché:a traumatized killer starts killing people and a traumatized detective is behind him.

Suffice to say it didn't give me nightmares, as a psycho-killer should, the characters failed to arise appeal and the development of the story was so trite it looks rather like a high school try at film making; it doesn't look even amateurish, which could have had some quaint charm.

The movie works so well thanks to the strong acting which really makes it entertaining.

Directors like Dave Fincher(Seven, Fight Club), Carl Franklin(Devil in a Blue Dress), Johnny To(Expect the Unexpected), Ringo Lam(Full Alert, Victim), M.

It was interesting to track man without any emotions, just with one intensive feeling - commit violence, strictly speaking - kill people - sometimes well-considered and sometimes spontaneously.

An intense horror movie.

What a waste of time.

This was very scary and suspenseful.

Confusing and dreary.

The one problem that I, and I'm sure others had was the last 10- 15minutes of the movie are very confusing and the director, Mary Harron, has a scene which misleads the audience.

The film is a darkly comic, sinister psychological thriller that keeps you entertained with biting wit and satirical commentary on 80s New York society, while intriguing/terrifying you as Patrick unravels and descends into sadistic, murderous madness.

If you know anything about real-life serial killers, or have seen any other cliché serial killer movie, you've seen this.

Valuing matter over mind, the empty social consumerism, empty words, empty lives, an empty people.

The narrative was great and all the events kept me on the edge of my seat.

It may not have made him more sympathetic, but it might have made the character slightly more believable if he'd been crazier, thinking that his sick actions were just as rational as the mundane, boring things he did at work.

The movie was a tad bit boring in my opinion.

I am trying to think of something this tedious -- oh wait, Synecdoche.

Ghostly visual references to Bateman only being an empty shell abound: Bateman's face is constantly shown hidden, distorted through translucent glass.

But American Psycho is certainly worth watching.

This one is so confusing with all its messages implied, it puts the viewers in a very hard time figuring out.

I always made fun of it with my brother and we were pretty sure it was one of the top three worst movies of all time.

Speaking of unoriginality, American Psycho is nothing but one long, bloated serial killer cliché with nothing to differentiate it from the countless others just like it.

This is the worst movie I've seen for a looooooooooong time.

The end is rather unpredictable and we get the feeling this lunatic murderer is the only one that actually feels anything towards anyone other then envy, a feeling of remorse.

Sorry, some spoilers:My first reaction to the movie was that, though I personally found it very absorbing, I walked away not understanding why Patrick Bateman was a serial killer in the first place.

The only two character and performances that are interesting and well-acted are played by Jared Leto and the woman in the empty apartment that tells the lead, "Don't come back"!

Easily the worst movie I have ever seen .

If you enjoyed Fight Club, you'll probably find some intriguing elements here.

But I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My mother told me I'd like this movie even though she thought it was mediocre, but I really enjoyed it.

The beginning of the movie was excellent, and gave an intriguing background to the main character of the story.

Together with the monotone narration of Bale's character, the in-depth analysis of what seem to be meaningless aspects such as business cards and skin routines are what makes this film so eerie and odd.

Bateman had to go to extremes; 1 000 crunches a day, watching intense pornographic movies, extreme slasher flicks, dining at the finest restaurants, wearing the finest clothes, having the nicest business card; simply because anything more normal would remind him of the sick and sad decadence of the 80's.

These are not sympathetic characters, but it is enjoyable to watch how they attempt to act like human beings.

This could be the worst movie you could possibly make with this talented cast.

The chainsaw scene is where the movie uses every cliché in the scary movie business: the madman chasing the woman in jeopardy and bloody corpses popping out of closets.

One of the worst movies ever made .

It also seemed a bit pretentious, as though it was trying to be deep and meaningful, when it was really just an interesting journey into the mind of a yuppie-psycho.

However, the sets are excellent (if a little too modern for a period piece) and there are some great moments of comedy which shine through the heavy-handed adaptation, and it's worth watching for these reasons alone.

Very confusing .

A lot of scenes and plots in that movie were left in confusion or unanswered and after a while I realized they tended to keep it that way.

But it can be amusing in its own sadistic fashion, as Christian Bale and other talented actors all depict a culture so sexist, and so indifferent to their materialistic gains that the only thing a viewer can do while watching is laugh at how disgusting the world of American Psycho is, and what it says about how American culture itself has become so soulless and boring to the point where it seems like we've been butchering each other for decades on and on.

As empty as the era it ridicules .

The more slow and boring parts, such as the drugs, can drag and feel like a time waster.

Also, it was fairly boring and slow-moving.

I can't say much for the performances of the rest of the cast because they were beyond awful, they were a waste of time ad expense for the producers and directors.

But it's very confusing.

Other than Bateman's serial killing the movie is filled with a lot of boring dialogue which is too cliché and almost painful to sit through, that dialogue bores me out of my mind and is not even a contributing factor to any of his killings apart from one perhaps, when he kills a businessman.

The film wisely dwells on the manner in which Patrick starts every day - doing abdominal crunches and weight lifting (the resulting boy Bale built is stunning eye candy!

") and he earnestly spouts empty platitudes ("Just say no") while taking lots of drugs and having lots of sex.

And I do thoroughly, completely agree that the Directing is stunning...

I thought this movie was boring at first but as I read reviews I realized that it was a bore because I was expecting something else.

Forget the 1980s subtext - this film is raw and represents, at the heart, the perversion of a human mind and existence by the sheer boredom of having everything - money, success, jobs, women - EXCEPT - respect, and self-respect in particular.

This divergence into violence from the neat, wall-street appearance is captivating and oddly humorous and the allusions to the many serial killers and horror films that lead up to that time are very entertaining, and have dual effect of showing the unoriginality of the lead character.

Unlike many other movies that have a " message" but are boring as hell.

At the beginning Bateman tells us he has all the physical attributes of a human being, but on the inside, there's nothing, just an empty shell.

Bateman putting on his makeup, or simply trying to get a restaurant, and the near apocalyptic importance, such minutiae makes in the lives of empty men.

The only other downfall for this film would be that given the satirical tone, most of the time the satire was boring.

This movie was a waste of time.

That is why I wasn't really able to find any flaws in American Psycho, the gripping tale of a Wall Street yuppie, who turns into a ruthless murderer at night.

Mind Blowing acting from Christian Bale .

I highly recommend it.

I can see criticisms some might make, but I'm always amazed by Bale's incredible acting, the intense dialogue, and the dark humor.

Rather it is self indulgent at best, coating a soft pawn movie with the veneer of social examination.


Vulgar, ridiculous, unrealistic and boring .

If everything I just mentioned wasn't bad enough, let me move on to the boring factor.

Still, it's a relentlessly entertaining movie that toys with a broad range of emotions and gives us one of the decade's most memorable performances.

Over a hundred years later, Mary Harron elevates Bret Easton Ellis' twisted empty novel to full screen.

One of the major flaws in this film is that while the mocking of pretentious yuppies is satisfying, it fails to realize that the movie makers themselves are guilty of being one of those that deserve to be mocked.

Well at least I though so :D The acting was amazing , the plot is great, the book is fascinating.

Christian Bale delivers his greatest performance to date {at least in my mind} in this creepy and yet intriguing drama / horror.

Over the top intense fun.

As a viewer, I was on the edge of my seat to see how the next killing would occur because his thoughts foreshadowed his urge to kill.

The scenes with the murder are the most engaging.

His perfect rendering of a character forced to fake almost every facet of humanity, an effectual vacuum of emotion is by and large the most intriguing thing about the film.

Despite the slow start once Patrick Bateman ( Played by Christian Bale doing a mean Jim Carrey impersonation ) starts bumping off people he doesn't like my attention was held except for a couple of details .

After 15min it became clear it was a boring movie with no story.

I found it boring and stupid and the ending didn't make sense at all...

e movie with a scene of Bateman discussing his morning facial cream routine) that the point of the satire is nearly lost: Without the fickle trends of society, Bateman is an empty shell.

I recommend this movie to anyone interested in an intelligent, absorbing story which is made believable and all the more terrifying by terrific performances and faultless direction.

Fantastic, engaging, brilliant, superb...

No story, plot or suspense.

Patrick Bateman is boring and conformist, like everything else in that 'wonderful' decade, such a wild contrast to the revolutionary society of the 70's and 90's.

Other then the confusing ending this is a great movie and a must see!

About a yuppie serial killer who finds he is slowly going insane, not from killing people, but from the BOREDOM of doing so.

It's all soooo predictable.

This led to a complete lack of morality or consequence, and his boredom led him to kill (at least in his own mind) because there really wasn't anything that he couldn't have or experience.

The mind bender in the end is also very intriguing.

I also highly recommend institutionalizing Brett Easton Ellis, however let him continue being an author from an institution because he comes up with some of the most entertaining s*** I have ever witnessed!!!

"American Psycho" is a thrilling thriller.

The soundtrack is a great melange of '80's pop songs and an engaging symphonic score.

It is handled in a creative, entertaining way for horror fans.

Christian Bale delivers such a mediocre and dull performance its a wonder how he ever made it into acting.

Christian Bale is so good, but the movie gets dull too often.

A movie about an other kind of psychopath I would enjoy much more, I have it really hard with the cliché popular media idea of what psychopaths are.

It was confusing, weird, and I couldn't see anything beyond that because I was so bored watching it.

It's so worth watching and there isn't one dull moment.

Bateman's interactions with his closest "friends" are the most fascinating to watch, as he pretends to buy into the high life of Manhattan purely to maintain his social image.

Watching it in this light really made the film a lot more compelling.

However, there is only one interesting character in this film and everyone else is pretty plastic and uninteresting.

Don't waste your time.

But this dull theme isn't presented in a dull way, instead it's presented in a gripping scene of suspense and with a dose of humor.

The reader is shocked by Bateman's only exciting things in his life of purified materialism: His sex and his violence, which is always connected.

Christian Bale leapt into the public eye with his stunning, dead-eyed performance as Patrick Bateman, the higher-class of serial killer.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

He's a dull cliché with legs.

I was expecting more in the horror department if I'm honest, there's barely a drop of blood in it & certainly nothing graphic, pretty much all of the character's are very unlikeable & one dimensional with Willem Dafoe's cop getting about three scenes before he is completely dropped & I also thought it was boring with pretty much the same thing happening scene after scene.

It is extremely compelling and Christian Bale could'nt have done it any better.

The reader of the book is bored by Bateman's wealth as he is.

I think the main issue I had was that most of the actors seem to have been directed to talk in a flat, monotone-like voice.

This scene is presented like it's a highly suspenseful revelation from a thriller and is played completely straight.

The characters are 2 dimensional with no empathic qualities, The dialogue staged and contrived; although the acting is good you cannot polish a turd.

Dull as anything could possibly be.

This is a stunning and forthwright criticism on consumer culture, exposing it's mindlessness, ludicrousness, and rediculousness.

I was treated to one of the most off the wall, dark, absorbing, and extremley funny films I have EVER seen!

The characters are immersed in a world of reservations, poular music, clothes fashion, affairs, and drugs.

Now this is a film that will make you laugh & smile all the way throughA very good & thoroughly enjoyable Black comedy about a self absorbed egotist who even imagines himself to be a serial killer I enjoyed this much more than last years American Beauty which was a well made & well acted mess.

You will go home, and find that you are still thinking about it as you fall asleep.

American Psycho is non stop entertaining, and its Bale who holds out interest.

William Dafoe plays a detective who catches him in his lies and confusion.

It's feelt like empty .

I'm sure there are many out there who like or even love this film & I'm proud to say right here & now that I'm not one of them, average at best & an irrelevant bore at worst.

As Bateman and his friends are admiring Ronald Reagan's speech at the end of the movie, while taking conservative views over political issues scattered sporadically throughout the film, one may assume the cliche that Republicans are the ones with the money who are always seeking to get richer, and who are disgusted by the poor.

Then he begins to kill and maim all those he can (prostitutes, beggars, people he hates) in order to extricate the contempt he feels for others and feel a more intense emotion.

Bored and prissy.

However, the general film-going public will likely find it ambiguous, pointless, grotesque, and lacking the entertainment value of the real American "Psycho" by Hitchcock.

It's just exuberant, hilarious, gripping and spot-on.

There's something terrifying but also fascinating in this masterpiece.

Decent adaptation to a classic novel with a stunning performance by Christian Bale.

Ranks amongst the worst movies I ever saw.

Otherwise, remember the book had more about Patricks further decent into madness, and has been so respected such that some sections kept can seem pointless or disjointed.

Don't waste your time.

This Film at very minimum is captivating and intensely intriguing, the ideas that are translated are beautiful and strong , be they a little disturbing.

I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a suspenseful, dark, disturbing, and violently bloody good time.

A fascinating blend of demon within and attractiveness.

I'd say it's worth watching for Christian Bale's scary, scary performance alone.

Its primary fan base is youthful people with high adrenaline and desire to watch entertaining violence while also longing for more meaning that is easy and accessible to them.

Upon revisiting it, however, American Psycho has hit an unexpected place: my funny bone.

It's brutal, it's stylistic, it's honest, it's confusing, it's slick, it's jarring, it's an experience worth having.

The film remains purely fascinating.

fascinating .

Or, if you thought Genesis was too artsy before the presence of Phil Collins became more apparent, then American Psycho is for you too.

I first saw this film in the theater and left shaking my head in confusion.

The film works thanks to Christian Bale who gives an intriguing, convincing performance being, on a par with that in The Mechanist, the best in his career.

My only flaw with the film is the twist ending which is supposed to shock audiences, but only ends being more confusing than it needs to be.

The ultra-violence is completely toned down in favour of a more subtle approach, and the most effective scenes are frequently not the ones featuring Patrick Bateman's nocturnal chainsaw frenzies, but instead those concerned with the banal, superficial world of designer-obsessive, over competitive uber-execs working on Wall Street in the 1980s.

Beyond this facade however lies an empty and senseless world...

boring and awful .

I would for preferred that they payed more time and attention for this plotline rather than show pointless murders over and over.

Actually, I think it's a boring and exaggerated and unrealistic movie in many ways.

"American Psycho" is, hands-down, one of the worst movies I've seen in my life, alongside of "Sleepaway Camp" and "Apt Pupil.

what to include and what to leave out) were spot on and the focus on Bateman himself with less concentration on the peripheral characters in his life worked perfectly (these were, in fact, the parts of the book that felt contrived and out of place so I was happy with the choices for this reason as well).

Bateman's such an empty shell, a societal poser spewing PR blurbs, and Bale infuses him with a manic energy, balancing it with the ever-slipping sanity.

The film is not one for the light hearted, but defiantly one worth watching.

I don't know, personally, but the movie is entertaining no matter how you look at it.

The ultra-violence is completely toned down in favour of a more subtle approach, and the most effective scenes are frequently not the ones featuring Patrick Bateman's nocturnal chainsaw frenzies, but instead those concerned with the banal, superficial world of designer-obsessive, over competitive uber-execs working on Wall Street in the 1980s.

** Boring and pretentious .

An empty, pointloess shell of a movie with nothing much to say.

Extremely polished, extremely empty piece of expensive trash .

Even trying to believe that this is Patrick's soundtrack, I found him boring and cliché.

What a boring old left-wing point to make.

He's absolutely stunning in his role and was by far the best actor in this movie, even though the others did a good job too.

Mary Haddon did both, which is stunning.

his assistant finds his Pb where his wishes are drawn out and you may call them fantasy.

Harron's movie, though, can easily produce a ho-hum reaction.

And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable...

The direction and cinematography are great, but clearly the focus of the film goes to the riveting Patrick Bateman.

Don't waste your time.